Colt Davin
Location: Spade Queen - Cocktail Lounge
Phase: Evening Phase
Date: 09.09.1994 (FRI)
Weather: Rain

What an odd sight it was for Colt to see his moonlit caretaker show herself frustrated at something. For a moment the boy feared that he was the source of her ire as he watched her grind her teeth, her sharp, glistening fangs a reminder of the distance between her existence and the normal world he came from.

Of course, he never for a second feared for his safety. Only that he had bothered her, upset her in some way, something he never wished to do.

But soon enough the ancient vampire assuaged his fears, assuring him that her annoyance was leveled solely at the (not-so-good) Doctor.

"... Fine. Here. You may bring her this. I do not necessarily want to give this to her, 'tis a piece of myself in a way, but at the same time... 'Tis also precious enough that it should be enough for that greedy fairy. Take it, and care for it well. And if Buzz asks, you do not have it."

A strange stone emerged from Lenore’s attire and was gifted to him. The boy looked it up and down, eyes filled with curiosity. Something precious, even to her? A stone such as this wrapped in a bit of ragged cloth colored red and blue, which reminded him of the flag he saw in abundance in his life… yet, it seemed to only be a stone. It had an odd texture to it, covered in tiny holes, like someone had pressed bubble wrap into a mold.

Yet looking it over, wasn’t it still just a rock?

“Th-thanks. I promise it was worth it.” He looked up from the rock, back to the one who had handed it to him. “And it means a lot to me.”

Colt deposited the rock into his pocket. The same pocket that was so frequently the home to his locket. Another weight from the vampire added to his burden, though this one was light enough that were he not aware he would consider it no weight at all.

The teenage boy then turned to the girl his age, sleeping softly beside him.

“… Taking her home right now is a handful of bad ideas.” He concurred with the vampire’s perhaps most important bit of advice. “In the first place, the storm’s gonna get worse… driving in that, on a bike, with an unconscious passenger, is asking for trouble. Actually, it’s closer to impossible. Then I get her home and her mom thinks I’m dropping off her daughter, who looks to have passed out from too much vodka, and I think I end up six feet under, or in the back of the sheriff’s cruiser.”

He grimaced at the thought.

“I don’t think it’d be a good idea to take her to the dorm either. I’m done playing with fire.” Colt sighed in resignation, then turned to the vampire. “I think I have to give up on both of those. As nice as this place is, I don’t wanna leave her here, with or without me, I… don’t trust this place.”

Then, the boy rubbed his chin.

“A place like this has gotta have chauffeur services, right?”