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Thread: Astronomika - Shooting Down Falling Stars (OOC)

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    We were throwing around ideas of how our characters would play in a theoretical Astronomika Fighting Game, so...

    Prushka, the [P]uppy

    Characterized by low HP, low damage, low range, and low height. Technically a rushdown character that can close in with surprising horizontal mobility and apply heavy pressure. Requires careful meter management, as her weak normals and frail constitution require efficient use of both her active defense abilities and specials to be effective.

    Ultimately, a joke character.

    Pros Cons
    -Small hitbox causes many enemy attacks to whiff.
    -Active defense allows her to lower damage taken and power through certain attacks.
    -Aversa's Terror is a potent trap against other rushdown characters and applies immense corner pressure.
    -The Pink Dragon is a potent approach tool.
    -Emotional Assault can deactivate super modes and installs, and destroy enemy resources.
    -Terrible vertical mobility, low jump.
    -Awful reach on most normals.
    -Needs to spend meter to do any respectable damage.
    -Timing her defensive abilities is very difficult; if not used properly, she is frail and has low HP, often being taken out in two combos.
    -Easy to escape from in the air, weak anti-airs. Has poor match-ups against characters with good aerial options.

    Unique Action:

    5U - Burning Feelings!
    Immediately burn 25% meter to gain 50% damage reduction, status immunity, and super armor for 5 frames, lasting until the end of the first attack she is hit by. Has no startup and can be used at the same time as another ability.


    [4]6X - Headrush
    Launches herself forward helmet-first, before rolling to a standing stop. Easily punished on block and loses to projectiles, but if it lands, can serve as a combo starter. Has quick recovery. A useful, albeit risky, approach option. Medium and Heavy versions have longer range.

    [2]8X - Aversa's Terror
    Creates a wave of fear in a sphere around Prushka. Enemies caught in the sphere are momentarily stunned, incapable of moving towards Prushka for 1/2/3 seconds, and take extra damage from subsequent attacks. Heavier versions increase the radius of the sphere around Prushka. Does not stop projectiles, but is completely unblockable.

    214X - Emotional Assault
    Charges Odic Force in her fist and strikes. Attacks a small area in front of her. Poor hitbox. Light version deals damage and doesn't end the combo. Medium version purges all enemy super modes or installs and damages meter, but makes them immune to damage for three seconds. Heavy version inflicts damage over time and causes instant knockdown.

    22X - The Pink Dragon
    Roars forth on the Dragon, launching into a very fast full-screen dash after a moment's preparation to rev the motor. Light version dodges overheads and high attacks, Medium version dodges low attacks, and Heavy version, on impact, pummels the enemy into the corner with a multi-hit attack. Can exit with a jump, gaining extra height.


    236236H - Human-Smiting Will
    Burns all of Prushka's remaining meter. During this time, ??? until she runs out of meter.

    236236U - ???
    A command grab. Can also be input at any time on the frame before being struck by an enemy attack, acting as a parry. If it hits, ???.


    -All of her attacks damage enemy Will instead of Health, even in TURNSIDE mode.
    -Smallest hitbox in the game. Can dodge certain attacks (e.g. Ahti's knife throw) without doing anything.
    -Takes reduced damage from overheads due to her helmet.
    -When matched against Hisa Momoi, their Esper abilities deal only 10% damage to each other.
    -Her Taunt is a slow build up of hot-blooded emotional energy as she yells about feelings. If allowed to complete (takes 10 seconds), she enters a super mode automatically for the remainder of the battle.

    Story Mode:


    Stage 1: Vs Pyry - "I'm not letting you protect me, idiot! If you won't stand aside, then I'll show you just which one of us is a little kid!"
    Stage 2: Vs Lighthouse Ghosts - "It's time. This is revenge for before - eh? Michael Lowgate? No, I mean the tarp! Get back here you stupid ghost!"
    Stage 3: Vs Vivienne - ", Vivi. Live, and tell everyone what's going on. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for."
    Stage 4: Vs Lobo [Finale] - "So it's come to this... time to take off that 'leash' of yours, King of Currumpaw-!"


    Stage 1: Vs Hisa - "It's you. You always hated me, didn't you? I won't... I won't let you get away with it... ugh, my head..."
    Stage 2: Vs Pyry - "...stand down. If you want to be useful, then sit back and let her protect you. Can't you understand that much, you idiot?"
    Stage 3: Vs Ahti - "Idiot. Iiiiiiidiot. I'll have to beat some sense into you both, huh? That's fine! I can do this all day!"
    Stage 4: Vs Dot F. Loonwaters - "Hey, monster. How did I taste? Good? If you liked it so much, then this time, you can eat my fist-!"
    Stage 5: Vs Anakim [Finale] - "You really grew up, huh? No, it's fine. You don't need to say anything. Let's talk like we used to."


    Stage 1: Vs Vier - "Memory manipulation... Terrifying. But can you erase these feelings?"
    Stage 2: Vs Caleb - "Probability, quantum physics, eigenvectors... if you don't believe in them they're all worthless, y'know."
    Stage 3: Vs Hwan - "Telekinesis... gotta admit, I'm worried about being squashed like a grape. But still, I can't stop here."
    Stage 4: Vs Hisa -"Marionette... what a fearsome ability. But you've got even scarier things up your sleeve, don't you? That's fine. I'll take it all on. Don't hold back!"
    Stage 5: Vs Anakim - "Breakdown of matter... that's fine. You can't melt the fire in your heart. Don't worry. Your big sister will protect you."
    Stage 6: Vs Blood Memories of the Odic Field [Finale] - "Humanity is awful. That rancid feeling... I'll put it to rest now. Along with the despair of all the abandoned children."

    Stage EX:
    (unlock conditions: no damage clear all previous stages)
    Vs The Strongest Man in the World - "Hehe. Hey, Boss. It was a long school year. I think... I got stronger, just a little. So let me show you! I won't lose this time!"
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