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    ---Bullets made of spiritual power fill the entirety of the corridor.

    Out of all the things that had happened to you today, out of every opponent that you have fought over the past few hours, the one whose presence serves as the most terrifying of them all is the lone figure cloaked in white at the end of this ancient hallway. It doesn't bear the naturally frightening visage of the monsters of mud, nor the terrifying stature of the giant, it is simply a lone humanoid standing with Great Sword held aloft in one hand, a warrior of infinite willpower who will see their task through to the end...

    That aura is monstrous.

    It's worse than that of the giant, it's cleaner, less polluted with negative emotions, but the clarity of it is like a blade that's already resting on the base of your neck.

    As if the release of it's Spirit Power was enough for the body to realize the proximity of death, even though the figure claims it will not kill you, that it will simply wipe away the things it finds inconvenient, your heart shoots into overdrive anyway, and for Alyx...

    It's exactly the same.

    ---She can hear it.

    ---The sound of her own heart throbbing in her chest.

    It's a warning.

    A warning to take this one seriously, because a slip-up might as well be fatal-!

    That is why there is no hesitation, the moment the words that mean diplomacy has failed fall from it's lips, she has already unleashed a barrage of spiritual power across the entirety of the corridor; it is not a single wall of reiki, rather some bullets fall ahead while others fall behind so no single breakthrough is done through a karn; a relentless assault that sprays like machine-gun fire as she holds down the triggers of dual guns, and-

    "So you choose resistance. That's unfortunate."

    The voice is quiet.

    But it booms.

    Booms like the voice of a Deity itself, as it hefts the greatsword up in one arm, and-

    Straight ahead, into a wall of hostile magic.

    There is no hesitation, no sense for tricks or clever ploys, the moment it had decided to fight, it's path was geared straight towards you regardless of what gets in it's way, an unwavering dash that is accompanied only by a bright silver flash of energy as it propels itself forward relentlessly, but-

    -not recklessly.

    While the size of it's blade is monstrous, the speed with which it spins it around itself, deflecting shot after shot, is so perfect that even you can't help but admire it; there is no wasted motion, where a bullet would strike is where that blade comes to meet it, spinning energy away not through magic but sheer skill with the blade, as shots are parried so perfectly they cancel each other out, a refined technique for "crossing space to meet one's opponent" without letting up on their defense, yes-!

    ---Melee is likely where this fighter shines, thus it seeks to enter that space, even so-!

    Hidden amidst the bullets, is a stronger lance of light, and-!


    It's treated no differently.

    The sparks that come with the arc of the holy sword are those that send the holy lance flying into the air above, shattering down as glass-like shards as the monstrous swordsman continues forth, and-


    -meets Alyx, who -stepping forward to cover your retreat- is forced to defend herself at close range with her guns-!

    ---One blow.

    Or rather, one strike is all it takes to lose them-!

    They were not weapons suited to close-range combat from the start, but the spinning of the pistols in her hands to reveal the hilts, thrust upwards to deflect the blade that sought to slash her chest, is a guard that shatters.

    It is not a guard that is pierced, no, throwing all of her strength into her arms, she is able to deflect the monstrous one-armed blow of her assailant, blow so strong that a shockwave rips through her body, but she loses her balance in the exchange-!


    A breath hitches in-!

    Feet are off the ground, the opponent will be attacking again in but a moment, wrist spinning to realign a strike as Alyx is forced to think on her feet-!

    She lets herself fall, back touching the ground, hands shooting to the space behind her, she pushes forward with her hands to deliver two rapid kicks to her opponent's solar plexus, hoping to throw them off balance if nothing else to buy her a second to get back on her feet, but-!

    "Naive, Alyx."

    ---The opponent is unfazed.

    While Alyx is a gunner, she is also a martial artist; combine this with training as a sniper and she knows exactly where to target someone to hurt them the most, and yet-!

    Completely ignoring the strike, as if the entirety of your sister's physical strength was meaningless to it, the White Shroud grasps her heel and hauls her into the air in but an instant, spinning the blade around in it's hand to strike her in the side with it's hilt -a blow she reflexively blocks with her arms- it throws her into the air afterwards while all of her limbs have gone numb, and-!


    ---No way to dodge.

    A flow of motion, a dance that had taken less than four seconds.


    Screaming from the influx of electricity that rocks her body in mid-air, the silver haired girl falls back behind the Shroud, around spheres of magical energy that have yet to dissipate, body crackling with leftover magic as she tries to get up, but-!

    You can't help her.

    You don't have the time to do so, after all-!

    The first strike of it's sword is reflected by Tetrakarn, but-!

    Carrying the momentum of it's reflection, letting it spin it's body around on it's own, the graceful leg that moves to strike you in the chest knocks you over thirty feet back, air knocked from your lungs as you slide across the ground...

    "...Weak. Far too weak to protect anything, but strong enough to let it go to your head, like most of the Tamers back home."

    It raises it's blade to the sky.

    Lightning strikes it, coating it's edge, and-

    "...Half-baked, you're far too peaceful, this is the sort of naive strength that invites disaster. Make sure you can protect yourself before you try to save anyone else."

    -starts to walk towards you.


    White Shroud

    Name: ???
    Gender: ???
    Age: ???


    Strength: B+
    Agility: C+


    -Spirit Surge-
    Rank: E (?)
    Infuses one's body and weaponry with Spiritual Power before instantly expelling it to increase performance, a rather basic spell formula, however, the nature of the User's Spiritual Power seems to make it more effective in some way... Further details unknown.

    Element: Electricity


    -Battle Beat-


    -"Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death..."-
    A defensive sword arte designed to close the distance between oneself and opponent, whilst reflecting certain forms of attack that target the user along the way. While it serves as a strong defense against gunners and the like, it seems that proper use requires [...] and thus, [...]
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