Lustful Paradise is an Erotic Roleplay Discord server with a heavy premise for League of Legends and Nasuverse. There is no official theme for the server, but we favor League Champions and all Typemoon characters; but that does not mean there is any special treatment! There is plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself, and if you show yourself willing, consideration to join our growing staff could be given to you. Despite it being Nasuverse focused, all Original Characters and Cross Over's are allowed.
Join the server at
We hope to see you around, and to see you immerse yourself in our community! It is not very strict, but the active staff do their very best to make the community homely and to let everyone feel warm and welcomed. If you have any questions after joining please contact the staff. A main role (Switch/Dom/Sub) is required to see the rest of the server. PS: CO stands for Crossover, and OC stands for Original character.
The ROLES channel is there if you are confused, but simply type (without <>) <.iam ___> with Switch, Dom, or sub as the blank.