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Thread: Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] - Ultimate Edition

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    @Bohemian Waxwing
    It's mostly Alyinghood and me handling fixes.
    Your feedback is very much appreciated!
    I unfortunately caught up lately with some IRL stuff and wouldn't be able to do much in the next month, but I do plan to fix all your reports.

    Regarding the upscales - we did something similar a while back and noticed the same thing - the waifu'd assets were just better in most cases. Manually picking and merging those is backlog task for quite some time (btw using waifu2x in 1.6x is the same as using x2 and then downscaling using lanczos - at least that was the case a few years back).
    I think I'll let NM64 take over from here as he'll have much more input than me on that matter.
    I'm very interested in your work - would you mind sharing it with me?

    (lines are created internally using images - they don't have HD versions that's why they might annoy you)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quibi View Post
    I'm very interested in your work - would you mind sharing it with me?
    Certainly. I placed a copy of both my SideBySide and Export folder in an FTP share. I'll pm you the address.

    - The SideBySide folder has all the images in the different HD versions of interest (2004,2012,2015,custom) next to each other for easy comparison. It's size is 2.24 GiB. The decision by my script which one of the available versions gets preferred on export to the other folder is based on folder name (fgimage, bgimage, patch, etc) and additional tags in the file name like [Choice] or [Custom]... Basically, for bgimage, 2012 has preference over 2015 if no special tags exist, in other folders, the 2015 version gets chosen first. I guess i should switch to always marking the version of choice, though, to make it more obvious.

    - The Export folder only has the versions actually chosen. Diffed against your present files on mega to remove duplicates there remain 1.14 GiB.

    One more thing - would it remove an unnecessary resampling step in the engine during gameplay if the images were exactly hd_size = floor(1.6*ld_size)? Last waifu run was done with sizes based on proper rounding.
    (I was unsure if it would not make sense to use proper rounding for upscaling coordinates & sizes in the engine, anyway - wasn't the Saegusa glitch where she is hovering 1 pixel above the lower border caused by both flooring her y-position and her image-height? Or would proper (in-engine) rounding just cause glitches in different places?)

    Edit: I started adding a text file next to each image in the SideBySide folder with [CUSTOM] tag explaining how it was edited and why.
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    Is there any guide anywhere on how to get all of the CGs with this version of the game? I have completed the game and didn't get all of them (i am missing 1 ending, the Unlimited Blade Works happy end).

    Also bug report: The original version of the scene where Sakura Kills Shinji isn't played despite having set textual content to classic and mature content filter off.

    Also, do you need to get all of Taiga dojo endings in order to get the epilogue?
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