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    Fate Hokkaido Jiken

    This is my first real Fate story with solid Concept.


    Kabbalisto Koga (Main Author/Project Initiator)

    RoydGolden (Co Author/Error Erraser)

    Author Notes:

    Reactions and oppinion expressions are Always welcome.

    And im thankfull for every once !
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    Chapter 1

    It was a early spring Day which were quiet comfortable warm in Hakodate, a city south of Hokkaido
    The wind blew down the hills to a Shinto-temple where a young Miko dwelled in her thoughts

    Hello, my name is Sango Kikyou Makoto. I'm 17 years old. I'm mostly just a normal girl like you and me but with the exception that I and my family can use Magecraft which we aren't are allowed to use freely but one time…

    "With whom does Kikyo speak?" A sudden voice cut through the girl's thoughts.

    "With no one Oka-san. Sango just again pretend to be a part of one of those "Gem Mahou-Shoujos" Another, younger voice replied.

    "OOI !? How? Haori!? I didn't sense you here?" Kikyo shouted embarrassedly while blushing.

    But still I had the feeling that something great will await me this year.

    "Come here you two. Dinner is ready and we have still make many preparations for the Shinto Festival in four days," said their mother.

    HAI~~ said both daughters agreeing.

    far north from Hakodate on Nakanoshima of the Lake Toya, an occult scene of mystery and malice was being held...

    There were lurking uneasily oozing tree-like creatures on the small island. Almost all people of the island were either just unconsciously lying on the ground or were mutilated, with the exception of two men. One of them who resembled a Native Indian asked the other individual- "The preparations are done Mister Ragna, but admittedly I have a question. Why do we start the ritual here and not at our actual Workshop? Would that not make more sense than here on this impromptu camp?”

    “Don't worry. The seal's foundation is there, but in terms of Leylines as well the divine pulse this location is a more than adequate place. As well should the ritual attract the attention of certain societies which will help us in fulfilling the ritual and with our new "reinforcement" they will be obviously too cautious to attack us unprepared so we can be calm without worry”, said the trenchoat-clad man confidently.

    He then exclaimed to his partner,
    “So lets start the Ritus!!”

    Who then started upon this encouragement with the incantation:

    “Let's silence the prayers of the new, let us go back into the memory of the miraculous old world.”
    “Let blood and the seals of contracts be the foundation.”
    “Let rise a wall against the wind that shall fall.”
    “Let us open the four closed gates of the Holy Knights.”
    “Let the three-forked path from the ancestors reaching unto the lost kingdom rotate.”
    “Let it be declared now;
    your flesh shall serve under me, and my fate shall be with your sword.
    Submit to the beckoning of the Holy Grail.
    Answer, if you would submit to this will and this truth.”
    “An oath shall be sworn here.
    I shall attain all virtues of the lost Paradise;
    I shall have dominion over all fears of Hell.”
    “Guardian of the Old World!”

    During the old Shaman's recitation of the incantation a magical seal started to glow before him. Several Leylines started to react as well by glowing themselves so that if spectated through a bird's-eye view the lake gave off the impression of a Mystic Eye. Then the lights of the Leyline seemed to form a cephalopodic-like pattern, the tips of which are glowing in different colours and showing nebulous shapes. The shapes, alongside the pattern itself vanished as the magic circle exploded outwards, kicking up a cloud of dust that made both men cough heavily. When the smoke cleared, in its place then stood a woman clad in Indian priestess robes.

    “Nuchak Aisatsu, you have called me Master? How may I help you?” said the woman in a mischievous tone.

    “Great, what a succe…” The man's words were interupted by a sharp pain in his hand. With the sound of burning flesh an animal-like tattoo had appeared on the back of his hand.

    Then answered the other man in an calm tone,
    “Don't worry my friend. Those seals are called Command seals, they prove that you have become a Master and... Grrkha!!!” he shouted, interrupted by a sharp pain on his own hand. He proudly showed the back of his hand to his accomplice, displaying the Cyrillic letters etched therein.

    “And now I am also, whichs mean we have just to wait,” said the Mage smirking.

    As his partner interrupted him “Wait! Mister Ragna would you have something against if we give her some warm ups? Like south of here in Hakodate is a temple which was placed on one of our sanctuaries and i want to cleanse that eyesore!” said the man in a menacing tone.

    He then turned to the Servant.

    “Have you something against that my Servant?”

    “No, I haven't anything against playing around a little~” said the woman in a playful lilting voice.

    The next morning in the house of the Makotos, which stood beside the Shinto temple.

    Kikyo was still in her bed dreaming peacefully when she was woken up by the sudden buzzing of her alarm clock.

    "HAH! Oh, it's just you," she said, a bit grumpy as she stared at her clock which was a present from her father. It was a quite old looking clock with a visible gear transmission in the place where an hour pointer would normally be. Although she is normally a seldom grumpy person she hates to be woken up and ripped out of her dreams. Then she remembers “Right, today I have a meeting with the girls and then I have to help with the preparations for the festival."

    "Hmm let's think what I have to do; I'm almost done with Hana's prided priestesses' robe, only a few threads left to finish. Then the paintings I made for the temple are also finished. Hmm that has just swallowed some moths to make them but if I then bring a smile to Oba-san's face then its worth it!” she thought. Then with a satisfied yawn she stood up and went to the dining room. The floor wasn't really long so after her morning toilette she went straight to the eating table which was a more European table due to her father not being used to sitting for a long time on the floor while eating.

    “So what have you three planned today?" Nabiki asked her three daughters.

    “I will go to Oba-san and ask if she wants to celebrate with us,” said the youngest daughter Hana.

    “Hah!? I don't think that's a good idea. You know how she is…” answered Haori with raised eyebrows.

    "Don't be so mean Haori!" said Kikyo scoldingly.

    “Grr! Mind your own business!!” Haori said angrily before breathing deeply in and out. ”Anyways, what's on your radar Sango?”

    “Ooh, I meet some classmates and help them pick beautiful kimonos for the festival," Kikyo said, a bit embarrassed.

    “They asked you!!?? If all people!? You have as much fashion-sense as a rabbit's good taste! HAHah !” Haori said as she fell on the floor and rolled around on it while laughing.

    “Enough young lady!!” exclaimed their mother as she pulled Haori on her ear.

    “Ouch, you're ripping my ear off Oka-san!!”

    “Am I allowed to stand up Hacha?” asked Kikyo timidly.

    “Naturally, Kikyo. I'm glad that you are not like this brat," her mother said with a nod.

    “What do you mean? Kikyo is not very talented in the family sorcery. I am much more talented and I can't understand why you or even Chiyo-ba view her as family heir while I am the true talent of our family!" she said vexedly.

    Kikyo then went to her room, where she stripped off her pyjamas and got dressed. In her wardrobe there were besides her Miko's robes and school uniforms mostly non-provocative and modest clothes. Kikyo hated the glares and stares on her due to her quite tall and athletic well-built physique which brought her a great deal of discomfort. Due to this she dressed mostly in “workers-style” which resulted in her often giving the unwanted impression of a clerk or office worker. This time she dressed in a black shirt, a dark blue knee-high skirt and greyish pantyhose.

    “Hmm, should I go out like this but I fear Haori is right..” she muttered to herself uncertainly.

    “Don't be so hard on yourself Kikyo-Oneechan! You look gorgeous!” said Hana to her sister in an childishly defiant but admiring voice.

    Kikyo was surprised by her second sister but went then to her and hugged her. ”Aw~ Thank you Hana, you really are an angel!" she said, as she knelt down and embraced her fully as well as patting her little sister's head.

    Smiling, Hana then answered her big sister. "You are so everyone so nice except yourself. Then you should also be nice to yourself Kikyo oneechan!" she said, pouting.

    Kikyo then stood up and smiled to her. ”I know Hana. But you know I am doing my best, so you must also watch out for yourself okay?”

    “Okay!” Hana answered cheerily as her sister walked away.

    “Well, I'm going now. Haha, should I take something back from the grocery market?"

    “Hm," Nabiki holds her chin in thought. "Some apples and some Aonashi I would need for the bakery for the festival. Could you please tell Wataru on your way home to organize them for the feast as well as the special flour?”

    “Oh you mean the Nijiseiki, right? Okay I'll tell Wataru-san!” said Kikyo confirmatory.

    “See you soon, Kikyo,” her mother said as she waved her hand.

    Kikyo went down the hill. As their house was on the hill beside this temple it was a quite long way down to the business districts respectively to her school so this alone is way more than training.

    After a while she reached the shopping centre where before the entry her friends were waiting for her.

    [whichs consists out of :
    Ramiko Kunikara:a lively glasses wearing Girl which is a Childhood friend of her as both families are well aquinted with each other, Wataru Kunikara is her Father;
    Kiyayui:a Blond Fashionista which has a enthusiastic albeit also a trickster type personality ,but in contrary to her mischieviousness towards her Friends is she very protectve to her friends if she isnt the cause of "danger".
    Kohka Shukudami:a bluehaired Tomboy which is Captain of the Sportsclub of their School and she hates it if someone says that Phrase "Kono Kohka" (This Effect) or if she is teased her with phrases like "Kohka hatsudou"(effect ignition) as her Name means effect in japanese.
    Kauri Natsumi:Captan of the Culture club direction,a Lady of Art and well versed in quite all subjects that are related to art , she is quite eloquent and quite the "Eye-candy" herself but she is more interested in Art than Boys and has a tensioned "Senpai-Kouhai relationship with Haori "Houseki" Kikyos Little sister.]

    “Ah, so there she is finally,“ Ramiko said to her smugly.

    "Sorry, but the way here is quite long and most of you are living basically just around the corner from here,“ Kikyo said apologetically.

    "It's not
    your fault that you have to take a whole hike to get here so never mind that! But why could you not pick something more matching for your body especially for these two babies~ there!” said Kiayui at first quite innocently then becoming angered until she grabbed Kikyo's breasts and started fondling them.

    “Kyaahaha! Kiayui wha.. wha… what are you, please stop!!!” screamed Kikyo as she was paralyzed by the surprise.

    *Donk* “Stop it Kiayiu!" said Kohka to the blonde molester as she punched her on the head.

    “OUCH!" Kiayu exclaimed in protest. "Did you have to hit me so hard, you freak? My head is ringing heavily!”

    “Thanks! Kohka, please, why do you always have this fixation with my breasts? We're basically the same size anyways so why do you always do that?!” screamed Kikyo embarrassedly as she crossed her arms over her own.

    “Sorry, I cant help it,“ answered the blonde girl simply.

    “Hach, why have you always to make a scene out of a sudden kimpatsu?” the bluehaired girl said with a sigh.

    “So could we finally go to the kimono-store? You know that place has a quite narrow opening time so…” trailed off Kauri.

    “Alright, let's go!” said the blonde full of zeal.

    Then they went into the shopping centre where there is on a quite secluded corner a well known store for traditional asian cloths, called Tau-Feng. Its especially known for the qipao and kimono designs which also offer measurement works and special custom made pieces of high quality but it also has affordable priced pieces to offer.

    The five girls then found and entered the store which was quite indecently styled in Chinese-vietnamese architecture. Then the owner welcomed the young women inside. ”Welcome, valued young ladies. How can we help you? Its not often that my modest place is visited by so many beautiful customers.”

    Kauri told him that they were searching for some festival kimono models.

    “Okay good, please follow me. There are some affordable pieces for you young ladies.“

    With that, they were guided to a part of the store where kimonos were displayed. Some of them were on regular clothes racks, some were on single installations and a few high-priced ones were even placed in glass display cases.

    “Why are these kimonos under display cases?” all the girls wondered and Kohka asked one saleswoman who answered with a smile-

    ”These are some precious pieces of kimonos which are more than some centuries old. But dont worry they are clinically clean and restored so that they would be as sturdy as modern new ones. The owner is a master in the restoration of historical cloth-pieces so some of the kimonos respectively some of the other pieces in the other sections were worn by famous historical personalities. For instance," she pointed to a nearby robe. "This kamishimo was owned by the famous samurai Yagyu Munenori!”

    All young women were frightened by such information.

    ”So when these pieces have been possessed by such important figures?” Kikyo asked in a surprisingly serious tone.

    The owner then came to the crowd and answered her. “Well you must know I'm from a long term cloth-manufacture working family and their fascination runs through my veins. So I have studied the working of the old weavers and weaving masters so I was at one point good enough to be hired for the restoration of ancient garments. Then I had used the techniques of the old weavers and combined them with the techniques of the fashion industry on manufacture scale so I have bought some of these old pieces of weaving art and restored them to their prime state by using exactly the same methods with which they were created!!!” he said full of passion.

    Then he went still and locked his gaze on the women in a terrifying way. “So.. now that you have heard me...our secrets, I can't let you go….” The young woman were scared, Kikyo was though cautious what would happen.

    He continued to speak. ”Without giving 10% discount on all, that is!!” he said with a hearty laugh as he then went away to work in the staff-only part of the store, leaving the young girls standing there in shock.

    Kiayui then put her hand acknowledgingly on Kikyo's shoulder. ”You go girl! I was stunned by this force but it's really amazing that you played the straight girl once Sango!"

    “Kiayui! Tha--tat was only the right question, nothing extraordinary,” answered Kikyo.

    “Well Sango, you must admit that you are normally more shy with such expression, but I like that in the case that pieces of art get involved you have quite a sharp intuition. So I rely on your advice then,” she said chuckling.

    "Now then, lets take a deep breath girls and then let us start with why we are here,” reminded Kohka to the crowd.

    “Thats the Kohka!” said Ramiko teasingly.

    “Don't start with that nonsense too!” Kohka protested red-faced.

    “Sorry, sorry!” Ramiko apologized with exaggerated sheepishness.

    So after a while as they calmed down the clique tried several kimonos on during which Kikyo “played” the judge.

    “Kikyo, how does this look like? Do i look awkward given my muscles?” asked Kohka embarrassedly.

    “Not at all, it fits you perfectly. That strong red color and this cut gives you the style of a Bugeisha. At least, I think so, so don't worry about it Kohka," Kikyo said, gently reassuring her friend.

    “And how do I look Sango?” asked Kiayui gleefully.

    “That..." the judge stammered. "That's a bit to daring for a festival Kiayui!”

    “Aw, come on," Kiayui said, sticking out her lower lip in a girlish pout. "That skirt is long enough and it hugs my figure all in the right places, and beside why don't you also test some of them?”

    “Well, I have already something to wear for the festival so due to this I'm a good judge,“ said Kikyo unsurely and slowly.

    “Hho~~ then tell me I hope its not plain brown Geisha dress?” said Kiayui provocatively.

    “Aeh..” Shortly before Kikyo could answer she is interrupted by Ramiko as she pulled the other girl to herself.

    “That will you see in some days so be not so pushy, and beside I am on her side you are, how you're now dressed it seems like you are in for gyakunan Kiyui-san~” she said, matching Kiayui's provocative tone with her own.

    “No way. And if so it's my choice. You're just jealous that you can't freely do something like this ~” she stammered defiantly.

    “Puuhh," groaned Kikyo as she fell onto a bench a little bit exhausted. "Why does our time together always fall into these quarrels?"

    ”You look exhausted Miss Adviser? Here, how may be it with a revitalizing tea?” said the owner as he offered cup of tea which Kikyo hesitantly accepted.

    “Thanks, but that's not necessary. I should be used to this by now,” she said with a tired smile.

    “Dont worry, I won't charge you for the tea. As I know that sometimes a refreshing refuel is necessary so no false modesty. Beside that you must be from a tradition-rich family?”

    “Why do you think that?” she asked uncertainly.

    ”Hmm, your reaction towards the historical objects in the displays as well as your evaluation pattern does suggest that," he explained.

    “Oh, okay. I'm from a Shinto Priest family so I am quite versed in old crafts and also in the wearing of kimonos like my Miko dresses,“ Kikyo said as she scratched her face with her fingers.

    “I understand,” said the owner as he walked away.

    “So here are you again Kikyo? Now we've each chosen one piece and yeah it was a pain to convince Kiayui to a more decent piece, so what do you say?” asked Kauri.

    “They look good, and Kauri you look like a Hime! But i wonder if the dress isn't a bit long given that it shambles on the ground and for such a piece that's not so ideal Kauri.”

    “Hmm, that is an objection I didn't think of. Actually I must say, that's too bad. The kimono is so beautiful," she said, a bit disappointed.

    “Wait, didn't this place have a measurement service?” asked Kiayui loudly in the crowd.

    “... So it is” said the owner as he again appeared unnoticed behind Kiayui.

    “Kyahh!! Wha..Wha...What are you, a Nina!?” screamed the blonde as she jumped some steps back.

    “Something like that, young lady, I would say. But to answer your question, yes we do offer tailoring work,” said the middle aged man as he stroked his mustache.

    “So would you want to utilize our service? Nuno! Please come here!” he shouted as a saleswoman came.

    “You called, boss?”

    ”That's our specialist for the tailoring of cuts and measurement changes. Please follow her, she will make the adjustment of the pieces,” he said as he in a bowing position pointed to his employee.

    “Alright! I think that this piece could deserve some adjustment!” said the blonde enthusiastically.

    “B-b-but don't be too skimpy!” stammered Kikyo.

    ”Don't worry Kikyo, I am also there. So calm down, I'll make sure that it's not too revealing,” said Kauri as she winked at her.

    “So then let's get to the shop counter, but I hope that it's affordable even if given the discount” said Kohka worriedly.

    “Don't worry Kohka. If so then I can lend you some money as I have already saved some beforehand. Buuut~" Ramiko drawled out the word playfully, "then could you help me to get in Archery Club again?”

    “Oh, great. Then I see myself again managing the new budget allocations and I hate that..." Kohka said with a sweaty tired expression as both went to the cashier's desk.

    “You haven't chosen one piece, miss adviser?“ said the owner questioningly, which baffled Kikyo. ”I say, because I like your attitude and judgement I'll give you a very special deal. I offer you any piece in my store completely free... yes, even the objects in the glass displays are included in this offer,” he said challengingly to her as he stretched his arms in a T-form. ”So please choose?”

    "I can't accept such an offer it's too much too accept so I'm sorry!!” Kikyo said apologetically as she deeply bowed.

    The owner just smiled. ”I had right in my evaluation for you, that's okay," he replied calmly.

    “(What, he expected this? Hmm, is he…?)” she thought critically.

    “Alright, okay I accept that answer. But that offer is still valid so if you should change your choice feel free to come someday!” he said smiling.

    “Okay, I will remember that!” Kikyo said politely, as she went to her friends.

    The clique then strolled through the shopping center rather aimlessly and stopped at a takeway store, before splitting the group apart so that Kikyo and Ramiko went together to their homes as they resided in the same district near the temples.

    “Fuuh, that was quite exhausting right Sango?”

    “Yes, that were quite taxing. But I'm am happy that they chose me as their judge which doesn't happen very often,” Kikyo said with a honestly smiling face.

    “Yeah, although you're sometimes awkward you have a righteous heart and soul so we forgive you that quite easily. But on another topic, the owner was quite strange right? What with how he has historical objects in his store which should rather belong more to a museum, right?”

    “Do you mean that he could be a Magus, Ramiko? Because i have also felt that he oozes a rather ominous aura and that he appeared without a warning without anyone noticing is quite strange,” Kikyo said as she put her hand on her chin in a thoughtful stance.

    “Not excluded, but I wouldn't dig into something like that as you know which the consequence could be?” Ramiko said in a warning voice as she came to her father's market kiosk.

    “Hello, you two you look tired but happy. Was the shopping trip successful would I say?” asked Wataru to the two.

    “Yes, it was. But before I forget Haha-san asked me to tell you that for the festival we need red apples and Nijiseiki as well as the special flour we need for the banquet, Wataru-san.”

    “Ah, right okay. I'll see if I can organize it Kikyo-chan. Especially the Nijiseiki will be difficult but okay. I have some ideas where I can get these from and the flour is already in the warehouse available so it's quite easy. But as compensation I have to have a part of the delicacies," he said smiling and with a pinched eye.

    “So sorry that I have to go now but the way home is quite long so...?” Kikyo trailed off.

    “Okay Kikyo, goodbye. Please take care of yourself and thanks for today!” said Wataru to Kikyo.

    As she went back up the hill holding her hand on a wooden railing on the path she suddenly felt a little impulse on her hand. "Ow!" She pulled her hand back, instinctively crying out in pain. "...What was that? Hm, that felt like a pulse of Thaumaturgy but it could also be just an electrostatic shock so…" she thought as she continued her way to her house.

    As at the same time a bloody fight was going on in the Tomino Woods of the Oshamambe prefecture. The trees were broken and the Servant as well the man in the trenchcoat were opposed by seven Executors and three Enforcers. ”Ragna Hrolfkyr!" One of the Enforcers raised his voice. "This is the end for you! You will not continue your heretic path, you have caused enough havoc already!”

    Ragna then replied “Why do you say this?" "I'm just trying to restore the former strength that the Magic had,“ he explained as he continued. "I act only out of my obligation as a Magus to restore the power of my ancestors and to continue their legacies...” he said, voice tightening in anger.

    “You have at one time risked that Magecraft be revealed to the public and caused an evil spirit outbreak at a Siberian village which costed nearly a thousand lives on your 'duty',” said the enforcer.

    “I guess it means that we can't get to an agreement huh? Can't be helped then. Okay, but I hope you keep in mind that I am strong and we are in a wood where I'm much more powerful... Great Forests…” Ragna said acceptingly as he started to chant a spell but he was interrupted by another Enforcer.

    "That will not take grasp. I have placed four Teppeki Fuin Pillars at the corners of the wood that not only will keep bystanders from entering respectively noticing what occurs here but also nullify the territory control of your Druidism so you will not be able to to use your main weapon. And we have also gathered all in the region stationed Executers,” explained the Enforcer.

    “Hahaha!" Delicious, you really think that Druidism is the only thing I'm capable of? You will see that I'm much more than that,” Ragna said confidently as he threw away his trenchcoat to reveal a medieval looking leather armor like costume. Then he drew out his sword and wrote some Runes which took on the form of thunderbolts that he directed to the opponents. But they managed to evade a hit.

    “Go, Servant! I will take on the Mages, you take care of the Executors!” he shouted at the Servant.

    “Okay~” said the woman, chuckling as she drew a sword and rushed ahead so that she clashed against the six Executors. Simultaneously on the other side Ragna fought against the three Enforcers and the seventh Executor.

    Ragna used his sword- a European broadsaber- to clash against the Black-Keys that the Executor threw at him, as well as deflect the spells he was attacked with. Behind him an Enforcer surprised Ragna and managed to inflict a cut on his shoulder. Ragna jumped back in time to evade the brunt of the slash but fell on his knees. ”What, that knife was poisoned!? Damn it, my body isn't reacting..” he said as his voice gave out.

    Then rushed the Enforcer to the criminal to finish him off as “Hah!” Ragna then slashed after the rushing Enforcer who narrowly avoided being decapitated but suffered a deep blade wound on his Thorax. ”Urgm!" The Mage vomits blood as he breathed deeply in pain. ”Why you move your body? You should be on the verge of total muscle shut off?!”

    “You're admittedly not incompetent and you have potential, but you're clearly inexperienced in the field boy. It's a shame but would you want to become my apprentice?” commented the Heretic.

    “Never! I get your intention but even if that's my end I won't beg for my life, as I cant forgive a criminal who killed several innocents! Kakeharg!” answered the wounded Mage as he coughed even more blood out.

    “Eko!" the Executor screamed out his fallen friend's name. He turned toward Ragna, glaring with righteous fury. "You're a devil! I will slay you devil, right before my friend's eyes!" With those words he rushed hatefully at the criminal.

    “Naive!” said Ragna as he strengthened his right fist with Runes and punched the storming Executor. The Executor couldn't react in time and Ragna's fist slammed into his thorax with sickening force, breaking at least several ribs and also cracking his thorax as he flew several meters and then smashed into the ground.

    On the other front the Executors had a hard time with the Servant. As their attacks were rather easily repelled by the Servant who defended herself with a sword and by creating wind veils.

    “She's strong," said one Executor to the others.

    ”You're right, she is a much more of a challenge then an average Dead Apostle,” replied a second.

    She reacted by giggling. “Well I'm a Servant after all. Mister Ragna… may I be allowed to feed on some of their souls?"

    “Help yourself Servant, I'll clean the mess around here,” answered the Heretic coldly.

    As then the Servant's stance changed from a quite normal loose stance to a more feral pose as she kicked her lips out of sadistic glee. ”Now, my handsome foes, which of you want to serve me something first?”

    One Executor thought pensively, “What did Risei Kotomine say again, that there exist seven different Classes of Servant? Which could she belong to?” as he then shouted provocatively “Who are you actually!? I hear ever only Servant but which one are you? What is your name?!”

    “Oh right. It's impolite to not introduce himself to your 'prey' right?” she said. “Okay, my name is As..”

    "Stop immediately Servant!!” screamed Ragna at her. As he finished of the injured Enforcer, then the Servant started her killing spree in which she indulged herself.

    Ragna fell to his knees. “What, I thought the poison is already neutralized? So why this pain and numbness?.......Is it a sort of last resort curse from this boy?”

    As the Servant noticed that she aborted her spree and rushed to him which saved two Executors from sharing the fate of their comrades.

    As the last remaining Enforcer saw the rushing Servant he flew from the scene as she come down beside Ragna. “Come, bite me here,” she said as she freed part of her shoulder from her dress. He then bit her lightly as she also bit him on the neck. Then she glowed a little bit as greenish sparks came out of the bitemark from her body. This healed Ragna as she sucked the poison out of his body which rejuvenated him completely. She then stood up and held out her open hand, which glowed and tendril-like shapes manifested as Ragna grabbed her hand.

    ”That is enough, we have fulfilled our part. Although the poison wasn't included in the plan…”

    She took back the attack and said dissatisfied, ”Too bad, but I have here some meal.“

    “Alright, you can be relaxed partner," said Ragna as he sheathed his sword and put on his trenchcoat.

    As the Servant disposed the remnants of their enemies Ragna went to a little puddle and knelt down. He waved his hand over it and the image of his partner appeared as a reflection. ”So I have my part fulfilled for the time being, now it's your turn," he said.

    “Okay mister Ragna,” said the man in the reflection. ”Now that it's my turn I will clean that eyesore and thanks to your actions I can travel undisturbed."

    “Great now [ ] go to him. There you can play a little bit more!” he said to her.

    “Hai~~” said the Servant playfully as she asked “What are you going to do now mister Ragna?” in a charming way.

    “Not much as we have now to wait until the chosen ones appear, but I will make some preparations at our workshop,” said the Mage to the Servant.

    “Noble Shaman, I wish you good success in your revenge tour. But please pay attention if some other chosen ones appear and remember to not draw more attention than necessary!” said Ragna in an serious tone.

    “I will beheart your advise Mister Ragna,“ said the Shaman as Ragna stepped on the puddle which let the reflection vanish as he then departed northward.
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    Since this thread was in the wrong sub-forum, I moved this to its proper place.
    McJon01: We all know that the real reason Archer would lose to Rider is because the events of his own Holy Grail War left him with a particular weakness toward "older sister" types.
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    Mhmm, looking pretty good so far. I noticed that from the earlier draft for some reason the opening "It was an early spring day in Hakodate" lines in Kikyo's snippet are gone. Did you scrap those on purpose are just forget to include them somehow? Also a lot of weird spacing issues with the text that weren't there in the previous draft, which you might want to correct. You also left in the error I made and you corrected me on earlier where in my editing I mistook Kikyo as talking to Hana instead of her mom when she was asking about groceries. Lastly, you forgot to change Kumiko's name into a fittingly male one like I suggested.

    Minor technical issues aside, this story definitely looks like it has promise.

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    First impressions...hard to know where to start, so I'll probably edit this post later.

    So far the most unbelievable thing here is a Chinese-Vietnamese anything existing in Japan for long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugs View Post
    First impressions...hard to know where to start, so I'll probably edit this post later.

    So far the most unbelievable thing here is a Chinese-Vietnamese anything existing in Japan for long.
    Well the Chinese-Vietnamese styled interior of the Asia Cloth store is just at the entrance around the cashbox the rest is then more generic asiatic styled ,,but aside that how are your impressions am i curious ?
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    Here is Chapter 2

    This afternoon Kikyo's family discussed the details of the Shinto festival. Her family, the Makoto, as members of a Shinto Priest Clan is obliged to participate. Like that her mother had organized together with Wataru the ingredients for the banquet of the Blessed Harvest: a celebration of the successful harvest in which the deities are worshipped and the priests have blessed the foodstuff by cooking them in the cauldron which should be a forgery from the Kami. If used to cook food in it, it will also send a mirrored version to the Realm of Gods so that the mortals and deities could feast on the treasures of harvest together and build a benevolent bond.

    As they finished with dinner and they brought Hana to Bed Nabiki, Haori and Kikyo discussed the procedures of the banquet and festival.

    “Is Hana sleeping now Ka-san?” asked Haori to her Mother.

    “Yes, now we can talk without spoiling the festival for her,” said their mother as she sat on the chair and continued. ”Apropo Kikyo, have you finished your surprise for her?”

    “Yes, I am finished just in time. I'm looking already forward to see her smilling face,” said Kikyo with a happy smile on her face.

    “That's good Sango, for once you're useful instead of failing most of the spells you try~” Haori said teasingly.

    “Did you have to bring that up again?!” shouted Kikyo, a bit sad.

    Nabiki sighed. “Why can't you once just laud your big sister one time honestly without then to hurt her feelings?”

    “But to comeback to the topic,” said Nabiki to her daughters as she continued. "I got the phone call that the ingredients for the feast are stored in the stock room of the Lowland Temple and that the tree ovens are in peak condition.”

    “Okay, I've practiced with the cooking club Ka-san so you can this year count on me!” said Haori confidently.

    Oh Kami-sama I can only imagine what Kauri had to endure in helping her,' thought Kikyo, shuddering as she knew that her sister belongs to the type of cook where you can be happy that the food she cooks only makes you KOed.

    “What was that face Sango!?!” yelled Haori angrily to Kikyo.

    “Are you crazy!!””rushed their mother to Haori and covered her mouth, saying to her in an angry but muted voice “You'll wake Hana up Haori!”

    As Haori breathed deeply in and out Nabiki sat again on her chair. “I'm sorry for losing my temper Haha. I don't want to wake Hana," Haori said apologetically.

    “But it's good that you try to better yourself Haori” said her mother pleased.

    "So I'd forgotten to ask Hana if she could pursue Grandmother to participate in the feast,” Kikyo said to Haori.

    “Hmm, after her quite sad pouting face to judging I can imagine not," answered Haori.

    “Why is Chiyo-ba just so reclusive? I worry, after all she isn't the youngest,” said Kikyo worriedly.

    “Well, I can understand her a bit,“ said Haori smugly to Kikyo. ”She is strong so she doesn't need any help.”

    “Regardless of that Haori, I'm glad to have you at my side,” said Kikyo with an innocently relieved smile.

    “Well then, good that you finally noticed that,” she said defiantly.

    Upon seeing one of the the few moments where those two are in harmony Nabiki could just smile full of happiness.

    “Well you two, I think everyone knows what work needs to be done, right?” she asked gently.

    “You bet!” said Haori, upbeat as she held her hand towards her older sister. "And I hope this time you don't get in my way, right Sango!?” she asked gleefully to her.

    Kikyo then accepted the handshake. ”On that you can count!” she exclaimed, infected by her little sister's happiness.

    Nabiki then moved to tears said smilingly “Then how would it be if I cook up some quick pancakes to celebrate the next days?”

    “Isn't it a bit late to eat something so hearty? asked Kikyo confusedly.

    “Oh come now. For that it is always time Kikyo!” said Haori smiling and coaxingly.

    “I think you're right. It's been quite a while since we ate them,” she said loudly in happiness when suddenly a sleepy voice interrupted.

    ”What's...that..when you're getting to eat Ka-chan's pancakes... why do you exclude me?” said Hana sleepily and with a bit of pouting defiance in her voice.

    The three women looked surprised and all was silent for a few moments until Hana asked sweetly ”Have I something on my face?”

    Then Kikyo answered “Ehm, sorry about that Hana. You know that Haori and I had persuaded Haha to make us some and we wanted just to not wake you up, ri..right Haori?” With those words she took Haori in her arms and they both laughed embarrassedly.

    “Yea.. yeah Kikyo is right so sorry for that Hana!” Haori answered with a giggle.

    Hana then got a big smile on her face. “Yippy~~~!!! I was always right, you two like each other!” she said, jumping from happiness. Nabiki then could only shine at her good fortune as she made the sweet delicacies and after indulging in them they all went to bed.

    At the next morning the family woke up quite early as they had to make the last preparation. Nabiki asked Hana “Sorry for asking you this but were you yesterday at Chiyo-ba's place?” A bit disappointed Hana remembered, her way to her grandmother which is located even some way above their own house connected to each other through a wood path as the little Hana “climbed” up the hill to Chiyo's house. Well, called a "house" but it actually looked more like a mountain hut out of the beginning of the Edo period as the most modern amenities there are a lightbulb and a fountain. As she reached her grandmother a voice came out of the house. ”Who's there!?" the elderly woman cried out.
    ”What have I said vanish from…” she wanted to say until she saw that it was her youngest granddaughter. “Hana? Is that you? You look so cute, have you grown?” she said in an almost doting way.

    “Puuh the way to here is still quite heavy so i don't know that but Chiyo-basan would you like to keep us company at the festival?” Hana said in a childish effort.

    Chiyo then answered quite angry but endeavored to not scare her granddaughter “No, such events are nothing because there are to many humans there for my taste."

    Hana then answered her mother with a bit of sadness in her voice ”Sadly no. Yet I hoped that she also celebrate with us."

    As Kikyo saw her sad face she told Hana to come to her room where she
    then revealed her present to Hana to cheer her up. ”Here Hana is your own beautiful Miko Kimono!”

    After Hana dressed in it and viewed herself in the mirror she turned before it so that she saw herself in it. ”Wow, I'm looking like a O Himesama!! Thank you Kikyo Onee-chan!” she exclaimed as she ran to her sister and jumped on her in an overly enthusiastic hug which caused Kikyo to fall to the floor.

    ”Tha...that's nothing it's just what I had to do," Kikyo said in all modesty.

    As she then for a short time passed out only to be awakened by yelling from Haori. ”Sango we have no time for such a nap!”

    “Sorry," Kikyo uttered a sheepish apology.

    After they made themselves ready to go, the four went down to the Lowland temple where Wataru and Ramiko waited for them.

    “There are the stars~!” said Ramiko in a playful tone.

    “So famous, aren't we really,” answered Kikyo.

    “But today is Hana's first debut as Miko!” exclaimed Haori in a boastful and proud tone as she further said ”As well, you will today indulge in the best meal ever!”

    “Yeah, but keep in mind to not let it overcook like last year okay~” said Ramiko teasingly to Haori as she crouched before Hana. ”But i give you right that little jewel shines wonderfully," she said smilingly to Hana.

    “Thank you Ramiko-neesan!” said Hana with a smile.

    “Aww, you're too cute Hana!” said Ramiko, thrilled.

    “It's good to see them so lively and harmonious together right Nabiki?” said Wataru in a nostalgic tone.

    “Yes, it's a warm feeling to see also Kikyo and Haori in such moments where they don't argue with each other,” she said with a gentle smile on her face.

    “Well, well, I actually don't want to interrupt you girls but it's time that we prepare the work okay?” said Nabiki as she clapped her hands.

    At the same time the fled Enforcer who fought Ragna reached his shelter at a station of the Mage's Association where he treated his injuries. After he catched his breath and recalled the details of the fight he then then made a call to the Clocktower. “Hello, this is Taro Sendai from the Hokkaido base. Am I speaking with Reines El-Melloi Archisorte?”

    “Yes, I'm on the phone. What up?” said the young lady.

    “I am curious why a distant post does contact me?” she followed in an arrogant voice.

    “I and my comrades have fought against Ragna Hrolfkyr!” he said before being interrupted.

    ”What, that criminal who caused the reappearance of evil spirits though out Europe?” shouted Reines terrified as the Enforcer continued his report.

    “Yes, and that's not all. He was accompanied by a Servant!”

    “A Servant you say!? Please tell me what appearance!" she said surprised.

    “It was a female appearance and the woman was clothed like a Northern American Indian elite huntress or shamaness. She wielded a sword with a roughly 60 centimetres measured blade and she used wind blasts during the fight with the Church Executers we recruited as enforcement and as one Executer asked her name she said 'As..' before Ragna interrupted her so more details couldn't be collected.” he elaborated intensively.

    “Please report that to Lord El Melloi II as he is a former participant of the Fuyuki Grail War he should be the ideal consultant for that matter. But I have doubts that he could defeat the Mage as Ragna's prowess and powers are said to rival the might of the Bartholomei members as that even their Chelon Canticle Brigade has lost three members in their persecution of him after my research,” said the Enforcer.

    “First I'm impressed that an Enforcer from the end of the world knows such intels but okay i will tell that to my dear brother. Please stay still and keep your eyes and ears open for now,” Reines said.

    “Roger that,” answered the Enforcer. As she hung up the phone Reines stood up and went to the office of her brother.

    As he reached his bureau and entered it she saw that opposite of him a young oriental women sat. ”Oh, who is that women?“ Asked Reines surprised and then teasingly ”Have you got a new lover~ I didn't know”. Her playful words got Waver quite irritated as Reines shook her head and remembered what she came in for. “Brother, I have a message from Japan for you!? she said as Lord El Melloi sharpened his gaze.

    Then some hours earlier in the north of Czechia in the afternoon, a arabian looking woman was walking down one path in the woods. She was interrupted by the attack of a masked stranger which she dodged with ease. Suddenly she felt a sharp piercing pain in her left hand which made her fall to her knees. Then rune-like patterns started to appear in the left palm of her hand which glowed bright red. The attacker canceled his assault and retired, much to the young woman's confusion. ”What was that!? Assaulting me and then fleeing tch,” she thought, quite irritated.

    She went then to the house of a friend on whose request she traveled to the area.

    As she arrived at his house at dusk, after she caught her breath she asked him “Jee-kun, do you know what this is?”

    He inspected the symbols on her left hand and then in an evaluating way explained “The symbols are showing unmistakable patterns of your Arabian cipher. There are also characteristics of Karuna runes but the exact nature I can't say, only that it is definitely a Thaumaturgic Seal. I think we should ask my uncle perhaps he knows more?” he said as they nodded to each other and made their way to where his uncle lives.

    They went through the little town to the local church where his uncle as priest practiced and lived. They entered the church building through a side-entry.

    “Hm!? Who's there!?” said a grumbling masculine voice.

    “It's me!” shouted Jeruslav to his uncle who approached the two as he laughed heartily ”HOHEHOH!”

    “When that's not my little nephew? Sorry, if you wanted to have a piece of cake you had to come a bit earlier,” he said playfully as he noticed the young woman. ”Hoh? Miss Layla, hello. What brings you here?”

    Layla showed him the patterns of her hand. ”What, that can't be!?!” gasped Rostislav. He then excused himself for a moment to use the phone. Some minutes later he came back and said to the two “I know what this mark is. These are Command Seals which are a sign of the Holy Grail for those who it deems worthy.

    ”What Holy Grail?!?!” Layla blurted out disbelievingly.

    Rostislav continued to explain undeterred by her interruption. ”You have heard right but I can calm you down. That is not the Holy Grail that received the blood of Christ. No, it's a mighty object created by the 'Fuyuki Grail War', a magic ritual that is carried out by seven Masters, seven chosen Mages who summon seven Heroic Spirits of the past history respectively mythologies split into seven Classes determined by their abilities."

    “The magical energy generated by the war ritual, combined with that of the sacrificed heroic souls, creates the 'Holy Grail' which grants its worthy owner, the last remaining Master along with his Servant an omnipotent wish," he went on.

    “An omnipotent wish?" the woman reacted in shock. “You mean a wish that can do anything?!??" she asked.

    “Yes,” answered the priest tersely. “Now both of you, please follow me,” he went on in a gravely thoughtful voice.

    Then the three went out from the back door of the church down a forested path to an old stony chapel in an early Gothic style. During their walk, unnoticed figures spied them from the shadows.

    “So here we are,” said the priest as he entered the surprisingly big and tall church which consisted out of one big hall. They spectated the Great Wand which was a rock wall with cave painting-like stylized illustrations of Slavic pagan nature, like one that as Rostislav explained shows the defeat of the Dark Deity Chernabog by the hand of the Good Deity Belobog as example.

    ”Why have you never showed me nor allowed me to enter this place?” His nephew Jeruslav reacted.

    His uncle answered in a serious tone ”That is the treasury of our Mage-family. This place was since its creation only reserved by veteran mages of our tribe. As well the place where we stored our Mystic-Codes and other highly treasured objects like these relics.” He waved his hand along the altar where he explained the several objects lying on it. "Those are relics of past heroes," he said as he enumerated the relics. ”A bloody staff which was once part of Vlad Tepes III's spear." As he said that Layla's stomach briefly twisted in revulsion. "Then beside that were on the tablet; a rock-like shard which should belong to the Germanic dragon-slayer Siegfried, a cracked shoulder-armor plate which belonged to Dobrynya Nikitich, a tree-stump like fragment of the royal table of Vladimir the Great, a rope fragment which should have belonged to Niita the furrier." The old man's voice became less calm and more stern. “A wooden pole which should have belonged to Baba Yaga, a mummified hare leg, a shard of a Karuna Runestone and lastly a shred of Tugarin Zmeyevich's coat.”

    After walking alongside the table during his explanation he turned towards Layla. ”Now, choose one of these relics which appeals to you the most. This will become the catalyst for the Heroic Spirit you will call!” said the priest in a challenging tone.

    “A Servant I will call?!" she asked to herself.

    “Hmm, I think it should be the one with which I could think of to work and understand each other the best hm… I have the best feeling with this,” Layla said as her gaze fell upon the cloak shred.

    ”I choose this, with that relic I have the best feeling!” Layla exclaimed with determination.

    “Are you sure Layla? Tugarin was a beast, yes, even a draconic warrior who was once called the Demonic Bogatyr,” said Jeruslav in a caring voice. The image of a dreadful knight wrapped in demonic armor flashed before his mind, making the boy shudder with fear. ”I mean he was definitely a strong warrior but also a dangerous ally so I would suggest to you the shoulderplate of Dobrynya instead,” he said worriedly.

    “Yes, I'm sure Jee-kun. He was accused as a monster but I'm sure that he wasn't really one and just misunderstood," Layla said thoughtfully.

    Then answered Rostislav ”Good, so be it. Place it then on the dais and draw a summoning circle. Do you need help wth that?”

    Layla said that she didn't need help with the ceremony so after her preparations she started chanting the rite.

    "Let silver and steel be the essence.
    Let stone and the archduke of contracts be the foundation.
    Let Freedom be the cause I pay tribute to.
    Let rise a wall against the wind that shall fall.
    Let the four cardinal gates close.
    Let the three-forked road from the crown reaching unto the Kingdom rotate.
    Let it be filled. Again. Again. Again. Again.
    Let it be filled fivefold for every turn, simply breaking asunder with every filling.
    From the Seventh Heaven, attended to by three great words of power,
    come forth from the ring of restraint, protector of the holy balance!“

    During her recitations the circle started shining dark crimson and outside the chapel ominous figures began to take shape.

    Then after a blinding flash of red light, a knight clad in dark crimson armor appeared in the center of the summoning circle. He opened his eyes, which were akin to a dragon's eyes as the knight raised his voice. "The Guardian Dragon of Kiev has answered your calling! My name is Tugarin Zmeyvich!” he said. A slight smirk danced across his face as he eyed the young lady before continuing. ”So, shall be this Young Polianitsa be called my Master~?”

    Layla then aswered slightly flustered ”Yes! I am your Master, so let's work well together!” she said as she bowed herself which let Tugarin almost unnoticeably smile.

    Rostislav took some cautious steps towards Tugarin. “Hm, you don't look like a raging Berserker must I say. Tell me which Class are you, Assassin?” said the priest provocatively.

    The Servant reacted with a somewhat amused smile which then shifted into an angered expression as he said ”Though I can't deny that I could be also summoned as one of these two Classes I am here a Rider class Servant. But first, there is some more important matter to clear,” he said as his gaze drifted to the door.

    Hm, now that you mention it there is a dull reaction in the Bounded Field, but why haven't I noticed much earlier?” answered the priest confusedly.

    “I'm surprised by the lax nature and quality of this Bounded Field that isn't able to detect the approach of phantasmal beings,” said Tugarin in a calm analyzing tone of voice.

    “Tch.” The priest was hurt in his pride. ”This Bounded Field was created and refined by my ancestors. Even if I have chosen for the benediction of my clan the path of a priest and Executor I can't tolerate the stomping on my families achievements!!” he shouted pridefully.

    “Tja that feeling is natural. But if you want to protect their legacies we should welcome the 'guests'," said Rider calmly and nonchalantly.

    “Master, I would recommend that we react as outside i can sense ten Human and more then twelve creatures,” he went on in a calm advising tone.

    “Good, I understood. Please Rostislav, forget the quarrel we must see what that is!” Layla said.

    “I understand." With that they went outside where they were greeted by a bunch of Mages and a pack of creatures which are from the same type as these of Nakanoshima.

    “We've finally caught you girl!” said one masked man.

    ”Now we've found also a loot of Mystic-Codes and something that looked like relics we can present to Master Ragna!” another one said with confidence.

    “I will not let your hands reach them,” shouted the priest vehemently.
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    Surprised how little attention this is getting. As co-author (even if that was mainly correcting spelling and grammar) I am curious what people think.

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    Its really impressive how much comments are here .

    but aside that her is Chapter three

    “Why are you hunting me, I haven't done anything?!” asked the blonde girl determinedly.

    “Because you have this mark on your hand, and that's what we want," answered one henchman.

    “I'll never give you this!” Layla shouted defiantly.

    As one of the henchmen yelled "Catch her!" towards the creatures they all lunged at Layla in unison. Their charge was interrupted when suddenly a spear hurtled out of the chapel door and lodged in the ground in front of them. All the creatures halted in their tracks and turned to stare in the direction of the projectile, where Tugarin walked out with slow heavy steps. He just glanced over at the creatures to identify their race and radiated a terrifying aura.

    ”That's impossible, a Servant!”.......”A real Servant!?!” shouted the henchmen.

    “I know exactly the nature of these creatures. They are Leshen, the children of the forest deity and king of the wood faeries. They carry many names amongst them Lesovikh, Brovoi, Leshy, or mishko velnias, But I can with just one glance tell that these are just imitations of them as I ages ago fought countless times against the real ones!” said Tugarin in a calm analyzing tone although with a clear hint of pride.

    “B...but that can't be. Master Ragna said that they're the reanimated wood faeries of the Slavic Age of Gods!?” yelled a terrified henchman.

    “Leshen!?” thought Rostislav with a gulp.

    “Master…” Tugarin turned his sight to Layla. ”Let me deal with these creature. I'll leave these bandits to you and your friends.

    “Okay, show me what you've got my knight!” shouted Layla gleefully as she drew her pistols with a stylish twirl.

    Rostislav drew his Black Keys and Jeruslav chanted “Kladenent, give me strenght and resilience". During his chant some cyrillic symbols appeared in the air which formed into a longsword. As Jeruslav took the handle a stream of Mana flowed through the blade. “Layla, this time you won't have to save me!” he shouted in a decisive voice.

    [For better reader experience please hear this at the same time as you read\/]

    “Right so! My nephew!” said Rostislav.

    “Catch them!” yelled the grunts as they and their familiars rushed at Tugarin. He jumped to the spear and began to levitate by making some glowing runic symbols appear on his body. He ordered the spear to rotate around him as he rushed at the beasts, shredding through their ranks like a spinning buzzsaw of death. He then let the spear vanish before grasping Leshen by their heads and swinging them like clubs against their own comrades. Lastly, he drew his sword and finished off the twelve remaining Leshen with almost one strike per being.

    At the same time were fighting the three versus the ten:

    Layla dodged the slashes of their swords with acrobatic elegance as she struck back with some back-kicks and used her two pistols to strike at one attacker by wielding them as tonfa-sticks. She then also fired some bullets to parry some Gandr shots and loaded them with Mana to strike through their Kladenet Swords.

    Rostslav was at the same time fighting five attackers at once with practiced slashes of his fan-styled Black-Keys in tandem with powerful kicks and elbow strikes which impressed the masked ones. ”Wow, that is also veteran Executor skill, not bad,“ commented one.

    Jeruslav in the meantime fought with one attacker. “Not bad, boy. With that spell you are strengthening yourself by creating an incarnation of bravery right? But they are nothing in comparison to our Kladenets,” commented the masked henchman.

    “Tch, I won't let you through,” Jeruslav said resolutely as he exchanged swings. Though lacking in technical skills compared to his opponent, the boy closed the gap with sheer willpower.

    The four remaining were occupied by Layla's dance-like movements in concert with her swift strikes and kicks which repelled four foes, while she fended off their projectiles with her gunship. ”She's good for her age,“ remarked one.

    A second commented “Yes, she is excellent.”

    Tugarin who had just finished with all Leshen ran to aid his Master. At the same time the masked men jumped back and created a collaborative magic seal on the ground with which they summoned three “lesser” dragons that they ordered to attack Tugarin. He was unfazed by the appearance of the dragons as opposed to the shocked faces of his three companions.

    As they came shooting out at Tugarin he effortlessly dodged their head tackles and bites before beheading the three Lindworms each with one precise slash.

    The masked ones were frightened by the precision strikes. ”No way! how is that possible?!”

    “Although true dragons, they're still just shades in comparison to the ones I fought countless times,” Tugarin said with a stern face and voice.

    “Wow! So this is the might of a Servant, no, the prowess of a Hero!” thought Layla, impressed by Tugarin's prowess.

    “The legends of Tugarin were right, he was a famous beast-slayer equal even to Dobrynya and Ilya!”exclaimed Jeruslav in awe.

    “Now, don't make more resistance than necessary for us. Surrender and I might spare your lives!” said the knight with his sword raised.

    “We would never surrender and tell you something!” shouted one henchman defiantly as the second answered “Even we have pride. Now my brothers, get tuned in!” he shouted at the other. ”Great Warriors who put until the bitter ends their live for their cause…. Awaken for a last time your fighting spirit, unite your blades and hands to strike at your last obstacles!” They recited in unison as the parts of the Leshen and Wyvern corpses joined together to form a massive three headed and six winged golem-like dragon which glowed intensively in green and red.

    “Now Lesh-zmey attack and crush this enemy of all beasts!” commanded one of the masked ones.

    “That can't be!” Layla stammered, deeply frightened.

    “This Magecraft… that's Witchcraft-born Necromancy! This form of Magecraft shouldn't exist anymore?!” shouted the shocked Rostislav.

    “That's thanks to Master Ragna. He has reached the borders to the abyss of Magecraft,” stated one masked man.

    “Tugar…” Layla tried to scream as she was interrupted by her Servant.

    “Do not be afraid,” he shouted at her as he leaped between the Lesh-zmey and her and continued smirking. ”It seems that it wouldn't be bad to ride a little bit right partner?” Tugarin muttered, preparing to invoke his mount Noble Phantasm. “Vernaya Iskra!” he bellowed. On cue a loud roar resounded in the distance. As it drew closer it became obvious the roar was actually the whinnying of a mighty steed. Moments later a greenish beam of light shot behind his back towards Tugarin. After making contact with Tugarin who jumped on its back the beam shifted into a blazing inferno colored in crimson, yellow and greenish flames, which then shot at the chimeroid dragon as a flame-drill. The Lesh-zmey spit out of its three heads flame rays and made root-spears erupt out of the earth to attack the stream. But the roots were burned to ash and shredded to pieces while the breath attacks were also futile as the mount rammed the dragon with full force, obliterating it completely. The flame drill pulled into the sky with a looping to vanish as Tugarin called it back.

    While most of the humans there were occupied by spectating the scenery, two henchmen used the distraction to sneak into the chapel. As the three noticed that Rostislav rushed to the chapel. When Tugarin saw the situation he propelled himself with a Mana-blast forward as he draw his spear. As one already entered the chapel Tugarin landed at the entry and as the second entered he was surprised by Tugarin's spear thrust. The man barely dodged and tried to attack back with his Kladenets sword. This only succeeded in enraging Tugarin, who with one strike broke through the sword and slew the man instantly. Shortly before the other henchmen could take one relic (the royal tablet of Vladimir the Great) Tugarin appeared behind him, pierced the bandit through with his sword and completely draining his Mana. As Rostislav entered the scene Tugarin angrily stated “To your notice I let dirty bandits who tried to defile the dignity of the heroes and especially not tolerate it that you wanted to defile the dignity of my former comrades!” He spat vehemently.

    As he then threw the dying body aside, beside which Rostislav was standing.

    The other masked ones sensed the destiny of their comrades which caused them to flee the scene as Layla and Jeruslav held their ground.

    After the bandits had fled they entered the chapel a little bit shocked as they saw the brutalized first and the dried second bandit. The Executer asked Tugarin ”What have you done!?”

    The knight was unfazed by the accusation and answered calmly “They got only the just punishment as they were disrespecting the spirits of the old heroes, especially those of my former comrades. Alone this fact was unforgiveable enough.“ The three were impressed by the answer as he continued “And all the other Bogatyr would feel the same way….oh and I'm not furious at you young lady,” he said, taking some steps towards her as he bowed a little bit and smiled at her.

    But before Tugarin could anything further he was interrupted by te priest “Do not distract from what you've done, demon!?”

    “Why are you mad, priest? I have just let the blood of the second soak up to not let it dirty the relics of the tablet respectively desecrate the altar. What is wrong with that?” answered Tugarin as he continued “I get that you dislike me. No, rather is it that you have something against my ideals, perhaps a religious bias? That is fine, everyone is free to believe what they want but now can I tell you something?” he said in a serious but calm voice. “You Christians have caused more than enough havoc and disrespect in your delusion. You have destroyed countless old places of faith, showed no respect to the established traditions and enslaved yourselves as well as others in your madness of forcing your belief on others. I saw it countless times you people slaughtered hundreds of innocent kids and women like you were possessed by Velles. But right now it's not as important as what ill omen this Ragna could bring,” Tugarin elaborated as he took his gaze on to the door of the chapel.

    “In this point I have to agree with you. Now Layla, I have to tell you the details of what waits for you,” said the priest as he calmed down.

    “You have heard what awaits you in the Grail War? You have to fight against seven Masters and their Servants alongside Rider and under them will be the leader of these bandits, Ragna Hrolfkyr," he explained to Layla.

    “And what will you do as well? You haven't told me where I must travel?" she shouted a bit pushily.

    “Sorry, I forgot. The stage will be the most northern Island of Japan, Hokkaido. And going by what I heard from my informers the Mage Association of the Clock Tower has also sent a combatant there, so you at least have one other neutral participant as the Asssociation and the Holy Church have a non-aggression pact and I pulled some strings so that you'll be sent under my responsibility as agent of the Church. You must know that after the second Fuyuki Grail War became a disaster they have brought in the Church and for the third Grail War decades ago I was under the potential suitor of the supervisor position. So because of this I have such an inside knowledge and the Church has me appointed to supervise this occurrence. But after having identified that in this land his henchmen are active I have to care for that matter like to call for reinforcements to clear that manner. So I've sent you instead there in my name as, let's say, an assistant. Don't worry, I will inform my colleagues in Prague to arrange the flight to Hokkaido as well as the help of the Enforcer that is still available for you,” Rostilav explained in a calm friendly voice.

    “I understand. So I should stop him there alongside Tugarin! But do we know the identities of the other Masters?” replied the young women worriedly.

    “What is it now actually Layla?” asked the priest as he felt the uncertainty in her voice.

    “It's only that I want to resolve this with as little losses as possible and it would be good if I could at least with the other five Masters find a peaceful solution,“ the girl answered with all her honesty. This caused Tugarin who silently observed the conversation to smile.

    “That is okay. Hmm, from what I heard besides the most likely acting Master Ragna Hrolfkyr, only the Enforcer of the Mage Associations Clock Tower is known for sure. She's a young woman from Goergia named Al-Manāt Kubedra. After the mouth-to-mouth intel from my Executer colleagues she's just few years older but very combat experienced. As well she's known for her conscientiousness for her duties but also for her feelings for justice and she is identified as a Kabbalah user,” the priest explained to the young woman as he continued. “About the other participants, only Ragna is known at the moment. I believe it's even possible that there aren't even seven Masters in total, but don't take that for sure," he stated while holding his chin.

    And continued. ”Now to Ragna Hrolfkyr. He was before his heresy a well known member of the Clock Tower. He was initially a member of the botany faculty where he started at the Clock Tower but after a while he had jumped through the factions until he found his position in the place at the archeology faculty and was acquainted there with the notorious Mages like Aozaki Touko and Souren Araya. He also was well known as one of the leading Necromancers of the Clock Tower and was even at one point recommend as Lord of the Botany respectively Lore due to his capabilities,” the priest enumerated as Layla interrupted him in shock.

    ”He was a such a big number their!?! How should I have a chance!?!?" shouted the girl in trembling fear.

    Tugarin who until now had been silently observing the conversation and collecting the avalaible information of their enemy stood up from his chair and walked towards Layla as he said in a calming way to her ”Don't worry Master. I'm with you. I observed your inner values and I have decided that you are a worthy Master for me because you have a pure heart and I think we both have a chance to win.”

    As he that said reacted Layla blushingly ”Yo..u do you mean that honestly?”

    “Yes, I'm honest. As I have seen the abilities of the henchmen of this Ragna and as I immediately recognized their spells and melee arts I am sure as leaders of such groups usually possess the same skills as their men only at a higher magnitude and by judging his Magecraft based on the creatures he utilizes I am sure that he is practioner of Druidism and Witchcraft,” he analytically explained with a gentle smile towards Layla as he turned his gaze towards the priest in a more stern expression. ”Tell me priest, am I judging right?”

    The priest was visibly impressed. “You're right Rider. He is the heir of an east European Mage Clan whose Family Craft is the Drudism as well as secondary Witchcraft. But why are you so well versed in Thaumaturgy? You seem to know more than you ever showed in your legends. I haven't expected that,” commented the priest in visible confusion.

    Thereupon smiled Tugarin confidently and wiggled his index finger as he closed his eyes. ”Hm~ you must know that you can't always defeat beasts with just brute force or pure technique. In my tribe we have learned sorcery similar to the mastery of sword and spear as additional tools in the fulfilling of our obligation,” the knight explained with a noticeable nostalgic feeling in his voice.

    This brought a smile to Layla's lips.

    The priest then said to Tugarin “You seem much calmer and sane than you were depicted in your contention with Alyosha.”

    Just as Rostislav wanted to continue he was interrupted by the furious reaction of Tugarin. “That was a special cases. That blot of a knight had much potential but was a symbol of disrespect towards the old codices. As well he had multiple times tried to force himself upon the woman of Vladimir's court ...Apraksevna included,” he exclaimed ragefully as he struck the air beside him until he breathed deeply and clenched his fist before continuing. ”Tell me priest, what is the right reaction if not to be outright enraged if a woman you value highly tell you under tears that she barely escaped an attempted violation!?!” shouted Tugarin in rage. ”Answer me!”

    “I guess you're right Tugarin. I'm really sorry,” said the priest as he bowed himself before Tugarin.

    calmed the infuriated warrior. ”HHuuuuhhh ahhh,“ He took a deep breath before speaking. “Good, I accept the apology. But the next time know to evaluate a situation not only from one absolute view as sometimes the best or most important things are,” he glanced at Layla, ”in your periphery.”

    “Good, I will beheart the advise but what are you doing now?” The priest was agreeing with Tugarin's statement as he asked, wondering what the Servant did as Tugarin went to a corner of the chapel….
    He then placed his hand on the wall where he placed the Karuna Rune “Vita” at the corner. Then he walked toward the other corners and placed the same rune in each one. As he then walked towards the three Tugarin stated “Now it's a real Bounded Field that protects this place far more effectively. As for this podium's relics, please wait a minute outside, I'll come afterwards.“

    Layla and Jeruslav agreed and went ouside as Tugarin walked towards the altar with the relics. He lay his hand on the fragment of the table of Vladimir the Great as he closed his eyes and prayed (?), which made Rostislav become suspicious of Tugarin's demeanor. ”What are you doing there just as I started to trust you?”

    This comment made Tugarin take on rage as after he finished his chant he walked towards the priest and drew his sword in anger as he explained. ”That was an oath under comrades! But although you are not a enemy you are also not one of my comrades so if you ever should say what I swore to my former comrades you will feel my fury, no, the wrath of all Bogatyr!” He then sheathed his sword again and walked outside to Layla which made the priest break into a sweat.

    After the priest calmed himself he went outside where Tugarin started to chant. ”Breath the air of the sages breathing, isolate all defiling influences outside, let the pulse stay clear. By the name of the great deities Marena and Svetovid shall this stone-hill and that wood be guarded from malevolence and thievery and have mercy upon the lost travelers.”

    “Put' Vankelya!” As he chanted completely he slammed both palms down as then two mirrored “Vita” runes glowed on the ground directly before the chapel door. The building then started to glow as at the corners the runes manifested in a purple violet coloring, wrapping the chapel completely. The light then surged outwards in a brilliant flash around the area into the woods, which briefly blinded the three humans.

    After the deed Tugarin stood up and said to the two clansmen. ”Now your sanctuary is really protected against bandits and unwanted guests."

    “I can feel it clearly, you have erected a strong Bounded Field not only around the chapel but also deep into the forest. But what is its special property?” enumerated Jeruslav in an analyzing tone.

    The Servant answered. “Correct. I have created a magical sphere that uses the building as an anchor point. It will rob humans that enter the area of their sense of direction and insure that they are led astray from their intended route so that they aren't able to find the anchor point without the approval of the user respectively the authorised people as which you three are registered.”

    Layla gazed worriedly at Tugarin before voicing her question. ”One question Rider. What is with innocent travelers or mushrooms and so on?”

    Rider then turned around to her and stated. ”Don't worry Master. This field is able to automatically detect if the invader has in his mind the search after this anchor point. In that case they will be led astray so that they wander neverending amongst other possibilities. But those that don't have that intention but are instead searching for mushrooms are guided towards that without their knowing. The same is true for herbalists.“ He explaining the details as he started to fondly smile. ”In my village back then, many children once learned this spell just to find easier herbs and mushroms without the rather unpopular searching subjects of your tribes training.” And then his voice resumed its usual calm and stern sound. “As well this insures that children or lost travelers are directed to the point where they entered the area so you don't have to worry about innocent outsiders being harmed by it Master.”

    Layla then reacted a bit displeased. “You always call me Master. I know that you're my Servant and all but I want not to have an aloof relationship with you Rider as you are not a familiar for me. Instead you should be my trusted partner,” she said as she held her hand towards him and continued. ”Again, let me tell you my name. I'm Layla Hafizah, pleased to meet you!”

    Tugarin joined the handshake and replied. ”I'm pleased to again introduce myself. My name is Tugarin Zmeyvich. Let's have a good time Ma. Layla.” This caused Layla to heartily smile.

    Then the four went back to Jeruslav and Rostislav's house. At breakfast they discussed the supplementary information about the fight, the summoning of Tugarin and the creation of the Bounded Field “Put' Vankelya” that took place last night.

    “Wouh.” Layla had to yawn. “That was a quite restless night. I mean, I'm used to make it crack fun but that was a bit too exciting without a warning for my taste,” she said as she ate her breakfast.

    “I know what you mean. It was rather exhausting as like I had difficulties with one and you two.. ah sorry I mean three took many more enemies,” Jeruslav said as he had to correct himself.

    Rostislav took his nephew in his arms and praised him. ”Don't be to hard on yourself. That was quite good, don't drag yourself down. They were really quite strong Spellcasters so it was impressive you managed to fight as well as you did.”

    Layla asked Tugarin concernedly. “Don't you want to eat something Tugarin? You need to get something between your teeth you know!?”

    “That is not necessary Ma- Layla." Tugarin coughed before hastily correcting himself. "I get enough energy through your sufficient Mana supply so that's a no.” As he answered her Layla started to glare at him angrily. He then changed his mind. “Well, I think one or two bites couldn't hurt“, he muttered as he started eating the breakfast.

    Then Rostislav went to the church to contact his colleagues and to pull some strings for Layla like he said in the chapel.

    Layla said then “Well, I think I'll take a nap. What are you doing Jee-kun?”

    “Well, I wanted to research a bit about the Magecraft they used. But I guess a nap to help my concentration could be nice,” he answered in a simply tired voice.

    “I wish you two a good rest. You two had given your best and now please replenish some energy. I will guard that house so sleep well Layla and Jeruslav,”Tugarin said in a calming voice as he shifted into his spiritual form.

    As Layla went to sleep she saw in her dreams a primal-looking wood. Her view then spread out panoramically, sweeping across an open plain where a war was raging between two differently clad warrior parties. One looked like European cavalry and the second like Mongolian or other asiatic clothed hordes. Suddenly a knight-like figure garbed in familiar red armor stepped onto the battlefield.

    ”Here you are finally Sir Tugarin!” yelled two warriors.

    ”Thank you great Svetovid!” added a second man.

    “Forgive my late arrival, my comrades. From your relieved reaction at the sight of me, I assume that our men are facing great losses?” he said in a calm and collected way.

    “Right, Master Tugarin. The eastern horsemen are nimble and our cavalry is already too occupied to deal with the second group that approaches.”

    The scarlet-clad knight then declared calmly “Blow the horns, the code for retreat. I will deal with them myself.”

    [For enhanced reader experience please hear >this< at the same time]

    “Hah! Blow the horns! Retreat on the command of General Zmeyvich!” In a chain ignition countless horns resounded across the field, spurring all units to retreat. Tugarin raised his crossbow at the rows of intruders and exclaimed ”Struny zmey.” Upon those words the crossbow's strings produced tension and glowed in a dark crimson. Bessmertnoye dykhaniye!!” Tugarin cried out, releasing the arrow. As the arrow hurtled across the battlefield it was accompanied by a roaring shockwave which then took on the shape of a blazing meteor that crashed upon the opponents' lines and ripped a crater in the area.

    Then Tugarin jumped and ran with his horse down the hill as he fired some smaller scaled salvos at the foes. He then put his bow back on his horse and drew his spear. With that he charged the opponents' lines directly, attacking with his spears slashes and thrusts. As well his horse added some hoof kicks in unison with his knight. One general of the heavily decimated enemy lines shouted “Retreat!" and continued ”I had no idea that the Kievans had a Draconoid as General.”

    Then Layla saw how Tugarin returned to Kiev with his unit of the other Bogatyr (amongst others: Ilya, Dobrynya and Alyosha). Dobrynya raised his voice. ”You have chased these Tartaric riders away successfully. I don't think that they will come back any time soon.”

    Upon this comment Alyosha said “Well, that's Master Tugarin for you!”

    After hearing the praiseful words of his comrades Tugarin said ”Thanks. But how were your parts? Had you any success with them?”

    Alyosha answered “Yeah, successfully. Though it was great pain in the ass,” in a quite impolite way.

    “We had also a sufficient success in our fight. Albeit we had more losses in our units than you Tugarin,” stated Ilya Murometz.

    As they reached the borders of Kiev the Bogatyrs split off from their soldiers, who rode back to their barracks while the Bogatyr went straight to the palace of the king.

    On the way there the
    Bogatyrs then received the blessings of the populace. “There are our noble warriors!” exclaimed a small boy in awe.

    ”May be blessed our great Master Dobrynya!” shouted a young man.

    A young woman cried out jubilantly “May Mokosh bless you Sir Tugarin, just like we do!” As he saw Tugarin gently smile and wave to the group of young women, Alyosha's face twisted into a scowl.

    After they reached the palace of King Vladimir Layla saw a beautiful blonde woman who smiled at Tugarin and waved at the knights. She then woke up with a start, noticing she'd slept for three hours.

    What was that? I unmistakably saw Tugarin there,' Layla thought to herself.

    A knock at the door and a sudden voice startled her from her thoughts. “Forgive me, may I be allowed to enter?”

    “Yes, come in,“ Layla answered with a nodding gesture.

    Then Tugarin entered the room with a cup of steaming tea.

    “Tu..Tugarin?” Layla muttered tiredly.

    As Tugarin placed the cup on the small table before the couch where Layla sat he said “Here is a tea I have brewed with a herb mix I put together. It's a mixture that acts against fatigue and migraine. As well it serves as revitalizer, especially after a hard battle like you had gone through. But please pay attention, it's quite hot.”

    Layla took the cup. After puffing on it several times she brought the clear brown liquid to her mouth and took some gulps.

    Instantly a wave of refreshment washed over Layla. Her limbs felt looser and more relaxed. Even her mind felt clearer, as if she were seeing things with renewed clarity.

    After clearing her thoughts Layla said "Please sit down, I want to ask you something."

    Tugarin sat down. ”I'm listening.“

    “I think I saw a part of your past in my dreams? In it you drove some enemy troops away, and your Bogatyr comrades were there as well as some blonde girl? I don't know why!?”

    As Layla explained what she saw a part of her wondered why Tugarin raised his voice. ”Sorry Ma- Layla... am I to assume correctly that you want to know why?”

    “Thanks, that's what I wanted to ask,” Layla admitted relievedly, feeling mildly flustered by the Servant before her.

    “I assume that that priest has skipped some information right?” Upon that line she was baffled.

    “Why do you know that? Have you seen in my past too?” Layla said as she crouched herself on the couch, covering her breasts and crotch with her arms with a slightly blushed face. She knew it was childish to react this way but she suddenly felt unbelievably scrutinized under the knight's keen gaze. As if he were seeing her naked, no, more like his stare was piercing straight through her clothes and peering directly into her innermost soul.

    “Ehhm, you don't need to be uncomfortable," Tugarin explained reassuringly. "I haven't viewed your past as I was the whole time actively observing that house. As well it made the impression that he was the most knowledgeable person in the room, that's all. But what I actually wanted to say is that we Servants have a connection to our Master. A bond that connects not only our Mana but also functions as a psychical link through which a Servant can sense his Master if they should be split, or respectively let us see into one another's past."

    "And don't worry. Through the Grail we have also gained basic knowledge of the modern world like the fact that we can talk in your language,” explained the knight with a happy expression.

    That made Layla blush and she asked him ”Was the blonde girl this Apraksevna?"

    Tugarin then answered shortly. ”Yes, that was her.”

    “And?” Layla replied as she asked him further ”Is there something more because you said she was highly valued for you?

    “I rescued her one time before her admission to the royal marriage that's all....” as Tugarin said this his voice displayed a hint of regretful sadness(?) before he interrupted herself.

    “I can sense that one person is before the house's door. From the signature it should be the priest. Master, I would recommend that you prepare yourself.” With those words he stood up and shifted into his spiritual form.

    Layla then went out of the study room where she had retired for her nap, joining with Rostislav and Jeruslav as the former instructed her. “I have now consulted the council and used my influence there to pull some strings for you Layla, so that you are sent in my place to Hokkaido. Here is a passport card that you must show my colleagues in Prague as they have informed me that the next flight to Hokkaido-Japan goes in five days. Until then please use this path to Prague and report to me if you encounter Hrolfkyr's henchmen as they will presumably be hunting for you….” He looked to the side, suddenly noticing the absence of Rider. ”That said, where is…?”

    No sooner than the question left his lips then Tugarin appeared beside him.

    ”I'm present. And priest, I swear on my horse and honor that I will not let them harm my Master (not like that time ago)!” he said with an iron determination.

    “Okay, I accept that. You seem to be a dutiful Servant going by your deeds and you radiate an aura of proficiency and experience….” As Rostislav said this comment about Tugarin he drew his Black Keys and rushed at Layla with murderous intent. Just moments after his action Tugarin drew his sword and parried the priest's Black Keys. Both exchanged some blows and slashes before Rostislav took some steps backward. He then retracted the blades of his Black Keys and put them away. Just before Tugarin could ask he exclaimed in a sincere voice “You have passed my test Rider. I will trust you as I have felt not an ounce of malice in you. That means that I will leave Layla in your protection Rider.”
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