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Thread: Spirit Pulse : Mugen No Sekai [IC]

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    Monday - Early Morning, Just After Midnight

    Some claim it's muscle memory, others just call it instinct.

    The thing is, the second I hear that voice, that familiar voice which has already engraved itself into my mind after so many encounters over the past year, my body immediately decides to move on its own, ignoring the fact that I have yet to catch up on this sudden turn of events. Likewise, my mouth opens automatically to whisper a sadistic message brought straight from the depths of my subconscious, a peerless villain-like line developed and kept safe for a long time just to be used at this precise moment, when the opponent least expects it.

    "It's you who's a fool, Jack!"
    Speaking those words with pleasure as I turn around, my hand swiftly moving in to capture one of his little appendages, I finally become aware of my actions. Despite my overall terrible speed, the surprise factor turns out to work spectacularly in my favor. "Stepping into my range with such little care! Just whose lair do you think this is...?!"

    I swing the doll-like demon in mid air a couple of times, before releasing my grip on him, sending him flying. His size and low weight works to my advantage, allowing me to toss him at max strength with no worries of anything breaking so long as I keep my aim steady. I am sorry but a hero should never wander into a villain's lair unprepared and not until the final battle, otherwise it's a guaranteed dead end-!

    "A castle clad in pitch-black darkness, its expenses paid with sweat and blood! A crossroad where evil converges, where the souls of the fallen speak their regrets, an ideal place for one such as I! This is my home!"

    Amamiya Sho will always attack intruders, no matter their nature. A rational person at times, he unravels his mask whenever his possessions are at risk. In this case, he becomes a 'hit first, ask questions later' kind of individual, all in order to defend the right of a private property. Normally he would not even bother giving a speech like this one, but that is just how his relationship with this particular Jack Frost is. In this fantasy, he would always adopt the role of the villain.

    "Venturing into my territory unaided... It doesn't get any more foolish than that. Be gone, child of ice, say your final farewells to this world."

    A villain has a tragic backstory. A villain is always misunderstood. A villain is not allowed to show weakness.

    That is I! A villain through and through!

    "Once I press this button, the temperature in this room will raise tremendously, so much that this place will become hell itself."

    In my hands is the control of the only Air Conditioner I ever bought. Very well concealed within the interior of my home, it's a relic I recovered from a garage sale years ago. Of course, once it broke and I learned that repairing it was just as expensive as getting a brand new model, I simply abandoned the idea of saving money for the cause. But now, it will prove useful in eradicating one of my few rivals who's still standing.


    It's not working.

    This thing won't even do it's job wrong anymore. Perhaps as a result of not using it in a very long time, it now refuses to awaken from its deep slumber!

    "A-Anyways." I try to buy myself some time. "Of course I already knew what she was talking about. On Christmas Eve, this year, I succumb to a curse of eternal sleep. That's... Alright with me, I guess. Beats dying by a long shot."

    Turning my back to the hero and his red haired princess, I slide into the kitchen to prepare some coffee. I suppose that I'll be a good host -villains are always respectable hosts, after all- and prepare one cup for each guest, as well as one for myself.

    "That way, if someone ever manages to wake me up, I'd be rich. All my collectibles will have surely escalated enormously in price by then. In any case, since someone is being stubborn and playing 'keep guard all night long', I suppose I'll join. We just need the right boardgame to pass the time, and we're set."
    [18:30] RacingeR: Max S.Link with hero is when you promise your daughter to him
    [18:31] RacingeR: Which means Airen and me are the only ones that maxed it (I promised Spin to him, and Spin is my daughter)
    [18:32] hero: oh shit
    [18:32] hero: spincess get
    [18:32] hero: suck it fuckers

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    Logan Starbright
    Monday - Morning

    Quote Originally Posted by Logan
    “What do you know about her? Does she have anything to do with this? Does the Messiah?”
    ---In spite of the energy in that question, of the burning desire to know, it takes a moment for the floating girl (entity) to respond to your question in any real way; indeed, her gaze continues to search your face as you think, giving off the clear aura of someone who was actively trying to break you down into more manageable fragments with her eyes alone, as if the answers to these questions would satisfy the innate sense of 'paranoia,' that was clearly driving all of her actions, and...

    "...What do I know?"

    ...For a moment.


    For a moment, those eyes become warmer again, although not in a way that you would prefer, indeed, it's more like...


    Or something along those lines...

    "...The World is Strange. The dead do not return to life, that is one of the fundamental laws of reality. Nevertheless, Sarah Starbright walks again with her own soul... Asking me why, I suppose she does so because she is your 'dream,' a wish that existed inside of your heart."

    The warmth fades with that question, and again, the return to the more clinical stare.

    "Of course what her objective is is beyond me, who knows what's going through that girl's head?"

    ---Of course, reality is not so kind as to prove you with everything, indeed, on some level, all of this had just become a bit more confusing because she doesn't seem too keen on elaborating...

    Quote Originally Posted by Logan
    “This traitor, these people you don’t trust: They’re stronger than you, then? Stronger than your coworkers? Stronger than Spirit Tamers?”
    And at this...

    "You don't need to be particularly powerful to backstab someone."

    She laughs.

    A bitter, cynical laugh...

    "I'm sure I could dispose of the traitor if I found them, it's some... Other beings... That are the ones I'd rather not run into under the current circumstances; I have no way of telling if the traitor is working with them or not, so I must assume that they are, I can't take the chance of being incorrect right now."

    In the distance, Logan's denial of Eve's help leads to the android almost seeming to lose steam mid-flight in surprise; her jump ends prematurely, ending up on the edge of one of the many simulated buildings as the crowds of people down below shuffle towards the clock tower, and the look of surprise on her face, as if she herself was surprised that she had followed that order so fast...

    It's almost cute.

    Verity's vague look in the android's direction is too, considering the android seems to innocently wave at her, and she...

    Awkwardly waves back?

    Another brief moment of humanity for the ever cynical girl, before...

    “That nickname of yours… You know an Edgar by any chance?”


    Listening to Amelia's question, the floating girl goes completely silent, and the eyes go completely cold...

    In that instant.

    The thought that shoots through her head is obvious, namely:

    Do I have to take care of these two?

    It's a bit of a swerve from everything up until now, like an older sister suddenly realizing one of her younger siblings might be in danger, and sizing up the threat and necessary level of response, but...


    After an awkward couple of seconds it fades as she comes to some sort of conclusion, and...


    With that, she drops a photograph on the ground.

    Old-fashioned Polaroid, made with an instant camera, remarkably old-fashioned considering the current technological level of the World...

    Inside that photograph, are a number of people.

    People standing in what looks like the cafeteria of some sort of building, one with frost-tinted windows and wooden floors; the people in the image are having some sort of get-together, that much is obvious from just glancing at the photograph itself, and...

    -it hurts to look at it for some reason.

    -You're in this photo, standing near the back wall alongside Astra, who has her arms crossed and seems to be eyeing some nearby Christmas trees with an amused look on her face.

    -The hermit is in this photo, playing chess with an older woman with brown hair, an NWAB agent, judging by the golden moon on her chest.

    -There's a blonde delinquent looking youth in what you can only assume is the kitchen, caught in mid-leap between many different dishes.

    -Raz Stone is on a stage -singing as always- a smaller crowd around him, because this seems like a smaller gathering in general...

    -There's two church girls walking side by side, one of whom seems to be holding the other one back from a hug with a mildly annoyed face, followed by a red-haired woman in a scarf clutching a guitar.

    -Vincent is doing as he always does, manning the window of what can only be another coffee shop, Anna and Ludwig sitting on the stools nearby, and the hologram of an A.I surrounded by what seemed like four kids (one of whom Amelia can recognize as Burroughs, and another as Verity) with a tired look on his face, and...

    It just keeps going, an image full of even more people that you can and can't recognize, that sends static coursing along the surface of your brain, static that forces you to look away from it as if it was cursed, as if your eyes would boil out of your head if you didn't, but before you do...

    Before you can...

    You notice writing on it.

    Just a little bit of writing, on the back of the photo itself, written in someone's hurried penmanship...

    ---X-Cross Celebration, Northern Base, 12/24/2026
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    Death is nothing but a disease.
    But it is one that often comes from all sides.
    An end like that is coming, and yet here you are.

    Tell me.

    Could you kill someone you love for the sake of everyone else?

    What a cynical worldview, Messiah.
    Real heroes would find a different answer.

    Right, right.
    The power to break through a sad reality—
    I wonder—

    Will they be able to show it to me?

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