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    Although i feel somewhat uncomfortable coming here and trying to comment on what happened, i think i'll just make a few updates on how my horror story has come to an end, and a few comments on how i've felt here. What i want is to put an end to this stage of my life, come to a closure.

    To sum things up, while i mostly used the internet for trying to dissociate myself from the violence i was under while being illegally held (more on this later) in a religious correctional facility/illegal jail where a group which held no qualms in making uncivilized use of force and brainwash on those they were paid to hold, was keeping me a prisoner, coming here while immersed in a abismally deep despair for being imprisoned and deprived of all legal rights, and for studying err real life clocktower related things, if you get my drift, i also got in touch with a few NGOs.

    While it seems that smoking a certain green chinese cigarette will offer the basis for a certain local questionable crowd to start throwing insults at others, the very federal prosecutor that actually went to the site, along with the police, to investigate the call for help made by one of the illegally held people being held prisoner there (tip: someone that cries purple), that very man has said that under no circumstance a greenarette smoker was to be put under jail and held there for months.

    Yes, basically, i got in contact with people willing to issue a complaint about an illegal jail where one pays to get anyone locked up there. Sure, they "only" took three hideously long months to show up and i was getting ready to kill myself no matter what, for one never knows when the choice to do it will be gone,
    Guess it sounds a bit movike-like, in a way, but i guess that i had the priviledge of stealing a lot of their digital documents, since they kept forcing me to fix their computers. Let's see, 'cristalina cárcere privado' on a search engine focused on brazillian news articles in you think this is a lie.

    So, guess i managed to get a good true ending, in a way: my life hasn't been too comfortable, but i have enough to smoke greenarettes nearly everyday, so i guess things aren't that bad, lol.

    As for no longer coming here, well... Honestly, i felt quite unwelcomed here, to the point where i felt as though i even had my own personal abusive follower, ironically one with too much power in hands, and it seemed to also have had a few bruises in its ego.

    This was supposed to be place where people came to discuss what lies beneath the stories proposed by a certain writer i profoundly admire, or at least i expected so. Turns out that this place felt more like one of those disgusting murrican college movies, queen bees included.
    I know that i'm a blazing star, when it comes to drawing attention, and that's natural for me. Not everyone's ok with that, because theirs is the crown. Well, toxicity rose up, and maybe i was too frail, maybe i was afraid that a certain spoiled mod would go as far as trying to trace my physical location and screw me over...

    After all, it's kinda hard to think a forum where debate is free being moderated by a guy paid by the military AND who seems to workd AND approve locking people up in psych wards. I'm not sure how dangerous this place actually is and was, but honestly, could i afford to risk it?

    The lack of content that wasn't twitter-like and a little hostility towards those that don't comply with the demands of those with higher social status closed the deal. I don't regret leaving this place.

    Still... Not all of your were unsweet towards me, so i felt like just waving that i'm still alive, that i actually made it out of there alive, that a brave knight DID rescue me out of that hellhole, and that things didn't end as bad a they could. They nearly did and i was nearly disappeared so others could take charge of my inheritance, but, well...

    I made it out of there. Free. Felt an effing lot like portal 2's ending, if you ask me.

    And thus let's close this chapter, and this identity.

    As for me, in the end i'll continue to study what a member of given group i'm part of writes to teach their neonates. Too bad not everyone realizes just how marvellous those works are... After all, Red Saber herself said it, "This is the battlefield!"... I wonder how many understand what was said.

    And how socially awkward i am, of course. But i guess i'm still new to those things.

    May a purple future embrace those who deserve it.

    Ja na...

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    Wow, is still going around...

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    So, I guess... Congrats on being released from your correctional facility!
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