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Thread: [Quest] Lostbelt Raising Project

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    This seems like a terrible idea...

    1. Touch it!

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    The Act of dozing off in the afternoon is a luxury indeed.
    Coffee would be nice, though.

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    We must resist the temptation

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    Year: 2018

    Location: Training Grounds, Pinyang City

    I can’t restrain myself. I must find out. I have to find out.

    That’s right… yes, it’s necessary for me to find Rider’s gekirin. After all, as a Master, it is my responsibility to be aware of a Servant’s weakness so that I can form strategies around it. If Rider’s gekirin truly is her weak spot, then it is my duty to personally test it out.

    More importantly, I just really want to know!

    “Take this!” I cry out and go on the attack.

    With my greatest speed and my greatest power, I leap forward and reach out towards my target – the base of Rider’s throat. My hand stretches through the air like an arrow flying through the battlefield, bringing with it promised victory, and—



    The sound of sudden brakes. It happens too fast for me to even react.

    Just moments before I touch Rider’s neck, she suddenly raises her arm without even looking at me and grabs my approaching hand by the wrist, completely killing my momentum and stopping me at the last second. Her long, slender fingers become a vice-like grip that prevent me from pressing forward or retreating, as she slowly turns towards me with a smile.

    “Oh my~ What’s this, boy? Did you need something?” Rider asks peacefully. There isn’t a single shred of animosity in her voice, yet it feels colder and dryer than a tundra. “What exactly were you just trying to touch, boy?”

    Shit. I messed up.

    Only too late do I realize what a bad idea this was.

    I was so focused on considering whether I should touch her gekirin that I didn’t consider whether I could.

    Now that I’m thinking clearly, of course there’s no way I could get past the Rider’s guard. How much of an idiot for am I thinking I even had the chance?

    “Uh, um, n-no, that’s not…” I stutter hurriedly as Rider’s smiling glare pierces through me, scrambling my brain for an excuse. “B-boobs! That’s right. I wanted to touch your boobs, Rider!!”


    “A-after seeing you jump and bounce around earlier, I-I was suddenly overcome with the wild desire for your breasts, so my hand reached out to fondle them without thinking. Hahaha, silly me~” I laugh awkwardly as if I had done something harmlessly mischievous.

    What am I even talking about? I don’t even know anymore!

    “Hehe~” Rider lightly reacts in a feminine chuckle, smiling peacefully at my frantic excuses, almost seeming to be laughing along with me.

    Could it be that my excuse worked? Will I actually be let off the hook?

    “Did you really think that kind of lie would work on me, you fool?” She suddenly snaps in her rough, manly voice.

    Ah, of course, that wouldn’t work.

    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I just thought it was worth a try. Ow, ow, ow, my hand!” I cry out as the strength in her grip increases. “I’m sorry, I actually wanted to try and touch your gekirin. I was just curious. Please forgive me!”

    “I won’t.” She replies in a voice cold enough to freeze lava.

    Ah, it seems that I’m completely screwed.

    Rider strengthens her grip again until I feel the bones in my wrist start bellowing their death cries. Any more of this and my good hand will be destroyed too.

    “Don’t whine, boy. You must’ve understood the consequences of trying to touch my gekirin without permission. So, grit your teeth and prepare for you punishment.” She states with the authority of a criminal overlord.

    “U-ummm, and what might this punishment be? Y-you’re not gonna make me walk the plank or something, are you?” I question in cold sweat.

    “Oh, don’t worry, boy~” Rider replies gently, switching back to her sexy, feminine voice. “I won’t hurt you too much. We need you in one piece for the battle. No, I’m just going to do something you really don’t like~”

    “… w-what’s that…?” I hesitate to ask out of absolute terror.

    While chuckling giddily, Rider lets go of my wrist and instead silkily traces her finger up my chin, leaving a trail of cold sweat in its path.

    “Oh, it’s simple. Since you tried to touch my most private body part, it’s only fair that I touch yours, right? So, hurry up and drop those pants.” She informs me with a sunny smile.

    “Welp, nice talking to you, bye.” I immediately turn and run away as fast as I can.

    “Did you think you could escape!?”

    Like a lioness leaping on prey, Rider swiftly grabs me by the back of the collar, before I can even take three steps, and throws me onto the ground.

    “Kyaaaaaaaa! Stop it. Stop it, you idiot! We’re in public, you know!” I scream at the top of my lungs as I’m pinned to the floor.

    “Ufufu~ It’s all right, I’ll be gentle. I won’t laugh no matter how small it is.” Rider assures me with the gentleness of a saint.

    “Kya! Pervert! There’s a pervert here! She’s trying to touch me in places I don’t want to be touched!” I shout as I squirm in absolute futility.

    “It’s called just desserts, fool.” Rider remarks harshly.

    Ah, well, certainly, now that I’ve said it out loud, I understand the dramatic irony.

    Even so, I can’t just accept this fate without a fight.

    “Help! Assassin, help me!” I cry out to my steadfast ally in utter desperation.

    Despite my fraught howls, the scantily clad Servant continues to sit and eat in utter peace.

    “You dug your own grave, Master. Let this be a lesson not to mess with a lady’s heart…” Assassin calmly states, not lifting an eye from the lunchbox. The other two are much the same, too preoccupied with their lunches to save the fool about to be eaten by the dragon.

    Ah, even Assassin has abandoned me. How sad…

    “Ufufu~ Come now, boy. Don’t struggle. I don’t enjoy this anymore than you do.” Rider says as she presses down on my wriggling body.

    “Liar! I can see your drool. You’re looking forward to this way too much!”

    Dammit, there’s no choice. The only one I can rely on is myself.

    There’s only one chance left. If I want to escape, I need to catch Rider off-guard and attack her where she’s the weakest.

    As Sun Tzu once said, ‘If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.’

    In order to quell Rider’s anger, I must make her even angrier. I shall dive into the dragon’s den and strike it where it is weak, only to use the ensuing chaos to run away like lightning.

    In other words, I need to touch her gekirin! That’s my only chance of survival.

    “Take this! Dragon Slaying Finger!!!” I yell out and raise my hand towards her throat as if piercing the heavens!

    “Oi. Did you really think that would work?”

    Rider casually smacks my hand away with zero effort.

    Well, that tactic failed. Good try though.

    “Aaaaaaaahhhh, dammit! I knew this was the wrong choice! Why did I think this was a good idea?” I lament in tears.

    To think there would be such a classic bad end waiting for me here. If there was some sort of cosmic force that made me pick this choice, it must be a stupid one.

    In the end, my cries fall on deaf ears as Rider doles out my punishment without mercy. And like a flower losing its petals, the last pieces of my dignity are stripped off, leaving a deep scar on my innocent heart.

    Today, I received an important lesson.

    Even without a rage mode, Rider is really scary…

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    Year: 2018

    Location: Royal Quarters, Pinyang City

    “Phew, it’s finally off…”

    With a delightful sigh of relief, I hold up my arm and wave it around energetically.

    After more than a week of being disabled, today’s finally the day I get to take off my cast. The freedom of being two armed once more fills me with pure elation.

    “Ah, truly, humankind was designed to have ten usable fingers.” I remark absent mindedly as I stretch out the limb, stiff from lack of use.

    “You sure seem happy.” Assassin remarks as she sips her morning tea. “In the mood to put that arm to use, Master?”

    “I’d say so. I don’t have to rely on Yingying feeding me during dinner anymore. That was embarrassing...” I grimace as I remember.

    Well… it wasn’t all bad.

    But, either way, it’s good to have my body fully healed. The doctors said I should do some light rehab, but it won’t be too much of a problem to be 100% soon. Since I was injured, I stopped doing my morning training sessions with Yingying, so I’d like to start that up again now that I’m back. Oh, and I can train the circuits in my arm now too.

    There’s so much to do I’m getting a little giddy. Would it be childish to do pushups indoors?

    Knock Knock Knock


    There’s someone at the door. Is it the one of the Emperor’s messengers again?

    “Yes, who is it?” I immediately open up, relishing in the fact that I can use my right arm to do so.

    As I open it up, I immediately recognize the blond, handsome knight on the other side.

    “Good day, Lord Bengshan. It is an honor to greet you once more.”

    “Oh, it’s Bianca’s Saber. You kind of scare me every time you show up out of nowhere.” I mention as I greet the knight.

    I kind of always forget this guy can just pop up out of nowhere at any time. Damn, teleporting is such a broken ability. I want it.

    “So, what are you here for? Bianca using you as a pack mule again?” I ask casually.

    “Though I would not put it that way, your assumptions are correct. I have come with some packages that milady wished to gift to you.” Saber responds in his usual, professional manner filled with dignity and integrity. “Is Lady Alisha with you? There’s a delivery for her, as well.”

    “Oh, yeah, I’ll go grab her, I guess. Why don’t you come in, in the meantime?”

    Year: 2018
    Location: Royal Quarters, Pinyang City

    “Presents, presents, presents~♪” Alisha obnoxiously cheers as she comes out of her room.

    “Oi, don’t be rude. You’re acting like a kid on Christmas.” I quickly berate her with a light chop to the head.

    I could guess so beforehand, but she’s definitely the type who opened up her presents way before Christmas.

    After calling upon Alisha, the four of us are in the tearoom as Saber prepares to hand us his deliveries. He politely declined any tea or hospitality though, stating he should return to Bianca’s side as soon as he can.

    “Well, then, since Lady Alisha seems so eager, shall we start with her?” Saber suggests with the smooth patience of a retail worker dealing with an annoying child.

    He pulls out a sizable bag that seems to contain a number of items inside and takes them out one by one. I watch as he lays out the items on the table. From what I can tell, it seems to be primarily a bunch of different plants, ranging from potted ones to dried out ones.

    “Here you are, the herbs and materials that you requested. Lady Bianca picked them out herself, so they should be of the highest quality. Also, I’ve collected dirt and soil samples from each Lostbelt to your precise instructions.” Saber announces, motioning over the spread as if proud of his Master’s accomplishment.

    “Perfect. I knew I could count on Bianca.” Alisha giddily grins as she immediately starts sorting through the plants.

    “Oi. Why’d you go ordering some plants and dirt for? Trying to start a greenhouse?” I whisper to Alisha.

    “Don’t be stupid. The plants are for my magecraft, obviously. There aren’t any of the things I usually use here, but I found similar stuff in Bianca’s place when I was there, so I thought I’d have her send some to me. You’ll be thanking me later when my potions are the only thing keeping you alive, okay?” She answers stubbornly.

    “Okay, I get that, but what’s this about Lostbelt dirt?” I raise my eyebrow.

    “That’s… a little side research. I was curious about something… well, I’ll tell you the results when the time comes.” Alisha responds a little vaguely, perhaps unsure how to explain it effectively.

    Hmm… what could she possibly up to? The idea of Alisha doing research certainly gives the impression that she’s plotting something. I don’t think it’s anything malicious, but it’s probably not good. I’ll have to keep an eye on her… wait, I have to do that at all times, anyways.

    “Moving on, this is Milady’s gift to Lord Benghsan. Her latest work for your eyes.” Saber announces and hands me a large picture frame.

    On it is art of a starry night sky. What’s that technique called? Watercolor? Something like that. It’s a very vibrant piece despite only displaying sky and stars. The subtle variations in colors within the nightscape give the impression of precision and skill.

    That’s… all I can really say. Like I’ve said before, I don’t have an eye for art whatsoever.

    “Oh, well, um, thank you. Please express my gratitude to Bianca for this… beautiful painting.” I respond as politely as I can, trying to hide my actual apathy for the art.

    “Oh my. This is quite impressive. It’s very evocative, don’t you think, Master?” Assassin mutters as she peaks over my shoulder to look at the painting.

    “Ooh, ooh, is that Bianca’s newest painting. Awesome!” Alisha beams as she does the same. “Man, you’re so lucky, Bengshan, having Bianca gift you paintings all the time like this. I don’t know how many people would kill to be in your shoes.”

    “Am I really?” I tilt my head, unable to really wrap my mind around the idea.

    “Oi, how ungrateful are you? Do you know how much one of Bianca’s paintings normally go for at the Clock Tower? She is the esteemed super genius of the Creation Department, you know. Her works are always highly contested for at auctions. Someone like you would normally never even be able to afford to buy one, much less have them personally hand-delivered to you.” Alisha rambles, practically scolding me.

    “Yeah, yeah, I know. Bianca’s amazing and I’m chopped liver that deserves to be in the trash. I’ve heard it a thousand times.” I rebut, pushing her face away.

    I don’t need Alisha to tell me. I’m already decently acquainted with Bianca’s prestige.

    Bianca Chrome the “Panomorph”. A once-in-a-decade genius that graced the halls of the Clock Tower’s Faculty of Creation, said to be dominated by magical artists. Even in this competitive arena of creative talents with the most cultivated magecrafts in the whole world, she stood atop them all, not only as a magus, but as an artist as well.

    The art that she created were ones that were already comparable to the classical greats, even without their magical attributes. It is for that exceptional stature and her “unique talents” that Bianca was even on the verge of receiving a Color from the Association, a special title indicative of the Association’s recognition of her special status. No matter where you looked, there are probably a very limited number of artists in the modern era that were on Bianca's level.

    I already know all that. And I can tell that Bianca really is a good artist. Even I can sort of see that there must’ve been some really good technique employed in her art.

    But that’s all. I can only tell that she is good, but I can’t understand what’s good about her art at all.

    Because… I’m different.

    My perception of reality is different from everyone else. It’s not just art. Music, perfumes, even the taste of food, it’s all different for me. I don’t lack these senses; I just perceive them slightly differently. But that slight deviation makes all the difference when it comes to subjective tastes.

    It might be hard to wrap around since it’s so subjective, but I’ve noticed over and over that my reaction to these kinds of things is always just a bit off from other people. Like I alone am missing something universal that others consider only natural. That feeling… has always bothered me.

    Anyways, I guess, in that sense, you could say that the Crypter I’m least compatible with is Bianca. Since she’s an artist – and a passionate one too – I’m sure I’ll never be able to understand her as long as I don’t understand art. I’m sure she must feel the same way about me, that I’m some uncivilized punk who isn’t worthy of her masterpieces.

    That’s why it doesn’t make sense. She’s such a god-like artist, but she’s going around sending her priceless paintings to someone like me, who can’t even appreciate them fully. I really just can’t understand her…

    “Ugh, fine.” I finally groan after Alisha keeps bugging me about how I should be more grateful. “If you like it so much, you can have it.”

    “Eh? R-really?” Alisha blinks in surprise as I push the painting to her.

    “Yeah, take it. You clearly like it more than me. I’m sure Bianca would rather the painting go to someone who can actually appreciate it.” I explain indignantly.

    Before I can even say anything else, Alisha immediately grabs the painting and yoinks it out of my hand.

    “Yahoo! No take backs!” She shouts in joy. “I’m going to hang it in my room right now!”

    She swiftly zooms out of the room with the painting in tow, forgetting all about the samples and materials still left on the table. How energetic.

    “Oh, that’s too bad. I would’ve liked to look at it more…” Assassin mutters with a little disappointment in her voice.

    “Oh, um, if she sends more, I’ll give the next one to you. Would that be okay?” I suggest, sensing that she’d like one too.

    “That’s… well, I’d like that, but I think you don’t understand the purpose of a personal gift, Master… Your inability to read a girl’s heart is as lacking as ever.” Assassin sighs disappointedly.

    I don’t really know what she’s talking about, but if she’s sighing that heavily, she must be really sad about not getting a painting. I’ll definitely make sure she gets the next one then.

    “Anyways, Saber, thanks for coming all this way to give these things to us. Tell Bianca we really liked it.” I address the knight once more now that things have settled down.

    “I understand. I shall express your gratitude to Milady.” Saber bows obediently but doesn’t make any motions to head back. “However, Lord Bengshan, my business here is not done yet. There is one more matter I have come for.”

    “Oh? What’s that?” I wonder.

    “Milady would like to know when you’ll be coming to visit so that she may welcome you properly. If you could give her an anticipated date, it would be appreciated.” Saber declares.

    “Ah, right… that…” I nod as I recall.

    A while back, Bianca gave me an invitation to visit her Lostbelt, but I’ve yet to take her up on her offer. With preparations for the big battle that’s coming, I’m actually pretty busy so I haven’t had the time to even consider it.

    Well, if I really push it, I suppose one day off wouldn’t be too big of a deal. And Bianca’s preparing for battle too, so checking out her place might give me some ideas.

    What should I do? Should I accept Bianca’s invitation?

    Saber has come to receive your reply to Bianca’s invitation. She would like you to visit her Lostbelt. With a big battle on the horizon, you feel as if everyday counts, but you can also see the benefits of accepting the offer. What will you do?

    1. Accept the invitation to visit Fairyland.
    2. Decline

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    1. Might as well get some ideas.
    Feel free to look at my Servant sheets here (Now 100% fixed and viewable)

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    Pragmatically, would be good to hear from Bianca - - though not a especially proficient combatant, more brains on a problem is better than one.
    Sentimentally, however, it's just good to see more of the lass (Go Sparta)
    The Act of dozing off in the afternoon is a luxury indeed.
    Coffee would be nice, though.

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    1. This is definitely a bad idea lmao

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    1. How could we say no to that?

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    There are a dozen ways this can go wrong.

    Naturally I am picking 1

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    1. This is going to end poorly.

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    Wow people, I can't believe everyone is voting to bully Ben like this.........


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    Year: 2018

    Location: Royal Quarters, Pinyang City

    “All right, I’ll be heading off now.”

    A few days later, early in the morning, I finish my preparations and bid farewell to the others as I’m about to depart for another world.

    In the end, I had decided to take Bianca up on her offer and visit her Lostbelt, if only to humor her. Even so, I get the feeling I might be able to find some inspiration from seeing what she’s up to and what kind of preparations she’s doing. You know what they say, wisdom comes from experience.

    “Well then, I’m off. I’ll be back by tonight, though, so don’t worry. And I won’t be needing dinner, so eat without me, okay?” I tell Yingying as she sees me off.

    “I understand. I’ll be waiting for you, dear.” She replies with a lovely smile. Oh dear, if she looks at me like that, I’ll be scampering home like a lonely dog before sundown.

    “T-then, I’ll see you soon… Oi, Alisha, ready to go?” I call out to the magus girl.

    “Huh?” Alisha replies dumbfounded, still eating her breakfast at her own pace.

    “What are you doing? We’re going now. Bianca’s Lostbelt, remember? I told you it was today.” I lecture her.

    Bianca’s Saber is already waiting for us just outside the door, and it’d be rude to make him wait too long. She’ll just have to skip her breakfast and head out now.

    “… I thought you were going alone.” Alisha states, still seemingly in shock.

    “Why would you think that? If I was invited, obviously you were too. I’m sure Bianca wants to see you as well. A lot more than me. You are friends, right?” I scold her, wondering why I even have to explain something so simple.

    At that moment, though, Alisha suddenly looks at me with a strange expression of both incredulous shock and frustrated repulsion, as if she had just met the dumbest man alive.

    “… oh my god.” She sighs and begins to massage her the bridge of her nose.

    What’s up with her? Is she beating herself up about forgetting that today’s the day?

    “Ahhh, oh no, it’s too bad. My schedule’s already full. I’m too busy to go. Looks like you have to go by yourself, Bengshan.” She abruptly starts blathering out loud in an exaggerated falsetto.

    “Huh? Seriously? It’s only one day. C’mon.” I retort.

    “Nope, can’t go. Hands are tied. Literally can’t waste a second. Too bad, so sad.” Alisha replies, shaking her head avidly. “Besides, I’ve already been to Fairyland, so I don’t need to go again.”

    Oh, that’s right. Before she came here, Alisha spent some time with Bianca in Fairyland. Since the main reason for inviting me was to have other people be able to remember that world, it isn’t necessary for Alisha to go there again. I guess that’s fair.

    “Okay, then, I’ll go on my own. I’ll give Bianca your regards.” I nod, now content.

    “Haah, yeah, yeah, go on. I’ll hold down the fort.” Alisha nonchalantly waves me off, seemingly frustrated about something. Is she that upset about not being able to go?

    Even as I head back to the doorway, Alisha continues to eat her breakfast leisurely, despite her supposed business. What could she be up to?

    “Oh, Master. Are you leaving now?”

    As I reach the doorway and begin putting on my shows, I look up to find Assassin also seeing me off.

    “Yeah, I’m off. Sorry about leaving when a big battle is on the horizon. I’ll make up for the missed work once I get back.” I promise her, standing up at last.

    “Oh, don’t worry about it. Personally, I’m glad you’re getting out of the house for once. It’s bad to be cramped in one place for too long.” Assassin assures me. “Besides, I’m proud of you.”

    “Proud? For what?” I ponder, confused as to the source of Assassin’s sudden smile.

    “Your growth, of course. To think that you would actually willingly agree to go to a Land of Maidens all on your own. I’m so, so proud…” Assassin states, shedding fake tears of joy.


    Only now do I realize. I had forgotten.

    That’s right. Bianca’s Lostbelt is a world with only women in it. And not only that, they’re all beautiful women that apparently exude otherworldly, supernatural beauty. Such knock-out bombshells await me. No matter where one goes, no matter where one runs, no matter where one hides, their feminine charms will surely be lurking, reading to strike.

    That is the sort of place I've just carelessly signed up to go into. For a whole day. Alone.

    … welp, guess I’ll die.

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    Year: 2018

    Location: Forest Outskirts, Fairyland

    A world of light.

    That was what greeted me as I made the jump to another world for the second time. Before me, the existence of another dimension seems to just magically pop into existence. A myriad of unfamiliar colors, noises and smells barraging my inexperienced senses assault me all at once… it’s almost too much to take in.

    Getting a sense of my bearings, I find myself in an open field just next to a lush forest. All around me, a verdant expanse of nature stretches out. In the distance, a large marble white castle surrounded by a pristine, vibrant city that seems as if it was carved from a crystal mountain catches my attention. There’s a path leading from the forest to the city that looks like it would only take a 20 minute or so walk to get there. On that path, though, I see all sorts of strange, mythical-looking creatures roaming the grassy plain before me. A five-horned deer-like creature prancing through the hills, pixie-like lights buzzing past my eyes, a little dragon-like creature basking in the sun atop a rock, and more. Such wondrous sights straight out of a high fantasy novel hit me from every direction I can look. But above all else, what strikes my heart the most is the clear blue infinity above and the radiant sun shining overhead. That alone really makes it obvious that I’m no longer in the Yao Lostbelt.

    “Ben! You’re here.”

    A feminine voice suddenly snaps me out of my awe-full sightseeing. I turn to find the only familiar thing in this all too unfamiliar world: Bianca Chrome.

    Waving her hand in the air energetically, she walks towards me briskly with a giant grin on her face. She’s wearing a patterned sundress and a fashionable sun hat which seem quite fitting for the warm, spring-like weather.

    “Hellow, ‘mellow. Long time no see~ How have you been, Ben?” Bianca greets me in her usual trademark style.

    “U-uh, I’m fine, I guess. What about you?” I quickly reflect the question, unsure how to react.

    “Ehehehe, I don’t know where to start. Oh, but this isn’t the time for lengthy pleasantries. Let’s save that for later.” She giggles happily, despite my awkward response. “For now, let me welcome you.”

    She stretches out her arm and fans it across the entire horizon, motioning to every fantastical wonder in view.

    “Welcome to Fairyland.”

    Her beautiful voice chimes like a bell. A cool spring breeze brushes past me, bringing with it the faint aroma of fragrant flowers. It is at that moment that I truly accept that I’ve come to another world.

    “Well, then, let’s not waste any time. We only have one day together, after all. What do you want to do?” Bianca swiftly asks, clasping my hands with hers and bringing them up to our chests.

    “Wh-wha– that’s… I’ll, uh, leave it to you.” I stutter in response, quickly pulling my hands back.

    “I see. In that case, shall I start by showing you around? This is your first time here, after all, so I’m sure that you’d like to become acquainted with this world.” Bianca suggests, clapping her now empty hands together in cheer.

    “Y-yeah, sure, that sounds good.” I readily agree.

    The main reason I came today was to humor Bianca, so I’ll give priority to whatever she does. Whether she wants to go sightseeing or just laze about for a whole day or fight a giant, demonic dragon or go skydiving, I’ve decided to just follow her lead today. Okay, maybe not the skydiving.

    “Then… shall we go?” I awkwardly ask, anticipating her to pull me around wherever she pleases.

    “Yes! Oh, but wait, there’s one thing. Please take this first.” She suddenly remembers something and pulls out a bundle.

    Taking it off her hands, I unfurl it to find what looks like a dark green hooded cloak inside. Judging by eye, it looks it should be about my size.

    “I’m sorry, but it’d be best if you wear that while we’re in the city. You are a boy, after all…” Bianca apologetically pleads, clearly regretting that she has to ask this of me.

    That’s right. This Lostbelt, Fairyland, is a world where men do not exist. Because of that, if a guy were to suddenly show up and start nonchalantly waltzing through the streets, it would surely cause a stir. Even if they’re used to Bianca’s Saber by now, having a second guy come out of the woodworks would still be pretty shocking.

    “I don’t mind. But is just a cloak really gonna be enough to hide my gender?” I contemplate, very concerned for more reasons than one.

    “Don’t worry. It’s not just a cloak. It’s a Mystic Code that conceals the wearer’s presence. As long as you’re wearing that, other people won’t notice you, unless you touch them or talk to them first.” Bianca explains with a flair of pride.

    “Woah. That’s amazing. Could it be that you made this by yourself?” I exclaim, genuinely impressed.

    “Ehehe, Creation Department, remember?” Bianca lightly boasts.

    Oh, that’s right. Makes sense that the magus who specializes in making things would be really good at making things. In that case, I’ll accept without any qualms and equip it before I become the biggest news of Fairyland.

    Wise-up! Player's Status
    Cloak of the May King
    A Mystic Code that conceals the wearer’s presence by diverting the attention of people away from them. Unless the wearer touches them or talks to them first, other people will be unable to focus on him and will just ignore him entirely. C-rank Magic Resistance or some special perception skill is required to bypass the enchantment. It also doesn’t work against the maker of the Mystic Code, Bianca.

    “How is it? I tried to guess your size by eye, so I’m not too sure.” Bianca inquires.

    “Oh, it’s perfect. Fits very snuggly.” I reply with complete admiration for the craft work.

    “That’s great! And you look fantastic in it. I always knew green would suit you well.” Bianca proclaims happily.

    “Is that so? Well, I do like it a lot.” I remark, just nodding along to whatever she says at this point.

    Seriously though, this is a nice cloak. And its magical effect sure is useful. It’d be nice if I could keep it forever, but that’d be a bit much, I guess. I’ll make sure to return it when I leave tonight.

    “Well, then, shall we go? We’ll start with a brief tour of the nearby city, so you can see what the people here are like. Trust me, they’re all really nice~” Bianca giddily suggest, already seeming like she’ll enter tour guide rambling mode at any moment.

    “Fine by me… but, I actually do have one question before we go.” I mention just as Bianca’s about to skip away. “Is he going to be okay?”

    I point at Saber who’s currently faceplanted flat onto the grassy dirt. From many angles, his motionless body resembles a corpse. I was wondering why he hadn’t said anything since we arrived, but to think that he had completely collapsed the moment we got here.

    “Oh geez. Saber, get up. You’re being rude to our guest.” Bianca scolds, adorably bringing her fists to the side of her hips.

    “Uwah! M-my apologies, Master. It seems that I had dozed off for a moment.” Saber immediately apologizes, jolting up and leaping to his feet in under a second.

    “I’m sorry, Ben. Saber gets tired whenever he uses his Noble Phantasm on someone else. Please don’t hold it against him.” Bianca says to me with puppy dog eyes.

    “Oh, no, don’t worry about it. In fact, I’m actually a little relieved that his power has a drawback.” I admit, while waving off their apologies.

    I had noticed it before, but it seems that Saber’s Noble Phantasm, which allows him to travel between Lostbelts, takes a toll on his body. When he’s just using it by himself, it’s not that bad, but the cost increases exponentially when he takes other people with him. That weakness helps balance out this otherwise overpowered a lot and brings peace to my envious heart. It’s still a really awesome and useful Noble Phantasm, though.

    “Now then, allow me to escort you two to your destination. On my honor as a knight, I promise that no harm shall befall you as long as you are in milady’s care, Lord Bengshan.” Saber declares, full of chivalrous spirit.

    “Oh, that won’t be necessary, Saber. Why don’t you go back home first and get some rest?” Bianca suddenly declares with an innocent smile.

    “Huh?” Saber gasps in disbelief. “B-but, Master, your protection…”

    “Won’t be necessary. It’s not like we’re in a dangerous area. Besides…” Bianca responds calmly, before abruptly leaping to my side and wrapping her arm around mine. “If anything happens, Ben can protect me.”

    “EHHHHHHH!?!?” Both Saber and I exclaim.

    What is this girl doing? Forget the fact that she’s hugging my arms tenderly to the point that her soft chest pillows are brushing against my upper arm, leaving me rock stiff in more ways than one. What is she talking about?

    Me protect her? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? The only thing I’m good for in combat is being a meat shield and I don’t actually have that much meat on bone, y’know.

    After a moment of utter shock, though, Saber suddenly widens his eyes as a flash of realization hits him like a sharp arrow.

    “I see… Yes, I understand, Master. I shall leave you two alone and go back first. But if anything happens, please call for me. May you two both enjoy your day to its fullest.” Saber obediently accepts, bowing deeply before vanishing into thin air.

    Well… that was a thing.

    “Okay~ Now that it’s just the two of us, shall we go? We don’t have a lot of time, after all.” Bianca suggests, somehow seeming even happier than before.

    “Oh, uh, yeah. Totally. Lead the way.” I absentmindedly nod, still too distracted by her body wrapped around my arm to really know what I’m agreeing to.

    I’ve always known that Bianca was really nice and friendly, but this kind of full-out assault straight out of the gate was beyond my expectations.

    Honestly, it’s this kind of casual affection that is super effective against dumb guys like me. If I were a normal guy, I would’ve already fallen in love with her, confessed, gotten rejected, and cried myself to sleep by now. But I’m no fool! I know that this casual touching is just Bianca’s friendliness. So, I won’t allow myself to fall for the feminine trap! At least, I hope I don’t…

    If these few starting minutes are an example of what’s coming up, I might actually not survive today.

    Year: 2018
    Location: Castle City Avalon, Fairyland

    “Well, what do you think? Pretty, isn’t it?”

    “… how many words am I allowed to use?”

    As the two of us reach the city after a nice little stroll full of awkward small talk, I am left in speechless awe.

    The closer we got to it, the more stunned I became. What unveiled before my eyes was a grand, white canvas castle spotted with greens, yellows, and blues. Verdant plants stretch out all across the city, lining streets, climbing buildings, and growing overhead. Golden-haired beauties fill the plazas and windows of the town, not losing to their city’s architectural wonder but instead enhancing it with their own human splendor. Crystal-clear waters flow freely along the path through fountains, aquatic ways, and watery arches, like a waterpark dialed up to 11. And luminous crystals of every color litter the city at ever corner, radiating such brilliant shines that they could light up the city alone at night. Such wonders were only a few of the many treasures waiting for me within the unwalled city we had arrived at.

    “Hehehe, you look just like a kid going to Disneyland for the first time.” Bianca giggles.

    “I can’t help it. It’s all so amazing.” I freely admit, too awed to even hide my starry-eyed wonder.

    With Bianca still attached to my arm and using it to pull me like a leash, the two of us enter the castle city with high spirits. There is no security or guarded checkpoint waiting for us; we simple walk into the city boundary without any problems. Despite the seemingly high importance of the city, there doesn’t seem to be any defenses. Or perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that there doesn’t need to be any defenses. That’s right, as Bianca’s report described, this Lostbelt was a world without war. With no chance of violence, there was no need for security.

    Man, just what is this paradise? This place is awesome!

    … or at least, that’s what I thought when I entered it for the first time.

    As Bianca leads me through the city and gives me the full tour guide’s package with audio commentary installed, my excitement and wonder quickly turn to fear and anxiety.

    To be clear, it isn’t Bianca’s fault or anything, nor is it the city itself that caused my swift shift in spirits. No, the true culprit is instead the people living in it.

    As I had anticipated and feared, every single person I see as we stroll through the city is a A-class danger to my heart. Not only was there not a single man in sight, I couldn’t even find one person that I didn’t consider very attractive. Literally every resident of the city was a nubile, elven maiden, as elegant and seductive as a sculpted goddess. Silky hair as lustrous as jewels, pale alabaster skin without a single blemish, slender figures like dancing willows… with no regard for age, each and every female was perfect specimen of flawless attractiveness. Not only that, perhaps due to the warm weather, they’re all wearing such thin layers that they’re practically translucent under the radiant sunlight. I need only focus for a second to make out every curve and bump of their bodies underneath those practically useless robes.

    With that in mind, where the hell am I supposed to look? No, I don’t even know whether I should even be looking or not.

    Individually, they may not compare to Assassin, but all together they become an infinite aerial juggle combo to my heart and my lower heart!

    … I’m scared. Fear and anxiety that I haven’t felt in a while assault me from within. I start to feel sweaty and dizzy, despite the perfect weather. What am I even doing here? I can’t handle this. I can’t be here. I’m too dangerous. I can’t control myself. I need to get out of here. I need to run away as fast as I can…

    “Ben? Are you okay? You don’t look very well.”

    A bell-like voice dissipates the vertigo. When my eyes refocus, I find Bianca looking at me in worry as I crouch over and clutch my chest.

    “… s-sorry. It… seems that I blanked out for a second.” I awkwardly apologize, lacking the energy to think of a convincing excuse.

    “Are you sick? You can tell me if you want to rest for a bit. There’s no need to push yourself.” Bianca suggests with a frown.

    “No, that’s…” I mutter meekly.

    Rest? Where? Here? No, I can’t do that. I can’t stay here any longer than I have to. If I lie down and relax, I don’t know what’ll happen.

    But I can’t worry Bianca too much either, or she’ll start getting suspicious. For her sake, I need to just man up and push through.

    “I-it’s nothing. I just suddenly felt dizzy for a second, but I’m feeling a lot better now.” I lie out my teeth with a plastic smile. “Maybe it’s because I shifted so suddenly from one atmosphere to another? Something like the humidity or the air pressure or something?”

    “Oh, maybe it’s the mana concentration. The magical energy is especially rich here, so that might be messing with your circuits.” Bianca suggests.

    “Ah, that might be it. I was wondering why I felt tingly every time I inhaled.” I nod blankly.

    It’s true, now that I think about it, that the magical energy here feels a lot heavier. The mana in the Yao Lostbelt wasn’t actually that different from our original world, actually a little less, but the mana here is a lot more. That should take some getting used to.

    More importantly, it’s a very convenient excuse for my condition. Good job, ambient magical energy!

    “Well, I’ll just have to get used to it. I just need a second to rest a bit. But, as you said, we don’t have too much time, so let’s keep talking as I do so. I wanna learn more about this world.” I declare, exerting my inner strength to pull myself back up. “For example, I’m curious about those shiny crystals growing from the ground. What’s up with those?”

    I point to one such crystal that was just shooting out next to a wooden bench. Large enough to be up to my knees, it was glowing red and radiating a faint heat.

    “Oh, that’s just crystallized mana. It seems that the high mana concentration and geological conditions of this world cause those things to naturally form from the ground all over the place. In that sense, they’re kind of like weeds.” Bianca explains.

    “Huh.” I can only nod at the strange description.

    A world where concentrated mana can naturally solidify and grow from the ground like weeds… sounds like any mage’s wet dream.

    “They sound pretty useful. Can’t they be used for magecraft?” I contemplate, thinking of how I would utilize them.

    “In theory, sure, but they’re actually not that effective. They are just raw unprocessed energy, after all. The best you can do without treating them first is cause an elemental burst, like igniting a grenade. For magi, it’d be far more effective to just use their circuits, especially with this much mana in the air.” Bianca states.

    Hm, that still sounds pretty useful to me. I mean, I can’t cause an elemental burst even with my circuits. What does that say about me as a magus?

    “Okay, then… what about the castle we keep seeing? Who lives in it?” I move on, not wanting to give Bianca any breaks to worry about me.

    “The Fairy Queen, of course. She’s also the Lostbelt King too.” Bianca declares, suddenly more chipper. “She’s a really, really nice person. I’ve met her a few times, and she was such a pleasure. I’d love for you two to meet… but, unfortunately, I didn’t tell her that you were coming, so…”

    “Oh, yeah, probably not a good idea to let her know I’m here.” I agree, reflexively lowering my head. “Is she harsh against guys?”

    “Hmm… I’m not sure. At least, she didn’t seem to dislike Saber. In fact, she seemed rather eager to get to know him. I guess even the Queen of Fairies is a woman too.” Bianca supposes.

    Hm, why do I get a strange feeling about what she just said? Well, it’s probably nothing. If there’s going to be a problem, Bianca who actually lives here would surely notice it far faster than an outsider like me.

    “Then… last of all, what about that large tower over there? I can’t tell what that’s for.” I continue to inquire.

    At the end of my pointing finger, in the distance, the two of us can see a tall tower just by the edge of the city. It’s just as tall if not taller than the castle, but it’s rather thin, so I can’t imagine much uses for it beyond just having a great view. Just what could it be built for?

    “Oh, that? That’s just where Merlin lives. Don’t worry about her.” Bianca casually answers, before turning. “Anyways, if that’s all, shall we move on to the next location? Down this street…”

    Oi, we’re just gonna drop that bomb and move on? I feel like she just said something with a lot of heavy implications, but it must not be important if she doesn’t think so. I guess I’ll just ignore it as she tells me to.

    Pulled along by Bianca, I continue my stroll through the haunted house of a city I’ve found myself trapped in.

    As we do so, I come to recognize the difference between her explanation style and Alisha’s. Alisha is a lot more detailed and forceful, hammering in every point that she insists you need to know for sure, while Bianca’s more laidback and casual, skipping over complicated and confusing parts to just give you the basic gist of it as quickly as possible. I’m not sure which style is better though, but I am thankful that Bianca’s laissez-faire lectures mean we can move through the cursed city as quickly as possible.

    In fact, before too long, we’re already almost done, coming to our last stop at the city marketplace.

    It’s not too different from what I’d expect from a medieval marketplace, with vendors and stalls lining both sides of the street. All sorts of exotic, otherworldly goods fill the wares, tempting me to examine each and every one in detail. But more attractive than the wares are the women of whom there seem to be a higher concentration in the marketplace. With the boxed-in street and populous crowd, I’m a little afraid not only of their general girl power assault, but also of bumping into someone and undoing my cloak’s enchantment.

    Though it doesn’t please me, I guess the safest bet now is to just cling to Bianca for a bit and let her be my anti-stranger shield.

    “Hm? Did you need something, Ben?” Bianca asks as she notices me scoot right next to her.

    “N-not really. I just… didn’t want to lose you in the crowd.” I lie slyly.

    “Ahaha, I guess that is a concern. In that case, how about we hold hands?” She casually suggests.

    “Eh? Wait, that’s not—” I try to complain, but it’s too late.

    Bianca places my hand in hers and squeezes down tenderly. Her soft and tender warmth instantly flow through her skin into mine.

    “There. Now we won’t be separated.” She proudly states.

    Mmmn, like I said, these casual attacks aren’t fair…

    Well, I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll play along as long as my heart can last.

    “So, since we’re here, how about picking out a souvenir? Memorabilia are one of the cornerstones of visiting a foreign land, after all.” Bianca proposes to me as we wade down the street.

    “I don’t mind, but… I don’t have money.” I retort plainly.

    “Oh, don’t worry about that. I’ll cover it.” Bianca beams, clearly eager.

    “What, no way. Don’t be stupid. I don’t need your fucking generosity!” I bark back harshly.

    “Oh… okay… sorry.” Bianca mutters quietly in response.

    Oops, I got a little rough there. I just didn’t want to be too much in-debt to Bianca since I’m already intruding on her hospitability. Part way through though, I ended up tapping into my cavern of anti-pity sentiments against her.

    “Uh, um, Bianca, about what I just said…” I immediately try to mend my words and apologize.

    But before I do, a new voice suddenly cuts in.

    “Oya? Isn’t that Miss Bianca?”

    An elegant but powerful voice. Bianca immediately recognizes it and turns around happily.

    “Rider! What a coincidence running into you here.” She cheers.

    Following her, I turn too and find a beautiful red-headed lady.

    A slender woman with a gracefully athletic disposition, reminding me of a ballerina. Dressed in spotless, intricately embroidered armor, she exudes an aura of both strength and majesty, similar to Demonic Rider but without her hyper sexiness. She more or less fits my image of a high fantasy princess knight to a tee.

    “Indeed, what a coincidence. What are you doing here by yourself, Miss Bianca?” The woman referred to as Rider asks, approaching us amicably.

    “Oh, nothing much. Just showing our guest around.” Bianca answers clearly.

    “Hm? Guest?” Rider ponders and begins to look around, somehow failing to notice me despite literally being right in front of her and holding Bianca’s hand.

    Oh, right, the cloak. Forgot for a second.

    “U-umm, hello.” I nervously speak up.

    “Woah! Where did you come from!?” Rider nearly squeaks due to my sudden appearance, which must’ve seemed like I had come out of thin air or something to her.

    “Hello there. I’m Bianca’s… friend.” I introduce myself, unsure how to do so.

    “I see. Well, it’s nice to meet you. You can call me Rider.” She replies in a friendly manner.

    Then, without any warning, she reaches out and grabs my hand before shaking it vigorously. As she does so, she gives my hand a nice firm squeeze that makes it scream out in pain.

    Ow! Eh!? Wait, is she one of those people who judge others based on their handshake? Shit, that’s not good. The best I can muster is a limp fish fist flop. She’s gonna be so disappointed. Should I tell her that I recently had a hand cut off and the other crushed as an excuse? No, wait, who would even believe me?

    “Hmm? Ahahahaha, you must be a nice guy, going easy on a lady! That’s good. You need to be delicate with girls.” Rider laughs boisterously before shaking my hand even faster.

    Somehow or another it seems she’s misunderstood my feeble strength for being gentle towards girls. A-am I really that weak that it can’t be fathomed I wasn’t holding back? Ugh, my masculine pride…

    “So, what are you doing here, Rider? I thought you were staying at the house, today.” Bianca asks, just in time to save me from having my arm torn off by Rider.

    “Oh, I just came to pick up some supplies. We ran out of tea and cakes thanks to someone’s sneaky midnight munching.” Rider complains openly, finally letting go of my hand at the same time.

    “In that case, you should’ve had Saber get some for you. He should be at home too, right?” Bianca points out.

    “I would, but that meathead couldn’t tell between a tea leaf and a poisonous mushroom if his life was on the line. Unfortunately, you’re the only one other civilized human being around, Miss Bianca.” Rider sighs.

    “Oh, that’s too bad. I’ll make sure to educate Saber properly on how to buy snacks and refreshments to your liking, so you can get him to do it next time, okay?” Bianca decides without any hesitation.

    It seems that even other Servants treat Saber like an errand boy too. How pitiful…

    “By. The. Way…” Rider abruptly changes subjects and leans in to whisper into Bianca’s ear. “Is this the boy you were talking about? The nice, cute one?”

    I can’t really make out what she’s saying, so I purposely tilt my head away too so that I don’t hear anything too private.

    “Oh, no, it’s not like that. I’m just showing him around today.” Bianca responds with a girly giggle. “But… yes. Ehehe~”

    “Ohoho, I knew it. He sure is one lucky guy, then.” Rider smirks.


    The two of them share a hearty chuckle overflowing with femininity.

    I wonder what they’re laughing about but force myself to ignore it out of politeness. If they’re talking so privately, it must be something important. Perhaps it has to do with some classified battle plan?

    “Well, then, I’ll promptly leave you two kids alone.” Rider suddenly declares, stepping back from us. “Sorry for leaving so suddenly, honored guest, but please direct all your request of hospitality to Bianca. I’m sure she’ll be eager to grant them all. Ohoho~”

    With an elegant farewell, Rider flits away, melting into crowd before I can blink. She sure was a friendly person, coming and going like a storm of loveliness.

    “Hey, Bianca, that woman… is she…?” I find myself asking now that she’s gone.

    “Hm? Oh, yes, indeed. She’s a Servant who originally tried to fight me, but I managed to convince her to join us. Now, she’s a very reliable friend ally.” Bianca affirms with a smile brimming with positivity.

    “I see…” I remark out of amazement.

    I know I should be used to by now and the presence of the Servants I’m familiar with don’t really bother me anymore, but every time I meet a new one, I’m once again reminded that these familiars are actually legendary heroes brought back to life. Being able to convince such powerful warriors to join your side… it still feels a little surreal.

    For Bianca to do it, it’s probably not that incredulous, but in hindsight, I still have no idea how the hell I managed to amass a small party of my own.

    I guess I was just lucky.

    Wise-up! Fairyland Rider
    Class: Rider
    True Name:


    Year: 2018
    Location: Hallow Forest, Fairyland

    After parting with Rider, Bianca and I finish up our crash course tour of the city and find ourselves going back the way we came towards the forest where I first arrived. Apparently, that’s where Bianca’s current residence is.

    The forest itself was a rather tranquil one, not too thick as to cast dark shadows upon the woods, but dense enough to feel like a separate world from the open plain. Within the forest, the ambient sounds of fantastical critters and the cool, fragrant air bask one in the sense of nature. Perhaps it would be more accurate to call these woods a “tree garden” rather than a forest. I can see why Bianca would like to live here.

    “Oh, right, Ben. It should be safe to take off your hood now.” Bianca remarks as she leads us down the forest path.

    “Are you sure? I guess, if you say so…” I reluctantly agree and anxiously pull down the hood, revealing my hideous face to the world once more.

    It does seem like there aren’t really any other people around. Since it’s such a nice forest and it’s so close to the city, I’d think it would have a lot of other people living here too, but I guess not. I wonder why…

    “By the way, Ben, did you get my painting? I worked hard on this one, so I want to make sure it got to you.” Bianca abruptly asks, now that we’re in the privacy of the empty forest.

    “Huh? Uh, well, yeah, I got it…” I hesitantly answer, already knowing where this topic is going.

    “Great! What did you think?” She excitedly asks.

    “Well… it was very… well-made. I could tell that you worked really hard on it… and you did good… yeah.” I answer vaguely.

    “Mhm, mhm, what else? What did you think about the shading around the stars? I tried out a new technique, so I’m not sure how well it turned out. Did you like this one more or the last one? Is there anything you’d like to see?” Bianca hyperactively presses.

    “W-well… um, yeah, it was good. Really good. Very good…” I mutter uncomfortably as Bianca gets closer and closer with her starry eyes.

    When Bianca’s this happy and enthusiastic, I really don’t want to reveal to her how utterly apathetic I actually am towards her art. At the same time, though, I can’t really bullshit a reply, since I don’t know shit about art to begin with. What do I do?

    I need to change the topic. Oh look, a convenience distraction!

    “H-hey! What’s that over there?” I yell out, forcibly refocusing the conversation to the tip of my finger.

    At the end where I’m pointing at, there seems to be a shower of sparkling lights beyond the curtain of trees. From here it’s a dazzling display that immediately draws your attention through sheer radiance.

    “Oh. Looks like we’re here. C’mon, this way, Ben.” Bianca quickly cheers and pulls me towards the light.

    Well, looks like that distraction worked. Let’s hope she doesn’t bring up the topic again later today.

    The two of us, I being pulled along by Bianca, part through the trees and reach the source of the light to find a large, crystal clear lake. At just this right hour, the sunlight was reflecting off the pure, unpolluted water to create a dazzling light show from the ground.

    Before I can be too awed, Bianca taps my shoulder and points me towards the shore. There, a large lakeside house, practically a mansion in size, was standing tall and proud.

    “Tada! Welcome to Casa de Bianca!” She announces with a puffed-out chest.

    So, this is Bianca’s current residence. It’s… certainly grand. The large three-story house towered over the area yet didn’t feel out of place within all this nature. Its intricate architecture and natural materials gave it both a majestic yet rustic vibe. In that sense, it certainly resembles its owner.

    “All right, why don’t we head on in? This time, I can give you the full, all-exclusive tour.” Bianca proposes, skipping up the porch steps.

    “R-right. Lead the way…” I nod with a little trepidation.

    Truth be told, I know this isn’t anything big, but the thought of being alone with Bianca in her home makes me sweat a little. Just when I thought I had gotten out of that cursed city and could relax, to think there would be a trap this waiting for me.

    Full of vigor, Bianca elegantly opens up the door and heads in, while I lag behind a bit and try to gather up my courage. Taking a few deep breaths, I look out towards the tranquil lake in hopes that the calm waters will somehow reflect onto my stormy heart.


    Just as lean against the porch fence and look out, I suddenly notice something – or rather, someone. Looking closer, I find a humanoid figure sitting at the edge of the small dock on the lake.

    It’s a woman with blond hair and pointy ears. Her golden hair is so lustrous, and her pale skin is so fair that she almost seems ethereal, as if she’ll disappear the second, I blink. With such an appearance, she’d naturally fit in with the native of this Lostbelt, but it’s obvious that she’s a Servant.

    Based on her appearance, is she some sort of goddess? No, wait, can you even summon those? I don’t know.

    “Hm? Who’s there?” The woman suddenly calls out and turns, perhaps noticing my stare.

    Her voice is surprisingly husky, in contrast to her soft, airy image.

    “Uh, um… hello.” I awkwardly greet her with a wave.

    “… who?” She asks loudly enough for me to hear from the distance.

    “H-hi. I’m Camille. You are…?” I introduce myself, not sure how I even got here.

    “Berserker. Charmed, I’m sure.” She responds coldly, with a hint of snark in her voice. She really doesn’t match her appearance at all.

    “Uh…” I pause at a loss for words.

    Just what am I supposed to say? It seems like this Berserker is another one of Bianca’s ally Servants. Should I go down there to talk to her? What if she thinks I’m an enemy, though?

    Just as I fret about such thing, my salvation abruptly arrives in the form of a bell-like voice.

    “Ben? What’s wrong? Aren’t you coming in?” Bianca calls out from inside the house.

    “O-oh, no, I’m coming!” I shout back and quickly turn for the door.

    Glancing back one last time, I see the Berserker Servant continue to stare at me as I retreat into the mansion without a farewell.

    What a strange Servant. I wonder what she’s up to.

    Wise-up! Fairyland Berserker
    Class: Berserker
    True Name:


    Year: 2018
    Location: Bianca’s Mansion, Fairyland

    “So, Ben? What do you think of my humble abode?”

    “I think you need to invest in a dictionary, because the word humble does not apply to anything here.”

    After stepping into Bianca’s residence and taking a look around, I come to that conclusion before too long.

    The house that Bianca referred to as a humble abode was practically a castle of comfort and luxury. Both comfy and extravagant, the interior blended both warmth and style into an aesthetically and physically pleasing place of rest and recreation. I’m sure Bianca must’ve done the indoor décor herself as the whole place is plastered with her lavish style befitting a princess. For example, the large flower bath, perfect for soaking in at any time of the day to melt away all fatigue. For example, the well-equipped personal library with the softest couches and bean bag chairs, perfect for snuggling on while reading the day away. For example, the all too indulgent gallery in the living room, hanging up all sorts of priceless artworks suitable for any museum. For example the king-size canopy bed actually fit for royalty. For example, the balcony that overlooks the lake and has a perfect, majestic view worth dying for. That’s not even half of the things that made my jaw drop and my mouth water.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to be ungrateful. I’m incredibly thankful to the Emperor for providing a residence for me and my party back home. When you compare what we get to what the regular citizen gets, it’s obvious that we’re of the highest class. But when you compare our cramped apartment to this massive mansion, it’s not even a contest.

    “Man, I wish I could live in a place like this forever…” I marvel, still a little starstruck by everything.

    “Ehehe, if you really think that, why don’t you just stay here forever?” Bianca giggles, clearly enjoying my reaction.

    “Ahaha, if only I could…” I stiffly laugh along to her joke.

    Jokes aside, this place really is the definition of a dream house. I would really like it if I could let the others live in a place like this. I’m sure Assassin would appreciate actually getting her own room and Alisha would happily spend the rest of her life in snug comfort. I can’t even imagine how mind blown Yingying would be to see such a large house. That would be nice… but probably impossible.



    Out of nowhere, just as Bianca and I come down from the third floor after completing the tour, I notice the sound of a door opening followed by a mousey squeak. In the hallway near the stairs, we find a girl coming out of one of the bedrooms.

    It’s a somewhat short girl with rather round features. For some reason, she’s wearing a hood indoors, even with no one else around.

    “Uh. H-hello…” She squeaks out shyly, covering part of her face with the book in her hands.

    “O-oh, hi…” I respond just as bashfully.

    “Unnn… umm….”

    “Uh…. Well…”



    Oh no! It’s an introvert’s natural enemy: another introvert!

    The two of us just stare at each other stupidly, unable to think of anything polite to say. Surely, under normal circumstances, we would be stuck in stalemate for the rest of eternity, forever waiting for the other person to start the conversation, but luckily, we were saved by the presence of an actually competent human nearby.

    “Oh, Ben. Let me introduce you, this is Caster.” Bianca chimes in before the world ends.

    “Um, well, nice to meet you.” I follow up, having been given an out.

    “… ello.” Caster bashfully nods in response.

    Despite her timid nature, it seems like she’s also a Servant. We sure seem to keep running into them. Just how many Ghost Liners are even living in this house? Based on the amount of potential room, there might be several more in hiding.

    “S-sorry… Fueeeeeeee…” Caster suddenly apologizes, further hiding behind her book. Is she being wary of me?

    “Hm? What’s wrong? Why are you apologizing?” Bianca asks, concerned.

    “… I-I didn’t know you were home. Saber said to let you two be alone…” Caster explains apologetically.

    “Ahahaha, don’t worry about that.” Bianca just laughs it off. “C’mon, there’s no need to cry. You were going to the library, right? Why don’t you go on ahead? There’s no need to worry about us.”

    “Okay…” The girl nods and immediately scurries off with the pace of someone who just wants to get out of an awkward scenario as soon as possible.

    Hmm, it’s hard to imagine that such a timid girl could be a legendary hero, but she must be if she’s a Servant. Guess that just shows that there’s all sorts in the world.

    “You sure handled that nicely, though, Bianca. Should I say as expected?” I remark, having seen how nice and gentle Bianca had been while talking to the shy Servant. She quickly figured out what was on Caster’s mind, deciphered her intentions, and smoothed over the awkwardness in one fell swoop.

    “Hm? Oh, not at all. I am a Master too, after all, so talking with Servants is just normal.” Bianca declares plainly.

    Well, I suppose that’s true. For us Masters, our greatest asset is getting along with Servants. In that sense, perhaps one could even say that the diplomatic Bianca is the ideal Master.

    Wise-up! Fairyland Caster
    Class: Caster
    True Name:


    “Anyways, we’re more less done with the house tour and it’s just barely noon.” Bianca says, clapping her hands together cheerfully. “After lunch, what do you want to do with the rest of the day, Ben?”

    “Huh? Uh, well, I was thinking I’d let you decide…” I reply weakly.

    “That won’t do. You’re my guest today, so I want to accommodate your wish.” Bianca scolds me, surprisingly stubborn for once. “Besides, I got to choose what we did this morning, so it’s naturally now your turn.”

    “Ugh…” I struggle to argue.

    When she’s being this forceful, I can’t really muster up the strength to fight back. We are here on her terms, so I won’t really argue with her on this matter.

    But what to do? I don’t really know. I didn’t think of anything at all before coming here.

    Well, I don’t want to be unreasonable towards my host, so I shouldn’t do anything that Bianca seems like she wouldn’t like. Ideally, it’d be something we both like…

    Eh? When I put it like that, doesn’t it sound a lot like a date?

    … no, no, no. Don’t be stupid. This isn’t a date or anything. Not everything that two people do together alone is a date. That kind of thinking is ridiculous. I’m just here to visit Bianca, that’s all.

    Right, right, anyways, this is a rare chance not only to be in another world, but to interact with people I’d otherwise never meet.

    What should I do?

    At last, you’ve arrived in Fairyland and have been given a brief tour of the world. Now, you have the chance to spend the day as you wish. What will you choose to do?

    1. Just spend the day getting along better with Bianca
    2. Scout out what Bianca is doing to prepare for her upcoming peril
    3. Ask her to give you a more in-depth review of this Lostbelt’s situation
    4. Become better acquainted with the Servants you met today
    5. Insist that Bianca decide what to do
    6. Write-In
    Fairyland Rider
    Fairyland Berserker
    Fairyland Caster

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    I don't have any strong feelings towards Bianca yet, and as much as I'm curious about this LB, it might be better to prioritize getting ideas for our own problem first.

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