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Thread: Fate/Closure [IC Thread]

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    Hiyako Tsurara
    Shinto- Streets
    Unknown Phase

    “… Seriously…”

    Where can she even start to point out the wrongness of the situation? Time travel, a godlike entity intent of ending the world as she knows it… there’s just too much that stands out as unbelievable or impossible.

    “I have no way to ascertain the truth of your words. To be honest, I’m more inclined to think you are lying or that you have lost it. You have admitted your mental health is not good.” Tsurara paused for a moment. “No, at the very least I’m convinced that you believe what you are saying to be true.”

    “However, at this point it doesn’t matter if this… whole story is reality or not. You dragged me through time, and you are the only way I have to return to my rightful place… if I even have somewhere to return to.” Would she even have a place to come back to? If the future she came from ceases to exist, she surmised it would be perhaps another Tsurara who’d get to enjoy the non-fucked-up timeline. Lucky bitch.

    … Tsurara was discovering that she fucking hated time travel. Not only one had to consider the way their actions would ripple and affect the future, but literally all the movies she had seen had made any interaction in the past or future extremely awkward. Well, that aside…

    “And in the case this turns out to be true, I have a duty to fulfill, as a ‘human’…” Having said her piece, she sheathed her sword, then the sheath disappeared within her dress. “So, you can count with me. For now.”

    There was a short moment of silence, only interrupted by the impact of the rain against the ground, while Tsurara mulled over something. She was still working with incomplete information, one that made it hard to figure out a plan of action.

    2004… she had read her clan’s information about Fuyuki’s supernatural background. Having no actual official channels to places like the Clock Tower, mostly just connections with magi organizations within Japan, had made the information rather flawed, and she had only read a bit about the strange ‘Holy Grail’ ritual that had taken place in this land. Not that she was able to remember the dates of when all this had happened.

    Had there been an incident about disappearances or suspicious deaths in 2004? She was straining her memory rather hard but couldn’t quite recall. There definitely had been something in the report, something she had dismissed due to being too far in the past to be relevant…

    Ah hell. Whatever.

    “There are three questions that stand out, amidst the hundreds I have in this moment.” Tsurara spoke in a less strained tone, letting practicality and pragmatism take the wheel for the moment.

    “First. Why me? I’m sure there are much stronger existences in the world, even in Japan, whose help you could’ve gotten. I’m sure many of these entities wouldn’t have been happy to have a zombie apocalypse occur in their doorstep. I am nowhere near being the best bodyguard you could have obtained.”

    “Second. What is the identity of our enemies? If I am to fight against them, then I’d need all the information you can provide to me about their abilities and skills, as well.” This question was perhaps the most relevant one to the situation at hand, but, the most important question was…

    “Third. Whatever happened to your mind, is it related to this time travel? If it is a consequence of it, is it possible that it’ll happen to me as well? Because if you know anything about what I am, you should know already that I’m also not the most stable of persons.”

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    Besides, I don't see what's so terrible about looting anyway. It's only property, they're not actually harming anyone.
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    when I say hero I don't mean hero in the spirit sense. I mean a morally grounded, good natured person who doesn't slaughter innocent people. No such person exists in the Nasuverse.
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    Yamashita Hiro
    Shinto - ​Fuyuki's Central Park
    Night Phase

    Taking the battle to the air had been the Fire Demon's mistake.

    The forest was the opponent's ally. She moved from tree to tree like a practiced predator, and her ethereal army filled the gaps between leaves more and more with each second, a living fog cloud that shut out Assassin from the battle. For a weak Servant, he would have his hands full just defending himself and evading their necrotic touch. Meanwhile, without support, death would swiftly come for the overreaching magus. So Hiro had leapt towards the moon, summoning flames as a shield to defy that verdict of death that King Cat had issued.

    It was the same as saying "a King's rule will never reach the heavens!"

    The response came an instant later.

    With a crack, something shattered. The King leapt up in an instant and smashed through the flames - and the intercepting arm Hiro had put up at the last second - with beast-like strength. Her eyes, wrapped in shadow, had sharpened, as had the claws on her fingers. Her killing intent, too, was sharp enough to slice through any strategy Hiro might have had. Outlined against the pale moon, one might have seen two inhuman monsters struggling against each other.

    "If a King can't reach," the cat seemed to say. "Then I'll bite you to death as an animal."

    Oh right, the Fire Demon remembered. The way they do it, only the beastliest one gets to be called 'King'.

    Yes, before they were God and King... they had merely been two beasts.

    The moment passed, and before Hiro - still more human than monster - could recover and leverage the raw strength of the spirit inside, the cat's claws closed around the shattered bones of his hand, whiting out everything with pain hotter than the Demon's flames. The Shadow twisted as they fell, calling upon its instincts to orient them in the best possible way. It twisted its legs and smashed them into Hiro's stomach, claws on its feet tearing into flesh.


    In response, something flashed in Hiro's eyes, and flesh became flame.

    You're trying too hard, kitty!

    The demon wasn't afraid of death. How could it be? To die was the domain of mortals. To judge death was hers.

    With a desperate laugh, Hiro's hand twisted. Broken bones burned, and from Hiro's palm a blast of fire erupted at point-blank range, that enveloped both in an instant. As stubborn and aloof as Hiro's foe was, she could only be mortal. All beasts feared flame, feared the divine light of cleansing that banished the shadows in which they lived. To fear that fire was to be alive, and so no living thing could face it head on.

    A screech echoed through the clearing alongside the crackle of fire. Fur and shadows alike crackled and crumbled. The pain of a broken arm was repaid ten times over with the pain of burning alive, instincts screaming that that if she did not let go right this second, it would only get worse. For a cat will always retreat to lick its wounds.

    But... she did not let go. As the flames crawled up her arms, the Servant bristled and dug her claws in further, holding on tightly as they plumetted down from the sky like a flaming meteor.

    It had been the Fire Demon's mistake; after all her taunting, both now and before, she had stoked the King's rage too far, to the point where it burned even hotter than the flames of judgement. Self-preservation instincts were tossed aside completely. Only killing intent remained.

    The Servant's yowl was one of anger... and of triumph.

    Their landing didn't quite shatter the earth; they were both too light for that.


    Yamashita Hiro suffers 10 HP Damage.
    Critical Hit! Broken bones! Arm! Leg! Shoulder!

    What did shatter were several ribs. The right collar bone. Both bones in the left leg, and several vertebrae of the lower spine, cracked as the King's clawed legs slammed through flesh.

    The entire impact had been taken by Hiro's body, atop which the victor of their skirmish was perched, singed and hissing but otherwise whole.

    It was over. A regular human would have died instantly. Even a magus would have trouble surviving a fall from that height. It was only Hiro's demi-servant nature that kept him alive, but it would not last. Moving, dodging, both were now impossible. All that remained was the finishing blow.

    The cat stared down at its prey, its expression unreadable, as if waiting for its opponent's next plot, as if it couldn't believe that this was it, as if it wanted this violent dance in the shadows to keep going for just a bit longer. But apart from a hacking cough and a twitch, there was nothing. Even the flame demon, always first to boast, had fallen silent, admitting defeat. Only Hiro remained, eyes barely open, body screaming out in pain, energy all but gone. The young magus lacked even the magical energy to conjure another flame.

    The cat raised its hand, claws gleaming in the moonlight, and brought it down in an instant.




    "...Servant Assassin."

    Yamashita Hiro suffers 10 HP Damage.

    The voice was shaky and weak. It's difficult to talk with a hole in one of your lungs after all. But that claw had at least been diverted away at the last second from its goal - Hiro's heart. And it would not be given another chance to try again.

    Strength. All that remained of the Fire Demon's advantages was strength. That strength had been concentrated into Hiro's remaining, unbroken hand. That strength allowed Hiro's human fingers to close tightly around the Cat's wrist and keep its hand where it was. But it wasn't that otherworldly strength that allowed Hiro to force open her eyes and speak once more; it was the resolve of a magus who had long ago decided to walk with death.

    Underestimating Yamashita Hiro had been the Shadow Servant's mistake.

    "By this price... paid in blood... open your eyes... and remember..."

    There was a reason. A reason for Yamashita Hiro to not retreat into the back of his mind, to not allow the fire demon to take over the battle completely. And that reason was grasping victory.

    The dark clearing coated with Yamashita Hiro's blood lit up with magical energy. The dark red splatters extending from the fallen magus' body became bright blue glowing lines forming clear symbols and curves.

    Every step they had taken in the battle, every attack Hiro had endured, had had a purpose. All of that running around, all of those wounds and near-deaths, all of that blood had not been shed without reason. That same reason was why, at multiple points during the desperate battle, the supposedly battle-hungry jungle spirit taken the time to fling aside its own blood from its claws. It had all been for the purpose of establishing a connection, a circle, a ceremony to continue what Yamashita Hiro had started the previous night by linking herself to the land.

    For the power of the Remnant was not in battle, but in Ritual.

    Rituals. Formalcraft. Blood rituals in particular were among the oldest forms of magic, being used by humans and gods alike. The point where the rituals of humans and the rituals of gods aligned, then and now, for both Hiro and the Servant spirit within... was 'Sacrifice'. In the past a still-beating heart would have been the minimum offering, but Hiro's own aims were much more humble than ensuring prosperity for an entire continent for a year. Thus, a mere tribute of his own blood and flesh would suffice to call upon the power of the gods.

    Three circles overlapped. The smallest for the land itself, a circle of Belonging, a tiny area within the park that had been claimed from the mist. Then, surrounding it, a circle for the Yamashita Hiro, the circle of Self where one's authority could challenge the outside. Finally, the outer perimeter, the blood circle of the Gods that had been paid for dearly.

    Here, in the center of all three, the Shadow Servant had finally been lured, only after its bloodlust had risen so high as to overwhelm its better instincts, where the presence of the haunting mist had been cleared away forcibly, where the land itself bent its will to that of Yamashita Hiro... where that ritual would finally be completed.

    "A cat... accepts... no master!"
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    Shinto - Arcadia Refuge
    Night Phase

    "Very well, I shall share everything I know relevant to the situation at hand, starting with who I am."

    With everything set, the Mayor begins his story.

    "I belong to a family of ancient, demonic roots, the Asama, which nowadays is incapable of producing heirs with significant supernatural powers, and instead relies in politics to amass power and influence. To give you an idea, I'd normally be able to successfully read the thoughts of a person once in ten tries, and even that would prove to be rather straining. A mostly useless power within the occult side of the world. However, sometimes, knowing the thoughts of a single person can reveal information that is vital for a politician like me within the mundane side of the world so, in a sense, my family considers me a prodigy."

    After saying this, the man draws a charismatic smile which would often make his audience laugh or at least return the gesture in sympathy. Unsuccessful here, however, he quickly shift gears, and his voice once more becomes that of a lion, his expression also changing to match.

    "A few months back, I received a call from a man who calling himself a prophet. His name: Isaak Knish. Usually I do not believe in things like that even though I am aware that Magi can perform divination... But this man proved to me time and time again that he knew what awaited in the future. That man spoke to me about the end of times, and gave me clear instructions on how to prevent it. He needed me to become the Mayor to exert more political power, so I received advice from him in that department as well. The important part is... The Apocalypse is right around the corner. I do not expect you to believe me now... But I am sure you will... Soon enough."

    Mayor Asama closes his eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath, slightly concerned with how much animosity his image would gather, under normal circumstances, if the populace ever found about this. To his followers and the survivors of this city, he is a courageous leader who has risen to combat the strange occurrences that Fuyuki's been experiencing, a hero forged in the darkest night. However, in truth, Asama is someone who has been carrying the burden of knowing that the world would soon reach its expiration date. More importantly, this is perhaps the first time he opens his mouth and openly talks about it, when he clearly should have had an opportunity to reveal the truth sooner.

    Regardless, your attention is drawn towards one particular declaration, one that completely escaped your line of thinking and one that a politician would never give to its flock. 'This exceeds Fuyuki' is what the purple-haired man is trying to say and you are not sure if to believe him. For now, you'll keep quiet and listen to what he has to say. It looks like Caren, too, is making an effort in staying silent. Most likely, she has a lot of things she wants to ask the Mayor as well.

    "The Fuyuki that you both well-acquainted with... Is the epicenter of this future tragedy, which will take humanity by a storm and end the world as we know it. Yes, it does not mean extinction, but a radical change. A change that, sadly, cannot be called evolution. No, if anything, it should be the exact opposite. We'll be stripped of that which makes us unique, the drive that allows our race to infinitely improve as time goes by. As foretold, that is what will happen if we do not oppose it, if we do not work to change it. But, to do so, extreme care must be taken when making a decision. Magus, Hybrid, ESPer, we are all human in origin. And that origin makes us so incredibly frail. One mistake could very well mean the end for us, even before the pieces have begun to move."

    Mayor Asama then uses a remote controller to turn on a projector pointed upwards, turning the tent's roof into a blueprint in the blink of an eye. Anyone would be clueless at to what they are looking at for a few moments at the very least, but you can instantly tell that it's a city layout, Fuyuki's map, to be specific. Several notes have been added at the sides and circles and arrows also point at several points of interest. Unfortunately, the image isn't clear enough for you to read them at this distance. You would have to ask for permission to do so at a later time. For now, there isn't even time to take it by force, as the host carries on with his explanation.

    "The strange mist that envelops the city has its origin point somewhere around this area, in the Shopping District. We believe it is the main cause of the supernatural phenomena, including the drastic weather changes you mention, that the town's been experiencing. It's hard to explain, but it appears to be capable of turning emotion and thought into a physical manifestation that should otherwise be impossible. It wouldn't be surprising if the monsters roaming the streets are born from our own imagination. It is, however, extremely unstable and dangerous to approach it. I've already lost a fair share of men trying to investigate it."

    Again, because you are the Second Owner, and you actually take your job seriously, you can see beyond what would any other would consider 'a vague area within the Shopping District'. The Mayor is pointing straight at the Verde Shopping Store, which has recently been bought by a third party, an aristocratic family that hails from Europe. A family of Magi, no less. Labelle, is it? If what the Mayor says is true, then they too will have to provide an explanation on their involvement.

    "As for the civilians... Isaak has already warned me that none of us will be able to protect the majority of the populace. Tonight will be particularly rough, but he has yet to contact me today. However, if the future can be changed, as he claims, then I will do what is best for them and protect them. For that purpose, I've been entrusted with extraordinary power."

    Before Mayor Asama can elaborate, two soldiers rush into the tent, bringing with them a palpable sense of urgency. Gone is the expression of professionalism that you saw on them earlier, before being allowed into the tent. All that appears to remain is a look of dread and despair, as if they had seen something capable of defying their wildest expectations of the future.

    And who can blame them...? After all...

    "T-the sky... The s-sky...!"
    One of them cries, as they stumble upon your meeting. "It's... It's falling down...-!"

    What they are facing is something outside of common sense, something that perhaps not even science or magecraft can properly explain. For this kind of phenomena, mages usually use the term 'Magic'. Whatever it is, it's a signal. A trumpet that announces the end. The conclusion of something and the beginning of something else.

    Evolve or die.

    Or so the saying goes.

    As you follow everyone outside, your brain finally manages to understand...

    That this might actually be humanity's ordeal, a sort of calamity mentioned only in legends and literature.

    And the price for failing such quest does not need to be said.

    It's more than clear

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    [18:31] RacingeR: Which means Airen and me are the only ones that maxed it (I promised Spin to him, and Spin is my daughter)
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    Hiyako Tsurara
    Shinto- Streets
    Unknown Phase

    "Very well, I shall answer these three inquiries you present. However, in return, I must ask you to follow me. We don't have much time and, in this kind of matter, every second counts. I am afraid I haven't brought any raincoat or umbrellas, so brace yourself for the storm."

    It is raining heavily in Fuyuki. Any common citizen would have been adamant to put themselves at the mercy of such relentless downpour while poorly equipped, as such decision might lead them to catching a cold, but a demon hybrid has no need for such fear. In the case of the mysterious man, well, let's just say that he has ventured through several hostile environments throughout his lifetime, and so his body has become accustomed to a variety of hazards. In that sense, a mere storm pales in comparison to some of the things he has seen.

    Thus, the two of you willingly leave the safety of the bus shelter.

    "There are several reasons why I've chosen you, but the one that stands out the most would have to be... That I already knew I would choose you over all others. I have seen and interacted with my future self in the past... If that makes any sense. Such thing can be done without creating a time paradox, in case you are curious, however, a known side-effect is that the younger self might inherit some knowledge and experience from the older self."

    Stopping under the protection of a balcony, the man makes a small pause, taking a moment to consider whether his remark has been rude or not. After all, if your worth is what you are inquiring about, giving you such an answer is no different than telling you that you are here simply because it has been foretold, and nothing else.

    "The truth is, more than keeping enemies at bay, I need you to stop what is about to happen. I don't know the specifics of your power, but if you can stall that ritual for even a split of a second, then that should be enough to guarantee our success. So your task will be two-fold: To act as my bodyguard until this endeavor is over, and to prevent a tragedy from happening, event which will ascertain the end of the world."

    The man then shares a honest apologize saying 'I'm sorry...', already regretting having to put you through this much. Before long, however, the two of you resume your journey towards Homurahara Gakuen, where the climax of this adventure will take place.

    "Listen, the one who we'll have to face tonight, most likely, her name is... Kuromusi Haruka. She's the one who kick-started the ritual in the first place, and she, now older, is also here to ensure that such thing does not change. After all, the life of her children depends on it. She acts as both a summoner of eldritch beasts and as a caster of extensive fire power. However, even after all these years, she still remains naive and inexperienced. She was not born a warrior, so use that to your advantage, but do not kill her. I'll need her aid, so I need her alive."

    The more the man shares about the mission, the higher the bar seems to become. What little you know about your enemies is not enough to guarantee a solid advantage within the chaos of combat, even more so if the possibility of killing the opponent is off the table, and the sheer number of things you have to be mindful of at once makes it a difficult task to accomplish. That said, however, it's nothing Hiyako Tsurara cannot do. If anything, it's something only someone like her can do.

    "It's also possible that Isaak will be there. He has peeked into the future numerous times and he is formidable despite his age. For our sake, do not even bother trying to take him down. If he becomes an obstacle, do what you have to do to get him out of the way, but do not engage directly. He's out of our league at the moment."

    Looking slightly concerned even with his back turned towards you, the man makes an effort to put emphasis in this last part.

    "We're here."
    He says, as the two of you stop a step away from the gate. "Pretty much everyone has gone home, so there should be little to no witnesses to worry about. The Occult club is on the second floor and we have at least twenty minutes before Earth fate becomes unavoidable."

    A brief silence, and then...

    "What happened to me is a consequence of time travel, indeed, but not in the way you think. Traveling through time and space means putting yourself in danger... Sooner or later, you'll get hurt. One of those travels cost me an eye, and another took away a good part of my sanity and mental-health. That's just how things are. You shouldn't concern yourself with that right now..."

    Reading between the lines, you figure that what your partner is trying to tell you is that time travel should not greatly affect your mind, body or soul if done correctly, that it was the events that he had to live through what made him the deteriorated man he is today.

    "Instead, let's focus on a way to get past them first."

    There, standing at about a hundred meters away from the two of you, in the middle of the schoolyard, is a woman holding an open umbrella. But she is not the one being shielded from the rain, instead that protection is devoted almost exclusively to the young man sitting in a wheelchair next to her.


    That person is an unwanted guest.

    You can tell so from the expression on your teammates face. That man is neither Isaak nor someone who he expected to find.

    Just a ghost.

    A ghost from the past, here to make things right.
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    [18:30] RacingeR: Max S.Link with hero is when you promise your daughter to him
    [18:31] RacingeR: Which means Airen and me are the only ones that maxed it (I promised Spin to him, and Spin is my daughter)
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    Alicia Rosenkopf (& Servant Assassin)
    Miyama- Sleeping Bishop
    Night Phase

    The two sides are pressed for time.

    Believing that neither of them can afford to prolong this encounter for too long, both decide to focus on putting an end to this fight once and for all. Boasting unbelievable teamwork, Assassin and you attack together with a formation that ensures both offense and defense. On the receiving end is no other than the mercenary nicknamed 'Gin' who, controlling your friend Masaki Tomomi like a puppet master would, prepares to intercept the two of you in the most decisive way possible. However, he must also be careful with her champion's energy expenditure. Tomomi is a flexible and powerful ESPer, but she is of no use once she is completely exhausted. Capturing the owner and her maid has required a tremendous effort on her part, and fighting a Master-Servant pair right after is no joking matter.

    The rules of the game are clear. The first to eliminate the VIP member of each team would win. That is to say, either Gin or Alicia need to go down for the opposite side to claim victory.

    "Your tricks won't work on me a second time-!" The boy exclaims, using his own pain to power his words. "This time you are going down!"

    One moment you are dashing at full speed towards the enemy, the next you are rolling violently on the ground. Who would have thought that you would trip at such a crucial time like this...? No, it has not been a coincidence... Gin has done something to make you fall! He had Tomomi create a small obstacle on your path-! And it was placed right in front of your feet, so your partner could not do anything to prevent it-!

    Assassin, who has been restraining her full might just so you could keep up with her, now finds a reason to regret it, as a hammer made of crystal takes advantage of that sudden change in pace to sneak past her defense and slam itself into her side, throwing her out of the way. For a Servant, being hit by such a mundane display of supernatural power will be hardly an issue. Indeed, in less than two seconds, the Servant will be up again, reengaging the enemy as if nothing happened.


    By then, Tomomi will have another attack ready to shove her away from the ring a second, a third and a forth time. Indeed, as long as Assassin does not do anything meaningful to get the little girl out of the way, this scenario will continue to repeat itself. The problem is, as an existence that stands leagues above humans, it's hard to find a balance between 'meaningful' and 'deadly'. Conversely, with her Master at risk once more, her hand is being forced...


    Alicia Rosenkopf takes 2 hp damage!
    Critical Hit! Dazzled!

    Before you can properly get up on your feet, a merciless punch knocks you down once more, your mind confused and unable to process what happened until you feel Gin's weight on top of your body. A flash of silver dances through the dark night as the boy unsheathes a knife and uses it against you. Somehow, you manage to come back to your senses just in time to catch his hands in your own, momentarily stopping the blade from reaching your forehead.

    You resist the tragic fate that awaits you, but all you do proves to be for naught. You are about the same age, but being a boy who has trained for things like these his entire life, Gin has a notorious upper hand. In a contest of power, you won't last a minute. It's is only through your sheer will power and the brief lessons in CQC that Assassin gave you that you are able to identify and avoid any potential mistake that would lead to a quick death. That's all you can manage.

    Moreover, Gin is aware of how to use his body weight in the most efficient way, making it so you can't properly breathe under the pressure. You can't use magecraft under these circumstances, and if you even think of letting one of your hands go so you can pick up the shards you dropped when you were hit, he'll end it all with a swift and graceful movement. He's an expert but also he is as brutal as just another animal. So strong...

    Over and over, whatever you tries proves to work against your favor.

    No matter how much one tries to sugarcoat it, you are ultimately a fourteen year old girl who got herself involved in a war that's more than she can chew. Against that shadow, against Tomomi and against Gin, over and over reality proves that you are not the one on top, that everyone has long since surpassed the level at which you currently stand.

    You've seen carnage, you've seen death.

    But so have they.

    The only question that remains is whether Assassin will make it in time to save you.

    You are tired, you cannot breathe and your muscles are begging you to just surrender.

    The world already has a plan, and you are not in it. Time to get erased from the map.




    "Fuck off."

    As if to ridicule that design, a young boy, standing on the roof of the Sleeping Bishop Inn, his body hurt and battered, pulls the trigger of the revolver he is holding, killing the silence and sending a clear message, which brings the conflict to a temporary halt. The projectile, however, has missed its target by a fairly big margin, digging itself into the earth. That is okay, however, as five more bullets are still sitting in the chamber, ready to be fired.

    "Get away from her and undo Tomomi's brainwashing, or I'll put a bullet between your eyes. I won't repeat myself."

    The scene itself defies reason. Masaki Taichi, standing at the edge of his consciousness, makes a ridiculous demand that Gin has no reason to comply to. He responds by immediately forcing Tomomi to point a crystal shard at herself, leaving it clear that one wrong move will lead to her immediate death. In truth, Gin did not want to resort to this, for Tomomi is her greatest weapon in this ordeal, but this time he didn't have an alternative. The bullet might have missed, but it has bought Assassin more than enough time to recover. With those pesky shadows, the Servant could easily hit two birds with one stone, ending his life and saving her Master.

    Recalling Isaak's advice, that Tomomi and Alicia's friendship would be their undoing, he puts all chips on this final move. Unlike the threat that came during the first exchange, which was nothing but a bluff, this time he would end the girl's life for sure.

    "I see..."
    Gin says, taking this opportunity to catch his breath. "You retrieved his weapon, huh...? But that's too bad... I already know that your 'Einherjar' only works on melee weapons. It cannot be used on a revolver... And... It looks like you are at the end of the rope; you can barely keep yourself standing, yeah? Tell you what, kill that little girl over there and I'll let your sister live."

    To that, Masaki Taichi only responds with a glare. It hurts to even lift a finger, and the roof is not the most friendly terrain for someone who is injured, so it takes all of his energy to remain focused on his only target, Gin. Since the very beginning, Taichi has been someone who puts his sister and himself above all others, a caring and determined older brother who doesn't mind dirtying his hands if it means the well being of his loved ones. In that sense, the villain's proposal is not that bad, were it not for the fact that it is a complete lie. Unfortunately for Gin, Taichi never paid attention to it.

    His mind, wavering, only ever paid attention to the first part of the sentence.

    "Want to bet...?"

    A bead of sweat rolls down the mercenary forehead as he hears those words.

    Because of his nature, it is true that Masaki Taichi has never used Einherjar on anything but the kind of weapon he favors, which are melee ones. But... Isn't it also true that it is a big leap of logic to assume that 'choosing not to' means 'being unable to'? The answer to that question could very well put an end to the events of this night.



    A second detonation.

    In a blink of an eye the weapon that forced things into a stalemate now forces every participant to resume the battle.

    Air returns to your lungs as Gin throws himself backwards, away from danger. The next sound your ears capture is that of three thrown blades being easily shoved aside by Assassin. Too slow, now there is nothing binding Assassin, for she has finally realized it as well. Both her and Alicia saw it for the briefest moments when they jumped high in the air before, the same thing Masaki Taichi could see from the roof, despite the mist that enveloped the area.

    From the very beginning, the configuration of the crystal shards firmly fixed on the ground has been more than meets the eye...

    '17 Shaku'

    That's the message that's been written in Kanji using the crystal shards. Yes, this is proof that Gin control over Tomomi was strong, but not absolute. And now, that control is no more. For the moment he doubted his own knowledge, he moved to avoid a bullet that would never reach him...

    "What...?! Damn it!"

    And inadvertently freed Tomomi from the chains that bound her, as the maximum range where his ability can display its power is roughly seventeen feet which is the same as five point three meters. It remains a mystery to you exactly how Tomomi was able to figure this out, such a breakthrough can only be the work of a natural genius-!



    This time it's Gin the one who hits the ground, easily beaten by Assassin after a single hit. He remains barely conscious, but not dead. With Taichi and Tomomi fainting from exhaustion, the former falling from the roof as a result...

    Gin's fate rests solely on your hands.
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    "Guh...!" Gin grunted, slumping to the floor as a bloody slash erupted along his back and chest. Assassin slid to a stop a few feet behind him, retracting her claws with a stylish flourish. Once Tomomi as a hostage was no longer hanging over her head, cutting down the mercenary in a single slash had been a trivial effort for her.

    Still, since she had a principle against killing kids Assassin made sure it was a fairly shallow wound, enough to incapacitate but not kill. He'd stay alive, for now. Only if Alicia ordered her to deliver the killing blow would the thread of Gin's life be mercilessly severed.

    Speaking of said child... "Tomomi!" Alicia's frantic voice pierced the triumphant mood that had settled. Heedless of having just taken a brutal punch to the gut Alicia scrambled over to her friend who'd just fallen faint at the same time as the mercenary's control was dispelled. Upon reaching Tomomi's side, Alicia knelt down to inspect her.

    Thankfully, the girl seemed mostly unharmed. If she'd suffered any injuries from this bout, they were emotional rather than physical. "I'm so glad," Alicia murmured, brushing tears of relief from her eyes. She took off the weird fox-mask Tomomi was wearing, revealing her face again. Her eyes were closed from exhaustion, and small but even breaths escaped her lips. Alicia didn't know how long her friend would be out, but at least she was okay.

    "Oi, Master," Assassin blurted out, jarring Alicia from her concern. "Whaddya' say we do with this little creep?" As if to demonstrate she held up the limp body of Gin dangling loosely by the back of his collar. He was still squirming angrily, but far too weak to break out of the Servant's grip.

    Alicia turned around and looked over the boy thoughtfully. "He's just a kid like me," she said frowning. "How did he ever become so cold and cruel?"

    "Like I said, what's your next move Master?" Assassin questioned. "This brat did try to kill us, but I'd be left with a bad taste in my mouth just capping him off while he's defenseless."

    "You're right." Alicia nodded. "Besides, we can get information from him if he's still alive. He called himself a mercenary, but who sent him to kill us and how did he know we'd be here? Plus, he mentioned somebody mysterious relayed him information. There's a lot we could learn by interrogating him," she said matter-of-factly. Despite her tender years Alicia's tone was surprisingly cold and pragmatic. It sent shivers down Assassin's spine...

    "Got it," Assassin agreed. "But still, we should tie him up or something so the bastard doesn't wriggle away." On that note she tossed Gin to the ground and commanded shadows to swirl around him, forming into inky black ropes that pinned the boy's arms to his sides. It was a crude tie, but simple enough to keep someone restrained. Especially with the threat of Assassin herself waiting to rip him apart if he tried to escape.

    "So then kiddo," Assassin growled in her best menacing voice, dragging Gin to his feet by the collar and shoving her head in his face. "Why don't you tell us everything you know?!"

    Standing a few feet back, Alicia couldn't help but giggle slightly. Her Servant really did try too hard when wanting to sound intimidating...

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