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Thread: Gabriel Blessing Critique?

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    Gabriel Blessing Critique?

    Hey newbaguette here and I just want to know if anyone has a list of the criticism against GB for In flight and HoS? A cursory google search doesn't turn up much and I don't wanna read through pages of reviews on the fanfiction website. If not I'd like to hear about some common things that are flaws in his stories. Please don't just say "he sucks" or "he writes Shirou wrong"; I'd like concrete and specific examples. For example, something like "GB's Shirou in HoS and In flight jokes about killing too much, something that original Shirou doesn't do."

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    There's an entire thread for In Flight in the Fanfic section. Basically everything that could be said is said there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattias View Post
    There's an entire thread for In Flight in the Fanfic section. Basically everything that could be said is said there.
    Lmfao this reply doesn't even contribute to the topic... The least you could do is link the thread. Because I get zilch or 20 pages of results by searching for "In Flight" as a keyword and fiddling with search settings.

    And please don't give me the 521 pages thread that helps me jack lol.

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