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Thread: Create-A-Servant 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by GOJIRA98 View Post
    It’s okay just say use traits from the (infinitely more tolerable) Fate/Extra Shinji.
    Okay, that’s a decent idea. Forgot about that version.
    Never going to get Eula because Keqing cockblocked me. Thanks, Biden!

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    Servant Database (v2.0)

    Singularity / Lostbelt Database

    For those of you who'd like to see how far I'm getting on constructing new Servant sheets
    Upcoming Servant Sheets

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    Forgive me White, but I literally copy/pasted this from one of your posts. The format, that is. All your secrets are revealed to me!

    “Ah! Here we are. A tad jumpy, aren’t we? Forgive me for surprising you. I know it can be very strange for someone to simply appear when you're trying to enjoy your meal. Yes, I am a Servant and no, you didn’t summon me. Please, don’t mind me. I’m simply here to observe what you have done, or rather, what you will do. Or perhaps you’ve already done it. That is, perhaps you have already done it presently. Would be rather odd if you had, considering you’re set to either do it or die in *checks pocket watch* three months. No, I'm not early. You're late.”

    The Time Traveler

    Other Classes: Rider, Caster
    Place of Origin: ———

    Height: 198 cm | 6'6''
    Weight: 81 kg | 178.5 lbs

    Natural Enemy: ———
    Attribute: Human, Immortal
    Traits: Humanoid, Male, Timewalker




    MANA: C

    LUCK: E


    Class Skills

    Territory Infringement: EX

    The ability to bypass any territory or barrier no matter its origin.

    There is simply nothing that can contain or reject Watcher in any capacity. He will go where he goes simply because he has been, will be, and already is there.

    Independent Manifestation: EX
    Similar to a certain Caster, Watcher is unsummonable as he is someone who, even if he dies, he will continue on. If a Watcher is killed, a Watcher will take his place. Or maybe a Watcher was already there? Or was the Watcher before visiting? Did he ever leave? Was he ever there? Was he ever then?

    No matter the time, place, situation, or even nonexistent plane, Watcher will show up where he needs or wants to.

    Bond 1

    "Ah, yes. The Servant Universe. An appropriate, if not slightly condescending, description of my home. Or, at least, my original home. It has been some time since I returned there. Very few things that require my attention originate from that timeline. Mostly due to the fact that they all tend to resolve themselves quite handily. Why, I remember when N.M.President declared war on the Demonic State of Japan simply because he believed its king was setting a bad example for the children of the world before rescinding it when a certain lonely samurai leaked images of her being doted on by her brother. A strange resolution, wouldn't you agree?"

    Bond 2

    Source: Historical Fact
    Region: Servant Universe
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Gender: Male

    “Immortality is not all it is cracked up to be. Especially when it comes to mine. Imagine yourself trapped in a empty void where you can see time itself passing by just out of sight, as contradictory as that may seem. Then imagine that you can't feel your body, you can't breathe or eat or feel hunger, stuck in an eternal limbo while locked in place without anything whatsoever telling you whether or not you're dead or alive. Now, imagine that feeling for several hundred millennia. It's enough to drive a person mad, and it did, for a time. Eventually, though, madness loses its luster like immortality. The only thing left to do at that point is become sane. So I did. Very sane."

    Bond 3

    "Yes, I'm certain you will find this interesting. In your world, or rather, worlds like your own, I am known by the name Herbert George Wells. Ah, there's the recognition I was expecting. Quite the obvious twist, isn't it? A man whose most famous work is of a time traveler himself is a timewalker in another world. Not that it should be expected. Quite the contrary, you can find many differing versions of myself, from director to even a heavy-weight boxer, though not a very good one in all honesty.

    The Wells of your world was a rather prolific science fiction author, often considered one of the greatest that ever existed. Quite the declaration, I’m aware, but one he was worthy of, given how foundational he was to the genre as a whole. Unfortunately, as with many artists as they age, their more prominent and acute views and beliefs bleed further into their works than their unbridled imagination. For some, this can actually be a boon to their success, but, sadly, such was not the case with our dear Wells.

    His views and the causes he had begun pushing were ones that, while bearing much potential in the often-dystopic settings he wrote, actually began alienating his own readers. The man had a gift, but he also had a stubborn streak longer than most inter-dimensional highways, and that, sadly, was his literary downfall.

    Did you know he wanted ‘I told you so. You damned fools’ to be engraved on his tombstone? Shame he was cremated."

    Bond 4

    Immortal: A
    A body trapped in eternal limbo. Ageless, unchanging, and requiring no actual upkeep to maintain physical excellence. While still vulnerable to physical injury, nothing else can kill him, nor is it possible for him to starve, drown, or suffocate. Since he never died, meaning he is never summonable by the Grail system, he is incapable of entering Spirit Form.

    All Kinds of Specializations: A+

    He has studied and done practically everything there is to study or do. He has learned, forgotten, relearned, forgotten, and then remembered more than anyone else has absolutely any right to. Everything he has practiced can be done at A rank or higher from years to decades of experience. He has also gained intimate knowledge of all magic and every means of countering it. He can completely nullify any spell before they can even cast and often does. Should he happen to not know how to counter a certain spell, he will/does.

    Protection of the Ends of Time: EX

    A being that has seen both the end and beginning of time, Watcher’s existence is not connected to an anchor of the planet but a metaphorical chain wrapped around time.

    All Parameters except Mana and Luck permanently rank up by two.

    Bond 5

    "Doctor Wells, this is madness!"

    "Come now, Edison. The only one at risk here is myself. Should I succeed, you gain a revolutionary device that completely shatters our preconceived notions of reality."

    "One that is lost if you die! You never wrote down the schematics! If this fails, I lose both you and the device!"

    "That would be highly unfortunate. I do hope you don't endanger me by shutting down this section’s power."

    "Unlock the door, Wells! We both know it's not finished!"

    "Perhaps, but it doesn't need to be. All I require is the map of one week."

    "You can't bring her back, Wells! The past is set in stone!"

    "We don't know that! Not yet. Our world is one of near infinite possibilities, so why shouldn't something as outlandish as time alteration be possible."

    "Dammit, Wells! It's meant to view the timeline, not change it!”

    "It was meant to view it. Now, we shall see if my calculations are correct. I'm sorry, old friend, but I will need complete concentration from now until I'm finished. I will see you on the other side."


    Edison smashed his fist into the console, a sizable dent remaining as he pulled it away. He watched the monitor with a frustrated growl as Wells worked at his own console, the already whirring machine beginning to glow an effervescent light as it came to life.

    “You fool…”

    Sound roared from the speakers as Wells moved from the console toward the machine. He watched the machine begin spiraling madly as the light flashed out only to recoil back into the center of the gimbal, an orb coalescing inside the rings.

    The orb of light began taking on more definite shades. Wells rushed back to his console, fiddling with the device for several seconds as the light formed into a solid portal. Edison couldn’t see into it, but whatever was there had Wells slowly walking towards it as though in a trance.

    Before he reached it, the light exploded, and the monitor went black is the facility rumbled furious, forcing Edison to grip the console to stay on his feet. Once the rumbling ceased, Edison released his grip before rushing from the observation room. He was at the entrance of the chamber within seconds, but the door remained locked down as before. Wells must have disengaged the safety protocols!


    He rested his fist against the door.


    “Idiot? Yes, I suppose that was rather foolish of me.”

    Edison whirled around to find Wells standing behind him, his hands tucked into his coat pockets.

    “Honestly, having looked into the different possibilities of that moment, I’m surprised I’m here at all.”

    “Wells!? What… How did you get out? What happened?”

    “A number of things, but I, ironically, don’t have the time to explain them now. This was simply me checking in with you. I’ll see you soon. That is, relatively speaking. I’ll explain everything then. So long.”

    With that, Wells vanished, leaving a very confused Edison wondering what just happened as the door behind unlocked with a beep.

    Bond 6
    “People say Time is a river, a tree, or even a rug, but people think too highly of time. Time is a jailer, and we are all its captives. It tells you when to eat, sleep, exercise, and even when to use the toilet, but does so in a way that you don’t even realize. There are those, though, that are given more leniency than others, able to bend the rules or act without Time's oversight for brief instances. Then, there are those like myself who have escaped from time’s prison. Unfortunately, such an act is one qualifying for the role of the new warden. Fortunately for you, I’m a warden with a somewhat laxer approach than the previous bearer of the title. Hm? Oh, a story for another time.”

    Time Travel is for Fools and Immortals
    The Time Machine

    Rank: EX
    Max number of people:

    His greatest creation, and one that no longer exists. The machine itself was destroyed in the initial experiment, but it still performed its duty well. The machine hurled Watcher into the Imaginary Numbers Space, locking his own biological functions in a permanent limbo, causing his immortality.

    The machine itself was, as Watcher put it, an ‘Imaginary Computer’ that was designed to perfectly understand the INS to such a degree as to make it not only traversable, but mappable. However, how do you map infinity?

    “Well, the answer is quite simple, really. You must create something that can map what has already been created, then simply keep it running and cataloging from that point on. Infinity is only so vast from each moment. The concept of infinity is the fact that it continues growing, thus making it infinite. All you must do is catch up to it.”

    Of course, the machine was destroyed before it could ever reach that point, but Watcher unintentionally was fused with the machine in the accident. The millennia and millennia he spent trapped in the INS was his new mind mapping ‘infinity’, which is what allowed him to eventually escape.

    It’s now more accurate to say that Watcher himself is the ‘Imaginary Computer’ that has mapped, is currently mapping, and will be mapping ‘infinity’ for… well, infinity. This complete understanding of time and space allows him to do things that are truly insane even by Servant standards.

    The man can accelerate his, anyone’s, and even the universe’s time, also able to do the reverse to the point of freezing it, he can teleport himself, others, and entire buildings across the universe in a single move or even into other dimensions or timelines, he can appear anywhere in the relative past, present, or future, bringing along others as well, and, despite the level of near-endless processing power he now possess, he still has issue keeping facts from each timeline straight because he’s constantly processing every single other part of existence at the same time. Basically, he’s got universal hax, and, if you get him angry, there is nowhere in time or space you can hide from him.

    We’re lucky he’s on the side of existence.

    Bond 7

    ”People go on about the rules of time travel so many times, I find it hard to keep track of all the misconceptions they bear of it. Yes, it is a paradox to kill your younger self or those of your family with a direct connection to you, but not always, as whether you’re in your own past or an alternate one is hard to tell at a glance. It’s also the reason I cannot fathom why some believe the ridiculous notion that simply touching your past self will cause some sort of time paradox when your mere presence should be a paradox in itself.

    Then there’s how time actually works. I already told you that Time is your jailer, but what I didn’t tell you is that it is also a corrupt one. When something doesn’t go the way it wants, it loves to ignore what happened and move on without a second thought. If anyone has issue with that, it simply changes things to fit its narrative. I believe Gilgamesh explained such to you when you dealt with that singularity.

    However, were you to truly divert your own genuine timeline, than your existence would be erased while the change you made would remain. So, if you are feeling particularly suicidal, I would strongly advice making your true past self late for a meeting or the like. Anything that would directly impact you from reaching the point that you traveled back in time will wipe you out faster than you can think without any violent measures.”

    Bond 8

    “I take enjoyment in far more things than I can even bother remembering. I could tell you some of them, but I fear you won't know most of them.”

    “It's hard to choose what I dislike when everything tends to waver between like or dislike. Spending enough time with something tends to make it lose its luster only to regain it after a century or so.”

    Wish for the Holy Grail:
    “Oh, I have nothing I want. I don't have any reason participate, at least at this moment. Perhaps I had one before, or maybe will have one. It's hard to tell.”

    Watcher is... often a hard man to keep up with. He is intelligent and amicable, but he also tends to leave everyone confused by the many different tracks he sets his mind on. He can be thinking on upwards of 100 different subjects while also paying attention to the current situation he finds himself in. In a way, he is both hyper aware of everything occurring around him while seeming entirely disconnected to the current situation and its stakes if there are any.

    He often has trouble differentiating where or when he is at any time while also somehow being extremely accurate in when and where he appears in the entirety of… everything. He gets confused at times of what events have already occurred or will be occurring due to the constant influx of information is mind is processing, leading to him getting off track and usually requiring him to reset his thinking.

    Despite this, he always tries to be polite as well and is genuinely unbothered by almost anything that ever happens because he’s literally seen it all at some point. That is, except what’s currently happening in the Chaldea. Sure, he’s seen many possible futures involving Chaldea, including the worst-case scenario, but the current timeline he’s appearing in has to be the one with the highest flux in the timestream he has ever seen. Frankly, he’s impressed.

    He has a fondness for those that constantly seek to defy fate, believing that their efforts and determination are all they need to fight against the flow of the world and do the impossible. He wouldn’t say he’s jealous of them, but that he can’t help but miss that feeling. Walking throughout time makes it hard to keep that kind of optimism when you can see how it all ends.

    And yet, he continues fighting. Even as one of the few who knows how thankless and ultimately futile every single effort anyone makes is, he constantly travels to solve the problems of everywhen and help insure bright futures for everyone. The reason why is hard to pin down, especially when he says his ‘job’ doesn’t even pay in ‘job satisfaction’. Whatever the reason, he is someone you can always count on, and will go to the ends of time to help set things right.


    Laplace's Demon: Is it frustrating or exciting to have someone you can't entirely predict arriving? Well, it isn't as though I'm the only person in infinity that can do so. I'm curious, as it is a feeling I personally find fascinating.

    Mysterious Heroine X (Assassin): You caused quite the paradox, young lady. Of course, not you, per say, but that future Z version of yourself. Fortunately, she didn't understand she entered the wrong timeline. Your machine does have some familiar designs, though.

    Space Ishtar (Avenger): Your father was… is a good man. I remember when I was a Master. Strange how quickly something like that can change.

    Gespensterjäger (Saber): Ah, yes. The dulled blade of the Vermillion Flowers. I wonder. Were you the one that found what he was looking for, or who lost himself in the sea of stars?

    Artoria: It’s positively astounding how many versions of yourself are gathered in one place. Reminds me of my last meeting with my alternate selves.

    EMIYA (Archer): Well, of course killing yourself wasn’t going to create the paradox you wanted. Wrong timeline, wrong you. Same with the ‘Archer’ you encountered.

    Hyas (Berserker): Hm. Even if I were to go back and change your fate, I'm afraid you specifically would remain the same. I'm sorry for that.

    Wells/Titor: The soldier and the hero. Now, all we need is the scientist. ...That is the reference, correct? I've never seen it... or perhaps I did. Either way, it's foggy.

    Craft Essence

    "It has been some time, Isabel. Or maybe it has been no time at all. It's hard to tell, especially now.

    I suppose it has been no time for you. I always return to this point right after I left before. Don't want to interrupt the other versions of myself, after all. They deserve time to speak with you just as much as I do.

    I'm getting off topic. Even infinity isn't enough time to break old habits, it would seem. Not that you ever minded. I may have seemed completely lost in my own world most of the time, but even I wasn't foolish enough not to notice how truly fortunate I was to have someone who enjoyed my ramblings as you did.

    I wonder why it is I came here. I am certain I had a reason, but, for the life of me, I feel it's been jumbled together with all the other reasons I've come here. Or will come here. I suppose it doesn't really matter, but I feel as though it should. Frankly, it's rather frustrating.

    You always had a way of reminding me what it was I had forgotten. I'd even go as far to say you knew me better than I know myself. Which isn't hard, considering I hardly know myself anymore. That is to say, the version of myself currently…

    ...I miss you. I wish... gods, how I wish... that I could just turn back time and tell you not to go. But you wouldn't want me to. I've seen it. That alone would have been enough to stop me. And I so desperately wish that could be me, but it would destroy everything I've done up till now.

    Have I ever told you how many timelines I've protected? How many worlds have brighter days ahead of them because of what I've done? And all it cost was..."

    *open pocket watch*

    "...Of course, time waits for no man. Not even a timewalker. I'll be back in a moment, I'm sure. I wonder if I'll remember... Well... you never minded my ramblings, did you?

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    H.G. Wells: *insert Doctor Who reference here*. There was another Wells sheet in one of the previous contests, and the time machine does sound like the most obvious NP to give him (either that or the War of the Worlds). That said, I like how you managed to weave the whole time machine idea to his character, and linking him to the Servant Universe is a good way to justify his powers (I can't imagine our OG wells could have that skillset unless he fused with a phantom, arrived from a Lostbelt, used a Grail, or other wacky shenanigans). That Professor Paradox fc also sells me further on his aloof-yet-wise professor image, and that bond ce adds another nice flavor to the sheet, as they tend to do, at least according to me.

    On another note, yes, Laplace would have a field day with this guy.
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    Servant Universe Time Travelling TRON-Style Professor Paradox-expy H.G. Wells? Good god, man, no one sheet can contain this much raw power.

    I love it and I love everything about it. The Servant Universe is an oft-untapped resource to flex the more technologically-leaning ideas we might have and you've made perfect use of it to justify the sheer endearing wackiness of this sheet to a far higher degree than I need to find it fantastic. The best part is definitely reading his (astoundingly well-written) dialogue in Paradox's voice.

    I can definitely churn out a CE for you if you have a particular picture already in mind you'd like on it. Or even what you WANT it to look like and I'll find one myself.

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    Damn, great work Morg. So much cool stuff packed into one sheet. Character and writing are on point. A great addition to Watcher Class and the Servant Universe.
    And I appreciate that you used Hyas and made his life...a bit more hopeless.
    I would use 'eternity' more instead of 'infinity', it is not a nitpick, but I always try to not repeat the same words too much. I use Infinity for Space and Eternity for Time.

    and I meant to ask u, Rick, how do you do the CE? is there a CE generator or something? 'Insert Picture' and it does it for you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by realcasually View Post
    Servant Universe Time Travelling TRON-Style Professor Paradox-expy H.G. Wells? Good god, man, no one sheet can contain this much raw power.

    I love it and I love everything about it. The Servant Universe is an oft-untapped resource to flex the more technologically-leaning ideas we might have and you've made perfect use of it to justify the sheer endearing wackiness of this sheet to a far higher degree than I need to find it fantastic. The best part is definitely reading his (astoundingly well-written) dialogue in Paradox's voice.

    I can definitely churn out a CE for you if you have a particular picture already in mind you'd like on it. Or even what you WANT it to look like and I'll find one myself.
    It's the only way to read it. Though, doing so does allow you to see, or, technically, hear the differences between them. Took some time, too. Been a while since I've had to get in a character's head like that.

    I want the say "The Timewalker", but other than that, it's up to your discretion. I personally have always seen it as a gravestone in daytime.

    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey View Post
    Damn, great work Morg. So much cool stuff packed into one sheet. Character and writing are on point. A great addition to Watcher Class and the Servant Universe.
    And I appreciate that you used Hyas and made his life...a bit more hopeless.
    I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey View Post
    I would use 'eternity' more instead of 'infinity', it is not a nitpick, but I always try to not repeat the same words too much. I use Infinity for Space and Eternity for Time.
    I know it can be hard to tell, but the repetition in this case is intentional. It's more like he knows that word would make sense to everyone, and constantly switching and specifying between the two would only serve to confuse others, so he's only using the one that can encompass both. Again, it would be pretty difficult to glean that, considering how often that sort of thing is found anyway.

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    I stumbled upon this here, The Red Queen Effect. It is based on the Alice in Wonderland Queen and I think it is an interesting concept to perhaps explore for those more interested in the Lewis Carroll World.
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    “You are the Master who has summoned me? For good reason, I hope. I don’t care what authority your Command Seals grant you over me, I won’t be distracted from what’s truly important. My research, of course! Ugh, fine, if it will remove your distractions faster, point me to the goal. I’ll see the problem swiftly solved so you’ll stop bothering me when I’ve work to do.”

    True Name: Isaac Newton
    Alternate Classes: Berserker
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Origin: Historical Fact
    Attribute: Star
    Traits: Brynhildr’s Beloved, Male, Humanoid, Servant
    Catalyst: A copy of “Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica”


    STR: D

    END: D

    AGI: C

    MGI: A

    LCK: B

    NP: A

    When describing the personality of Isaac Newton, it would not be unfounded for the first word to enter one’s mind to be ‘unpleasant’. Among many, many other equally negative adjectives. And indeed, it is likely they would be accurate. Newton is antagonistic, offputting, irritable, obsessive and difficult. Though he obeys his Master mostly out of obligation and isn’t the type to betray them for his own ends, if he has another goal in mind it’s highly likely he’ll ignore direct orders unless they further his own studies into whatever it is that has captured his attention-- as well as things like ‘food’ or ‘sleep’ (even if they’re unnecessary to a Servant-- all the better!) or ‘imminent enemy attack’. The picture of the absent-minded genius with a side order of great exhaustion to be interrupted from his experiments by dullards who could not hope to understand the scope of his ingenuity.

    All of these would render Newton a highly useless Servant if it wasn’t for his own sheer brilliance. There is no denying that Newton is one of, if not the, smartest individuals known to human history. His greatest asset is not his magical offensive power, but his mind. He doesn’t require the use of magecraft to make completely accurate snap deductions based on all available information, and though possessing no training in it, has near-unrivalled tactical and strategic ability through sheer intelligence and ability to calculate the odds of outcomes and dynamics of a battlefield.

    Indeed, perhaps the only weakness in his great mind is his complete lack of ability to anticipate anything from the human element other than ‘what is expected’ due to his extreme antisocial tendencies that make him near impossible to work with in the first place...

    But inside the infuriating shell made only worse by his paranoid, nearly alien mindset exacerbated by his Class Skills, there is a glimmer of a man who does love humanity as a concept, wishing to pave the future for the human order. His own nature means he despises the individual and can never reach an accord with the “ignorant and dull common folk” around him... for the most part. Those who share even an ounce of his passion for discovery may be able to find some common ground in the thrill of illuminating the dark mysteries of the world, just as a certain someone did many years ago.

    Just don’t expect him to be grateful for the company. After all, he was a little too eager to burn those portraits...

    Isaac Newton was born in 1643 to a farming family, a fate he swiftly left behind in favour of academic pursuits. Attending first the King’s School in Grantham, he would enroll later in the University of Cambridge’s Trinity College in 1661.

    He studied a classical curriculum, but soon became fascinated by the works of philosophers, and when plague shuttered the campus he would return home to the farm-- but only to formulate his theories on calculus, light, color, and soon-- after a certain incident when observing a falling apple and beginning to turn his insightful mind to the everpresent question of why-- gravity.

    Returning in 1667 to Cambridge, he would soon begin to build his reputation as a genius. He constructed the first reflecting telescope in 1668, and the following year take over as the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics. In 1671 he would demonstrate to the Royal Society his telescope and be elected to publish his notes on optics but a year later. It was Newton who determined that white light was a composite of all the colors on the spectrum, and that light was composed of particles instead of waves.

    It was around this time in 1675 that he would begin his public rivalry with one Robert Hooke... as history would record the incident, anyway. In truth, Roberta was one of the few individuals Newton could tolerate-- though that’s not to say the rivalry wasn’t entirely real. Nobody could truly be friends with Newton without some chafing of the egos. But Newton would propose a certain plan to see one of his few compatriots (and perhaps, so it seems, the only woman he could even remotely stand) see her credit due.

    Regardless, it suited Newton perfectly to visibly withdraw from society over the ‘feud’, as it would give him more time to focus on his work. It was in hermitude that he would chart the paths of celestial bodies, and in 1687 publish “Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica”, which would establish Newton’s laws of motion and the law of universal gravity, one of the greatest feats of the time’s modern science. He would become a superstar in his field-- ironic, given his hatred of most people. Still, he would use his influence to oppose the attempts at instituting King James II’s Catholic teachings in universities, be elected to represent Cambridge in Parliament, and be named warden-- and later master-- of the Royal Mint.

    Then, in 1703, Roberta Hooke would die, and Newton would execute stage two of his plan. Portraits were burned and history was rewritten... but that’s someone else’s story.

    As for Newton, though he would have ‘inferiors’ carry on Hooke’s work, he himself would publish “Opticks”, his second major work, a year later, and the following year be knighted by Queen Anne. There would be doubts around this time that Newton was truly the father of calculus, but he defended his position vehemently against German mathematician Gottfried Leibniz and proved his work at least his own.

    It was around this time that his research would prove the existence of forces beyond those he could truly understand, and Newton began to be courted by two separate forces. The Church knew him to be a devout Protestant man, and sought to recruit him and his knowledge to fight their enemies, and the Mage’s Association had rarely seen such aptitude from one untrained in the use of magecraft, though he seemed to possess powerful magical circuits. Surprisingly, Newton would reject both offers-- he had no wish to place himself in the middle of a squabble between theology and discovery, valuing both aspects of his life equally, and simply wished to continue his own research and prove himself independently brilliant. It is rumoured, though, that he would frequently collaborate with members of both organisations in exchange for funding and the necessary assistance for new breakthroughs, and it is this exposure to the secret world of mysteries that accounted for much of his odder behaviour later in life.

    In old age, of course, Newton’s health would deteriorate, and multiple illnesses would concurrently take a toll on his body. Still, he would never until the strength faded from his body give up the pursuit of true enlightenment. Isaac Newton died in 1727 at the age of eighty-five. His funeral was attended by all of England’s most eminent figures, and his coffin carried by noblemen in a funeral fit for a king.

    His fame would grow only in death, and the impact he had on modern science would be second to none. Alexander Pope, the great English poet, wrote an epitaph that read as such: "Nature and Nature's laws lay hid in night; / God said, Let Newton be! and all was light."

    As for Newton himself, he would be asked of his own achievements later in life. "I do not know what I may appear to the world; but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself now and then in finding a smoother pebble or prettier shell than ordinary, while the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me,” he was quoted as saying.

    If only he was summoned as that wise old man instead of the youthful egomaniac you see before you...

    Class Skills:

    Territory Creation
    Rank: B+
    A Caster-class Skill. It is the Skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus, such as for the purpose of collecting mana. At Rank B, creation of a "Workshop" becomes possible. This skill receives a positive modifier due to Newton’s ability to manipulate the forces in a territory designated by his Noble Phantasm.

    Increases own Arts performance by 9%.

    Item Construction
    Rank: A+
    A Caster-class Skill. It is the Skill to manufacture magical items, from implements of war to items for daily use. Also, this Skill requires time to gather components and manufacture items. Newton studied alchemy for many years in pursuit of the Philosopher’s Stone-- though he never achieved this goal, his research affords him the knowledge to create extremely powerful magical tools and formulas. This skill receives a positive modifier due to his Alchemy skill.

    Increases own debuff success rate by 11%.

    Madness Enhancement
    Rank: EX (C)
    The Class Skill that characterizes a Berserker, raising basic parameters and strengthens one's physical abilities in exchange of hindering mental capacities and/or in exchange for their sense of reason. In some cases, it also affects and/or seals away some techniques, Personal Skills and Noble Phantasms. In Newton’s case, however, he possesses a unique variant of this. His magical abilities, rather than his physical ones, are augmented, due to his unique form of madness manifesting in the bottomless drive to consume more knowledge and understanding to the detriment of all else, especially nearing the end of his life during which many considered his deterioration to be a mark of insanity. His mind is opened to endless possibilities. At this Rank, reason and logic are sufficiently intact, although mutual comprehension is difficult (mostly due to Newton’s mostly unpleasant personality).

    Increases own Buster performance by 6%.

    Personal Skills:

    Iron-Willed Faith
    Rank: B
    Despite his dallyings with Magecraft, Newton remained a devout man and chaste until his death, never even taking a lover. It is said that once a friend told him a lewd story about a nun, he ceased all communication with that person. It is not a stretch to imagine that Newton was a man who sought to understand all that he could not as a method of discrediting his faith, but to strengthen it, to find every answer that could be found and credit anything mysterious enough to elude even him to the Lord.

    Grants self Terror Debuff immunity.
    Grants self Charm Debuff immunity.
    Increases own Buster resistance by 8%.

    Natural Born Genius
    Rank: EX
    A Skill that shows one who has unparalleled natural knowledge. Allows the use of most Skills, excluding those inherent to the body (such as Divinity) or ones unique to particular heroes, at proficiency of A~B Rank. Newton was unparalleled in his intelligence in his time-- and even through to the modern day, it is argued, nobody quite grasped at the heights Newton did. Even Albert Einstein claimed Newton was the greatest genius who ever lived.

    Grants self Guts status for 1 time, 3 turns.
    85% Chance to increase own NP damage for 1 turn.
    85% Chance to increase own defense for 3 turns.

    Pioneer of the Stars
    Rank: EX
    The unique Skill given to heroes that became turning points in human history. All difficult voyages and challenges which are considered "impossible" turn into "events that can be realized". Newton’s work in mathematics and the sciences made it possible for humanity to begin understanding the world around them on a logical basis. One of the true figureheads of the Age of Man.

    Charges own NP gauge.
    Ignores Invincibility for 3 turns.
    Gains 10 critical stars.

    Magecraft > Alchemy
    Rank: B
    All his life, Newton would harbour an interest in occult studies, in particular the fusion of science and magic known as alchemy-- a form of early magecraft. Newton held a particular fascination with the Philosopher’s Stone, and though he would pursue this goal throughout most of his career, he would never quite achieve it. Newton’s knowledge of magecraft and alchemy allow him versatility in combat alongside the sealed form of his Noble Phantasm.

    Increases own Arts performance for 1 turn.
    (After Strengthening)
    Increases party's Arts performance for 1 turn.
    Removes party's debuffs.

    Noble Phantasm:
    Grid of Vulcan
    Intelligent Dominion of the Beautiful System

    Type: Anti-Army
    Rank: A
    Range: 1~50
    Targets: 500 people
    Newton’s Noble Phantasm doesn’t require a True Name release to access the most basic level of his power, being a command over, of course, the force he is most famous for officially discovering-- gravity. It is his main method of combat by using minor shifts of gravity to hurl projectiles with incredible speed, immobilise enemies, and defend against attacks. He also can gain a minor boost to his hand-to-hand skills by affecting his own heaviness and the weight of his punches versus an opponent upon whom the effects of gravity have been reduced-- however, he is still mostly terrible at hand-to-hand anyway, even with this edge, so he prefers focusing on a form of long-range combat by affecting the gravity of objects and singular opponents in a combat scenario.

    That changes with the True Name release of Grid of Vulcan: Intelligent Dominion of the Beautiful System. To achieve this, Newton must first utilise his Alchemy skill in conjunction with his Item Construction skill to create “the Net”-- the keystone by which he can focus his power and use the Noble Phantasm.

    The Net was first conceived of by Newton upon researching ancient Roman myth-- particularly, the story of the god Vulcan catching his wife, Venus, in bed with the god of war Mars. The smith god had forged a metal net for the purpose of capturing the adulterous couple and hanging them from a high ceiling to display their shame. Newton discerned this tale not as a moral against adultery but as an alchemical recipe. Using Vulcan as a stand-in for fire, Venus for copper, and Mars for iron, Newton created the first Net. The Net is a keystone constructed of a purple alloy, formed from antimony regulus, itself derived from antimony sulfide purified at a high temperature with the introduction of iron. Combining it with copper created the alloy which Newton observed to possess a latticework pattern of crystals on its surface, thus creating a net-like pattern.

    When the Net is constructed, Newton can use it as a focal point for his Noble Phantasm. When Grid of Vulcan is activated in full, it transposes the net pattern of the alloy over a wide area of space that Newton can see and unlocks the potential for him to use the full potential of his gravity-based magic to affect this specific area. By defining the barriers of the affected area and separating it into a grid network, Newton becomes able to shift the scale of his power from ‘affecting’ gravity to ‘controlling’ it. He can designate each square of the grid to possess a different strength and/or direction of gravity if necessary, and he is capable of producing effects ranging from zero gravity to a pressure strong enough to nearly crush even Heroic Spirits. With full exertion, he could even create such a gravitational singularity that it forms a localised black hole. This is likely to drain mana extremely, though, and will be just as dangerous for Newton and his allies should they be in the area.

    The main weakness of Grid of Vulcan is the fact that Newton requires the Net keystone to be able to focus his power on that scale-- using the latticework pattern as a form of ‘lens’ to affect the larger area of the Noble Phantasm. If the Net is somehow destroyed while the Noble Phantasm is in use, its effects will immediately cease and Grid of Vulcan’s full power will be sealed until such time as Newton is capable of creating a replacement. Fortunately, this is not too difficult a task to do, but it still requires resources and time which might not be immediately available in a combat scenario.

    Additionally, Newton is not immune to his own Noble Phantasm’s effects. Though he is free to stay outside of the grid while still affecting it, he can move in-- however, he will be subject to the level of gravity he has designated for each grid square. This can obviously be circumvented by affecting each square with a level beneficial to whatever he requires as he moves through it while keeping his opponents in detrimental areas, and it is usually not in Newton’s interest to enter into the same square as an opponent anyway.

    The main strategy of Newton is to hunker down in his Workshop and assume a defensive position, attempting to chip away at enemies with traps and attrition before using Grid of Vulcan to incapacitate them as they reach the point where its effective range will completely encompass them when activated from where Newton is barricaded, and he can proceed to attack them for a coup de grace at his leisure. As such, Newton has difficulty dealing with long-range specialists capable of bypassing said range such as Archers. Though Newton does not have to be close to an area to designate it for Grid of Vulcan, the entirety of its expanse must be in sight. If he loses sight of the area, the effect will also be broken.

    (It should be noted that in conjunction with a certain other Servant’s Noble Phantasm who can expand the range of his sight and cancel out any defensive magics, the Grid can be deployed at a far greater distance at which Newton’s preparations are not detectable, removing most of the Grid’s weaknesses to devastating surprise effect. Newton will never mention this fact.)

    Stun all enemies for 1 turn.
    Reduce their attack for 3 turns. <Overcharge>
    Reduce their debuff resistance for 3 turns.
    Grants party Ignore Evasion for 3 turns.

    Roberta Hooke:
    “Hm? No, I am completely unfamiliar with this blathering woman. The only colleague I know of is my late colleague Robert Hooke, and this is clearly not him. Hm? ...Yes, I’m glad it worked too. Of course it did-- it was my plan. Only an inferior mind-- such as yours-- could conceive of a plan with a possibility of failure. And for that matter, only an inferior mind requires such trivialities as sleep in the first place when striking at the heart of the beast of ignorance with the sword of discovery! Now stop distracting me, woman! There’ll be time for friendship later! What-- No, I don’t consider you a friend! Away or make yourself useful and prepare the athanors!”

    Leonardo da Vinci:
    “‘If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants...’ To think I would be in the very presence of such a giant here and now. I am honoured. Although... I understand the reason for your appearance-- I too would pay homage to such a legendary work of art had I been its creator-- I must admit I am still... unsettled. And must you act so flippantly...?! There is science to be done, there is no time for this frivolity!

    Nikola Tesla:
    “I see... As I stood on the shoulders of giants, so too did I inspire those who came after me. It sounds as if your work with this ‘electricity’ is as brilliant as my own. Together we can lay the ground for a new era of science and scientists, where knowledge and rationality reign supreme! Yes, perhaps this is worth laughing for! Hahaha!” (They continued for several hours and had to be forcibly separated by Hooke and Blavatsky.)

    Sherlock Holmes:
    “Our vocations may be significantly different, but we share a similar goal... to clear the fog of the unknown from the path of true understanding. Your Noble Phantasm is truly a blessing to those of us seeking the truth... Imagine all you could achieve with it even in a place such as this! Hm? ‘Now is not the time for that’?! What does that mean?! It is always time to expand one’s mind! You are a genius, are you not, why do you act like such a thunderous ignoramus?!”

    Fundamental Interactions:
    “Fascinating... Truly fascinating. So this is the culmination of my work, and of those who came after me... A champion of reason against the hordes of fantasy. Fascinating, absolutely fascinating... I must know everything about how you work. Explain it all to me and leave nothing out! There will be no breaks!”

    Craft Essence:

    An apple, under the weight of its ripeness, falls from a tree and thuds softly to the ground.

    Something so mundane could not possibly draw any more than a passing glance from those around, if there should be anyone to witness it.

    And yet...

    We know why the planets orbit the stars.

    We have the capacity to bring flight to humankind, so they might soar amongst the clouds-- even touch the aether itself.

    We understand the way the very fundamentals of the universe take shape and operate around us, influence our lives and we, too, have the power to influence it back and take charge of our place in this wild and yet-untamed cosmos.

    All because one man did witness this fall and thought to ponder the most human question of all, the question that drove man to the stars and beyond, that lifted the first thinkers from the primordial mud.

    To think “Now, why is that?”

    “And no, it did not fall on my head. That’s absurd. Now stop asking me about it.”

    When equipped on Isaac Newton, increases party's Arts performance and NP generation rate by 10% while he is on the field.

    Whew, this took me longer than I thought. Thankfully, unlike 'Lu Bu', what you see is what you get with this one and the coding was kind to me.

    Honestly, the skills and NP were all pretty easy to do (I tacked Caren's Iron-Willed Faith on at the last minute because while I think it DOES fit, really I just wanted to give this virgin-till-death something that had Charm immunity. It's too funny) but the bio and description took me a while to find the flair he needed. Still, I think I did okay.

    The NP was partially inspired by GilgameshKingOfMemes's version, I thought the Net was too cool not to use, but I think I managed to make it its own thing regardless.

    I think I captured the spirit of the relationship you were trying to set up with him with Roberta okay, BnEl, I hope you think so too since this sheet is essentially my present to you! And I hope everyone else likes it too!

    And obviously, this all started from the FC, which I think is still the best part of all of it.

    EDIT: Changed the music to something I like a lot more, both in title and in vibe.
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    Newton: 0/10 no Okabe fc. Seriously though, I love how you managed to completely flesh out the dynamics between him and Hooke, which I largely left out in her sheet, down to that synchronizable NP. Their interchangeable boke-tsukkomi routines would be amusing to see in a story, as you've demonstrated here. Amazing work, man. It's always an honor to be able to inspire another great sheet.
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    Class: Rider

    Other Classes: Archer


    True Name: Konrad der Rote (Conrad the Red)

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Source: Historical fact

    Place of Origin: Kingdom of East Francia (Germany)

    STR: C

    END: C

    AGI: A

    MGI: C

    LCK: D

    NP: B

    Height: 180 centimetres

    Weight: 70 kilograms

    Likes: Reasoned arguments, giving it all in battle, showing respect to one's opponents (outside of very specific circumstances)

    Dislikes: Continuing a battle after it's won, greed, appealing to an enemy's temptations to manipulate them, exceedingly happy couples (will not admit this last one)

    Talent: Timing in battle

    Natural Enemy: Lehel

    Attribute: Human

    Armament: Mount, miscellaneous melee weapons

    Catalyst: Any heavily armoured means of locomotion that can be piloted by a human, as well as a sarcophagus

    Class Skills
    Riding B

    Rider earnt this Rank in this Skill thanks to his expertise against light cavalry and, more prominently, to his decisive role in establishing the usage of heavy cavalry on the battlefield in his time, thanks to the deeds of his troops and himself during the battle of Lechfeld.

    Magic Resistance D

    There are no particular anecdotes of Rider resisting spells, but given that he lived in a period not exceedingly far from the Age of Heroes, he receives a D Rank in this Skill. A different sort of interaction with spells is instead the domain of his version of the 'Peculiar Remains' Skill.

    Personal Skills
    Charisma C-

    Though Rider was a Duke, as well as an excellent military commander and inspiring presence in noteworthy battles, his subjects supported his liege over him during Rider's brief rebellion, and sometimes saw him as an unfamiliar figure.

    Tactics C

    Rider has commanded troops in the famous battle of Lechfeld. His strong point in leading armies is getting them to move faster and timing attacks to achieve a higher efficacy. This also translates in higher speed and better timing when deploying an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.

    Clairvoyance C

    Apparently, Rider's sense of timing in battle does not only extend to large scale clashes, and he also possesses a C Rank in this Skill as a consequence.

    Peculiar Remains C+

    The mysterious episode of the theft of Rider's corpse, as narrated by Thietmar of Merseburg, who himself admits to knowing few details, is crystallised in this Skill, which can normally have quite varied effects. Essentially, for Rider, this means that most spells based on the manipulation of death or the dead in any way can be absorbed harmlessly, and will, in fact, increase his Parameters if enough of them are absorbed. However, his mental state will deteriorate gradually more and more the more death magic he absorbs, making rational thought gradually foggier for him, up to the point that it could in theory be made to disappear completely. However, as long as he is in a holy place, he will instead only get the beneficial part of this Skill, without the detrimental effects on his mind.

    Noble Phantasm
    Der Rote Ritter: Cavalry at Lechfeld

    Type: Anti-Army

    Rank: B

    Range: 1~50

    Max Targets: 1000 people

    A Noble Phantasm representing an aspect of the victory at Lechfeld, specifically its role in the affirmation of the usage of heavy cavalry in battle. It's crystallised in a mount that passively emits extremely powerful energy shields to protect itself and whoever is riding it. It's possible to charge straight through a mountain and be none of the worse for wear. Inside the mount are stored lances, axes, swords, maces and a variety of other weapons that are also protected by its shields: they can be retrieved to serve as another method of attack for Rider beyond simplistic ramming.

    By invoking the Noble Phantasm's True Name, a myriad of copies of the mount, each representing one heavily armoured horse that was ridden at Lechfeld, manifest for an instant and simultaneously shoot out every weapon stored inside them from nearly every direction. These weapons are copies of the ones stored inside Rider's own mount: they're covered by the mounts' shields but do not have their own legend. Rider wishes he were able to manifest the people who had ridden those horses at Lechfeld, too, but that isn't possible for him under normal circumstances.

    One of Otto the Great's most famous vassals, and a progenitor of the Imperial Salian dynasty. His nickname 'the Red' was likely given to him by contemporary historians to distinguish him from the preceding Count of Worms, Conrad Kurzbold, and had its basis in his red hair.

    He was briefly the official regent of the Duchy of Franconia during a small succession crisis. He helped ensure the West Frankish king Louis IV would renounce to his claim on Lotharingia, and also uncovered a plot by Otto's brother Henry to assassinate him. As thanks for his loyalty, his liege bestowed upon him the rule of the Duchy of Lotharingia (more or less modern Lorraine). He was also made to wed his liege's daughter Liutgarde of Saxony, though it is reported that it was a fairly loveless marriage, possibly due to the age difference between the two of them, as she was much younger.

    As the local nobles were not fully willing to accept Conrad's rule of Lotharingia, he had to rely in part on his liege's authority to affirm himself there. Conrad also helped out Louis IV in battle against Hugh the Great, further consolidating Louis's renounce to Lotharingia in the process.

    As of 951, Conrad was rather respected by Otto the Great. He was one of those who was called to Italy to take care of the war that had broken out between Otto and Berengar II due to the actions of Otto's son Liutprand: he was also the one left behind the following year with part of the army, appointed with the task to completely subdue Berengar II and what was left of his army after the campaign had proved to be a great success, having even led to Otto, then king of Germany, being crowned as king of Italy as well.

    However, Conrad eventually chose instead to open peace talks with Berengar, perhaps wanting to avoid further bloodshed and expense in the Italian campaign in a situation in which most of Germany's army was already fighting bigger, more worrying wars elsewhere. In Conrad and Berengar's plans, Berengar would've become once again king of Italy, but Italy itself would've become an allied client state to Germany. Conrad asked Otto to grant Berengar and himself an audience, and also assured Berengar that they would be heard out.

    Otto did not want this. Conrad and Berengar were made to wait three days after their arrival at Magdeburg before Otto granted them an audience, all the more humiliating for Conrad given that up to then he'd been trusted enough that Otto had even named him his regent. Not only that, but their plan was altered, requiring that Berengar become his vassal, pay an exhorbitant tribute each year, and give up entirely the duchy of Friuli, which Otto reorganised into the March of Verona and then bestowed upon his brother Henry.

    Not only had Conrad disappointed his liege: he had also been unable to mantain his promises to Berengar, that he would be able to rule Italy again with his territories intact. Conrad likely felt humiliated.

    Otto's son Liudolf, worrying about a possible succession crisis, demanded he be allowed to become a co-ruler with his father and confirmed as a heir, and initially seemed to have succesfully earnt a treaty favorable to him. However, Otto soon voided it, and, seeing how his wish had been rejected, Liudolf started an open rebellion, which Conrad, perhaps also due his earlier humiliation, joined.

    Since Conrad was unpopular with the people of Lorraine due to his foreign birth, and now unable to leverage Otto's authority any longer, his subjects turned against him and drove him out, with Otto removing all his titles and bitterly lamenting his ingratitude.

    Conrad did not stay on Liudolf's side for the whole duration of the rebellion. At the time, the Magyars were seen as a significant threat to the sort of society that had been built in Central and Western Europe, almost like the Huns had been seen much before them. And, taking advantage of the civil war, they'd started attacking, devastating Bavaria and Franconia. A few say Conrad and Liudolf allied with them immediately, but it might be more likely that their first response was actually to defend their territory with their soldiers. However, Liudolf, in his desperation, eventually quit defending against them through military might and instead invited them in Worms, where he held a feast for them and presented them with gifts of gold and silver, perhaps to placate them, perhaps intending to later seek an alliance with them against Otto.

    Though that may not be the exact reason for Conrad's defection, it was certainly something that did come up in the same talks in which Conrad reconciled with Otto, whereas Liudolf's rebellion continued a while longer before he and his father managed to make peace.

    Conrad was not given back his titles, only his estates. He was also granted military command against the Magyars, and his sudden arrival and valour on the battlefield were reportedly key to the decisive victory in the battle of Lechfeld on the 10th of August 955.

    Unfortunately for Conrad, this battle, which effectively put an end to the war and tremendously helped Otto's fame and legend, was also the battle in which Conrad would lose his life. Some report that, burned out by his exertion on the field of battle and the boiling heat that reigned that day, he died when, as he momentarily loosened part of his armour to better breathe, his throat was instantly pierced by an arrow. Some Hungarian sources, however, report that he survived, and only died in the immediate aftermath of the battle: according to these, Conrad and his forces had taken three important Magyar chieftains as prisoners, and were going to execute them, but one of them, Lehel, asked to be allowed to blow into his horn one last time, and instead used it to hit the head of his captor hard enough to kill him. According to others who tell a similar tale, though, the one struck by Lehel was the Duke of Bavaria Henry, Otto's brother, who is recorded as having died from illness soon after the battle. The most popular version actually says that the Emperor himself had been fatally struck by Lehel's horn, but as it's very well documented that Otto kept on reigning for many years after Lechfeld, that doesn't match up.

    According to Thietmar of Merseburg, Conrad's corpse was stolen after his death and hidden in Zwenkau by some unknown parties, who were eventually found out and executed by Otto, after which Conrad's corpse was placed in a sarcophagus in the cathedral of Worms.

    Rider prefers to solve problems with logical confrontations, and is not the type to willingly draw out a battle after he considers it won. That said, once he has taken to the battlefield, he has learnt to give it his all, and expects the same of his opponents.

    Rider has very little interest in gold, silver, and other manners of luxury, and is more likely to remain uninpressed, if not outright annoyed, when presented with them. He also tends to not think highly of those who prioritise such things over spreading good in the world, and even less of those who try to exploit these temptations for selfish reasons.

    Rider also tends to get more awkward than the average person when couples get lovey-dovey with one another, though he will deny this in every way possible. It's bad enough that he can't even experience fiction including happy romance without looking miserable.

    All in all, though he is viewed by many as a great knight, a honourable commander, and a good man in general, there are also many to whom he is nothing but a stick in the mud.

    Otto the Great: "We've... had our differences. But there's one thing I'm sure of: my liege is the strongest ruler our age could've ever wished for."

    Lehel: "You haven't been honest with us. Prepare yourself: we have a score to settle!"

    I have an unfinished Arthurian sheet for a certain Lancer which I started far before this one, but this one ended up being far simpler to finalise, so here's my second sheet related to the 900s in Europe instead.

    So, yeah, between this and my Octavian / John XII Saber it should be clear that I think an Otto the Great sheet could have potential, but I don't want to try my hand at a Ruler or anything yet, don't know enough about those for now.

    I thought about adding some Skill referencing the Lehel horn episode, but I couldn't come up with anything with which I vibed, so maybe it's better to put everything related to the horn on Lehel's own sheet if he ever gets one, instead.

    I considered adding a Weakness skill like what Tristan gets with poison, but for heat and arrows; I ended up implementing that version of the story of his death as the weaknesses of his Noble Phantasm instead, which felt appropriate to me.

    The Archer version would presumably focus even more on the story of his death due to the heat and the arrow through the throat, and have it determine his powerset more, via a sort of counterbalancing act that probably gives him heat arrows or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BnEl15 View Post
    Newton: 0/10 no Okabe fc. Seriously though, I love how you managed to completely flesh out the dynamics between him and Hooke, which I largely left out in her sheet, down to that synchronizable NP. Their interchangeable boke-tsukkomi routines would be amusing to see in a story, as you've demonstrated here. Amazing work, man. It's always an honor to be able to inspire another great sheet.
    On this particular one, your praise is the one that matters the most to me. I'm glad you like it. And I'll defend this FC with my dying breath, it's got the long white hair, the fancy clothes, the magic hands, the absolute 'mad science' look, Add is PERFECT.

    Honestly? the NP thing was COMPLETELY unintentional. That last part was added WAY after the rest of it when I realised how accidentally perfect I'd left the hook for it.

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    There is no end to the crimes of mankind.
    Humanity will always oppose itself.
    Humanity will always destroy itself.
    Humanity never changes.

    Their knees will always bend to the conquerors.
    Their blood will always spill to the warriors.
    Their bodies will always wither from hunger.
    Their lives will always be consumed by death.
    They will always fumble for prosperity.
    They will always crumble in stagnation.
    In seas of blue and green will they drown.

    You will gutter.
    You will choke.
    You will drown.
    Your faces will always be pale.
    Your faces will always reflect sin.
    You are obscene as cancer.
    You are bitter as cud.

    Arrows will shoot the undefended back.
    Wings will fly the war banners.
    Hearts will dedicate themselves to death.
    Requiems will sing out too late.
    Corpses will litter the conqueror's path.
    Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori?
    How sweet and fitting is it, to die for the Fatherland?

    Second Seal Dilation Operation Complete
    Class: Rider
    Alternate Classes: None.
    True Name: None.
    Gender: Conceptually lacks any such state.
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Attribute: Heaven (?)
    Height: Variable.
    Weight: Variable.
    Source: The Bible.

    Strength: Variable.
    Endurance: Variable.
    Agility: Variable.
    Mana: C
    Luck: E
    Noble Phantasm: EX

    The Book of Revelations is the final prophetic chapter of the Christian Bible, describing the end of the world. First will come the White Rider of Conquest, who will go on conquering and conquering with the blessings of the Lord.
    The Second Rider is War incarnate. Where the First Rider is the Conquering of Foreign States, the Second Rider splits the nation assunder, and tears it unto naught.
    The Third Rider is Famine. The prices of the times will be unfair for the common man, and many people will suffer in their death throes as food becomes scarce.
    The Fourth Rider is Death. Through the plague, the sword, and the ravages of time, it is a curse upon mankind.

    Second Seal Dilation: Complete
    Advent Rider
    Warriors of Old and Soldiers of New.

    Of course the Second Rider is not any person. Rather, it is any person. Inherent in all humans is the capacity for violence. The capacity to fight. The capacity for combat. It is the soul of humanity's self-hatred given form.
    Perhaps, one should say, they are the soul of humanity's self-hatred.
    Every person whose hands have been soaked in the blood of another man. Soldiers, warriors, kings and dictators. All of them are the Second Rider. They tear apart the Earth, the Skies, the Seas, and the People. All coalesced under a single identity, a single creature, a single formless concept.
    Your life means nothing to the grinding, cruel machine of war.
    It's meaningless.
    No matter the aspirations and goals one sets in life, they will be extinguished when the cruel hand of the world rips the intestines out of a man for having the audacity to stare his death in the face. No matter how blessed one's life is, a hurling rock will not care about you. Both the courageous and anguished fallen suffer the same fate as they lie bleeding out on the battlefield.
    They are the unknown soldiers of history--
    Red Rider
    The Unknown Warriors

    da Vinci: Master! Get out NOW!
    Ritsuka: It's... a red mist?
    da Vinci: Do not let it touch you! Get out NOW. That's an order!
    Holmes: ... Interesting.
    Goredolf: Is now really the time, Holmes?
    Holmes: If I might ask for some time to observe it, da Vinci? Once Ritsuka is out of the room, of course.
    da Vinci: Sure, but I don't know what you'll obtain that its profile won't tell us.
    Holmes: Call it a hunch.

    A Bow of Remembrance
    Come, says the Lord.
    See, says the Lord.
    Ride, says the Lord.
    Conquer, says the Lord.
    Trapped in a Birdcage, hidden in walls.
    Safe are we, said the noble.
    And yet, a reminder grim
    broke in, like a cat among hens.

    Flowers trod under foot,
    sky-weary birds on the ground.
    Both mashed into a smear of red.
    Pray, resist, it matters too little,
    the resolve to fight resolves nothing.
    In the present, they are just words.

    The elite sneer at the common man,
    the ones who will die for their fatherland.
    The ones who will march over corpses and blight,
    to ensure the cattle-like entrapment of life.

    Attack! Attack! The war-bells do ring.
    They holler and clamour with such a fell din.
    Trapped in the walls, ensnared in their cage,
    the cattle are slain by the one who shall hunt.
    His killer's impulse strong, his sword like a thunder;
    What is his name? Aye, that is the Hunter.

    But he is just one of the Conqueror's many.
    So, the rich cry; "Please, take the penny!
    Draw not the bow, release not the arrow!"
    The bow relaxes, and tribute is given.
    The conqueror's weapons do not bring down nations.
    The killing intent is what leaves the men quaking.

    Hot as fire, cold as ice,
    hearts offered up, and songs of death sung.
    In order to change, a risk must be taken.
    The Conqueror knows this. He knows this art well.
    For Hades' arrow is always nocked tight.
    For the first truth of life is,
    "Arrows will shoot the undefended back."

    Class Skills
    Riding EX
    The state of being of a lifeform that exists as one of the Riders. Red Rider represents the idea of combat, war, and violence. As a result, it is all of humanity upon whom the Rider rides. Physically speaking, they ride
    the lifeforms around them who can enact war. Through one of their Noble Phantasms, they can enact such a feat in a very literal manner. Each of their bodies also possesses Riding, but at a rank fitting the host; if the Master is who the Rider wields, then their riding is E, but if they were to overtake Red Hare or Quetzalcoatl, the rank would remain EX.

    Magic Resistance Variable
    Depending on the body that Rider possesses, the rank will fluctuate, though the minimum rank is D.

    Ritsuka: Geez. I think I like Enki a lot more than them. He's way more fun.
    Iskandar: That's a truly treacherous foe, isn't it, Master?
    Ritsuka: Eh?
    Alexander: I think I can translate what the big lug here would say. The fact that this Red Rider goes off of everyone's ability to feel impulsive violence, to engage others in a battle for your beliefs, even if it's a war of words... that's what makes it threatening. There's nothing worse than an enemy who always holds advantage. That's why the King of Heroes is such a menace. This thing holds advantage even against him. Doesn't that send shivers up your spine, Master?

    Banner of War
    Come, says the Lord.
    See, says the Lord.
    Ride, says the Lord.
    Fight, says the Lord.
    Comrades heed His voice!
    Victory and Glory be awarded to us all!
    Celebrate this battle, and await the next.

    To call the deaths of man vainglorious...
    Down to the last man, that is always true.
    Bring forth courage, men!
    The enemy is fierce.
    Bring forth hatred, men!
    The enemy is foul.

    In both hands, carry your glory.
    In your voice, sing your victory
    On your back, fly the wings of freedom.
    Holding close your resolve,
    you spiral towards foolishness.
    Dancing like a marionette into the claws of war.

    Birds will always be freer than man.
    They carry dignity, pride, and valour on their wings.
    What is it that man carries on theirs?
    Their feathers are swords, and they fly through the sea of life.
    Repeat and repeat. Trapping yourself inside that birdcage.

    "Freedom" and "Death"
    Speak for one, the other will reap.
    "Freedom is Death"
    "War is Death"
    Freedom is War.
    Soldiers do not quaver or flee from the cruelty of the world.
    They scream, rage, and fight.

    From the moment of your birth, you have always been cattle for the slaughter.
    From the moment of your birth, you have always been trapped in great walls.
    The question is simple.
    The answer is simple.
    You will be ground to mince in the grinder of war.
    Call that "freedom" if you will.
    Either path leads to the other,
    Friends are merely the enemy of another day.

    Seek the warrior's instruments.
    Seek your victory.
    Seek out the horizon which hides freedom.
    Seek the door to the flatly impossible.

    Comrades heed my voice!
    Victory and Glory be awarded to us all!
    Celebrate this battle, and await the next.
    That is the wing-bound banner of War.

    Personal Skills
    Munitions A
    The alternative of Rider's state. In the case of this skill being employed, Rider's own skills and Noble Phantasms are sealed, and Rider obtains a definite form and mount.
    Rider is a sword. Their mount is their Master.

    It is said that, in the end of days, the Red Rider will come bearing a sword, and will go out slaughtering. This sword is Rider's true form. It is a nameless sword, tinted a bloody red.
    When the Master picks up this sword, their destiny will be entwined with it. As compensation for Rider's abilities being sealed, the Master obtains the powers over war that Rider would possess. Skills granted include Magic Resistance, Riding, Charisma, and Warrior's Privilege.
    The Privilege of the Warrior allows them to permanently gain combat skills as needed, at the maximum degree possible. For example, if the Master requires a ranged attack to hit the enemy, they will instantly gain the ability to do so, regardless of their armaments. The ultimate combat-based cheat skill.
    It goes without saying, though, that this comes at a cost.
    Mental Pollution of the highest order, where the mind of Rider slowly takes over that of the Master. Eventually, the Master simply becomes Rider's truest humanoid form. For, in a battle of minds, the infinite and incomprehensible mind of War overthrows and murders all human reason.
    Consequently, under any circumstance, the Master becomes Saber.

    Ceaseless World EX
    An outrageous skill that cannot be considered fair.
    Battle Continuation to a degree beyond all reason... truly a situation that could overthrow a Holy Grail War.
    It is the skill of infinite life.
    The very idea of killing war is impossible. For itself, violence between men is the same as war, and therefore, attacking Rider is akin to attacking the idea of attacking. Of course, war can be temporarily quelled. But nobody wins for long.
    Even if Rider's Spirit Core is shattered beyond repair, and they are banished from the Grail War entirely, they will return. For the very act of attacking Rider is antithetical to the idea of defeating it.
    As a result, the Holy Grail War will never come to a conclusion; if the war can only conclude when all seven Servants are sacrificed to the Grail, then the Red Rider of War, who will never be killed forever, completely ruins the very foundations of the ritual.
    Of course, this skill applies to the Master as well.
    Even if they are reduced to atoms, their mind shrivelled and naked before the Lidless Eye of Madness, and their very Origin overriden by nothing more than fear and pain...
    Ah, well, you know how it is, don't you, Fujimaru Ritsuka? The pain of the whole world trying to kill you?
    Now now, don't worry too hard. For as long as you struggle in your eternal fight, War will be by your side.
    Always and forever, o' Master.

    As an aside, it also allows Rider to temporarily increase their Endurance rank by four.

    Wisdom of the Ancients EX
    A power similar to the
    Marble Phantasm
    Manifestation of Fantasy
    often said to be related to the Elementals of the Planet, as it is the actualization of the held fantasies of the collective human unconscious. It is the ability of magecraft possessed by warriors and soldiers alike throughout history.
    Through this skill, all of Rider's bodies gain the power to use magecraft. However, their skill in using it is related to how mystical they were in life.
    For example, if Rider manifested a horde of modern soldiers, their skill with magecraft would be E-rank, allowing only basic self-reinforcement spells to be deployed, while an army of ancient witches would have A-rank affinity with magecraft, allowing them to utilize all manner of spells, to devastating effect. While an ancient army would be more effective, a certain ritual which many nations have partaken in has give them a bias towards modern soldiery.
    Even Supreme Mystic Codes could be pulled out of Rider's body, though, the circumstances for their usage would be atypical.

    da Vinci: And there we have it. We can't let it out of its little box.
    Ritsuka: Da Vinci, I understand the problems it could cause, but shouldn't we at least try to talk?
    ████ ████████: Sure you can! No Mad Enhancement, so you can get into their mind easily, as long as you speak their language.
    Holmes: Why am I unsurprised that someone new shows up mid-conversation?
    ████ ████████: I'm just a passing magus, don't worry too much about it.
    Ritsuka: Even if it doesn't operate on human logic, you can communicate?
    ████ ████████: Sure! You're doing it right now. In principle, there's no reason why you couldn't do the same with Super Sword Soul! It might be a different question if it was Godzilla or Ghidorah, but I'm sure you of all people could manage those as well. Well, I think I can hear my teacher calling. Maybe I'll be back some other time? Oh! I'll bring
    le Chien
    my dog
    along, he'd love your scent! Well, seeya!
    Risuka: ... My scent?
    Holmes: Regardless, I believe it's prudent that Mr. Fujimaru never comes into contact with Rider directly. It would be most unwise to lose our most valuable asset.

    Sell Thy Heart
    Come, says the Lord.
    See, says the Lord.
    Ride, says the Lord.
    Starve, says the Lord.
    The depths of despair are hell, the deepest.
    Worse than days of death, despairing.
    Collectors rap on doors, relentless.
    A catastrophic light, a nightmare.

    O' the ones who would ignore their debts,
    these are ones who must be wiped out clean.
    O' the ones who would barter for bread,
    smile the most at starvation.
    Toss away your everything, just to overcome the littlest devils...
    Your soul, your life, give it up.
    Squander all of it for

    Give your soul. Give your life.
    Sacrifice it for the hollow light.
    Give your life. Give your heart.
    Carve tomorrow with today.

    O' the ones who paint with lies,
    these are the ones who would be hated thus.
    O' the ones who would plead on streets for bread,
    does this starved life seem worth living?
    Learn your place in a cruel world, just to succumb to the littlest devils...
    Your skills, your tools, just give them up.
    Squander every last resource for

    Give your soul. Give your life.
    Sacrifice it and find there's naught.
    Give your life. Give your heart.
    Carve victory with your endless sacrifice.

    O' the ones who pretend to be human,
    dedicate your all to bringing those beasts down.
    O' the ones who exterminate for resources,
    do you truly think such choices will save your wealth?
    To what kind of hell will your choices lead you, when a path of bloodied corpses is your only way through?
    Surely you will just give up all your coffered wealth and your lives to see
    that place called

    But, one day, humanity will remember...
    the suffering of living at other's feet.
    And the horror of being the bird
    will grow too strong.
    Arrows strike in the enemy's backs,
    with wings of war, their feet.

    Noble Phantasms
    They Buried Him Among Kings
    He who Hath done Good to God and to House

    Type: Anti-Army (Self)
    Rank: EX
    Range: -
    Maximum Number of Targets: 1~666

    An expansion and fusion of the skills Thousand Faces and
    Natural Born Killers
    That Which is Unworthy of a Tragic Demise
    in terms of effect. Because Red Rider is all the soldiers and warriors who have and will ever exist, there is no body that they truly possess. They manifest at most as a red mist, reminiscent of vaporized blood.

    Because mankind's core is violent, its systems are violent, and its philosophy is violent, anyone can be violent.
    Anyone can go to war.
    Thus, Red Rider can be anyone.

    By creating clones of their Spirit Origin, they can manifest an arbitrary number of bodies, akin to the Shikigami utilized by some Eastern mystics. Each one of these bodies is a fully-fledged Servant, though their individual parameters may be low, their overall strength through innumerable volume is beyond compare. As needed, they spawn from the red cloud that is Rider's main body, or from the spilled blood of fallen bodies. They will continue to push forward relentlessly to fulfill their Master's desires.

    Whatever purpose is necessary will be fulfilled.
    If a supply line needs bolstering, Rider can fulfill that desire.
    If the front lines need defending, Rider can keep the enemy at bay.
    If the attack needs reinforcement, Rider can push forward without self-preservation.
    Continuing onwards.
    Ever onwards.
    Without rest, Rider will never stop the attack. As if propelled by some transcendent lifeform, calling from on high for them to push forward and break the cycle of war. To simply forgive.
    There is no forgiving that which no individual can be given blame for.
    The cycle cannot end.
    That is why Rider is as they are;
    They obey for one simple reason;
    Good soldiers follow orders.

    Gate of Hell
    Limitless Thunderous Warfare

    Type: Anti-Unit
    Rank: E~A++
    Range: 1~100
    Maximum Number of Targets: 2190

    The capacity of Rider to access all sorts of weapons.
    Every body must be capable of carrying arms of all sorts.
    No matter what body it is, Rider is capable of equipping their bodies with weapons suited to their statue, and infinite skill with the given weapon. Each and every one is a Nameless Noble Phantasm that add to the power of Gate of Hell. Rider can continue firing ad infinitum, never stopping for a moment to recouperate if a body is rendered incapable of attacking. Instead, it is destroyed, in order to spawn more bodies, and thus more weapons.
    Gate of Hell utilizes a cruel Mental Attack-type function that surrounds each and every attack made with the weapons formed by this Noble Phantasm. The afflicted are smote with an urge to surrender their body to Rider, and become "
    Another Soldier
    A Living Vessel of War
    ". An individual body cannot turn even a human to the cause of Rider, but as the number of bodies increases, so too does the potency of this Noble Phantasm.

    It starts with the voices.
    The voices of the fallen, whispering in the times between sounds, begging for help.
    "A medic, please, a medic!"
    "Wir haben zwanzig Verletzte!"
    "Вода достигает реактора! Мы тонем!"
    "Pomóżcie nam! Pomóżcie nam!"
    Endlessly. Hauntingly.
    The voices of the countless damned souls cry for help from the afflicted.
    Then, in a moment of silence, a single, featureless voice calls out, like a person right in front of the afflicted.
    "Will you join us?"
    The more that Rider fires, the more the voices call out, until eventually, even the strongest will bends.
    When thousands of bodies fire continuously during a battle, the effect can be devastating.

    Rest in Peace
    Come, says the Lord.
    See, says the Lord.
    Ride, says the Lord.
    Die, says the Lord.

    It's said that Death came from the Abyss
    When Heaven and Earth were sundered in two.
    As gentle as wind that blows on one's back,
    And ruffles the wings you grew.

    "Beauty" and "Cruelty"
    These things can coexist.
    But those who throw the stones.
    And the ones who die to stones.
    Those are divided by walls.

    When changing views from certainty,
    Will justice bear its fangs to you?
    Where did all the freedoms go?
    Who's the one howling in a cage now?
    How does Kur's cold iron feel?

    Giving up your heart to war,
    and conquering all your freedoms thus,
    even warriors must feel the cold of sleep
    at the end of their ceaseless night.
    Is that paradise?

    Requiem! Sing of Death!
    Petals scatter yonder fields already covered in blood.
    Please now, rest in peace.

    "Dawn" and "Dusk"
    These two come in pairs.
    In their grey light all men are made one.
    But in the brighter light of day,
    walls stand too high.

    When truth is what you seek,
    Will you burn the Earth for it?
    Where will all your sins pile?
    Who dies for your cause?
    How does the sky look from the Abyss?

    Giving up a bouquet to graves,
    graves that represent a promise kept.
    Those who slumper now for all time
    a ceaseless night,
    or is it paradise?

    Requiem! Sing of Death!
    Petals lost so long ago that naught but shrivelled stems stand.
    Please now, rest in peace.

    If "Freedom" is gained through war...
    What "Famine" will follow suit?
    Should we greet our Lord with peace
    before He brings out his scythe,
    to deliver Judgement?

    Understanding the World is trivial.
    And that's precisely why it's impossible.
    Do we offer sacrifice or succumb to the beasts?
    Is it our Flatline?

    Requiem! Sing for Death!
    Petals burn for decades just to find their rest.
    When Karma's cut, and our fate ends,
    Then, my friend, I hope you'll rest in peace.

    Author Notes
    Man. Horse. Xiang Yu.
    I was inspired by war poetry, so I decided to add poems all throughout the sheet.
    Big, big mistake because man did it take a while to make.... those.
    Then the Monthly CaS Contest happened and I activated all of my almonds in response (Thanks for the votes!).
    I might hold off on White for a while. See if I can't make something different. Maybe something a bit less strenuous.
    Bis dann.

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    Getting major Attack On Titan vibes from the "war poetry" here. Was that an inspiration perchance? Overall this is a pretty solid sheet, and the flavor you put into the execution (the dialogue-snippets and poetry) helps set it apart from other ones with a similar concept (the "Nameless Soldier/Embodiment of War being an idea I've seen used a few times here). I wonder if its Ceaseless World Skill means that Rider could theoretically be defeated if all opponents in the Grail War stop giving any hostility to "feed" it (a la Azrael in Blazblue) or if something like Jeanne's exorcism of Jack the Ripper from Apocrypha could work that's technically a "blessing" rather than an "attack".

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    Too much input.
    Cant comprehend this amount of talent.

    Newton: Mad Maniac Newton in the house. His NP is so weird, but so unique and powerful, yet still one knows how one could counter it in the best scenarios. That is what makes interesting NP. Really cool kit concept. The FC remembers me of that evil yugioh guy and despite that, i read his lines in a weird old grampa voice.

    War: U sick freak made ALL the poetry? I randomly googled passages to see if you copy pasted them from somewhere, then i thought you translated some asian ones, then i read "I was inspired by war poetry, so I decided to add poems all throughout the sheet." and thought, knew it, he used some he read.
    "Big, big mistake because man did it take a while to make.... those."
    Literal kekwait moment (RIP Risitas)
    And then you end of with a hint you are a german speaker as well.

    The sheet itself, besides the cool poetry, is cool and broken as suspected. The idea of Red Rider being a sword or them possessing the master or host is nothing new here, but damn the presentation just elevates the whole thing

    Dammit, cant believe I belong to your ranks, guys. I need to step up my game.

    Edit: I think the only way to Kill Red Rider is a combination of a Reality Marble Phantasm, that simulates a world without human and a non-human combatant that has attacks that would be strong enough to eradicate it with 'kindness', similar how vampire bites are considered. I wonder how Sun Tzu would handle Red Rider. And who was the random guy with the dog?
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    My Servants!

    And my other contribution to this community!
    Advanced Formatting Guide
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    Extra Class Compendium

    I also make Mythological Reconstructions.
    For the Greek Titans and the Egyptian Concepts

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    Sorry one Question how did you (Morg and Realcasually) did you made the Parameter counter ? Look admittedly stylish?
    Your verified Chikara-production Studios !

    Dont ship me with anyone unless i say so !

    When you wake a Dragon in his Lair...

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    I've been had! Someone saw the inspiration behind each poem!
    But yes, I did indeed draw upon Feuerrotter Pfeil und Bogen, Die Flügel der Freiheit, Opfert euer Herzen, and Requiem der Morgenröte for the main four poems. Not enough to be just a copy-paste, but enough that it's visible.

    As said above, while inspired by other works, I did indeed write those all of my own power. Naturally, it's taken quite a hit on my energy reserves, but I'll recoup soon enough. As for Sun Tzu... well, any of the master tacticians in combination with Red Rider would be a terrible sight to behold.

    The guy with a dog is just a wandering Magus from the Clock Tower, though you might find yourself feeling quite exhaustedFlat if you try to figure out who he is.

    Beating War:
    Certainly, non-attack-based methods could work, but something like Nightingale's Noble Phantasm is their natural counter.
    If the main body was affected by Nightingale's anti-violence field, you'd find that it would collapse and die rapidly due to a conceptual rejection.
    But of course, that's not an exhaustive list, but the general idea is like the situation with Angra after the Third Grail War; he corrupted the Grail irrevocably. Rider would have to be pretty unlucky to strike a Grail War with someone who can completely eradicate them in it, but that's just the sort of upset that could happen in a Grail War too.

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    Lancer of false holiness

    "I am the Servant Lancer. Say, Master, how would you rate your own abilities?"

    Class: Lancer
    Alignment: Neutral/Evil
    Region: Italy
    Height: 173cm
    Weight: 60kg
    Likes: Power, respect, luxury
    Dislikes: Disrespect, gossip, goody-two-shoes
    Talent: Lying, bribing
    Armaments: Spear
    Natural Enemy: Jeanne d'Arc, Shirou Amakusa Tokisada


    Str: C
    End: C
    Agi: C
    Mna: B
    Lck: D
    NP: A


    Class Skills

    Magic Resistance(B): Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for her to be affected.

    Personal Skills

    Imperial Privilege(C): An ability that, due to the insistence of the owner, Skills that are essentially impossible to possess can be obtained for a short period of time. Riding, Spearmanship, Charisma, Militarily Tactics, etc... All in an attempt to preserve Lancer's position.

    Saint(False)(C): A Skill for those that cheated their way into Sainthood. Allows for the replication of skills such as Revelations, Protection of faith, God's revelations, and others, up to rank C. Although, when confronted with those who actually have these skills, Lancer loses access to it.

    Nepotism(A): This Skill allows for the "promotion" of people in who Lancer is interested. One or multiple people can be affected by this skill, and they will be gifted access to abilities similar to that of Lancer, although severely Ranked down. The effects of this skill can be deactivated any time Lancer desires.

    Noble Phantasm

    False Spear of Destiny
    Longinus Replica

    Rank: Anti-unit, B

    The Noble Phantasm that qualifies Lancer for its class, a Golden spear that was gifted to Lancer by a Balkan king in a political move. While the true spear of Longinus is an immensely powerful Noble Phantasm on the same level as the spear of King Arthur, this one is merely an imitation with much less power behind it.

    The effects of this weapon are reproductions of the abilities said to be bestowed to the possessor of the true Spear of Destiny but at a lower rank. The Spear can pierce any barrier and defense up to the B rank, even Noble Phantasms. Furthermore, Lancer is also impervious to attacks up to the same rank while holding the weapon.

    Despite being crafted with the intent of being a holy relic, this Noble Phantasm fails to replicate the true splendor of the original. As such, the weapon is actually classified as a Demonic Spear, as the realm of demons is one step below the gods.

    Desiring With Supreme Ardor
    Summis Desiderantes

    Rank: Anti-unit(self), A

    A Noble Phantasm representing Lancer's true nature as someone obsessed with accumulating power even if at the expanses of others. It is named after the papal bull Lancer granted to one Heinrich Kramer, an act that led to the deaths of thousands of innocents during the violent witch hunts.

    When activated, Lancer is surrounded by red hot flames that burn and destroy anything he touches, converting objects and living things into mana that is absorbed and used as fuel to the fire. This Noble Phantasm is extremely effective against Magecraft, as it can nullify spells by burning the Mana used to cast them.

    However, this fire does come with a pretty crucial drawback. If Lancer spends too much time without burning anything, the Noble Phantasm will start burning him instead, as it urges for more fuel. Also, since it takes a considerable amount of effort to keep it active, there is a penalty of one rank down on Lancer's speed stat.


    Lancer is Innocentius VIII, born Giovanni Battista Cybo. He was pope from 1484 to 1492.

    Although a pope, he was far from a saint. Lancer was elected to the position by offering political favor to the other cardinals. During his time as a pope, he excommunicated Ferdinand I of Naples, who had and supported his rival, and invited King Charles VIII of France to come to Italy with an army and take possession of the Kingdom of Naples, a disastrous political event for the Italian peninsula as a whole.

    He also ended up with custody of the Sultan Cem, which he used to control Cem's brother Bayezid II of the Ottomans, and supported inquisitor Heinrich Kramer's investigations against magicians and witches, even as the man committed countless acts of cruelty and violence.


    Lancer is a cold and calculated man who doesn't care for anybody. He sees people as pawns and life as a game where the only objective is to be the more powerful, regardless of how much one has to cheat to get said power.

    He will keep his master around while he is useful, but will betray him if it is more profitable. Arrogantly, he expects to be respected and treated with loyalty. This hypocrisy comes from the fact that he is unable to see his own defects.

    He likes expensive and luxurious things, although he won't let most people know that to preserve his image.

    here is a list of my servant sheets(new and improved format for my servant sheets)

    Come explore the White Library, and reach the bottom of this Abyss
    Fate / White Memoria

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    This post is brought to you by Dead week (and professors scamming in what assignments they can before Dead week officially starts), driving American Undergrads mad and putting your life on hold since 1636.

    So I wanted to thank the feedback on my Voyager inquiry from Koga and DelRey as it was insightful and I think it helped me feel a bit more confident about the other Voyager I was working on (as for a hint on that for anyone that cares, While it isn't Francis Drake it did make me have to do a bit of research in Francis Drake as their paths and lives did overlap*, additionally they did have a voyage, and the servant itself has been done at least once on this thread or the previous two [although not in Voyager class]). I can't say for sure when it will get done because as I implied next week is finals week for me and I have no idea how much spare time I will have.

    * which by the way Dear Lord did that make me realize how much they toned down Drake and how much stuff they omitted for her portrayal (and personally the sheer amount of discrepancy is enough that it makes me starting to really think that theory that Francis Drake may be Queen Elizabeth far more carefully as possibly being true). It also makes me possibly want to do an avenger class version of Francis Drake as really the sheer amount of hate the guy had for the Spanish is kinda mind boggling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kabalisto Koga View Post
    Sorry one Question how did you (Morg and Realcasually) did you made the Parameter counter ? Look admittedly stylish?
    Just... insert pictures? It's literally that simple, I don't understand the question.

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    Summer may be a month away, but I honestly can't contain him any longer. I'll get a better look at all the sheets that came out today after I get some shut-eye.

    Class: Summer Rider
    Other Classes: Archer, Saber, Berserker
    True Name: John ‘Mad Jack’ Churchill
    Alignment: 'Mad' Neutral
    Place of Origin: Colombo, British Ceylon
    Height: 182 cm.
    Weight: 69 kilo.
    Likes: Beach warfare. Competition. Excitement.
    Dislikes: Boredom. Sunbathing.
    Natural Enemy: Mordred

    STR: B
    END: C
    AGI: A
    MGI: E
    LCK: A
    NP: A

    Class Skills:
    Surfing (M):
    A Skill with the impossible rank of M, this Riding allows him to ride surfboards with expertise far exceeding human capabilities. It is equivalent to an EX-ranking, allowing him to steal and ride the surfboards of others and even ride Phantasmal Boards with little effort.

    Independent Manifestation (B):
    It is unknown how Rider acquired this Skill nor how he was given such a high rank. When asked, he simply says “I was really missing the beach. The sun in the sky, wind in your face, riding across the rushing waves. So, here I am.”

    Personal Skills:
    Properly Dressed (Summer) (A):
    "Any officer who goes to the beach without his surfboard is improperly dressed."

    His own personal belief warped to fit his current summoning, he gains two ranks to his Strength and Agility when in possession of a surfboard.

    Beach Crisis (EX):
    A man that makes a scene wherever he goes, his mere presence calls the attention of everyone on the beach particularly when he first manifests as he is in full military regalia. Even after taking on more appropriate beachwear, people can’t help themselves but be drawn into the ‘madness’ that seems to follow in his wake.

    Pioneer of the Surf (D):
    A Skill given to surfers who have surfed where none have surfed before.

    Having been the first to surf the River Severn, Rider has been given this Skill at a low rank to exemplify this. While it is not enough to make the unsurfable surfable, it does make the unsurfable have a possibility to be surfed, which is all Rider needs.

    Noble Phantasm
    Mad Jack: Surfing till the Joy has Faded (C)

    This Noble Phantasm is the manifestation of his reputation and the perceptions others had of him during his military career adapted for his beach ventures.

    A madman that rushes into the surf without a hint of fear, shame, or restraint. A fervor that is unmatched, and, if it is, it won’t be for long. He empowers and applies positive buffs to all Summer or Swimsuit, regardless of their allegiance while applying intimidation, fear, and a sense of embarrassment to everyone else. He doesn’t mind his opponents gaining benefits from the first half of his Noble Phantasm though. Just makes things more interesting.

    The Severn Bore: Rolling against the Flow (B)

    The fourteen-foot-long surfboard Rider made in life given the name of his most well-known feat while riding it.

    Acting as his mount and also a conceptual substitute for the outdated yet effective weaponry he used in life, this board breaks free from typical conventions by flexing the definition of “what counts as a wave” to its breaking point.

    “Is not the air full of ‘waves’? When the ground shakes, are not ‘waves’ created? Did you know there are waves in space?”

    It’s this honestly contrived logic Rider uses to justify using his board to travel through the air or anywhere else he happens to be using it. Thusly, anything he defines as a ‘wave’, even an attack, is something he can surf.

    To further compound the ridiculousness, there is a distinct possibility his board has a mind of its own, but proof of this is flimsy at best. When asked, Rider simply shrugs and says it hardly matters. So long as it allows him to enjoy the beach, it could want to destroy the world.

    Rather than having his Saint Graph tweaked to take this form, this Mad Jack simply appeared at the beach during Chaldea’s Summer vacation. While seemingly no different from his other form, this Jack is somehow even more excitable and ‘mad’, taking to the competitions and ‘battlefield’ of the beach as easily as breathing air.

    He has an extreme competitive streak, challenging everyone on the beach to any competition that happens to be going on, not bothering with the fact that he might not actually win. For him, simply the thrill and excitement of doing so is reason enough. Plus, Servant level beings playing volleyball, building sand castles, and racing through the water is spectacle worth witnessing.

    He's genuinely surprised by how few others are dressed for the occasion, and especially that almost all those who are is comprised solely of women. Seems none of the other men here know how to enjoy Summer. Well, all the more reason for him to set an example.


    Mordred: The only one here who gets it. Come on, then! Show me what you can do!

    Male Heroic Spirits: You have to loosen up! Get yourself properly dressed for the battlefield your walking into. Otherwise, you just might find yourself on the receiving end of a water cannon.

    Swimsuit Servants: Alright, ladies! Time to show them what Summer's really about!

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