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Thread: [Quest] Lostbelt Raising Project

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    1. If anything, getting to know the other characters might be helpful in the long run, regardless whether they end up joining us or not.
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    Trying to get them on side might tip our hand to Bianca. I don't know how we'd get the others away from her and Tom, but it puts us on a time limit rather than risking a leak.

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    There is strength in numbers after all, and also the characters are pretty interesting I'd like to see more of them.

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    Saber's obviously out of the question. I'm not sure about rider, but seeing how admiratively she speaks of Bianca, she's probably brainwashed. Therefore, i think we should first try with caster (which obviously has nothing to do with me wanting to see more of her).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wizard View Post

    Trying to get them on side might tip our hand to Bianca. I don't know how we'd get the others away from her and Tom, but it puts us on a time limit rather than risking a leak.
    I guess we could try trapping them in Berserker's territory, tho that still leaves Tom and I dunno how long she could keep them occupied by herself.


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    “I think we should try and get the other Servants on our side.”

    After some thought, I come to that conclusion and present it to Scylla uneasily.

    “Recruiting more allies, huh? Certainly, that’s the best way to improve our chances, but…” Scylla contemplates doubtfully.

    Indeed, she doesn’t even need to say anything for it be clear what the problem is. How on earth do I convince the other Servants to betray Bianca? Freaking Bianca “infinite charisma + mind control” Chrome. It was basically impossible. Getting Scylla on my side was already a miracle, but it’s unlikely I’ll get lucky again.

    Still, I can’t think of any other way to deal with this. Unless we even the playing field, I don’t stand a chance against Bianca.

    “I think it’s worth a shot. At the very least, we have to try. In our position, there isn’t much to lose anyways.” I argue.

    “I suppose that’s fair.” Scylla shrugs. “So, who specifically do you have in mind?”

    “Hmmm… Tom… is probably impossible.” I think out loud.

    Tom is Bianca’s steadfast knight and his made his absolute loyalty to Bianca completely clear. Even without Reading Rainbow in the picture, I can’t imagine him ever betraying her.

    “Which means, it has to be either Gwenllian or Caster.” I conclude. “If I can get even one to join us, that’ll even things at 2v2. If I somehow get both, then we’ll actually have the advantage.”

    “I suppose.” Scylla nods nonchalantly and making a pensive look. “Well, I’ll leave such details to you. These kinds of thinky-think strategy things aren’t my forte.”

    “What is your forte then?” I ask.

    “Being beautiful, of course.” She answers.

    Of course.

    “Well, even so, I could use your help. Could you tell me what you know about the other servants?” I request. “You’ve been here longer than me, so you surely know more about them. The more info I have, the better.”

    “I see… well, I can tell you what I know, but I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m not exactly the social type.” Scylla notes.

    “That’s fine. Anything helps.” I assure her.

    Scylla nods once more and folds her arms pensively to think.

    “Let’s see… as for Rider, I think she’s some sort of princess or something.” Scylla recalls, digging into her memory.

    “Right. Her True Name is Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd. She mentioned she was a welsh princess or something.” I affirm.

    Personally, I’m not too familiar with Gwenllian’s legend so I can’t say much more than that. Presumably, she must’ve done something impressive to become a Heroic Spirit, but the details are lost on me.

    “That’s right. I guess it’s because she’s a princess, but she’s rather beautiful. Her heart seems noble and her convictions strong. I can see why her nation followed her if she’s that beautiful.” Scylla declares.

    “I see. That does suit her image.” I nod along.

    “Yeah.” Scylla confirms.



    “Huh? Is that it?” I gasp after noticing that Scylla has gone silent.

    “Yes, that’s all I know about her.” Scylla affirms.

    “Oi, that’s basically nothing. All you said is whether she was beautiful or not!” I retort.

    “What else is there?” Scylla asks, without a hint of sarcasm.

    Oh my god, I should’ve known. This girl only ever has one thing on her mind. This won’t be any help at all.

    “Umm, isn’t there anything else? Like… what does she like to do every day? Even you should’ve noticed something like that, right?” I ask desperately.

    “Hmmm… I think I see her leave the house a lot. She usually leaves sometime in the morning after breakfast and doesn’t return until just before dinner. If I had to guess, I assume she’s going into the city.” Scylla recounts.

    “The city, huh? Now that you mention it, the first time I met she was just casually walking around town, doing some shopping. But surely, she’s not just shopping every day, is she?” I ponder.

    “Who knows. She does come home with bags often. But from the way she talks about them, it seems like they’re gifts from the townsfolk.” Scylla informs.

    “Gifts, huh. She must be pretty popular. No wonder since she’s so nice and friendly.” I affirm.

    She does seem like a very sociable type, someone who can just go up to a stranger and talk up a storm. It’s unfathomable for an introvert like me, but is she just going to the city every day and talking to people there?

    “Oh, that’s right. That reminds me of something she once said to me. She told me that ‘It’s impossible to know someone until you get to know them.’ It sounded like a word puzzle to me, so I got confused and didn’t really understand it. Do you know what she was talking about?” Scylla brings up.

    “Ah… yeah, actually, I think I get what she’s saying.”

    It’s impossible to know someone until you get to know them. In other words, you can’t truly understand a person unless you go and actually interact with them. Only by exchanging words and feelings does a person’s heart become revealed… something like that?

    Don’t tell me. Is she seriously going to the city every day to try and understand the people of this foreign world better by talking and getting along with everyone she meets?

    “Shit. She’s such a good person.” I frown.

    I knew this before, but Gwenllian really is a nice person. It makes me feel bad that I have to consider her an enemy.

    “Well, what about Caster?” I continue, moving on to the other Servant. “Oh yeah, I don’t even know her True Name yet. Could you tell me?”

    “No. I don’t know it either.” Scylla coolly answers.

    “Seriously? You’ve been here how long, and you still don’t know her True Name?” I gasp.

    “Hey, it’s not my fault. No one’s ever said it out loud and the little one’s always locked up in her room or the library. We’ve barely talked.” Scylla pouts.

    “I see… so she’s that reserved.” I contemplate.

    It doesn’t seem like her True Name’s a big secret or anything; it’s just that the girl herself is so shy there hasn’t been much chance for her to reveal it. In some ways, that’s even more troublesome than her True Name being some big weakness.

    “Don’t you have any clues? There must be some hint to her true identity, isn’t there? Any interaction you two had.” I press Scylla.

    “Hmm… well, she was the one who reversed my transformation. So she’s a pretty powerful witch.” Scylla thinks out loud. “Oh, that’s right. I’m not too well-versed in that kind of stuff, but the way she casts spells is similar to the manner I’m used to.”

    “Hmm? What, does that mean that her magecraft is the same as the type that was used when you were alive?” I question.

    “Yeah, yeah, that. What was it called again? Divine Words? The way she spoke when she uses her magic is kind of nostalgic to me.” Scylla confirms.

    Huh, that’s interesting. It seems that Caster’s magecraft may be similar to the type from Scylla’s region and era. That might be an important clue to figuring out who she is.

    In the end, the two of us continue talking and strategizing like that for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, no matter how much I probe her, Scylla isn’t able to give my any more useful information. She really doesn’t seem to pay much attention to other people after all.

    Just as the sun begins to set and we’re about to call it a day.

    “Oh, one more thing. I’m sorry but can I get you to prepare something for me, Scylla?” I bring up as we begin to paddle back to shore.

    “Huh? What is it? Don’t tell me you’re making me do chores for you now.” She glowers at the thought.

    “Nothing that trivial. It’s just a little fail-safe plan for in case we don’t manage to recruit Gwenllian or Caster to our side. It’s not guaranteed to work, and I’d rather not use it, but I figured we should have a back-up just in case.” I explain.

    I quickly tell her what I want her to do for me, and she seems to understand, even if she doesn’t get it.

    “I guess that’s fine. I don’t really get how that’ll help, though.” Scylla responds in a confused manner. “I just need to do what you say, right?”

    “Yeah. Don’t worry too much about the details. Just be ready to go with it once I tell you too. Before that, though, I’ll try to talk to the other Servants first.” I dictate to her.

    With that, we close our little mid-lake meeting and return to the mansion. We leave the boat and go back separately so that it isn’t discovered that we were together all day, me heading back first while Scylla stays back for a few extra minutes.

    When I return and enter the mansion, I’m immediately greeted with a friendly welcome from Gwenllian, sitting at the same table I saw her at this morning.

    “Welcome back! How was your day?” She beams at just the sight of me returning.

    It’s so bright and cheerful that it throws me off a little. My dark, spiteful nature really can’t handle her full-frontal friendliness.

    “Um, yeah, it was okay. Nothing much.” I awkwardly answer.

    “Well, you made it just in time. It’s almost dinner. Why don’t you freshen up a bit and join us afterwards? Today’s Saber’s special beef stew.” Gwenllian beams.

    “R-right… I guess I’ll join you then…” I nod and rigidly head for the stairs.

    Just before I do so, though, I come to a stop and decide to muster up a little courage. I need to hurry up and start of thinking of ways to move my plans forward. To do that, I should take some more proactive measures.

    “Oh, um, Gwenllian.” I abruptly call out, with one foot already on the staircase.

    “Hm? Did you need something?” She responds amicably.

    “Well, it’s about the offer you made this morning. About joining you for a ride. Would it be too late to take you up on that offer?” I ask her anxiously.

    To my surprise, Gwenllian’s eyes immediately brighten, and her mouth widens up greatly.

    “Oh! Really? You want to go with me on a joy ride?” She asks, her enthusiasm emanating with a fiery ferocity.

    “Y-yeah. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble.” I nod.

    “Oh, not at all! I’m so happy you agreed. Oh, it’ll be great, just you see. I’ll take you to all the best spots, I promise!” She beams as if it were her birthday. “Okay, let’s meet up tomorrow morning then. Don’t go skipping out on me now.”

    “Of course. Then I’ll look forward to tomorrow.” I agree readily and then continue my ascent to my room.

    Good, that’s one down. I’ll use the chance tomorrow when I’m alone with Gwenllian on the horse to approach her and see if there’s a possibility of her joining our side. Hopefully, it’ll go well, and we’ll be able to gain another ally.

    With that settled, I climb back up the stairs towards my room in order to freshen up before dinner. I’d been in a bad mood for the past few days, but now that things are looking a bit better, I’m actually looking forward to eating some good food. I guess one’s mood really does have an effect on their appetite.

    As I reach the top floor, I pass by Bianca’s door and immediately pause.

    Just thinking that Bianca is on the other side of the door causes me to freeze in my tracks and stare at it mindlessly for a few brief moments. At that moment, the only thing separating us was a single door and only a few meters. It wouldn’t be too hard to bust into that room right now and reduce that distance to zero. And yet, I know more than anything that I can’t lay a finger on her right now. She’s so close and yet she’s still so far. There’s still much I need to do before I can smash in her smug little face.

    “… I wonder what she’s doing right now.” I mindlessly think as I try to sense her presence behind the door but fail to pick up on any signs of life.

    Perhaps she was sleeping or just being really still, but there’s no sign of activity from within; the inside of that room remains a complete mystery to me.

    What I do notice, though, is the platter of food already laid out just in front of the door. Tom must’ve delivered her meal to her once again. On the platter is an assortment of side dishes surrounding the main dish, Tom’s special beef stew.

    Without any hesitation, I spit in the stew and walk away.

    Just you wait, Bianca. I’m coming for you.

    Soon, we’ll settle this once and for all.

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