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Thread: [Guide] List of Type-Moon Material

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    Oh yeah, it is missing Fate Requiem. Good eye fishrin, someone should add that eventually

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    i thought it's about extraverse, you know, two extella games and extra remake soon(tm)
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    So we loop back to "mods either update this or unsticky it".
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    I've been watching my way through all the animated Type-Moon / Nasu stuff before moving on to manga / VN stuff. Next on my list is Tsuki no Sango, but it is very hard to get any sort of info on it. I have found the English PV, but there doesn't seem to be any English release of the series, animated or otherwise. Is there any fan translation or other way to read/watch Tsuki no Sango?

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    Mazui's site is dead, huh. Here you go.

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    Wasn't sure where to ask this, but I saw the words "Material" and this is in the merch section so what the heck:
    So a while ago Udon Entertainment was releasing the Fate/Complete material books right (at least 4 of them)? I know that I got the first and second but never heard news on the other two. Did they release them without me knowing somehow or is it one of those "we have the license and we were planning to do the rest but now we're just gonna sit on it" sort of situations?

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