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Thread: a fate theory, just a therory though

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    a fate theory, just a therory though

    welll, never saw it anywhere soooo, most of the ppl think that shirou magic comes from mutations(due to excalibur or not)or maybe from his ancestors.
    but what if his powers came from gaia? think about it, we know that the throne (of hereos),wich is part of gaia,transcend time,but could it trancend reality,"timelines"? could there be one throne for all of the timelines?
    then we know that archer became a counter servant in exchange of power to save people during in a natural catastrophe. what if this power was shirou's tracing, confered to all shirous's from all timelines by gaia? meaning that archer didnt had his power during the war.
    we're pretty sure archer shirou comes from one of the worst timeline where he's the only survivors of the grail war. meaning he performed badly, maybe due to a lack of power?(i know,all the dead end and all but...).
    shirou noble phantasm basically have no limits with infinite mana, which gaia procures to all of her counter guardians. if gaia really gave him his powers, then she chosed weel (needed a tool of mass murder after all).
    then we know that shirou can only replicate earthly ressources, if his noble phantasm was indeed bestowed by gaia, it would really make sense.
    and yhe source of shirou magic is a reality marble,nearing the sorcery realm.i mean, i know he put his life on the line while training, and will plus emotions are pretty imprtant factors in the nasuverses magic system, but obtening a sorcery this way is not far form saitama's training level of absurdity. and gaia is the world, a marble phantasm create a world sooo....
    then most of the other noble phantasm have really fleshed out background and dont pop out of nowher like ubw, i mean (he's basically born with this capacity,ubw being where he keeps all his "diagrams" its always existing inside him, and just refined it by training).
    come, and destroy my theory ^^ (also im french so sorry for my english).

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    Also it's not that people think that Shirou's magic comes from having Avalon shoved in him. It's literally spelled out by Nasu that it is so.

    Archer comes from a timeline that's apparently close to Fate route, but where he failed to completely convince Saber of her wrongness. He also implies and materials suggest that at least Rin and Illya survive the war.

    Archer had magecraft before his contract with the Counter Force. He describes what he was like in his own Grail War, including having the same problems with his body after activating his circuits and having all kinds of wrong assumptions about how his power works.

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    well, it was fast. goodbye therory, im really dumb sometimes....really like it though. sorry for posting in the wrong section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elwendys View Post
    well, it was fast. goodbye therory, im really dumb sometimes....really like it though. sorry for posting in the wrong section.
    Try also separating it into paragraphs. A wall of text like that is hard to read.

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    Don't worry about your English, it's better than most english speakers already.
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    Wild theory. Stay safe on your travels.

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    I'm sure they have capital letters in French too. Then again, if that key on your keyboard is broken, my sympathies, I have been there.

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    Thaumaturgy comes from the innate ability of the users element (which is in the soul), and from processing energy in the users magical circuits (something similar to an organ in the magis body). The element effects anything the user does with thaumaturgy, the actual effects of any 'spell' is entirely decided by a user's element. i.e. a magical bullet can only be made as fire if the users element is such.

    The Circuits themselves are an innate feature that probably always existed in Shirou, but Avalon being inside Shirou's body so long changed his element to sword (we do not know what his original element may have been if he had one), this was something stated in Complete Material 3, but was something that was a theory beforehand. This is why when Avalon heals Shirou it looks like swords kneading his skin as his magical ability is being processed quite literally through 'swords'.
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