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Thread: Astronomika - Shooting Down Falling Stars (IC)

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    ---And so, with the song over, Liana Skye allows that echo of the past to return to slumber.

    Her time on the stage had certainly been fun, a thrilling reminder of how she had felt walking onto the stage in the past, whether it be to sing or dance her way into an Academy for the Arts in Italy, or simply for the fun of the act itself, to fulfill a dream that she had thought would be interesting as a child, but...

    ---Just like before, it is only something she is allowed to do for brief periods of time.

    In that regard, it is certainly the manifestation of a dream...

    Something she had certainly inherited to an extent, but one that she could also appreciate with her own will, or at least...

    She thought she could...

    At the very least, while she had enjoyed playing the role of the idol on stage once again (even if she could feel how rusty she was compared to her heyday), it was her exact appreciation for that sort of dream that kept her from pursuing it completely.

    ---She wasn't someone people should look up to after all, at least not in that way.

    An idol should be someone far purer than her... It is a thought born from the curse of negativity that haunts her mind, the self-doubts, the recognition of her own past misdeeds, confusion about who she even is deep down; a curse that she fights off constantly, but that comes roaring back with a vengeance whenever she is left to think for herself for too long, a sickness she could recognize, but could only struggle against every day.

    ---The elation of her time on the stage is beginning to wear off, and with the loss of the rush comes the return of her pains, but...

    They are, at the very least, a bit duller than normal...

    Even so, for now, the idol 'Liana Skye' must disappear, because the situation is one that does not require her anymore...

    ---Her clothes return to normal as they go over their counterparts, her 'peasant clothes' as Cesarina would call them, rather than the extravagant clothes the girl had been more used to in their past, a sign of her time from a different life, when the world around her had been far more simple, and her doubts and worries had been far less...


    Even so, it is what it is...

    The song she had sang was not a lie -she was always a firm believer in hope- and she had learned quite a bit from it herself too, or rather...

    It seemed to confirm some things she had suspected, cheerful as she appears to others, it is not like Liana Skye is ditzy.

    Bizarre terminology, multiple claims of the existence of someone else in the room she had been using, multiple claims of a 'nightmare' happening on 'Sunday,' a song that discussed the nature of time, and well...


    This situation is truly troublesome.

    She had known it would be from the moment a certain guy-she-needed-to-sue had handed her the assignment, but even so, she hadn't expected to get caught up in it so soon...

    All the more reason to take her task seriously.

    If she was already in it, then that means...



    It means quite a few things.

    When even her hair returns to normal, when the 'casual girl' appears to take the place of her 'star' counterpart, the young woman can only sigh to herself at the back of the crowds, although a hint of a smile returns at Mercedes song...

    Even in times like these... She will always appreciate music...

    But tomorrow... She will have to search more in earnest.

    It will likely be impossible to get caught up in an all-day event like this again, much as she might like to do it, she simply does not have the time for it.

    But for now...

    For now it's fine.

    She can use today just for this...

    A few tasks remain.

    She must return Vier's guitar to her, and deal with the test of courage...


    It was back to balancing school life and superheroism, with a bit more of an emphasis on the superheroism, after all...

    Whatever trauma had been plaguing the other two on stage...

    Was a powerful one indeed...
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