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  • A collection of events.

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  • A collection of texts.

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  • A collection with a recognisable order to it.

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  • A collection with no recognisable order to it.

    6 16.67%
  • Other (explain)

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Thread: What is History?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ratman View Post
    I can't believe I posted in this thread pretty much right before I began to study the faculty of pedagogy (art and czech language) for purely economical reasons (I'm bored of working in warehouses).

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    anyway congrats on the phd fivers!!!
    I appreciate it Mr Rat but wait a few years until I've actually achieved it! God knows I could get struck down for my hubris yet.
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    I have an MA in History, I've sat here and pondered this for like half an hour and I still don't know.

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    I think if I were to focus on the "what is history To Me" part, I'd probably end up with something like the interpretation of "collections" in order to create narratives.

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