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    m X o X o X n [Fate/Grand Order]{oneshot/lemon}

    This was done at someone’s request.
    This was a somewhat experimental approach, so if it reads slightly differently than usual, then yeah.

    This story contains adult material plz noh readerino if you're an underage...even though I actually don't give a shit if you're a kid or not. I had an interest in porn when I was young, and I turned out just fine! ...well, "fine." Anyway, this disclaimer is purely obligatory. I ain't your goddamn mom. I won't police your porn habits. Anyway—Fate/Grand Order and its related concepts and ideas are the intellectual properties of Kinoko Nasu, Type-MOON, Notes Ltd., Aniplex, DelightWorks, and other respective rights holders. This story is written solely for the purpose of entertainment, and not for any sort of monetary profit. If anything, consider this free advertising.

    m X o X o X n

    The Southern Californian sun warms you to the core, and the Pacific easterly blows over you and make your bare skin prickle and dance with goosepimples. Beneath the balcony, said wind blows stray leaves down the lane. You wonder how far the leaves will be blown. You wonder if they'll be blown all the way to the edge of the world. You have to wonder if that edge isn't somewhere sooner rather than later.

    You remind yourself that this isn't real. That even though a divine Authority can make even a world like this, it's still a temporary reality.

    "When gods scheme, it's mortals who get caught up in it, huh?" you say aloud as you fiddle around with the DSLR’s settings. The thing has advanced focusing capabilities, so it should, in theory, be able to provide ample footage for the POV segments. So goeth the idea.

    Even though she told you the plan, and more or less coerced you into being part of her hare-brained scheme, you still feel a pang of uneasiness about the whole affair. Yes, that’s the word to describe it. It does feel like an affair. She’s so lovey-dovey and utterly fixated on him that the foreknowledge that you’re to be doing this with her feels almost sacrilegious—heretical.

    But—if immorality is one of the spices that make up your feelings on the matter, then another part of you feels a sinful rush of anticipation. You feel like you’re about to break the rules, but you’ve been permission to do so.

    “That’s the last camera,” you project your voice, speaking to her. “I guess, if you’re ready, then come on out.”

    The camera will capture every last moment, and she wants it to.

    “Oh boy, here I go! Appearing so magnificently, yet only for the eyes of few, and all for the sake of ever-lasting love, it’s me—the goddess, Artemis!” She strides onto the patio, astride the pool, her voice filled with ignorance and confidence. You still think that she hasn’t thought this through, but there’s nothing you or anyone else could’ve possibly done to dissuade her. Every luscious curve of her body is wrapped in fine full-body fishnet as fiery a red as fresh blood. Silvery—the color of her hair and necklace—nine-inch heels catch the light of the midday sun and elegantly clomp on the tiled walkway around the perimeter of the pool of the Beverly Hills house. A ruby belly-button piercing sways with the movement of her hips, as do her dangling, nearly garishly elaborate earrings. You’re unsure if she’s that much confidence in her body or if she’s too air-headed to realize that she should have some shame when doing something like this for this first time.

    Maybe she just has an innate affinity for matters of this nature.

    “Damn…” you mutter under your breath, keeping the camera on her.

    Yes, the Classical moon goddess, goddess of the hunt, patron of childbirth, and notoriously chaste, has made her adult video debut, and it’s all on film. Well, right now it’s still at the erotically-charged gravure stage, but soon enough—

    Again, it’s all her idea.

    “Well?! What do you think, Darling?! Isn’t it grand?!” Despite looking exactly like a XXX star, Artemis is still Artemis and she enthusiastically asks. You don’t answer. You bite your tongue. You’re not allowed to answer. That’s the nature of this video. Even though she likes you as a Master, her feelings are squarely solely for Orion, her beloved bear, and a guy who is utterly absent from this miniature singularity. Actually, it’s because she likes you as much as she does that she selected you. To be the stand-in. To be a piece of meat. To be her hunting hound and aid her.

    Right now, you’re not you. You’re not Gudao, Gudako, Fujimaru Ritsukua, Francis Xavier, whatever. It doesn’t matter. You don’t have a name. Right now, you’ve an alias, and that alias is “Darling.” That’s right—this entire setup and what’s to come is roleplay.

    “Why do you want to make a porno with me, again?” you asked Artemis.

    Artemis replied. “Darling is so squirrely! And for a bear, that’s a bad thing! I can’t take my eyes off of him for a moment, otherwise he’s flirting with some other scatter-brained floozy! Who needs other women when you have me, the best woman ever, Artemis?! He’s so silly! Darling, you can’t even do anything with them even if you successfully seduced them, anyway, so why bother? Having to constantly police Darling is a little tiring, if I’m to be honest.”

    From one human to another, you empathize with Orion. The gods are especially difficult to deal with, and even if he wanted to requite her emotions, he couldn’t. Because he was a teddy bear. He hadn’t the equipment. Still, you also empathized with Artemis, for her love was true.

    “Anyway, Darling’s heart keeps on wandering, but that’s not his fault! I mean, it absolutely 100% is, but still, I’ve a plan to fix that! We haven’t done it yet, but if I show him a little taste of just how fulfilling a relationship with me is, he’ll remain faithful! BUT! There are conditions…”

    No words. It’s so Orion could, theoretically, have maximum self-insertion potential. Also, Artemis still wanted to properly preserve her first time, so anything went as long as it wasn’t that.

    Thus, you needed oil. Lots of it. You took a bottle from the nearby table and squeezed. It flowed and dribbled over Artemis’ breasts, and what didn’t coat she herself ran her hands over. The nails and fingers of her bridal-gauntled hands glistened with the abundance of oil. “I’m starting to feel as sparkly on the outside as I am on the inside!” she notes, with vigor. The oil pours and pours, and she massages it over her entire body, makes it glisten beneath the fishnet. From her bountiful breasts, 99cm, to her full moon of a rear, 105cm, Artemis makes a show of coating herself.

    Is this the power that lewd simulations run for thousands of years straight is capable of? The research is still out on that one, but at least you can document every step of the process!

    “There we go. Do you like that, Darling? I’m just like a glittering moony jewel!” Artemis laughs. “It’s gotten me alllll excited…” She grips at your, her Darling’s, shorts and bites at the fabric of the crotch. With a pull and a jerk of her teeth, she rips open the fabric with practiced ease. Being the huntress that she is, it’s fundamentally the same as biting through the hide of a felled quarry to get to the juicy meat and innards encased within. In this case, the goods is your, her proxy-Darling’s, cock—as full and stiff as an alert deer.

    You squirt some oil onto the member. It feels refreshingly cool, even as Artemis’ gaze feels hot upon it.

    “There we go,” the goddess says those words again. With her hand, still slick with the residue of the oil, she strokes and smears your cock at once. “Gotta prep this n-naughty thing all up, too, Darling.” Artemis’ hand is warm and slick and with a gentle—slightly shaking—twist of her wrist she coats it with ease. Then, without any warning, Artemis tears at the fishnet around her chest, exposing her shimmering, moon-white and hefty breasts to the rays of the faux-Californian sun. Making a weird, cute gasp, Artemis squeezes her would-be Darling’s cock between her oily breasts. Enveloped in the softness, she moves up and down at a considerable pace. Her face is hot pink, but she continues through it anyway—pitting her millennia of imagined lewdness training to a practical test and with no desire to be found wanting. “L-Look! With a body like this, it’s a wonder I didn’t do this all sooner! I’m confident! So confident!”

    “Yes. Yes you are.”

    “Q-Quiet, M-Master. You’ll need to edit that out in p-post!” You break the rules, but it’s honestly so worth it to see Artemis showcase any sort of embarrassment. Yes, being a confident, hungry woman doesn’t quite fit her image. No, what’s more suitable for her—accidental sexiness. The less she has to think? The better.

    So, with the camera still rolling, you help her out. You place your hand on her fluffy white hair. It feels so delightful that you could, honestly, pet her for hours. However, you’re a man on a mission. Using that hand of yours, you push down and make Artemis suck you off in tandem to her breastwork. “Dahleeng?! Mph! Dah-leeng…!” Artemis mumbles. Her agape mouth and soft lips take you in with ease, and while she gargles on your dick she doesn’t gag on it.

    …Perhaps there is something to be said about her innate lewdness after all.

    “Dahleeng…” she mumbles. “Tho forthfel… Huhtuh the huntuhreth…” The moon goddess’ breasts bounce along the length of the shaft and she swallows the tip into her throat. Her head bobs, due to the force of your hands as well as her own desires. You lift your hand up and she continues visiting the blowjob-boobjob double whammy upon her pretend-Darling. You’ve made a decision. You won’t engage her so passively. Not now, anyway. If you’re going to be an actor in your own pornography debut, even anonymously, you should enjoy it on your own end. You move your hips, seeking an equilibrium of rhythm with her, with Artemis. Her delightfully soft and full tits press against your moving hips, and your bellend grinds over and over her wet tongue as your precum and her saliva mix. “Dahleeng…” her words vibrate against your cock. Artemis then pulls away with a gasp, gasping for the air that she, as a goddess and a Servant, doesn’t need, but that her flesh and blood human-shaped body habitually craves. Of want and of need. She swallows air but continues to stroke with her tits, too caught up in the momentum to stop—nor with any desire to stop. Want proof? Look no further—for Artemis has resumed sucking your ramrod self, perfectly getting back into the swing of things of the sex.

    You don’t tell Artemis that you’re about to cum. You let Artemis be surprised as thick bursts of semen shoot into her throat and mouth. She whines incoherently as she chokes on your virile seed, the goddess too foolish to let your cock out of her mouth. “Mmmph! Mm! Mm! Nnnnnn… Darling…” she says, letting loose of you so as to speak properly to the camera. “I swallowed it all, see? Like a good lover… Like the best lover…” She opens her mouth. It’s sparkling clean inside.

    So, she isn’t foolish. Just determined.

    Okay, perhaps just a little foolish. After all, this involves Artemis.

    “It’s your turn now, Darling…” An Artemis still reeling from the afterglow of her first oral session tells you. With a bit of effort, and unease in her step, she rests on a chaise lounge and spreads her thick thighs apart, revealing the virgin goddess’ most valued treasure. You energetically point at the DSLR in your hand, indicating a query.

    “Put it aside, for now… The other cameras are rolling, aren’t they?” she asks. You nod. You set in on a table and then squat down in front of her, and it is now your turn to tear at her fishnet. You do so. You can see it all. Down here, Artemis has just the slightest amount of hair. Thumbnail-sized…shaped like an arrowhead pointing down towards her moist pussy, silver with red tips.


    “Yes, it grows like that! You should see Athena’s! Uh, I mean, proceed, Darling.”

    Giving a word of thanks, you bury your face into her crotch and set to work. Your tongue rapidly flicks her dangling lips, and you toy with the tuft of her scaped pubes. Artemis, inexperienced as she is despite her vivid imagination, is helpless. “AhhHAAH!” she moans out. “Haaah~!” With your other hand, you send your middle finger up her cunt and your pinky up her asshole. You wiggle your fingers as you flap your tongue, tasting Artemis’ lust and the thin veneer of oil that has been rubbed all over her body. She instantly begins shaking, and she loses control. It’s a good opportunity for you, as Roleplay Orion, to attack her at this most vulnerable state. You shake your head as you continue to taste and finger Artemis, who—fittingly—tastes lightly of… “Dango?” you ask.

    She doesn’t respond. She just continues to lightly wail, losing her mind to pleasure.

    Fine by you, both her state and her taste.

    Then, you’ve had enough. You stand up. You drop broken shorts and stand before her nude and proud. “Darling? What are you—?” But, there’s no need for her to ask the question. Surely, somewhere in the back of her spacey mind, she knows. You grab yet another bottle of oil and squeeze. Squeeze it straight up her anus. “Haaaaah?!” she goes, rather startled by the rush of the room-temperature lube. You squeeze and squeeze until it empties and you toss the bottle aside like the garbage it is. When you pull the bottle out it gushes. All of the excess oil flows from her and dribbles to the ground in a shiny puddle. “Haaaah…Darling, you’re very forceful, today.” Indeed. Her “Darling” takes hold of her thighs, flips her over onto her stomach, and thrusts his slippery cock into her oiled asshole, breaching her asterisk with the first of his length. “Aaa-aaaaahhh!” Artemis lets out a cry. “My butt, Darling…!”

    You keep to the agreement, to the letter. Artemis’ ass is nice, and the fun has only just begun.

    Press and pull. Press and pull. Press and pull. Press and pull. You push your hips forward and back, and that moves your cock into her. Each thrust pushes deeper, and likewise sends a bit of your length deeper into Artemis’ ass. The copious amounts of oil ensure that, even though her asshole tightly clings to you every step of the way, it’s a slick and steady progression. Her thick assmeat jiggles for seconds after each time your hips bash into her, like a pair of balls bouncing against a wall. You grasp her cheeks with your hands, and your fingers sink into her fat glutes. Meanwhile, Artemis continues to give off womanly groans of interest as you gape her out from behind. “Ah! You’ve AH AH put a new crater into me, the moon!”

    It’s her butt, so she’s still a virgin.

    Who doesn’t love it when a loophole works in their favor?

    Naturally, by now you’ve picked up the camera again. Gotta get those POV scenes while the standing cameras get the act from multiple angles while atop their tripods. Your speed increases. Her entire body shakes and moves with you as you thrust. Her high voice undulates in time with your thrusts, and she grasps at the mattress of the lounge. “D-D-D-Darliiiiiing~!” A desire for variety, and tiring slightly, makes you stop and pull out. You motion her to move over, change position. “Okay, Darling – whatever you want, right now.”

    Without you in it, her vacant, greasy butthole begins to close.

    You don’t allow it more than a brief reprieve.

    Having now adopted the coveted position of ‘big spoon,’ you reunite Artemis’ thirsty butt with your hungry cock. You grab another bottle of oil and squeeze it to where you’re connected together. The noise of wet slaps indicates the resumption. You resume pistoning into her, only this time in position to partake of her body in other manners. You squeeze at her big breasts, knead those thick doughballs together until she moans some more.

    “Master,” Artemis says, to you, instead of the role you’re meant to be playing. “We need, ahh, just a bit more footage before it’s done. So please—ah!”

    “Hey, this is all your idea.”

    Before you know it, you’re back at in, on the couch. “Darling!” This time, it’s you whose legs are spread. “Darling…!” Artemis, still garbed in torn, bright red fishnet, claps her butt over and over in your lap, her breasts shaking up and down as the movements of her hips shake their way up her body. “—Darling!” A different pose. More variety of footage. “Darliiing!” As she rides upon you, you can feel Artemis’ pussy leak down her thighs and onto yours. It becomes too much. You feel the pressure well. Your nutsack tightens. She was and still is a virgin, and she’s about to make you come again. “Darliiing, oh Darling, I—!”

    “Gonna cum!”

    “Then, here, let’s do it right—!” Artemis pops off of you and gets down before you, on her knees. She cups her full breasts beneath her hands and opens her mouth. It’s obvious what she wants, and you gladly let her have it all. You stroke and stroke and, with a hefty grunt, release everything that you had holding back ever since that oral session. Your cum bursts onto Artemis’ face, splashes onto her tongue and lips, frosts her breasts with dribbling, warm whiteness. “Good job, Darling, I mean, Master,” Artemis says, once you’ve finished, “With this, Darling won’t ever be able to, to resist my charms ever again… Even so, perhaps we should film a bit more footage, juuust to be on the safe side… he’s a very willful guy, my Darling.”

    She might be some other man's woman, in theory, but you find her a little hard to resist, yourself.


    - ] | [ -


    Atalanta, the huntress, has been a loyal servant to Artemis for countless years. She valued her services and offerings to the moon goddess. When she had found out that Artemis had answer Chaldea’s summonings as she too had, she relished the opportunity to battle alongside her idol, to be able to serve her directly.

    What Atalanta hadn’t counted on was that Artemis was incredibly lovey-dovey towards her beau, Orion. Overbearingly so, in fact. Atalanta, who herself had sworn to chastity so as to emulate the supposedly virgin goddess’ ideal…was at a loss. Indeed, deep down she, Atalanta, was undergoing an existential crisis. What were her goddess’ values? What were her own values? Did it matter if there was a discrepancy between expectations and reality? Had she misunderstood everything that Artemis stood for? Could she herself change if she even wanted to?

    Thinking such thoughts, as she was oft to do when at solitude here, at Chaldea, she took it upon herself to serve her goddess in a direct and less confusing manner. That was why Atalanta was here, cleaning up Orion and Artemis’ room. She thought of it as a shrine. They thought of it as a love nest. Or a bachelor pad, depending on which of the duo one asked. “What a mess,” groused the feline huntress, feeling particularly disillusioned today. “If only they could lead by exam—”

    She stumbled upon something curious. An open PC. A thumb drive labeled “ARTEMIS’ IMPORTANT VIDEO (DO NOT LOOK).” Of course, Atalanta had to look. She hungered for a deeper understanding of the divine entity that she had devoted much, in her name, to. Atalanta gave into the temptation, but rationalized it away. So, she fired up the PC. So, she inserted the thumb drive into the USB slot on the side. So, she fired up the single MP4 file labeled the exact same thing as the thumb drive. She had to know. She had to understand.

    “Tho forthfel… Huhtuh the huntuhreth…”

    “Ah! You’ve AH AH put a new crater into me, the moon!”


    And so, curiosity killed the cat. Or, at least—despite her usual inhibitions—made her visit a little death upon herself.

    To be Continued……?

    Yeah. I’m a tad burnt out on lemons. For now, I want to write more story-driven things.

    Or at least, lemons with far more plot elements than the recent ones.

    P.S. You still owe me that Fortefic you fucking fat knob. You know who you are.
    Also, realtalk, happy birthday. I hope you get hella shitfaced with your favorite things and have a generally good and memorable time : )
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    I feel sorry for Nyatalanta
    With each day, one draws closer to death,

    With each day, one expends more of one's life,

    With each day, one obtains more memories,

    With each day, one gets closer to losing them all.

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    also good work

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    Also, realtalk, happy birthday. I hope you get hella shitfaced with your favorite things and have a generally good and memorable time : )
    My birthday was the 11th and this was just 2 hours away from then so I'm going to delude myself thinking this was for me. Thank you for the gift.

    Real good though, never thought I'd see a Artemis x Gudao lemon. And is that a possible sequel with Nyanlanta I see? ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

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    Damn this is hot!

    I do hope we see some fun with Nyantalanta~.

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