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Thread: Fate/Stay Night ReRead: Bad Ends focus

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    Fate/Stay Night ReRead: Bad Ends focus

    so my old CPU broke but i have re downloaded the VN and Its FINALLY working with that said i almost feel that i have alot of the story memorized especially UBW bc its anime adaptation was Faithful enough to the source matireal.
    anyway i want to look at each and every death and maybe even go beyond the tiger dojo which i found to be one of the best parts if not the best part of the VN.

    the deaths in the VN feel more like the Meat and potatoes of the story anyway since there are 40 bad ends and 6 good ends maybe 5 one normal end sparks liner high which is if im correct not considered a bad end

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    Sparks Liner High is one of the 40 Tiger Dojos, it's just not labeled as a bad end. I wouldn't say you miss out on much by not reading bad ends (SLH aside, as well as some other interesting ones like the doll and superhero ends). It's definitely worth it and the Tiger Dojos are fun, but the only really elaborate bad end is SLH. The three true ends, one normal end and one good end are the only proper conclusions to the stories of their respective routes.
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    The superhero ending will always be my favorite bad ending from all three routes. The inevitability of it is just beautiful to behold, albeit in an extremely tragic manner due to the sacrifice he had to make to fulfill his ideal. It's just perfect.

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