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Thread: Fate/ConQUEST

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    Year: 2022
    Location: A certain fancy restaurant, Washington DC, US, SFA
    Daytime: Day

    “Err, is this really necessary?”

    “Of course. I can’t just meet a lady without bringing her to something nice, my treat.”


    After I contacted Benjamin, he immediately arranged a restaurant for us to meet. I do not expect the restaurant will be another five-star place. I suppose he simply wants to entertain me as a guest, being a Master and all, but I don’t want to be mistaken as his lover or something.

    Ah well, I’m already here. May as well order something.

    Oysters and pearls.

    Hudson valley moulard duck foie gras.

    Charcoal-grilled maine sea scallop.

    Sauteed fillet with Mediterranean lubina.


    What are these????

    Shit, after five years on the run, I no longer know any of this fancy stuff! Don’t laugh at me! Yes, I survive mostly eating canned and street foods these past five years, don’t laugh at me! I can hear the me that lived a thoughtless lifestyle from five years ago laughing at the current me!

    When I am focused on trying to figure out what these foods are on the internet, Benjamin snorted.

    “I recommend their beef wellington. It may be a standard choice, but I guarantee it tastes extraordinary.”

    “T-then, I’ll order that.” Ah, I must look dumb just now…

    But that feeling quickly blew away when my order has arrived.

    500$ beef wellington

    The smell of pastry and mushroom bursts as the waiter opens the lid. The plating is pretty, yes, but I can tell from the perfectly cooked medium-rare meat and the crunchy-yet-soft puff pate that this thing is the real deal. Not to mention I can smell a slightly spicy and herbal aroma from the mashed potatoes and the mushroom sauce it is served together with.

    Without wasting my time any longer, I look at him to signal that we should begin to eat and take my knife and fork on both of my hands.

    When I took a bite, the crunchy pate and the meaty juice burst in my mouth! It’s great!

    “Mmmmm~~~!” I instinctively put my hand on my cheek.

    After that first bite, I continue to munch the dish until I realize I already finished the plate clean.

    “Not crude, not pretentious either. I must say, I like women that know how to appreciate food.”

    “Ahaha, is that how you get girls to fall for you?” damn smooth, why do most male Servants like this?

    “Oh? You are mistaken, I am simply happy to be with a fellow foodie! Trust me, when I really am trying, I will be more straightforward than that.” And I’m not interested to find out.

    I did not notice it at first, because he does gracefully eat with a proper table manner. But upon inspection, he is already on his fifth plate. He slices his food according to proper etiquette, but the size of that slice is almost as big as my face! Did he not worry about too many calories? Ah dang it, he is a Servant, they didn’t grow fat… how enviable!

    He finishes his sixth plate and cleans his mouth with a napkin.

    “Besides, there is no way I can lay a finger on you. You are very precious to Little Miss after all.”

    The feisty atmosphere turns somber.

    “Leftraru says something similar to me. Just what am I to her exactly?”

    “I’m sorry, Lady Elliwyn. But I’m afraid I can’t say that, I promised her to never tell you the truth.”

    “Please, I have the right to know!”

    That answer worked me up as I reflectively stood and slammed my hand on the table.

    These three days I can’t let her go from my mind. Why is a girl like her willing to sacrifice herself for my goal?

    “...” Benjamin closes his eyes and drinks wine in response, firmly.

    I realize that he will not budge from it, and he too loves her above anything else.

    “Sorry… losing her must be hard for you too.” I return to my seat and rub her last Command Spell on my right hand.

    “It’s fine, I was in the wrong to bring her up. I want to tell you the truth for her sake, but that would betray her trust.”

    We turned silent for a few minutes, and that awkward feeling felt like hours.

    Maybe I should talk to him about something else…

    Bond Choice!

    This is a Bond Choice. To refresh the readers, as its names imply, it is a choice that may increase your Bond with a Servant depending on what you choose.
    Right now, your Bond with Benjamin Franklin is only 0/5.

    As right now is a peaceful time, and you have plenty to spend. You can choose 2 of the questions below.

    1] His relationship with Ruler.
    2] His relationship with Leftraru.
    3] What is the future of SFA going forward?
    4] How is SFA and El-Dorado's relationship in the future?
    5] Are you going to return as the Leader of SFA again?
    6] About the rest of SFA Servants.
    7] Discuss about electricity.
    8] Invite him to your team.
    9] Write-in!
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    If he's not gonna tell her about why Ruler did as she did, she can at least learn a bit more about her. And if we ask him to join, we can learn about his future plans regardless with the potential to add him to our team. I'll never pass up a chance to dominate an older man!

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    I think it will earn more of his point/bond if we ask about his friends. He is shown to care about them.
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    3 + 6 seems the most appropriate option

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    4 and 5.

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    ​4 & 6
    The Act of dozing off in the afternoon is a luxury indeed.
    Coffee would be nice, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faux, July 20th 2019
    We gave HBM, of all people, access to a morals loosening field
    Quote Originally Posted by Faux, December 25th 2019
    Senta deserves the right to a life where she gets to choose if she's actually a Nazi
    True Rider
    A wise and beautiful woman who exudes an aura of grace. She is a sly, cunning, manipulative person who always gets what she wants, whether through trickery or ruthlessness. Her own fighting abilities are low, but she should not be trifled with. What does she ride? Men, of course!

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