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Thread: Noah at Osakabehime's Workshop

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    With a new fandom comes a penchance for making art of characters from said fandom. Here within lies the various drawings I've painstakingly made of Type-Moon characters: here will mostly be Fate characters, but don't expect me to not make fanart for Tsukihime or the like. For a piece of digital/traditional art to show up here, it must follow those terms exactly, not even a single cameo of Saber would suffice, Saber has to be the main gimmick.

    Notice: I don't really do requests anymore since they take quite a lot of my time to do. I could do commissions, but that'd require a whole lot of preparation on my part before it comes to fruition.

    Current Tools:
    • Wacom CTL-490
    • Clip Studio Paint Pro (could upgrade to EX)

    Without further ado, here's the eligible fanart for this thread:
    24/09/2018 - Helena Blavatsky in Mahatma's Nebula

    Estimated Time to Do: ~32 Hours
    Description: Caster Helena Blavatsky in what is supposed to be a Terraria world during the Celestial Events, in the immediate vicinity of a Nebula Pillar. Her current weapons are the Xeno Staff and the Magnet Sphere, symbolizing her Noble Phantasm and her magic tomes respectively. First artwork using Clip Studio Paint. I'm still an amateur at digital painting so let me know what to improve!

    Currently, all fanart is sent via embedded images in Twitter tweets. Let me know if you do decide to follow my efforts there. I might post a link to it shortly if you want to do it.
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