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    Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] - Ultimate Edition

    It's finally here. Thanks to everyone for their patience over the years and I hope you enjoy.

    UPDATE 3/19/19
    The first update to the patch has been released. We've reorganized the installer and patches a little bit compared to the previous version as well as fixed some key issues.

    Changes and bug fixes

    -Installer now has a function to download patches directly when run, and check for updates to said patches
    -Fixed error causing UBW and HF Vita openings to not play
    -Fixed an error causing one of the pop up menus to not translate
    -Implemented a missing image translation
    -Implemented an HD version of the correct version of one of the HF CGs
    -Implemented a new feature to the OST switch so that Changing Seasons now has a "classic" option to play the 2004 PC version during credits scenes
    -Adjusted the numbers on the resolution scaling ~for NintendoManiac's sake~ so it's more consistent
    -Uploaded a 100% savefile to use for those who wish to avoid CTRLing through the VN and could not get their old saves to work
    -Actually remembered to upload a file pertaining to a feature I forgot to mention exists...




    100% Save file:


    To install this you will need all three routes of Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua for PC. Choose the installer that corresponds to your OS. The installer will download the selected patches, if you run it after having already installed the game it will check for updates and download them automatically (note: if you use a portable installation you will have to select the directory again before it checks). The first time you open the game you'll have to right click and select "run as administrator". After that, the game will ask you to choose a save directory. As of now it seems old saves from the previous iteration of the project will not load, to compensate I have provided a 100% save file whcih can be downloaded from here: Be advised this is still a beta build and thus problems may occur. If you encounter a bug not listed below in this post please report it so we can take note of it.

    About the Patches

    Note: If you have already done the installation and wish to update without using the installer again, I have provided the direct links to each of the patches so you can grab them individually.

    Mandatory patches:
    -patch.xp3 This is the core patch for the game laying the foundation for the following patches. It merges all the routes to a single game, where each route unlocks after finishing the previous one - much like the classic and PS2/Vita releases. The title background will change depending on your progress in the game. Each route is unlocked after finishing the previous one, with the order being: Fate, Unlimited Blade Works, and Heaven's Feel.

    The following patches are optional, and even if you add them you can turn on/off all of their features via in-game switches:
    -patch_lang_english.xp3 Adds English translation to the game.
    -patch_hd.xp3 Adds HD graphics and wide mode support for the game.
    -patch_op.xp3 Adds high resolution Vita, PS2, and classic OPs (opening movies). The classic OP are only available at the movie menu when unlocked, while the PS2 and Vita openings play at different parts of the game as well.
    -patch_vita_ost.xp3 Adds an optional remixed version or the OST from the vita. In the BGM menu at the config menu, you can individually select for each track whether to use the original or remixed version.
    -patch_h.xp3 Restores the sex scenes, nudity, and other sexual content from the class release.
    -patch_decensor.xp3 Adds decensored images for the H-scenes.

    System requirements
    Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 or newer
    3D accelerated graphics drivers
    Sound drivers
    6.5GB of free space (for installer + resulting "Ultimate Edition" with merge patch only; source unmerged Realta Nua data not accounted for)

    Recommended specs
    2GHz dual core CPU or a GPU with hardware h.264/AVC decoding (read: any integrated or discrete GPU made in the last 10 years)
    Enough RAM to run Windows 7 without the OS bogging down too much (at least 2GB, ideally 3GB+)
    15GB of free space (installer + resulting "Ultimate Edition" with all patches + source unmerged Realta Nua data)

    Common errors and solutions
    api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing error when trying to run the installer or the visual novel itself
    Solution: download and install / reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 x86 from

    Member "kag" does not exist
    when trying to run the visual novel itself (most commonly when trying to run an existing installation on a different PC)
    Solution: delete the file "config.ksc" located in the same folder as "Fate.exe" (that being the folder you installed the "Ultimate Edition" to)

    White screen after the scene with Saber in the moonlight (aka the end of the prologue)
    Solution: make sure the Media Foundation MP4 and Microsoft DTV-DVD audio and video decoders are not disabled via Codec Tweak Tool (in fact, do not disable anything on either list unless you really know what you're doing!)

    "Secret" compatibility protips for geeks that know what they're doing
    While the installer will not function on anything older than Win7 SP1, you can actually run pre-existing portable installations of "Ultimate Edition" on older operating system configurations - all the way back to Vista without any service pack!

    But of course, there are definitely a few catches (otherwise the above-listed "minimum requirements" wouldn't be what they are):

    • On all versions of Vista, the OP videos will simply not work and you'll get an error whenever they try to play. You can however simply turn off the OP video functionality altogether by simply enabling "Patch" -> "Options" -> "Skip movies in-game".

    • Similarly, audio drivers are only required because the OP videos will not play if you do not have them installed and you'll get stuck at a white screen. Therefore, if you avoid the OP videos or disable them altogether via "Skip movies in-game", then you can actually run the VN without issue even if you have no sound drivers installed...though obviously you'll have no sound.

    • If you don't have the newest service pack for Win7 or Vista, or heck are running either without any service pack (or alternatively have a borked c++ 2015 x86 installation that you're unable to fix), then using "high" quality graphics will result in an error. Assuming your VN isn't already set to use "low" quality graphics, the easiest thing to do is rename "patch_hd.xp3" to "patch_hd.xp3_BAK" - the next time you launch the VN, it will then run in "low" quality. This method however will disable "wide" screen mode as well, so if you want to still use that, first launch the VN and make sure that it's running with "low" quality graphics, then close the VN and simply re-rename "patch_hd.xp3_BAK" to "patch_hd.xp3" - the VN will then still start up in "low" quality mode, but you can now select "wide" screen mode as well.

    Also the Vita Fate OP is by far the most demanding thing CPU-wise on older systems without h.264/AVC GPU decoding, so if you have "Play Vita OP in-game" setting disabled, you can actually get away with running the VN on much lower end hardware; the post-prologue OP only requires maybe an early 2000s single core CPU @ ~1.8GHz while everything else about the VN could probably run on even a circa-2000 ~1GHz single core CPU.

    Even more secret thing that's really stupid and I can't believe we implemented it

    So I actually forgot about this when I posted the release but, we have a customization feature for the Decensor patch! Okay so to clarify, the decensor patch uses a combination of two different prior ones, hence why I have two different sets of credits for them, a long time ago I was contacted by one of the makers of one of the patches and was requested to make multiple versions of it as he wished for his versions to be entirely used. Quibi and I decided we'd make the decensor CG's configurable, but not within the game's UI at all. So our solution was a .dic file:

    This file exists within the decensor patch with a preset configuration, however if you download this and put it in your game folder, then the game will read it over the one in the patch, so you can edit it with notepad++ to change the configuration as you please.

    I should note I haven't ACTUALLY tested if this works yet so if it doesn't please let me know.......that is if anyone actually cares/wants to use it, if not I'll get around to testing it eventually.

    known bugs and issues
    -Auto updater sometimes doesn't update

    -Old saves are incompatible

    -switching from full screen to wide screen and back creates white line-switching from SD to HD causes Decensored H CGs to not play in H scenes

    -mature content CGs don't display unless you switch fom HD to SD then back to HD, and they only display in HD mode (this has been given a hotfix, but as a consequence the more violent images will be displayed if you have H scenes on, this only applies to the images and does not affect textual content however)

    -UBW H scene crashes when skipping from skip menu-Openings crash if ctrl'ed through when in fullscreen-Skipping H scenes sometimes crashes the game

    -The second Fate H scene and UBW H scene fail to register as previously read

    -Title misaligned-Changing between HD and SD mode in music menu crashes the game

    -Static noise heard at various places.

    -in fullscreen with wide mode active on taller-than-16:9 ratio resolutions, the "activation area" for the mouse cursor to make the System/Display/Language/Patch menu appear is not actually at the top of the screen but located on the bottom of the letterboxing black bar that is on the top part of the screen - this is easily noticeable on even widescreen displays if you simply set your screen resolution to something like 1024x768.

    -The default window size for 768p displays will result in the program window "overflowing" the desktop and thereby running off the screen-The PS2 and especially the Vita Fate OP have the bottom of the video cut off when using window sizes larger than 800x600 / 1.0x, and larger window size ratios will cut off the bottom to even greater degrees.

    -Blank window and/or visual garbage when a video player progam (such as MPC-HC) is open with a video

    -Tiger Dojo text placement is disrupted in wide mode any time Taiga hits Illya

    -Blur Effect causes sprite errors in widescreen

    -Some title screens become slightly misaligned in wide mode

    -Background panning in widescreen mode causes some text to overlap

    -Illya's singing features misaligned characters

    -Loading to a previous page in the history menu that contains scrolling will cause the confirmation window to appear as part of the background

    -Changing certain settings on the Prologue Title Menu causes the prologue to begin rather than re-load the title menu

    -Options that would soft-lock the game during the TM logo are not grayed out

    Project leadsJacktheinfinite101, Quibi, Kotonoha

    The Cast
    Jacktheinfinite101: Lead editor, programming, some image editing.

    Quibi: Lead programmer, installer creation.

    Koto: Lead translator, text editing, some image editing.

    Hintay: Additional programming.

    Anonamous: Additional programming.

    uyjulian: Krkrz development.

    Waku Waku: Lead image editor, programming consultant, PS2 resources, legacy project.

    ニサンカタンソ: Additional programming.

    NM64: Audio editing, beta testing, media assets.

    SmilingWolf: Upscaled image assets.

    Hyarion: Initial translation of Fate H alts.

    MeruP: Programming.

    Terrafire: Script comparisons.

    Dallas Hickan: Additional image editing.

    GameCreater32: Custom voice replay icons, supplemental tools.

    Commander Rase: Beta Testing.

    Thryfe: Beta Testing.

    Inuhanyou: Beta Testing.

    SkitZoFrenic: Beta Testing.

    Ownsin: Beta Testing.

    UnlimitedBladeWorks: Beta Testing.

    Taka-jun, ArchDemon, Tjm, and puKKa from Mirror Moon: Original translation.

    bishopcruz and Annonymous: First H uncensor patch.

    Himeros and Belldandy100: Second H uncensor patch.

    Special thanks to any other BL members who helped out.

    Disclaimer: This installer has been severely tested, however this is still a beta build thus there is no absolute guarantee that it won't cause any problems. Bear that in mind and note that none of the staff on this project are responsible if something crazy happens.
    Last edited by Jacktheinfinite101; June 8th, 2019 at 03:01 PM.
    Memorable quotes

    Quote Originally Posted by Kinoko Nasu
    So as to stimulate the reader's imagination, I try not to write too clearly about mechanics and characters' inner workings.
    Quote Originally Posted by UnlimitedBladeWorks
    In all honesty the Ufo Anime should've included a switch that let people chose what route they wanted to watch.

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