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Thread: Fate/ConQUEST

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    Don't let Olga knows that Ruler tried to prevent war crimes, it would break her heart.

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    Year: 2023
    Location: Union Square, Washington DC, US, SFA
    Daytime: Night

    Lestari Elliwyn
    Health: Excellent
    Magical Energy: Excellent

    Fujimaru Ritsuka
    Health: Excellent
    Magical Energy: Excellent

    “She… no…”

    I can’t tell her.

    Bell told me that Ruler sacrificed herself to convince him to not follow Leader’s path. She sacrificed herself to make sure that Bell can continue living as a hero she admires.

    And the name — St. Olga of Kiev — a princess of Kievan Rus that is credited to be the one that spread Christianity in Eastern Europe. But before that, she is also a woman that massacred an entire clan for vengeance. I don’t know what this woman will do to Bell if she knows he is the reason behind her death.

    I can’t risk Bell’s life, if he dies, Ruler’s sacrifice will be in vain.

    Lestari, if you are thinking of defending me, thank you. But as much as she is an enemy, Olga came all the way here to verify the truth behind her death. She deserves to know the truth.


    I don’t want to be the person that yields to my reality anymore, I want to be someone that confronts and resists it. She taught me that lesson with her own life.


    Please, I can’t face her if I continue to be pathetic like that.

    “What’s wrong?” the saint begins to lose patience.

    Hearing Bell’s plea and Olga’s demanding eyes, I know that I can only honor his wish.

    “Fine. You want me to tell her, yet you refuse to explain anything about Ruler, how selfish.”

    Thank you. And I’m so sorry.

    “She died convincing Bell, an enemy turned ally of ours. She admires him a lot, but he was about to do the unforgivable, he was about to brainwash the entire world with his Noble Phantasm. Ruler stopped him before he did that unforgivable action.”

    Upon hearing that, the woman in gold bites her lips.

    “Alexander Graham Bell of SFA, the man known as the greatest spy in the world. I always find that title unfitting, she is a far better spy than you could ever hope to be,” she says fully knowing that Bell listens to this conversation.

    Her assessment is entirely correct.

    “Then, how is she in her last moment?”

    “I don’t know… I don’t personally witness it either. The next thing I know, she is already gone.”

    I want to know the details as much as her, but the others refuse to answer. Even Magellan, who normally indulges my wish, keeps her mouth shut. What is that good girl trying to hide? What are they trying to protect? Was it her feeling, was it mine? They continue to keep me in the dark, it frustrates me.

    But at the very least, I can tell her this:

    “She is a Servant yet leaves a body behind, and she looks so peaceful. Almost like she can wake up at any moment.”

    Servants’ bodies are made of magical energy, which is the reason why they can survive wounds that will kill normal humans and recover from them in a matter of hours. Ruler’s body should be, no, her body is not an exception to that fact. It would be a different story if she received a physical body through magecraft and other means, but I can sense magical energy, I know the difference between a physical form and a magical construct.

    I don’t know how, but that girl has defied the rules of this world.

    “A miracle…” Her emotion escapes her lips before once again she regains her composure. “...I shall not weep. For she continues to hold what she believes in and rejoices in her own end. She died a martyr’s death.”

    “You believe me?”

    “I am honored as a saint. Even if I don’t perform miracles, my predecessors and successors have done it many times. I believe your words.”

    Two shadows leaped behind her soundlessly.

    It is both Assassin and Ritsuka’s Hanzo using their ninjutsu to sneak behind the woman in gold’s defense. They don’t hesitate nor wait for our orders, they see their Masters are in danger and immediately point their blades to eliminate the threat. Even if we know they are coming here, their ability to hide their presence is still able to surprise us.

    But even so, it is not enough to reach the princess saint’s ironclad defense.


    The ground around the shining gold splits like a puzzle, and from the fissure, hellfire intrudes the realm of the living. Both ninjas lose their footing, but they quickly balance themselves in the air, materialize their chained scythes and grapple with them to continue their advance. But as they came close, swords and spears sprouted from the ground, defending the golden saint from the two killers’ reach.

    “How many times do you want to test my patience?” says the woman in gold, still maintaining her fiery composure.

    “Commander, Lestari’s Assassin, fall back! We want to hear what she says.” Shouts Ritsuka.

    “I understand my arrival here is unwelcomed, so let’s not waste our time any longer. To tell you the truth, I have other motives to come here. I want to see what kind of person that is referred to by many as a hero and the person that she wishes to protect at all cost.”

    She took an identical smartphone we had from Ruler from her shroud, dematerialized her glove, and began to clumsily click through it. Shortly after, a message pops out from the smartphone we possess, clearly sent by her. And the content, I can’t believe what I’m reading right now…

    “This is…!”

    “Consider that as my thanks for defending the refugees of San Blas Church, well done.”

    The sky suddenly cracks, and a medieval sail ship appears from within, a ship that is almost identical in ornament and color of choice from Magellan’s armada. And boarding it is two Servants, a young king in jet black armor, EC Lancer, the man described by Las Casas as Charles I of Spain, or better known as Charles V of Holy Roman Empire, the man that is closest to conquering the world in history. Another one is someone I don’t know, a knightess in pristine white, blue, and silver, who silently glares with a chilling gaze at us from above.

    “It seems Magellan and Las Casas aren't here. Please, say hello to them from me.” Says Charles.

    “I have seen him control Magellan’s ship, but to think he has a ship just like hers too...” Says Assassin.

    A burning park and a massive ship in a public place normally will alert the civilians, but somehow, none of them noticed what was happening. I realize that a chilling fog has shrouded the entire area for quite some time, concealing what’s happening from naked eyes. The fires are still there, but it pales in comparison to this mysterious white fog that sparkles and shines as if reflecting the stars to the ground. It is almost as if this fog comes from heaven itself to aid the princess saint to do whatever she wants.

    “We better leave. Many Servants are coming to us as we speak,” warns the knightess.

    “Well then.” Olga doesn’t waste her time boarding the ship. The sky once again cracks in front of it, confirming it follows the same principle as Magellan’s Noble Phantasm. They will depart home shortly.

    “I almost forgot, I was supposed to send her regards to you.” She turns her back to me.

    “Her? Eh?”

    That girl, she never stops talking about you.”

    * * *

    Year: 2023
    Location: Vatican, EC


    St. Peter's Basilica.

    Located within the Vatican, many consider it the most important and holy among the Christendom. Those who took pilgrimage there have reported that they undergo spiritual experiences such as a sudden nostalgia, the feeling of liberation, sensing the presence of angels, or any other indescribable life-changing effects. Some skeptics dismiss these reports as merely the effect of the powerful Bounded Field placed there, as it can even repel Alexander Graham Bell’s all-hearing ears, but some magecraft-users also have experienced such a thing.

    For the Holy Church, this is also one of the biggest headquarters of the Chivalric Orders. Located in the basement of the basilica, there is a hidden place used for the operatives of the Holy Church to hone their abilities to combat heresies.

    In fact, many modern knights are currently trying to test their strength against an extremely powerful opponent. For 2 hours, despite these knights wielding holy weapons that can easily slay most living dead, none is able to bypass their singular opponent’s swordsmanship.

    “Ugh! What’s with her crazy stamina and reflex? Is she even human?!” says one of the knights, as he drops his ax after losing his will to continue.

    “Ahaha, there-there! You did great against her, really! Here are some drinks to re-energize yourself!” Says a carefree young woman bringing a trolley full of herbal waters for the knights, the same kind of ‘holy potions’ that Magellan had smuggled before.

    Caster of European Confederation

    “Sister Walpurga, thank you!”

    “It’s nothing big, I have an entire bank full of these things.”

    Caster of European Confederation, Saint Walpurga, the woman credited as the best doctor in the world.

    Of course, to many of the knights, she is simply a sister that shared the same name. In the last futile efforts to keep Mystery intact, many Servants decided to masquerade as powerful magi or as enhanced humans, but it’s clear that these Servants have little care to preserve it for real. To many Servants of the Confederation, it is a small price to pay to attain their noble goals, Saint Walpurga is no different in this aspect.

    “Whoaa, he is thrown flying! That’s like the thirty challengers today, isn’t it?” she says as she comes closer to the knights’ opponent using her flying broom.

    “Ah, Walpurga-san?! If you are going to come, please notify me beforehand! The sisters will prepare your room! Oh no, Olga-sama will yell at me, waahhh!”

    “Ehhh, I’m just making a quick visit here because the Servants have an important thing to discuss! No need to bother you lots! I will resume my journey immediately after!”

    Despite ‘the opponent’ possessing an incredible superhuman physique, her appearance and demeanor are of a simple girl. Just a slender girl in her early twenties and taller than average height. What is unusual about her is the fact that she uses keigo to show respect due to the Japanese blood running in her French vein.

    “I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I’m going to die!”

    She quickly drops her jet-black katana to pull out her phone with a cute pink case and frantically calls her fellow sisters as if her life depends on it. It’s hard to believe that this is the same invincible swordswoman that has defeated thirty knights in a span of two hours.

    “Ah… thank Lord… I have been saved…” says the girl letting out relief from her mouth and dropping to the ground, losing all the strength in her legs that can keep up with thirty knights non-stop.

    “Is Princess Olga really that scary?” Walpurga asks in a tone that she already knows the answer. She casually tosses what appears to be a small bag, perhaps a souvenir from her adventures to many countries. “Anyway, you seem to be in a zone today. Something good happened recently?”

    “Yeah, I saw her on TV recently, I’m really glad she is in high spirits,” the French-Japanese girl smiles while holding her right hand above her chest. “What about you, Walpurga-san? It’s rare for you to visit this early.”

    “The Fuyuki Holy Grail, it has arrived here.” This time, even the cheery Caster-Saint frowns.

    “I see… it’s time for us to make a move then. Whatever Factions are going to attack, I will protect it with everything I have.”

    The girl finally releases her right hand, and takes her sword from the floor with the same hand, the same right hand with three Command Spells engraved on it.

    “This time, I will not lose to you. Lestari-chan.”

    Her name is Lisette Petitjean-Kosaki. One of Lestari Elliwyn’s close acquaintances and the person that she has disappointed in the past.

    In the moonlit world, she is known as “The Living Relic.”

    The Living Relic
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