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Thread: Badass Versus Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by fire_mountain_30 View Post
    "Come... I'll let you feel what a true warrior is."
    He readied his spear—and his thirst for blood crushed the air. Saber stood his ground bravely, and Berserker's artificial mind allowed her to take it in stride, but any normal humans would have their spirits utterly crumbled.
    Three—so the countdown began.
    ***The thick forest was unsuited to the swinging of swords and spears.***
    Two—and the air froze in an all-too-familiar way.
    ***But, in this place, the spear was superior to any other weapon in one aspect: the thrust. ***With his hero-slaying spear, able to pierce hearts and penetrate skulls with every strike, Rider felt no disadvantage at all.
    One—and time itself seemed to stop before the eruption.
    And most of all, with one of the world's most famous archers at his back, nothing would shake
    his nerve.
    All things crude and impure were blown away, swept aside, as they stepped forward and leapt, swinging sword and mace and spear.
    All things crude and impure were blown away, swept aside, as they stepped forward and leapt, swinging sword and mace and spear.
    So right there, we see Achilles was swinging, not thrusting, because you can't defend against two separate angles with a thrust. That's primarily for 1 vs 1.
    When we get back to the fight.
    The Rider of Red laughed mockingly at the fierce assault of Saber and Berserker. The two
    Servants released their attacks in the same breath, aiming both high and low.

    Rider curled his body and leapt. With his single, short spear he deflected both attacks splendidly.

    " Weak!"

    At nearly the same time, he launched a kick. He fought not with the formality of a knight, but
    martial skill honed utterly on the field of battle.
    No thrust. He just overpowers Siegfried and Frankenstein, as it was shown in the manga.

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    dont care.

    just erased a long reply because it will distract from Consort Yu and Xiang Yu VS Sigurd and Bhryhn
    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    It does mean that, but not literally.
    Quote Originally Posted by OverMaster View Post
    Darling, with this you have proved yourself the ultimate definition of hollow.
    Quote Originally Posted by OverMaster View Post

    There's nothing more hollow than an apologist and his claims, because they ultimately amount to nothing but 'this is good because I like it'.

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    With Grail Mud, I got rid of all my extraneous divinity, two feet of height, and a burning desire to get revenge on the Gods! Try Grail Mud today!

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