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Thread: Fate/Grand Order -turas realta- and -mortalis:stella- (FGO manga adaption)

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    Hello, newbie here. I see that the scanlation project is pretty much dead, can I try to revive it? You guys will be rightfully credited. Thanks!

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    It's fine I believe. Thou it's a lot of good luck

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    Well, I can't really start before Ghost has given me his OK. I've experience in cleaning and typesetting, so I could try to get it all done in two weeks.

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    Feel free to go ahead and use the translations here.

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    Thank you, I'll let you guys know when it's done!

    Edit: Does anyone have the link for volume 4, chapter Interlude 5.5? The one on lightheaven is broken.
    Also, am pretty much done with vol. 4, took me longer than expected, though. Will be uploading the chapters on mangadex soon.

    Edit 2: The chapters are up!
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    Hello everyone,
    Does anyone have a link to the raws or translation of mortalis stella? I can't find anything beyond the first volume.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takashi View Post
    This is turas realta, and it's in Thai.

    I found the raws for mortalis:stella, volume 1 and 2:
    It's not the best quality, but I didn't try other websites. Maybe they have better quality.

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    Thanks for the hard work.

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    I was giving this out for he asked for interlude 5.5 of turas realta. Since the translations are completed he only needed the scans and the scans are there.

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    chapter 33


    Romani: ‘Golden Hind’ this is ‘Chaldea’!

    Romani: The analysis results are in!
    Romani: The grail’s inside that giant enemy.

    On top of Leff being here

    I imagine there’s going to be a lot of obstructions.
    But if we can defeat that pillar of flesh and take back the grail,
    The singularity will be restored.

    Artemis: The enemy’s magical energy is being collected together!
    Mash: I’m going out in front!
    Virtual Noble Phantasm…

    Drake: This is going to be tough on Mash!
    Drake: Can’t you move any quicker!
    Pirate: There’s too much wreckage around!
    Pirate: But we’ll see what we can do!
    Atalanta: Master, we don’t have enough firepower.
    Atalanta: I want you to send me some magical energy.
    Fujimaru: Got it!
    Atalanta: I’m in your debt.

    Atalanta: If it’s come this far I should use this.
    Atalanta: Entangling Noble Phantasm
    Atalanta: “Wild Boar of Divine Punishment: Agrius Metamorphosis!”

    Medea: That form!
    Medea: You’d go that far!
    It regenerates this fast! Is it Medea’s magecraft?
    Atalanta: We’ll hold back the flesh pillar!
    Atalanta: Kiyohime!
    Kiyohime: Understood!

    “Tenshin Kashou”
    Hektor: What a show.
    Hektor: Now who should this old man go for first?
    Hektor: Oh.
    Hektor: I see.
    Lady Artemis, huh?
    It seems she’s quite on guard.
    Hektor: A goddess of Olympus being used as a familiar really makes me laugh.
    Hektor: Although I was summoned here as a warmonger and killer.

    Oh well.
    I’d better reply to that courage.
    Hektor: Prepare yourselves, dreaming pirates.

    Hektor: When this old man has reached you,
    Hektor: Everything will be over.
    Da Vinci: Roman!
    Romani: We need to back them up! What have you got!?
    Da Vinci: Okay.

    Da Vinci: While Mash is defending the ship,
    Da Vinci: Atalanta and Kiyohime are attacking with their high damage
    Da Vinci: And Artemis and Drake are watching the surroundings and dealing with the dragon tooth warriors.
    Da Vinci: Everything’s going well at the moment.
    But there’s two problems.
    The first is the reef and floating wreckage… It’s not only interfering with navigation,
    But there’s something like resentful magical energy collecting at certain points.
    Leff may be planning something.

    The second is that we don’t know anything about that pillar of flesh.
    Even if we’re holding it back now, we don’t know when our defence will be broken.
    And to top off, it regenerates immediately thanks to Medea’s magecraft.
    Romani: It’s going to be tough. We just don’t have enough resources to enter into a battle of attrition.
    Romani: We don’t have the right tactics, or a trump card like “La Pucelle” either.
    Da Vinci: Can he use a command spell?
    Romani: That’s out of the question.
    Romani: If he uses one now with all those wounds, then his nerves really will burn out.
    Out of the Servants he has a contract with, three of them are currently using their Noble Phantasms.

    I won’t say it’s impossible, but we can’t have him doing anything else.

    Fujimaru: Agh…!

    Euryale: Put up with it.
    Euryale: You said that you wanted to go to where Mash is.
    Euryale: That the closer you are the easier it is to supply magical energy.
    Fujimaru: Sorry for causing you so much trouble…
    Fujimaru: Skeleton monsters!
    Fujimaru: What are these doing here!?
    Leff: Hahahahahaha!
    Leff: Those old corpses crawled out to find the living!

    Drake: Fujimaru!
    Leff: Those things are the grudges left over from humans who died on this sea.
    Leff: They’re baring their fangs at the restorers of Human Order!
    Leff: Humanity really is utterly hopeless!
    Fujimaru: Leff!
    Mash: Master!
    Leff: That’s no good,
    Leff: Mash Kyrielight.
    Leff: You really should be worrying about yourself.
    Leff: I mean, look.

    Leff: You’re being watched.
    F+Dr: Mash!
    Spontaneous Human Combustion!?
    Mash: Arr…!
    Mash: It…!
    No way! Is each one of those a mystic eye?

    Atalanta: We’ll draw it’s attention this way!
    Atalanta: Let’s go, Kiyohime!
    “It has arrived”

    “The time to drift”
    Did this monster just speak?
    No, more importantly it's absorbing magical energy!? This is bad—
    Pillar: Magical energy replenishment complete.
    Pillar: The vestiges
    Pillar: Shall be erased.

    Incineration Ritual: Forneus

    Romani: What!
    Operator: There’s a flash of light directly below the Golden Hind.
    Operator: Extremely high output of magical energy detected!
    Romani: How’s the ship!?
    Operator: The signal is fine! But we can’t tell the situation because of the light!
    We’ve got the view coming through now! The Golden Hind is—!

    Romani: No…
    Romani: No way...
    Drake: Aughh… Are you okay, Fujimaru?
    Fujimaru: Th- Thanks. But the ship is…
    Drake: Yeah…
    Drake: Damn it… We can’t move the ship like this…
    Drake: And to protect the ship, Mash…

    Drake: What do we do…?
    If we take another hit, the ship’s going down.
    Based on the timing from before, we don’t even have 10 seconds.

    What can we do in that time?


    Wh- What…?
    Ships suddenly appeared…
    They’re shielding us…?

    Take care of that

    Protect me!
    I’m getting ready to kill the bastard!
    Buy me some time!

    Hektor: I see now.
    So you really were the most dangerous.
    Hektor: Now then—
    It's time to die out,
    Human history.

    Orion: The one we need to be most careful of
    Orion: Is Hektor.

    Background: Orion’s being serious. Did he eat some bad food or something?
    Orion: I can tell you’re thinking something quite rude, you know.
    Orion: You can tell from how things have been so far, right?
    Orion: He’s going to do the absolute worst possible thing at the absolute worst possible time.

    Pirate: Hurry up!
    Pirate: Don’t let the Argonauts go!
    Orion: If we don’t stop him, we’re going to lose.
    Euryale: And why are you saying that to us?
    Orion: ...The three of us are a burden right now.
    Orion: I can’t fight, and you two can’t walk at the moment.
    But… because of that…
    Hektor won’t be watching us.

    Because of that
    There has to be an opportunity for us there!
    If I was watching for a chance I wouldn’t be in time…
    I read your moves, great hero.
    Orion: Don’t look down!
    Orion: On Tri-Star’s Eye of the Mind!
    Crap, I’ve left an opening in the enemy’s camp!
    Who’s aiming for me!?
    Artemis!? Atalanta!?
    But I know their locations.
    In this position they can’t get—

    “Emergency Evasion: Back Blink”
    Euryale: Noble Phantasm

    “Goddess’ Gaze:
    Eye of the Euryale”

    Hektor: Gah…!!
    Euryale: We used high speed evasion
    Euryale: and super strengthening.
    Euryale: You weren’t watching us,
    We didn’t once
    Take our eyes off you.
    Euryale: Farewell, killer of Asterios.
    Euryale: Farewell,
    Euryale: Mister Bad Guy.
    Hektor: ...Heh.
    Hektor: Haa, I really shouldn’t have played the bad guy. I’m just not used to it…

    Hektor: See ya, Princess…
    Hektor: Sweet dreams,
    Hektor: until the very end—
    Medea: ...Thank you, Lancer.
    Medea: Even at the very end, you never told me I was wrong.

    Medea: Let’s finish this fight, Master Jason!

    Medea: Until the very end
    Medea: of this dream of happiness—!
    That attack again!
    Atalanta: Medea!!

    What do we do!?
    If we take another hit, the ship won’t—
    Fujimaru: Did someone just jump into the water…!?
    Fujimaru: No way—

    Mash, that’s crazy! Stop!!
    Romani: You’d be going in at point black range!
    Romani: Your body won’t hold out!
    Mash: I know its origin from the last attack.
    Mash: If I use both my Skills and Noble Phantasm It should have some effect!
    Leff: Isn’t that just terrible…
    Leff: What poor growth.
    That thing,
    Isn’t even worth you protecting.

    Drake: This is a nice song…
    Drake: Asterios! Let’s dance!
    Asterios: Uh... uh?
    Drake: Come on, let's go!
    Mash: This is fun, isn’t it Senpai…
    Fujimaru: Yeah…
    Mash: There’s something…

    Mash: I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

    The Captain is an incredible person who managed to circumnavigate the globe.

    But she’s also a villain who did many evil deeds...
    Selling slaves,
    Plundering countless times,
    Killing people out of greed.
    But I can’t hate her.
    The Captain showed me the sea.
    I was really happy.
    I’m sure that I’ve come to like the Captain.
    Fujimaru: Yeah…
    That’s why I thought
    That it might be better for the Captain here on this sea.
    Fujimaru: Huh…?

    Do you know how the Captain meets her end?
    Fujimaru: No…
    Mash: She dies of illness.
    At the age of 53, she caught an infectious disease.
    That’s not all. She was deranged, and continually did strange things while on her sickbed.
    She died like that.
    For such a magnificent person to pass away like that,
    It just doesn’t sit right with me.
    I was wondering if the Captain might be happier if she didn’t complete her trip around the world…
    Fujimaru: For sure,
    Fujimaru: I don’t like that she died in that way.

    Mash: Huh?
    Fujimaru: But
    Fujimaru: I like the Captain.
    And I want the people I like to be happy.

    But just as importantly,

    I want the people I like
    To achieve their dreams—
    Mash: ...Agh!!!
    I still don’t understand…
    What’s the right thing to feel?
    Are both of them wrong?
    There’s one thing I understand…
    I’ve met a lot of people who I like on this sea.
    I don’t want,

    To let those people die here—!!
    Romani: Please Mash! Pull back!
    Any more and you’ll—!!!
    Thanks Mash.
    It’ll be alright now.

    Is it still there…?

    Mash: W- What just happened…?
    Mash: A barrier of magical energy came from the ship itself…
    Drake: That bearded bastard used the grail like this.
    Drake: It’s lucky I asked before he died.
    But it’s fine. I made it in time.
    While drawing out its power,
    I’m not sure how to feel about all the other things that were pulled out though.
    Romani: ...What’s going on.
    Romani: The amount of magical energy flowing from the Golden Hind has increased by an order of magnitude…

    Romani: It’s like it’s a Noble Phantasm…

    But even with a grail,
    For a human to do such a thing is—
    Da Vinci: Completely achievable.
    Da Vinci: No matter how impossible it is,
    Da Vinci: The possibility will open up before her.

    Leff: Woman
    How can a simple pirate escape from a pillar’s incineration ritual?
    Are you?
    Drake: You don’t know?
    Drake: Right then.

    Drake: I’ll make sure

    You remember my name

    As I send you down to hell.

    Temeroso el Drago

    “The Woman Who Brought Down the Sun”

    Got it?

    Chapter 33 > Third Singularity: Final Verse 2 “Pioneer of the Stars”

    - - - Updated - - -

    chapter 34


    “Pioneer of the stars”

    Da Vinci: It’s a special skill that only a few Heroic Spirits possess.
    Da Vinci: There’s no doubt that the one who completed a round trip of the world
    Da Vinci: Would possess that skill.
    Da Vinci: And the effect of that—
    Romani: Wait a second!
    Romani: Even if that was true,
    Romani: there’s no way that she could use that skill before becoming a heroic spirit.
    Da Vinci: The effect of that skill.
    “All difficult tasks”
    “No matter how impossible”
    “Become possible”
    For a human who attained such a ridiculous skill,
    To do something on the level of using their Noble Phantasm while human

    Da Vinci: Wouldn’t be strange
    Da Vinci: In the slightest.
    Drake: Mateys!
    Drake: It’s time!
    Fujimaru: Wha-
    Fujimaru: Wha-!?
    The Golden Hind
    Is flying!?
    Mash: That-
    Mash: That’s not all!

    Mash: Ships are appearing in the air…!
    Mash: And the driftwood’s forming into more ships…!
    Leff: Preposterous!
    Leff: Why would the grudges of the dead are join forces with the living!?
    Da Vinci: In Europe there is a legend known as the “Wild Hunt”.
    Da Vinci: A group of spirits would join together as a storm, bringing misfortune.
    Da Vinci: In England there were a lot of people who believed Drake was the king of the spirits.

    Da Vinci: If they’re the grudges of those who died at sea, they’d obey her of their own will.
    Don’t you think that you’re a bit too ignorant about Heroic Spirits?
    Fujimaru: Ca- Captain…

    Drake: Fujimaru, Mash.
    Drake: You’ve done well.
    Drake: —Leave the rest
    Drake: To me.

    “King of storms,
    Swarm of ghosts”
    Chapter 34 > Third Singularity: Final Verse 3
    “It’s time to start
    Middle: Voyager of the Storm
    The wild hunt!”
    Noble Phantasm

    “Night of the Golden Hind and the Storm:
    Golden Wild Hunt”

    Fujimaru: It’s a massive fleet!
    Fujimaru: Is this all the Captain!?
    Drake: Prepare the cannons!
    Drake: Send them to the depths!
    Medea: Ahhh!
    Medea: This is much stronger than their previous attacks!
    Medea: At this rate Master Jason will-!
    Medea: Agh.
    Medea: Please come forth!

    Mash: Dragon tooth warriors!?
    Mash: They’re huge!

    Drake: Ready the flaming fleet.
    Romani: These are tactics from Captain Drake’s time in the navy.
    Romani: She’s—

    Medea: No…!
    Medea: But I can still—

    That’s enough
    Atalanta: You spoil him too much.
    Atalanta: Both you and Heracles.
    Atalanta: Even though you’re still the you from before falling in love.
    Medea: ...Haha.
    But I know, even if it was a curse,
    Really did love Master Jason.
    Medea: I wanted to protect it…
    Medea: Her first love…

    Leff: This isn’t going well.
    Leff: Medea’s been defeated as well.
    Leff: It’s only a matter of time before the pillar falls as well.
    Leff: Oh well.
    Leff: I should return to his temple.
    Leff: What does it matter if a singularity is restored.
    Leff: The problem is

    Leff: Hm—?
    Leff: Huh?
    Leff: Wh
    Artemis: Hmmm~
    Artemis: Even if I kill you,
    Artemis: it doesn’t seem like there’d be any meaning to it.
    But Atalanta is one of my believers, right?
    Getting her to make a face like that, you know, kinda crosses the line for me. And anyway—
    Using the heroes of Greece like you have?
    As a God of Olympus, that really crosses the line as well.


    Artemis: So then—
    Artemis: It’s time for your sentence!
    You can get your punishment—
    From the moon goddess herself!!!

    Drake: All ships attack!
    Drake: Whether you’re dead or alive,
    Drake: The one who kills that thing is today’s greatest pirate!

    Jason: Ahhh…
    Jason: So noisy…
    Jason: Shit…
    Jason: It hurts…

    Jason: Why does this have to happen to me..
    Jason: It hurts… This scum is trying to kill me…
    Jason: Shit… Heal me. Heal me Medea!
    Jason: You can hear me, right? I’ll forgive you for stabbing me.
    Jason: So hurry up and heal this pain…!
    Jason: What…?
    Jason: Oh, she’s dead…?
    Jason: Before me?
    Jason: She died before me…
    Jason: Hahahahaha

    Serves her right…
    Serves her right!
    That’s what you get for betraying me…!
    You betrayed me even though I didn’t betray you this time!
    The one who turned her into the “Witch of Betrayal” was me…
    It wasn’t when she betrayed her country and family…
    It was quickly discovered that we killed Pelias and his daughters,
    So Medea and I were chased out of the country.
    She stayed with me even though the curse of love was gone.
    After wondering for a long time, we reached the land of Corinth.
    There I made the worst possible choice.
    I was offered the hand of the king’s daughter in marriage,
    And I threw Medea away.

    Even though I had children with her.
    Did I want my dream fulfilled that much? Or was I thinking something else?
    Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that I betrayed her.
    And turned her into the real “Witch of Betrayal”.
    The country, the king, my bride, they were all burned away.
    I truly lost everything.
    That was the end.
    I don’t want to talk about what happened after that.
    I didn’t mean that. I didn’t mean to do that. I didn’t mean to make her do that.
    My life was full of things like that.
    That’s why
    I wanted “another”.

    Next time! I’ll do it properly!
    More! Better!
    I’ll take things more seriously! I’ll cherish things more!
    I'll show that I can… I’ll show that I can do it!
    And I ended up like this…
    I became a monster… And I’m being exterminated not by heroes, but by villains…

    Damn it!
    Damn it!
    I just wanted to become a king!
    I just wanted to take back my country!
    It's an honest,
    Righteous dream, isn’t it!
    So why,

    Are these worthless villains!
    Are people like you!

    Are you

    So free—
    Damn it!!!

    Romani: The giant enemy structure’s defeat has been confirmed.
    Romani: The recovery of the grail is also complete.
    Romani: The restoration of the singularity has started.
    Romani: In other words—
    You guys
    Have won!
    Pirate: Woooah! Did you see that battle!
    Pirate: Just what you’d expect from Sis!
    Pirate: Fujimaru! You did great as well! It was incredible!
    3: Whaaaaa!
    Drake: Ahh, I see…

    Drake: The wind’s stopped blowing.
    Drake: So this is that restoration thing.
    Drake: It’s time for this sea’s end.
    Drake: But it’s a good end!
    Drake: Our own sea’s coming back!
    Pirate: So that’s it!
    Pirate: It’s time to say goodbye to this sea and to you guys!
    The ghost’s are disappearing as well!
    It’s always the small fry who go first, ain’t it!
    See ya, Mash, Fujimaru!
    Thanks for saving the Captain!

    Mash: No…
    Mash: We’re glad that we got to meet all of you.
    *Sob* *Sob*
    Pirate: We’ll be off to the gallows one day, but you two are decent people!
    Pirate: If you’ve learned something from this, don’t associate with pirates!
    Artemis: Haaaaaaa!
    Artemis: We can finally go back now!
    Artemis: Now, let’s go, Orion! Let us escape on a journey of love!
    Orion: You serious…

    Orion: This is the goodbye scene, you know!
    Orion: You’ve got something to say, right!?
    Artemis: Huuuuuuh?

    Artemis: I’m sure we’re going to meet again!
    Artemis: The moon goddess who passed through Chaldea will be waiting at the end of the sky!
    Orion: What nonsense are you spouting now…
    Orion: Wait, you’re already gone.
    Orion: Anyway, I’m glad I got to meet you guys.
    Orion: Next time I’d rather meet you in a different form though!
    Orion: By the way, Mash?

    Orion: Since she’s not here, how about a parting kiss?
    Artemis: We’re going, Darling.

    Atalanta: This was the first time I’ve actually met Lady Artemis…
    Atalanta: I wonder how I should go about worshiping her now…?
    Fujimaru: I see you’ve returned to your original form now.
    Atalanta: Yes.
    Atalanta: It was only for a short time, but thank you for making a contract with me.
    Atalanta: Thanks to that I achieved my objective.
    Fujimaru: Was that stopping Jason…
    Atalanta: If you’re feeling pity for that guy, it’s just a waste of time.
    Fujimaru: Huh?
    Did you know that the Argo was moving thanks to Medea’s magical energy this time?
    She was unsteady on her feet even when she summoned me.

    Atalanta: He truly was thinking he would take things more seriously and cherish things more, yet he still did all that.
    Atalanta: He really is hopeless.
    Fujimaru: But
    Even then,
    You were a member of the Argonauts.
    Fujimaru: In that case
    Fujimaru: The Argonauts really are amazing.
    Atalanta: ...That’s right.

    I guess I’m next.
    Euryale: I can finally move now too.
    Euryale: It really was an awful sea…
    Euryale: Well, meeting him
    Euryale: Wasn’t a bad thing though.
    Fujimaru: ...Yeah.
    Euryale: But in the end I never figured out why I was summoned here.
    Euryale: Is it the land? Or a connection to “something”?
    Euryale: Oh well.
    Euryale: Bend down a little.
    Euryale: I’ll give you a reward!
    Fujimaru: A reward…?
    Fujimaru: Like, like this…?

    Euryale: Treasure that sincerity you showed him!
    Euryale: I’m sure that it will be able to save someone else!


    Mash: A goddess of beauty alright!
    Mash: She went and did it right at the very end!
    Kiyohime: She took the cheek before me… I’ve made a terrible blunder!
    Well aren’t you two having fun.
    Even though I’m still waiting here.
    Drake: Now...
    Drake: What to start with.

    Drake: Well, this outfit I guess?
    Drake: I ended up getting a whole bunch of stuff from the grail!
    Romani: A whole bunch of stuff?
    Romani: So you didn’t just get your “power” as a heroic spirit—

    Drake: Yeah, I’ve got the “memories” as well.
    Drake: So I kind of know “how I live” from now on.
    Mash: That’s…
    Drake: Don’t worry.
    Drake: When the singularity disappears I’ll forget everything that happened on this sea.
    Drake: These memories as well.
    Drake: The sad part is that I know I won’t be able to go on a round the world trip with you guys.
    Drake: That’s all.
    Mash: But…
    Drake: A villain's end is set in stone.
    Drake: I wasn’t surprised to learn what it was.
    Drake: After all.

    Drake: Life’s interesting because you know you’ll die!
    Drake: Knowing you’re going to die makes you want to enjoy the now!
    Drake: It may be faint, but I know.
    Drake: I’m sure we gave our all on the journey, and in the end,
    Drake: Even if only a little,
    Drake: We managed to open one of the many paths in this vast world.
    Partying like idiots,
    Having awful regrets,
    But even still,
    No matter what storm we ended up in,
    We didn’t learn our lesson.
    Being happy,
    Causing a nuisance,

    Drake: It’s exactly the end
    Drake: I desired.
    Drake: So don’t worry about my end. It’s fine.
    Mash: Yes… but it’s unfortunate.
    Mash: I couldn’t keep my promise with you, Captain.
    Mash: You’d given it to Asterios as well…
    Drake: Ahh…
    Drake: The one about finding your wish?
    Listen up

    Drake: Evil people do good deeds, and good people evil deeds.
    Drake: That’s what it means to be human. It’s who we are.
    Like Asterios protecting us,
    Or Jason’s wish for a peaceful country.
    What I’m saying is that every human has their own wish.
    You as well, Mash.
    Drake: You just haven’t realized what yours is yet.
    Drake: But you’re fine like that.
    Mash: … I’m fine like this?
    I’m sure you’ll understand in the end.

    The reason why
    You keep
    holding onto that shield.
    Mash: ...Yes.
    Mash: Thank you very much.
    Drake: It seems I’ll really be going now…
    See ya, Mash, Fujimaru, Kiyohime.
    And of course to the weakling scholar as well.
    And as for my reward for saving this era, let's see.

    Drake: At the end of your journey,
    Drake: I want you to remember

    // Drake: that you had a fun time with me on the way. That’s all!
    Fujimaru: Yeah! Bye, Captain.

    Fujimaru: Have a good—
    How worthless


    Pioneer of the Stars?
    Human’s really do degrade as eras flow on.

    - - - Updated - - -

    chapter 35


    Chapter 35 > And Then, Beyond the Storm

    Fujimaru! Mash!!
    What happened!?
    Romani: The video suddenly cut off, we’ve only got audio…!
    Romani: Tell me the situation!
    Romani: Why are we
    Detecting a new spirit origin in front of you!?
    Have Drake’s
    Suddenly disappeared!?

    Mash: Captain!!!
    Kiyohime: Wait!!
    Mash: K- Kiyohime!?
    Kiyohime: You can’t!
    Kiyohime: go
    Kiyohime: closer…!
    Mash: Kiyohime’s afraid!
    Mash: But the Captain…!
    Mash: The Captain was killed by—!!
    Calm yourself.

    Shield girl.
    Solomon: It was quite the ruse.


    It seems.
    Her head was cut off,
    And it turned into what looks like flower petals…
    Mash: What’s
    Mash: Going on…!?
    Da Vinci: Calm down, Mash!
    Da Vinci: The important part is that Drake isn’t dead!
    Da Vinci: She got away just in time!

    Solomon: Chaldea… It seems like your voices still reach here.
    Solomon: I hadn’t heard that you had an Illusionism user…
    Solomon: Well… It doesn’t matter anyway.
    Solomon: I’m sure it was a blunder by Flauros.
    Romani: Flauros..
    Romani: Is he talking about Leff!?
    Is this voice the one Leff called “King”...?
    “Flauros”, “Forneus”...
    That can’t be—
    Fujimaru: And.
    Fujimaru: Who are you then?
    Kiyohime: M- Master!?
    Kiyohime: You can’t. Stay behind me—
    Kiyohime: ...u.

    Solomon: Yes,
    Solomon: That’s right.
    The 48th, who was only there to make up the numbers.

    “Fujimaru Ritsuka”
    I guess you might not know who I am.
    Solomon: I apologize.
    Solomon: Allow me to inform you.
    “Flauros” and “Forneus” are names of familiars belonging to a certain “king”.

    He has 72 familiars.
    Therefore they were called “The Seventy-Two Demon Gods”.
    The king ruled his country using them.

    The King’s name was “Solomon”.
    In the past he was the third king of ancient Israel.
    Now, with those Demon Gods, he is the one who destroyed humanity.
    Romani: That
    Romani: Can’t…
    Mash: King Solomon!
    Kiyohime: He said he was the one who destroyed humanity!
    Kiyohime: Mash, your shield!
    Kiyohime: If this man is behind the destruction of humanity,
    Kiyohime: He’s going to want to kill Master!
    Don’t be afraid.
    Dragon girl.

    Solomon: I didn’t
    Solomon: Come here to fight you.
    Solomon: A wise decision.
    Solomon: Not making any rash moves was the correct choice.
    If you turned around and released your flames,
    Your Master would have gotten burned as well.
    Solomon: In the first place,
    Solomon: I don’t even recognize you as my enemies.
    Mash: Wha…


    Da Vinci: Those aren’t words I’d expect from someone who tried to kill Drake.
    Solomon: It was just a whim.
    Solomon: That’s why I said not to make any rash movements.
    So is the fact that he’s not killing Fujimaru and the others just a whim as well?
    Fujimaru: Then why

    Fujimaru: Did you come here?
    Da Vinci: Wai- Fujimaru!?
    Solomon: Those
    Solomon: should be my words.

    Solomon: I ask you.
    Solomon: “What” are you doing?
    Mash: Huh…?
    What do you think you’ll achieve
    By restoring the singularities?
    Do you really think that restoring seven singularities will stop this destruction?
    You seem to have the wrong idea.
    Even if you overcome the seven singularities, it’s pointless unless you can defeat me.
    Mash: It’s…
    Mash: pointless…?
    Or perhaps
    You actually

    Solomon: That you could
    Solomon: defeat me?
    Mash: Senpa—
    Kiyohime: Master!!!
    Solomon: Take my mercy and my warning,
    Solomon: Young human.


    Do you fight?
    Your life will end one day.
    You know that it will end.
    Then why,

    Do you keep hanging on to that desire to keep living?
    Despite knowing
    That in your future
    There is no salvation.
    You understand, don’t you?

    Solomon: Throw everything away,
    Solomon: Die pointlessly,
    Solomon: and close off that future.
    Solomon: For you who were left behind,
    Solomon: That’s the easiest way to live.
    Mash: *gulp*
    You can do what you wish with your plan for the singularities, I won’t interfere.
    But unless you listen to these words,
    There is but one end for you.

    Being burned until not even ash remains.
    That is your future.

    Da Vinci: Hi.
    Da Vinci: It was a pretty disorganized retreat, wasn’t it.
    Da Vinci: Anyway—
    Anyway, shall we go see the others?
    I’ve got a custom-made wheelchair ready.

    Fujimaru: Guys…

    Da Vinci: Sorry about this!
    All the adults here have gone and gotten depressed!
    Except for my genius self!
    Da Vinci: This guy got it especially bad!

    Romani: A- Ah, you two are back….
    Romani: Sorry, there’s a lot of things to look into.
    Fujimaru: Have you learned anything?
    Da Vinci: There’s only one thing
    Da Vinci: that’s good.
    It was quite the kerfuffle,
    But we’ve confirmed that Captain Drake has returned to her original era.
    Drake: Ngh…
    She should be waking up in her original era right about now.
    Drake: Woooaah! I had some crazy dream where my head got cut off!
    Fujimaru: ...That’s good to hear.
    Fujimaru: What else was there?
    Da Vinci: The fact that that kings words
    Da Vinci: were the “truth”.

    Fujimaru: What are you talking about?
    Da Vinci: Before you woke up we reanalysed a lot of our observations
    Da Vinci: to try to prove that his words were a “lie”.
    But we couldn’t.
    It’s likely “true” that even if we restore the 7 singularites,
    Unless we defeat that man
    The world will remain destroyed.
    Fujimaru: So then,
    Fujimaru: we just need to defeat him then?
    Da Vinci: Yes,
    Da Vinci: that’s the problem.
    Da Vinci: First I should explain about King Solomon.
    Da Vinci: Start the video.

    King Solomon lived from 1011 to 931 BC.
    He was the third king of the Kingdom of Israel.
    He built the Temple of Jerusalem and introduced many policies.

    He’s said to be the king who brought the most prosperity to ancient Israel.
    At the same time there were many stories of him as a magus.
    If he was summoned as a Heroic Spirit,
    He would probably be a “Caster” class Servant.
    Fujimaru: So his class,
    Fujimaru: Is Caster then?
    Da Vinci: That’s the thing.
    His Spirit Origin output is on a different level.
    To the extent where it can’t be contained within the framework of a Servant.

    In spite of the fact that Mash and the rest of us were on alert,
    He moved right in front of you.
    Something even the great hero “Heracles” couldn’t do.
    Fujimaru: I’m fine
    Fujimaru: you know.
    Da Vinci: But,
    Da Vinci: the adults aren’t fine.
    Even just searching for the grails, we’re already walking on a tightrope.
    In third singularity,
    You two were literally on the edge of death.
    Even then,
    Without Asterios and David’s sacrifice,
    And Drake’s Noble Phantasm,
    We wouldn’t have won.

    Being told that our journey is meaningless, after giving it so much,
    And in the end, when the mastermind held you life in his hands,
    We couldn’t do anything.

    That truth
    Caused the normal people to break.
    Da Vinci: I’m a genius though, so I’m perfectly fine!
    Fujimaru: Da Vinci-chan.

    Fujimaru: What’s this button for?
    Da Vinci: It’s for the booster.
    Da Vinci: I made it specially so that it can fly.
    Fujimaru: Thank you.

    Da Vinci: Ahahahahaha!!
    Romani: Huh, Ow… What, ow.
    Romani: Huh, what, huh?
    Romani: Did someone just hit me… Who?
    Romani: Huh whaa———!!! No way, Fujimaru!?
    Romani: You’ve got broken bones all over!
    Romani: What are you thinking!!?

    Fujimaru: When you part ways,
    Fujimaru: smile.
    Romani: Huh?
    Mash: Those words…
    Fujimaru: Amadeus and Siegfried taught us those words in France.
    Fujimaru: I like that saying a lot
    With Asterios, and with Archer,
    we couldn’t do that.
    That’s why,
    I was happy when I thought we would be able to properly say goodbye to the Captain.
    Then he
    Got in the way.

    Fujimaru: It’s really,
    Fujimaru: Frustrating.
    I don’t hate this journey.
    There’s difficult things, and fun things too.

    I’ve met lots of people I really like.
    But that’s all pointless,
    Was what he said.

    Fujimaru: I’m really angry.
    Fujimaru: Not one bit of it was meaningless!
    Fujimaru: We’ve only made it through three so far,
    Fujimaru: but there hasn’t been a single thing that didn’t matter!
    Romani: Fujimaru…
    Fujimaru: I’m sure he doesn’t care.
    Fujimaru: About our journey, or all the hard work from the people of Chaldea.
    If that’s the case, I don’t care.
    It doesn’t matter how strong he is.
    I’m not going to listen to any warnings from a guy like him!
    I’ve made up my mind, Doctor.
    He’s my “enemy”.
    So please—

    Da Vinci-chan,
    Everyone from
    Fou: Fou!
    Fujimaru: Yeah, Fou too.

    Help me out.

    We’ll reach it “together”.
    We’ll find the seven grails,

    And head to the “king’s” throne.
    Fujimaru: So we can

    Fujimaru: Defeat him!!!

    Pirate: Have you calmed down Sis?
    Drake: I’m always calm!
    Drake: Anyway, we’re heading to the nearest port!
    Pirate: Aye, Captain.
    Drake: It’s strange… Even though I don’t remember anything,
    Drake: There was something I wanted to say to someone.
    Drake: That’s the only thing that’s left.
    Drake: But it should be fine…
    Drake: I get the feeling he’s already a true man of the sea.

    Drake: Hold your head high.
    Drake: You’ve already been thrown out into the stormy sea.
    You can’t run back,
    You can’t go forward,
    And even if you cry, it won’t let up.
    Drake: In that situation,
    Drake: There’s always only one thing you can do.
    Just what kind of face are you going to make,

    As you fight your way

    Through to the end of the storm?
    That’s the first time I’ve seen Senpai
    Smile like that.


    Something about it reminds me of the Captain’s smile.
    I’m sure that’s what he gained on that sea.
    It’s a little different to his normal smile.
    But I’ve learned,
    That that’s human.
    Humans are brutal creatures.
    For their desires and goals, they’ll use whatever knowledge and power they can,
    But in that brutalness, there’s hope.
    The hope of achieving the unachievable.
    I’ve learned that humans have the power to make the impossible possible.
    So, that’s why I thought—

    Mash: Doctor.
    Romani: Mash…
    Mash: Please give your orders.
    Mash: Senpai’s determination seems to be quite strong.
    Romani: It does, doesn’t it…
    Romani: He’s amazing.
    Romani: Unlike me, who gets depressed over anything.
    Mash: Yes, it seems you’re quite a chicken, and you’re often quite negative.
    Romani: Yeah…
    Because someone like you tries so hard,
    The rest of us can as well.

    Mash: When the explosion happened in Chaldea, you were the first one to act.
    Mash: It’s thanks to that we’re all here now.

    I’m sure everyone here feels that you’ve saved them.
    That’s what I think.
    Romani: Mash…
    Kiyohime: Well, I don’t know anything about this explosion, so I don’t feel that I’ve been saved.
    Kiyohime: More importantly, hurry up and give you orders. Do you want to waste my husband’s determination?

    Kiyohime: Yes, It’s true that I was afraid of that king,
    Kiyohime: But it’s not like we’ve lost.

    Kiyohime: So we just need to stand up again.
    Kiyohime: Archer said that it’s important not to give up.
    Kiyohime: I’m sure it’s true.
    Kiyohime: He wasn’t a liar, after all.
    Romani: ...Right.
    Romani: You’re exactly right…
    Thank you.
    Let me say it again. Welcome back.
    Romani: We’ll start analysing the data again.
    Romani: Since we know who the mastermind is, we’ll be moving to the important part of our operation.
    We’ll restore the remaining singularities,
    And stop the future from being incinerated.

    Romani: No matter what he…
    Romani: What Solomon tries.
    Mash: Yes!
    Romani: Alright, let’s get back to work! We’ll be pulling all nighters for a while!
    Staff: Ehhh~
    Kiyohime: Now Master, let’s go rest.
    Kiyohime: I’ll make sure to tend to you very well.
    Fou: Foou…

    The words that king said at the end.

    Why do you fight?
    Your life will end one day.
    You know that it will end.
    That was what he asked us.
    That was a question

    That I couldn’t give an answer to.
    But those words
    Were what made Senpai angry.
    I still don’t know the answer to that question.
    But, even still,
    I thought that I could believe,

    If Senpai could
    Laugh like that—
    Well, it all turned out in the end.
    My Illusionism certainly pulled its weight.
    It was really close though.
    Without Drake’s own luck and Cath Palug’s power it would have been over.
    And it’s going to be difficult to help out again directly.
    I'll just have to go back to assisting them indirectly like normal…
    I have high hopes, young Master.

    Heroic Spirits cannot reach that king.
    That’s why you’ll go.
    The ones who build an era,

    Are only the ones living in that era,
    at the tip of the future.
    A.D. 1573 Third Singularity
    Sealed Ends of the Four Seas: Okeanos
    Foundation Restored

    A few months
    After the third singularity was conquered—

    A.D. 1783
    —North American continent
    Soldier: Stay away! Stay away!!
    Soldier: Shit!
    Soldier: How many bullets can they take!

    Soldier: Why won’t you die!!!

    Mash: Requesting backup!
    Mash: Head Nurse!
    Nightingale: Survivors fall back.
    Nightingale: Fujimaru!
    Release spiritual form.


    Fujimaru: Lancer!!!
    Lancer: Got it.
    Lancer: Don’t worry, I’ll do my work properly.

    The star has begun to move.
    This is the tipping in this “great war”.
    Let us pray
    That the star’s light which finally arrived,
    Is something to boast of.

    Soldier: We-
    Soldier: We’re saved…?
    Lancer: There’s no end to these guys.
    Lancer: I wouldn’t mind a bit of a break right now-
    Nightingale: No.
    Nightingale: We’re a long way from curing the root cause.
    Nightingale: So we can’t afford to stand around.
    Let’s go.
    To those living here—

    Medb: Hehehe.
    Medb: Just like an animal.
    Medb: This land will surely become yours.
    Medb: Hey, when that happens-
    Cu: Who cares.
    Cu: I’ll just run through.
    // Cu: Whoever lives in this land,

    I will


    Cu: kill everyone.
    Nightingale: save everyone!
    A.D. 1783
    Fifth Singularity

    “North American Myth War: E Pluribus Unum

    - - - Updated - - -

    So with this, we've reached the end of Volume 8, and the end of Okeanos. America, Babylonia and Solomon left to go now.

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    Ritsuka taking the lessons he learns from Servants and passing them on to everyone else, good stuff good stuff.

    Thanks once again for the translations.

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    canon finish apo vol 3

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    Camelot is on mortallis Stella.Only one volume is translated to English sadly

    - - - Updated - - -

    Will you pick up mortallis stella?If not all just the Camelot singularity is translated

    - - - Updated - - -

    Will you pick up mortallis stella?If not all just the Camelot singularity is translated

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    Could you guys also edit the first chapter? The one on mangadex is pretty much google translated and makes no sense.

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    Mortallis Stella got licensed if you're talking about that one.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shrapnel View Post
    Bob the Builder's evil twin.
    Quote Originally Posted by Imperial View Post
    HF felt like Nasu holding up a megaphone and screaming, "LOOK AT HOW SAD THIS IS! ISN'T IT SAD? YOU SHOULD FEEL SAD!"

    Quote Originally Posted by Altaris View Post
    > Einzbern

    > Making smart decisions

    Pick one

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    Palingenesis just sounds like we're creating Sarah Palin.

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    >tfw you betray your ideals to get some

    Quote Originally Posted by Mizukume View Post
    In short, Japan's syncretism BS striked again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laserman View Post
    Mortallis Stella got licensed if you're talking about that one.
    I meant Turas Realta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSkipRow View Post
    Could you guys also edit the first chapter? The one on mangadex is pretty much google translated and makes no sense.

    I'm not sure what's up with the one on Mangadex, but the first chapter was translated and posted on reddit a few years ago. This version seems perfectly fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost47 View Post

    I'm not sure what's up with the one on Mangadex, but the first chapter was translated and posted on reddit a few years ago. This version seems perfectly fine.
    Huh, weird. This one is good, yeah. Thanks for finding it.

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