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    #Regalia: RP forum Discord server

    New people may notice this subforum appears largely inactive, which may be discouraging for those who want to join in. The reason for the apparent inactivity is that most discussion happens in the #Regalia channel on irchighway. the Regalia discord. Link below.

    CHANNEL: #regalia


    If you feel intimidated by the task of accessing an IRC channel, or perhaps have no previous experience of such then know that IRC itself is just a protocol that has to be accessed with a client. To access a channel you must first connect to the network/server it is located in, in our case, #notes is located on irchighway (see above).

    Common clients are:

    mIRC: Oldschool (1995) but functional and still very popular IRC client with a lot of features, even if it has a slightly archaic layout and UI.
    KiwiIRC: Popular and more modern IRC webclient, meaning it simply runs through your browser.
    Mobile Clients: You can also access IRC on your mobile device, AndroIRC for Android devices is a popular choice. Just searching for an IRC app should find you a good one!

    There are many more of course, simply searching IRC clients into google should yield some good results.
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