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Thread: Fate/ConQUEST

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    Ferdinand Magellan
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    Alexander Graham Bell
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    Masanari Hattori
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    Masanari Hattori
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    Uesugi Kenshin

    Alexander Graham Bell
    Bartolomé de las Casas (El-Dorado)
    Zachary Taylor - Bulltop Stormalong (SFA)

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    Year: 2022 - 2023
    Location: Somewhere in the US, SFA


    New Year's Eve.

    The news to evacuate from possible El-Dorado attack were quickly broadcasted to all citizens of the US. The military and police forces' role as SFA’s main force has been replaced by the ‘Patriot’ humanoid robots 2,5 years ago, and now they are allocated to help ensure order to the citizens. One of them is to quickly evacuate citizens to safe places within hours, which allows them to deserts Washington DC during the counterattack.

    However, this becomes an extremely tricky task for people that travel around across the States. No matter how disciplined the forces are, they simply can’t coordinate individuals that are scattered on random and unreachable places. While most travelers are self aware about their own safety and quickly go to the nearest shelters or officers they could find, some decided to just ignore it without caring about the risk. This has become an unfixable problem that the government simply never addressed publicly.

    The person that currently rides her bike across the State is neither the above. She has been avoiding identification by the police for 4 years now. The reason why is because she was once close to one of the major players in this war, and she might endanger her own family by sheer association.

    She develops such a habit to visit local bars so she can watch the current news, buying cheap drinks while extracting information as much as she can. The girl has been cautiously following the news of El-Dorado invasion, but it's abruptly ended within a day, there are no report about that attack but simply empty affirmations by the government such as “we are still in negotiation with the enemy”, “things are going well”, and “believe in the president.”

    So when she watched Shangri-La’s broadcast about the current situation about the war, she was extremely upset. Unlike everyone, it wasn’t the news regarding Leader nor the news about Chaldea that caused a strong reaction from her. It was the familiar voice that hijacked the broadcast that made her instinctively stand from her seat.


    The girl who is normally very critical about her diminishing wallet pays her food without caring about change. She quickly ran and rode her bike again, speeding across the road at a maximum speed to reach Washington DC as fast as possible. But her long march ended quickly as the returning civilians to the capital city caused a massive traffic jam.

    “Oh, come on!!!”

    She drops off from her bike, looks at it regretfully, but ultimately decides to abandon it on the side of the road. She run to the field next to the road, while looking around left and right, and enters a dark alley where no one is able to see her.

    If someone looks at the alley, they might notice something incredibly odd.

    Because as soon as the girl enters it, calling it a ‘dark’ alley is no longer accurate. The alley is now dimmed with a warm ambience, as if there is a fire being lightened up nearby. But the light doesn’t come from such a source, but it came from the girl.

    A girl with cheerful red hair and a handsome feature that makes anyone's days brighten by talking to her, and also a girl with crystal-like golden halo and wings just like an angel of Christian imagery.


    As she shouts, the wings of light on her back explodes and propels her like a rocket. The girl has recklessly judged that she can use her magecraft without being observed. She has learned spells to hide herself with lights from camera, and has learned how to balance herself on the air, something she learns from her friends back in the Clock Tower.

    Yes, she was once a part of the moonlit world. This is a fact that she has been kept hidden not only because she wanted to evade the war, but because she is one of four people that was heavily involved with the sole Master of this war, Lestari Elliwyn.

    Candis Etherauletta.

    Karissa Gwynedith.

    Urelle Sirocco.

    Lior Pengram herself.

    Together with Lestari Elliwyn, they were once collectively insulted by everyone in the Clock Tower as ‘Gremlins’, but the name also became the symbol of their powerful and unbreakable bond.

    In other words, one of her greatest ally.

    Lior Pengram
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    Year: 2023
    Location: CC New Hope(?), Point Nemo
    Daytime: Day

    Lestari and the chosen Servants returned to their base. They wanted to check on Magellan’s repaired flag ship, the Trinidad, that had been repaired the entire day by John Henry. Although he is a non-combatant, his skill and Noble Phantasm is very valuable as its extreme precision can repair a broken Noble Phantasm.

    Kenshin and Tsuru decide to be alone in their room. The latter, in particular, has been meditating by herself ever since the West War ended. Although they won the war, Kenshin understands that she is too powerless to do anything against SFA. Even her strongest attack is unable to destroy the massive cannon.

    This frustrates the warlord.

    (If Bell doesn’t defect to us at the last second, we will already be wiped out at that time.)

    “Tsuru, I want to be strong.”

    “I know…” the swan spirit transformed in her human form, the form she only assumes to be a peer of her lord. She held Kenshin’s trembling hand tightly, and affirmed her worry with a sad smile.

    “I thought I have matured from my younger self and understood where I really stand, but it seems I’m too arrogant to think that I am able to fight against the entire world.”

    Back then, Kenshin as a young warlord didn't really understand what it really means to be human. Her talent on the battlefield and stellar achievement makes her called as an incarnation of the god of war. But even that genius was unable to win everything by herself. She was unable to defeat her rival Shingen despite how many strategies she devised. Only in the end of her life, when she was dying not from a battle but through mundane means, did she finally fully understand her mortal self.

    She thought that she had learned enough that she could use her talent and strength to win this war, as long as she never underestimated her opponents and the situations. But multiple clashes with powerful Servants such as Nobunaga, Lancelot and Phoenix Empire Servants in the past make her realize the difference between her and her enemies.

    Uesugi Kenshin arrived at her limit long ago.

    “I need power…” she grits her teeth. “But…!”

    “Kenshin… there is something that we humans simply can’t do…”

    “Then, I need to be something beyond human.”

    To be beyond human. The answer is always there.

    She possesses a Noble Phantasm that could summon the deity Bishamonten to her body, in exchange of her own Saint Graph, but that means she will lose her consciousness forever. Yet she desperately needed his divine assistance if she wanted power, as there is no amount of practice she could do to surpass those legendary Servants.

    On Baishiramantaya Sowaka
    Mantra - Avatar of Bishamonten...!

    Yet nothing happened.

    Kenshin has been trying to use it ever since the fight with SFA ended. But no matter how many times she chants the Noble Phantasm, it wouldn’t activate.

    “Damn it…!” She slammed her fist to the ground out of frustration. “I don’t understand, why?!”

    At the same time, she also felt relieved. Because deep down, Kenshin is glad that she can’t access her third trump card, as she would lose herself as a result and unable to see the world they are fighting really hard to change.

    “Kenshin, you need to take a break…”

    It is then they heard an announcement from Bell through the ship’s public address system.

    To all personnel that will participate in our visit to Shangri-La, we are about to launch in 1 hour, please gather in the dockyard immediately.


    She stands up and gets out of her room.

    “Let’s go, Tsuru.”


    * * *

    Location: Trinidad,CC New Hope(?), Point Nemo
    Daytime: Day
    Health: Excellent
    Magical Energy: Excellent

    We decided to gather in the dockyard of this mothership as Bell instructed. Bell also informed us that John Henry has repaired Magellan’s ship. Although I already know about this, the idea of a dockyard within a ship to house other ships is unreal, and so is the sight of a giant medieval ship docked next to a giant aircraft carrier.

    But dang, this ship is twice as big as the Victoria!

    “Hey, Master. Over here!” a dry red colored ninja waves her hand

    “Morning, Assassin!” I wave to her back.

    Although I didn’t notice her before, Assassin has been hanging upside down on Trinidad’s skysail. She seems to enjoy the scenery of the sea, with the occasional sea animals visible on the surface.

    Still, hanging upside down like that, I am a bit worried that people might see her bottom, but she somehow managed to keep the skirt stay in place. I guess there is some kind of ninja mechanism hidden inside? She hides her ninja tools in there, after all. At least, I did magnetize my skirt to stay in place when I was young.

    “Wait, I’m coming down there.”

    She effortlessly hops down from the sails as easy as walking down a stair, but she doesn’t need to do that.

    “No, just stay there.” I ready two of my cards and throw one of them as high as I can. “Via + Populus, sparkle!”

    Using my signature spell, Via + Populus, I can generate a powerful electric current to pull me upward and land on the sail easily. Although it may look fun (it does), it is only a simple magnetism spell. I need to learn how to balance myself in the air manually without magecraft assistance, which took a lot of practice back then.

    “I can do parkour like this easily.”

    “Hoooo, you have a good body balance, I admit.” It seems I managed to impress the hard to please Assassin. Considering she is a ninja, that’s an achievement.

    “Hmm?” her eyes scan at my overall figure, “you dress differently this time. Mini skirt and vest, it reminds me of your style when you were young. What’s with the change of look?”

    Lestari Elliwyn Season 2

    “Oh you noticed!” I smile. “Well, nothing in particular, a girl gotta change their outfit once in a while, right? Besides, this gives my legs more freedom, it will be easier to navigate with Via + Populus this way.”

    “Mm, I guess.”

    Contrary to popular belief, a change of style doesn’t reflect someone’s psychology nor outlook in life, we just felt like to wear different drips sometimes.

    “The breeze makes me sleepy.” I yawn and instinctively stretch my body.

    “Master, you didn't sleep yesterday?” ask Assassin.

    “Yeahhh, I was thinking a lot about what we should do next in Shangri-La all night long. I can’t sleep now that we are going to enter another Faction again.”

    “...I see,” she reacts to my answer discontentedly.

    “Anyway, where is Magellan?”

    “There. She is currently in the back with the robot Servant.” Assassin points out to the quarter deck.

    I saw Magellan alongside John Henry thoroughly inspect the ships. Occasionally it seems she asks about something to Henry, and he then demonstrates its durability or functionality by immediately testing it with his hammer. The captain girl makes notes and drawings in her handbook that I can’t discern its content from far away, but I can tell she is diligently checking its condition. Despite being carefree, she can be very studious if she wants to.

    “Yep, I already checked it fully. This is as good as new, I even can’t tell any difference with my old Trinidad. You did omega amazing, Henry-kun ☆.”

    “This is the least that I can do to pay for what my Noble Phantasm did to many people. If there is anything you need, just ask me.”

    “Okky Dokky!” Magellan waves her hand to us. “Ah, Lestari-chan! Everyone, come here!”

    I leave Assassin and approach them using my Via + Populus.

    “So this is Trinidad. This is the first time I see it up close, it’s significantly larger than Victoria.”

    Even without the latter being materialized to compare, I can see that this ship is bigger than Victoria from the size of its sails. It also houses thrice cannons than Victoria, which makes me realize why Armada de Molucca is qualified as an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.

    “Impressive isn’t it? My power is back to fifty percent now that it’s here! But well, I learned better that durability is more valuable than firepower for an expedition after I died! Hahaha ☆!” she laughs to her own demise. Which only she finds funny.

    “Yeah. You are also impressive, John Henry. To be able to repair a Noble Phantasm for real like this.”

    As a mage, I can tell that this repaired Trinidad has the same level of Mystery as Victoria. He really does repair it to its former glory.

    Normally, once a Noble Phantasm has been broken, it will be broken forever unless they have a specific legendary feat that allows them to return. Historically, Trinidad was wrecked by a storm during its attempt to return, so I doubt it has something like that.

    “Thank you, Miss Elliwyn. But really, what I do is simply replicate the blueprint precisely,” the metal man crossed his arms proudly.

    “And you did it perfectly, so you have all of my thanks.”

    After checking the repaired ship, I saw two of our new party members currently discussing something with each other. Zachary Taylor and Bartolomé de las Casas, representing SFA and El-Dorado, bitter enemies a few days ago.

    I decided to say hi.

    “I look forward to working with you two too.”

    “Same here, missy,” answers Zachary.

    “Hello, Lady Master, can we help you?” asks Las Casas.

    “I just want to see my new teammates. What are you guys currently talking about?”

    “I am asking the details of his Noble Phantasm. If we are going to fight together, it will be more effective to know what others can do to make a correct tactical decision,” explains Zachary.

    The fact they seemingly talk civilly is surprising. Although I’m happy that both of them aren't at each other’s throats, it’s weird to see after learning SFA and El-Dorado’s rivalry. Perhaps it’s because Las Casas never saw the war between their Factions until a few days ago that he holds little animosity toward Zachary. Perhaps it is simply because Zachary is a good natured person and never holds the bloodthirst toward El-Dorado.

    “Hoooh, I'm also curious. I know the gist of it, but never saw the Noble Phantasm in action.”

    “From my own experience, you are capable of removing my enhanced Saint Graph. Normally, my Bulltop strength wouldn’t be defeated with a few gunshots like that,” ask Zachary.

    “Not removing, but I make you an equal standing with Lady Fernan. Sublimis Deus works by comparing two objects together, and it indiscriminately deactivates conceptual advantages between them. The only thing you can rely on at that point is your own skill and strength. This can be used for an entire land too, that is how I resolved the Singularity without deleting everything El-Dorado already built.”

    “So yer’ saying I lose to that girl fair and square? But for something so powerful, it does have a weakness, right?” The giant admiral noted down everything Las Casas said in a tiny handbook. He might look brutish, but I can tell he is one of the smarter Servants in the team.

    “Yes. I must concentrate on what I want to compare with, so I need someone like Lady Fernan to protect me while I do that. Depending on the scale, it will deplete nearly all of my magical energy. It is not the most reliable Noble Phantasm.”

    “I’m no better. My Tuscarora Courser may look impressive, and useful as a carrier, but by itself it has no offensive ability. Just like the pink girl’s ships, it is almost expenseless if summoned in the sea, but it’s a different story if it is summoned in the city of Agra, our destination,” adds Zachary.

    So they practically have no Noble Phantasms whatsoever during a battle.

    “I see, you two are useless on your own.” I said that out loud.

    “That’s very blunt, but yes… admittedly. A priest means nothing without anyone listening to them after all,” answers the tanned priest.

    “How rude! I may have no offensive Noble Phantasm, but I’m strong and have my military expertise!” protest the former US president.

    “Ah, well, teasing aside. We are going for a diplomatic mission to Shangri-La. Both of you are very reasonable and wise individuals, and I tend to make things personal, so I’m sure I will need a lot of assistance from you two.”

    It was already personal, after all. That Maharaja guy is the person that is responsible for putting a bounty on my head.

    Regardless, the first is a president and the second is a preacher. They are first class in terms of making their voice to be heard and act civil in most situations. Meanwhile, I often think with my emotion first, I bet I will disagree with everything Maharaja says.

    “So I’m counting on you two.”

    “Ye’ can count on me, missy.”

    “Same here.”

    I nodded.

    “Oh one thing, missy,” says the giant man. “This ship, CC New Hope, is it?”

    “Working name. We don’t have the time to name it properly, but I was thinking to name it Super Carrier Machine Lestari Infinity.”

    “I think I will stick with CC New Hope.”

    “Why? Super Carrier Machine Lestari Infinity is a good name. It’s easy to remember.”

    It seems he is yet another person that can’t appreciate practicality in labeling things.

    “No… Anyway, I checked the ship earlier, it seems they tried to copy my Noble Phantasm after clashing with me in the past. I must applaud the Confederation for how they managed to copy the concept this much. Despite being shaped differently and made of ordinary steel, the control and the inner structure are very similar.”

    “So you saying?”

    “I can navigate this ship.”

    “Ooohhhhh!!!” I held his giant right arm with both of my hands. “You are not bad, Mister Zachary!”

    “Hahaha, it’s nothing missy. Piloting an impossibly big ship is the only thing I am good at!” he says that, but he is currently scratching his big head and smiling happily, that’s adorable.

    Hmm? I can feel my phone ringing from my pocket, someone calling for me? It’s quite a weird feeling after all these years on the run with no one contacting me. I wonder which of the Servants called?

    “Hello, Master. This is the most patient Assassin in this war speaking.”

    “Leftraru, right? Something the matter?” It seems the El-Dorado higher ups love to communicate with phone calls a lot.

    “I just want to confirm. Since I’m not joining you, do you want me to infiltrate other Factions? Or do you prefer me to defend El-Dorado with Hwayna and the rest?”


    If we had Leftraru to infiltrate the Factions, we might earn secret information that even Bell can’t get with his all-hearing ears. But that means leaving El-Dorado with only Hwayna to protect it. Although we do have the Machine Lords stationed there to help him as part of SFA and El-Dorado peace agreement.

    There is also the question of which Faction we need to infiltrate. The most obvious choice is to infiltrate Central War participants that we are going to meddle with soon, but both Phoenix Empire and Maritime Alliance have their base on unreachable locations like the sky or the sea. Infiltrating Japan is also an option if we want to know what’s happening to Oichi and Nobunaga. The European Confederation has a high chance to try to meddle with the Central War as well.

    “Just message me once you made up your mind, alright? Well then, I’m going to prepare for the time being.”

    The call ended. I guess I need to reply to him about my choice soon.

    “It seems all of us have been here.”

    “Hello! Morning everyone!”

    Greets Kenshin and Tsuru.

    “Oh, manifesting yourselves again, Tsuru?” I ask.

    “Yes, with the Mana from the Reservoir located below supplying Lord Kenshin, I don’t have any reason to not materialize as a human,” explains the sword spirit happily. “Although teasing my Lord is my top priority.”

    Kenshin gives her the glare, in which Tsuru hides behind my back and sticks her tongue out.

    “This is childish,” Kenshin let out a sigh. “...So as expected, once we hook up to the Mana Reservoir, there is no turning back. I already checked it with Magellan to make sure, we don’t know how to cut off our supply. Normally, if a Servant wants to be stubborn, they can just reject their Master’s magical energy. But for some reason I can’t control myself to do it.”

    As her name is being mentioned, Magellan chimes in to the conversation.

    “Although we now know the Reservoir linked to this Yidhra mastermind, we can’t undo what’s already done. The only thing we could do is to not connect to any more Reservoirs from now on. If we can’t do anything about it, we may as well use it,” she says carefreely.

    “If Servants like you guys can’t even turn it off by your own will, it’s as if the ability to absorb Mana from the Reservoir has become your own bodily function.”

    That’s practically becoming their nature… is there something we can do against it? No, that’s stupid, you can’t just will yourself to turn off your lung or heart, regardless how suicidal you are.

    “Anyway, soon we are going to- yawn…” I really need some sleep.

    “Lestari? Do you need more sleep?” “Lestari-chan, you seem tired.” ask Kenshin and Magellan.

    “No, I'm just doing all nighter trying to research Shangri-La. It’s fine.”

    “You should leave stuff like that to Bell,” says Kenshin.


    I’m not the one to talk, I suppose.

    “...” And Assassin has been very quiet too for a while.

    “Everyone is ready?” Bell joined us last. He then materializes himself, with a slight change of looks.

    “I think so, yeah.” I answer, and everyone nods in agreement. “It seems you decided to have a change of pace too, Bell.”

    “Hmph. It’s my way to show my resolution,” he smirks.

    Nothing really drastic has changed from Bell. He still has the same black suit he wears.

    The change is simply that he takes off his helmet. So now we can hear his voice clearly, and his expression freely.

    If with that simple change he can be himself, then that’s great.

    Bell Season 2

    “Doesn't he look more evil without the helmet on?” whispers Magellan.

    “Don’t say that to him.” I whisper back.

    “I can hear you two.”

    He sigh, walks in front of us, and begins the briefing.

    “We are going to warp to the city of Agra, Shangri-La’s most important city. Although Maharaja claims that he no longer antagonizes Lestari as a wanted person, please bear in mind that he was going to increase her bounty. This man clearly has his own interest, and that’s the only reason why he decided to ban Lestari’s manhunt. There is also the fact that he is a Ruler. It’s safe to assume that he has a stronger Saint Graph compared to most of us.

    “But the most important thing to consider is that Shangri-La is a Faction that got recognized by the UN as neutral. It means not only they will welcome us, but also welcome our enemies. The chance of meeting the likes of European Confederation and Phoenix Empire Servants are not zero. Always be on our guard,” he adds.

    He faces me.

    “Yes, Lestari. Even the likes of Tsarina will be welcomed there. When they say neutral, they really mean it.”

    I narrow my eyebrows.

    Tsarina, Catherine the Great, one of the greatest Empresses and Queens in the world, huh? Although that’s a big name, I wouldn’t be scared.

    “Magellan, prepare to warp to the coordinate Bell shared with you,” I say.

    “Okie dokie!”

    Before activating her Noble Phantasms, she fixes her hat and straightens her hand forward. It seems doing this pose is a must for her to summon the wormhole.

    With a burst of magical energy coming from her, the vast sea and sky in front of us begins to crack like a glass. After seeing it multiple times, it is indeed an extremely cheating ability that defies the law of the world.

    “Now, Armada de Molucca, Estrecho de Todos los Santos! Open the path to Agra, India!”

    What should Leftraru do?
    1] Stay in El-Dorado
    2] Infiltrate Shangri-La
    3] Infiltrate Maritime Alliance
    4] Infiltrate Phoenix Empire
    5] Infiltrate Phoenix Empire Occupied Japan
    6] Infiltrate European Confederation
    7] Infiltrate Liberation Front
    8] Infiltrate Sultanate
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    Bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk. ;.;

    Season 2 designs were unexpected but a cool surprise too.

    Also Patpat for the attempted Yugioh boss card naming scheme for the ship. Sorry Lestari you are not on board an Xyz/Link boss card (yet).

    I’m not decided on any votes yet, so I’ll check in later, but welcome back kya!

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    5] Infiltrate Phoenix Empire Occupied Japan

    I'm a simple voter and I'm curious about what has been happening to the crucified Oichi and the disappeared Nobunaga ever since Lestari ruined their country. Also Kenshin's recent issues feel like they will lead to her confronting her old teammates down the line, so better hammer down that plot point while it's still hot. :P

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    5] Infiltrate Phoenix Empire Occupied Japan

    Agreeing with Prussia, we (Kenshin specially) are already familiar with the area, so we are gonna be able to prepare Leftraru better; and we are wont to go there sooner rather than later. Plus considering the point Les raised about the Phoenix Base being airborne, this is probably the most accessible place to get intel on it and the other workings of the Empire.
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    I guess I want to add the rests' point by sending him there, he can aid us in battle if needed.

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    5] Infiltrate Phoenix Empire Occupied Japan

    Depending on the situation, I could still smuggle Orochi or Nobunaga out

    Also, rereading the part of the European fraction I want to theorize that God's Valkyrie is Matilde de Canossa
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    5). No particular reason, I just think it would be nice to see those characters again!

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    5)would be cool to check where the quest began

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    heeeeeeeeeeyyy, Multiverse, welcome to Conquest!

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    Year: 2023
    Location: Agra, India, Shangri-La
    Daytime: Day

    Using Bell’s coordinate, we warped to a hidden area near Agra. I was going to suggest that all of us rent a car, but it seems personal vehicles have been banned in Agra due to a massive increase in population. So we ended up walking for 30 minutes to reach the city.

    “Migration office number 32 is here! Please prepare your permit and wait for your queue!” says the man that appears to be an officer or some sort.

    A line of people trying to enter the city. From the look of it, the majority of people here are not even Indian. Caucasian, African, Arabs, Chinese, and many others, these are people from all over the world…!

    “A permit to enter Agra? A city? Usually we only need to think about a cross border visa between nations,” I murmur.

    “First time visiting Shangri-La, Lestari-chan? They need to regulate the amount of people going there, or else the city will be extremely crowded,” Magellan chimes in.

    “I know India is one of the most crowded countries in the world, but I never imagined it would be this extreme. At least not in a singular city.”

    “You don’t know how many people have been in Agra ever since the Maharaja took office? I thought you had researched this city tonight.”

    “I-I missed this particular info! That’s all!”

    “Why so defensive?” she tilts her head. “Anyway, today, the population is estimated around 9.3 million. A nearly 600% increase from the last recorded numbers of 1.6 million,” she explains.

    “That many for this modestly sized city…?”

    “It IS one of the safest cities on Earth, after all. It is only second to the Vatican and London. Unlike the other two, Agra is open to all people regardless of their nationality, belief or origin. In fact, Maharaja encourages people all over the world to take refuge here.”

    “…” I understand what that means.

    People that lose their homes, people that are sick with the war, people that have nowhere to go.

    This wouldn’t happen if the war never happened.

    These people are the indirect result of my refusal to sacrifice myself. Because I want to survive, they must suffer the consequences...


    “Let’s go.”

    After bracing my heart, I decided to walk to the officer that is currently busy with hundreds of refugees. Maharaja says that we are welcome here, so I can imagine we can enter without permits.

    “Oi, girl and her groupies, what the hell? Can’t you see we are having a line here?” says the officer clearly being irritated.

    “That’s the thing. We are not here for permits to stay. We are in diplomatic mission to-”

    “Fuck off with your self important talk! I don’t give a shit! We are in fucking wartimes, it seems even a young girl can be a diplomat when government officials keep dying every day. Well tough luck, Shangri-La doesn’t care about your status in your country! Unless you are a country president or something, get in the line!”

    “Wha-! How rude! I’m asking nicely, you know?! Besides, it's your leader that invited me here publicly on TV! I wouldn’t come here otherwise, asshole!”

    “Bitch, fuck off, get in the- wait, he invited you publicly on TV?”

    “Yeah, do you even watch the news, idiot?”

    “Shit, so you are Lestari Elliwyn?”

    “Yeah, you have a problem with that?!”

    “Shit, shit, SHIT!” he begins to look pale upon recognizing me, as if he saw a demon or something. “Just wait here, okay? Don’t you go somewhere else until I come back. Fuck, fuck, I’m so in trouble!”

    He leaves his desk and begins to call someone. He keeps gazing at me, and I can tell from his eyes he is panicking. What’s with his terrible attitude? I guess in his fucking eyes I’m just someone that endanger the world, huh.

    “I understand what ye’ mean by needing good speakers now. Ye’ certainly have a temperament,” concerns Zachary in his spirit form.

    “I’m self-aware.”

    After a few more minutes of waiting, the rude officer came back to us with a well-dressed man. Suit and tie, shiny shoes, clean. With the former appearing to be nervous in his presence, it’s clear to me that he ranks higher than the officer.

    “Please forgive our rudeness. The New Year has been very stressful days for us. We aren’t aware of your arrival. It was never our intent to treat VVIPs like you poorly, Miss Elliwyn,” the important-looking person bowed together with the rude officer.

    Well, this is unexpected…

    “O-oh, Okay… as long as you understand. We came here to meet the Maharaja himself.”

    “Of course. Unfortunately, Maharaja is currently in a meeting with the UN, so he can’t see you immediately. Please wait for two hours before then. Of course, we already prepared a car and a tour course across the city for you and your friends. And if you are tired from your trip, we also booked a 5 star hotel for you.”

    The important man points out a premium minicar parked nearby, the kind of car a company will use for their top directors.

    “First SFA, and now Shangri-La, it seems they know that a 5 star hotel is the best way to win you over,” says Assassin mockingly.

    “Shut it.”

    “Can we just explore the city on our own?” ask Magellan to the important man.

    “Hmm… I’m afraid that we can’t leave you alone, Miss Elliwyn. Considering your previous status, we need to be there with you, for your own safety.”


    Even if my manhunt has been formally lifted, it doesn’t mean people will suddenly see me as a human. Even this corporately polite person thinks the same of me deep down. Not like I expect more from them.

    “Hold on, someone is calling,” the man reaches for his phone, and he soon looks surprised. I can’t hear what he says as he goes somewhere a bit far to answer his call.


    “I understand, Master.
    Bell System
    The Eternal Chime of Information.

    I can feel a change of magical energy from Bell in his spirit form. This is the advantage of Bell that is rarely available to other Servants. The formless nature of soundwave makes his Noble Phantasm can be used in spirit form without raising suspicion.

    But that’s not why the Bell System is so dangerous. It is a Noble Phantasm that travels, deciphers and sends back information through soundwaves and electromagnetisms. He can even forcibly connect his system to another person by bruteforcing with intense waves, something he attempted to do with me as an enemy back in Cusco, which I am simply lucky that my magecraft happens to counter his.

    Something so simple like a man trying to put his distance from us to not be overheard is futile against it.

    “Aditya, have faith with your own people. I believe Agra will treat her with respect!”

    “But sir, with all due respect, many people are questioning the choice you made last night. Even if you say so, I’m not sure the public will accept a terro- Lestari Elliwyn easily.”

    “Let them be! Freedom of thoughts is something that should be encouraged to the people, that doesn’t exclude my choice for the Faction. That being said, I wouldn’t tolerate any kind of discrimination toward her and her associates in this land, including the rude way you almost addressed her. Understand the difference between disagreement and harassment, and the falsehood of the latter claiming to be the former.”

    “Yes sir, I’m sorry. I will coordinate with my team to make sure such a thing never happens.”

    Their entire conversation can be heard by all of us, no, the discussion is even more clear than listening to a conversation directly in front of them.

    Of course, this includes how the important man whose name is Aditya really thinks about me.

    “How dare he…!” Assassin frowns with murderous intent.

    “It’s fine.”

    Aditya approached us and handed over his phone to me. He still has his corporate smile, not showing any outward sign of hatred toward me.

    “Miss, the Maharaja wants to talk with you.”

    “Sure,” I take his phone and immediately speak as I don’t want to waste anymore time with this guy. “What do you want?”

    Which seems startled Aditya and his subordinates as I don’t try to hide my dislike of their boss.

    “Hahahaha! You are as blunt as always, Lestari Elliwyn!”


    “I’m sure with Graham Bell on your side, you have already listened to our conversation already. Please give my subordinates and the people of Shangri-La a chance. I was the one that put a bounty on your head, it was my actions that turned people against you, I am the one responsible, not my people.”

    “...You aren’t talking to me just to apologize, don’t you?”

    “I actually do, in fact! But I do have something that I want to apologize for. My decision to veto your status has been contested by many members of the UN, I’m currently in the middle of discussion with them all. But I promise, as Maharaja of Shangri-La, as a Ruler, that with all of my power I will guarantee your freedom as long you are in Agra, Lestari Elliwyn.”

    “...You better honor your promise, then.” he just admitted it to my face like that, I don’t know how to react properly... “But promise aside, how do you plan to guarantee that?”

    “I believe in my people that came from different ethnicities, countries, and religions able to honor your humanity regardless of their true feelings. You already see how polite Aditya treated you, right?”

    “...I suppose so.”

    He only promised they will not treat me terribly outwardly, but he doesn’t say they will stop hating me. Although it is not very reassuring, I can appreciate that I know the reality I’m in.

    “Agra is called one of the safest places on Earth by many, but it is still far from perfect. I want to make a Faction, no, a place that is capable of achieving true equity between all human beings, and cleanse of prejudice that exists inside our darkness. That’s why when I talked with you last night, I realized we have a similar goal, and I’m not alone in this world.”

    To cleanse the darkness within. To conquer the human heart. That’s the same with Ruler’s goal, the same with our goal.

    But such a thing is coming from this man… the man that has made me suffer…

    “That said, I need to return to the meeting soon. A 20 minute toilet break doesn’t make much sense, after all. Let’s meet within two hours, until then, feel free to explore Agra.”

    He dropped the call and I returned the phone to Aditya.

    “Magellan, do Servants need toilet breaks?”

    “Well, if we have maximum magical energy and yet we still eat something, they still need to go somewhere. Wait, why are you asking that specifically to me?!”


    So now we have three options. To go with what they prepared us for the Agra city tour with them. Just stay in a hotel until we can meet Maharaja. Or do whatever we want in this city but risk a hate crime.

    “Lestari, after using Bell System, I located seven Servant signatures in this city.” informs Bell.

    “I can feel some of their magical energy from here too, but to think there are seven… Do we know who they are?”

    “Other than Maharaja and Ghatotkaca, the other five keep themselves low profile. I can’t tell their identity without them speaking a single word.”

    “I see…”

    That means there are five non-Shangri-La Servants in this city. Unlike Maharaja and Ghatotkaca, these people might be hostile to us.

    What the gang are going to do?
    [1] Premium city tour.
    [2] Stay in a 5 star hotel. (skip to meeting with Maharaja)
    [3] Explore the city by our own.

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    Probably the safest route to take, even if in all likelihood the tour won't be entirely genuine.
    The Act of dozing off in the afternoon is a luxury indeed.
    Coffee would be nice, though.

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    +1 logic as Sleepy.

    Going off on one’s own might make sense with fewer unknown Servants around, but I think having a witness and tour is a good idea…

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    Complete opposite logic of Sunny. What better way to find out what threat might be out there than by walking blindly into danger?

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    Sasuga, but respect and Godspeed. o7

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    I am tempted to change to 1, but not because of pragmatism, but she doesn't deserve the hate crime that came from 3.

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