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Thread: [Quest] Lostbelt Raising Project

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    4. Tell her the truth about everything (your ability and what you did to her)

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    Year: 2018
    Location: Pinyang Hospital, Level 1

    “Saber. There’s something I need to talk to you about…”

    I can’t keep this up. I have to tell Saber the truth. I have to tell her everything.

    I should’ve done this a long time ago, back when she first became my Servant. But I’d been putting it off forever… no, I was simply running away from it. I couldn’t face the results of my action nor their victim. Saber’s presence made me uncomfortable, so I made her stay as far away from me as possible. Yet, the instant a threat came, I immediately relied on her and used her as a weapon to protect myself. Not once have I shown her even a modicum of respect.

    And yet… this woman says she’s in love with me. I know that it’s just the result of her Skill, an immutable aspect of her legend. But still… I can’t accept that.

    For the sake of the man who wronged her, Saber has shed blood and fought with her life on the line. She was willing to throw everything away for me of all people, not even knowing what I had done to her.

    That’s not right. That’s not fair.

    That’s why I can’t keep running away from her.

    “What is it, Master? Your word is my command.” Saber replied diligently.

    Her monotone voice reaffirms my will. I clench my fist under the blanket for a final time before I face her.

    “W-well, the truth is…”

    I tell her everything. The secret of my special ability, how it works, and what it can do. All the people I’ve used it on and how I used it on her. I leave nothing unsaid and spill out the words I’ve kept locked up for years.

    It was like opening up my innards for the world to see. The secret I had kept was being displayed at last and every word of it left a sour pain in my gut. The eternal murkiness that had been eating away at me from the inside for years seemed to grow and cover my entire body. I find myself clenching the bedsheets under me as hard as I can, as if to hold on to any fragment of stability that I could.

    All the while, Saber remains stoic and silent, not showing any reaction to my words. For her sake, I do my best to deliver the explanation in the most composed manner I can, only occasionally choking up as I think about all I’ve done.

    “… and that’s how it is.” I finally finish, having said everything I could.

    The moment I do, I realize that I had been holding my breath the whole time. I sluggishly exhale and immediately feel relief, like a weight had been suddenly lifted from my heart.

    I said it. I finally said it. For the first time in my life, I told someone else about my ability out of my own volition. That fact… is a little refreshing and rather painful.


    Saber is silent. She neither speaks nor shows any reaction to my confession.

    Only after a few moments of solemn contemplation does she finally respond.

    “I see.” She says and nods once.

    And that’s all. After everything I said, that is her only response.

    I am beyond confused. I had expected much more of a reaction from her. Whether it was anger or disgust, such a flood of animosity only seemed inevitable. After all, I had just admitted to my past as a serial murderer, not to mention that Saber is one of my victims. I was already resolved to accept any such reaction from Saber. With the exception of death, I was prepared for any sort of vengeance she might desire. Even the worst torture in the world would only be appropriate for my crime; no matter what pain or humiliation awaits, I was okay with it.

    Yet there was no such thing. No hatred or repulsion. No rejection or condemnation. Only a simple statement of understanding.

    That… kind of bothers me. It’s almost like… she doesn’t even care about my secret.

    “U-umm… i-is that all you have to say?” I ask her with a somewhat trembling voice. “I-if there’s anything you want to say, there’s no need to hold back. I’m sure you’re actually angry at me or something like that, r-right?”

    I wonder if she might just be restraining her natural response out of her usual cold loyalty and try to urge her to be honest with me, but she instead just tilts her head in clear confusion.

    “No, I’m not. Why would I be angry with you, Master?” Saber questions sincerely.

    “H-huh?” I gape at her response, completely flabbergasted to the point that words struggled to form. “Wh-what are you talking about? Didn’t you hear what I said? There are all those things I did… I-I even… I even killed you. Of course, you should be mad at me. I killed you!”

    Saber pauses again, seriously seeming to contemplate my statement, before speaking up once more in an unmoved tone.

    “No. That is incorrect, Master.” She denies coolly.

    “Huaaahh!?” I gasp, absolutely bewildered. Not only is this reaction unexpected but Saber seems to be completely denying my confession. What is even happening?

    “Your logic is mistaken, Master. You have not killed me. Therefore, there is no need for me to be angry at you.” She calmly states.

    “Wh-what are you talking about? I know for a fact that I used my power on you. I did kill you.” I retort with surprising aggressiveness.

    For some reason, I suddenly feel heated by the topic, as if adrenaline was being pumped with every word. In complete contrast, though, Saber is as cool as ever.

    “Not quite, Master. On the contrary, it is impossible for you to have killed me. After all, I am currently alive.” Saber explains in the tone of a school teacher. “People die when they are killed. If you did indeed kill me, I should be dead. So, the fact that I’m alive proves that you haven’t killed me yet.”

    “Wh-wha…” I’m speechless. In the face of Saber’s reasoning, I’m barely even able to react.

    “Hmm… Master, you refer to your special ability as murder because it completely deletes the victim’s previous self and replaces it with an entirely new self, constructed to your specifications, correct? Because that original personality is gone forever, it is akin to killing that person and, therefore, murder. But then, by your logic, the original personality and the new personality are entirely different people. And the only one of them you kill is the original personality.” Saber continues to analyze, breaking down the logic behind my words one step at a time.

    Then, with a resolute aura, she glares at me, meeting my eyes directly.

    “Do you get it, Master? That means that you never actually killed me. Therefore, there is no reason for me to hate you for it.” She states like it was an absolute truth.

    … I can’t deny it. I’m unable to refute her logic. It’s so correct that I’m utterly stunned.

    But that doesn’t mean I can accept it, either.

    “B-b-b-but that’s just semantics. That doesn’t change what really happened! I still killed you.” I respond with a desperate cry.

    “No, Master. Though we may share the same name, body, and memories, I am not the woman you killed. I am already a different person all together. So whatever you did to her does not apply to me.” Saber states while shaking her head.

    “W-well, even so, I’m still guilty. I took away your free will and molded you to my own convenience. I ripped away from the allies and justice you once held and have forced you to fight them for my own convenience. I’m just using you as disposable weapon. So, there’s no way I should be let off so easily!” I insist, thinking once more to the moment when I took Saber’s life.

    But, yet again, she shakes her head.

    “No. You have never forced me to do anything. You have never threatened or coerced me. I follow your commands because I wish to. It has always been my own choice to do so.” She claims avidly.

    “But that’s just because I made you like that. I turned you into a simple weapon that would obey my every order. I reduced you to a mindless tool that fulfills my every word and whim. I took away your ability to disobey me!” I reply with fervor.

    “No, that’s how I was from the moment I was born – the moment you created me. I didn’t have the free will or free thought before that, because I didn’t exist. And you can’t take away what never existed to begin with. If anything, I should be grateful to even have the ability to obey you.” She counters immediately.

    “B-but I…” I try to find a rebuttal, but she doesn’t give me the chance.

    A sharp emotion appears on her face, one that I had never seen before. She’s upset. She seems utterly annoyed with me as she glares at me with piercing eyes.

    “Master… you still don’t understand. I’ve already told you numerous times: I’m not the woman you killed. I’m not the woman whose mind your broke. She is she. I am me. You have done nothing to me that you should feel guilty of. I would like you to comprehend that fact.” She pleads sullenly. Though her voice has only dropped a little and the corners of her mouth have sunk slightly, it feels like the strongest emotion she has ever expressed, even greater than her anger towards Demonic Assassin.

    She’s really upset. For some reason, she is in a completely sour mood. And yet, it seems to be for a reason completely different from the one I expected.

    “… I don’t understand. Why are you… defending me? Why are denying my sins? I don’t get it.” I ask her in utter confusion.

    “I am not defending you, Master. I will not deny your past actions nor the danger of your ability. I am simply attempting to make you accept an evident truth. I merely wish for you to understand that such things have nothing to do with me. I… just want your acknowledgement.” She states with a slight sigh.

    Once again, it’s a statement I can’t wrap my head around. But before I can ask her what she means, she abruptly gets out of her bed. Saber stumbles to her feet in spite of her severe injuries and wobbles over to my bed.

    With piercing eyes and a firm grip, she cups her hands around my cheeks and tilts my neck up to look at her.

    “Master. Please look at me.” She asks in a commanding tone.

    “Huh? O-okay…?” I comply immediately and fix my gaze on her.

    Her gorgeous features fill my view, but my mind immediately focuses on the still blank expression covering them. An empty canvas of emotion that lacks both heart and soul. That is the face of Saber that I’ve come to known and despise.

    “What do you see?” She asks after a few moments.

    “U-um, well, you, of course.” I answer as directly as I can.

    “No. No, that’s not it.” She denies, shaking her head for some reason.

    “H-huh? Wh-what are you talking about? I’m looking at you, so of course I see you… right?” I wonder, still not knowing what she’s getting at.

    “But that’s not how it is. I can tell from the way you look at me. I don’t know what, but whenever you look at me, you see something else, right? Is it the corpse of the woman you killed? Or perhaps it’s a living memory of your dark past? Either way, it’s obvious just looking at me reminds you of something you’d rather forget.” She declares keenly.

    “Ah. W-well…” I stutter at the accuracy of her observation.

    “That’s why I want to make it clear. I am not the woman you killed. I am not one of your victims. I am me and no one else. I just want you to remember that and nothing more, Master. Please see me for me.” She implores as passionately as she can, her clear, serene voice filled with the subtle tone of sorrow.

    I’m blown away. Her straightforward, unclouded emotions wash over me and fill me with disbelief. It isn’t anything at all like her angry outburst during the battle; it’s somehow even stronger and even closer to her heart – a pure pleading from the core of her being.

    Such an emotion coming from the lifeless doll I created confuses me.

    “… why?” I ask her.

    “Because I love you.” She answers bluntly.

    A simple answer lacking any explanation or reason. And yet, one I cannot deny at all.

    “I don’t want your guilt or your pity, Master. I don’t want an apology or revenge. I don’t want you to judge and treat me based on things that have nothing to do with me. I don’t want you to keep avoiding me because of your mistaken responsibility. Whatever happened in your past and what you did to the previous me have nothing to do with the current me. I just want you to see me for who I am. Even if my feelings for you are unrequited, I at least wish to be rejected for who I am. That’s… how I feel.” She states clearly.

    Frankly, I’m too amazed to reply. Saber is actually stating her own thoughts and feelings without needing me to prompt her. She’s openly expressing herself without restraint. I would never have imagined such a thing happening earlier.

    “Master… earlier, you called me a mindless tool and likened me to a heartless puppet. To be honest, I… have some resentment towards those statements.” She continues somberly. “Just because you created me to your design, does that mean I am not human? Just because my love for is born from a Servant Skill, does that mean my feelings are not real? Am I really a mindless, heartless machine? I do not wish to believe so. I do not want to be dismissed as nothing more. I… want you to treat me like a real person.”

    “I-I see…” I finally respond after a lengthy silence.

    As ludicrous as it is, I feel like I finally understand what is at the heart of Saber’s strange reaction and words.

    Saber’s upset at me because I wasn’t taking into consideration her feelings. From her point of view, there is nothing wrong with obeying my every command or putting her life on the line for me. In her mind, she considers herself a different person from the Saber who I used Mind Break on. Therefore, my guilt and pity for her are unwarranted. In her eyes, I’m avoiding her and rejecting her for reasons that have nothing to do with her. I’m not even treating her like a real person with real feelings, so she’s only naturally upset.

    And it’s all because she loves me. Being used as a tool doesn’t bother her but being treated as nothing more than a tool by the person she loves hurts her. It’s an irrational, ridiculous difference and yet it is only natural due to her irrational, ridiculous affection…

    So those are Saber’s feelings. Whether it’s right or wrong, whether I should accept it or not, I do have a better understanding of her now.

    Wise-up! Demonic Saber's Status
    Affection Up!
    You now understand Saber’s feelings.
    You are able to confront Saber honestly.
    Perhaps seeing the comprehension on my face, Saber finally lets go of me and takes a few steps back. After an awkward pause, she abruptly bows with a regretful expression.

    “I apologize, Master. I went too far. I should not have spoken up in such an undignified manner.” She apologizes in her usual tone. “You went to the trouble of confiding in me, but I ignored your own concerns and made it all about me. I have a committed a grave dishonor to you. Please punish me as you see fit.”

    “Eh? N-no, no, it’s okay. Um… I don’t really mind it when you speak up. In fact, I’m a little glad that you honestly told me how you felt. Whatever it is, if you have a grievance, I’d rather you tell me honestly than keep it to yourself.” I tell her, a little awkwardly.

    “… understood. Then, from now on, I shall express any appropriate concerns with you for your inspection.” She complies as usual, though her slight hesitation is not lost on me.

    “Uh, well, I don’t know about inspection, but I would be happy to hear them…” I chuckle a little to try and ease the heavy tension. “And, um, I guess I should apologize to you too. I said some mean things to you without taking your feelings into consideration. Sorry.”

    “N-no, there is no need to apologize to me. There is no need to place such importance to my minor discomfort. Please feel free to ignore my complaints as you see fit.” She bows her head once more.

    “Uh… ha ha ha…” I find myself laughing awkwardly once more, unsure what to say.

    Well, somehow or another, Saber and I seem to have come to some sort of new understanding. It wasn’t exactly the result I expected from confessing everything to Saber and I didn’t really receive any closure or catharsis, but I suppose the outcome isn’t so bad. Thanks to it, I was able to understand Saber better now… what I do with that understanding is another matter, though. Either way, I suppose it was a good thing to tell her everything.

    “Umm… since we’re on the topic, is there anything else you would like to tell me, Saber? Or maybe something you want from me? I’d like to know.” I ask her as casually as I can.

    “That’s…” She quickly raises her head to think and then comes to an answer after some thought. “That’s actually what I’d like to hear from you, Master.”

    “Huh?” I gasp.

    “The thing I would like from you… is to know what you want from me. I want you to tell me what you want – what I can do for you. I want to be of use to you. I want to make you happy. But I can’t do that if you don’t clearly tell me what you want from me.” She declares avidly.

    “I-is that really what you want? For me to… order you?” I ask her, uneasily.

    “No. Not an order. A desire. I want to fulfill your desire. I want you to desire me. So please tell me. If you desire my body, I will serve you. If you desire my sword, I will protect you. If you desire my mind, I will guide you. And if you desire my heart, it is already yours. Whatever it is you seek, I want to do just that. I want you to give me meaning.” She states firmly.

    I more or less understand and I don’t really disagree. What Saber wants is clarity. Right now, because of how much I’ve been pushing her away, our relationship is rather ambiguous. Neither of us are certain what the boundaries and positions of our relationship are. And because of that, we’ve both been hesitant to work together. Until we’ve pulled out this thorn in our sides, we will not be able to progress at all.

    So then, right here, right now, I need to clearly decide what I want from Saber. What is it that I want her to do? For what reason did I create Saber? What is her purpose in life?

    How do I truly feel about her?


    After telling Saber your secret, the two of you have come to a better understanding of each other. Now, she asks you to clearly define her role and express your desire for her. How will you respond?

    1. “I’m happy that you’re my Servant.” – Have Saber continue dutifully serving you as a familiar.
    2. “Let’s be friends.” – Establish a friendlier, more casual relationship with Saber.
    3. “I want us to fight together.” – Place your trust in Saber as a comrade and an equal
    4. “I can’t deny my feelings either…” – Become more intimate and affectionate with Saber
    5. “Please just leave me alone.” – Express just how uncomfortable her presence and proximity makes you.
    6. “That’s for you to decide.” – Tell her that she should do what she herself wants
    7. Write-In

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    7. "I want you to fight by my side, but I also want us to be friends." AKA, a combination of 2 and 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lunasilverhart View Post
    7. "I want you to fight by my side, but I also want us to be friends." AKA, a combination of 2 and 3.
    This seems like the best middle ground, Luna's 7 which is actually just a combo of 2 & 3

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    Mm... I'll shyly support that 7 write-in too.

    Both because indecisive but also seems like a genuinely good middle ground.

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    Year: 2018

    Location: Pinyang Hospital, Level 1

    “I don’t really know what to say, but…”

    Scratching my head, I fumble about for an answer to Saber’s plea.

    What is best for Saber, the future of our relationship, the meaning of her existence, those are things I can’t speak of with much confidence. I don’t know. I really don’t know. But what I do know is…

    “It doesn’t feel right, y’know? What we have now just doesn’t feel right…” I tell her awkwardly. “I mean… I can’t exactly keep ordering you around like you’re my slave or something. I just don’t think I can handle that anymore. I’m sure you understand why, now.”

    “Indeed.” Saber nods, listening to me closely.

    “But at the same time, I can’t exactly say I don’t want you as my ally. Frankly, without your help, I’d be pretty helpless. I’m sure I’d already be dead several times over by now if you weren’t my Servant. That’s why, even though it’s wrong, I can’t stop making you fight for my sake…” I continue, basically just thinking out loud.

    “That is true.” Saber agrees in an objective tone.

    “Right. I need you to fight for me, but I also don’t want to order you around either. It’s not right for me to be above you and hide behind you during battle. That’s why… I want to fight by your side.” I finally declare. “Not as Master and Servant, but as comrades-in-arms. As equals. I want us to stand side-by-side.”

    That’s right. That’s the only solution to my dilemma. The only way to have Saber fight without burdening my self with the guilt of being her Master is to get rid of the whole hierarchal concept and just make us equals. It’s a rather self-serving motive, but it is also something that should be better for Saber too.

    “… then, is that your desire?” Saber asks after a moment of thought.

    “Well, to be honest, that’s not all… I guess I’m rather greedy, but there’s something else I’d like, hahaha…” I admit, meekly forcing out a laugh. Now that we’ve reached this point, I suddenly feel embarrassed.

    “What is it, Master? Please do not hesitate.” Saber quickly interjects.

    “W-well… this is just an additional thing but… I’d like it if we could be friends.” I confess.

    “Friends…?” Saber repeats, seemingly confused or surprised

    “Y-yeah, that’s right. I think it’d be nice if we could have a more casual sort of relationship. Y’know, friends.” I explain rather bashfully.

    “Friends…” Saber repeats again, this time seemingly to let the weight of the word sink in.

    Once again, it’d be useful if my relationship with Saber could be less stiff and more relaxed. It’d be a lot easier on me then and I wouldn’t feel compelled to avoid her as much. Practical concerns aside too, I think it’d be nice if we could be friends – if we could melt away the tension and just hang out like a couple of normal youths our age. I think that’d be nice.

    “So, in summary, you wish for us to fight together in battle as equals and comrades. Furthermore, outside of battle, you would like us to be friends and enjoy the company of each other… is that correct?” Saber asks, very professionally.

    “Y-yeah, in short.” I quickly confirm.

    Dammit, now that I think about it, maybe I should’ve been more decisive. Saber asked for a clear, clean answer, but I ended up giving her a rather sloppy, greedy one because I just couldn’t decide on only one thing. I’m sure that’d only end up confusing her.

    But, at the same time, I can’t really deny what I want. I do want to fight by Saber’s side, and I do want to be her friend. As selfish and self-serving as it is, that has to be my answer!

    “… I understand.” Saber says after some thought. Now, her confusion seems to have been replaced with resolve. “I have heard your desire, Master, and I shall surely bring them to fruition. I may be incompetent, but I shall do my utmost for your sake. I shall become both your comrade and your friend!”

    “W-well, you don’t have to go too far. I mean that was just me saying what I wanted. Like I said, you don’t have to listen to me. You can do what you want.” I quickly try to interject, but she shakes her head in defiance.

    “Not at all, Master. Fulfilling your desire is what I want.” She asserts firmly. “Besides… if I were to search my heart, I can’t say that I’m very opposed to the thought of being your comrade and friend…”

    “Th-that’s… well, in that case, I suppose I can’t say no.” I state.

    If Saber truly does want to friendship and camaraderie like me, then I don’t have any real objections. If we desire the same thing, naturally the only option is to go through with it, right?

    “So… I guess that makes us friends now, Saber.” I suppose, trying to give her a friendly smile.

    “Indeed. I am honored to be your friend, Master.” Saber replies stiffly.

    “U-uh, that doesn’t feel very friend-like… You can talk more casually, you know.” I comment.

    “I-is that so? Then…” Saber thinks for a second before trying again, this time with a somewhat familiar tone. “Hah, so you want to be my friend, Bengshan? I guess I’ll let you since you seem so desperate.”

    “Oi, what’s with that condescending tone?” I retort.

    “Well, since you said to be your friend, I tried imitating Miss Alisha…” Saber explains, going back to her usual tone.

    “That’s the last person you should ever copy!” I exclaim.

    Honestly, of all people, she had to try imitating Alisha. Above all things, I hate that that implies Alisha is actually my friend. If she was going for that, she should’ve just copied Yingying instead.

    “Hm. My apologies, Master. Even though I’m now both your comrade and your friend, I’m not exactly sure how to speak to you.” Saber admits with a frown.

    “Well, I guess that’s fine. It’d be too forceful to just completely change things up immediately, I guess.” I sigh. “Then… for now, how about we try changing how we address each other?”

    “You mean to change the names we use?” Saber asks.

    “That’s right. It’s rather cold to call each other Master and Saber, right? If we change that, we might start feeling more comfortable around each other.” I suggest.

    “I see… in that case, shall I call you… Camille?” Saber decides.

    The moment the name leaves her mouth, I suddenly feel a sharp pain pierce my heart. The unexpected blow topples me over and I collapse dramatically onto my bed.

    “Guaaahhh!” I cry out as if hit by a fatal weapon.

    “Huh? A-are you okay, Camille?” Saber quickly reacts and asks.

    The second she does that, my body is struck once again by the sharp sensation and I flop in bed as if a bowling ball had just been dropped on me.

    “Wh-what’s the matter? Are you in pain? Did I do something wrong?” Saber frets.

    Having suffered two direct attacks to my core, I do my best to get a hold of myself and get back up. After struggling to sit back up in my bed, I try to catch my breath and reflect on what just happened. Just thinking about it causes my eyes to start watering. Salty tears start to stream down my cheeks as I revel in the utter elation of the moment.

    “… that’s the first time anyone has called me by my actual name since I got here.” I explain while crying.

    “Eh? … seriously?” Saber gasps stunned.

    “Thank you, Saber. Thank you so much. I’m so glad that I met you.” I thank her earnestly, grabbing a hold of her hand in order to shake it.

    “Is having your name said really that amazing…?” Saber wonders.

    “You don’t even know… I was starting to worry that people would forget that my real name isn’t actually Bengshan…” I reflect gloomily.

    Of course, it’s all the fault of that damn Alisha for giving me that dumb nickname, but it’s frustrating that no one ever actually calls me by my real name. It feels as if I’ve finally been acknowledged. I didn’t even know until now how much I wanted someone to call me by my actual name.

    “Okay. In that case, how about I call you Sanniang from now on? Would that be alright, Sanniang?” I ask Saber.

    “Ah.” She gasps a little after hearing her name.

    She seems rather shocked but pleased to have her given name used to address her. Even I notice what seems to be a light blush pepper her cheeks.

    “Well, I’ll admit that having you call me that is more pleasant than I expected…” She admits. “B-but from a tactical standpoint, it would be troublesome to have my True Name exposed. Regrettably, I must ask you to continue calling me Saber.”

    “Oh, that’s right. Sorry, I wasn’t thinking. Then, I guess I still have to call you Saber from now on.” I nod, understanding the reason.

    It really is unfortunate, but that’s just how it is for Servants. It’s be too inconvenient to call them by their True Names, so I’ll have to stick to the Class Names no matter what.

    “It isn’t a problem. I’ve grown rather fond of Saber as well. I would be happy to have you call me that as well.” Saber declares.

    “I see. Then… I guess we’re friends from now on, Saber. I’ll be trusting my back to you.” I conclude.

    “Y-yes. I look forward to it… Camille.” She replies in a much more amicable tone now.

    Acknowledging each other and accepting this new relationship, we shake hands for real this time in honor of our newfound friendship and camaraderie. All the while, we both do our best to smile at each other.

    It seems that we have a rocky road ahead, but we’re finally on the right path. It’s taken a lot to get here and there were certainly be a lot more in store in this awkward relationship between us. The criminal and the victim, the Master and the Servant, now that we’ve pushed those roles aside, can we finally forge a new bond?

    I can’t exactly say this was the outcome I was hoping for when I confessed everything to Saber. In fact… thinking about it clearly, I’m sure I was looking for something completely different.

    I’m sure there was a part of me that wanted Saber to forgive me. I wanted one of my victims to tell me that it’s all okay so that I could feel better about myself. Or perhaps I actually wanted her to blame me and attack me as revenge? Either way, what I really wanted was… closure. I wanted to put a lid to this whole mess that has haunted me for so long, so I could finally move on.

    But in the end, I didn’t get that. Saber didn’t even acknowledge the idea that she was a victim, so there was no way she could give me what I wanted…

    That’s fine. To begin with, it was selfish of me to seek closure from one of my victims. It’s not right for me to ask for such a thing from someone I wronged. No, I don’t even deserve such a thing to begin with. How could I possibly even think about closing a lid on this after all I’ve done? I have no place to complain about anything.

    Besides, what I did get from Saber isn’t so bad. After opening my heart to her, she opened hers up to me in respond and the two of us have come to some sort of understanding. We aren’t exactly close now, but we’ve definitely taken a step forward. And most of all, we’ve cleared the poison in the air that had been keeping us apart. So we can now finally move forward for real.

    From now on, we can form a true and genuine bond…

    Wise-up! Demonic Saber's Status
    Affection Up!
    You are now Saber’s comrade.
    You are now Saber’s friend.

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    Demonic Justice

    Do you know the difference between a human and a monster?

    Humans are beings that kill to live. They are filled with an overwhelming desire to live, so they kill other beings in order to sustain their survival. Only through the destruction and consumption of others are they able to live.

    Monsters are creatures that live to kill. They are filled with an overwhelming reason to kill, so they do their best to survive in order to kill more. If they had nothing or no one to kill, they would have no reason to continue living either.

    She was the latter. She was someone who existed solely to kill humans. She was someone who had no reason to live if there were no people to kill. Thus, she was a monster.

    It hadn’t always been that way. She too had once been a normal girl with normal sensibilities. But after being abducted and forced to train to become an assassin, she had lost those sensibilities. At the end of that cruel and bloody regimen, she had become a monster through and through.

    In the turbulent era of the Tang Dynasty, evil and corruption were rampant and contagious. But by killing off the evildoers in high positions, one by one, bit by bit, she fought to restore peace and justice through violence and death. It didn’t matter how much blood she spilled or how many evildoers there were. It didn’t matter if others approved of her actions or disparaged them. Whenever she was given the command, she would absolutely kill her target without fail. As long as evil existed in the country and her heart continued to beat, she would kill more and more.

    And in exchange for the justice she enforced, she was given fear and contempt. The virtuous could not accept her actions and were repulsed with the blood on her hands. The guilty could not handle her justice and cowered at the sight of her blade. Even her own father was scared of his emotionless, superhuman daughter and let her do as she pleased. Without knowing it, in exchange for her power, she had become something that couldn’t conform to society.

    But that too was her role. Just as monsters in bedtime stories are used to make children behave, she was a monster who forced virtue on humans, lest they wished to taste her blade. For that purpose, she could not be apart of society proper; she must live in the shadows and reveal herself only to correct the wrongs of the world.

    That’s why she had no choice. For the sake of justice, she needed to be stronger than anyone and more alone than anyone. For the sake of humanity, she needed to abandon her humanity.

    That is who she is.

    The Demonic Assassin – the moniker she had been given as a Servant. Despite what her fully human appearance might suggest, she considered it a suitable title.

    A demon. A monster. A killer. A weapon. A sword. A tool. Justice itself.

    That’s what she was… right?


    She found herself waking up to a creaking groan. In her half-delirious state, she wasn’t sure if the sounds were coming from her mouth or from her sore joints.

    Pain and discomfort slowly seeped into her awareness as she came to her senses. But even as her consciousness bubbled to the surface, she felt nothing more than a numbing pain across her entire body.

    Why did everything hurt? Where was she? What was she doing here? Such questions quickly came to mind even though she barely had any semblance of awareness, perhaps thanks to her training. She immediately forced her eyes open with all her will to get a glimpse of her surroundings.

    The scene that greeted her eyes was an awfully dim one. The only light source was a dull wavering flame a short distance away. From what she could make out of the shapes and shadows, she seemed to be in some sort of small enclosure resembling an artificial cave. There was little in the enclosure in terms of both objects and people; the most striking of both was a single man sitting next to a small fire, the source of the light.

    “Hm? Oh, you’re awake.” The man greeted her after noticing her waking up. “Stay still. It’s too early for you to get up.”

    The moment he spoke, her brain finally recognized the situation and her training immediately kicked in. The alarm in her rang and woke up the rest of her body within a second.

    “Wh-who are you!?” She questioned, swiftly pushing herself off the ground. The moment she did so, though, a number of sharp pains bursted through her body and she reflexively collapsed back onto the floor.

    “I told you not to get up. Your body’s in no condition to be moving around.” The man reprimanded her, seemingly unmoved by her wariness and damage.

    “Gah, th-this is… these wounds…” She grimaces as she struggled on the ground.

    Examining her own condition with practiced ease, she swiftly realized how many injuries were covering it; there was hardly a place on her that wasn’t cut or bruised, not to mention the serious wounds on her arm and across her chest. Having come to that realization, memories of why she was injured naturally followed.

    That’s right. She was in a fight. And she lost. She had fought and been defeated the Saber-class Servant with twin swords and her Master. Having been cut down, she was left entirely to the mercy of her enemies. Even if they didn’t deal the finishing blow, she probably would’ve died eventually given her wounds.

    So how was she still alive?

    The bloody bandages wrapped around her and the bed of grass-like plants beneath her gave her a pretty good answer.

    “You… are you the one who saved me?” She asked the man by the fire.

    “That’s right.” He answered curtly. All in all, he didn’t seem very interested with her or her situation, focusing his attention on the fire instead.

    “… why?” She questioned while glaring at him intensely.

    “Is a reason necessary to save someone?” He simply shrugged.

    Furrowing her brow at the response, she began examining the stranger in earnest. He was a lean and mean-looking man with a bestial aura to him. There was no doubt whatsoever that he was a Servant, one of considerable strength as well. Given his attitude and actions, though, it seemed safe to assume that he wasn’t an enemy… for now, at least.

    Regardless of his reasons, this man did save her life. For that alone, she needed to show him the appropriate respect and decorum befitting that action.

    Thus, having determined that he wasn’t an immediate threat, she relaxed a bit, but still retained some inherent caution about her. She slowly and carefully picked up her body in order to sit up and face the man properly.

    “Who are you? I’d like to know the identity of my savior.” She asked him directly.

    “Demonic Lancer. That is the designation I’ve been given upon summoning.” He answered as bluntly as before. “And you?”

    “I am called Demonic Assassin. You have my gratitude for saving me.” She thanked him and politely bowed.

    “Hm. Well, you’re welcome.” Lancer nonchalantly replied.

    His demeanor and words were devoid of emotion. He wasn’t overtly cold, but he was far from warm. His words were short yet sharp, like a well-pointed dagger aimed at the heart. There was a clear distance in them as if he was detached from reality itself. On some level, he felt like someone just going through the motions of acting human.

    She couldn’t say that she disliked such an attitude. In fact, coupled with his clear benevolent actions, that actually made her feel a bit more comfortable with his presence.

    “By the way, what are you doing?” She questioned, eyeing the man who hadn’t taken even a second to glance at her at all during their conversation.

    In front of him, there was some sort of large bowl suspended above the fire and he was seemingly preoccupied with watching over it. From her angle, she couldn’t look inside the bowl and see the contents, but if she had to guess…

    “Cooking.” He answered curtly.

    “Huh? Wh-what do you mean?” She gasped.

    “… I took a few vegetables and a little meat from a nearby farm. Now I’m just roasting them above a fire. It’s a primitive method, but it works.” He further explained.

    “No, no, that’s not what I’m confused about. We’re Servants, right? We don’t need to eat food.” She pointed out incredulously.

    Her earlier suspicions were right after all, but she still had a hard time believing it. What kind of Servant goes out of their way to cook food? It isn’t necessary and the amount of energy one can gain from it is negligible. There’s literally no practical purpose for doing so.

    Despite that, though, Lancer didn’t seem fazed at all by the question. He just nodded lightly and sighed a little before answering in his usual tone.

    “Humans are creatures that eat, work, and sleep. Take any one of those away and we’ll lose something important to our existence.” He declared calmly. “We may not be humans anymore, but I’d rather not forget what it means to have been one. That’s why, about once a week, I steal a little bit of food that won’t be missed and have a little nap afterwards. I believe such things are necessary to remain myself.”


    She was dumbfounded. What was this man talking about? Retaining one’s humanity? Such words were inappropriate for a Servant. Servants are beings that have already surpassed humanity. They are tools and weapons brought forth to act as heroes and bring about justice. Even before becoming a Servant, she…

    “… is being human that important to you?” She asked.

    In spite of her accusatory tone, though, Lancer just shrugged it off nonchalantly.

    “I don’t know how to be anything else.” He declared.

    Hmph. How foolish. And here she thought for a moment he might have been similar to her.

    “Well, let’s leave that aside for now and move onto important matters.” Lancer suddenly said, before turning to face her at last. “If you’re okay, I’d like to ask you what your plans are now? It’ll take a while for your wounds to heal, but after that, what will you do?”

    “Huh? Well…” She began thinking about it seriously.

    She had been defeated by the enemy, but that doesn’t change her main goal. The evildoers were right in front of her. Her only mission was to kill them and thus bring execute justice. So then, her course of action was obvious.

    “I shall merely fulfill my duties. Once more, I shall go and assassinate the villains that support this vile world.” She declared proudly.

    “So, you plan to fight Saber and the other Servants again?” Lancer asked.

    “That’s right. And this time I’ll succeed.” She confirmed firmly.

    She may have lost this time, but the next time will be different. She only lost because she had been caught off-guard by the enemy’s unknown abilities. That won’t happen again, so she’ll surely pull off her assassination perfectly this time. She was certain of it.

    And yet—

    “No. You’re going to lose.” Lancer stated casually.

    “What? What makes you say that?” She barked back with furrowed brows.

    “It’s obvious. You already lost once. And now you’ve also lost the most vital advantage of an assassin – the element of surprise.” He analyzed. “But most of all, you’re alone. That’s why you’ll surely lose.”

    She almost jumped off the ground hearing that response. You’re alone… that statement reminded her all to vividly of her fight with Saber. And that just made her mad.

    “Oi. What do you mean? Are you trying to say that they have the power of bonds or something? Is that it!?” She roared, losing her cool demeanor entirely.

    “Calm down. I said no such thing.” Lancer quickly replied, holding up his palm to signal her to stop. “It is merely common sense. No one can deny the inherent brute power of sheer numbers. From my count, you would be outnumbered one Servant against five, not including the Emperor himself. Those odds would be unfavorable for anyone, even you.”

    “Mn… I suppose.” She conceded and cooled down in the face of his logic. “I apologize for getting heated. That was uncalled for.”

    “It’s fine. Either way, I believe it’s certain what will happen if you pick a fight with them alone. As long as you are alone, your defeat is guaranteed.” He posited confidently.

    “… what are you suggesting?” She raised a brow in response.

    “I’m not suggesting anything. Nor do you have to listen to me. It’s just that we have a common enemy, so there’s an opportunity at hand. That’s all.” He stated.

    As he patiently waited for a reply, she glared at him cautiously, trying to read both his intentions and characters. Soon enough, she more or less had a decent idea of what was on the table.

    She can’t defeat the enemy alone. So then, the solution is obvious. Don’t be alone. Find allies. Build your collective strength and use it to topple your foes. That’s the natural and logical thing to do.

    But for her…

    “I apologize. Though I am grateful for you saving me, working with you is a different story. I only fight alone. That is my creed.” She stated after some serious thought, bowing to the man in apology.

    “… if that’s your decision, I don’t have a problem with it.” He coolly accepted. “But I’d like to hear your reasoning if possible.”

    “It’s simple. Other people will only make me weaker.” She stated bluntly.

    For a brief moment, Lancer face seemed to wrinkle, an instant so short that she could’ve missed it with a blink. He paused intensely to think over her answer, before speaking up again with an undercut of trepidation in his voice.

    “… explain.” Lancer urged.

    “Through rigorous training to become the ultimate assassin, I have rid myself of frivolous emotions and relations. In order to perform perfect assassinations, I must have neither mercy nor doubt. That’s why I fight alone, so that I never hold back or rely on another person.” She explained as if it were a matter of fact.

    There was nothing but utter certainty in her voice as she was assured that her logic and reasoning were iron-clad. Suppose, for example, that she did have someone she cared about, and that person was used as a hostage. In that case, hesitation would likely cloud her blade and she might be unable to find the correct and just path. In such a way, other people become weaknesses and those weaknesses pile up with every person you connect. Even the sharpest blade is useless if it’s filled with cracks. Thus, she must always be alone in order to retain her strength as a perfect assassin.

    And, though she didn’t want to admit it, an all too vivid example of this was present in her last battle against Saber. Because of her lingering affection for her former lord, she ended up losing her cool when Saber taunted her, leading to her defeat. If not for that relationship and its burden, she would’ve had no weakness. But because that weakness existed, she was handily defeated.

    How shameful. How disgraceful. That bitter loss reminded her once again of the importance of solitude and strengthened her conviction.

    “I see… does that mean you do everything on your own?” Lancer asked attentively.

    “Not necessarily. Other people often possess useful skillsets. I am not against utilizing them for the sake of my mission. However, that is different than considering them an ally; I am merely using them in a manner no different than a tool or weapon. If such people were held hostage, I would not even flinch. Thus, there is no weakness.” She clarified.

    “Despite that, you insist on not getting my help against our common enemy?” Lancer remarked.

    “I do not believe someone of your stature can be used easily. If I approach you with my typical manner, I do not believe you would trust me or obey me. Thus, working with you would be more trouble than it is worth.” She answered.

    “… I understand. Though I do not agree with your views, I won’t berate them either. I can sense the resolve behind your words and have no intention of belittling them.” Lancer concluded listening to her explanation.

    Though she didn’t like his somewhat condescending attitude, she was glad that Lancer wasn’t opposed to her decision. It would save her a lot of trouble if he didn’t kick up an unreasonable fuss.

    “But… I do have one question for you. Will that be alright?” Lancer suddenly added.

    “Hm? Well… go ahead.” She nodded, expecting a simple question. Instead, though, Lancer leaned in and shot her a completely serious, almost piercing glare.

    “Are you… afraid of other people?”

    “What!?” She found herself taken completely off-guard by the abrupt question. “O-of course not. Who on earth would—”

    “I am.” He declared, cutting her off completely.

    “H-huh?” She gasped at his abrupt interjection.

    At that very moment, she felt a chill run down her back. She stared into the eyes of the man before her and found a powerful gravity in them. Even as he spoke with a cool, indifferent-seeming voice, the intense look in his eyes spoke a different story.

    “I understand well the fear of becoming too attached to others and the comforting thought of solitude. I… once lost someone important to me as well. My thoughtless actions drove her to suicide, and I’ve carried that guilt since. That’s why I’m scared of forming new bonds, lest I lose them too. That’s why I know how it feels to think that you’re better off without other people and vice versa. That’s why I won’t tell you that your feelings are wrong either…” He revealed solemnly.

    The somberness in his voice alone told her he wasn’t just making this up. He was being completely sincere about his fears and doubts and that wasn’t lost on her.

    “So, I get it. Whether for others or for yourself, you want to be alone. You want to do everything by yourself and shoulder all the burden alone. If that’s what you really want, I won’t fight you on it. You are free to stay here until you’re healed up and leave the moment you are.” He continued with a reflective sigh. “But, at the very least, let me say this: justice does not exist in a vacuum. As long as you strive to do good, you’ll realize that you’ll never truly be alone. That no matter how many bonds you cut, there are some things that can never be cut. And that’s a good thing.”

    “… tch. Is that all you have to say?” She groaned.

    “Yes, that’s all. Whether you feel like listening to me or not is up to you.” He concluded before standing up.

    After that whole sermon, she could only scoff in annoyance. The last thing she needed was a lecture on such drivel as that.

    How idiotic. If he’s saying such things, he must be on the same level as that stupid Saber who was spouting similar nonsense. It would be best for her to leave here as soon as possible and continue her solo crusade against the enemy…

    “Oh, right. I almost forgot. It’s done.” Lancer suddenly mentioned as he turned back towards the fire.

    With one smooth sequence, he checked on the contents and took the bowl off the fire. For some reason, though, he then tossed the bowl over to her.

    “Here, eat up.” He nonchalantly said as he threw the food over to her.

    “H-huh?” She gasped, so surprised that she nearly failed to catch the bowl.

    Examining it in confusion, she found a piping hot pot of poorly cooked meat and veggies in her hands. She quickly set it down on the ground before it burnt her and then slowly took the time to question its presence.

    “Is this… for me?” She wondered in disbelief.

    “Of course. Don’t hold back and dig in.” Lancer shrugged.

    Once again, she just blinked in surprise. Until then, she had assumed Lancer was just cooking for himself, but it seemed like it was actually for her all along. The whole situation went completely over her head.

    “O-oi. Weren’t you listening to me? I don’t need food!” She argued once she got her bearings.

    “Were you not listening? I already said that humans are creatures that need to eat, work, and sleep. I mean...”

    Standing still with a stone-cold face, as if annoyed by the woman’s complaints, he looked down at her and replied bluntly as if stating the utmost obvious fact in the world.

    “You’re human too, right?”


    She was rendered speechless. That one sentence alone left her completely frozen. As incredulous as it was, she was unable to retort or rebut it at all for it blindsided her entirely. After all she had gone through, it was the one thing she never ever expected to hear.

    In fact, she was so stunned she felt as if her heart skipped a beat.

    “Now then, I’m heading out for a bit. Eat up and go back to sleep. We can discuss the rest after you get some more rest.” Lancer decided and immediately walked off without another word.

    By the time she came back to her senses, he was already practically gone, leaving her alone with nothing but the bed of plants and the bowl of food.

    “… what was that about?” She could only say, still feeling as if her heart had been set on the wrong tempo.

    She looked down at the bowl of food once again and decided it’d be a waste to not eat it now that it’s already been made for her. Not expecting anything, she took one piece and stuffed it into her mouth in an uncivilized manner.

    Immediately, the dormant senses in her mouth came to life as they had their fill of the first stimulus they received since being summoned. All in all, it was a poor meal no matter how one looked at it. It was totally overcooked and there was no seasoning. The materials themselves seemed cheap and dirty, likely just some leftovers that nobody would’ve missed even if they were stolen. If such food was served anywhere else, it would be hardly considered suitable for even serving inmates.

    And yet…

    “… dammit, it’s good.”

    The pleasures of food and eating that she had missed for so long shook her to the core. A searing warmth travelled down her stomach and spread all through her body as if trying to thaw the inside. Both her mind and spirit felt rejuvenated and refreshed entirely, all because of a simple morsel.

    She hated to admit it but… for the first time since summoning, at that moment, she felt somewhat human.

    Soon enough, she completed her meal in fervor and retired back into a slumber. Even then, she couldn’t relax as new thoughts invaded her mind. There was much to think about and much to consider. And as much as she didn’t want it, a novel idea bothered her.

    Perhaps, just maybe, there might be the slightest possibility… that she was wrong.

    Who could know what the result of that thought would be? Such an answer could only be found at the end of this eternal night…

    Wise-up! Servant Sheet acquired:
    Demonic Assassin - Nie Yinniang

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    Year: 2018

    Location: Pinyang Hospital, Level 1

    Two days pass by idly after my talk with Saber, without any incident.

    My wounds and fatigue have been healing up rather well considering what a fierce fight it was, so it looks like I’ll be able to be discharged in a few more days. After I’m discharged though, it seems I’ll be banned from strenuous physical activity and will have to wear a cast around my arm. It’s a bit of a pain, but I suppose I should just be thankful that my hand hasn’t been cut off completely. I’ve finally started to get some feeling in it, so I don’t think it’ll take too long to heal.

    In the meantime, I’ve been spending my hospitalized time training and getting along with Saber. Whenever I have time, I do the magic circuit exercises Alisha taught me, and whenever I get the chance, I try to chat with Saber. All in all, just having something to do and someone near me has helped alleviate a lot of the boredom.

    Just as I was finishing my set of exercises before mealtime, though, I suddenly got a special visitor.

    “Why, hello there. How are you feeling?” Emperor Yao politely greets me as he randomly shows up unannounced.

    “Wah! Y-your Majesty, I wasn’t expecting you…” I jump a little at his surprising presence.

    “My apologies. I was hoping to see you earlier, but I haven’t had the time. Luckily, some business came up that gave me an opportunity to come talk to you.” He declares in his usual, cordial manner.

    Whenever this guy’s around, I get rather tense and not only because he’s the Emperor and my father-in-law. His aura was simply that oppressive and I find myself on edge the moment he shows up. I don’t know if there’ll ever be a time where I can feel at ease around him.

    “Hm? Is Saber not here at the moment?” He asks after noticing the empty bed next to mine.

    “O-oh, no, you just missed her. She’s being examined right now.” I answer.

    “That’s a shame. I haven’t had much opportunity to speak with her.” The Emperor laments.

    Well, it’s true that, despite the time we’ve spent in this world, we haven’t had many conversations with each other. I suppose that can’t be helped when you’re Emperor, though. His free time must be practically non-existent.

    “Speaking of which, I feel like the only times I talk with you are in the hospital…” I comment.

    “Well, that seems like more your fault than mine.” He remarks.

    “Ugh, that’s not wrong…” I groan.

    Thinking about it, this is already my second time in this hospital. I really hope this doesn’t end up as some sort of recurring gag.

    “Anyways, you mentioned you had business to discuss. What is it?” I question.

    “Indeed, it’s regarding our future plans. To cut things short, we’ve determined a schedule for the battle against the demon beast army.” He states clearly.

    The topic immediately gets my attention. A schedule for the battle… so he’s finally come up with a plan to fight the demonic beasts on Level 5?

    “Thanks to the information you’ve provided us, we were able to formulate a strategy to fight the demonic beasts. With the cooperation of the Servants you’ve gathered, it should be possible to battle them in a manner that will not collapse the foundations of the Empire.” He claims.

    “Wh-what is it?” I ask anxiously.

    “We plan to have our magi will erect a large-scale barrier around the battlefield that will contain the shockwaves and other collateral damage from the fight. That way, your Servants will be able to fight at full strength and wipe them out. We’ve already starting testing on a suitable barrier spell that will be able to suit all our needs, so it should be possible.” He explains.

    “I see. So, you’re going with the boundary field tactic after all…” I nod along.

    Using a boundary field to contain the battle was the idea that Alisha came up with. It pains me that her idea ended up being so good, but it just goes to show that she has a mind for battle. At least, it’d be lame for me to be bitter about it since it ended up helping us out so much.

    “The problem with this tactic is that the barrier takes a lot of preparation to set up beforehand at pre-determined locations. Because of that, we’ll need to lure the enemy right into our trap before springing it on them. Only then can we face them head on.” The Emperor adds.

    “Ah, that makes sense. So then it’ll require a lot of effort to lure them into our chosen battlefield… Oh, but what about Berserker’s Noble Phantasm?” I suddenly come to a realization.

    “… what do you mean?” He asks with rare trepidation. Did he not think of that idea?

    “Well, Berserker’s Nobel Phantasm activation is instant, so with the right set-up we could…” I try to suggest.

    “No, I cannot allow it!” He suddenly exclaims.

    For the first time I can remember, the Emperor raises his voice, cutting me off completely before I can even finish a thought.

    “O-okay… i-if you say so…” I shrink back, surprised by his outburst.

    “A-ahem. What I mean to say is that it would be far too risky to rely on that Servant’s Noble Phantasm.” He adds, quickly calming to his usual pitch. “According to your report, it’s highly energy intensive and was only activatable due to the usage of one of our Core Generators, correct? Given those drawbacks, I cannot see it being used effectively in practical warfare.”

    “Oh. Y-yeah, that’s right. Sorry, I guess I wasn’t thinking.” I nod along nervously.

    I was just trying to see if maybe the Emperor’s people could think of a way to supply that magical energy to Berserker besides the Core Generator, but I suppose it’s not possible if he shot it down that hard. That’s too bad.

    That said, it sure is rare to see the Emperor of all people getting worked up. Was he really that against the idea? Perhaps he’s just mad at me for suggesting something stupid. That might be it.

    “So then, I guess understand the plan. When will we be executing it?” I quickly try to progress the topic.

    “At the moment, the exact date is subject to change depending on the situation down below. But we estimate that the ideal time will be in a few weeks. Once we’ve secured the precise date, we’ll let you know. Furthermore, we’ll keep you updated on reports from down below so that you have an idea of the battlefield beforehand.” He answers thoroughly.

    “A few weeks, huh… I guess we should make it in time.” I confirm, after some quick calculation.

    Saber’s wounds should heal up just in time and it’ll give some room to prepare for the battle. It’s a good thing it’s not tomorrow or anything or else neither Saber nor I would be able to do anything.

    “Well, then, it seems you have no objections. In that case, it’s decided. Until then, gather your strength. Soon enough, the final battle will be upon us.” The Emperor decrees.

    It seems like the climax is coming. It’s likely that, if all goes well, we’ll be able to defeat the entire demonic beast army in one fell swoop and be rid of them for good afterwards. In that case, I should give it my all as if it were the last boss.

    With things settled, the Emperor and I said our farewells and he began to step out the door, when he abruptly stopped in his tracks.

    “Oh, yes. There was one more thing I wished to discuss with you.” He suddenly remembered and turned around. “How are things between you and Yingying?”

    “Eh? Ah, well, that’s…” I mumble at the sudden, embarrassing topic. “W-well, I’d say we’re getting along well…”

    “Getting along well is good, but I’m wondering if you’ve made any more concrete progress.” He says, adopting a more stern, parental tone. “Last time we spoke, you said that you hadn’t consummated your marriage yet. Is that still true?”

    “Ah, well… shouldn’t you already know? I’m sure Yingying has reported to you about things.” I remark, feeling sweat begin to drip down my neck.

    “Indeed. But I ask because I wish to confirm your intentions.” He sighs in a light manner.

    His attitude was reminiscent of a teacher disappointed that their student forgot their homework at home. Not really angry, but definitely serious about it.

    “S-sorry… no, I still haven’t… done it…” I apologize in an embarrassed manner.

    “Well, then, perhaps you should consider making that something to do before the battle.” He suggests with a refreshed attitude. “It’d be shameful to head into battle with unfinished business. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable heading into a life-or-death fight knowing that you’ve at least left behind an heir?”

    “W-well, that’s …” I hesitate to agree.

    “If you do not think so, then I shall make it an order. I hereby decree that you must consummate your marriage before we head off to Level 5. It is mandatory!” He announces with his full, imperial majesty.

    “Y-yes, sir!” I immediately affirm as I find myself saluting. D-dammit, I reacted instantly to his authoritative attitude and said yes before I knew it.

    “Very well. Then I shall expect it to be done. Naturally, Yingying will tell me if it does not happen, so there’s no use trying to avoid it. Just go forth and fulfill your duty as a husband!” He decrees.

    “… okay.” I can only mutter meekly.

    After that, the Emperor bid farewell for real and left the hospital room for me to sulk in solitude.

    Man, he sure was being forceful about it this time around. Does the consummation really matter that much to him? Is it just because that’s the tradition of this world or is there something else to it? Perhaps he’s just run out of patience with my cowardly, virgin behavior? I wouldn’t blame him if that was the case.

    “Ahhhhhhh… I guess I just have to do it, after all.” I groan as I plop back down onto my bed.

    It looks like I can’t keep procrastinating on it anymore. The time to actually… do it with Yingying is upon me. Sometime in the next few weeks, I’ll have to do it or else who knows what it’ll do to my relationship with the Emperor.

    Still… just the thought of it gives me the shivers. Is this really okay? Will I be able to go through with it? I’m unsure and I’m rather scared.

    After all this time, there’s no way I can just go through with it all of sudden on some random night. I feel like I have to work towards it a bit more. Y’know, become more comfortable around Yingying first until that sort of thing is… okay…

    And even without that, I have a lot on my plate now that the plan for battling the demon army has been set. I want to do whatever I can to prepare for it while I can.

    Seems like, even though there won’t be any immediate danger, these next few weeks will be pretty busy. I have two important tasks to work towards: the deadly battle with the demon army and the nighttime battle with Yingying. There’s no time to waste; I should make the best use of these few weeks however I can to accomplish both of these goals.

    But well… this may be silly of me, but if I get the chance, I’d also like to get along better with the others. Y’know what they say about the importance of camaraderie, so perhaps it’ll be good to just go around getting to know some of my allies better.

    All right, let’s do this! What I do with this limited time shall determine my fate!

    The date has basically been set for the battle against the Demon Army as well as a deadline for consummating your marriage with Yingying. Whether you strengthen your powers or your bonds, it’s up to you to use these next few weeks as well as you can to prepare for both crucial events. What will you do?

    1. Go on a date with Yingying
    2. Get relationship advice from Assassin
    3. Get marriage advice from Berserker
    4. Receive the research results from Saber
    5. Discuss battle strategies with Rider
    6. Get battle training from Alisha
    7. Acquaint yourself with Starkad

    Note: The following few weeks are a period where you may choose among multiple options to prepare for the upcoming events. Even if you do not pick a certain choice now, you will have the chance to pick it again later. However, the amount of choices you can make in total is limited, so choose selectively. For those who wish to raise the Affection Points of specific characters, this period will be a good chance to do so.

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    1. I want to know more about Starkad but that can wait.


    changed to 4.

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    Asian Parent Yao, amazing

    Might as well get the more pressing(?) matters dealt with before tying things up with Yingying
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    Yeah, I think I will go with 5. We do have the time do more than one thing.

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    Going with 5. Get the pressing matter of figuring out how to do the battle first before we go onto other matters. We do need to get to consummating our marriage with Yingying. Who knows what would happen if we disappoint Emperor Yao, and I don’t honestly want to find out

    Edit: Change my mind, let’s go with 4. Might as well get the results of Sabers research
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