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Thread: Astronomika - Shooting Down Falling Stars (IC)

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    Location: St. Diane Cemetery
    Phase: Morning Phase
    Date: 10.09.1994 (SAT)
    Weather: Overcast

    Again and again, the shovel digs into the ground. I need to put all my strength in it, and there isn't much to go around. The shovel's not exactly kid-sized either, so leveraging it is awkward. Gotta rear back, get momentum, and stab down with both hands. Then put all my weight onto the blunt edge to drive it down into the dirt. Not too effective when you're this light.

    Ah, drat. This is tough. Of course it would be. People have walked atop this ground, haven't they? It's packed down.

    Getting chilly too. Not quite cold enough for the ground to freeze, but just enough that my fingers feel numb after only...

    Huh. How many times did I swing this thing again? Feels like it's made more of a dent in me than it has this stupid ground. Six feet under? I'll be lucky to get six inches-.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ahti
    "----------- Okay, move aside, Imp."

    A massive hand buries another shovel into the dirt in a single smooth motion.

    Ahti steps past, pushing me aside, rough and gentle at the same time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ahti
    "...You dig where I've broken the ground. It's softer there. And we'll get this done faster. Unless you have complaints?"
    ", it's fine. I appreciate it."

    No sense playing tough. Don't wanna keep everyone waiting on me.

    Besides... that look Ahti's giving me is saying "if you try to act tough I will bully you".

    I dig my shovel into the hole he opened up, and...

    "Y-you're not mad about earlier, are ya...?"

    An awkward sentence comes out. Anything to keep the atmosphere from getting too heavy.

    Aw geeze, what's going on? I'm losing it...
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    Alexstrasza Lockhart
    Location: Pinefall High Main Building - Science Classroom
    Phase: Morning Phase
    Date: 10.09.1994 (SAT)
    Weather: Overcast

    Really Potemkin, I fail to see what your ridiculous visions have to do with my current investigative ventures. After all, neither the opinions of Devon nor of Travis have any effect on my current position here, right? It's just a matter of the facts, simply: they are intrigued because magic is amazing, not because of me as a person.

    ...Honestly, the nerve of you to i-imply that they have some sort of... of... l-l-lewd intentions! Obviously they don't! Who goes around making friends with people for the explicit purpose of lewdness!? Nobody, that's who.

    Ignoring Potemkin's foolishness, I walked to the cabinets to peer inside, frowning as I did so. If anything, would I not be the one considered to have strange intentions? After all, my desires, my hopes, my fears... Those are things that I can't control, but I doubt most would approve of. It's the natural state of mages, is t not?

    To be unwanted.

    Staring at the keys, I glanced towards the storage room with a frown of all the places in this room, it was the most likely place to hide thing, and so towards it I went. The key made a satisfying clickas I inserted it, opening the door to look inside.

    ....Hey, wait a minute.

    "...Does everyone think I have feelings for Cesarina?!"

    That doesn't even make sense! Girls can't do that sort of thing with other girls, right?!
    in the end we will make thoughtcrime impossible, for there shall be no words to express it


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    Lucille Faraday
    Location: Avery's Diner
    Phase: Morning Phase
    Date: 10.09.1994 (SAT)
    Weather: Overcast

    "I heard that Mrs. Walker's husband died overseas. She caught a glimpse of the Disembodied Man shortly before receiving the news of her husband's passing."
    “If that’s the case, I’d rather not pry,” Lucille says. Doctrine says she shouldn’t get cold feet, but she is not the kind of person who would dredge up memories as horrifying as that. From Samuel’s description alone, the Disembodied Man was already the worst the Turnside could possess. “Ideally, we’ll be spending another year in town.”

    On the other hand, if they died and went back to the beginning, they could do anything they wanted without consequence. And that thought was much, much scarier.

    "For that matter… I've kind of wondered… your class didn't have access to the dormitories like we do. Just where did everyone live anyway?" asked Elise, "That you know of anyway."
    “I’m curious about this too,” Lucille adds on, wondering about the state of the school. “Isn’t the campus too large for a small town like this? How much was added by Mr. Oceandrop’s investments and how much of it was left alone? Likewise, if Jake works there as the janitor, has he been using his position to hide certain things from us?”

    She rattles off a list of questions in her curiosity. The school has always been one of the red flags surrounding their experience at Pinefall, so maybe someone who knew the old could really help them separate what was always there and what should be looked into.

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    Colt Davin
    Location: Spade Queen Country Club
    Phase: Morning Phase
    Date: 10.09.1994
    Weather: Overcast

    "...Vier just ran into him I believe, and yes... There are some things I'd like to ask him about now myself, since it seems he's making a habit of keeping secrets from me...And now a panic bunker by the statue. Interesting combination of things, right?"

    Liana’s attention turned to Colt, the young man meeting her with a hardened, firm stare.

    "...Did I miss anything important last night? When V and I ran off after the fake?"

    “Keeping secrets, yeah, he sure is.” The boy spoke as calmly as he could, but the frustration found its way into his tone regardless. “Not about his true nature though. That’s on full display, all to bare. I don’t know how you haven’t seen it, or I guess I should say I don’t get why you ignore it.”

    Colt stopped himself there. Anger was running amok, taking a bite at the first valid target it could find. He had to quit while he could, and by force. So he bit the inner wall of his cheek, and sighed.

    “Sorry. I don’t choose who you associate with. Last night…”

    Words from the previous night, the last words Hawthorn said to him before parting ways, passed through his memory and out from his lips. “

    “All I'm doing is destroying an illusion to keep another one up. One that serves my goals, not hers. I'll reset a variable that went wrong, replace a rusted part and start again from scratch. See, what she fails to realize... There are no heroes in this world. No knights. No myths. Not anymore. All that's here are villains with their own motives."

    Colt repeated the words. At some point, his fingers had tightened into a fist at his side.

    “That’s what he said after he took the shots. Make of it what you will, I’ve already come to my own conclusion. He’s not on my side. He’s not on your side. He’s on his own side.” A side that saw every person here as just another variable. “He’s worked for Jack longer than these two, yet somehow he doesn’t know about the bunker? Jayesh says Jack has a condition and needs help being restrained, and Hawthorn tells us none of this. Seems like stuff that might have been useful to share last night, confidentiality be damned.”

    More things to say came to mind. But if he started, it’d be all too easy to slip and tumble toward saying things that he shouldn’t.

    “… There’s no reason to sit around talking it out. Vier,” Colt turned towards the girl, who seemed to be in the process of leaving. “Where is he?”

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    Location: Pinefall High Main Building – Cafeteria
    Phase: Morning Phase
    Date: 10.09.1994 (SAT)
    Weather: Overcast

    “…I see,” John mutters following Anna Vandemeel’s commentary on the matter of Ultravania. “I keep binding myself to the idea that there must be a single, definitive answer. Or perhaps I want there to be a single answer because I prefer things to be simple. I shall strive to open myself to the reality that things are never so.”

    Really, what are you doing, John Dove? Are you not supposed to be the guy who has observed the grey people for years? The guy who has absorbed disgusting amounts of occult lore? All that occultism—obtuse, contradictory, vague and pretentious—was written by humans. People whose brains work just like your high school classmates, your psychiatrist and everybody else.

    It is the same with the Turnside. People in the Turnside behave the way they do not because they have become something other than human, but precisely because they are humans adapting to the circumstances of a different, secret world.

    John Dove claims to be the man who does not judge. However, that attitude is neither neutrality nor tolerance, merely disdain. As long as he does not look properly to people as people, he will remain the buffoon who can do nothing else but quote people far more interesting and creative than he will ever be.

    “However, I cannot get rid of the belief that she is a thing of man. A human creation, not some sort of ‘natural emanation’ like a god or a fae. Although, perhaps she is not a creation of conscious intent, but something like…a demon of numen. Something that did not exist yet gained fame and a legend of its own, which allowed it to come into existence.” Catching himself about to dive yet again into the depths of occultic discourse, John chuckles and shakes his head. “But anything beyond this would be conjecture.”

    Besides, Anna Vandemeel has her own ideas.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anna Vandemeel
    “As you said yourself, you want to do something before she becomes a monster to be put down. If she… lets say shows up tomorrow in a blaze of nuclear fire, completely devoid of sense, unwilling to listen to reason, and aiming to wipe us all out. What’s the plan then? Kill her?”
    Is she…trying to provoke me? What a meaningless…no. If she is doing this, then it must have meaning to her.

    “I will always choose life, Vandemeel,” is his prompt response. “Ideally, we would restrain or incapacitate without killing her, but I recognize that is an optimistic outcome.”

    He closes his eyes. For all his years of disregard for others, he is not the kind of person who can feel comfortable talking about killing somebody. John Dove is an ordinary young man who favors peace, and the specter of Ramalsaqr’s callous actions towards Elaine Winters have left a scar that will never heal.

    “In the circumstances you describe, if the only options are living with the burden of her death on my hands, or—”


    “—a death that does not achieve anything, I will choose to live. I do not particularly enjoy the idea of dying, or being killed.”

    His mind instinctively seeks out the familiar weight and shape of Ishtar Irkalla in his pocket.

    “Besides, the deaths of others are not an unfamiliar load to bear.”

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    Liana Skye/Sora Hikari
    Location: Spade Queen Country Club
    Phase: Morning Phase
    Date: 10.09.1994
    Weather: Overcast

    Quote Originally Posted by Colt
    “All I'm doing is destroying an illusion to keep another one up. One that serves my goals, not hers. I'll reset a variable that went wrong, replace a rusted part and start again from scratch. See, what she fails to realize... There are no heroes in this world. No knights. No myths. Not anymore. All that's here are villains with their own motives."



    A dead silence, still body, and the trampled remains of a smile that no longer exists.

    There had been always been an obvious attempt by the girl to always keep smiling, it was in her philosophy after all, smile so that others don't feel as afraid, smile so that people can believe everything is going to be all right, smile so that she can believe it, for her own sake just as much as anyone else, but...



    For the longest time nothing, her expression falls as a mask shatters and no attempt to put it back on is made; for awhile, there's simply no energy left in the young woman at all, the arms that are holding Sierra slacken, and she listens to things she really doesn't want to hear, listens without saying anything in response, until...


    A weak laugh, agonizing, as the girl finally attempts to return to her normal self.

    The smile is shaky, strained...

    Obviously painful.

    "Damn... Forgot how much words can hurt... Hahaha..."

    ---It's not funny.

    What does it mean? What do those words really mean?

    The obvious question, one with a mostly obvious answer and yet...

    She doesn't want to think about it.

    That the ending to last night might not have meant exactly what she thought it had meant, that perhaps Nora had been trying to tell her something important after all, that he had his own motivation for silencing the girl, that he had never really believed in her at all, that this poisonous stack of lies can spread back pretty far actually, if she was so inclined to look at things in that way...

    That's the problem with lies.

    They poison the well, once someone does it to you once, it puts everything else into question; what else was a lie? How else had she been used as a chess piece? Was any of it true at all or was he just laughing at her the whole time?


    Intrusive thoughts.

    She doesn't want to think about it, but they appear all the same; manifestations of doubt, that Colt was not incorrect in some of his postulations, that Thorne withholding so much information about Jack at such a crucial time was more than enough cause for concern, but...

    He's her friend.

    She still wants to believe.

    ---That makes it hurt more, really.

    Is it old-fashioned to assume that friends don't lie to each other?


    ...She'd never had that many, so honestly she couldn't say.

    Even so-

    "...That being said-"

    -she'd gone through poisonous thoughts before, there's no reason to succumb to them now.

    If he was acting as a villain, than as his friend, she had to leash him back in, hear what he has to say for himself and figure out how to proceed from there...

    "-Thorne isn't a lost cause. There's good in him, even if he doesn't believe that himself."

    The words come naturally, from somewhere she can't quite fathom...


    "Even if his actions don't seem to reflect that. Just means I might have to beat him up a little to remind him."

    ---Strength returns.

    "I'm going to the bunker now."

    She turns away.

    "It's probably safer to go back inside Sierra, but..."

    Towards the statue, towards the area where she knows the bunker lies, before turning her gaze to Sierra.

    "If you want to follow me, you can. I'll protect you. But don't think you have to, I'm more than willing to drag both Jack and Thorne back here on their knees with me to apologize to you."

    ---If Thorne didn't talk about the bunker, it was either because he was covering for Jack, or planned on visiting it himself at some point while no one was paying attention, in which case...

    "Rest of you, don't do anything reckless." might be best to hurry.

    She walks off.

    "Yell for me if you guys find my shady friend."
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    Death is nothing but a disease.
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    An end like that is coming, and yet here you are.

    Tell me.

    Could you kill someone you love for the sake of everyone else?

    What a cynical worldview, Messiah.
    Real heroes would find a different answer.

    Right, right.
    The power to break through a sad reality—
    I wonder—

    Will they be able to show it to me?

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