Hisa Momoi
Location: Pinefall High Main Building - Infirmary
Phase: Morning Phase
Date: 11.09.1994 (SUN)
Weather: Overcast


I stared at the bloodstained sheets for a few more moments, then glanced around the infirmary one last time, before my attention turned towards the door.

Though, even as I looked around, my mind was more occupied with thinking through what all those things could mean one more time, and also how to salvage the situation with Leena, who I ended up putting in a rather uncomfortable situation.

"Yeah, let's go. It's unlikely that we'll find more here either way."

As the others started leaving, I walked at the back with Leena, and gave her an encouraging smile.

"Don't worry about it. I jumped to conclusions without realizing that you might not even remember these things too well. I mean...thinking about it, I'm not so sure if you should really know about any of these in the first place, with how long ago it was. But we can talk about it later."