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Thread: Spirit Pulse : Mugen No Sekai [IC]

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    Monday ~ Evening

    ---As an impulsive entity, perhaps it was only natural that Shadow Catherine (and that was what she was, a shadow) would jump from one task to another without thinking too much about in the long term. If something seems like a good idea right now, she'll just do it, if someone is running away, it makes sense to chase them...

    Something like that?

    It's not an outlook that's considering the best route for other people, it's possible she simply disregarded the other two entirely the moment she warped the both of you away from the battle, in which case...

    Letting her take the reins too much could be dangerous, she doesn't have an Ego to question her, so...

    You voice your doubts.

    In response to those doubts...


    Catherine stops.

    Her -eerily quiet- footsteps cease, then, with a slow turn of her head...

    "I can't see it."

    She simply says this, as if it explained absolutely everything about the situation...

    "I think they only exist for their target."

    She turns around to face you fully, voice...

    Calm... No...


    For the shadow that seemed to revel in her emotions, it's certainly an odd occurrence...

    "If that's true, you likely can't perceive it anymore either, it's shifted from you to him. No point in trying to help them."

    So she says, but...

    You can definitely... Hear the voice of the maid from before coming from behind the wall...

    It's garbled, coated in static, a painful sound like a voice struggling to emerge from beneath the ruinous sounds of a broken television set, but...

    It's there.

    "Better to chase someone we can do something about, no?"
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    Exodus (Complete)

    Even if the author is silenced, the performance is stilled and the actors leave the stage, the story will never truly end.

    Regardless of the form it takes, as long as there are memories of it's existence, the story will continue on.

    In a small ward in the heart of a once devastated town, life carries on as it always has...

    Because of you.

    Please, remember it warmly.

    We'll continue to walk down this path for eternity.

    Mugen No Sekai

    "The Illusion Incomplete Memories Produce Are,

    Fleeting, Disappearing into the Future,

    Until the Ruins of Yesterday Overflow,

    For That Which Falls Only to Rise is Simply a--"

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    Monday - Noon

    It was a nostalgic and familiar sight to Cosmos Fairchild.

    Perhaps the participants aren't exactly the same and the venue is different, but the numbers still match, and it reminded her of a much simpler time, of the four of them sitting around and playing this card game in the Inner Gardens with cookies and tea on the side. Those blissful days that she took for granted now seems like a faraway dream and out of reach...

    But the reminder lit a flame in her heart, her resolve and determination burning brighter as she is now even more determined to succeed in her mission.

    So that they could return to those days filled with joy and bliss, she wouldn't fail-!

    ... Of course, right now that thought and resolve is perhaps a little irrelevant.

    Looking at her hand and the revealed blue 8, Cosmos pondered her options. She would have loved to play a numbered blue card, but for better or worse she doesn't have any numbered blues in her hand; the question, then, is which of these should she play early...

    Quote Originally Posted by Alisa
    "So, Mr. Secret Agent Man. Card game time is bonding time. Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself?"
    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel
    "Well, I suppose I could... But I'm not sure what would be interesting to share about myself."
    "Ah, how about how you and Miss Sofia met and become friends? I don't think you've told me." Cosmos suggests as she finalized her choice and placed her card on the table. "Reverse blue. It's your turn now, auntie."
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