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Thread: [Quest] Lost Singularity - Fimbulwinter

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    4: Javier Lucero will take responsibility for showing these women a world kinder than the darkness of the Fourth Reich. He will walk with them, as their friend, for as long as they want him by their side. If anything more should come from that, that's for the future.

    1: He’ll do it, but he'll do it because of their feelings and his own.

    Sorry for the lateness, I really didn't have the presence of mind to look back at this till these week.

    I was gonna post a whole shonen speech here but it went away with my ability to breathe with my nose and hasn't come back with it, but to sum up: this is the only choice that is centered around what I consider to be the golden ending for the girls; to be shown the world, to be shown happiness and good experiences. Humans should not own each other, they should touch. For women who have been as hurt as this girls, to be able to decide and enjoy the touch offered is the greatest gift

    And yes, this is centered around Javier's inadequacy, which is ultimately the source of his inflated desire and thus a whole host of problems of which his dehumanization is only the most flashy. But hey, he doesn't get to choose how others value him, and he wouldn't be just walking along side them: they are walking with him.

    Okay that is all, and it is what I choose. And even if we end up the losing option, I will be glad to die besides a dwarf and a... wait, a Brit? what have I done...
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    As long it's not the second choice I can vote, I suppose.

    First choice is 4.

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