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Thread: Badass Versus Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpoonyViking View Post
    Unless DMC 4 or 5 added something else to his arsenal, his time-related abilities in DMC 1, 2 and 3 are more limited than that; he doesn't stop time completely, there's a huge cost in energy, he can't enter Devil Trigger with it, etc.
    See, this is yet another reason I think DMC is bad for versus debates as you have blatant gameplay/story segregation. In the one cutscene where Dante uses Quicksilver, he does completely freeze time so that he isn't crushed by falling debris - even just standing there and poking it quizzically before walking past it and resuming time. But of course that'd be too OP gameplay-wise so they just make time lag instead of freezing it. But then what are we supposed to go by for a versus debate since the two contradict each other?

    Of course there are plenty of other annoying contradictions like Yamato being able "to cut through anything" only for several people both in story and gameplay block it. But I digress... *sigh*
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    Quite true. Perhaps we should use the DMC anime as a point of comparison? The problem is that Dante so completely overpowers every enemy in it that it's not that useful to evaluate his feats.

    Overall, if we stick solely to physical feats, I'd argue higher-level Servants, like Herakles or Rin!Saber, should be able to match Dante and Nero. The DMC games tend to be more over the top with those things (as an example, Dante throwing his sword down the Temen-ni-gru so fast it heats up from the air friction alone, and then easily catching up to it - all while defying gravity and running down the side of the tower, comes to mind), but it's not as if many Fate works after the original novel (such as Apocrypha and Strange/Fake) don't have examples of their own. What I think would give the Sparda brothers the edge is things like Devil Trigger, regeneration, and their weaponry.
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    In other words its basically a servant vs a spooky phantasmal person.

    Noble Phantasms vs Devil Trigger/demon abilities as their trump cards.

    It's very Kouma vs servants.

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