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    Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Voice Patch

    *Switch On*

    I am the switch of my sword.
    Switches are my body, and options are my blood.
    I have created over a thousand patches.
    Unknown to DozenAgent.
    Nor known to Jack.
    Have withstood pain to make every switch compatible.
    Yet, those hands will never toggle anything.
    So as I pray,
    Unlimited Switch Works.

    --Hollowgate 2014, never forget.

    Fate/hollow ataraxia Voice Patch v1.0.1:

    mediafire dot com/file/efy7xp9pcgry8j1/

    If you want to play on Kirikiroid2, download and extract this file in the game folder (override existing file):

    mediafire dot com/file/n4vf9jvyybrqvrm/patch_voice_opus.rar/file

    (Apply this after the voice patch of course. Kirikiroid2 doesn't support the atrac9 encoded voice files, so you have to use the opus encoded voice files. The quality is virtually the same. You can use the opus voice patch for both PC and Kirikiroid2)
    Decensor Patch:

    Please press "Start" instead of "Continue" after applying a new version of the patch.

    Fixed Hanafuda crash.
    Added Hanafuda Track Girls route to Hanafuda, ported from the PSP game: *Fly Away! Toraburu Hanafuda Travel Journal*.
    Translated missing Hanafuda sentences. The game is now 100% translated (validation percentage is lower).
    Now using the original atrac9 vita voice files (without conversion to the opus format) with a new open-source atrac9 decoder.
    Added some missing censored text and images from the vita.
    Fixes and improvements to language menu:
    -You can now change the language at the ticket selection menu.
    -Fixed bug that caused the main menu buttons to be unresponsive when changing the language multiple times.
    Added switches:
    -A switch to skip playing a movie in-game (for the rare cases it causes a crash).
    -A switch to apply vita textual edits the game's script (currently barely used, it's mostly for future updates).
    Fixed a bug where you could not get 100% completion without viewing the Eclipse h-scenes in h-censored mode.
    English scripts edits.
    Better support for other languages.
    Fixed other minor bugs.
    Added a comprehensive readme.
    Fixed crash that happens sometimes when loading a game.
    Fixed some voices not matching the text in English.
    English scripts edits.
    The game will now load in English for the first time (basically, if you only have a single language patch it is assumed to be the default language).
    Fixed hang in Hanafuda tutorial.
    Fixed crashes in Kirikiroid2 and added support for running Kirikiroid2 on iPhone and iPad.
    Reduced history jump back to 5 pages, as memory errors were still occurring. You can also change this value manually by creating a text file in the game folder called "max_history.txt" and putting there the number of pages you want to be able to jump back to. I'd suggest only doing so in the unlikely case you still get memory errors.
    English scripts edits.
    Added support for Kirikiroid2 (make sure you also download the android patch above and follow the readme inside it).
    English scripts edits.
    Fixed graphical glitch in h-alt scene.
    English scripts edits.
    Fixed crash that happens sometimes when playing hanafuda.
    Fixed crash when using Windows XP, Android with Kirikiroid2 and Mac with Wine.
    Fixed crash caused by missing dll which made the user install external packages.
    English scripts edits.
    Fixed another crash in h-alt scene (hopefully the last one).
    Fixed history title text size changing when scrolling though pages sometimes (it is now fixed-size).
    ---vita patch v1.1---
    Added missing vita assets that caused a crash in h-alt scene.
    Fixed crash when trying to view vita credits.
    Fixed crash when trying to view vita OP in full screen in-game.
    Fixed some system messages appearing in English while in Japanese language (which is why the English version was bumped - no translation changes were made. This is more of a technical thing).
    Fixed crash in H-alt.
    Fixed some hints appearing in Japanese instead of English.
    Reduced maximum history "jump" back to 10 from 15 as this caused crashes. If you still get crashes please report so.
    Some English scripts editing.

    Voice project leads: Jacktheinfinite101, Quibi, Hintay

    A comprehensive readme is included with the patch (README-patch.html). Please read it carefully.

    Things the patch add which are a BIG SPOILER:
    An alternative version of the of the Caren 1-4 scenes with Angra Mainyu's voice instead of Shirou's. Unlocked after viewing the regular scenes.
    The H-alt scene is for Caren 5.

    Other languages patches that support voice:

    • Traditional and Simplified Chinese:
    • Korean (v1.3.2 [beta], voice insertion by BlackMore and Themion):

      mega dot nz/#!jYMkjYRA!1BVQVQsRjwPCW8g2cQicXyqLh23-IZ7KXSMXnnrlh1U

    • (...hopefully more in the future)

    Previous English patch thread:
    Voice patch initiation project by Jacktheinfinite101 (aka how this patch came to be):

    If you want to report a bug:
    Please also provide the contents of "FateFD.exe.console.log" (located inside the game's directory) inside a spoiler tag or a pastebin link.

    Please report any bugs you find and enjoy the game! deserve it, having waited for so so long.
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