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Thread: [HELP] Fate/Prototype Fragments

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    Exclamation [HELP] Fate/Prototype Fragments

    Hi, I recently made this account and been wanting to ask about Fate/Prototype for some time (sorry if wrong place, I'm new here)

    Can anyone help me with the reading order of the Prototype Fragments ? I saw some threads with translated chapters but I'm not sure about the order to read it and is it fully translated or stuck ? Since I can't understand JP I can't really find much info about the LN's thus the confusion...sorry guys

    Appreciate it

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    One, we have a question thread.

    Two. There's not really a right way of reading fragments, it's a not linear storytelling. There are five volumes and if you want to more details on exactly where the translations then I'd go to the prototype translation tread in the translation section. The translations should just be translated in the order it was written though there scattered across the thread or it is to me since I'm not keeping track of it.
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    Aren't the drama cds sequential
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    I'm just gonna copy paste my answer from the proto thread here

    Quote Originally Posted by Lobo View Post
    Fragments has 5 volume novels (already finish), with 5 drama cds (currently releasing). The drama cds rearrange the novel events in chronological order and come with new short stories.
    The second half of vol 3 and all of vols. 4 and 5 are completely translated, vol 1 and so on foward are currently under translation to catch up. The drama cd short stories for the first cd are translated, the ones for the second you have to wait for PhoenixRising (the only translator for this project) next update (dunno how busy she is, so dunno when that'll be, so just give her time)
    If you are asking how many material this novels/cds give for a proper prototype full adaptation (of any media), there is plenty: some scenes happen during the prototype war and the ending of fragments tie sufficient material together to let a solid base for its sequel (proto)
    The stories from the Drama CD 2 just got translated the other day

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