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Thread: Astronomika - Shooting Down Falling Stars (IC)

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    Location: Big Boy's Gas Station - Bar
    Phase: Evening Phase
    Date: 09.09.1994 (FRI)
    Weather: Rain

    Eventually, without too much of a fanfare aside from the grunting and panting of the two combatants, Billie Boulders found the back of her hand slammed against the surface of the counter. The woman let out a sheepish laughter, sounding like guffawing bellows, while Ahti snickered a bit and wiped his nose. All in all, it looked to be a surprisingly good-natured competition - one the two had focused on so greatly that they had not even noticed Xandra and Prushka arriving to the bar.

    "That means a free pint, lady," Ahti grunted, motion a gimme with his fingers. "Pay up, pay up."

    Billie scratched the back of her head and chuckled again.

    "Ahahaha, you sure are a merciless lad, aren't you? Fine fine, promise is a promise - and I got one hell of a challenge for it. I guess it's only fair for letting me experience something like that," the woman said with a grin and grabbed one of the pints from the hooks. "Have to say, you have quite a bit of muscle there, even if it doesn't look like it. Or rather, I bet you ten bucks that there's nothing but muscle underneath there."

    Ahti cackled, leaning his elbows against the table while stretching his wrist.

    "Yeah, you could say that. Haven't been able to pack the pounds lately," he replied, watching as the bartender filled the pint from the tap. "No time for alcohol either, so this certainly is nice."

    As the two of them laughed at that, another voice joined their merriment - this one much deeper for a woman's voice, almost to the point of being husky. A second woman, one with brown hair and the sultry look of someone classy part-timing as a bar floozy sauntered from the back room and rounded the corner, taking her place right next to Ahti. The woman, Carrie Lakes, batted her eyelashes at the young man in clearly over-exaggerated way, causing him to jerk back a little bit.

    "Mm, I must say, it was quite thrilling to watch," Carrie purred, a teasing glint in her eyes. "Not many have beaten Billie here in arm-wrestling, or been able to lift a pint with their good hand afterwards. You're certainly in the league of yoru own, tiger..."

    Ahti, looking like he didn't know exactly how to react to this, hid the panic in his eyes and buried his face into the pint overflowing with beer that was handed to him.

    "Y-yeah, I guess..." the boy grumbled, for once appearing to be more like a prey than a predator. "I suppose I'm pretty awesome that way..."

    Xandra, overlooking this all with a raised eyebrow, snickered quietly and elbowed Prushka lightly to the ribs, as if telling her to pay attention to the fun show about to begin. Or perhaps to join in on it now that the boy was, for once, on the defensive.

    Still, the aura around that woman, Carrie Rivers was quite... something. It was like with a flick of a switch she was smoldering.

    Liana Skye
    Location: Spade Queen Country Club
    Phase: Evening Phase
    Date: 09.09.1994 (FRI)
    Weather: Rain

    Quote Originally Posted by Liana
    "That statue outside... Did you look at it? What'd you think of it?"
    Almost immediately, the mood at the table grew... silent. Darker. Like there was something outside, in the windows, watching and listening to the three.

    Ferguson finished up his whiskey as well, but instead of reaching for the tea, he went and poured himself another one, like he was going to need that to steel his nerves. Hawthorn, on the other hand, reached out for the thermos of tea and poured himself a cup... and for some reason, he didn't seem to mind too much about Liana hanging onto his arm. SUre, he had looked annoyed before, but now... he looked almost glad that the girl was there.

    They could all feel it, that much was for certain.

    The incessant glare from within that onyx statue.

    The malice radiating from it.

    That hunger for... whatever it was.

    Vengeance? Against whom?

    Revenge? Who?

    It was impossible to say...

    "I... have to admit, I do not much care for it. It's a... frankly filthy piece of artwork, if I'm honest. My all accounts and sensibilities. Sure, the subject depicted on it might look like a human, but I have my reservations. Somehow... I feel as if it's nothing like us. Something that merely looks like a human, like those old tales of monsters wearing people as guises," the agent replied with a dry, humourless smile. "If anything, I'd like to question the owner of this place for having built such a ghastly thing in the first place. It can't be good for the otherwise beautiful garden..."

    Hawthorn chuckled at that, but he didn't sound especially amused either.

    "You got that right. And if you want to bring it up with the bossman, you can try. I think he's up in his office for once. Well, who knows? Hearing some complaints might be good for him once," the younger man replied. "Knowing him, he's spending his evening with another one of those big shot dreams of his. Wonder what it is this time? Underwater theme parks named after Lemuria, or maybe moon hotels... he's brilliant at what he does, but his aims are always way too big. One time I heard him thinking about an escape room built as a to-scale copy of the Titanic, where the rooms would realistically flood in order to simulate the sensation of being on a sinking ship."

    Hawthorn simply rolled his eyes and lifted the cup of tea to his lips.

    "I swear, he's got more than a few screws loose... oh." The younger man blinked in surprise, gazing at the tea. "Huh... this is pretty good, you know. Why, if I didn't know any better, I'd say your skills in the kitchen aren't just tall tales you like to spin."

    With a hint of a smile, he patted Liana on the head... and in a way that almost felt genuine. Like he wasn't even trying to tease her. Which, of course, made the gesture most confusing of all.

    Ferguson, on the other hand, was still having hard time hiding his smile.

    Elaine Winters
    Location: The Lighthouse
    Phase: Evening Phase
    Date: 09.09.1994 (FRI)
    Weather: Rain

    "Hrm... I suppose, in a way. For some reason, that one blasted family, the McLampets, ended up having similar eyes and hair."

    Joshua grumbled that while rubbing his chin in a manner that was in no way fitting for his youthful looks. Rather, it looked as if he should have been sitting in a rocking chair with a pipe in his hands and a blanket over his legs.

    "Maybe they're relatives of hers, maybe not... at the very least, I didn't see too much of those kids while they were still here. They weren't exactly interested in the sea. To the contrary, they were far more interested in the forest, which is why the town changed as it did. From what I understand, there was some hullabaloo with them some decades ago, but as for specifics, beats me," the ghost continued with a dry smirk. "I can't very well leave here, what with being stuck and cursed and all, so all I can do is watch from windows and chat if a person or two happens to come snooping around. Been a lot of them lately. That redhead lass, of course - she feeds me even though I don't really need it, but then there's been that tiny foreigner too."

    Joshua laughed slightly crudely and hovered her hand somewhere around the height of a relatively short person... or perhaps a short person with a rather big hairdo.

    "She came here because of all the spirits traipsing about, but she's been pretty good for a chit-chat or two. Likes to stand atop the lighthouse and keep people away for their own good... well, that and recite all sorts of poetry when she thinks no one is looking. Scared the daylights outta her when I first interrupted her during one of those times," Joshua explained with a cackle. "Then there's been all the one-off visitors like you, Miss, or the tiger-striped lady with a tail, or that lady who reeks of perfume... yup, lot of visitors these days."

    Then, suddenly, the ghost with the mismatched eyes paused and leveled a momentary stare of confusion towards Elaine - almost like he had realized something.

    "Oh, actually, speaking of which... what was that you said? House of amber light?" Joshua asked, before patting the wall of the building with his incorporeal hand. "You wouldn't happen to mean this place, do you? I mean, it's hard to see now since they took it off, but once upon a time this place used to have the prettiest light on the whole west coast up there. Amber Eye they called it. Was made by this guy, a real artist back in the day... heh, I bet his house stands even to today. Had this fancy amber glass pane on the front door, too."

    Suddenly, Elaine felt a strange shiver pass through her body... and it wasn't just because of the cold.

    Ougi Outis
    Location: McLampet Manor - Study
    Phase: Evening Phase
    Date: 09.09.1994 (FRI)
    Weather: Rain

    "G-go outside...?"

    The mere idea seemed to stun Allene for a moment, but then...

    "Hot dog! That sounds amazing! O-of course I'll come, that'd be just utterly incredible!"

    Throwing her arms up in the air, the girl once again avoided splashing tea everywhere just by a hair's breadth. In the next moment that same cup had been slammed against the table between the two armchairs, and Allene looked like she was about to jump at Hisa and catch her into a big hug... only to catch herself just before that and slump back into her chair, cheeks once again red and looking quite embarrassed at her outburst. Still, even in her flushed-up state, she couldn't hide the big, big grin that was spreading all over her face, or the giddy excitement flashing in her eyes.

    "I-I mean, that certainly sounds wonderful? I'd be happy to accompany you outside... t-though, we'll need to do it a bit sneakily if we are to avoid Josie. She doesn't like when I head out on my own, even at night, and I've gotten more than a few scoldings because of it. Buuuut, she doesn't know that I have my own copy of the master key these days, so if we can just sneak past her or distract her with something, it should be a piece of cake!" Allene continued, trying to act more mature and calm. "Oh gosh... what should I wear? I better take my parasol with me, even if it's cloudy, there's a chance I might get a migraine, but if I shield myself a little bit, things should be okay and... oh, I just can't wait!"

    Truly, for such a simple promsie to cause such an outburst of joy... this girl really could derive joy from the most mundane things. Though in this case, it appeared to be more than just the fact that she would go out, it was also that she had someone to go out with. To become this excited at the prospect of spending some time with a person they barely even knew... Allene McLampet, or whoever she was, must have been starving of human contact.

    How long had she spent alone in this house, with only Josie for her company?

    "O-oh...! Oh, oh dear... that reminds me... oh, oh gosh..." Allene suddenly said, her expression falling and her shoulders sagging. "I... I completely forgot. Oh gosh, I completely forgot! Stupid, stupid me! I should have thought about it before-hand, but I always figured people would come during the day...!"

    With an anxious look in her eyes, the girl leaned closer to Hisa.

    "I'm sorry Ougi, but are... um, are you a good climber? Good enough that you might rappel down to the ground from the third floor if I provide a rope?" She asked, sounding worried. "Y-you see, as it happens, it's already close to night and it's getting dark, which means... oh, it means that..."

    She looked deathly serious, far unlike she had looked when she had claimed to be a vampire.

    "... The monsters in this mansion are waking up and start patrolling the hallways."

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    Location: Big Boy's Gas Station - Bar
    Phase: Evening Phase
    Date: 09.09.1994 (FRI)
    Weather: Rain

    "Oh, oh, I'd like to order too, please!"

    With a soft *pomf* I drop onto the stool on Ahti's other side.

    It's great that he's making friends so quickly. I was panicking earlier, thinking he was the crabby type who couldn't connect to others, but actually, isn't he already doing just fine? He even seems popular right now!

    "Erm... Billie, right?" I'm starting to remember now. This massive muscle-bound woman behind the bar must be the former janitor Hisa had been talking about. That eye patch confirms it. But leaving that aside... "Your muscles are awesome. They're even bigger than my sister's, and she spends all day lifting weights."

    Even if Ahti ended up winning the match, she still wins in looks. It's not even a contest.

    "But you were cool too, Ahti." I reach up to his shoulder. Pat, pat, pat.

    Now, as for that woman that just arrived... huh, strange. For some reason, my instincts are saying she's bad news. Like some kind of threat who'll devour Ahti if left alone. But that's silly, isn't it? No reason to listen to baseless nonsense like that. She seems like a nice lady.

    "Do you like muscles too, Miss? 'Cus you think those were impressive, wait 'til you see his abs."

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    Elaine Winters
    Location: The Lighthouse
    Phase: Evening Phase
    Date: 09.09.1994 (FRI)
    Weather: Rain

    I murmured to myself thoughtfully.

    A short foreigner with a poofy hairdo?

    I did happen to know of one of those.

    So then it was her staking out the lighthouse that night.


    That's going to be a problem, then.

    "Stuck in this lighthouse you mean? What with the whole spirit trap thing it has going for it," I glanced idly back up the stairs, "If our mutual friend was telling the truth, that is. Don't know anything about this tiger lady or miss perfume, either, sup with them?"

    I sighed.

    Why did everything have to be such a pain in the ass?

    It'd be so much easier to just go ahead and charge up those stairs and just kick the absolute shit out of some limpdick fuckhead ghost who thinks he's people.

    So easy.

    It's not like it'd even be the first time you killed someone who loved you.

    But I have to try and find the best way.

    I can't afford to listen to the thoughts that tell me to only trust myself, don't wait, act now.

    It's all worthless anyway.

    I'll either try and it'll work, and we'll die at the end of the week, or it'll fail, and then I die at the end of the week, or die tonight. Or die tomorrow.

    Death by ghost, death by catholic, death by friend, death by vampire, death by snake, death, death, death, death.

    What's even the point of it all, at this point?

    Not like we'll accomplish anything.

    And you, look at you, you still think you're a fucking hero, that you can do anything.

    When when it mattered, you couldn't even save yourself.

    It's garbage, all of it.

    But hey, fuck it.

    I'll just throw myself on the fire again, because I'm a glutton for punishment.

    I sighed.


    I pushed myself to my feet again, pushing away the clinging shadows, and looked off into the rain outside the walls of the Lighthouse.

    I'm going to regret all of this.

    "That artist, the one with the Amber Door," I said idly, shaking a leg, "He got a name?"

    May as well get something useful before I go off and court death.

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    Elise Pelltier
    Location: Pinefall High Campus
    Phase: Evening Phase
    Date: 09.09.1994 (FRI)
    Weather: Rain

    Elise stared at her reflection in the imaginary window of the Store's End and Post, her hand on the glass meeting the hand of the other. Unlike how the scene had played out in her memory, the demon answered her instead of rebuffing her with a bluster of feigned fury and anger.

    She felt an initial pang of annoyance at its off-brand, counterfeit Elise appearance, but that was quickly replaced by a growing sense of unease. The more she looked at it, like it was sitting inside the store and looking out at her, the more it didn't feel quite as wrong as she thought it should be.

    Quote Originally Posted by LBJ
    "... I feel fear. My original purpose, what I am, has been changed by what this place is. The fact that I can fret over such a matter just shows how much of me has changed. Emotions wriggling under the surface, burrowing themselves in me... they're everywhere, and somehow, they've managed to break through what is pure and untouchable - me. A thought is not colored by emotion, yet here we are, but more than that... more than my fear of what is happening to me, and confusion as to what the emotion even is... I fear for something else."

    "You're too weak. As you are, you can't weather the oncoming storm. Whatever's coming will glass the ground and scorch the sky, and we will be unable to stop it. As you are now... and as I am now."
    The reflection's hand reached through the glass as if it wasn't there at all and gripped her hand tightly.

    She shook her head, trying to clear it of the pain she felt in the back of her head.

    "I'm sorry, I can't apologize for infecting you with my humanity. You're just going to have to deal with those emotions like the rest of us. Trust me, they might seem like they're really annoying, but they aren't all bad."

    I warned you. I told you to stay out of the kitchen if you couldn't take the heat, but no, you insisted on wanting to play with the thermostat, thought Elise, feeling momentarily absurd as she tried to comfort a demon.

    I thought something might have changed after I woke up on Wednesday, after what had happened to me last week, but I just didn't expect those changes would run so deeply. Then again, that awful light did shine on everything…

    Elise considered the demon's chess metaphor, briefly wondering who'd be demented enough to set up such a board. The idea that there was a knight in black hunting for her was a bit unsettling. It felt like a piece on the board she hadn't encountered yet. Or, perhaps, maybe she had, but as the demon suggested, she just hadn't realized it yet.

    "The oncoming storm… Maybe someone has set up this crazy game of chess. The ancient curse on the land Subaru described, this whole bit of prophecy nonsense, the Oceandrop Program, this knight in black, whatever's hiding in the woods, and, as John put it, the combined weight of our supernatural histories. This town is too small to hold all of it."

    Elise sighed to herself.

    "I can't promise we'll be able to weather the storm. I've caught a glimpse of what's to come, and it didn't end well that time. Maybe we are too weak, but that isn't going to stop us from trying. Besides, it's not like we're alone against the storm, we've got friends, allies, and a vague idea of what might be out there. Which is a whole lot better than last time."

    Quote Originally Posted by LBJ
    "----- If it were Elise-Marie Pelltier before we became what we are, she would have been able to stand against that enemy. But... you don't even remember her properly, do you? Of what she was? Of how she was? Why she was sent to subjugate a demon with only a handful of inquisitors... why she was among the survivors... why Father Milani would personally look after her..."
    "What are you talking about? Of course I remember myself, I've always been me. I'm not any different than I was before other than the whole having a squatter living inside my head thing."

    It's making it sound like I'm somehow a lesser, tarnished version of myself, although if I'm entirely honest, I'm pretty sure past-me would beat present-me in a fight, but that's only because of my new allergy to holy water.

    Elise frowned. She thought back to that night and its aftermath.

    "It was an emergency. They needed everyone they could get on short notice, and I was available. There was- there wasn't even supposed to be a demon, we were going to stop them before they could do anything, but it all went wrong. They must have heard we were coming somehow and stepped up their plans or maybe we had bad intel…"

    It had been a slaughter. The thing she'd encountered that night didn't care any more about the ones who'd called it up than it did for the ones who came to stop it from manifesting. She felt certain that it hadn't been by her strength or skill that she'd survived. There had been stronger and more experienced Inquisitors who hadn't made it back that night.

    "I only survived that night because I was lucky. That was it," insisted Elise.

    "I barely even know Father Milani, even if he gave me my marching orders," continued Elise, "He's always looked out for the Inquisitors he's felt responsible for though, and tries to help them with their troubles. Usually by giving them more work to do. That's-that's probably why he arranged for me to be sent to Pinefall. He probably got wind of me hiding in the back of the library, thought that I was having trouble, and sent me packing to Road's End because he thought that would help me."

    Quote Originally Posted by LBJ
    "Human mind is so quick to rationalize away all the little inconsistencies in one's reality, isn't it?"
    The headache grew.

    She blinked.

    It was an interesting puzzle. Usually you found the lie because of the inconsistencies its existence created around it. If you altered the facts to be more consistent with everything else, for the sake of making it consistent with everything else, what would make it stand out?

    "That's-that's true, but-"

    The demon's not wrong. Look at how easily Inacio seemed to accept my swamp gas and weather balloon explanations for everything weird that happened in the Pool Building during the Test of Courage. He did not react well to the Marshmallow Man's existence or the actions of Hisa's doll, but seem immensely comforted by the idea that U-Salem was just some guy in a costume and Hisa's doll was enemy action and a smoke and mirrors trick set up by Jake, considered Else, It feels like arrogance to assume that just because I'm aware of the Turnside of the World that I'd be somehow immune to letting myself fall into the same mental trap. On the other hand...

    Part of her wanted to take a moment to carefully examine her entire life history, but now was not the best time for that.

    "No-no that doesn't make any sense. What would I even need to rationalize away?"

    Quote Originally Posted by LBJ
    "When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known."
    The demon tightened its grasp on her hand through the dark glass and she returned it. She stared face to face with her reflection in the mirror-like window in her mind as she listened to it recite a familiar verse.

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    Ougi Outis
    Location: McLampet Manor - Study
    Phase: Evening Phase
    Date: 09.09.1994 (FRI)
    Weather: Rain

    “Monsters?” I raised an eyebrow, “The actual kind, or monsters like how you are a vampire as well?”

    Again, this was a very much unexpected turn of event - almost as absurd as it was when I decided to knock on the door of her room, or when she decided to invite someone who broke into their mansion to chat and drink tea. Regardless, it was better to just go with the flow.

    “I could do that, tell you the truth, I actually didn’t come alone. My friend is waiting downstairs, since we didn’t feel it was appropriate for all of us to just barge in here.”

    I scratched the back of my head awkwardly, as more of our ‘crimes’ came to light.

    “So it’s best to leave the same way we came in. Worst case scenario we can definitely handle a…’monster’ or two, though I guess it would be best if we didn’t make too big of a ruckus.”

    As I talked, my mind reached out towards the ‘channels’ that have been left hanging for a good few minutes now, and started forming a message meant both for Sakura and Pyry.

    [The girl here said that some monsters would start patrolling the manor once the night falls. Have you noticed anything? We should meet back at the stairs and take our leave, I think.]

    “T-though, in that case, I guess that counts as a goodbye for now?”

    My eyes turn back towards the pale girl, as I realize that leaving right now would cut this meeting shorter than what I would have liked. I can’t fight down the sad smile that crawls its way onto my face, but at the same had to be like this.

    “We’ll still come in the morning though, so better be prepared. Do you think you could sneak out on your own, or we come inside? Aslo, the parasol is a good idea, though as I promised, I’ll try to see if I can do something once we’re outside. I wouldn’t want you to be in pain while we’re exploring the world.”

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    Alexstrasza Lockhart
    Location: Road's End - Back Alley
    Phase: Evening Phase
    Date: 09.09.1994 (FRI)
    Weather: Rain

    "Tch, pathetic..."

    As the storm of sanguine whips whistled through the air and lashed at the body of the fast-moving man, managing to overcome his extreme speed for just a few moments - enough to deal some damage - Alexstrasza noticed something alarming about the attack. Or rather, she noticed that the cuts she managed to make weren't as deep as usual. They should have burrowed, cut into the flesh proper, but instead, the attacks had been left shallow, as if repelled by the very nature of the man.

    Did he share the same elemental soul as she did...?

    The storm of whips danced through the air, and so did the man. He ducked underneath any further oncoming strikes and approached at high velocity like a predator running on all fours, closing the measly distance between the two combatants within a blink of an eye. Then, striking his hands against the street, he lifted his legs upwards into a frenzied dance of sorts, spinning around like a twisted tornado. The first kick that came aimed straight at Alexstrasza's face, as if aiming to cave it in with those nimble spurs that were like swords meant to carve, but before it managed to hit.

    The world suddenly exploded in blinding light that scorched the flesh of the blonde girl.

    "Fang, fang, my fang.

    Make my footsteps flashbang."

    It wasn't merely a kick, no, at the very end of the trajectory, something happened within the man's feet and that collision brought a terrible explosion of light that both burned and aimed to blind the opponent. Not only did he make himself evasive as a tornado, moving like a whirlwind, but he also attempted to rob his opponents of their sight - like a hunter slowly but surely dismantling their prey. And worse yet, that light that resonated with that single kick was exactly the type of elemental light that caused Alexstrasza's skin to burn.

    Against a normal opponent, it would not have been much of a danger.

    But to a nocturnal creature, it was no laughing matter.

    And while the girl had managed to keep her vision, as her eyes adjusted, she saw that thanks to his momentum, the man had launched himself up into the air was now coming down with yet another flashing kick, one that smelled of gunpowder and death.

    Yet another burst of light rocked the back alley, causing Alexstrasza to shield her eyes---!

    [Hit! Lane Griffith: 14 - 6 = 8 / 2 = 4 Sanguine Damage (EGO Defense)!]
    [Defended! Alexstrasza Lockhart: INT Defense Unbroken!]
    [Hit! Alexstrasza Lockhart: 6 - 8 = 1 x 2 = 2 Light Damage (INT Defense)!]
    [Defended! Alexstrasza Lockhart: INT Defense Unbroken!]
    [Hit! Alexstrasza Lockhart: 6 - 8 = 1 x 2 = 2 Light Damage (INT Defense)!]
    [Lane Griffith: Gunfire Feet Duration - 1 Round...]

    Round 2, Turn 3: Lane Griffith
    Round 2, Turn 4: Alexstrasza Lockhart <--

    New Ability Witnessed!
    Lane Griffith
    STR: ? END: ? AGI: B WIL: ? INT: B EGO: D
    HP: ??/??
    4 -> 8
    ACC: 4
    Movement: 12

    Ritual Magic:

    Gunfire Feet
    Rank: C
    Element: Earth
    A modernized hunting ritual that was once meant to make the hunters swift and agile in their chase for prey. In its current form, this ritual sacrifices pieces of the bones in the user's body in exchange for a burst of speed. In particular, this speed burst has been aimed at making the target extremely hard to hit, whether it's by melee, conventional weaponry or even supernatural abilities. One could call it extreme defensive option, focusing solely on dodging.

    [Grants a burst of speed that lasts for 2 Rounds. During this time, the user's DOD score is doubled, and all material attacks that target solely them must first succeed in an attack roll to hit, even if they would not normally require such.]

    Flashbang Kick
    Rank: D
    Element: Light
    A modernized hunting ritual that aims to blind the enemy for a short duration while dealing a small amount of light damage. The various minerals grafted into the heels of the user are struck together with the sparks created into the air, igniting the gunpowder that hangs in the air and thus creating a sanctified, paganistic ritual of light. A snap-decision spell that can be strung together for multiple attempts if needed.

    [A ritual spell that can be only utilized within melee range. The target is subjected to an INT Shatter Protection attempt against a Shatter Score of 5. If they fail and the ability succeeds, they are Blinded for 1 Round. In addition, the target then takes 6 Light Damage against their INT Defense.]

    Anna Vandemeel & Vivianne Bianchi
    Location: Owl's Nest Hotel - Library
    Phase: Evening Phase
    Date: 09.09.1994 (FRI)
    Weather: Rain

    "Oi, oi, oi..."

    Orion, having stared at the ensuing chaos that followed Söörik's attempts at reading over Alex's shoulder, lifted his hands in a calming way. Despite the turbulent atmosphere that had taken over, despite the sudden flurry of knives and the chain that had materialized out of nowhere, the young man didn't seem too perturbed. Instead, he kept his cool and collected demeanor, making a little apologetic nod towards Vivienne as if saying sorry he had to direct his attention away from the girl, and then faced Anna - and Ramia who was standing behind her.

    "Now that's hardly fair, is it? I mean, I like the attention of a beauty such as you as much as the next guy, but unfortunately, I've already got my heart set on another," Orion joked and pointed his thumb over his shoulder squarely at Vivienne. "So while I'm flattered, I have to respectfully ask that you don't push it too much. I mean, a woman like you should turn the eyes of any guy out there - no need to be so gung-ho about little old me."

    With another good-hearted chuckle, he let his arms fall flat against his body, as if to show that he had no dangerous intentions. Meanwhile, nearby, Alex Terrot was staring at everything that was going on with her eyes wide open from shock. She had screamed when the daggers had flown towards her, and screamed again when the form of the wooden familiar had been revealed. Now, more than Vivienne, more than Orion, more than Anna and Ramia, her stare was glued to the tiny creature resting at Anna's arms - creature who was, even at the moment, shaking with terror.

    "Booooss, that lady's crazy! S-she almost made me into a puncushion! Austrian cheese! Swish-kebab! I-I didn't sign up for this sorta danger, do something about her, her eyes are super scary!"

    The familiar hugged his owner in a manner of a cowardly dog, clearly intending on staying as far away as possible from the tension of the moment.

    Orion, hearing that, let out another gentle, laid-back laugh.

    "I have to agree with your familiar there, you sure got an unexpected side out of Vivienne here. Not that I mind, a lady with a few mysteries and an an intriguing aura about her are a rarity these days. Guess it was no mistake that my interest piqued upon seeing her," he said. "Though if I'm completely honest, things are starting to be a little too serious for me. Miss Vivienne aside, you've got quite the dark look about you too, and that frown... I'm sorry to say, but I'm honestly getting a bit scared here. Would you mind toning down the intensity a little bit? I think we can all agree that conflict is nothing anyone wants here."

    Orion took a stock of the situation around him. Vivienne to his right, ready to act as the situation demanded. Alex behind her, shielding herself with a book. Anna ahead of him, confronting him. And then Ramia behind Anna, readying something by grasping her wrist and letting the tattoos in her skin glow. With a sigh, the blue-haired youngster let out a shrug and shook his head, as if admitting that he was quite badly outnumbered.

    "Listen... sure, sure, I can talk, if that helps you calm down. I mean, it's not like I'm lying to you or anything - I make it my policy not to lie to beautiful girls," Orion continued with a playful smile, one eye closed. "As I said, I'm Orion. And believe it or not, I am Barney Keyhoe's assistant. Of course, that's not all I am, but currently, I'm just working with the guy, helping him along with his little quest. That's who I am as Orion. However..."

    Suddenly, something metallic glinted in the air.

    Both Anna and Vivienne could feel a strange source of heat appear.

    And as they looked... Orion was no longer not armed.

    Instead, in his left hand...

    ... Was a rather strange-looking knife, radiating with red.

    "... I'm also known by another name."

    Orion chuckled. He kept the knife ready, as if informing those around him that he would only retaliate if attacked.

    "With that name, I'm another kind of assistant. Perhaps you could call me a... handyman of sorts. I help around with what needs to be done, and that's that."

    The eyes beneath the blue hair narrowed, meeting Anna's diamond glare with calm of the night sky.

    "In that role, I go by..."

    He smiled.

    "--- Yozora Hikari."

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    Liana Skye
    Location: Spade Queen Country Club
    Phase: Evening Phase
    Date: 09.09.1994
    Weather: Rain

    "O-Of course they weren't tall tales, lying about your ability to cook is a grave sin-!"

    ---Its strange.

    A sincere gesture of affection rather than a teasing one, something that comes almost entirely out of left field from the man, but one that, perhaps because of the sincerity...

    Doesn't stall her thoughts.


    Quietly enjoying the gesture without realizing that's what she's doing, the violet eyed girl puts up only the most token of resistances, in fact... For a second....

    One could almost see music notes, dancing cheerfully above her head as she maintains her grasp on his arm, pleased for a variety of reasons that even she doesn't completely understand, but perhaps, have something to do with how it feels like hes relying on her for once-!

    ---But the topic remains a troubling one outside of this moment, the hostility of the statue outside the reason why he seems almost grateful for her presence...

    Ah well, same as before, she'll brighten the atmosphere on her own, in her own way-!

    "So we all agree its awful, good good, was worried I might just be too harsh against modern art."

    She giggles, but a note of seriousness remains.

    "They call it the Spade Queen, but I think it's actual name might be Dot. Way too creepy looking for it's own good..."

    She closes one eye.

    There's a pause, then:

    "But hey, if your boss is alone on a Friday night that's no good~"

    She turns her attention to Thorne.

    "Might as well try and invite him down right? We could all have art and dream discussions together over drinks! Sierra wanted me to meet him anyway..."

    Dot was seemingly his Muse after all-!

    She shrugs.

    "Could be fun, right? The more the merrier at a party?"
    Death is nothing but a disease.
    But it is one that often comes from all sides.
    An end like that is coming, and yet here you are.

    Tell me.

    Could you kill someone you love for the sake of everyone else?

    What a cynical worldview, Messiah.
    Real heroes would find a different answer.

    Right, right.
    The power to break through a sad reality—
    I wonder—

    Will they be able to show it to me?

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    Alexstrasza Lockhart
    Location: Road's End - Back Alley
    Phase: Evening Phase
    Date: 09.09.1994 (FRI)
    Weather: Rain

    I smiled with a lazy ease, as I continued speaking, my words tinged with divinity. This was magic, this was combat, the thing I’d been searching for, striving for this entire time. A duel, with our lives on the line, where there’s no tricks, schemes, or any sort of pathetic shenanigans.

    This was a battle. No, it was something even simpler than that. In the end, I’m still disappointed, aren’t I?

    I could tell from his attack alone, how it felt as it drove into my sides, this wasn’t going to be a battle at all.

    This was a killing field.

    Well, here we are again, right? Are these moments, these seconds not what we were meant to do, right Potemkin? Don’t you want to come out and play a bit yourself? Come on! It’ll be fun, just the two of us!

    His legs flashed before my eyes, and it was a dazzling sight to behold. Lights and colors flickered as I blinked, before my face bloomed into a bright smile, my fingers snapping with a click.

    “από τις σκιές, αυτά τα έλικες φτάνουν για εσάς,” the words came out of my lips at such a speed it was ridiculous for any normal person to follow. It was too fast, too quick, and too swift for anyone but those who were so deeply coated in the supernatural that the translation in their minds was automatic. Fighting, as always was…


    I could feel the prana racing through my body. My every nerve was on fire, as magic made my blood roar with that anger and defiance only found in combat. This was what I was born to do, what every fiber of my being was designed around. It was just what I needed. Just what I so desperately needed to blow off some steam.

    The words that left my lips angered the shadows surrounding my enemy, and they stabbed forward like spikes, moving to pierce him as I took a step forward, twisting a hand as my body began to shift. With the authority granted to me not by Our Father who Art in Heaven, Hallowed be His Name, but by blood and tears, I spoke the words of the heavens themselves:

    “Είμαι η ομίχλη.”

    My body vanished from existence, spreading out a red tinged hue that coated the world with my essence, as I vanished into the thick array of red that splattered across this idiot’s vision, seeing a hundred thousand places in a hundredth of a second.

    I am a monster.

    I fight as monsters should.

    "I know what you're thinking~"

    I whispered it into the mist that was me, watching him spin and spin as he tried to locate me. But I was never there, the mist is me and I am the mist. "Kakaka! With these legs of mine, there’s no way she can catch me! If I attack her companions, she'll be forced to let me flee! I’m faster, so I’ll be able to run away if it gets too dangerous!" I said it in a crude imitation of his voice, and the mist rippled with my laughter. "Aren't you supposed to be my superior, Laaaaaaane? Isn't that just... Embarrassing?"

    I was enjoying it. His frustration. His annoyance. Hey Potemkin, isn’t this totally your time!? Couldn’t you totally appear and kick him in the shins or something right now, showcasing our superiority over this third-rate magician using a fourth-rate casting mechanism?! You totally should! Just this once! I know you’re thinking the same thing! We can even say something cool like ‘Even my shadow is your superior in every way’!

    “How absolutely shameful. Someone with so little pride isn’t even worthy of being called a magus.”

    I laughed, and the mist shook with me.

    “Come on, come on! Use your trump card, gutter trash! Show me why you were so sure of yourself, you cockroach! Are you going to fight, or are you going to die like a dog?!

    There’s no need for anything as cruel as my highest tier of magic. Such a thing would be wasted on his ilk. And yet…

    I want to do it.

    I want to show off, just a little! I want to prove that this is my territory, these are my friends, that the people of this town aren’t just pawns to be moved about on a chessboard! Even if they’re not all kind, even if they’re not all perfect, even if some of them are the worst and deserve to be killed, it’s… It’s…!

    It’s mine, goddammit! Get your filthy fucking hands off my fucking property!

    New Ability Witnessed!

    Alexstrasza Lockhart
    STR: ? END: ? AGI: B WIL: ? INT: C EGO: A
    HP: 47/51 (-4)
    MP: 47/60 (-6)
    ACC: 4
    Movement: 10

    Tendrils of the Deep - Destruction, Darkness
    Rank: C MP: 3
    Alexstrasza forces her dominance onto the shadows themselves, creating spikes to entrap her foes in their coils, piercing them through if they can manage to ensnare their target in their grasp.
    [Choose a target within 30 meters. The target is pierced by shadowy tendrils and dealt 13 Darkness Damage. In addition, the target is forced into a EGO Protection contest against a Shatter Score of 7. If they fail, they are chained by the tendrils. The target is restrained on the spot for 2 Rounds.]

    A Cloak of Crimson - Abjuration, Sanguine
    Rank: D MP: 3
    Alexstrasza weaves a mist of blood, hiding her from her opposition as well as allowing her to temporarily dissipate inside of it. As it is, a part of her - through both magic and through essence - she can still perceive her surroundings inside of it and bide her time.
    [Creates a mist of blood in a 20 meter radius from the caster. Those within it are effectively blinded, and one cannot see inside it. While inside the cloud, the caster becomes incorporeal with a Rank D Invisibility, and part of the mist, and thus cannot be attacked by most attacks. However, in return, they cannot attack anyone either. They can still observe those within the mist and those outside it, however. This spell has a Duration of 2 Rounds.]
    in the end we will make thoughtcrime impossible, for there shall be no words to express it


    [01:05.15] <@Spinach> I can flash gang signs faster than Sasuke can perform ninjutsu and I rap like Medea's High Speed Divine Words.

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