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    Secret Santa Contest (2019) Entries

    Christmas has terminated. Fanfics shall begin.

    Voting will begin in about a week, on New Year's. Each fic will have the prompt at the end, in a spoiler tag. Both the prompts and fics will remain anonymous, for now.

    The Wall of Shame, for the first time ever, is empty!

    Table of Contents:

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    Linger: Complete. August, 1995. I met him. A branch off Part 3. Mikiya keeps his promise to meet Azaka, and meets again with that mysterious girl he once found in the rain.
    Shinkai: Set in the Edo period. DHO-centric. As mysterious figures gather in the city, a young woman unearths the dark secrets of the Asakami family.
    The Dollkeeper: A Fate side-story. The memoirs of the last tuner of the Einzberns. A record of the end of a family.
    Overcount 2030: Extra x Notes. A girl with no memories is found by a nameless soldier, and wakes up to a world of war.

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