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Thread: Create A Singularity / Lostbelt

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    But what comes to mind is that the whole rayshift/time travel stuff suggests it doesnt really matter, as we can just travel to the start of things and prevent that kind of growing. That is something that wasnt really possible for S6 and 7, as Chaldea appeared there rather late. How would you tackle this?
    Yeah, this will be difficult to explain, but there could have been many factors why Chaldea didn't travel to the very beginning of the Singularity:

    1. Either the Grail, Solomon, or the Singularity itself was preventing Chaldea from traveling to a specific point in time in the Singularity.
    2. Singularities stretch across a large amount of time, not a specific date. So Chaldea could have traveled to any time in the Singularity.
    3. Rayshifting is a very dangerous process. Rayshifting needs to have a success rate of 95%. It does not sound like a good idea to continuously Rayshift in and out as soon the source of the Singularity is identified. I don't know if this does affect Rayshift success rate, but perhaps this would overheat Rayshifting device or other disastrous consequences. As a result, Chaldea has to fix the Singularity on their first Rayshift.
    4. The biggest reason ever: Chaldea doesn't know when the Singularity had manifested. All they know is the time period the Singularity has encompassed. When Chaldea Rayshifts into the Singularity, they are literally going in with little knowledge, only guessing and hypothesizing what could have distorted the timeline.

    Besides, time travel theory can be a bitch sometimes. I'm not trying to put too much thought into this, but hopefully this does explain some things about why Chaldea cannot travel to certain time points in the Singularities.
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    The Fate Series
    Where the plot is a tangled web of timelines, unexplained concepts, and a lot of franchises tagged "Fate".
    But we always stay for the waifus, even if King Arthur is a futa and Mordred is actually a loli in a teenager's body.

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    RE: Fate/Grand Order - 1st Singularity

    Recommendations include listening to “He’s a Pirate” or any swashbuckling shanties while reading the following. Make sure to have watch One Piece or Pirates of the Caribbean before or after this.
    The Devil’s Triangle of Phantasmal Riches
    Bermuda – 1718 A.D.
    “The King of Pirates"

    In the oceans of mystery, the bandits of the sea prosper...

    Name: The Devil’s Triangle of Phantasmal Riches – Bermuda
    Subtitle: “The King of Pirates”
    Human Foundation Value: D-

    Location: Bermuda Triangle
    Year: 1718 A.D.
    Grail Holder: Rider - Edward Teach/Blackbeard
    Factions: Blackbeard’s fleet, Rogue Rider, Argonauts, Chaldea Security Organization

    History: At the height of his time as a pirate, Teach had obtained a Holy Grail that Solomon_■■■■■■ had purposely left for Teach to find. One night, Teach had subconsciously wished upon the Grail, wishing for an adventure filled with everything he ever wanted. As a result of his wish, the area that would become known as the Bermuda Triangle is drastically transformed.

    The Bermuda Singularity is somewhat unique and is not what it seems. Islands that were not there before have suddenly appeared; some of them are locations from completely different places such as the Shapeless Isles which have replaced Bermuda Island, what can be assumed to be the Mariana Trench at the middle of the Singularity surrounded by whirlpools, and the possibility of Atlantis existing within the Singularity. What’s strange is that every island, old and new, is suddenly filled to the brim with something of extreme value, whether it be gold, or a very powerful weapon. What’s even stranger is the ocean itself. Any successful attempts to sail out of the Singularity loops sailors to the opposite side from where they attempted to exit.

    It was not just the inhabitants that were pulled into this Singularity. It seems that any ship approaching North America or at the very least in a large body of water is automatically teleported and trapped within the Singularity. What’s worse is that the sea has been replaced with the one from the Age of Gods, bringing forth aquatic Phantasmal Beasts and other supernatural phenomena. Any attempts to leave the Triangle results in complete failure, with explorers being killed by the supernatural or looping back into the Singularity.

    Despite these dangerous circumstances, Teach has not faltered at all; rather, it has strengthened and renewed Teach desire for adventure and treasure. As this new world is swarming in chaos and confusion, Teach slowly begins to realize the true purpose of the Grail (with Solomon_■■■■■■ whispering suggestions and information in the background.) What he sees with this Singularity and the Grail is opportunity. Using the Grail, he begins summoning Servants to add to his crew, furthering his power as a feared pirate. Even moreso, the Grail has been slowly strengthening Teach and his crew, giving them the same power as a Servant.

    At this point, Teach’s crew no longer was just the Queen Anne’s Revenge, but an entire fleet of ships under him. As for the normal humans, who face opposition everyday from Phantasmal Beasts, see Teach as the lesser of two evils compared to the wild beasts that ravage humans trapped in the Triangle. They have thrown themselves at his feet, begging for his protection against monsters in exchange for allowing him and his fleet to do whatever he wants. As a result, what civilization remains within the Singularity has fallen into lawlessness, becoming a haven for all pirates everywhere.

    With an entire fleet at his beck and call, the Grail in his hands, the people of Bermuda submitting to his power, and his unwavering tenacity and greed, Teach continues his quest to pillage and plunder everything that lies in the Devil’s Triangle. Any stray ship would be hijacked by Teach’s forces. Any island he would visit would be his and his only. And nobody, not a man, woman, Beast, or Servant could stand up to Teach, and live to tell the tale. At this point, he could no longer be called Edward Teach.

    He was the Devil called Blackbeard, King of Pirates.

    Key Characters:

    Rider - Edward Teach/Blackbeard (Living Human): the main focus of the Singularity and the Grail Holder. In a sense, he is the unofficial King of this Singularity. Both Mash and Master are unfortunate enough to be captured by Teach’s forces the moment they Rayshift into the Singularity. Initially a perverted otaku to Chaldea, they begin to see the darker side to him as time goes on. Chaldea’s goal is to convince him to give up the Grail and prevent him from finding Atlantis.

    Archer - Israel “Basilica” Hands (Living Human): the first mate of Teach and another major character of the Singularity. Thanks to the Grail, she is fused with the Phantom that shared the same name from Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island, despite there being no relation between them whatsoever. A cruel and cunning pirate, even Teach is terrified of her. However, there is a mutual trust between both Teach and Hands, with both of them putting up with their outrageous personalities. In fact, it was her brutal actions that originally elevated Blackbeard into a feared pirate. But Teach ended up taking all the credit while she was overshadowed, not that she cared as long treasure was involved. She dies in the final battle against the Kraken, taking a hit meant for Teach.

    Avenger of Bermuda - Captain Hook: the first Servant summoned by Teach and a lieutenant of Blackbeard’s fleet. The captain of the Jolly Roger and a gentlemanly, but vengeful pirate, he is the first Servant encountered and the one who captures Chaldea in the Carribean. He prides himself on showing “good form” and at least gives Chaldea a fighting chance in a one on one duel with Mashu before capturing them and bringing them to Teach. He has a particular hatred of children, which puts him at odds with Atalante. He dies leading the Tic Toc Crocodile away from the fleet, swallowing his fear of the beast for the moment and going down with his sinking ship.

    Rider - Christopher Columbus: a Servant summoned by Teach and a lieutenant of Blackbeard’s fleet. Teach had always admired Columbus, seeing him as the Progenitor Pirate. Despite being considered the worst of the lieutenants (his true nature is already apparent to Ritsuka and Mash), Fujimaru and Mash start to see the heroic qualities Columbus was known for. He is the first lieutenant and Servant to die in the Singularity, rallying his crew to enact a suicide attack against Heracles, managing to take one of his lives by impaling him into Scylla.

    Rider - Anne Bonny and Mary Read: a Servant pair summoned by Teach and a member of Blackbeard’s fleet. They are originally Teach’s “bodyguards,” but they are later tasked by Hands to survey and report Ritsuka and Mash’s actions. They survive to the end of the Singularity after the battle against the Kraken.

    Rider - Bartholomew Roberts: a Servant summoned by Teach and a lieutenant of Blackbeard’s fleet. A “pirate gentleman” like Avenger, he is arguably the nicest and most honorable out of Blackbeard’s lieutenants. He survives the final battle against the Kraken.

    Rogue Rider - Francis Drake: a Servant summoned by the Counter Force. She is a rogue pirate who plans to pillage all of Blackbeard’s treasures. She is the longest lasting force of resistance against Blackbeard. It is later revealed that she was summoned specifically to stop Teach from finding Atlantis, which would awaken Poseidon– and destroy the World. She dies in the final battle against the Kraken.

    Archer of Bermuda - Euryale: a Servant summoned by the Counter Force. She currently resides on the Shapeless Isle. Edward Teach develops an unhealthy obsession with her. Teach does not only want Archer of Bermuda for perverted reasons, but Teach believes Archer of Bermuda knows the location of Atlantis, which she was tricked by Hands into revealing. She dies fighting Charybdis.

    Berserker - Asterios: a Servant summoned by the Counter Force and is affiliated with Archer of Bermuda. Archer of Bermuda and Asterios are protected by the Labyrinth created by Asterios on the Shapeless Isle. He dies with Archer fighting Charybdis.

    Saber - Jason: a Servant summoned by the Counter Force and the leader of the Argonauts. Jason wishes to take Teach’s Grail and grant his own wish, despite being extremely skeptical of the Grail’s power. Later, he realizes Teach is trying to find Atlantis. Knowing this will end the world due to Poseidon, he tries to warn Chaldea, but he is shot in the head by Hands, killing him.

    Archer - Atalante: a Servant summoned by the Counter Force and is affiliated with the Argonauts. Both she and Avenger of Bermuda hate each other due to their views and treatment of children. She dies against Avenger, but not before mortally wounding him and damaging his ship, prompting him to lure the Tic Toc Croc away from Blackbeard’s fleet.

    Caster - Medea (Lily): a Servant summoned by the Counter Force and a member of the Argonauts. She survives to the end as one of the last Argonauts along with Heracles.

    Berserker - Heracles: a Servant summoned by the Counter Force and a member of the Argonauts. One of the most dangerous Servants in the Singularity, the Blackbeard Pirates spend more time trying to get rid of him first rather than the rest of the Argonauts. With the Argonauts being the first faction to fall, Heracles is assumed to be dead (after being vaporized by an ancient weapon found by Teach) for the rest of the Singularity until he assists in the final battle against the Kraken to save Medea (Lily). He survives the Singularity with only one life remaining.


    Tic Toc Crocodile: a Phantasmal Beast that relentlessly pursues Avenger of Bermuda throughout the Singularity. Completely invisible, the only sign of its existence is the clock turning. Eventually, it becomes dormant once it manages to kill Avenger.

    Scylla: a Phantasmal Beast that inhabits the cliffs around the entrance to Atlantis.

    Charybdis: a Phantasmal Beast guarding the entrance to Atlantis.

    Kraken: the Phantasmal Beast guarding the last entrance to Atlantis. For unknown reasons, the Kraken had been super-powered to the point Heracles struggles trying to kill it. Not to mention the strange grail-like energy lingering around the Kraken.

    Sirens: dangerous Phantasmal Beasts that lure sailors to a watery death with their voices.

    Sea Fiends: underwater Horrors that follows stray ships. Strangely, one group of Sea Fiends Chaldea fights seems rather off compared to other Sea Fiends they face. It is theorized by da Vinci that these particular Horrors were being controlled by another party...

    Ghost Pirates: spirits of dead pirates that patrol the Singularity in the dead of the night, acting as enemies to our Heroes.

    Sea Pirates: drowned pirates that have mutated into half man, half sea creature acting as enemies to our Heroes.

    Time Era Destabilization Theory: One theory why a Singularity formed in this era may not be because of the threat of criminals gaining supernatural power and fortune in a closed space cut off from the rest of the world, but because of the fear of ocean travel due to strange occurrences. In the outside world, ships start to disappear without a trace from anywhere in the world. Even with the discovery of the Americas, people would refuse to travel anywhere, causing sea trade and exploration to plummet drastically. Meanwhile, pirates in the Singularity get richer from the teleported ships trapped in the Triangle all while the outside world fears disappearing in an ocean that seems out to kill anyone who dares tread in its water.

    As a result of the Singularity, humanity’s progress in seafaring, exploration, and sea trade has grinded to a halt, and has brought man closer to incineration.

    Singularity Corrective-Force Resolution:
    Many events that occurred in this Singularity could be fixed easily. One incident involves Basilica Hands, who is believed to have died as a beggar in London after the fall of Blackbeard. Her death in the Singularity is easily rewritten due to not having enough recognition and impact as Edward Teach, making it that she died as a pirate on the Queen Anne’s Revenge.

    Another instance includes the loop finally being destroyed. Ships are finally allowed to leave the Triangle, and ships nowhere near the Triangle no longer find themselves trapped within it. The pirates still roaming around the Singularity were hunted down by law enforcement, slowly returning to law and order to civilization in the Triangle. The attacks by Phantasmal Beasts are written off as wild animal attacks, with the evidence of mythical creatures being written off as a strange fever dream of its inhabitants.

    Unfortunately, the damage to the fabric of reality in the Triangle is so intense supernatural occurrences still occur within it. Ships that still sail into the Triangle still disappear without a trace. As a result, the supernatural legends of the Bermuda Triangle have come into fruition in the present.

    Mystic Code
    Coat of the High Seas

    A/N: Ignore the two people in the picture. The coats are the male and female versions of the Mystic Code.

    “Mystic Code worn by the Master of Chaldea in the Bermuda Singularity, used for storm/sea navigation and pillaging treasure.”


    Tumultuous Waves (cooldown for 15-13 turns)
    • 500% chance to increase party’s Art performance by 10-30% for 1 turn
    • 500% chance to decrease all enemies’s attack by 10-20% for 1 turn.
    • Charges one Servant’s NP gauge by 15% on Waterside Battlefield.

    Storm Warning (cooldown for 15-13 turns)
    • 500% Chance to grant one servant Evasion for 1 attack, 3 turns.
    • Gain 5-15 critical stars.

    Pillage and Plunder (cooldown for 15-13 turns)
    • 500% Chance to increase one servant's critical star absorption by 300-600% for 1 turn.
    • 500% Chance to increase one servant's NP generation rate by 20-30% for 1 turn.

    Author’s Note:
    Central Theme
    Greed as both a bane and boon to mankind. Most pirates in this Singularity do not fear the strange occurrences in this Singularity and are more focused on obtaining the strange treasure. Greed appears to be a motivating factor, causing people to become more braver and explore the unknown for the chance of something valuable for the taking. On the other hand, it also causes people to become insensitive and cruel to others, making people more invested in materialistic needs rather than human bonds.

    So here it is! The Bermuda Singularity, also known as the Pirate Singularity. If you haven’t guessed it yet, this replaces the Okeanos Singularity. This Singularity is supposed to have a hybrid Pirate and Greek theme. You can still see some similarities between both Singularities, with most of them being the same characters, the setting being ocean related, etc. The only difference is that the setting is set in the Bermuda Triangle, the history for the Singularity is different, and the main character of the Singularity is Edward Teach.

    Speaking of, let’s just say I wanted to give Teach a chance to prove himself ever since his debut in Okeanos. And boy oh boy, how they wasted an idea good as freaking Blackbeard. I know he’s supposed to be the representation of the FGO meta, but really? I wanted to see Edward Teach as a badass character, so I’m hoping that this Singularity will fix that.

    I even added in my own Servant that had connections to Edward Teach in his life, Israel Hands, who is the genderbent first mate of Teach who is called Basilica. Why is she genderbent? Because you can never have enough waifus. And despite me stating in her character description that Teach wouldn’t be Blackbeard without her, don’t worry, you will see Teach with some really awesome moments. I’ll probably make a Servant Sheet for her soon as well, but we’ll see.

    As you may have noticed, I left some text blacked out. If you don’t know why I did this it is because it spoils some identities or some major plot points for the story (which can be seen by just highlighting the whole thing) I wanted to give you at least some semblance of a plot that you can work off of. For example, one major plot point in the Singularity is the climactic final battle with everyone fighting the Kraken all while the giant cave with the gate to Atlantis fills up after breaking in. Here’s something that’s a bit of a bummer: THIS WAS ORIGINALLY SUPPOSED TO HAVE AN OVERALL STORY. The reason why I didn’t get the story done is because I just recently started my second semester of college classes, and they have been absolute hell to do. As a result, there is no summary of the story, so I’m so sorry that I wasn’t. Besides, I’m still not so sure about my storytelling skills, as the writing process involved me getting completely tangled in my own story.

    Still though, I am curious to see how people will work off of this, with only the above to form a story in their minds. Please leave reviews of what you think of the First Singularity of RE: Fate/Grand Order. Is it great? Is it horrible? Is it okay? Feel free to show your thoughts!

    Anyways, that’s all I have to say. Our next Singularity is a fledgling birthplace of liberty and equality, which has fallen under the tyranny of someone thought to have been a hero of the people, turned into a being not belonging in the Age of Man.

    Avenger of Bermuda - Captain Hook and Tic Toc Crocodile belong to Alexcoene.
    Archer - Israel “Basilica” Hands belongs to me, JDMan9011.
    Other Servants belong to TYPE-MOON.
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    The Fate Series
    Where the plot is a tangled web of timelines, unexplained concepts, and a lot of franchises tagged "Fate".
    But we always stay for the waifus, even if King Arthur is a futa and Mordred is actually a loli in a teenager's body.

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    That's an interesting idea. I feel like you could tie it in with Blackbeard's otaku characterization in canon as he's here someone who basically wished for his own isekai story and got way too carried away in it.

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    I enjoyed reading your rework. I quite like it and it would be a more interesting story by far than what the real singularity did. i almost missed the detail on the sea fiends. I like it, it is a nod to the plethora of potential sea based foreigners. I myself have a rather convoluted idea for a Foreigner Story that uses them, your work will help as inspiration if i am ever far enough with them

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoydGolden View Post
    That's an interesting idea. I feel like you could tie it in with Blackbeard's otaku characterization in canon as he's here someone who basically wished for his own isekai story and got way too carried away in it.
    Now that you mention it, this is something he would totally do. I imagine he did get carried away in his own selfish fantasy, and started to show darker traits he repressed with his light-hearted nature seen in F/GO.

    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey
    i almost missed the detail on the sea fiends. I like it, it is a nod to the plethora of potential sea based foreigners. I myself have a rather convoluted idea for a Foreigner Story that uses them, your work will help as inspiration if i am ever far enough with them
    It's a good theory about Foreigner Servants, but the reason for that small group of Sea Fiends acting weird isn't because of a Foreigner, but because of someone else dabbling in things they really shouldn't be doing.
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    The Fate Series
    Where the plot is a tangled web of timelines, unexplained concepts, and a lot of franchises tagged "Fate".
    But we always stay for the waifus, even if King Arthur is a futa and Mordred is actually a loli in a teenager's body.

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    Interesting to see Bart as a member of Teach's crew, considering his most meaningful character trait is hating Blackbeard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Comun View Post
    Interesting to see Bart as a member of Teach's crew, considering his most meaningful character trait is hating Blackbeard.
    Maybe Roberts is being forced to work with Teach due to being his Servant.

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    I really like the idea behind this singularity, but for some reason your cast list is rubbing me the wrong way. First off, Israel Hands being a servant (even if she technically isn't one) seems forced, and the choice of phantom fusion is underwhelming. Also, as mentioned, Bart would die before following Blackbeard's orders.

    Second, the list of allies is really thin, and kind of limiting. Euryale and Asterios aren't exactly dynamic characters, and they don't really work well as central protagonists. Only having one major ally and two supporting allies would really limit the size of the story you would be telling.

    Thirdly, the Argonauts presence and role in the story feels odd with the setting you've created. Herc is kind off too powerful to serve as an antagonist or protagonist when stacked up against a bunch of historical pirates. Herc is the kind of character who shapes the narrative around him by presence alone, and I feel like he'd work against the story you describe. Also, If you wanted to make the Argonauts allies, you'd need to totally rewrite Jason's motivations, because they directly contradict Chaldea's. If you want to do an alliance-then-double-cross, you need to give the protagonists a way to win, because Drake, Euryale, and Asterios aren't a realistic match to any of the Argonauts.

    (Also, you don't need to make the Argonauts Counter Force Servants. Jason can and would just summon them with his NP, which is a really important aspect of his character and development.)

    I know it's a little pedantic to critique story prompts, but I've had it drilled into my head that constructive criticism is helpful at every stage of writing. Don't mean to be a jerk.
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    Name: The Golden Road to the Faith’s Exodus - Byzantinum
    Subtitle: The Empire’s blazing rebirth
    Human Foundation Value: A++

    Location: Byzantine Empire (the area around Constantinople)
    Year: 553 A.D
    Grail Holder: Justinian the 1st (in theory), Zakhar Makiri (in reality)
    Factions: The Neo-Roman Empire / The Global Roman Empire (the newly rebranded Byzantine, Aksum or Axum, and newly reunified west roman empires), Tome / Agent T & his accomplices Versus The Church and Chaldea Security Organization

    Short Description of Events: The Byzantine Empire has expanded beyond any extents of what it should have and has managed to unify with the Western Roman empire and the Aksum / Axum empire in Africa to form a military power unrivaled by any force at this point in history. Under the guidance of a new spiritual advisor who gave to him a great gift and showed him the future, Justinian the 1st, bitter over the death of his wife and cousin, his lack of children, the plague which ravaged his country and infected him, the smoke which blotted out the sky beforehand then, and the lack of answers or aid from the church severed all ties with the church declaring them the enemies of the Byzantine empire and “in opposition with human progress and advancement”.

    Upon a failed attempt to intimidate the ruler, the church launched an assassination attempt which failed miserably. The church was then stormed by the newly unified force under guidance of inhumanly powerful combatants under Justinian's command. In a mere year the church saw their forces being routed, major figures dead, and all significant political power in Southern Europe and their seat in Israel lost to them. The church, and Christianity itself is on the brink of extinction in the wake of this new campaign against them and the people abandoning them for Justinian’s prosperous empire.

    Major Events of History Altered
    Pope Gregory the 1st dead thus the Gregorian Mission to Britain is now unlikely. Consequently Britain is now unlikely to develop or spread Christianity across the globe with their empire and expansion to the new world. With the potential death of the church and expansion of the Byzantine empire to new heights the rise of Charlemagne and his efforts to make the final push to spread Christianity almost impossible. The power dynamic and political structure of Europe drastically altered due to lack of Church, potential for more conflict and conquest between Asia and Europe then historically recorded. High possibility of complete global rule under Neo-Roman Empire and in the event of Neo-Roman Empire’s collapse, there is a high possibility of many new empires dominating the continents.

    American History is now completely changed, the Crusades now highly unlikely give Church’s imminent demise, High likelihood of completely different ideas of gender dynamics and ideas of religious differences being seen as historically far more acceptable than in proper Pan-Human History. Very high likelihood of the advancement of science and human progress at a swifter rate due to higher cooperation and lower religious conflict from the lack of the Church to quash renaissance & scientific revolution ideas (consequently ideas like democracies or alternative forms of governance than traditional monarchies may be explored sooner). Justinian the 1st becomes the “Father of the Post-Christian Era Europe” in the eyes of those who come after him.

    More detailed Lore and Story of the singularity
    Events of the Singularity take place during Justinian era of the Byzantine Empire and the singularity itself happens in 552. Emperor Justinian after getting infected with the Bubonic plague and surviving, the famine of 535 to 536, the fumes and smog during the 530s started to have an increasingly more dubious faith in the Church and especially their higher ups including Pope Villas himself. This was due to their refusal to provide finances to aid in the crisis and their seeming concern more with expanding than caring for the people they already ruled over. This came to a head in a secret dialogue with Pelagius the 1st who he considered an ally, John the 3rd (Catelinus), Benedict the 1st, Pelagius the 2nd, and Gregory the 1st, as well as members of the recently established (at the start of the century) body of cardinals on the church’s seemingly lack of care for Constantinople and Justinian trying to gain financial and political displays of support. To his dismay the group cited they would do nothing as their hands were tied at the moment (they were more concerned hunting down heretics, inhuman creatures, and pagans then helping him).

    Irate the major divergence happened when Justinian the 1st came across the grail and an ally placed by “Solomon”, upon speaking with the man he showed Justinian visions of the world as “Solomon” saw it, showing the Church’s future and past. Justinian witnessed the horrors of the crusades, the violence, oppression, and brutality against pagans (which in his visions of the past were an ironic mimicry of the same treatment received by Christians during the worst periods of Persecution by the Roman Empire), and the betrayal of his Kingdom by Pope Leo the 3rd merely because it’s leader was a woman at the time, when there was a male candidate. This was in continuation with all the manipulations they played during the era of the European powers and how they would use all this to gain great wealth, status, and power at the cost of people suffering and dying under tyrannical rules.

    This infuriated Justinian the 1st, who after nearly dying in a plague and all the tragedies of his rule had, already nearly lost faith in God, however this finally pushed him to the conclusion that the Church was truly irredeemable and history would be better off without them. Granted the man was never all that devoted to the faith as he more cared about fame, power, and being written of in history as great leader to his people and an innovator. However Justinian did care at least a bit and did start out as a Christian (although he never had zealotus hatred of other religions or cared much about gender roles or such (out of a belief that if a mortal years in the past could challenge the gods, then surely a woman who tried hard enough could perform the same tasks as a man or vise versa)). Justinian the 1st was then shown a future by the stranger where he would be spoken of in history books as a liberator and savior who struck down the vicious instigators of the church, and ensured a world of if not acceptance than toleration of other religions and the “Father of Modern Europe”.

    Driven by this vision Justinian declared religious toleration as the policy, made efforts to reach out and ally with the empire of Aksum or Axum as a trade partners (as well as a line to connect to connect to India and China), military aid, and gaining a foothold into resources in the Sfrivcan region. Under their combined efforts they were able to use biblical texts to find the Queen of Sheba’s gold mine (in modern Ethiopia) and find other sources of gold in what would later become the area controlled by the Kingdom of Ghana. This move angered the church who asked/demanded Justinian stop aligning himself with heretics and pagans, and make compensation for this slight. He promptly refused on accounts of their failures to care for the people and declared publicly the church as corrupt and enemies of the empire, while continuing to make efforts to outreach and hire others including the people of Gaul to assist in African and European expansion (which guided by the Grail’s power and his allies wisdom was going miraculously). The church then felt pressured to stop him before he did even more damage to their image sent an assassin in the form of an exorcist to kill him, this failed badly due to his ally saving him by summoning a servant (Pontais Pilate).

    Justinian the 1st publicized the fact of his failed assassination, had the exorcist publicly killed, and declared war with the church. Summoning more servants Justinian declared the expanding kingdom as the Neo-Roman empire or the Roman-Byzantine empire in official documents (referred to as the Global Roman Empire by the people (as they were set of expanding into Asia, and had no clue about The Americas or most of Oceania existing)) and set out to battle. Against the combined forces the main centers of Christian learning in Alexandria fell, the Church was largely driven out from the Middle east and Turkey, and those primed to be candidates for pope including Pelagius the 1st, John the 3rd (Catelinus), Benedict the 1st, Pelagius the 2nd, and Gregory the 1st were all executed publicly for treason, sedition, acts of terror, murder, corruption, and other charges. This is very bad as not only does it cause major change as without the Byzantines declining or the church in a relationship with them, the Franks and Charlemagne would have never risen to power. Moreover, Gregory the 1st launched the Gregorian mission into Britain converting them and creating the ties into the British rule (later empire), royal family, and spread Christianity as a result to the Americas. Due to all of this the future of a Europe where Christianity is a major power is very much in doubt and from that point the entire political landscape would be very different as a result.

    In reaction to this the counter force summoned 4 servants to fix the problem, however someone summoned a powerful servant to deal with Attila, the most dangerous of the servants summoned. After her defeat and capture the rest were driven back and thus the nature of the singularity persisted. Upon Chaldeas arrival they are quickly identified and attacked, being purposely funneled towards the church, there after being saved by a masterless Rider they are less than warmly received by the current pope, although the Cardinal seems to think a bit better of them. Chaldeas then are directed to help efforts in retaking areas controlled by werewolves, dealing with monstrous and phantasmal beasts (as to reduce the number the Neo-Roman empire can command or gather), and eventually assisting in taking the fight to Aíma Phoenix who alongside their newfound grudging allies in the executors and Rizo-Waal Strout allow them to kill and finish off the dead apostle by trading his ritual in a time loop (based on the time loop Rizo-Waal Strout is in) forcing his soul to die in it’s current body killing him. One one of their tasks the assassination of a powerful roman spymaster and Legatus, Petrus Marcellinus Felix Liberius. During this endeavor they are joined by Mithridates who cites that he saw Attila die in battle and was inspired by their efforts to give another shot at fighting the Neo-Roman empire. However upon Legatus' death Mithridates warns this act may have caught the attention of the emperor at last and rather than suppressing reports of their activities they may have given him reason to kill them himself.

    Chaldeas then have to deal with Pilate who alongside Oda is causing major problems to the church's forces and efforts, they move to do so, but are betrayed by Mithridates, as despite serving the counter force he defected to the Neo-Roman empire. Mocking Chaldeas' trust as foolish he nearly kills them, but they are then saved by a mysterious mage calling himself Step, who guides them to a large forest and holds the three at bay temporarily. Step, Germanus, and Robinhood drive back Mitridates and the other two servants, however Mash is still badly wounded by Pontias’ Pilate’s attack which “due to her heroic Spirit’s nature” was especially damaging. Chaldeas leave her to recover with the group (begrudgingly (with Chaldeas leaving Gareth behind to make sure someone there they know is loyal to them)). However it is far too late Mithridates has already led the Flame legion and their forces under the direction of Flavius Belisarius, Narses, and the presumed deceased Attila to finish off the church and executors.

    Flavius Belisarius sends Attila and Narses to deal with Chladeas for killing a Legatus while he and the rest of the flame legion cut down the executors, Attila is met by Rizo-Waal Strout who having finally met the one of two he sought to fight is eager to battle to the fullest capacity (rather than holding back to not drain energy too fast as he was before), Germanus who followed Chaldeas questions why Narses, a man of honor and faith would let the emperor do as he currently is, however he is rebuffed by Narses claiming "a mere specter trying to sway him won’t wor"k. However during the fight Chaldeas manage to seem to make Narses uneasy enough that his misgivings surface, and when he retreats (after the group break Atilla out of the spell on her,) he warns them about “the emperor’s shadow” and how "he's always watching".

    With the Pope and Cardinal Thomas dead, alongside most of the remaining executors (save 3),Chaldeas decide they need to strike now with Attila and all the forces they have. Even is they are weakened they can’t afford to let the alarm be raised, have more servants be summoned, or have Pontais and the rest recover, as then the capital will be unassailable and their enemies too strong and numerous to best. With the full array of their forces gathered, Chaldeas divide in two groups, one which breaks through the front gates and the other which takes infiltrates from the side entrance during the chaos, both aiming to reach the center of the city and take down Justinian the 1st. They meet some forces lead by Pilate but with Attila and Germanus dealing damage, Billy the kid is able to taunt him, evade his attack and pull off his Thunderer killing the weakened berserker and eliminating the threat of the flame legion as well.

    Meanwhile, Step and Dr. Jekyll in the other group confront Oda and in battle manage to reach a stalemate where Hyde’s power allows him to fight against the Avenger. Impressed by him and curious that Chaldeas is willing to accept the darkness inside humanity she steps aside and lets them by, exhausted, yet satisfied. When Chaldeas reach the main citadel Narses turns on Flavius Belisarius and the emperor, saying he is no longer able to believe that their acts, including allowing a dead apostle to run rampant and the use of servants inside the capital despite the risk of casualties are reasonable. Falivus is then joined by Mithridates and then Justinian the 1st himself, but the combined forces of Chaldeas arrive and they manage to take down the traitorous rider. Falivus recognising Germanus after his hood falls questions why he would betray them, to which Germanus scoffs at and claims that both of them long since lost any degree of sanity or right to be called leaders with this plan.

    Germanus calls out his cousin for ever thinking he would want this, or that who died would believe the sheer madness of this plan was justified, before delivering the final blow to the general Belisarius. Finally with his hand forced Justinaian the 1st himself joins the fight, but despite showing immense power, he is bested by the combined forces of Chaldeas (however after seemingly killing Rizo-Waal Strout and Germanus after using one noble phantasm to stop his time reversal and regeneration). Justinian cites that he can’t believe his defeat, yet is confused why a man named Zakhar didn’t aid him in his hour of need. Recognising that he didn’t have the grail Chaldeas falls back for a time to regroup and recharge. By the next day they are informed that another powerful signature was found in the now chaotic capital, operating under martial law. Recognising this may be the servant that truly bested Attila (as she claimed she didn’t think it was Justinian after meeting him) they finally encounter Zakhar Makiri himself.

    He questions if they have understood yet and torments Chaldeas with the visions of the nature of humanity, he tells of how he never forced anyone to do anything and merely gave them the choice and they did so. The birth of a new dead apostle, the acts of Justinian the 1st, Mithridates, all their own choices, he even shows how the church and executors meant to betray them before the majority of them died. After sending Theodoric the 1st after them who pushes a weakened Attila aside with ease, Chaldeas give up and even Mash’s shield no longer works. However Rizo-Waal Strout, not fully dead, steps in and stops the blow, telling Chaldeas of the nature of dead apostles, how they seek amusement to live, and how special humanity is despite their flaws. Offering the last of his strength to Attila as her alien nature lets her absorb Mana and Rizo dies so that she may fight again.

    Combined with Robinhood making a huge forest, and even getting a good shot in before dying the fight, although lopsided wasn’t totally hopeless anymore. Even still, Jacques was forced at one point to sacrifice himself to use the power of the fragment of the true cross in his spear in order to lift a curse on Mash; As he knew the effect it would have on Ritsuka if she died (and moreover he fight a living person’s worth higher than his own). But despite all the losses including Dr.Jekyll being bested and his manifestation in the singularity being destroyed, Gareth sustaining injury and Billy the kid almost running out of energy and having to leave the fight partway, they overcome. Thus thanks to the efforts of Chaldeas and their servants (especially Attila, who after Jekyll knocked the sword of mars from his grasp, she used it’s photon ray to deliver the final blow which defeated the vessel/incarnation of the German-Norse god) they managed to slay Theodoric the 1st, even with his divine power.

    Now desperate, the revealed Barbatos tries to use the grail attempts to summon another servant, however this is halted by Step who arrives with Oda in toe. Barabatos turns into his monstrous demon pillar form which alongside the grail infects the forest turning it into an extension of himself. However, Avenger Oda counters by using her reality marble to burn away at the very landscape and by proxy Barbatos’ flesh itself. This is explained as her ability does work better on divine powers, but it works fine on anything with high mystery, and a demon god bound by a chosen one of god with a supposed grail of christ inside it definitely counts. This lets Avenger do massive damage to the forest and Barabtos reducing the power and amount of damage Barbatos can do, with Step countering some of his spells, Edward the black prince damaging his main body with his Noble Phantasm, Attila finally uses teardrop photon ray using all of her energy to destroy Barbatos' core and the grail within. Without the grail and his core Barbatos' body begins to fall apart and with a little effort and a final push by Avenger the incident is solved.

    However from the ashes rises a new foe, Solomon himself now truly taking Chaldeas seriously appears, at first he lets them wail on him, before mocking them, instantly restoring the damage done, and calling them weak and useless. Solomon then attacks them, his attacks are vicious easily striking down Avenger Oda, taking out the weakened Billy the kid with an unavoidable attack and preventing anyone else from moving with some sort of binding spell. However Step is able to escape the predicament and calls Solomon out for misusing his title as the grand caster. He then claims if he truly is the grand, then what beast was he fighting, which causes Solomon to grow silent and comment on how vexing Step is.

    Step retaliates that he is hardly one to talk and that if he wasn’t annoyingly smart than he wouldn’t qualify as a Grand caster, to which Solomon cites that may be true, but he is just a mere servant now just like Attila and Theodoric. Then Solomon comments that “he would have been better served in his mad self, that way at least he wouldn’t know how hopeless the matter is”. Solomon then declares that no normal servant no matter how strong can match him anymore, he declares Chaldeas unworthy of the effort to destroy them and their efforts worthless before leaving. Step encourages them and tells them to keep moving forwards, that Solomon can be beaten, and that those who possess clairvoyance even to the point of near omniscience can still be blinded by their arrogance and their perceptions of the information they find out and the world itself (the world we see is not the world as it is, every living thing sees the world differently, even the gods or those like Solomon are no different for at their core, they are still human and not a machine). Step then says he must leave and encourages that they should seek out his ally Hat in the 6th singularity to talk.

    Major Players (Neo-Roman Empire)

    Justinian the 1st ; Type = Living Hero ; Loyalty = Neo-Roman Empire ; Class = Ruler (false) (alternative Rider, Avenger)

    Description - Power and class given by Zakhar Makiri / Barabatos through him installing a system based on an iteration of the system his bloodline / descendent used to program the grail in the holy grail wars. This system allows him to take advantage of the abnormal time-space of the singularity to summon the power of a servant in a human’s body. While this would normally be suicide, even with the lack of compatibility issues due to the souls being the same, for one blessed like Zakhar it was of no issue. Under the guidance and power of Solomon’s magecraft allowing a human to contain such power, especially ones from an age before mystery weakened and magecraft became scarce is child’s play. With his ability to summon a plague, his power to create laws and rules over his domain using the Corpus Juris Civilis, army summoning, and his powerful imperial privilege and blessing of the Rome skills he is a dangerous foe and charismatic leader to the forces of the Neo-Byzantine empire.

    Flavius Belisarius (Balisarius the brilliant) ; Type = Living Person ; Loyalty = Neo-Roman Empire ; Class = Rider (alternative Archer)

    Description - One of the Neo-Roman empire’s two great generals, whereas Narses is less prone to violence and more unsure from a military perspective, Balisarius is very much not that. In his mind there is very little a show of force can’t solve and his own experience and skill is well known. While he isn’t as skilled a speaker or as good at making an argument, his own determination more than compensates for it. He does harbor some jealousy over Narses’ aptitude with coordinating cavalry and archers for coordinated battles, an aspect he feels inferior in, however he asserts himself as unquestionably the more skilled fighter of the two. He is generally the person on a matter which requires a show of force or a quick resolution that Justinian will turn to. He is a capable mounted archer and general, but in terms of close combat he has limited if no real options.

    Narses; Type = Living Person ; Loyalty = Neo-Roman Empire (fragile) ; Class = Caster

    Description - One of the Neo-Roman empire’s two generals and their head of religious affairs, he has deep seated conflict over what his emperor is doing, and doesn't trust Zakhar’s motives. He is noted to be both cunning and smart, but requires advice at times in more complex military affairs like negotiations which he has little experience in. In truth the man would like nothing more than to see the church reformed rather than destroyed and would be willing to take the responsibility of rebuilding it himself if needed.

    Although he has no love for pagans (and did take actions against them), he would much rather solve matters through discourse rather than death (when order to shut down a pagan facility in Egypt (circa 535) he only imprisoned the priests not killed them and had the temple stripped and converted into a catholic facility). He is argued to be very good at making a convincing argument even in situations where he is a bit out of his depth (he does research and consults others to make the best plans and advice possible). He also is a gifted financier (to the point where Justinian joked when he attains the wealth of ancient kings of Mesopotamia and Egypt he’d need 10 men to do the same job as him). As a devoted catholic he is able to use baptismal sacraments based on the Christian faith (and blessings or rites invoking angels or saints), however due to the current situation their power is reduced greatly and he refrains in using it out of fear of the emperor’s disapproval.

    Attila the Hun ; Type = Servant ; Loyalty = Neo-Roman Empire (false), Counterforce (true) ; Class = Saber

    Description - One of the 4 spirits summoned by the counterforce to deal with the singularity. However she was met by Justinian who alongside his two empowered generals, troops, and Pontias Pilate held her back. She was defeated through the power of the mysterious Saber summoned by Zakhar Makiri, then her memories modified of the battle to remove any recollection of Saber beyond “a foe who beat her” and cover up Zakhar Makiri’s actions. In spite of lacking any memory of the event she claims trying to dwell on it brings feelings of both anxiety and pain, a sense of confusion and rivalry, and thoughts of a battle which has since slipped from memory.

    Theodoric the 1st ; Type = Bunrei/incarnation of a god ; Loyalty = Neo-Roman Empire (false), Zakhar Makiri (false), himself (true); Class = Saber

    Description - A supremely powerful servant under the command command of the Neo-Roman empire. He was responsible for dealing the blow which took down Attila, and claimed her sword after the fact, only returning it when she was tasked with a key mission. Oddly he is able to use it and it’s power without issue despite seemingly having no connection to it. In truth he is Theodoric the 1st, successor to the Wallia / Walha who became the basis of the famous Walter of Aquitaine. He was thought to be the son in law or illegitimate son of Alaric the 1st.

    In truth he is far more than just a normal person, he is or rather was in life the bunrei or vessel to the divine spirit Tīwas (one of, if not the supreme deity of proto-german mythology) later known to the Norse as Tyr. In nature his power as a deity is immense, he was for a long time one of if not the supreme deities of Proto-german culture and may have been inspired alongside Odin as possibly the twin children of Dyēus originating from Proto-Indo-European religion (later jossed by the man himself, he claims Odin was a god of a rival people who later “agreed to a mutual truce between the two for the creation of a better world”. He may have also debatably been the inspiration for Sabazios and other one armed gods which appeared later. Regardless of his nature, his power is without doubt, he has immense strength and skill in battle, the ability to enact laws/rules/commands which bind foes and are even stated to bind and warp reality, and not really have to care much about the time axis (although he stated he had little care for the future as it has mostly forgotten him).

    He has an ability described by Da Vinci as a sort of in between of the ability of The Unified Language and the Language of the Gods (which she speculates how it works may have been the basis for the primordial/primeval runes Odin made and she thinks his abilities as a linguist may have been something that was later ascribed to Odin, but originated from Tiwas). He is highly capable and skilled to the point where he himself claims he mostly respected Odin, as he was the first person in a long while he felt evenly matched against (This may have to do with the fact that he also is a god of Victory (specifically success in battle or hunting), and Odin was one of the few people clever enough to figure out a loophole (where he can succeed in the fight, but still lose (if he wants to beat his opponent, but his opponent has no intention to win, but merely to take him down alongside him that can work against him))).

    In the vessel of Theodoric the 1st he lacks much of his power to warp reality at a whim, or be guided step by step to a plan for victory (if he did he could almost never lose), but he does have the ability to warp reality by enacting bindings or rules as strong or stronger than a command seal or Geas due to the weird nature do the singularity allowing for the authority of a god to be used to some degree (although with his vessel this is very draining and much weaker than normal (partly due to the vessel, partly due to Odin overshadowing these parts of his myth)). Even still when he emerged into this realm during the 400s, he did so as he sensed a powerful warrior bearing the sword of Mars and wished to battle them. He succeeded in delivering Attila’s first and only defeat and bringing recognition and respect to the Visigoths (which after Alaric the 1st and Wallia / Walha were recognised by the Romans as their own people due to him).

    He succeeded in making it so the Franks he fought remembered and feared/respected his abilities enough to name several kings after him. When he clashed with Saber it’s noted that he held an advantage as despite Attila and Velbar 02 / Sefar holding a conceptual advantage against gods of Greek or Roman origin due to her history, a god from Norse paganism like Tyr / Tiwas was unknown to her and she would have no special powers against. Moreover despite still having enough access to her alien biology to be immune to mortal diseases and such a blow from a divine construct (his sword Tyrfingr (the prototype of Dainsleif and Tyrfang)) which empowered by him using his powers to bend the world to “make it so this blow will slay Attila” it enacted enough of a power to bend fate due to synconosing well with his nature as the god of victory. Using this power required his authority to be activated, which as a result saw his annihilation alongside his host … At least in theory.

    In truth, the activation of an authority beyond the year 1 BC (1 AD onwards) is a little more complicated than said god being erased. Functionally it would be accurate in most cases to claim such, but all rules have an exception. What really happens if an authority were activated beyond 1BC (beyond the fact that it would be immensely weakened in doing such) is that said god is isolated and they and their essence and power are removed from the space time continuum and unable to interact with the timeline of panhuman history, or any worlds connected to it anymore. In essence they still exist, but are relegated to the roles of mere observers. However, in the space of a lostbelt or a singularity, which dwell outside normal time and space and indeed contradict the normal time or events of Panhuman history, these mere observers can be allowed to act as they did before they were cast off from human history. This is the reason the power of Tyr/ Tiwas, a god cast off from human history can emerge once more, but only within the realm of the singularities and lostbelts.

    However, due to his authority being weakened due to his mortal vessel, using it in a time beyond the rule of the gods, and interference from the world, it wasn’t enough to secure immediate victory. As such a situation occurred where Tyr and Theodoric “Won, but died” and where Attila “Lost, but survived”. However, even in death the power of tyr’s authority combined with his spell and the power of his sword still lingered. It wasn’t a matter of if Attila would die, for her fate had already been written and the outcome determined by Tyr and Theodoric’s power, it was merely a matter of when the cursed fate which hung over her head would come to pass. And just as was written into being by Tyr in two years Attila had died, the blade meant to take her life had done so, albeit with a delay of two years in doing such.

    In the singularity with the aid of Justinian, his generals, Pontius Pilate, and Zakhar Makiri (who summoned him as a counter to Attila) he was able to subdue Attila even with the Counterforce aiding her rather handily (partly due to history affirming he helped beat Attila and his own insane luck as a god of victory, and partly due to holding a conceptual advantage against her due to defeating her in life).

    Pontias Pilate ; Type = Servant ; Loyalty = Neo-Roman Empire ; Class = Berserker (alternative Assassin)

    Description - The first servant summoned by Ruler to aid in the destruction of the church, turned into a berserker by popular perception and hatred of his actions and role in the Jesus of Nazareth’s death, he has been turned into a figure who is seen as “a madman who would gladly kill anyone if asked or he felt it needed” by the collective of humanity. This alongside his own numerous depictions and belief revolving around him and his rule have effectively caused his own spiritual origin to become convoluted and distorted to the point of where Pontias is reduced to having multiple different personalities all of which have their own memories and backstories, which mostly contradict each other.

    Summoned as Berserker he has two noble phantasms, the first is his ability to summon an army of spectral soldiers which possessing the espionage skill can hide out as normal humans before being order to strike turning on their foes suddenly (based on the numerous episodes recorded where he had his men strike out against jews including on one occasion where they beat them to death with clubs and trampled them with horses). The second noble phantasm (called totenkreuz, a judgement upon a burning cross) is that of his role in Jesus’ death, due to some beliefs and theories which place him as having pushed for and been an eager participant in the affair, when this skill is activated the target is then held under a judgement. What matters is not if the subject is or isn’t evil in terms of alignment, but instead how the masses perceive the subject. If the masses think them evil, then even if it is not right, they will be placed upon a cross and set ablaze as the flames of hell break out and condemn the foe. The damage done against foes with a chirstain, holy, or divine attribute is increased significantly.

    If summoned as Assassin he would have access to another noble phantasm instead of Totenkreuz, which would be based on the washing of the hands. This ability would work like a superpowered combination of disengage and memory erasure. Upon use, all damage on Assassin would be healed, any memory of him and the battle erased, and all conditions (short of curses or powers on the level of the divine or strong noble phantasms) upon him would be reset. The exception is that this doesn’t work on servants with divinity or an equivalent skill and those with abilities like clairvoyance could see through this.

    Oda Nobunaga; Type = Servant ; Loyalty = Neo-Roman Empire ; Class = Avenger (alternative Archer)

    Description - Another powerful servant summoned by Justinian to see to the burning of the church and all it’s traces. A powerful warrior from the east who brought in a new era, she is hailed as a demon and holds the power to bring renewal, as such she and Justinian get along rather well.

    Major Players (Chaldeas)

    Edward The Black Prince ; Type = Servant ; Loyalty = Church (formally, fragile), Chaldeas (true); Class = Archer (alternative Saber)

    Description - A servant summoned by Chaldeas in the singularity, he is a powerful archer and a capable swordsman, qualifying for Saber class. He is an effective and ruthless general, but also is a gentlemen and has a high sense of standards and chivalry to him, he admits that the knights of the round are idols of his and is enamoured to serve alongside one.

    Billy the Kid ; Type = Servant ; Loyalty = Chaldeas ; Class = Archer (alternative Gunner)

    Description - One of the three major servants brought alongside Mash into the singularity to help in solving it. He is currently working out plans and is very keenly aware of the varying different angles of the church and the empire, and the complex situation they are caught in the middle of. Even still Billy the kid never backs down from a challenge and the idea of getting to break things and return to his old west days is a tempting enough idea that he deals with all the political malarky willingly.

    Gareth ; Type = Servant ; Loyalty = Church (formally, false), Chaldeas (true); Class = Lancer (alternative Saber)

    Description - One of the three major servants brought alongside Mash into the singularity to help in solving it. She is not exactly comfortable with all the political leanings or the idea of being seen as a villain or doing villainous things, but for the sake of her master she will push through. She has little respect for the church after they proceeded to insult her, Mash, and their master and is only working with them grudgingly.

    Jacques de Molay ; Type = Servant ; Loyalty = Church (formally, false), Chaldeas (true); Class = Lancer (alternative Saber)

    Description - A servant summoned with a relic from the church, it is unknown if it was from another time and ended up here, or was just a generic relic which was later owned by Lancer, or perhaps if it was generic enough that it could summon a large number of servants and Lancer was simply who was summoned. Either way he is loyal to the church, but as this is not his church, and not led by anyone he knows or cares about he hardly cares and can only really relate with the Executors dealing with the current pope.

    Doctor Jekyll ; Type = Servant ; Loyalty = Chaldeas, France ; Class = Assassin / Berserker

    Description - One of the Three servants brought by Chaldeas to assist in solving this singularity, he is a capable servant in either assassin or Berserker class, but mostly prefers to stay in his more humanoid assassin form. He has little care or tolerance for the church’s behavior as he never really was religious in life, but understands well the darkness in the hearts of men.

    Masterless servants or living heroes

    Germanus ; Type = Servant ; Loyalty = PanHuman History; Class = Rider

    Description - One of the 4 servants summoned by the counterforce to deal with the singularity, due to Zakhar’s interference they have been unsuccessful thus far. Rider is Justinian’s late cousin and one of the many people who died around him which drove him to despair and the events which created this singularity. Petitioning the counterforce he was summoned into the world to confront his brothers and bring an end to the madness. He currently is hiding out under a false name (as he knew to back down and retreat when Attila fell), making strikes against the Neo-Roman empire when he can alongside Robinhood, and waiting for the right moment to come out of the shadows.

    Mithridates ; Type = Servant ; Loyalty = Chaldeas (false), Himself, Zakhar Makiri (allied); Class = Avenger (alternative Rider)

    Description - One of the 4 servants summoned by the counterforce to deal with the singularity, due to Zakhar’s interference they have been unsuccessful thus far. Mithridates of the four was one specifically designed with the equivalent of a kill switch in his body to ensure he didn’t get any ideas after Justinain the 1st fell. However he went rogue taking the opportunity of Attila’s failure to side with a kindred spirit in the form of Zakhar Makiri, the ladder removed the kill switch (although he also added a mean of controlling Avenger all his own) and would have him act as an inside man to Chaldeas in exchange for another chance in life.

    Robinhood ; Type = Servant ; Loyalty = PanHuman history; Class = Archer (alternative Rider)

    Description - One of the 4 servants summoned by the counterforce to deal with the singularity, due to Zakhar’s interference they have been unsuccessful thus far. Originally called to bog down their advance with heavy woods and perform assassinations against some of their members, he has largely failed due to the power of the grail and his foes making assassination risky and near impossible to pull off. Moreover the use of fire by many servants summoned has rendered the idea of using the creation of heavy woods to slow troops a mere formality.

    He has recently been having a bit more success thanks to a wandering mage Step who is in possession of a spell from the age of the gods which creates woods which regenerate (which he calls a recreation/simulation based on the authority of Demeter) and wards which block fire by reducing the burning point of materials and spreading out thermal abnormalities (such as sparks) which would cause fire over a large enough area that they don’t reach flash or combustion points (as well as some spells which just make bounded fields which halt flames or make it very hard to start flames inside by other means (improper amounts of oxygen for anything which isn’t self oxidizing, a huge amount of moisture or humidity (water is fairly resilient to temperature changes and thing soaked need to dry off before they burn most times), etc.)).

    Other enemies / allies

    Petrus Marcellinus Felix Liberius; Type = Living Person ; Loyalty = Neo-Roman Empire (fragile) ; Class = None

    Description - A legatus and trusted ally of the emperor, he isn’t sure about the choices made in regards to the Church but for the sake of the future goes through with it anyways. He has little military experience in spite of his position and more serves and an overseer of varying domains and a trusted official (he is noted to be good with politics, finance, and accounting, as well as a skilled writer and having a sharp memory). He has no real combat ability and is more of a threat due to his connections to higher authorities in the empire and the skill with which he rules his territory making acting and concealing one’s activities and movements a difficult proposition at the best of times.

    Flame Centurions / The Burning Legion ; Type = Human ; Loyalty = The Neo-Roman empire ; Class = None

    Description - Experienced Neo-Roman soldiers empowered by the spirits summoned by Pontais pilate's noble phantasm being infused into their bodies by Zakhar Makiri, after being strengthened even more by magecraft and the blessing of Justinian the 1st they are on par with weak servants and serve as the bulk of the force driving back the church and acting against the executors. They are very likely to wield mystic codes or enchanted weapons of some variety to assist in their combat functionality.

    Neo-Roman troops ; Type = Human ; Loyalty = The Neo-Roman empire ; Class = None

    Description - Ordinary soldiers under the Neo-Roman empire, they are a constant in the world, communicating orders and making moves to gather creatures for their use in battle, controlling areas, halting Chaldeas and the church, and generally causing problems. Although nothing special and not particularly strong, their number and the network they create is difficult to circumvent and makes stealth very hard to achieve in the singularity.

    Pope Vinicius ; Type = Human ; Loyalty = The Church / Himself (he considers them the same thing), Chaldeas (grudgingly) ; Class = None

    Description - The current leader (and if you asked him) the very embodiment of the church. A crude man with little ethics, less morals, and even less sense of politeness. He is a man demands respect, yet shows little in turn (and based on rumors alone should never have been allowed the seat if not for his promiscuity, then his other alleged examples of ill conduct and poor use of funds (including in the middle of the war itself)). He is eager to punish the Byzantines for their treachery and daring to oppose the church and is widely hated by both Chaldeas and the Byzantines as the very embodiment of the worst and most egregious aspects of the church. He considers Ritsuka a failure of having to rely on magecraft and tried to have Mash removed on grounds gender norms (including her role in battle, daring to speak in a conversation among men, and her being educated), was rather crass on her outfit, and is a man that even his own faction and executors don’t care for or generally obey.

    Cardinal Thomas ; Type = Human ; Loyalty = The Church, Chaldeas (alliance) ; Class = None

    Description - The actual liaison between the church and Chaldeas, although he also dislikes mages and has his own beliefs, given the circumstances he is willing to put those aside for now. He himself doesn’t like what the Byzantines have done or become, but fully understand the emperor’s motives and likes even less what the church is devolving to. He was the one who keep Chaldeas informed and functionally really runs the show (except for the executors which really do their own thing most of the time with some direction from him and the pope). Thomas also serves as a major source of information in the singularity and helps direct Chaldeas efforts in combating Justinian the 1st.

    Executors of the Church ; Type = Human ; Loyalty = The Church, Chaldeas (to varying degrees) ; Class = None

    Description - The elite soldiers of the church and the last remnants of their fighting force left to battle the forces of the Neo-Roman empire in the area. They are much depleted with only around 15 left and are exhausted in terms of much of their resources and very busy dealing with Aíma Phoenix and his ghouls and holding off the Neo-Roman soldiers, so much so that they have not time to deal with the werewolves or much else. They have been aided by the masterless servants and have allied with Chaldeas, although their feelings on this range the spectrum and some may very well turn if given the chance.

    Solomon ; Type = Servant ; Loyalty = Himself ; Class = Grand Caster

    Description - The apparent master of the demon gods, and proclaimed grand caster, appearing after Barbatos' defeat he managed to fight off Chaldea’s assault with ease only being briefly halted by Step and dismissing the group after badly battering them as being unworthy of his time or attention, declaring that there efforts mean nothing and human history will still perish. His power is well beyond that of any servant seen although he did note Theodoric's strength as “remarkable for but a mere ordinary servant”, according to Step his wisdom and sight is not perfect, as his visions are tainted by the human perspective and his emotions which thus makes his deductions "very reliable, but not absolute". Thus making it theoretically possible, if highly unlikely that Chaldeas could beat him.

    Step ; Type = Servant ; Loyalty = PanHuman History ; Class = Caster (alternatives Berserker (claimed by Solomon ), Grand Caster (claimed by solomon and himself))

    Description - A mysterious caster class servant who assisted Chaldeas in this singularity. He originally masqueraded as a mage, however his casual use of powerful and ancient spells and rituals (some of which would require immense amounts of preparation or materials) revealed his nature to Chaldeas rather swiftly. Even for his class he is noted to be very strong possessing spells able to counteract powerful noble phantasms, immense intellect, a large repertoire of magical abilities all able to be cast from a tome of his (citied to be very powerful and old), clairvoyance strong enough to see into the future (and see into other singularities), and enough power to help assist in taking down and beating 3 servants at once, and fight Barbatos, even giving pause to Solomon for a moment. He also mentioned that Hat, a seeming associate of his, would be waiting to meet Chaldeas in the 6th singularity to discuss matters. He seems to have an interest and knowledge in architecture and a high amount of skill medical practice (including the dispelling of curses and medical magecraft).

    Hat ; Type = ?? ; Loyalty = Panhuman History? ; Class = ??

    Description - A mysterious figure who has been following and aiding in Chaldea’s progress throughout the singularities, he is mentioned to be waiting and ready to meet them in the 6th singularity, but little else is known about him other than he has a fair amount of knowledge and insight, and seems to have a fair number of ideas on what is going on revolving around the demon gods and Chaldeas itself.


    Dead apostles x 2 ; Type = Phantasmal Beast to Divine beast (in power), Dead apostle, Transcendent kind (self-proclaimed) ; Loyalty = Varies ; Class = None

    Aíma Phoenix, The immortal cycle (nearing superior dead apostle (due to his cycle he is rapidly increasing in power even so soon after his "birth")) ; Type = Dead apostle ; Loyalty = Himself, the Neo-Roman Empire; Class = None

    Description - Once a capable mage studying in the field of energy transmission and fundamentals with a keen interest in what would later be known as thermodynamics (specifically the 2nd law of thermodynamics) through this he made a comparative model based on the biology of an ecosystem, likening that when something dies, it’s body returns to the world and nature. He likened and compared this to the model of the soul returning to the root and the mind eroding to nothing.

    Creating a detailed process combining the 3 models of the decay of the human factors, he approached the idea of thermodynamics, as well as the idea of reincarnation or transmigration of the soul (spoken about in greek writers, but originating in India) as a way of reaching the root. If the body is vessel to the soul, then in theory would it not be possible to make potions of the body all contain portions of the soul, and through magecraft infuse these portions into other living things, effectively transmigrating the soul into other forms of life? In life this idea would never fully coellse, but under the tutelage of Zakhar Makiri whose descendant had used this technique himself this changed drastically in this singularity.

    Providing knowledge of his ancestors abilities, he added more detail also supplying another important detail to his student’s idea of the cycle of the body and soul with the stages of metamorphosis of insectoid organisms, the Thesus’ ship paradox, and a specific ancient greek ritual symbolizing the rebirth of the phoenix through flame. This ritual would allow for the transfer of the mind and the connected soul to another vessel with similar properties to their own, with the soul and mind remaining relatively undamaged, effectively transmigration of the soul.

    However as this technique was designed to work on humans from the age of the gods, physical and magical abilities beyond that of a normal human were needed, as Zakhar offered to help his student become a dead apostle. Enamored by the idea of being able to transfer his soul to familiars and control them effectively as extensions of himself, to have them as backup bodies (effective a mix of what Touko and Zouken could do in dead apostle form), immortality, and the idea having a power derived from the 3rd true magic the manipulation of the soul was too great to resist.

    Morals and rules were cast aside and he was reborn as a dead apostle. In this new vessel he infected others with his blood and through it his soul, using the ritual effectively turned them into backups of his own existence and body. He is named the infinite cycle as his existence is a violation of thermodynamics, through the creation of ghouls he creates an infinite cycle of his rebirth into those he infects if he is killed, thus a phoenix of blood. He is noted for his usage of familiars, rapid healing due to transferring physical wounds onto other familiars with fragments of his soul, his usage of fire magecraft, and his ability to create and modify living organisms for his use.

    He is the highest priority target of the executors, as he is able to add onto his repertoire of magecraft a little more with each rebirth into another mage, and could rapidly approach the levels of a superior or even millennium rank dead apostle if unchecked. In truth Chaldeas doubts Zakhar really ever cared about Aíma, more seeing him as a useful means to an end, another way to help break them, and a major distraction to the executors and the church (as well as a smokescreen to his actions).

    Rizo-Wall Strout, the Black knight Strout ; Type = Superior Dead apostle ; Loyalty = Himself, the church (formally), chaldeas (formally) ; Class = None

    A very powerful dead apostle, one of the oldest known in modern day, known for his demonic sword called True Demon Neardark which alongside a temporal curse and the curse of restoration is thought to make him invincible, he sought out battle against the servants in the singularity, before being held at bay by the powerful forces of the Neo-Roman empire. He currently seeks to have a one on one fight with Attila or the other blademen who he sensed. To this end he has even taken the rare move of allying with Chaldeas (seeing them as interesting, the idea of burning an empire novel, and finding the fact they would consider a dead apostle ally while fighting alongside the church so entertaining he simply couldn’t say no (plus it lets him rub in the church they have to rely on him when possible (which he revels in))).

    In his mind he finds Ritsuka a human who based on what he has heard has done more than enough to shatter the minds of most, so interesting it’s almost a curse, and has offered to turn them if they wished. Although they declined he is more than interested enough by their situation to hold back his distaste for humanity and the promise of battle keeps him in line.

    Ghouls ; Type = Demi-humans ; Loyalty = Themselves ; Class = None

    Description - Former humans infected with the vampiric gene, they are mainly produced by Aíma Phoenix, but Rizo has either for amusement or to slight the church made one or two while supplementing his need for blood. They possess abilities above that of a normal human, but lack the curse of reversion or full abilities of a dead apostle. Most created by Aíma Phoenix are noted to be enhanced in one way or another, some are among former executors, and many are potential vessels should his current body be killed.

    The Dead / Undead ; Type = Familiars ; Loyalty = Their masters ; Class = None

    Description - The traditional familiars used by dead apostles or very uncreative or desperate magi. They have little powers beyond that of a normal human except for the inability to feel pain and perhaps if infected with some sort of virus or curse the ability to spread that by touch, bite, or bodily fluids (blood, saliva, etc.). A more cruel variety of these creatures could be made by using parasitic familiars like worms the Matou / Makiri family have to control targets even up to servants as if they were corpses, and still have access to their magecraft and abilities (although their body’s resistance to magecraft may still cause problems fully controlling them and reduce their full combat capabilities slightly).

    In the singularity these are mainly produced by either magi of the Neo-Roman empire as disposable troops or may signify the machinations or presence of either a ghoul, one of the two dead apostles in the singularity (that of the Aíma Phoenix, the immortal cycle (loyal to the Neo-Roman empire, became a dead apostle after studying under Zekhar and learning of a method of reincarnation / transmigration by means of flame and infusion of blood); and Rizo-Waal Stout (drawn to the singularity based on the presence of powerful heroic spirits to fight and to investigate the birth of Aíma Phoenix)).

    Odontotyrannous ; Type = Phantasmal Beast ; Loyalty = None ; Class = None

    Description - The rarest monster in the singularity, originally described a letter of Alexander the great to Aristotle on a beast which attacked his camp near India, it is a rare creature few have seen. Due to its general body structure and horns, it may have been a carnivorous species of bicorn of some sort, which after living so long and gaining so much mystery mutated to better suit its feeding habits.

    It is mainly distinguished from a normal bicron by its horn which breaks off into 3 different points, the large 4 reptilian talons on its feet it uses to claw at foes and climb or grip slick or wet terrain, the grey oily shagged coat which allows for it to move and maneuver in aqueous environments without getting the inner layer of it’s pelt wet (and protects it’s core body temperature). Additionally the inside of the creature’s mouth is filled with snakelike backwards curving teeth which allow it to firmly grasp and hold prey.

    The creature is also noted for not only it’s strength, which by any records required dozens of men to overpower and stop the beast, but also its boldness (it has no fear of fire and was willing to assault a large camp of men after ambushing them from the river), and its endurance which requires a surprising amount of punishment to put down. These facts combined with the agility associated with an equirene organism makes the Odontotyrannous surprisingly dangerous even to an able servant.

    In terms of taking down such a foe, the best case is don’t try to hit it when it’s running around and do not try to outrun it, the nomadic creature will follow and keep pace even with some of the fastest servants. The ideal way to take it down is to be in a clearing or large area with little high ground or abnormalities in terrain and when the beast charges to knock down or gore a target, dodge and strike. Repeat this process until the beast either retreat or dies. Other means such as traps to capture it for a time which could give a free shot or two in, immobilizing it’s legs or perhaps freezing the water while it is partly submerged could all prove useful. However, the sheer hardiness and strength of the creature should not be underestimated even with servants, in this case what may be classified overkill may be a necessary precaution in order to ensure the true death of the creature.

    Manticore ; Type = Monstrous or Phantasmal Beast ; Loyalty = None ; Class = None

    Description - Another rare monster of the singularity, the manticore is renowned for both it’s cunning and it’s deadly venom carried within it’s scorpion tail. The lion physiology of the creature allows for its claws to fear through flesh with ease and its teeth are equally dangerous as would be expected of its real world counterpart. The creature has recently seen some use by capable riders within the singularity as a mount, due to both its capabilities for mobility and flight and its effectiveness as an offensive addition to their combat.

    Combined with the ability to fly sported by older members of the species when their wings fully developed (younger members can only glide from a height or using air drafts), this allows the species to take full advantage of their maneuverability to launched aerial strikes at foes form a position behind them at up to a 45 degree angle (essentially swooping down at a foe with claws extended to knock them down and then either envenom them (and wait for them to be weak enough to finish off or gore and rip them apart with their teeth)).

    While younger members of the species are not as powerful or as cunning, they generally compensate for this by hunting in groups of 2 or 3 in a small area they control (as opposed to the solitary more nomadic adults of the species). In order to overwhelm a foe often taking a strategy waiting for an ideal situation or location to ambush a foe, often having one manticore engage the target from the ground, distracting them (while being evasive) and weakening or killing when possible. While this occurs the other(s) wait in a heightened position to take advantage of the distracted foes and deliver a diving strike to kill their prey.

    The general upshots are that competition can be used to force these groups into fighting between themselves and be used to thin out their numbers or have them weaken each other (even something as minor as tricking a swooping manticore into hitting another on the ground could provoke an clash, regardless of circumstances among younger members off the species. However, under no circumstances underestimate or lower your guard, if a group of Manticores are outmatched they may flee (unless they have young in which they will protect them till the bitter end), but they will remember and likely wait for another opportunity to strike).

    The traditional method of hunting a manticore involves shooting at the wings, ideally the joints, but poking holes in the leathery membranes works just as well in disabling their flight. While on the ground it is highly recommended to have a team orientated at taking them down, do not attempt to deal with the tail unless you have magecraft or a plan to disable it (which doesn’t involve getting close as that is highly likely to very poorly for all involved). Having multiple foes tag team the beast and attack it while it is focused on one person thus forcing it to trade it’s offensive for evasive moves (which against multiple ranged attacks from different angles and directions is not traditionally very effective) reduces the danger considerably.

    Alternatively if you are either bold or insane enough, you could try to tempt the beast into a lunge or a bite which would in theory be rebuffed or deflected, knocking the beast down and allowing others to deliver a killing blow to it’s weaker underside or multiple good hits in. This is of course saying very dangerous and should only be done if you have a spare tower shield lying around, have dealt with the tail as the trashing beast may use it to sting you, and either have the strength and reaction speeds (not to mention nerves) to remotely consider such an action practical. If it does work then you have almost certainly won, of course if it fails, unless you are a servant then prepare to die a horrid death (or in a servants case get badly mauled by an angry manticore).

    Griffins ; Type = Monstrous Beast ; Loyalty = None ; Class = None

    Description - An uncommon creature in the singularity, traditionally used as mounts by the Neo-Roman empire due to their ability in flight, they have been substituted by some more capable generals for adult manticores which have more offensive options, greater resilience to wounds, and higher intellect. This does come at the cost of trading the superior maneuverability of a griffin in flight, however given the nature of griffins as prideful and animalistic versus the more intelligent Manticores (and thus somewhat more willing to be used as mounts with the promise of prey to feast on (the people they kill)) some have accepted this as a reasonable compromise.

    This is not to deny the ability of griffins, which with their higher ability to lift more weight and their distinct style of hunting (traditionally lifting things high up with their talons and dropping them in order to weaken or kill them and eating their mangled remains) this has made them a favorite for transport and those who get amusement out of terrifying the church forces by having people explode in plain sight after hitting the ground when they are dropped by a griffin. Traditionally the strategy for killing them is similar to pegasi and manticores, aim for the wings, more specifically the joints and disable those, as without them they are left to their beak and claws which are highly limited in range against foes and the ladder of which can be disabled by taking out their knees.

    Werewolves ; Type = Monstrous to Phantasmal Beast ; Loyalty = Themselves ; Class = None

    Description - The common variant of monstrous foes in the singularity, due to the executors being busy with other matters their populations have spiked and started to get out of control in the areas where the control of the Neo-roman empire is less powerful. They generally operate in packs and are able to use basic tools like spears and swords as needed, although not very strong against even a competent modern mage, much less a servant, their sheer number can overwhelm at times. As a result, defensive formations to deal with attacks from multiple angles are recommended as to not get overwhelmed, additionally although not foolproof, the creatures do fear fire, which can prove helpful as a last resort in temporarily holding them at bay if not killing them.

    The General Structure of the Plan to incinerate humanity and the Zakhar’s Idea

    Singularity 1 : “Battleaxe” (Agent B) Representing Wrath; The Demon Berserker

    Singularity 2 : “Dagger” (Agent D) Representing Gluttony (in the sense of people always wanting more and never benign satisfied, a sort of overlap with greed, but the difference lies in the constant consumption of resources, be it food, wealth, the land, frivolously or needlessly); The Demon Assassin

    Singularity 3 : “Sabre” (Agent S) Representing Greed; The Demon Rider

    Singularity 4 : “Tome” (Agent T) Representing Acedia (sloth in both a spiritual and physical sense, more leaning on the mental or spiritual side, it is more apt to call it stagnation or a regression or failures to learn and grow past prior failings or the mistakes and shackles of the past); The Demon Caster

    Singularity 5 : “Halberd” (Agent H); Representing Lust (in both terms of desire and lack of satisfaction with life and a listless and selfish desire to only satisfy yourself with material pursuit (also similar to Greed, but more focused on the selfish individual pursuit of pleasure over spiritual or mental refinement)); The Demon Lancer

    Singularity 6 : “Xiphos” (agent X); Representing Pride; The Demon Saber

    Singularity 7 : “Matchlock” (agent M); Representing Vainglory; The Demon Archer

    Upon his vision of the events to come he mobilized the plan to incinerate Humanity, the first start of the Task would be overseen by an agent among humanity who using the grail would start the process which would see the rest of humanity burned. With the canvas of human history in flames “Solomon” would entrust 7 grails, either collected throughout different points in history, or created by his own might, 1 would go to the agent who oversaw the shift, and the other 6 would be entrusted to the most capable for the task. Then using vessels of some sort the overseers would choose major points in human history and overturn them, entrusting their grails to someone of importance. However beyond that duty the overseers were allowed to interfere if they saw it as needed, some like Flauros took matters into their own hands and manipulated matters directly, while others sat back and watched, not lifting a finger if events succeeded or failed, confident in their assured success.

    However Chaldea’s continued success did concern some among the King of Magic’s familiars. These few also were among those most in arms against Flauros being given a grail after his conduct. In their eyes, which blessed with the aid of the King of Magic had seen the events of Singularity F, Flauros had brought shame to them, not only did he fail to deal with Chaldeas, his brutality, cruelty, and savagery reflected ill upon them and spurred Chaldeas into action. This combined with his continued failure in the 2nd singularity and the continued success of Chaldea’s drew ever more concern as things progressed. Barbatos, the Demon Caster, or Tome as known by his fellow overseers was chief among those who were both concerned and impressed with Chaldea’s expolits. Seeing the direction taken by his fellows as that of a failure, he opted for a more involved approach and an alternative method to best Chaldeas.

    Purposely letting Chaldeas meet with the Church he knew they would see the true nature of some they fought to protect, a group of individuals who would influence human history greatly, who even in the face of ruin were bigoted, misogynistic, racist (disliking some due to having different hair or skin tones than them making them think they were of lesser races and them being mages), ungrateful, bloodthirsty, and cruel*. He would show them the true depths of human depravity, and how people would turn as soon as they were shown a better path forward. Moreover, he would show them a world where in order to win they would have to become the villains. He would show them why the demon pillars sought humanity’s rebirth and would show them why humanity could not be saved as it is. He would stop them by burning away their will to fight, turn their founder’s desire for a better future for humanity against them, by making their own hearts fail and their will to continue forward fade. Then when all was done, he would offer them salvation, and for their efforts perhaps even a spot to replace the incompetent and unworthy fool Flauros. Even if they killed Justinian the 1st, they still could be tempted with the grail and the visions he would show them (visions so real they have physical sensation and are more like them living out the lives of others).

    * It’s also noted that despite kinda working together, Chaldeas and the Church really are separate as they have to be sure the Church doesn’t get the grail either. As Chaldea’s own Da Vinci put it “If Justinian keeps the grail, human history either gets culled or time itself collapses. If the leaders of the Church gets the grail all of humanity perishes, as anyone worth calling such curls up in a ditch somewhere and dies”

    ** It’s noted as later as being very frightening to all involved with how close this plan came to working, with Barbatos nearly breaking even Da Vinci’s, Doctor Roman’s, Ritsuka’s, and Mash’s will to fight after forcing the last master and Mash to experience what Mash suffered in her youth (alongside physically feeling the pain of the victims of the crusades dying and the Spanish inquisition and such). It nearly mentally broke both of them causing Mash’s shield to literally be noted to be so weak she could only act to defend her master or herself, but not lift it to fight. Only Rizo-Wall Strout in the singularity taking a bullet for their sake and telling them that it’s not all bad and that being alive is all about focusing on the good in order to outweigh the bad memories (and asking if they could justify all the innocent people who would die and suffer as well with that of a possibility of a better future) that breaks them out of it. Even then Chaldeas are very haunted by this singularity, consider it the worst of all the singularities to have dealt with (and their absolute lowest point).


    Well that went a little easier than I expected, I had to make a few changes here and there, but I think it went out fairly ok. The whole ending was originally a little different, I had Caine (as in the Caine) be summoned by Barbatos accidentally, who sought a foe strong enough to beat Chaldeas and used himself as a catalyst alongside his will for a powerful warrior (he modified the way the grail’s relic system works to account for desire and such og the summoner). He then tried to possess Caine as a vessel and control the hyper powerful berserker, however it’s revealed Caine has a special variant of innocent monster which toes the line with demon of mutation. The thing is Caine was never a demon, however after having a demon of Ars Goetia named after him, his role in committing the 1st murder, killing plant life whereever he walked, him constantly being drawn to battle (up till he literally left for the Reverse side of the world, where even there he literally was a walking wasteland which fought and killed anything it came across), and christainity, he became one in their minds and collective for unleashing death into this world, becoming the father of death and the author of the sin of murder.

    Caine is as a result is very affected by human cognition and being in a radius of too many of them causes him to literally mutate into a demon of ever increasing power based on how many there are (possibly reaching levels of divine beast or divine spirit and forming a reality marble around him which unleashes disease, blight, fire, and death simply by existing. Worse, the guy’s weapon which takes the form of a stone dagger (as assassin) and a stone sword (as Berserker) is more than just a normal weapon. It is a conceptual weapon, the reason it takes the form of a dagger as Assassin is because while it originally was a basic stone or bone tool him a perception of what constitutes a weapon of murder or death evolved to be and the weapon as a Noble phantasm modified to suit it. As an assassin it takes the form of a dagger suiting his class, as a berserker it takes the form of a sword, a weapon used to end the lives of many, but both made of stone reflecting Berserker’s crude and ancient origin and the very earth he corrupted with his sin. Both weapons deal a lot more damage against foes with divine properties as he killed his brother who was blessed by the heavens and rebelled against god’s will, siding with demons and satan.

    The dagger has one final twist, when describing Caine’s act and what murder was to Abel’s mother it was said something along the lines of “Abel sleeps and will never wake up”, death is the end and beyond the power of a divine spirit or the authority of a god, there is no return. However Caine is in many ways a reflection of the rules of nature, that which dies remains dead, and his weapons reflect that even powers like God Hand and Ozymandias’ temple which would make it so death doesn’t count don’t properly work, they can save the target once as they draw power from gods, but the energy it takes is not insignificant and the rules of Gaia, that the dead stay dead are imposed making it so that the same doesn’t work twice. No matter what, two uses of Caine’s dagger NP, in theory should kill any normal servant (gods are another story and could live, but they wouldn’t be amused or unharmed by this). The major buff this gets as Assassin is that as Caine brought death into this world as Grand Assassin, he like King Hassan, can impose death upon the deathless, making it so things that don’t die will die. This is a weapon which due to Caine still being alive until humanity was incinerated and a crystallization of part of his legend doesn’t exist in the Gate of Babylon.

    The other NP I planned for Caine was based on his Mark a curse/blessing with effects I will list below

    When everyone knows Caine is a killer, any servant with knowledge of the throne will know this mark due to his fame.
    Caine has a 7 layered spherical omnidirectional shield which is at least 2x as strong as a single petal of Rho Aias each.
    Any attack stopped by a petal of the shield is retaliated at with a homing shot at the foe who did it (as long as they are in this plane of existence or are not one with the world) that is as many times stronger as the original as the number of layers of the shield left.

    This shield lets him drain mana from the world to recharge himself as a supplement to his energy cost.
    The shield as it is of the same origin of powers like Durandal’s miracles or Joan of Arc’s suicide attack is unaffected to their powers as the origin of the mystery is the same, but his is older. They will badly damage the shield, but they cannot break through it in one shot.
    Not even an A++ anti-fortress strike has enough power to break all petals at once (it would break maybe 3 and crack the 4th, no more).
    With this shield Caine is biologically immortal, ageless, and immune to poison.

    You cannot sneak attack Caine as the shield will always react and protect him no matter what.
    The shield is not bound onto his skin like God Hand (which leaves a vulnerability for things like the inside of the body, eyes, open wounds, or mouth which aren’t covered in skin). It hovers just around him and protects his whole body.
    This is inactive if he goes past a certain point of his demonic transformation.
    If a volley of attacks or a continuous attack occurs the retailization doesn’t start until the volley ends or the continuous attack stops.

    This combined with how OP his dagger was and the fact that as a dude who I planned lived in around 5000 BC or before (making him 2000 years older than the oldest heroic spirits (and spent millennia of experience fighting), made him have experience in swords, spears, bows, fists, axes, and most weapons invented before the AD calendar). Even with the restrictions placed upon the guy and tailoring an encounter an servant cast to help beat him (Oda Nobunaga, Step, etc.) and making it commented later that the guy drains just as much if not more mana than Karna (even when not considering his berserker class he still would rival or surpass his mana cost), in the vicinity of thousands of units of od in minutes with his shield and demonic powers (even recovering a bunch from the mana of the environment and a forest Robinhood made with his NP) that caster class servants couldn’t support this guy in full power. Solomon could do it, but he admitted that he’s kinda glad the dude is gone as for a normal servant the dude was nearing Gilgamesh level scary (It’s alluded that he may qualify for both Grand Berserker and Grand Assassin, but also if his transformation went too far could become a beast of humanity).

    As a result, I felt I bit off more than I could chew and made a servant so OP, where I effectively had to make him worfed and stand around mostly doing nothing while Chaldeas pounded on him (which while someone arrogant like Solomon (who due to circumstances can’t lose unless under certain circumstances and would do that to make a point of how worthless and stupid their efforts are) might be fine with that a mad insane Berserker with a colossal hatred for humanity and anything divine wouldn’t stay still) in order to justify them winning. As a result, I cut him out totally and wrote a different ending focusing more around Theodoric, Barbarous, and Solomon as the shadow rather than Caine and Solomon as a footnote (besides I already had one hinted potential grand servant candidate with Step involved, why overcomplicate things with two).

    As for Theodoric, he was actually one of the first things I added to the singularity alongside Attila, I wanted to show the story of the man who helped fell the living body of Velbar 02 / Sefar and I felt that telling the story of a divine spirit way out of his time or depth fit the role of someone who opposed Attila. As for the bit about the exile from time, while it is stated that some gods have little bearing on the time axis it’s also said that using an authority in the modern age for a god would spell ruin. What that means for a being which is kinda vague given gods aren't always bound by normal linear time is hard to pin down and I personally don’t know of any additional info which clarifies things so I went for the temporal exile approach to solve the problem.

    The idea of Aíma Phoenix and Rizo-Wall Strout was one I made because frankly because I thought the idea of Chaldeas allying with a younger superior dead apostle while being allied with the church was both humorous and a potential point of interest and making compelling conflict and discussion with the overall plot of the singularity. Aíma Phoenix draws parallels with several different magi from Roa (who based on the fact that based on background lore (when the Tsukihime timeline diverges, around when Gransung Balckmore dies, etc.) may not exist as it’s thought that Zelrech from my research fights the Crimson Moon around 300 AD, and this is only around 250 years after that (he looks much older meeting Arcueid), so in that sense he may predate Roa). His idea of simulating the 3rd magic or understanding it’s nature by modeling the decay and cycle of the 3 human factors and how that plays into thermodynamics, as well as seeing the transmigration or reincarnation of souls and the ability to have a soul be transferred to new bodies using the body as a media to contain the soul draws upon the idea of a lich and Zouken’s methods.

    He wants ideally to be able to keep being reborn in new bodies gaining new information and abilities until his skills are truly able to reproduce a perpetual motion machine and thus fundamentally simulate the effects of the 3rd true magic existing as a mind tethered to the soul without a body. Then with this he will devise a means to use his infinite power to reach the root and achieve his dream. This alongside the Church’s leadership (which forgive me I just wanted to show an accurate depiction of the worst and most deplorable people of that era (that I could stomach writing would be like)), the people, and even some servants all were done to drive home to to Chaldeas alongside his visions how worthless and pathetic humanity is and that they and Solomon will save them not kill them with their plan. This nearly works (as mentioned) and if not for the unforeseen factor of Rizo-Wall Strout, Barbartos may have won (a fair bit of irony that a dead apostle tells a human about the worth of humanity when they lost hope).

    The creation of Monstrous and phantasmal beasts and such partly served the purpose of showing how different 500 AD was where there still was mystery in the world was (partly exasperated by the singularities weirding out time and having increased mystery in general). I went for a biology report and monster hunter type guide on the most of them as I felt that suited the tone I wanted (I really enjoyed doing the bit for the manticores, and writing about the Odontotyrannous a creature I found on my own time which I don’t think I’ve ever seen mentioned in length in either this or Percy Jackson was a blast). The other pusorse of the monsters and the plot seeing like a mission based quest was that Chaldeas still didn’t have a great idea of what to do or the resources to do a full assault on the capital, plus the mission based affair would give time to develop their growing distaste for what they see and the rift between them and the church.

    For the servants that was a mixed bag I originally had Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, but I already had one purposely unlikeable servant in the form of Mithridates who would turn traitor, I felt two was pushing it. I threw in a mix of characters we have seen, some mentioned to qualify for classes (Edward the Black prince is a notable case of a character I think would be interesting to write and has a bit of fun story), and a few new faces {Also total Fanon, I think he may be the servant from the 3rd grail war summoned by the Edelfelts who had two different sides to themself as Saber (one the chivalrous knight and highly successful commander (called the model of Chivalry and among the greatest knights of the day), the other the pragmatic general who fought france in the 100 years war and was remembered for his brutality towards the french people). IDK, let me know what you think on the matter}.

    The plot as you can tell is a bit of a reimagining of the singularity 4 with a different setting tone (a much darker and more introspective one about human history and the people they are saving (both the good and bad)), and events (although the general role and way the incineration of human history itself is carried out is a little different as well). This is just a reimagining or my interpretation, and in no ways do I think this should replace singularity 4, nor do I even think it is necessarily better than singularity 4. This is just my version of a singularity with a bit more of a grey conflict where one of the demon gods’ showed their cunning to its fullest “You attract more flies with honey than Vinegar” approach plus the whole “you are a credit towards your race” for Chaldea’s success so far against all odds, their role in helping the incineration of humanity and showing up Flauros (who Barbatos hates and thinks is a moron way too full of himself and with way too much power and authority in light of his failures and stupidity (considering a certain event down the line he may not be wrong [the failing of a certain spot check])) and would be totally cool with having them replace Flauros.

    Also a fun fact Pope Vinicius' name that I made up it comes from Vindictive and Vicious. While Thomas named after Thomas the doubter of the apostles would take the role of someone who wasn't sure about Chaldeas to start, but would grow to trust and place more faith in them and their abilities, eventually being one of the few in the church which fully supported them inspire of them being mages (much like after Jesus died and Thomas didn't believe at first he became more faithful and devoted to his fellow apostles).
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    great job this seems like a great idea

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    I need somebody! HELP!

    I've been planning to write two full-fledged fanfics' worth of stories -- a prologue Grand Order and a successor Grand Order taking place in another timeline (somewhat like FGO's friend system, where you get to use an allied Servant, only that the Servant in question is the Master of the GO prologue, fem!Ritsuka except with a savior complex made worse by Madness Enhancement EX, manifesting as a Berserker) for the last four months.

    However, the only thing that's come to me with more than a minimal level of clarity (partly because I like taking in-jokes way too far -- and mine involves Ringo Shiina's seminal album Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana, for which the Singularities have to have counterparts of in the album -- partly because of the identity of the Alien God, and partly because Trump) is a rework of Singularity F, only the protagonist and rayshift into the Fuyuki of an alternative(ly decimated) 1995 Fourth Holy Grail War, where Angra Mainyu fully manifests as All the Evils of the World, a God of Evil incarnate. All the surviving Servants of the Fourth War get blackened and proceed to exterminate humanity; only two humans within Fuyuki itself manage to save themselves and manage to contact the Chaldeans, thanks to the abovedescribed Berserker, who hauls all of them off to a safe location for the time being and bulliestells Olga Marie the truth about her situation, which may or may not lead to her dying anyway.

    Working title: Singularity F: Zero Terminal Order. Intended for the latter FGO fanfic, by the way.

    And... that's about it for that Singularity, at the moment, to be honest.

    Apart from that, I have a Roman singularity based on the boy emperor Elagabalus, and a... something or other, I really haven't decided whether to make it a Singularity, Lostbelt, or something else entirely... about 9/11. Yeah.

    Hopefully, looking through this thread will give me the creative juices necessary to write... something like 25-30 spacetime aberrations? That somehow hew closely to Master of Chaos' extremely useful conceptual delineations (and accompanying Singularities) and my own musical in-jokes, while cutting out the flab and fanservice of irl FGO?

    ... shit, I might not make it.
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    Name: Pseudo Singularity - Formerly Dark Metropolis: Tohno City
    Subtitle: The Detective and the Seed of Hope
    Human Foundation Value: ??

    Year: 19XX
    Location: Japan?
    Grail Holder: Phantasmoon
    Factions: Jade Detective Agency, Four Magical Girl Heavenly Kings, Chaldea


    The Pseudo-Singularity is located on the mysterious Tohno City, which used to be a Shadowy and Crime-filled metropolis. However, one day a group called the "Four Magical Girl Heavenly Kings" suddenly appeared and, lead by the powerful Phantasmoon, took control of the city and transformed the place into a sunny and happy dictatorship.

    Meanwhile, in Chaldea, the contracted Servant Illyasviel von Einzbern has suddenly disappeared, leaving her friends Miyu Edelfelt and Chloe von Einzbern worried. After tracking her location, they discovered that she was somewhere in this formerly dark, now sunny city.

    And so, a mission to find and rescue Illya was organized, but things won't be so easy. Since Chaldea is technically an Invading force, they will have to go against the Magical Girl Heavenly Kings an their army of mechanical maids and strange creatures that are referredto as "Neco-Arc". Furthermore, it seems that they also will have to contend with the Mysterious Brainwashing Detective, who only works alone and seems hellbent on returning the city to its original state.

    This Event can be considered a sequel to Prisma Causeway

    Relevant Servants:


    Caster: Miyu Edelfelt: The one who can be considered the main protagonist of the event, as we see most of the story through her eyes. Her main goal is rescuing Illya, not only because she is her friend, but also to repay Illya for saving her during the Prisma Causeway.

    Archer: Chloe von Einzbern: The Deuteragonist. Just like Miyu, her main objective is saving Illya, although she is a little embarrassed to admit it. She feels bad for letting herself be controlled by the First Lady, back during Prisma Causeway, so she wants to set things right this time.

    Jade Detective Agency:

    Alter ego: Brainwashing Detective: The Rival to the Protagonist, she clashes against Chaldea multiple times during the first half of the story, even though they share goals. During the second half, she allies with Chaldea and becomes instrumental in defeating the true villain.

    Lancer: Lugh (Bazzet Fraga McRemitz): A Servant who goes by Pseudo Heroic Spirit Fraga during the event and is staying at the Jade Detective Agency. She is a former subordinate of Magical Caren but quit since she couldn't take it anymore. She doesn't do much beyond giving explanations to the Main Characters (Aka: She only appears in sprite form and is mostly a teaser for a future Servant).

    Four Magical Girl Heavenly Kings:

    Alter ego: Magical Caren: The Treasurer of the group, she is the first one to confront Chaldea. She is in a bad mood because she just lost her subordinate and takes it out on the main characters, but ends up getting beaten up by the Brainwashing Detective. After the Characters leave, a mysterious figure takes her powers away.

    Alter ego: Phantasmoon: The leader of the Magical Girls, she decides to take matters into her own hands after the defeat of Magical Caren. At halfway point of the story, she battles Chaldea and, even when the Detective decides to come and help, easily tramples everyone. The Chaldea group only survives because she is suddenly backstabbed by Magical Amber.

    Alter ego: Magical Amber: The True Final Boss of the event. She plays the role of the harmless mook during the first half but reveals her true colors after taking both Magical Caren's and Phantasmoon's powers. Her objective is to fuse the power of the Four Magical Girl Heavenly Kings to become the ultimate Magical Girl, and she is the one behind Illya's disappearance.

    Saver: New Testament: A powerful Character but who doesn't know how to control her strength, she shows up during the second half. She was forcefully summoned by Magical Amber to hold the power of the fourth Magical Girl Heavenly King, and she has Manifested using Illya's body as a vessel. At the final battle, she gains full control of her powers, thanks to Miyu's encouragement, and deals the final blow together with Brainwashing Detective, defeating Magical Amber.

    Kaleido Ruby and Kaleido Sapphire: Two Characters who are mentioned, but don't appear at this event. Kaleido Ruby is a former Magical Girl Heavenly King who retired because "it was time for a new generation to take over, not because I am embarrassed by all of this, definitely not". Kaleido Sapphire was her eternal rival, who ended up having an existential crisis without anyone to compete with, and left on a journey of self-discovery. It was because of the retirement of Kaleido Ruby that Magical Amber was forced to kidnap Illya to have her act as a substitute Heavenly King, since they were both "Magical Girl born from the same concept".

    here is a list of my servant sheets(new and improved format for my servant sheets)

    Come explore the White Library, and reach the bottom of this Abyss
    Fate / White Memoria

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    great to see the thread revived

    i still have no idea who those people are and what kind of story it is based on, but I hope others start doing singularities and LB again
    still seems like an interesting story

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