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Thread: Create A Singularity / Lostbelt

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    None of those people. I'll just say that both in PHH and in this Lostbelt, the Lostbelt King's claim to fame happened a few years after the deviation date.
    Regardless, I plan on having the full reveal of the blanked out parts and the history of the Lostbelt out in the coming week (and hopefully have the sheet of the Lostbelt King done at the same time).

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    During some portion of the Lostbelt...

    The lungs of Pan-Human History's Master burn as they continue in full sprint, pouring mana into their legs with reinforcement. Just as they stop to catch their breath, the voice of Mash calls out from next to them.

    “Master, it doesn't look like we can outrun them all. Please hold on until we can find a way out!”

    As if to make following that order difficult, more mutated beasts poured out through cracks in the barren wasteland like a living monsoon. Geronimo struggled to keep his Master defended, though Saber's presence made the job much easier. However, the three of them aren't enough to hold off the wave, as the sheer numbers become increasingly hard to keep track of. Unfortunately, a few of the beasts managed to wriggle past and barreled towards the Master, seeking to quench their hunger. However, before either the beasts or the Master could manage to harm each other, multiple bolts of lightning strike seemingly from nowhere and vaporize the remaining ravenous wildlife. As if to claim the attack, a confident voice spoke up as the dust settled.

    “It seems that I finally meet you, Master of Chaldea! Your mage friend has told me a lot about you!”

    Mash is immediately on guard, and shouts out.

    “Show yourself!”

    As if to honor her request, the figure steps out into the light. Or rather, electricity sparks and arcs around them, lighting their own form as they stride towards the group.

    Geronimo is the first to voice his thoughts, his voice serious.

    “This presence! Master, this person is no doubt the Lostbelt King!”

    The statement seems to add tension to the air, and puts the other allied servants on guard. The Master's eyes narrow, and Mash and Saber both move to put themselves before them. Finally the Master speaks up.


    “Who are you?”

    “Don't you look a bit too young to be a Lostbelt King?…”


    The figure, now easily seen to be mechanical in nature and obviously masculine, put on a wry smile as his voice replied in kind.

    “I do apologize, I seem to have forgotten my manners. My name is...”

    “George Westinghouse Jr, owner of World Electric! Delighted to make your acquaintance!”

    — — —

    United Nations of Scarred Earth: Metallica
    Mechanical Oasis of World Electric
    Lost Depth: C

    Origin: 1864 A.D
    Location: North America
    King: George Westinghouse Jr.
    Crypter: [???]
    Fantasy Tree: Subaru

    ~~Creator Notes~~
    I'll be honest… I wasn't planning on getting this finished today, but I was too excited to stop. Surprise, Lostbelt King reveal, and it hasn't even been 24 hours. Sorry for my terrible writing, this is pretty much the first draft and I'm too impatient at the moment to do a bunch of rewrites. Now that you know who's running the show, don't assume you know what caused this Lostbelt, let's just say his role as Lostbelt King is due to his reaction to the deviation in history, and was not caused by him. Before I leave this here, I will say, please don't expect something super epic from me, this is my first time doing this and is done on my own without anyone to bounce ideas off of to see if they're good or not. So, don't expect me to pump something of equal quality to someone like Wyvern. (Though if anyone would offer to be a help in terms of "bouncing ideas off of" I would actually appreciate it, as with the help I might be able to actually write cool stuff)

    Image Source:

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    Aww, I'm the type who picks the stupid dialogue options first in any FGO cutscene, regardless of how immersion-breaking it would be, so I was hoping to pick the second option.

    Anyway, this is cool, looking forward to more of this LB.

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    Hello. I've compiled a list of the scenarios added since the last update to the OP. Hopefully Wyvern might be able to update the masterlist soon.

    Vessel Tomb Doomed to Watery Hell: Titanic by ItsARandomUsername
    The Devil's Triangle of Phantasmal Riches: Bermuda by JDMan9011
    Formerly Dark Metropolis: Tohno City by the god of world-0
    Jingoist Reign of the Star-Spangled Tyranny: E Pluribus Unum by JDMan9011
    City of Muder Beneath the Deceitful Fog: London by JDMan9011
    GUDAGUDA Tenmokuzan by JDMan9011
    Longed-For Chivalric Reverie: Fantasía by RoydGolden
    The Dark Hundred Years' Extermination: Orleans by JDMan9011
    Renewed Winter Of Wolves: No Man's Land Des Loups by RoydGolden
    Holy Grail Territorial War: Fuyuki 1939 / Elimination Chamber Festival: Winterbaum by Nuclear

    Egyptian Lostbelt of the Sole Sun by Kabalisto Koga
    Blessed Isle Amidst the Ocean of Cinder: Elysium by Wyvern
    Holy Land of the Millenium: Pentarchy by Zork Knight
    Mobile Archivical Complex: Alexandria / Multidimensional Harvester Archive: Aššurbaniapliim by SleepMode
    Crowned Hill upon the Winds: Ilium by Sunny
    Resurgent Beatific Century: Ithavoll by Nuclear
    Realm of Countless Bloody Nights: TATARI by Lambda-Nu
    Perpetual Engine, Steamwork Empire: Urizen by RoydGolden
    The Global Country Ruled By The Dual Messiah: Fifth Empire by Master_Therion
    Lost Empire of the Golden Age: El Dorado by Wyvern
    Mysterious Mountaines between the Worlds (v. 1.5) by Kabalisto Koga
    Renaissance of Fantasy and Logic: Plutonia by Desdinova Incarnate

    Hollow Virtuality HOLOVERSE by JDMan9011 Delivery Crisis! by Nuclear
    Blackout on the Hopeless Cinnabar Land: Hy Breazáil by pinetree
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    █████-█████ S████ H██
    Fog-Drowned City of ██████
    ██████ █████: E-
    October 31st, 19██
    Location: ███████ US
    ███████ King: Foreigner of Carcosa
    █████ █████
    ██████ ███: Unconfirmed

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMW0c.,dKWMMMNc.lWMK;.:l:,,;:loxk00c. ,k0Okdoc:;,,cdONMMMMMWo.:XMMXd,.c0WMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
    MO. .,,,,,,,,. '0MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMWd.,0MMMWXOxddddddol;,,lKMMM0,.x WMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNc lK0xl;'';l:..kMM
    MO..:oooooooo; '0MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMWk''OWMXx:,,;::::::cldOXWMMMMWk.' OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNc lXKxl;.. .. .dWM
    MMMO.'OK:.c0k,.ox,.xWMMMMMMX:.oNMNl :XMKl;;,,;. ..;;;,;c0M0, .dWMWx.,0MMMMMM0;.oWMMMMMMMMM0'.kMMMM
    MMMMMMK:...;XMMMMMMMWO:.'. c0000000000000OOOOOOo..,lOOkkkkkxxxxxxxxxxxd: .,;;. c0XNWXl.;0MMMMMMM
    MMMMMMMXc .dWMMMMMMMMMNd. .,;;;;;;;;;;;,,,;;;,,,,,;;;;;;;;;;;;;::::;. .cx0XWWd.:XMMXl.:KMMMMMMMM
    MMMMMMMMMMMMW0c.,xXMMMMMWd.:NMMNk'.;c:,'.,:clooddd ddollc:;,,;coxc.,KMMMMMMMMMMXl....c0WMMMMMMMMMMMMM
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    interesting way to announce something
    looking forward to your take on my favorite Outer God

    Edit: will make no sense for the mobile gang
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    Outer God, huh? Well, I am taking some cues out of that mythos in addition to the standard version to make things a little more interesting, but fair warning, things are going to be more like four parts the SHource material, two parts the date, and one part OC. I don't currently have any plans for the play to show up in any capacity, for instance.

    Also whoops, forgot about mobile.

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    Can lost belts diverge in the future?

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    Well, of course they can in theory, but at that point that would be like an entire new story, kinda missing the point of the LBs appeal
    Except it is about a well know prophecy like the end times that derailed
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    Ah, I was thinking of a Lostbelt that diverged after we failed to restore PHH.

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    Enclosed Paradise of Infancy

    The Garden of Origin, Eden

    Lost depth: EX

    Divergence: Origin

    Tree: Fantasy Tree Kadmon

    King: Adam and Yahweh

    Divergence reason: With Adam and Eve never eating the apple, humanity lived eternally in paradise. It is now a battle for liberation from God, Yahweh.

    (My first one, I'm sorry if it makes no sense)
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    Name: The Last Bastion of Faith, Constantinople.
    Subtitle: The False City of Piety
    Lost Depth: A

    Origin: 541 A.D
    Location: Byzantine Empire
    Alter Ego : Rasputin ( Kirei Kotomine )
    Fantasy Tree: Andromeda

    History: This a timeline when the the black plague has Ravage the lands from the east quite sooner but with some quick thinking of the early byzantine emperors. Similar with Camelot Singularity but it's has the opposite problems. The plague as already died down but the fear that cause people to stay holed up inside and there isn't enough to go around. People then started to be persuaded to come into the city by "Saints" but inside at first the city seems very lively and extravagant. But underneath the pretty pious and friendly outlook. You see the debauchery and schemes people put on to make them selves look better. As people are trying to one up their compatriots.

    (This is simple preview of my lostbelt idea, this like a Heian kyo for Rasputin )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuclear View Post
    Thanks for the work Nuclear but the Pah to a new world is better listed as Mysterious Mountaines between the Worlds 1,5 version for clarity reasons .
    Your verified Chikara-production Studios !

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    Alvalion Lostbelt

    Edit:Made Neater, Added Major New Elements. Still NOT As Neat As I would wish.

    I just wanted to post this in order to have another place to link to people besides Reddit posts... & see how it looks right now.

    Q:Is this even a Lostbelt? It seems too good & not stagnant.
    A:Kind of my point, how unfair & unjustified it is, but yes it would be since it has been repeatedly stated that “The Fall of Camelot” is Quantum Locked & Hence a fixed point in history, therefore any history where it doesn't fall is a Lostbelt. Same with Amakusa in Shimousa where he states his rebellion ALWAYS fails or otherwise gets PRUNED, so any timeline where Amakusa succeeds is also a Lostbelt by default.

    Don't ask me why, it is just part of the Nasuverse hating(sadistic love?) Arturia & making her always fail, while also stating all the reasons she is "chosen" by the world. I mean chosen by Caliburn, Given Excalibur & Avalon, Rhongomyniad all super important things in the lore & yet it keeps forcing her down with "Fated destruction of Camelot" "Only Summoning her to corrupted Grail Wars" "Lion King over taken by Rhongomyniad"(& you just know, no other character has or would have any similar problem with their Noble Phantasms regardless of Nonhuman origins).

    Name: The Utopia Within Reach:Alvalion
    Everdistant No More
    Between Reality & Ideal

    Lost Depth: A+(+?)

    Origin: 535~537 A.D 25 A.A.
    Location: Albion<Alvalion<Avalon
    Sovereign: Arturia Pendragon
    Crypter: Peter D. Paragon
    Servant: Mash Kyrielight
    Fantasy Tree: Andromeda

    PHH & Changes:

    We all have things we disagree or wish were different from canon, so I am going to write down some “creative differences” that I don't know if I will make them Lostbelt exclusive or AU canon.
    For example:I am keeping Gareth a man like in myth, since having a female KoRT undermines the gender/sex roles aspect of Arturia's Story. HE is now a pretty bishounen, like Astolfo, & later ikemen). If this is LB exclusive then PHH Gareth is still the same FGO Gareth & that is who Chaldea or the Counter Force summon & who interacts with male Gareth. If it AU canon then both Gareths are male & the difference is only in the sequence of events.

    Morganna is not Uther’s daughter, she is Igraine & Gorlois’. Morganna is her birth name, for a roman latin influence feel & she started going by Morgan when she started to study magic. She took up magic to get revenge on Uther & Merlin, as well as to stop Uther’s heir, his “saviour” for Britain, reasoning that since it was Uther’s wish it could only mean that this child would be worse version of him, a ruthless conqueror who would do worse things than Uther had done to her family, tearing it apart just for his desire. To her surprise however when this heir finally emerged, he was actually a good ruler, treating people with respect, exalting justice, attempting peace first even with invaders, gathering knights from all origins & making a Round table where they could make themselves heard as equals. For the longest time Morgan could not accept this, there had to be an ulterior motive, a façade, something. Due to this shock, the discrepancy between what she had prepared for & what reality was like,Morgan was never able to truly be ruthless against them. So despite some serious actions to undermine them, most of her plots could be in turn seen as tests of character. Despite telling herself she was sending spies, currying favor or trying not to draw attention to herself, she sent her sons to them, knowing they wouldn’t work on her behalf & would instead support them wholeheartedly.

    Before long her attention turnt instead to Guinevere since she was having trouble genuinely hating “Uther’s Child”, knowing deep down she had no reason to hate them. While there was a feeling of jealousy due to her position & closeness to Lancelot, that was later on. Morgan instead thought she could be a far better queen, her mental gymnastics to say that she could be of far better help to Arthur & that Guinevere was unworthy of them. Hence her schemes started centering around discrediting Guinevere & exposing her secrets.

    While dwelling on the royal couple & upon hearing gossip of the lack of an heir, she came up with the idea for Mordred, an artificial child & duplicate of Arthur. This child was not grown in her womb & not from “seed” but cells that Morgan managed to acquire due to access to battlefields where the king fought. While growing Mordred, Morgan came upon the (Obvious) realization that this child would be hers & Arthur’s & that since the child was a clone she would have to see him naked. The thought that she might have secretly wanted Arthur’s child & the thought of seeing him naked, compelled her to cover up the tank, accelerate the growth of the child to the point where it could take care of itself & upon leaving the tank commanded the child to dress itself & never show their naked flesh before her, thus Morgan failed to learn that both Arturia & Mordred were female.

    Eventually everything culminated in her capturing Lancelot & learning the truth. The true contents of the prophecy of the doomed fall & that King Arthur was her “sister”, who in order to provide relief to everyone in the years until the fall, had shouldered like a parent whose child is destined to die young does everything they can to make sure they at least have a good experience & memories in those few years. Morgan realized her sister’s burden & love for Britain, no, for her fellow people, Morgan knew that whether Arturia or anyone was born in Britain or not was irrelevant to her sister. Morgan realized her sister had kept her distance from her because she felt bad for what Uther had done, but having not played any part in those events decided to withhold unless Morgan herself approached her since Morgan might find her presence uncomfortable & unwelcomed. Stunned by all this, she orchestrated for Lancelot to be rescued & went into hiding in isolation to reconsider everything she knew & reflect on what she wanted.

    She reflected, and was finally honest with herself, she loved her sister, not as she feared she might but as family. She hesitated to be ruthless because they were a worthy ruler & sympathetic towards her. She sent her children to offer genuine support & to distance them from her as she believed she could never truly love them, since they were born from a political marriage arranged by Uther & that she would always put revenge first, however she was wrong, she loved them even if they thought less of her or hated her as she knew Agravain did. She disliked Guinevere because she thought her sister deserved better, & she was proven right as by having a secret affair & keeping a secret from her sister, she was jeopardizing everything, even though her sister would be accommodating if only she knew. She had made Mordred because her sister had trouble producing an heir & she believed her sister deserved one, hence why the thought of sexualizing her sister & looking at her naked bo… *Realization that Mordred is therefore also female* *Internal Screams of Terrible Motherhood*.

    There was no need for conflict between them, they wanted the same things, a better future for the world & to correct & avoid injustices like the ones in their past. Morgan thus decided to support her sister & that the first step towards that was to tie up a loose end, a major player in her fated downfall, Merlin. Morgan was sure that in order for his own vision to come to pass Merlin would make things line up for Camelot to fall, thus she trapped him in a Tower. This Tower would not be part of Avalon, as neither Morgan nor Merlin could reach it so easily, however the Tower would be surrounded by Avalon & thus Merlin would not be able to leave until he had truly changed & become “worthy” of passing through Avalon.

    While Morgan was packing to go on a trip, Arturia cam upon her castle after she had lowered the bounded field so she could leave, Morgan told Arturia what she knew & the conclusion she had come to, that she was “going” to Avalon or more concretely, that she was going on a trip to gather mages, explore fairy lands & become worthy of entering Avalon & that she would then return to be of help to her sister & Britain. Thus the two sisters parted amicably.

    However tragedy is never far behind, Agravain discovered the affair, attempted to arrest Lancelot & Guinevere and was killed. Then at Guinevere’s trial which Lancelot assumed would just be an execution, Gaheris & Gareth were killed. Struck by grief for the children she had recently learnt the depths of her love for, Morgan asked Arturia for justice, however Arturia forgave Guinevere & all she demanded from Lancelot was that he return in order to atone. Driven by revenge & hate, unsatisfied with the situation, Morgan veiled in grief urged Mordred by revealing their heritage, to become heir or take the throne. Morgan intended this only to persuade Arturia to punish them or in order for Mordred to have the authority to do it herself, however “Poor communication Kills” & so do secrets.

    Shocked & disappointed by Mordred demanding the throne, “Arthur” refused to acknowledge them. In order to rectify their own doubts “Arthur” left Mordred in charge while they lead a campaign to find Lancelot & negotiate with Rome. “Arthur” realized they might have been overly harsh given Mordred’s reaction & their previous assessment of Mordred as an exemplary knight, believing the demand for the throne was a misunderstanding & an outburst due to learning the truth. So ”Arthur” did not dismiss Mordred from the Round Table, nor did they take them on the campaign, instead leaving them in charge, a silent demonstration of the king’s trust in Mordred’s ability to rule & that “Arthur” only denied Mordred the throne, because 1.That is not how their heir would be decided(by blood) 2.”Arthur” was still alive, no need for a new ruler & 3.They did not believe that Mordred was a better ruler than them to justify stepping aside. However as mature as Mordred might have been in some regards, they had no experience with this sort of emotional chaos, love, rejection, adoration, hate all mixed & the silent demonstration went unnoticed for there are things that need to be said.

    We all know what happens next “Camlann, but their true feelings are yet unknown.
    “Arthur” could not believe they had been wrong about Mordred, however the evidence was clear. Mordred rebelled & took the throne. “Arthur” thus came to the conclusion that they were wrong in their 1st assessment, all Mordred cared about was the throne itself & they wanted it immediately, only a lust for power & status regardless of the consequences to the people & realm. “Arthur” thus steeled themselves to kill Mordred, believing them to “Not possess the capacity to rule.” & refusing to so much as listen or talk to them, that is how betrayed they felt.
    Mordred descended into a spiral of loathing, and doubts “Why had I been rejected? Am I dirty? Unworthy? Incapable?”, constantly swinging between loathing the King & loathing themselves. Their admiration & respect for the King led Mordred to believe that maybe the King was right & that there was something wrong with them, without knowing why they were rejected they projected all the reasons they could come up with onto the King, but knowing how some of those reasons were not their fault or were unjust caused them to hate the King, this emotional conflict & cognitive dissonance took its toll on Mordred until they finally decided on an all or nothing plan. Mordred would gather all the traitors towards the King & they would either be right & prevail or they would be wrong & die in battle, taking all the seeds of trouble for the King with them to the grave exposing everyone who would undermine & conspire against the King. Calling it a plan would be to give it to much thought, it was more of an impulse & a feeling to flee the pain that ached them, a “Even if I die, that is fine I still did something good” kind of thought lurking deep down, since Mordred’s pride would not let them admit to themselves that they were starting to hate themselves, that they did not wish to live this way, that they still wished to help the King or they still wished for their Father’s acceptance & love.

    Thus Camelot fell, because Arturia could not fully express herself & had to be stoic, out of fear she would be exposed as a woman. “This” is the root problem. Because of “this” Lancelot & Guinevere couldn’t love one another openly. Because of “this” Agravain went behind the “King’s” back to arrest them. Because of “this” Agravain, Gaheris & Gareth died. Because of “this” Arturia & Mordred could not be honest with themselves & each other. Because of this a parent has to kill all their emotions to execute their child. Because of “this” a child believes themselves unworthy of love & life & lash out in pain.
    Dying the child calls out for their parent, hearing this last plea the parent gasps realizing their mistake.

    After death Mordred deals a blow due to a dormant curse & a gap left by the shock of the King’s misjudgement. Since Mordred never wished to kill “Arthur”, only cause harm & share their pain, the wound is non-lethal unless the King lets go of their will to survive, it does however inflict severe pain(Mordred Physical & Emotional). Arturia realizes from that plea their mistake. Despite demanding the throne, Mordred only wished to be acknowledged as heir & child, not for it to be handed over immediately, & they wished for this out of the simple desire to have a loving parent, to be recognized by the one they admired & loved. So this was their unavoidable fate, the way the world had decided it must be. Not by defeat, invasion, plague, disaster, famine, but by misunderstandings. If only fate did not have to be so cruel as to demand that a child always die, misunderstood & misunderstanding, that they had not been trusted & loved.
    If only fate were not so cruel, if only it could be averted… IF ONLY…

    “It does not have to be perfect, it just has to be better”

    My basic idea would be to replace one of the Crypters (Probably Beryl, & make the Lostbelt one where Camelot isn't fated to fall & explore why or if it needs to, whether it really makes humanity better, can't really see how, or if the unconscious human mind is simply having crab in the bucket syndrome & preventing success in order to keep to its own idea of how progress should happen) with another MC "MC2", one who also has access to gacha summoning, Craft Essences, welfare & events.

    This MC would summon Mash, who died in Solomon & Galahad could have carried her info to The Throne, & make her a part of that Lostbelt history, by making the Tree run the "simulation" of that Lostbelt would turn out with her & MC2 in it instead of let's say the actual Galahad & Percival, taking their places in history, but not their fate.
    So Mash & MC2 just showed up with no backstory but join the Court of Camelot, way back in 535 or something, before Camlann, but all the KoRT are there. Mash has no way to stop this since there is no method to contact Chaldea & no Tree yet, so they have to live the entire 1500~ years until the present when the Lostbelt actually appears since right now they are the same as programs of a simulation in a way.

    This way, Camelot prospers due to Arturia being convinced to reveal herself & thus also clearing things up for Agravain & Mordred, no reason to accuse Gwen & Lancelot & no rejection. Camelot thus "falls" once & "King Arthur" ceases to exist, however Arturia still has the loyalty & trust of several if not most of her Knights & then goes about rebuilding the country's trust in her from scratch.
    To make it fair MC2 sealed a bunch of their memories regarding future events & tech, only keeping what is needed to overturn this unfair fate as they see it.

    From there this is the best timeline, with none of the excuses to not succeed.

    Arturia leans fully into her own ideals, personality & powers, instead of trying to play a role. This causes Caliburn to return, with the reveal that it initially actually broke, not because Arturia broke the rules of chivalry, but because she wasn't being true to herself. Caliburn chose HER to rule, not "King Arthur" & the strain over the years caused it to weaken.

    Arturia makes up with Morgan like in the legend & she replaces Merlin as Court Mage, while he does some (enforced) reflection in the tower, but will be let out eventually when a countermeasure is put in place so he can't screw them over by being a trickster or trying to bring about their fated end. As a result Arturia still has Avalon.
    Morgan also becomes overseer of the fae & eventually makes it so Fae are more complete as people, making the relationship between people & fae, more like Rieze Maxia in Tales Of Xillia.

    Fou on the other hand, is the Cabal(in terms of role) in this timeline & is thus also kind of a KoRT being mostly around Arturia & Mash in this timeline. They go by “Paxe/Pax” in the present.

    Gareth & Gaheris don't die, & Gareth gets to grow to the full potential he was always said to have, said to be able to surpass Gawain & maybe Lancelot with the spear(I am keeping Gareth a man, since having a female KoRT undermines, the gender/sex roles aspect of Arturia's Story. HE is now a pretty bishounen, like Astolfo, & later ikemen).
    When Gareth becomes an adult, he is entrusted with Rhongomyniad.
    Other Noble Phantasms are also distributed to the Knights, like Marmyadose to Galehaut, Carnwennan to Agravain, Knife of Bronllwyn to Gaheris or Kay, etc...

    Arturia thus learns to use everything she has to max potential, just like Rhongomyniad isn't the real tower, she learns that Excalibur & Avalon are just representations of her power, conduits & so she can channel them beyond their set form since they are conceptual weapons. Can completely control Excalibur's output, shapeshift into other weapons, whether she ages & heals or not, can share that with other people even without implanting Avalon, which is how the KoRT, Mash & MC2 make it to present day( & other heroes that get added throughout the ages.)

    KoRT found Scáthach, while Morgan brought Phantasmal Realms under her jurisdiction & made them stop harassing humans. Training & fighting later, she decides to join these warriors who possess a Last Phantasm with the potential to kill & or improve her condition allowing her to leave the Land Of Shadows, though she is still its appointed Ruler. As part of the negotiations, Scáthach gets to make weapons out of Vortigern's Bones for both herself & Camelot.

    Arturia shares her Dragon blood with KoRT By Bathing, similar to Fafnir & Siegfried, but since she is giving it willingly, isn't hostile or cursed, as long as the individual is compatible there is no backlash or take over like Sieg. This comes with Mana generation by breathing, endurance & over time & practice being able to slide back & forth in draconization.

    Ragnelle=LadyBertilak=GreenKnight, not the first to have this idea, but the Green Knight & Lord Bertilak are actually the Lady's magecraft given to her by Morgan so She could be Lord of her own Domain even with no children or husband, & she was just messing with Gawain. Though she developed a crush, after being impressed & then presented herself as Ragnelle the next time they met to tease & test him again, thus leading to their marriage.( Not Arthur in this telling). She would be an AlterEgo.

    From there after a few years of rest & training, Camelot begins reaching out, starting an early Sapient Rights Revolution with Arturia, who was chosen by Caliburn as the ideal ruler, at its center. Monarchy & Nobility is abolished, with a Round Table meritocracy throughout levels of ruling from local to national. There is no Conquest per say, with Camelot lending support to the oppressed & then helping them set up their own rulers(Yes I know how that sounds but remember this is the best timeline so it actually works how it should ideally).

    Rhongomyniad was used to Unseal just enough, so the world doesn't go to Age of Gods levels immediately, but over time so Humanity is still dominant & adapts. However some Gods see a resurfacing(especially those similar to Arturia), so the Pantheons get rearranged with some Gods being usurped, others dying out, others losing against Camelot(Excalibur One-shot Velber so losing battle there).
    These Gods also grow with time, & Athena now leads the Olympians having built new Aletheia, not susceptible to the Old Aletheia(Different OS kind of thing) & an inverted power dynamic between Terminal & Aletheia allowing to be more Human & stable due to the New beliefs on how Gods are & work caused by the information spread by Camelot.
    Here are the ones I have right now, having been redeemed or turnt into their modern more clean versions because of the explanation ^above, jut going to paste my current notes

    Athena(Head) Hades(Head Under) Persephone Hekate Hestia Artemis Hephaestus Dionysus Hera Hermes
    Tyr(Head) Freya Freyr Jormungand Fenrir Hel
    Isis(Head) Horus Anubis Bastet
    Guan_Yin(Head) Xuanzang Wukong Nezha
    Manannán Nuada Cernunnos Arawn Rhiannon Pwyll Éiru Lugh Brigid Miach Epona Grannus
    Izanami(Head Under) Amaterasu(Head) Susanoo

    Scientific advancement starts happening much faster in Britain, because it is encouraged by general education, meritocracy & there being no repression, so it slightly slower than ours due to lack of resources & globalization(18th to 21st Century Steam Engine to Space Travel & 4G(Information Era)) so by the 9th 10th century they should have everything we have, especially due to magic being out in the open, due to knowledge that The Grand Order, is just a hamster wheel made up by Goetia to keep the necessary bloodlines alive.

    Camelot is the 1st to the New World & they ally with Quetz to stop sacrifices. Also due to better understanding of medicine, the great Dying does not happen, Natives get to prosper without Colonialism.

    Humanity has achieved far more than PHH, & transhumanism is one of them, now Magecraft & Od based arts(Basically nen) are as common as PE & Sciences in schools & colleges, common used as an extension of the body & technology which has advanced as pure tech, pure magic & magitek, in case one of them ever fails.

    People are all semi-spiritual lifeforms, only taking damage from magic energy same as Servants & are as physically enhanced as the lowest Servant by default. This makes the Lostbelts Servants much stronger though since the people powering their fame boost are themselves much stronger. In a Super Weight scale an average citizen is easily a 3, a High 2 at least. All can commune with Phantasmals & other such magical entities.

    Compared to Olympus where everyone has nanotech, everyone here has biotech in the form of SLIME, which comes in several forms, Internal Infusion(ICHOR), Biosuit(Symbiote), Bioships & slimes(water elementals) ranging from cute & little to the leviathans that roam the oceans(Harvesting materials & providing security), all blessed by Nimue(Now a full blown water goddess).

    Ability to Digest basically anything, increased lifespan, Regen, Stamina, Strength, Durability, Energy Storage | Allow Shapeshift(SexShift. Parasyte, Martian(YJ), Slime(Tensura)), Form Appendages, Optical Camouflage, SelfPropelling, ManaMentalLink(Like Servants & Masters Have, or Ninshu for Naruto), Biosuit & Bioship(Young Justice) Land(Solid), Water(Liquid), Sky(Gas) & Space(Void) Modes

    SLIME(Cleaning, Medicine, Packaging, Analyzer, Replicator, Synthesizer, 3D Printing, Prosthetics, Implants, Transplants, Eros, Clothes, Homunculus, ENA, “Flexible, Growing, Organic Weapons” Bioship (Shapeshift SelfPropelling MentalLink Autonomous)

    (Preserver, Fridge, Vacuum, SkinCare, Shower, Cleaners, Dyes(ColourS/Overlord), Scanner(Biometrics), Printer(2D, 3D & Tattoo), Medigel, ENA, Biosuit, Bioship, Familiars, Avatars(Remote, RolePlaying, Experience Different Species, Size, Shape, Sex, etc..), Cloning(Body Transfer to reproduced mimicry identical to original), AVATAR, GEMs (Pokémon, Spyrite | Animal or Phantasmal Mimic Replace Animals as Mounts & in Zoos))

    Preservation(Fridge Thermos Hydrogel Aerogel) Cleaning Health(Surgery Skincare Medigel *plants) Replication(2D & 3D Printing, VeganMeat, Materials, Repair, Restoration) Symbiote/Kagune Computer(TouchScreen, S-mail, Fax, Phone, Text, Games) Clothing(ColourS SizeAdjusting NoSeams SelfRepair Shapeshift AdjustableTraits Breathability NoSweatOrStains ScentAdjustable)

    (I give up on putting images, search any of these on Googgle & you will get the picture. Pun Intended. )
    In order, Suu core form, Suu blob form, Blue Kirby, Chaos 0, Suu Child Form, Suu Adult Form, Chaos 2, Orca, Plasma Elemental or Primal plasma (MTG), Sea Serpent, Azulongmon, Water Leviathan, Perfect Chaos)

    Due to the slimes ability to reproduce anything they scanned or dissolved, so long as they have the necessary raw materials, and their ability to communicate this information between each other, they serve as an alternative to many electronics such as scanners, printers(2D & 3D), etc…
    This ability to 3D Print Organic materials as led to all animal based materials & foods & other such resources to all be reproduced via slime mimicry, based on the information gathered from the original source, allowing Humanity to go completely vegan & end animal exploitation without having to abdicate from these resources(Leather, Meat, Eggs, Dairy, Etc…)

    Filled the oceans with huge slimes & water dragons to scan, catalog & archive species information as well as protect ships, map terrain & currents. An equivalent was done on land, with the Earth's biosphere now being backed up by Project:GENOME_ARK, in case of disaster or unnatural species extinction.

    Just to make it shorter( not short) I researched Equivalents to some of the other tech I had in mind.

    They are basically symbiotes(Marvel)+Martians(DC YJ Without the downsides) I realized after writing

    Aquatic Adaptation(Water Breathing, Pressure Resistance, Temperature Extremes Resistances, Refraction Vision, Dark Vision, Sonar)= ENA from nagi no asukara

    GEM=BackUp Brain, Aura Body, Shapeshift, Remote Control, extension of Rin's Jewel magic, basically Xenoblade2 Blades + Familiars + Steven Universe Gems + Spyrite From xillia

    Albion has its own Chaldea Security Organization, Called Atlas with ATLAS being CHALDEAS, Atlas in Egypt has been absorbed & better regulated now that the Magus Mentality is no longer tolerated. Meaning Camelot has access to everything there & therefore everything Chaldea & Atlas have, except more advanced due to starting development earlier. Widespread PROMETHEUS reactors, Spiritron Computers(METIS), iBorder, Rayshift, etc...

    Near the time of the Tree appearing the situation was made public & Fate/Grand Order published in forms of Media, to pay respect to Chaldea in stopping the Incineration of Humanity. . . & To Boost Mash's Fame, & as a compromise to allow Senpai to be summoned there in case they somehow died.
    Leonardo was not actually killed but kidnapped at the start & is working here alongside her LB self.
    Simulation Romani & Solomon, made due to Mash passing on his legend in the Lostbelt, rewriting him into their throne of heroes, so the Tree summoned him as Solomon(Caster), Romani(AlterEgo) & Goetia(Avenger) in the summons ATLAS made before the Tree appeared. LB Olga is also there, loved by Marisbury this time due to The Clock Tower Magus Mentality not existing.
    This would make it extra hard & actually compelling since the Lostbelt wouldn't be complete trash thus not being Divisive on whether it is better or not than PHH, something they have avoided too much in my opinion.

    Olympus(Part2) would be replaced with Olympus Vs Albion when The Edges Of The Lostbelts finally touch & a fleet of Ehangwens & Prydwens, as well as a hanging gardens type Camelot come in over the Horizon

    Magic out in the open, Better developed, regulated & distributed(No Goetia Grand Order or Magus Mentality)
    No Regression, Stagnation or Suppression of Science, Magic, Culture by religion & conservatives
    Technology, Magic & Magitek development way ahead, widespread
    Transhumanism & Nonhuman Citizens
    Power to the people, choose own leaders, lower Bloodshed
    Revolutions, Subsumed or Allies, More Effective UN Alliance(Justinian Theodora, maybe)
    So long as certain conditions aren't breached, a particular ruler is not important, no war of Conquest like Qin, there are still countries just united instead of the RealPolitik mess we have.
    Sapient(Not Human, SAPIENT) Rights Better Upheld
    Less Discrimination against Non-Humans(Yu approves)
    Less Discrimination & Prejudice Amongst Humans, because of Heritage, Sex, Sexuality, Divergence, etc…
    Earlier Rights for Women & Minorities without class differences
    Earlier General Education & Overall Quality of Life
    Less History of slavery, war, crime, disease(No Colonialism, No Massive Deaths by Plague, Black & Columbian)
    Faster Globalization, More Connected, Better Informed, Earlier Cooperation & Consensus
    Smaller power, education & wealth discrepancies
    Social Safety Net
    Earlier Renaissance, Discoveries & Circumnavigation
    NoVikingRaids(Different Religion Basis, Resource Support, No Valhalla)
    Ragnarok Stopped(Different survivors & races, & Authority Redistribution)
    No Crusades
    No Mongol Empire
    No Fall Of Constantinople
    No Hundred Years War
    Black Death, Lessen Impact due to better understanding, medicine, infrastructure & magic
    Earlier Discoveries(No Colonialism & Slave Trade) & Industrial Revolution(Cleaner, Better Management, No Child Or Reckless Labor Abuse)
    No Pirate Golden Age
    No World Wars or Holocaust
    No Great Depression
    No Cold War
    None of the Oligarchy, Dictatorships, Corruption, Bureaucratic Mess We Have In Modern Times
    Transhumanism makes people low level Servant + Slime(Tensura) + Martians(YoungJustice) + Symbiotes(Marvel)

    Alvalion Forces
    Andromeda(Full, If Alien God descends will be left in a very weak vessel unable to use full power | Being used as both Lesser & Greater Grail, Filled with Spirit Cores Of All Servants Defeated In All Lostbelts, Absorbed through the Canopy, GRAND GRAIL Plan, AKA FATE/ Project(Pronounced Fate Slash) in order to make a wish to change the nature of Quantum Locking & Fate itself)

    Peter(Nega_Excalibur/Slash_Emperor/Azathoth(Disables MCs Outer Gods))
    Mash(Lord Camelot & Strange Hangings)
    Pax(Beast Of Gaia)
    Mordred(Clarent Righfully Bestowed)
    Scáthatch(Gungnir, Curreid & Vortigern Weapons)
    Lancelot(Arondight Untainted)
    Galehaut(Gerdr Freyr's Sword)
    Bedivere(Airgetlam & Flixith)
    Tristan(Cortana Failnaught)
    Agravain(Carnwennan Gwenn)

    Nimue(Main Water Goddess)
    Morganna(Eclipse, Vortigern Light Eating Weapons)
    Merlin(Stonehenge, Fairy Realm Entrance)
    Guinevere(Holy White Magic)
    Ragnelle Bertilak(Green Knight, Axe & Sash)

    On Super Weight Tv Tropes Nasuverse

    SUPER Weight CLASS:
    High 5 To 6
    Arturia Mordred Gareth MC2 Mash Fou

    High 4 to Low 5

    High 3 to 4

    3 or High 2 At Least

    Potential LB Residents
    Siegfried(Balmung) Brynhildr Valkyries GaoChanggong Miaoyi_Yu(Zhenren form like Qin) Beowulf Xuanzang Wukong Wujing Wuneng SuzukaGozen Raikou Kintoki Shuten_Ibuki(Kusanagi) Ibaraki Ushiwaka 12_Paladins(Astolfo Roland Olivier Bradamante Ruggiero) Mandricardo TomoeGozen Wallace Muramasa Masamune Leonardo Hohenheim Serenity QinLiangyu NagaoKagetora Lakshmibai AbigailWilliams & LaviniaWhatley(Real or Summon) HelenaBlavatsky CharlotteCorday NikolaTesla SakamotoRyoma NagasakiOryou OkadaIzō FlorenceNightingale MataHari

    Modern Equivalents
    Lorelei Shishigou+Daughter Touko Beolugh Waver Ciel Fiore Caules, Shiki Kokutou Mana Azaka, Ayako Rin Kurogane Chibirin Sakura shiro, Illya Iris Kiri Natalia Maya Sigma Shirley Taiga, Aoi Kariya


    Ghild Enkid Enmebaragesi
    “Curse Undone” Rama Sita Lakshmana
    Karna Ashvatthaman
    Medusa Arachne Galatea Daedalus Orpheus Eurydice
    Hippolyta Penthesilea
    Alcides Atalanta Medea Peleus Pollux Castor Asclepius
    Odysseus Patroclus Hector
    Solomon Sheba
    Hannibal Scipio
    Spartacus(Saber Rational)
    Fionn Diurmuid



    Not set in stone still figuring some out. The idea came to me that since ~1500 years have passed, there would be couples & children, even with the ageless factor. By all means comment your ideas & reasons(without toxicity) & let me know where these discussions are held. Who did I miss?(Summons from before 500s or related to known HGWs only | PHH either born in LB or show up once the Tree does via Counter Rogue Servant Summon)

    Simple explanation for some of the situations below, reborn instead of incarnated. Some to fulfill some Wish/Regret/Promise, in order to also get a happy ending, experience a life/childhood they never got due to fate. Some because the children who were never born are more compatible with the origin/soul that descended so they were born earlier or to different parents. Some in order to compromise on wishes that PHH_Arturia knows through her memories/archives/records, hence an EMIYA & a Shirou(UBW canon).

    Arturia-Peter(Miranda(Mordred), Hugh(Proto Arthur))
    Guinevere-Lancelot(Jeanne, Victor(Sieg))
    Morgana-Merlin(Medea, Asclepius, Lavinia)
    Hippolyta-Alcides(Diana, Alexander)
    Iseult-Tristan(Robin?, Elizabeth)
    Sita-Rama(Kusha Lava)

    Some are practically canon, others you can see the idea/reasoning, especially since their spouses are not even summonable, as they found out due to ATLAS attempts(Prasutagus, Penelope, etc…)

    Morganna Merlin. Is definitely a weird idea, but remember this is a Merlin that has been made to reflect & whose “inhuman” nature has been corrected. Turns out the problem was less the incubus part of him, but the hasty half-assed procedure that was his baptism, which purified his “human” half of sin while weakening the “incubus” half, making him have a weird balance that was neither “evil” nor “good”, becoming therefore more like a “fae” with a weird morality & view of the world, a “pure” mentality for Greater Good, that his human side luckily helped him not go off the deep end(BEAST). In order to apologize & atone to Morgan, Merlin began working more seriously & alongside her in the field of Magecraft. Morgan being “promiscuous”(or more correctly, not christian levels of chaste) & Merlin part incubus, eventually lead to a benefits relationship due to workplace proximity with Morgan just using him for convenience. Or at least that is how she rationalized it to herself at first, in truth the gap-moe between the old & new Merlin as well as his genuine care for her caused a true relationship to eventually bloom.

    Medusa Asterios, for example, is simple, an idea I have had since Okeanos. Medusa calls Asterios by name, out of empathy due to her own experience, the both of them having similar stories of divine origin, becoming monsters, in isolated spaces(Island | Labyrinth), who regret their killings(Children | Sisters) & known by another name they dislike. Asterios meanwhile earned more affection from Medusa, because when she confided that she wished to be more like her sisters, small & cute, Asterios replied that she is small & cute(Which she is to him 178<298cm), so she gets to feel like that around him.

    Matahari(Eyes of the Sun) Karna(Sun Son), both value family, the woman no one can tell if she is lying, manipulating or not, the man who can’t be lied to, one who seeks loyalty, the other who seeks to be loyal. I just really like the idea.

    Gilgamesh was summoned by the Counter force & was promptly defeated due to a combination of Avalon, another weapon that shows “TRUTH” & through having the key of his gate traced while taking Ea out. With new access to the Gate, they changed the “lock”, gaining access to the Treasury while depriving Gilgamesh of his main method of fighting. Gilgamesh was then force fed his own potion of youth & attached to a Fantasy Seed, used to project a “What If?” on to his spirit origin. What if Enkidu gained human form earlier & did not wait for Gilgamesh to grow up, and instead admonished him with words as Gil grew up? This new path led to Gilgamesh growing up beside an equal, becoming friends earlier & enhancing both’s emotional growth. After the scenario was calculated, WI?Enkidu was also summoned using Gil’s blood. Thus Ghild & Enkid got to spend a childhood together, in What if? & Alvalion. This could be its own Lostbelt honestly (Gilgamesh, never becomes Gilgatrash, with a terrible attitude & complex).

    Odysseus Circe. Different take on Aeaean Sea singularity. After reuniting post-summon Odysseus, explains that he left due to guilt, born out of love, towards Penelope, Telemachus & even Argos & Ithaca itself. He loved Circe, & was in some subconscious way avoiding going back home to Ithaca. Nevertheless he could not stand to make Penelope & Telemachus worry, uncertain of what had happened to him. However he has now fulfilled that duty & lived a good life alongside Penelope, & so he now realizes that he has a similar regret towards Circe, another he loved & left behind. So if she will have him he promises to stay with her this time, and not only because of the unlikelihood of Penelope being summoned, promising that even if she is, that he will stand by her, saying he only loves those he would be proud to introduce to each other & they will all figure it out together when the time comes like mature adults. Circe makes him jump through a few hoops out of pride & cynicism but eventually accepts. Asterios is born to them through remnants of Poseidon’s curses on Odysseus & a causality link & bloodline connection with Circe(See I can make Type moon-ish BS up for my decisions)

    TL : DR

    Arthur's Camelot Falls, Arturia's Rises
    MC2=Peter & Mash, part of Lostbelt History, after every KoRT joined, but before Camlann
    CIV Cultural diplomatic win, with powerful defense

    Early Military, Economic, Scientific, Technological, Magical, Cultural, Educational, Diplomatic, Culinary & Entertainment Superiority, makes it so no country can afford to ignore Camelot, Sapient Rights Jus_ad_bellum, Emmigration Or Revolt Of Citizens & Workers if quality of life & rights aren't updated causes dictatorships to collapse.

    Transhumanism makes people, semi-spiritual fluid lifeforms with a normal human base(so they wouldn't die even if Magic ceased to exist or if exposed to AntiMagic like ImagineBreaker(ToAru) or BlackBarrel type stuff they would just get depowered until getting remodeled again, low level Servants + Slime(Tensura) + Martians(YoungJustice) + Symbiotes(Marvel)


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    Loved it, I've always wanted to make a lostbelt where humanity was better off without PHH.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThompsonContender View Post
    Loved it, I've always wanted to make a lostbelt where humanity was better off without PHH.
    Thank you very much for the positive feedback.
    And yes I mean they kept bringing that up that too much development or simply things that deviate from Quantum locks were also pruned, but then every Lostbelt except maybe Olympus was a complete shithole nobody would want to live in & then they threw that away by making it so Zeus or Chaos was going to kill everyone anyway for some reason. I mean dude you want to leave Earth? Be my guest, but leave the populace on the continent with all their cool non God powered tech 1st, no need to have them on Olympus as you exit just for them to die.

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    Alvalion Vs Olympus (Most batshit insane version I could think of taking advantage of everything known)

    Edge Of Lostbelts Connect

    Alvalion Vs Olympus Begins
    Olympus forced outside Hole due to Authorities
    Tiamat begins spreading throughout the Atlantic Ocean, Echidna Overwritten Demonic Beasts Under Tiamat Now
    Entire Alvalion Fleet Comes In
    Atlantic Continent Starts forming Around Olympus(5xTexas) Poseidon Authority Sealed
    Atlantean Fleet Grounded
    Triton & other Water/Sea Gods(Nimue) Take over Poseidon Aletheia due to Athena Intel
    Athena Modern Aletheia Capable of Rewritting Aletheia brought to her, New Host or Parallel Version Of Original God | Start Absorbing The Island Wreckage & Reviving Them
    Rally Drake Into The Wild Hunt(Sailing the Sky Storm Shouldn't trigger a Sea Curse)
    Gareth Uses Rhongomyniad to Bring Artemis Down To The Ground
    Hades Reclaims Tartarus Under Olympus
    Hades, Eresh & other underworld/afterlife Deities prevent Souls from returning to their body unless they redeem themselves in the Trials first, Canceling Demeter's Revival Blessing

    Tiamat & Agravain Ehangwen Prydwen Fleet Vs Echidna & Odysseus Fleet
    Scáthach Vs Chiron
    Nimue Vs Poseidon
    Gareth Vs Artemis
    Hades Persephone Vs Demeter
    Athena Vs Aphrodite
    Morganna Galehaut Vs Heuropa Talos Taurus
    Arturia Vs Zeus
    Peter Vs Wodime Kirschtaria
    Lancelot Guinevere Vs Sigurd Ophelia
    Mordred Vs Caenis
    Mash BedivereVs Pollux Castor (Dioscuri)

    Break Though Bleaching & Canopy With Slash Emperor Allowing Gaea To Call The Other Solar TYPES, In Order To Fight The Alien God & Ascend Arturia to TYPE:SOL, With Authority Over The Solar System turning (TYPE:MOON), Peter or Mordred Into TYPE:TERRA, & If so Arcueid becomes TYPE:MOON & Mordred Weapon Of Alaya(Counterpart to Beast Of Alaya)
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    Special Event

    As Ritsuka Fujimaru prepares to rayshift back to Chaldea after a hard day's work at the simulator, the rayshift process is interrupted by a robed figure who introduces himself as Richard Neville. He figure explains that Ritsuka's assistance is once more required in the Servant Universe, and that failure to intervene would cause an upheaval capable of destroying the galaxy. Neville assures Ritsuka by explaining that they will keep in contact, and that transport back to Chaldea would be provided at the end of the mission.

    After agreeing to the terms, Ritsuka is dropped into an unfamiliar futuristic hallway, a small part of something called the "Tudor Project Lunar Base". They end up being chased by the security personnel present, right into the feared bounty hunter knight-errant called "the Arthurian".

    The Tudor Project
    A sorta-shady, nebulously-powerful conglomerate that has been gathering massive amounts of resources and magical energy in their base on the moon. The culmination of a millennium's worth of research by a Space Shinkage-ryu sect, this project aims to resurrect the primordial Saber, Artoria Omega. Said resurrection involves four powerful artifacts known as the Alae, as well as a certain prophecy about a child who would become Artoria Omega's new vessel. Details outside of these two are scarce, especially after the Saber Purges that rocked the galaxy a decade ago.

    At the end of the story, the magical energy accumulated within the Tudor Project Lunar Base meant to be used for Artoria Omega's revival was instead diverted into sending Ritsuka back to Chaldea headquarters.

    The Alae
    Four powerful artifacts necessary for the resurrection of the Primordial Saber Artoria Omega. Qualia sloughed off from Artoria Omega's divine corpus after a cataclysmic war ten thousand years ago, it is said that they will allow the bearer to wield a fraction of her legendary Saber powers. They take the form of small bands of cloth, but it is said that when all five are brought together they will take on the appearance of a mantle.

    Artoria Omega
    The Apoptotic Sword of the Furthest End, the resurrection of whose will the Tudor Project is working towards. Her formal name is Apoptotic Sword of the Furthest End, Artoria Omega. The Saber that stands at the end (eve) of the galaxy, poised to slice it open. It seems that her purpose-- that is, carving open the old to make way for the new-- is passed on to her descendants and prospective vessels as a deep-seated urge to eliminate all other members of their class.

    Mysterious Hero X
    An Arthurian bounty hunterknight-errant famed throughout the Sapphire Galaxy for his grim efficiency. At Richard Neville (Light)'s behest, he traveled to the Tudor Project Lunar Base to retrieve the powerful artifacts known as the Alae.

    Initially taciturn and cold, and reluctant to work with the Master to boot, he eventually develops a strong bond with the Chaldean over the course of their journey. The Alae, as well as Ritsuka's influence, ultimately leads to Arthur discovering the nameless Holy Sword's true name and rejecting Richard Neville (Darkness)'s conclusions about the flawed state of the Sapphire Galaxy during the final battle.

    Richard Neville (Light)
    A powerful magus who acted as head researcher of the Tudor Project. After the birth of Artoria Omega's new vessel, Arthur Tudor, Neville became conflicted about his hand in these events, which was enough to split his psyche into two equal halves: the principled but unsophisticated Light, and the erudite but irresolute Darkness. This conflict would come to a head during Arthur's seventh birthday: when the Child of Prophecy discovered the true purpose of his birth, Light formulated a plan to escape with the boy and flee with him to parts unknown. This had the fortunate side effect of sparing Arthur from the vicious Saber Purges that began at roughly the same time.

    Several years later, the overwriting of Arthur's memories entered terminal stage, so Light reluctantly sent him to the Lunar Base to retrieve the Alae, which he hoped would be able to halt Artoria Omega's records from painting over Arthur's memories. Wary of Darkness's accumulated power and afraid of the potential catastrophe their re-combination might bring, Light decided to play a support role in the mission and monitor Arthur's movements through the various reflective surfaces scattered throughout the Lunar Base.

    Draconic Sword Stephen Bathory
    Holder of the Ala Draconis, he guards the entrance to the Tudor Project Lunar Base at the Mare Serenitatis. The Ala he wields brought forward his draconic aspect at the expense of his humanity, becoming little more than the Lunar Base's guard dog. He initially accosts Ritsuka and the Arthurian in a vicious game of cat-and-mouse throughout his territory, which culminates in a one-on-one showdown between him and the Arthurian before the Lunar Base's gates.

    Strategic Sword Julius Caesar
    Holder of the Ala Ursi, his domain is the Lunar Base's arsenal located at the Mare Frigoris. He detonates explosives that block all roads to and from the arsenal, forcing Ritsuka and the Arthurian to confront him in order to gain access to the rest of the Base. A divinely-created genius (designer baby), he proves resistant to the Ala's power, going on to reveal the Arthurian's true name of Arthur Tudor and challenging his decision to run away from his destiny.

    Although Arthur would eventually emerge victorious, he is shaken by Caesar's words, and, after some prompting from Ritsuka, discusses their effect on him as they proceed through a secret passage leading deeper into the Lunar Base.

    The Red Knight
    An armor-clad knight in the employ of the Tudor Project, he has intimate knowledge of the Arthur Tudor's past, though the latter has no recollection of him whatsoever. They first come to blows as Arthur and Ritsuka leave the Mare Frigoris. Although evenly matched, the Red Knight overpowers Arthur and manages to acquire the Ala Draconis. Emboldened by the artifact's power, he dares Arthur to take back the Ala and openly reveals himself as Allegiant Sword Henry VIII, one of the candidates for Artoria Omega's vessel and Arthur's foster brother.

    Henry's newfound arrogance leads him to be manipulated by Richard Neville (Darkness) into facing Arthur once more, this time to head the latter off as he tries to infiltrate Henry VII's domain at Oceanus Procellarum. This second battle goes differently, and thanks to Arthur's newfound conviction, he is able to wrest back the Ala Draconis from Henry before continuing toward his destination.

    When Ritsuka is separated from Arthur after acquiring the last of the Alae, Henry offers his services as an unlikely ally. With his help, Ritsuka is able to safely reach Darkness's domain and support Arthur in the final battle with Darkness.

    Flourishing Sword Clytie=Van Gogh
    Holder of the Ala Aquae, she oversees the biosphere reserve at the Mare Imbrium. Though normally docile, the influence of the Ala causes her mood swings to be extremely violent and volatile. Because of this instability as well as their similar circumstances, Arthur feels great sympathy for Gogh, and he promises to make the extraction of the Ala as quick and painless as possible.

    After the battle, Arthur is surprised at the emotion he felt while fighting Gogh, something he hasn't experienced in a long time. Light explains that this is a side-effect of being on the Moon, the place where lost things eventually end up. Arthur ruminates on these newly-rediscovered parts of himself as he and Ritsuka proceed toward the bearer of the last Ala.

    Exchanging Sword Henry VII
    The head of the Tudor Project and possessor of the Ala Leonis, he dwells in the Lunar Base's headquarters at the heart of the Oceanus Procellarum. Arthur's refusal to take on the role of Artoria Omega's vessel and Henry's incompatibility with the office, as well as the influence of the Ala he holds, turned Henry VII into an even more paranoid version of himself. Converted into a labyrinth filled with traps, the Lunar Base Headquarters eventually separated Ritsuka and Arthur, with the former contracting with a Henry VIII freed from the Ala Draconis's influence, and Arthur confronting his foster father alone.

    Terrified that Arthur made it so far as to confront him face to face, Henry draws out as much of the Ala Leonis' power as he can, transforming into a gigantic monster in order to do battle with his foster son. After extracting the Ala, Henry's personality returns to more or less normal, and he bolsters Arthur's resolve by showing him records of his old life, as well as advising him to seek out Richard Neville at the Mare Insularum, as Henry believes that the head researcher's plans with the awakening of Artoria Omega have deviated from that of the Tudor Project's, and consequently pose a threat to the entire galaxy.

    Richard Neville (Darkness)
    The logical half of the Tudor Project's head researcher. Unrestrained by his intuitive faculties, he has come to the conclusion that everything in the Sapphire Galaxy is an absurdity that can only be resolved by awakening the Apoptotic Sword of the Furthest End and ending everything. Intent on seeing his ambition bear fruit, he manipulated the main staff of the Tudor Project Lunar Base into using the Alae for themselves and opening themselves up to be controlled by him.

    At the climax of the story, he and Arthur face off at the laboratories at the Mare Insularum. There, he reveals to Arthur the nature of his and Light's relationship, as well as his role in the Tudor Project as Arthur's biological father. A demoralized Arthur attempts to engage Darkness in combat, but is outmatched by the latter's determination to his cause. However, Ritsuka and Henry arrive and join the battle at an opportune moment, and their support allows Arthur to rediscover the true name of his Holy Sword and overpower Darkness. Sensing the failure of his ideals, Darkness turns the flames of his Noble Phantasm onto himself to spare himself from Arthur's judgment.

    tl;dr play Catherine of Aragon to the brothers Tudor. But in SPACE!

    So. Here we are. I was supposed to rip off Hello World for this, but somewhere along the way, it turned into a mish-mash of the first two Bayonetta games and a suspiciously similar story featuring a black-and-red-clad protagonist stripping naked to bash their biological parent's face in. You get functionally worthless Internet points for guessing which one.

    Now, which Sawano-scored anime am I going to rip off next..?

    P.S. I recently updated the formatting on my previous scenarios. Take a looksee if it pleases you.

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    real fun read. at this point TM should hire you to write their FGO events lol

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    I second that.

    Any progress on your LB front, kamera?
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