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Thread: Matou Shinji and the Price of Victory (HP/FSN CYOA)

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    Choice 259: [X] Just the extraction and switch - keep it simple

    Choice 260: [X] Plan Spirited Away ie the following list

    Needed for Op
    -Training for Nines and George in Obliviate Spell (On the off chance that someone sees this operation, so team can erase their memory once disabled)
    - Item to be worn by George and Zelkova to monitor them sending a video feed to Shinji and Pansy while they wait in the RoR (So that Shinji can respond to emergencies by flowing to them as backup/exorcist team)
    - Purchase of small amount of Advance Ofuda and exorcist equipment from Ambassador Kohaku(for use of exorcist any ghost that witness the op as they would be able to see George and Nine while they are in sprite form)
    - Training for Nines and George in Spirit Concealment and/or request of acquiring an item/ofuda that can conceal the team from ghosts. Item acquired to be held by Albion for future use.

    Needed for Spy
    - Item that record the daily activities (sight, sound, etc) of its wearer with the ability to transfer its data collected into a small object to be transferred back to Albion (To be worn by Emilia while acting as a spy at Hogwarts, for the purpose of Albion to analyze)
    - Small Vanishing Box linked to another same Vanishing Box (For Emilia use. Giving her the ability to give report/data as mention from item above as well as to give Emilia support/equipment for any future ops. Item can wait until after the insertion)

    Jointed Operation Request
    - Possible distraction attack/probe by Albion Army near Hogsmead to distract forces at Hogwarts as the assemble a response. Not required but could help distract Hogwarts personal. Subject to command opinions.

    Choice 261: [X] Yes- add Pansy, Nines, George and Shinji
    Justification – Nines and George both for their ability to take on Spirit Forms so they can infiltrate unnoticed by wizards (in fact Homenum Revelio spell will have no effect with these two) to escort Daphne to the RoR. Shinji – Monitoring and leading the operation from RoR, able to flow to Infiltration team if needed to in worse cast scenario or help exorcist a ghost.


    So the material request vote is odd as it does not make us state our plan for operation but we basically have to do so to answer it. So I think you can all tell the basics of the plan without me detailing it here.

    Also I know we have tossed around on discord the idea of requesting stuff to get the Fade potion completed/working for this operation but it has been pointed out that its not actually necessary for the success of the op. So I have removed that from my first draft I made where I asked for a potion lab access and a magical item to help pay for Lestrange services to help make the Fade potion with Shinji.

    Since Zelkova already comes with the ability to travel in sprite form as well as George's Ring, that is likely enough support to go met with Daphne to reassure her to have her make her way to the RoR while George and Zelkova follow her in their sprite form. Any fade potion is overkill at that point and would take a unknowable of time and effort to make a reality.

    When in doubt keep it simple and thus this modified plan.

    If you got ideas of anything else that might be needed to help lower the risk of this operation to deal with possible issues that could come up, feel free to bring them up so I can add it in.
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