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Thread: Sister x Sadistic (A Fire Force Fanfic)

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    Sister x Sadistic (A Fire Force Fanfic)

    So, after being disappointed by a lack of Iris x Hibana fanfics I decided to write one up myself. This is smut, and so obviously NFSW, as well as having some fairly hardcore content. Dominance/submission, defloration, rough sex, bondage, as well as some... creative use of magical flames. Don't read if you're not into things like that. Also, let's just say Iris is 18 here to mitigate the age difference aspect (Hibana is 20 in canon).

    With that out of the way, let's begin the story!

    Sister x Sadistic​:

    "Hibana..." Iris muttered in a timid, faltering voice.

    The tall silver-haired woman arched a perfect eyelash. "Yes Iris?"

    "I..." Iris's voice faded out inaudibly. She was visibly trembling from nervousness.

    "Well, out with it then," Hibana said gruffly, letting out an exasperated sigh at her friend's shyness.

    "I've always loved you," Iris said finally once she'd worked up the courage to speak.

    Hibana smiled. "Well of course. I'm your beloved big sister after all, even if I no longer have the title of 'Sister'."

    "No!" Iris interrupted, blushing profusely. "Not in that way..." Her voice cracked again but she resolutely forced herself to keep talking. "Hibana... when I first met you, I felt so shy and alone. You saved me, and your flowers were so beautiful. But more importantly..." The blonde nun's blush deepened. "You were beautiful."

    "A-and when I came to you at Company 5's base and you s-stripped my clothes with your fire powers..." Oh boy, now the poor thing was really getting herself worked up, Hibana thought with an amused smirk. She didn't even need to use her ability to explain the rush of heat surging through Iris's trembling body. "Even though I was confused and scared, part of me kind of liked it. I wished you could've done that to me in better circumstances."

    Hibana looked at the other girl studyingly. "So let me get this straight," she said slowly. "You, despite being a Sister for the Holy Temple of Sol, fell in love with me. Iris, I never knew you were into other girls."

    "I didn't know either," Iris explained. "To be honest, I didn't understand these urges inside me until very recently."

    "And," Hibana continued, face slowly spreading out into a wicked grin. "Part of you liked what I did to you at Company 5. When I stripped you, humiliated you, choked you and threw you aside like a cheap discarded whore. Is that how you want to be treated, Iris? Like a whore?"

    "N-no!" Iris exclaimed, face red in protest. "It's just that I..."

    "Not another word from you," Hibana ordered coldly. "On your knees. Now."

    "But..." Iris stammered.

    "What's the matter, sister?" Hibana asked teasingly. "You're used to praying to Sol on your knees, right? This isn't any different. I'm just asking you to pray for me."

    "Oh, okay..." Iris murmured, and she knelt down in front of Hibana. Her mind raced with confusion at what the violet-eyed woman had planned for her.

    "What are you going to do with me now?" she asked innocently.

    "Now," Hibana said slowly, savoring the confusion and helplessness painted on the younger girl's face. "Is time for your punishment."

    "P-punishment?" Iris stammered confusedly. "For what?"

    Hibana smirked. "For not confessing your feelings to be right away but instead fantasizing about me from afar like a dirty little voyeur. And," she went on, grabbing Iris by her tufts of blonde hair and forcing her head up roughly until their eyes met. "For being such a perverted slut that she enjoys being treated like this."

    "Hibana, stop-!" Iris protested in a weak voice. Hibana interupted by spitting in her open mouth. Iris blushed as the older woman's saliva mixed with hers. Then Hibana roughly shoved two of her fingers into Iris's mouth.

    "Mmmghph!" Iris gave a strangled gasp as Hibana's fingers plunged into her small, dainty mouth.

    Hibana pumped her fingers back and forth, enjoying the feel of Iris's tight wet little throat. "What's wrong, Iris?" Hibana asked, flashing one of her trademark sadistic grins. "You basically told me you wanted to be treated roughly, didn't you?"

    Iris moaned and started to cry as Hibana finger-fucked her throat. But, much to her embarrassment, part of her "down there" was getting unbelievably wet from Hibana's ministrations. "I knew it," Hibana cackled, seeing the telltale dampness seeping into the crotch of Iris's habit. "You do like being treated like this!"

    Hibana pulled out her fingers, soaked with the young nun's saliva. She brought her hand to her lips and licked it lecherously, tasting Iris's saliva.

    Iris coughed, clutching her throat briefly before being able to speak again. "Hibana, what are you-?" The tanned woman cut her off by slapping Iris across the face. It was a light slap, more intended to make a point emotionally than leave a physical mark. But it stunned Iris into silence.

    "I said not another word out of you," Hibana growled. "Gravel isn't allowed to speak without its princess's permission. And even then, the only words I want to hear out of your mouth are 'Yes, princess' or 'Please, may I be your dirty fuck-slut princess'. Do you understand me?"

    "Y-yes princess..." Iris murmured submissively, face red with shame. Hibana was being so horribly rough and cruel to her. So why, why couldn't she help but crave for more?

    Hibana slapped her again. "Did I give you permission to speak?"

    Iris shook her head meekly. "Good girl," Hibana said. Then she used her fire powers to incinerate Iris's nun uniform like in their previous encounter. Iris cried out in embarrassment as her habit briefly sparked in flames, before quickly crumbling away to ash.

    Hibana chose to let Iris keep enough of her clothes to preserve the barest shred of modesty. A bra-like patch of fabric over Iris's small yet perky breasts, a tiny ragged skirt that barely covered her round firm ass. It was more fun to watch Iris blush and frantically try to cover herself than leaving her totally naked right away.

    Hibana reached out and cupped Iris's breasts through the tattered remnants of her habit. Iris gave a girlish yelp of protest as the older woman's hands lustfully caressed her chest. "That's a good girl," Hibana cooed. "You're so cute when I tease you like this. See, look how sensitive you are." As if proving her point, Hibana gripped the blonde nun's left nipple through her bra and twisted it playfully. Iris had to bite her lip to stifle a moan of pleasure.

    "You're so sensitive I just have to tease your nipples a bit and you'll happily melt into my arms," Hibana went on. "Almost like your body is begging me to use you like this." Hibana's caresses trailed slowly downward across Iris's taut midriff until her hand was directly over her crotch. Hibana could feel her lover's sopping wet girlhood through the thin fabric of her skirt. She slipped her fingers into Iris's skirt and rubbed her secret flower directly. Iris gave a breathy gasp of pleasure.

    Hibana stroked Iris's sex just enough to get her stimulated, then withdrew her hand abruptly. "Sorry sister, but I'm not going to fuck you just yet. You have to prove yourself worthy first." She snapped her fingers as if breaking a spell. "I give you permission to speak now Iris. Tell me how much you want me to fuck you."

    "W-what?" Iris stammered uncertainly. "But I couldn't... asking you do something like that to me, it's too much!"

    Hibana sighed. Iris really was a pure little virgin to her core. Usually Hibana found the blue-eyed nun's innocence and shyness cute, but sometimes it just exasperated her. "Listen Iris," Hibana said in a softer, more reassuring voice. "Do you love me?"

    "Yes Hibana!" Iris exclaimed without a moment's doubt. She frowned and quickly corrected herself "Um, I mean... 'yes princess'?" A fumble, but one Hibana could forgive considering the girl's purehearted enthusiasm.

    "Then..." Hibana went on. "You want to spend the rest of your life with me, to enjoy my warm embrace, to feel your body spark with desire at my touch?"

    "Y-yes!" Iris said eagerly, overcoming her shyness. "I want to do all those things with you, princess Hibana!"

    Hibana smiled. "Then I'll ask again. Do you want me to fuck you?"

    Iris paused for a second, blushing before whispering softly and with newfound decisiveness "Yes princess."

    "Good," Hibana said warmly, enjoying the way the younger girl perked up at her praise. "Now why don't you show me how much you love me?" With those words Hibana sat down and spread her slender, toned legs wide apart. She wasn't wearing any panties under her skirt, showing her moist brown womanhood.

    Iris's face turned luminescent at the sight. "P-princess..."

    Hibana frowned teasingly. "What's the matter Iris. You've bathed with other girls before at the convent. Surely you saw what they looked like 'down there'."

    But this isn't the same at all, Iris thought.

    "Anyways," Hibana continued. "I want you to pleasure me. If you can make me orgasm with just your tongue, I'll consider you worthy of me taking your first time."

    "But princess..." Iris protested. "I've never done anything like this before, much less to another girl."

    Hibana grinned. "I don't see the problem. I said I wanted you to pray for me before, and I meant it. Worship me like you were worshipping Sol."

    Iris gulped nervously. Just the words sounded horribly blasphemous.
    As a Holy Sister, Iris's tongue was meant for uttering prayers to the great Sol, not being used for such... filthy things. But somehow, Iris couldn't help but blush as she imagined herself doing those horrible things. Of surrendering her pride and worshipping Hibana as her goddess.

    "Well?" Hibana said, tapping her finger impatiently.

    "I'll do it princess," Iris said in a soft voice.

    "Of course you would," Hibana said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "You are my dirty little slut after all. Now let's begin, shall we?"

    Ignoring her trepidation Iris leaned forward until her face was pressed right up against Hibana's bare sex. She inhaled, letting the fragrant aroma of Hibana's womanhood wash over her. Then, timidly, tentatively, she stuck out her tongue and began licking Hibana's damp slit.

    "Ahhhhhh~!" Hibana immediately let out a breathy moan of pleasure. "You're such a good girl Iris. Are you sure you haven't done this before?"

    "Of course not!" Iris squeaked indignantly. "I've never even touched another girl like this before you, princess Hibana."

    "Whatever, I was just teasing you," Hibana grunted brusquely. "Now keep going."

    "Yes princess," Iris said timidly as she kept licking Hibana's most feminine place. Her pacing grew faster, less timid over time as she lost herself in the rich folds of Hibana's sex. Iris nibbled lightly on the silver-haired woman's clit, eliciting another desirous gasp.

    Hibana crossed her legs together, pressing against the back of Iris's neck and pushing her head deeper against her womanhood. Iris's face was now practically buried in the older girl's crotch, wide blue eyes looking up at Hibana devotedly. Hibana pinched Iris's nose shut.

    Iris gave a muffled yelp of surprise as her breathing was cut off. Hibana grinned sadistically, pushing Iris down deeper and smothering the young nun in her sex. After a few delicious seconds of this she took her fingers away from Iris's nose, letting the girl breath again. "Princess, what were you doing?" Iris panted. "I couldn't breath."

    Hibana frowned. "Did I tell you to stop? The fact is, a princess's right to orgasm is more important than gravel's right to breath. If you do want to continue breathing, I'd recommend you focus on pleasuring me quite enthusiastically. Understand?" Of course, Hibana didn't really intend to let Iris pass out, and she doubted the other girl thought so either. But it wouldn't hurt to let the threat hang in the air as a bit of 'encouragement'.

    "Princess Hiban-mmmph!" Iris's protests were smothered when Hibana pinched her nose shut again. Iris worked her tongue on Hibana with renewed vigor, frantically licking and kissing the more mature woman's sex. Hibana groaned happily and leaned back in her chair, fondling her own breasts as she came closer to climaxing from Iris's eager tongue.

    After a little bit of this Iris's face started turning pink from lack of oxygen and faint choking sounds emanated from her mouth. Looks like she's almost out of air, Hibana thought to herself. Thankfully, the violet-eyed girl was close to cumming herself.

    Pushing Iris's face down for the last time Hibana cried out as a spinetingling wave of pleasure crashed over her body. She came explosively, spurting her juices into Iris's open mouth. Then, finally, Hibana uncrossed her legs from around Iris's neck, letting the blonde gasp for much-needed breath.

    "Haa... haa..." Iris panted, gulping down huge mouthfuls of air to fill her deprived lungs.

    "You were such a good girl Iris," Hibana said once she'd recovered from her intense orgasm. Despite her condition, Iris blushed and smiled happily at the praise. Hibana reached out her hand and patted Iris's head affectionately like she did in the past. Iris purred contentedly and nuzzled closer to Hibana.

    "Are you... going to f-fuck me now?" Iris asked falteringly. Hibana suspected this was the first time the nun had ever used that particular word.

    "Very well," Hibana answered. "You've earned your right to cum."

    "Thank you princess," Iris said.

    "Now," Hibana ordered, pointing to a nearby table. "Lie down on that table for me. Flat on your back."

    Iris blinked in confusion. "Why, though?"

    Hibana smirked wickedly. "You'll see..."

    Iris did as she was told. She climbed on top of the wooden table and leaned back until her whole body was resting flatly on it. "What now?" Iris asked curiously.

    Hibana snapped her fingers wordlessly. Suddenly tendrils of flame in the shape of flowering vines appeared at the corners of the table. They snaked around Iris's arms and legs, stretching them out. Iris cried out reflexively in pain but much to her surprise, the flames didn't hurt and burn her at all.

    "How did you do that?" Iris asked wide-eyed.

    "After Shinra knocked me to my senses I trained to master my flames," Hibana said. "So they'd only burn what I want to be burned."

    "That's amazing..." Iris exclaimed in awe.

    "Just wait 'til you see what more I can do with them," Hibana said. She gestured and the fiery rope-like vines around Iris's limbs also tied themselves to the table's legs. Now Iris was bent forward over the table with her wrists bound to the front legs and her ankles to the back ones. This awkward position left Iris's barely clad body totally on display. Her legs were spread apart defenselessly to expose her crotch. Her limbs being pulled back made Iris's breasts stick up provocatively.

    Hibana snapped her fingers again, directing a brief flash of heat that incinerated the rest of Iris's clothes to ash. Iris shrieked in humiliation and tried to cover herself, but her binds made that impossible. All her struggling served to do was better show off her body to Hibana.

    Hibana strode slowly and deliberately around her bound captive, drinking in the sight of Iris's naked body. Her shapely long legs. Her perfect taut stomach. Her pale pink, rosebud-like nipples that begged to be teased and licked. Her delicate, quivering pink pussy that dripped with needy desire.

    "Princess Hibana..." Iris whimpered with need, feeling the older woman's gaze lustfully caress every inch of her body. "P-please..."

    Hibana smiled, still walking slowly around Iris like a cat circling prey. "You still need to beg for it." Of course she wanted to fuck the blonde nun just as much as Iris herself wanted it. But it was more fun to play coy for a bit and draw out Iris's desire rather than indulging right away.

    "Please fuck me princess..." Iris murmured, almost too softly to hear.

    Hibana cocked an eyebrow unimpressedly. "I can't hear you~" she said in a sing-song voice.

    "I said p-please f-fuck me p-princess..." Iris stammered, face turning red from humiliation.

    The poor girl like she was going to melt, and not from the flames. Hibana secretly used her power to send a heat wave through Iris's body, making her even more feverishly aroused. Beads of sweat cascaded down Iris's body as the blush on her face deepened. She was hot and bothered, literally.

    "Say it firmly," Hibana insisted. "What, do you have a stutter or something?" She would draw out the moment just a bit longer before giving Iris what she needed.

    "P-please..." Iris's voice cracked but she mustered the will to continue speaking. "PLEASE FUCK ME PRINCESS HIBANA!" Her formerly meek and soft voice elevated to a passionate scream as Iris confessed her lust.

    Hibana cracked a satisfied grin. "See? Don't you feel better now?" She quietly dispelled the heat wave around Iris, letting the girl's body return to its normal state. Then she began to strip while approaching Iris. First Hibana shrugged off the uniform jacket that signified her membership in Company 5. Then she pulled off her skimpy dress, leaving her completely naked like Iris. Hibana's voluptuous breasts, firm athletic legs, toned midriff and juicy brown pussy were fully presented for Iris to admire.

    "Princess..." Iris gasped breathily, unable to resist brushing her eyes over Hibana's naked body.

    "You don't have to act coy anymore," Hibana purred, placing a fingertip to Iris's lips and running it teasingly down her body. "I know you want it." Iris gasped with desire as Hibana's finger traced a sensual line down her stomach before stopping just above her damp sex. Iris felt like she'd go crazy if her body was denied any longer.

    Finally Hibana climbed on top of her in a straddling position. She leaned forward until her breasts were starting to squish up against Iris's. Iris blushed as her modest breasts pressed against Hibana's voluptuous ones. "You look so sexy and helpless right now," Hibana whispered, gazing straight into Iris's wide innocent blue eyes.

    Then she leaned forward, claiming Iris's lips in a forceful kiss. Iris moaned as she felt the older girl slip her tongue into her mouth. This wasn't a chaste, innocent kiss like the kind Iris had occasionally shared with the other sisters at her convent. No, it was possessive, hungry and full of lust, just like Hibana herself.

    While continuing to kiss Iris deeply, Hibana began squeezing and fondling the blonde's exposed breasts. This elicited a chorus of pleasured moans and squeals from the restrained girl. Hibana finally pulled back from the kiss, leaving an ephemeral trail of saliva hanging in the air between their lips.

    "Did you like that Iris?" Hibana asked.

    "Yes. I loved it princess Hibana," Iris confessed.

    Hibana grinned. "Then you'll love this even more." With those words her hand dipped downward until she was touching Iris's crotch. Hibana spread out the petals of Iris's secret flower before roughly spearing two fingers inside. Iris gave a cute little scream as Hibana pierced her hymen.

    "P-princess! T-that hurts!" Iris whimpered.

    Hibana cackled with glee. "My my, you really are a virgin then. I thought you at least must've touched yourself before, but with a pussy this tight it looks like you really were a good little sister to the end." Her grin broadened. "Until now, at least."

    Hibana thrust her fingers deeper, turning Iris's cry of pain into a breathy moan of desire. "S-stop it!" Iris yelped, trying to dig her hands into the sides of the table to steady herself from the waves of pleasure rocking her body.

    "Don't try to pretend you don't love this," Hibana said, pumping her fingers more vigorously in and out of Iris's quivering girlhood. "I can see it in your eyes."

    Finally Hibana withdrew her fingers, just when Iris was on the edge of orgasming. They were stained in a mix of pussy juice and blood from Iris's broken hymen. "Lick it," Hibana ordered, shoving the two fingers into Iris's mouth. "I want you to taste how much of a filthy little whore you are."

    "B-but princess-!" Iris spluttered. "Didn't you promise to make me cum?"

    Hibana laughed. "Did you really think I'd let you cum so easily? Oh you'll get it alright, but it'll be when and how I see fit. Now lick," she repeated her order.

    Iris nodded obediently and began stroking Hibana's fingers with her tongue. She gagged momentarily at the metallic taste of blood, mixed with the pungent aroma of her own juices. "What's the matter, Iris?" Hibana taunted, pushing the fingers deeper into Iris's mouth and making her gag further. "Don't like tasting your own slutty juices?"

    Once Iris was done cleaning off Hibana's fingers, the silver-haired woman got up off the table and stood over Iris. "What are you going to do now?" Iris asked, heart racing with trepidation but also some amount of eager curiosity.

    Hibana clicked her fingers and suddenly a column of flame blazed up from her crotch. Iris's eyes widened as she saw the pillar shorten, then coalesce into the form of a thick cock. It looked exactly like a real cock, except for being made out of roiling flames.

    "How do you like my new strap-on?" Hibana asked with a devilish smirk. Then she noticed Iris's look of fear and muttered reassuringly "Don't worry, it won't burn."

    "Princess Hibana..." Iris gasped. "Y-you're not seriously planning to fit that monstrous thing inside me are you?"

    "Why of course," Hibana said sadistically. "And you're going to have no choice but to lie down and take it like a good girl." Ignoring Iris's whimpers and frantic protests Hibana thrust the tip of her newfound dildo into the blonde nun's pussy. It was tough fitting the whole length into Iris's tight virgin pussy, but after several moments of thrusting Hibana managed to ram it fully inside. Iris shrieked in pain as the massive invader tore through her tight entrance.

    "P-princess...!" Iris cried out breathily.

    "Haa... haa...!" Hibana groaned with satisfaction as she relentlessly thrust into Iris. She couldn't feel any sensation through the dildo, but just feeling Iris squirm and buck helplessly against her was already pleasure enough for her. "You're enjoying this aren't you, Iris?"

    "Yes... I love being Princess's plaything..." Iris panted, voice bleary with lust.

    "That's a good girl," Hibana praised. "Now, let me reward you with some more pleasure." With those words she leaned down while fucking Iris to begin licking and kissing her breasts. Hibana's talented tongue nimbly flicked over and caressed Iris's sensitive nipples, sending electric jolts of pleasure through her body.

    "That feels good... don't stop...!" Iris moaned. Hibana flicked her tongue teasingly around Iris's right nipple, then took the whole thing into her mouth. Hibana eagerly suckled on the small, pale pink nub of flesh that only grew ever harder and perkier at her ministrations. She bit it lightly, making Iris cry out in wanton lust.

    "So loud..." Hibana muttered to herself. "At this rate all of Company 8 is going to hear how much of a slut you are. Do you want Shinra and the others to find you like this?"

    Iris blushed, imagining the boy's intimidating but kind-hearted grin.
    She shook her head frantically. "N-no! Please, I'd be so embarrassed..."

    "Then try to keep it down," Hibana said. "Actually," A devious grin danced across her face. "I think I can help you with that..."

    Hibana waved her hand and a ball-gag made of pure flames formed in Iris's mouth.
    "Mmmmphh!" Iris squealed in surprise, but the gag diluted her cries into faint muffled moans.

    "Perfect," Hibana sighed with satisfaction. "Now I can have as much fun with you as I want and you can't make nary a peep." With those words she plowed the dildo of heatless flame deeper inside Iris, eliciting a muffled scream of pleasure.
    As she felt the girl come closer to climaxing Hibana intensified the speed and vigor of her thrusts, intent on thoroughly tenderizing Iris's defenseless pussy before letting her cum. A virtual symphony of helpless moans and wails of pleasure flowed from the nun's gagged lips as Hibana pounded her unrelentingly.

    Hibana even sculpted an opposite end to the strap-on she'd created for herself, so she was fucking her own pussy along with Iris's. Feeling the same cock that was ravaging Iris's pussy impale her own brought Hibana herself on the edge of orgasm. With one last fateful thrust Iris came violently, screaming Hibana's name through the ball-gag as her whole body shook with pleasure. Hibana climaxed at the same time, arching her head back and letting out a breathy cry as her second orgasm of the day overtook her.

    Hibana just stood there gasping and panting for several seconds until she came down from her orgasmic high. Upon returning to her senses Hibana snapped her fingers, extinguishing the bonds and gag around Iris as well as her own strap-on. Exhausted and sore from the rough session Iris's limp body slumped off the table, falling into Hibana's waiting arms. Hibana cradled the naked girl gently in her arms, stroking her hair and planting tender kisses on her forehead.

    "P-princess Hibana..." Iris gasped blearily. "D-did I manage to make you feel good?"

    Hibana smiled warmly. "You did such a good job Iris. I love you so much."

    "Really?" Iris's eyes lit up with joy. "I'm so glad... I love you too prin-mmph!" The nun's words were cut off when Hibana pressed a soft kiss to her lips.

    When Hibana pulled away she whispered "Our session's over. You don't need to call me 'princess' all the time anymore. Just 'Hibana' is fine."

    Iris grinned playfully. "I kind of like it though. You're my princess, after all."

    Hibana sighed with faux exasperation. "Fine, fine. You really are clingy, aren't you?"

    "Of course," Iris murmured, cuddling deeper into Hibana's arms. "I want to stay by my princess's side forever."

    Iris and Hibana stayed like that for an hour or so, snuggling happily into each other's arms and basking in the post-orgasmic afterglow together. Eventually Hibana had to leave to return to her duties at Company 5. She kissed Iris goodbye and departed, leaving the other girl in a blissful daze.


    On the way to his training exercises Shinra was walking down the hallway of Company 8's headquarters when he came across Iris standing alone in a room. She was just standing there, flushed and mumbling to herself. "Iris?" Shinra called out worriedly. "Are you okay?"

    "H-huh?" The boy's words jolted Iris out of her daze, and she turned around quickly to face Shinra. "Oh, I'm fine. Just got a little lost in thought..." Iris quickly fumbled for an explanation. She'd be mortified if Shinra found out why she was really standing there like this...

    "You sure?" Shinra asked again. "Your face is a little red. You're not sick or anything, are you?"

    He really was the kind of guy concerned with other people's welfare, Iris thought with a blush. If she hadn't met Hibana maybe she would've fallen for him instead. Then again, Iris had heard rumors that Shinra and the ill-dubbed 'Ogress' of Company 8 were already in a budding relationship...

    "T-that?" Iris squeaked, quickly covering her face. "I-it's nothing. I just was praying quite vigorously and got a little worked up..."

    Shinra frowned at her shabby excuse. Then he flashed his usual awkward grin. "Oh well, I'll be off then. I have a training session with Maki to get to anyways." With that he turned around and walked away down the hall.

    Iris sighed with relief. For a moment she was worried the boy had seen through her...

    As Shinra strolled off, he thought about the way Iris was clutching her company jacket around her body. Almost like she was naked under it...? He quickly shook his head to jettison that thought from his mind, blushing. Iris would never do something so perverted as streaking under her jacket. Also, now that he thought about it, Shinra swore he saw the number 5 on Iris's jacket instead of the signature 8 of their district. "That's weird..." he muttered to himself.

    "Whatever," Shinra shrugged, letting that thought fade from his mind as he walked away. "No point in thinking about random stuff like that."

    The End

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