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Thread: Create-A-Servant 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoydGolden View Post
    "Freyja": When I first started reading this sheet I was trying to recall any anecdotes where she ended up getting married. Then I opened her NP section and the twist finally dawned on me. This is a really fun sheet, taking advantage of a lesser-used anecdote of Thor's legend. The imagery of "her" just casually picking up her bridesmaid and using her to wallop people is just hilarious. I can't help but wonder, this Thor hates anyone who'd try to flirt with "her" but what happens if another girl falls for her in her female form? Would she take advantage of it and go with the flow or still be annoyed they see her as a woman?
    Thank you very much. And he'd be still be very annoyed.

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    I love it. That's one joke that would get old fast, but damn is it hilarious before it does.

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    Freya: puh at first ist funny as i make at this time self a Thor servant profile so ist interseting . a good build though a actual personalitty section would be nice i must say . One Question how would she react if she Encounter a "other" Thor ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by King of Braves View Post
    Kirei Kotomine: “ are no holy man.”
    Err...Rasputin and Kirei might be closer and more compatible than you actually think.
    Top Five Favourite Servants

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    SpaceBattles is the superior site.
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    This is what happens when people don't pay attention to a very real and continuing source of official product.
    TFW Thomas Edison is a lion, King Arthur is a girl, and Humanity's mom is Shin Godzilla
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anju Addams View Post
    Err...Rasputin and Kirei might be closer and more compatible than you actually think.
    I actually do know about that.

    Well, more I learned about that as I was reviewing the old concept.

    It's just I truthfully am not a fan of Fate/Grand Order and the recycling of canon characters as "reskins" for Servants much ( all), so I generally tend to play more "fast and loose" with it. Sometimes, it provides a concept I really like. And ignore it for the most part, as it seems every time I do see a bit of news or a new design from it, said design tends to... disappoint at best (Scheherazade), infuriate at worst (Rama).
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    Quote Originally Posted by King of Braves View Post
    I actually do know about that.

    Well, more I learned about that as I was reviewing the old concept.

    It's just I truthfully am not a fan of Fate/Grand Order and the recycling of canon characters as "reskins" for Servants much ( all), so I generally tend to play more "fast and loose" with it. Sometimes, it provides a concept I really like. And ignore it for the most part, as it seems every time I do see a bit of news or a new design from it, said design tends to... disappoint at best (Scheherazade), infuriate at worst (Rama).
    ist okay to make one servant differen t as the nature of the servants and different Version like if you look at Vlad examplewise , About Grand order to be honest my greatest critic is the Explanation of the Greek Gods as Mecha /Mashines as i prefer the Concept they are embodiments of the nature , besides at first also to you a heartly welcome here in our rounds as servant makers my friend !

    i saw your Macbeth and i am noting very positively the reference of the Gargoyles series which i saw , i am curious are you making a other class version of him as this build is very good?

    your Maid Marian is also well thought out i am curious what would she think of my Tragic Warrior ?
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    Ruler of the Abbys

    "Evildoer, reflect upon your sins and understand, the time of your Destruction is now."

    Class: Ruler
    Alignment: Lawful/Neutral
    Region: Heaven
    Height: 180cm
    Weight: 62kg
    Likes: Law, order, believers
    Dislikes: Disorder, fake immortals, non-Believers
    Talent: Judgment
    Armaments: Claws, locust
    Natural Enemy: Helel ben Shahar


    Str: B
    End: C
    Agi: B
    Mna: A
    Lck: E
    NP: A


    Class Skills

    Magic Resistance(A): Cancel spells of A-Rank or below, no matter what High-Thaumaturgy it is. In practice, the Servant is untouchable to modern magi, so it would not be an exaggeration to title the Servant a "Magus Killer".

    God's Resolution(B): A Class Skill of the Ruler class and the privilege of the Ruler presiding over the Holy Grail War: the right to use Command Spells against Servants. Each Ruler is normally granted two Command Spells for each Servant that participates in the Holy Grail War.

    True Name Discernment(B): Another Class Skill of the Ruler. During a direct encounter, a Servant's true name and entire status information will be automatically revealed. In regards to Servants with concealment abilities, a Luck Check is required to bypass those abilities.

    Personal Skills

    Heavenly Destroyer(EX): A Skill that marks Ruler as a
    Destroying Angel
    Malak Ha-Mashhit
    , an agent of god in charge of destruction for the sake of keeping the balance and natural order. It is something similar to Divine Authority, that gives Ruler instinctive knowledge of how to most optimally destroy something or someone.

    Daemonic Existence(False)(A): Daemons may be assessed as allies of humanity, who exist so as to empathize with and resolve the sufferings of humanity. Despite this, the concept of Daemons is by humanity treated as the greatest of obstacles. To be true, the Ruler's nature is close to that of an Angel. However, she ended up gaining heavy demonic traits because of several depictions of her.

    King of Locusts(B): One of the titles possed by Ruler. This skill allows Ruler to release swarms of Locust from inside her body to attack her enemies. These insects count as part of her body and, as such, she is capable of utilizing her Noble Phantasm through them.

    Noble Phantasm

    Abbys of Darkness and Destruction
    Shakhat Sheol

    Rank: Anti-Unit, A

    Ruler's Noble Phantasm is the full expression of her role as the Destroyer. A curse of decay that corrupts the world in preparation for the cleansing that must always come and it carries the name of the dark place to where souls go in the Hebrew culture.

    By entering in physical contact with a target, Ruler's power will slowly spread, eating away the enemy as they are slowly turned into dust. The full outcome takes up to three minutes, but even if the contact is interrupted, the curse will continue to degrade those affected, albeit at an even slower rate, until they or are purified by an external power.

    While it can be used throughout any part of her body, Ruler finds it easier to do so through her claws, but sometimes, if the combat gets particularly heated, she will start mixing her scratch attacks with kicks, too. While she can use this Noble Phantasm through the Locusts produced by her (as they are technically part of her body), she finds it hard to do so, as it takes concentration and leaves her open while she does so.

    Despite its macabre effect, this is a holy power meant for Justice. As such, those of the evil and chaotic alignments will take extra damage from it. Conversely, those of good or lawful alignments have a degree of resistance, but not immunity.


    Ruler is called Abaddon in Hebrew and Apollyon in Greek. Depending on the source, she is either a Demon or an Angel of the Abyss, encharged with the work of destruction in the name of god. Sometimes, the name is also used to refer to a bottomless pit, often appearing alongside the place Sheol, meaning the realm of the dead.

    Her true nature is that of a Malak Ha-Mashhit, an entity sent out by God to kill the enemy of man. She is an Executioner, a messenger of death whose role is to deal with the filth of mankind so that something better can come after it. A necessary evil, Ruler is the ugly face of the Justice of God, that being the Punishment before pardon.


    Ruler is very much into her job. When she faces an opponent, she always does so while laughing and exclaiming how she will " wipe them from the face of this earth". Because she puts so much effort into this character, one can say she is a "workaholic".

    While she is the embodiment of destruction, she is not a mindless beast who engages in it willy-nilly. Her destruction is reserved for those truly deserving of it. Ruler can also understand, and even appreciate, that which needs to be protected. That soft side of her is rare, however, she usually prefers to keep her distance when her work is not needed.

    While she technically has Demonic traits, she despite them, as well as the idea that she would rebel against the Lord. She also is on pretty bad terms with other fallen angels, because of what she calls" differing world views"

    here is a list of my servant sheets(new and improved format for my servant sheets)

    Come explore the White Library, and reach the bottom of this Abyss
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    Servant Gatekeeper:




    True Name: Ka'ahupahau & Kahi'uka

    Alternate Classes: Caster, Avenger (Ka'ahupahau)/Lancer, Berserker (Kahi'uka)

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Strength- B
    Agility- A+
    Endurance- B+
    Mana- A
    Luck- C
    NP- B++

    Gatekeeper's dual identities are Ka'ahupahau and Kahi'uka, the Shark Siblings of Hawaiian Mythology. However, they were actually born as ordinary humans. The twins' mother, believing the children were stillborn, impulsively hurled them into the depths of the sea. Miraculously instead of dying, a passing shark-god took pity on the babies and transformed them into shark-gods too.

    Having known no human warmth in life, Ka'ahupahau quickly embraced the life of a man-eating shark. She killed and terrorized countless humans, becoming hated and cursed by them in turn. Her brother Kahi'uka had a gentler nature, but he felt obliged to protect Ka'ahupahau despite not condoning her actions, as she was the only person he had in the whole world. Until, a day came when everything changed.

    Ka'ahupahau came across a young girl named Papio who'd been out surfing one day. The girl came across a shrine of some flower-crowns that'd been offered to Ka'ahupahau in the hope of appeasing her ire. Innocently fascinated by the pretty weaves, Papio tried to take one for herself. Ka'ahupahau was furious at this, and went to kill the girl on the spot. But when she saw the girl's eyes, she hesitated. Papio's gaze was scared, but didn't hold any hatred towards her, unlike the other humans she'd devoured. She just asked her in a wavering but firm voice "Miss scary shark lady, why do you kill humans? Sharks killed my mama and my grandpa too, so I guess I should hate you. But instead I just want to know, why? Do you hate us that much? Did we do anything mean to you in the past?"

    Ka'ahupahau was taken aback, having no answer to the girl's innocent questions. Even though she was terrified for her own life Papio hadn't hated her, but instead made a sincere effort to understand. The shark's bloodthirst evaporated, and she ended up talking with the girl instead. Papio about her family, the taste of fruits, and the other kids at her village. She came from a poor village so it was hard to scrap by enough food to survive sometimes, but everyone did their best and pitched in to help each other when they needed it.

    Ka'ahupahau marveled at these stories. She'd never known anything about the humans she'd killed, only blaming them for abandoning her at birth. To think that humans could show warmth and kindness to each other made her question everything she knew. In turn Ka'ahupahau told her companion all about what it was like to live in the ocean. The schools of fish swimming by your face, the forests of coral and shells gleaming like gems on the seafloor. Papio was enchanted by everything the shark told her, as she'd always dreamed of living in the sea. "That's so cool Ka'ahupahau. But..." The young girl frowned, a more contemplative look crossing her features. "Can you stop killing humans? I'm glad you haven't hurt me, but I'd feel awful if you ate my dad or anyone else in my village. So please, don't kill anyone else okay?" she pleaded, big brown eyes welling up with tears.

    "I promise," Ka'ahupahau said, surprising even herself. For some reason, she just couldn't bring herself to against this girl's purehearted request.

    "Yaay!" Papio cheered, her face lighting up in a big smile.

    For the next few weeks Papio and Ka'ahupahau often met up and talked, sharing stories of their lives on land and at sea. As humans still hated and feared sharks, Papio had to sneak down to the shore early in the morning to visit her new friend in secret. Ka'ahupahau meanwhile was slowly growing weak from starvation as she wasn't used to abstaining from her usual meal of humans. But she hid her pain from Papio to avoid worrying the other girl.

    Then, tragedy struck. One day when Papio was visiting the shore as usual to see Ka'ahupahau she was attacked by an evil shark that just happened to be stalking the area. It'd taken advantage of Ka'ahupahau's weakness to encroach on her usual hunting-grounds. Ka'ahupahau arrived just in time and when she saw the evil shark about to kill Papio, something snapped inside her. She flew into a rage, all the bloodlust and aggression she'd pent up erupting outwards all at once. Ka'ahupahau savagely mauled the evil shark, ripping it to pieces with her teeth. Her mind was painted red, all thoughts drowned out in the sheer instinct to kill. And... when she regained her senses, a horrible sight confronted Ka'ahupahau.

    Papio lay skewered on her teeth, the girl's innocent face twisted in a look of pain and confusion. Ka'ahupahau must've accidentally struck her too when she was in a rage and couldn't tell friend from foe. "Ka'ahupahau..." Papio murmured, blood seeping from her mouth. Every syllable was a struggle that felt like needles were stabbing her lungs, but she was determined to get out the last words to her friend. "I... forgive you. I know you were just... trying to protect me..." Her eyes carried no hatred, only longing and sadness. "But please... promise me one last time... that you won't hate humans anymore. That you won't... hate yourself anymore. Because... I believe that someday, humans and sharks will be able to live in peace and help each other. And... you're the one I trust to carry out that future. That's why... I'm not scared..."

    The girl's voice faded to a whisper before finally flickering out of the world altogether, before Papio's eyes drifted peacefully closed for the last time. "Paaapppioooo!!!" Ka'ahuphau turned to the skies, howling out in rage and sorrow. For six days straight she wailed and thrashed in the water, mourning the life of the first human she'd ever called a friend. Then finally when Ka'ahupahau's despair dimmed to a dull ache she brought Papio's body gently out to sea, giving her an honorable "burial" beneath the waves. Over the girl's body she swore a solemn oath that'd bind her for all eternity. Never again would Ka'ahupahau stain her maw in the blood of humans. Instead, she would prey on the evil sharks that threatened them. She would protect the humans that feared and scorned her, in honor of the one girl foolish yet kind enough to worm a way into her heart.

    Having sworn that oath Ka'ahupahau swam back to rejoin the rest of her pack. She easily talked her brother Kahi'uka into joining her new path, for he was a kind person who disapproved of her slaughter of humans even before. And it wasn't long before other sharks came to follow them, either out of morals or simply sensing more reward to be gained by currying favor with the humans.

    As decades passed Ka'ahupahau and her brother came to be revered as divine protectors of mankind, with their vicious origins largely forgotten in the foam of history. But--- she would never forget. The oath she swore on that day, and the last wish of that girl who believed in her more than anything.

    For her sake alone--- Ka'ahupahau would always continue to fight.

    Ka'ahupahau is a cheerful and outgoing girl. She's eager to explore the surface world of the humans, acting almost like an excited tourist at times. Yet beyond her sunny attitude Ka'ahupahau hides a darker side to her personality. She tends to be rather shrewd and manipulative in how she treats others, including those she cares about. Ka'ahupahau is aware of her brother's codependence on her but accepts it as making him a reliable ally. She does genuinely love Kahi'uka however, and would be horrified if he got seriously hurt as a result of one of her orders.

    Ka'ahupahau also feels a deep regret and guilt over her past as a human-eating shark. She believes that her bloodthirsty impulses are still slumbering inside her, requiring constant vigilance to keep them at bay. Ka'ahupahau refuses to kill humans for any reason, no matter whether they're good or evil. It's something that goes beyond a choice, to a near-unbreakable mental compulsion she placed on herself to make sure she'd never return to being the monster of her past.

    When fighting monstrous opponents Ka'ahupahau permits herself to let off some steam and indulge her bestial side a little. In that case she reveals a more sadistic personality, licking her lips and calling her enemies "tasty crabs" in the middle of combat. Ka'ahupahau refers to these traits as a "bad habit" from her time as a man-eating shark, that she still can't bring herself to fully discard. If her Master catches her acting this way, she'll get flustered and apologize for showing such an "uncute" side of herself around them.

    Kahi'uka is almost the polar-opposite to his sister. Incredibly tall and intimidating, plus his shark-toothed grin, he gives off a yakuza-like vibe which can easily scare off others. Yet beneath that is a pacific and kindhearted man who loves small animals and places his older sister's happiness as his highest priority. Having a low opinion of his own intellect he tends to look to Ka'ahupahau for guidance on what to do next, considering her a brilliant and beautiful big sister who'd never lead him astray.

    Kahi'uka's loyalty to his other half is actually somewhat compulsive, as in the past he turned a blind eye to Ka'ahupahau's slaughter of humans even though it went against his own gentle nature. In his words "I don't care if I'm a hero or a devil. Muscleheads like me don't have the brain to worry about that kinda' stuff. As long as I can stay by Big Sis's side, I'm happy." This comes from how Ka'ahupahau was the only person he could rely on when he was abandoned from his villege and became a shark-god.


    Both halves of the pair hate the movie "Jaws" with a passion, considering it character-assassination for making all sharks out to be man-eating monsters. Bringing it up around Ka'ahupahau is a good way to start her ranting, and Kahi'uka will go out of his way to crush any copies he sees so his big sister won't have to look at them.

    Since they were born as twins, Ka'ahupahau and Kahi'uka are technically the same age. But Ka'ahupahau insists on calling herself the "big sister" anyways (despite her diminutive height), claiming that she was born a few minutes earlier. How she knows this is unclear, and it's likely she just made it up to tease Kahi'uka.

    Ka'ahupahau's hair was originally red like her brother, as red hair symbolized connection to the spirit world in Hawaiian Mythology. But the severe amount of guilt and regrets she felt after killing her friend Papio dyed it prematurely white. The color serves as yet another reminder of Ka'ahupahau's bloodstained past that sets her apart from her brother.

    Likes: crabs, flower-crowns, her brother (Ka'ahupahau)/small cute animals, watching sealife documentaries, his sister (Kahi'uka)
    Dislikes: being denied offerings, her own killing impulses (Ka'ahupahau)/hurting people, things that make Big Sis sad (Kahi'uka)/abandonment, the movie "Jaws" (both)
    Talents: shrewd planning, cuteness (Ka'ahupahau)/looking scary, crushing anything Big Sis doesn't like (Kahi'uka)/beach patrol (both)
    Natural Enemy: Mikololou

    Class Skills:

    Bastion Erection- B+
    Inherent Skill of the Gatekeeper Class. It denotes the ability to steadfastly guard a designated place. While the user remains in position, their defensive capabilities receive a significant boost. At the same time, the Skill's effects are dependent on the Gatekeeper's ability to repel invaders- should the user let intruders through, the effects of Bastion Erection will be lost.

    Both halves of Gatekeeper were revered as guardian gods of Pu'uloa, protecting it from the evil man-eating sharks that sought to prey on humans who swam and fished there. As such, the damage-reduction provided by this Skill is increased when protecting humans or fending off enemies conceptualized as "maneaters".

    Magic Resistance- B+
    Confers protection against magical effects. At this rank, spells with a chant below three verses are nullified. Even if targeted by the likes of High Thaumaturgy or Greater Rituals, it is difficult for the Servant to be affected.

    Gatekeeper wasn't known for combatting or practicing magic, favoring their brutal maws and tails in battle over anything esoteric. Even so, as sharks in their era were worshipped as powerful Divine Beasts Gatekeeper naturally obtains a great resilience to Magecraft. Due to the Servant's nature, additional protection is conferred against spells employing the water-element.

    Personal Skills:

    Combination- B
    Denotes the ability to fight on a united front with a certain person. In Gatekeeper's case, it symbolizes their eternal bond as brother and sister who defended Pu'uloa Harbor together. Ka'ahupahau would first snare evil sharks in a net made from her own body, while Kahi'uka would then smite the trapped enemies with his crushing tail.

    While their personalities may differ sharply, both sides of Gatekeeper can read each other's intentions from a glance across the battlefield and devise strategies utilizing their unique strengths. But as he doubts his own intellect somewhat, Kahi'uka prefers to listen to his older sister Ka'ahupahau's strategies rather than come up with his own. In combat Kahi'uka mostly makes himself a machine who follows the orders of his "big sis", a onesidedness that somewhat dulls their teamwork and prevents this Skill from obtaining A-rank.

    Apex Predator (Sea)- A
    A Skill crystallizing Gatekeeper's existence as the by humanity crowned "strongest predator of the seas". They exert an aura of charisma that commands terror and awe in lifeforms born of the sea. Furthermore either halves of Gatekeeper obtain abilities commonly ascribed to sharks in both myth and popular culture, such as inhuman persistence, sprouting armor-like sharkskin and the ability to track their targets by the scent of blood. Just don't bring up a "certain movie" around them or you'll regret it...

    Self-Seal- C+
    A Skill unique to Ka'ahupahau. The hatred of humans she rejected and sealed away into the deepest recesses of her being. In return for somewhat dulling her combat power, an absolute compulsion is placed on Ka'ahupahau to "never stain her maw in the blood of humans".

    She can weaken that seal in the middle of battle, gaining power by drawing on more of her bestial instincts. However the more she does this the more Ka'ahupahau risks eroding her morals and returning to the beast of destruction she once was. After all, a shark doesn't forget the taste of blood so easily.

    Big Sister's Ally- B
    Kahi'uka's unique Skill. In legend he was said to always strike down with his tail anyone who angered his big sister, Ka'ahupahau. While fighting to protect her, Kahi'uka gains a rank-up to his Strength and Agility parameters. Additionally this Skill donates Kahi'uka a form of prescience that lets him instinctively sense whenever his sister might be in danger and where she is anywhere within a 50-meter radius. Much to her chagrin, this makes him something of an overprotective little brother...

    Noble Phantasms
    Upena Akua
    Divine Capture Net

    Rank: C

    Type: Anti-Team/Support

    A Noble Phantasm belonging to the female half of Gatekeeper. Ka'ahupahau's alternate body, a divine net she used to tangle the evil sharks who invaded her harbor. Upon invoking its true name, Ka'ahupahau can unravel her body into sanctified string she can manipulate at will, either to ensnare foes or slip out of the way of attacks. Being a Divine Construct, the net is nearly unbreakable once the opponent is caught in it, requiring a Strength stat of rank B or higher to escape through force alone. However, the enemy might still slip out if they have unusual methods of movement like shapeshifting or high-speed leaping ability.

    Ka'ahupahau can also sense anything that touches her "net", making it ideal for spying. By unweaving herself over a large area she could feel out the movements and activities of all beings within it, effectively gaining localized omniscience. However the Mana cost of keeping her Saint Graph in a dispersed state means she can't fight or otherwise do much while like this until reforming herself. In battle Ka'ahupahau mainly unravels just her arm to attack with to minimize costs to herself.

    Huelo Honua
    Smiter's Earthshaking Tail

    Rank: B++

    Type: Anti-Unit~Fortress

    A Noble Phantasm belonging to the male half of Gatekeeper. Kahi'uka's namesake tail that he used to deliver smiting strikes to the evil sharks after they were caught in his sister's trusty net. Here it takes the form of a large spear Kahi'uka wields, with the blade forked to resemble a shark's tail. One half of the "tail" is blunt, fit to deliver crushing blows, while the other is incredibly sharp, able to cleave through flesh and bone with equal ease. Because of his merciful personality Kahi'uka usually prefers using the blunt end to give his opponents a good thrashing without killing them. Only if the enemy endangers his sister will Kahi'uka draw on his weapon's true power.

    As a Noble Phantasm Huelo Honua also displays a unique ability. According to legend, Kahi'uka and his sister lived in an underwater cave in Pearl Harbor. When the US navy tried to build a dry-dock over this fabled location, it collapsed in an earthquake and the skeletal remnants of a 14-foot shark were found underneath. While only a legend, it was believed that Kahi'uka's fury had brought down the dock for the hubris of building on he and his sister's home. This anecdote crystallizes into a powerful ability surrounding the spear.

    By invoking its true name and striking the tip against the ground Kahi'uka can create earthquakes. The power of these earthquakes scales based on how much Mana Kahi'uka pours into his spear. At low levels the tremors are just enough to knock down people near Kahi'uka, while at full strength he can generate an earthquake great enough to sink a whole city-block. Naturally, Kahi'uka will almost never go this far unless he's in an isolated area and can be sure no innocent civilians are caught in the area-of-effect.

    Huelo Honua's power to "sunder" also applies in a more limited form to enemies he strikes with the spear. In that case Kahi'uka can forcibly create "cracks" in the opponent's defenses, eventually allowing him to break through. The amount of "cracks" needed to fully destroy a given defense scales with its level of mystery.

    So ordinary shields and armors are shattered effortlessly, while Noble Phantasms require multiple blows to break through them depending on the rank. This passive effect expends a constant amount of Mana from Kahi'uka so he normally restrains it to avoid overexerting himself. Using the amount of force needed to break through the current defense rather than going all-out all the time.


    So after seeing all the Gawr Gura fanart up on Danbooru I started to wonder if there was another shark-girl sheet I could use her as a faceclaim for. A little bit of research lead me to Ka'ahupahau who I thought seemed interesting enough to have potential. At first I just planned on making her the Servant but then I decided it'd be more fun to include her brother too and make them a combo. I also took some artistic license with their backstory to fit with my vision of her character. Also thanks to Shiki-pon for inspiring me with his ideas for the Gatekeeper Class.

    As usual, comments and critiques would be welcome. Hope y'all enjoyed!

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    True Name: Tenjo no Usagi
    Class: Assassin
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Armament: None

    Strength: D+
    Endurance: D+
    Agility: A
    Mana: C
    Luck: A

    Class Skills

    Presence Concealment B+
    Hides one's presence as a Servant. Suitable for spying. It is possible to disappear and become extremely difficult to be detected. The rank of Presence Concealment drops considerably when preparing to attack.

    Having the subtlety to set up so many 'pranks' for her target and not be suspected, it can be assumed that a decent rank is needed. Even more is that Assassin does not receive a rank down when making use of said 'pranks'.

    Divinity D
    The measure of whether one has Divine Spirit aptitude or not. At high levels, one is treated as a mixed race of a Divine Spirit, and the level declines when the Heroic Spirit's own rank as a Monster or Demonic Beast races. It can also decrease due to one's dislike for the gods. Those who have A Rank Divinity or above have reached the Throne of Gods. It also has an effect which reduces special defensive values called "purge defense" in proportion to the Divinity's Rank. It can break through Skills such as Protection of the Faith and Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig.

    Located in the mountain where she used to dwell, there now holds a shrine dedicated to her personage. This skill is a result of that.

    Personal Skills

    Espionage A
    Espionage does not conceal one’s presence, but rather makes one's presence fail to register as hostile. This Skill causes others to misunderstand one's status, including mistaking one for a kind neighbor, a harmless pebble, or as the most beloved person

    It certainly took no time for Assassin to gain the tanuki's trust, the difficult part, really, was finding it. It may have taken a certain kind of talent to effortlessly lead around one that's part of a species known for trickery. Or maybe this particular member was an idiot.

    Torture Technique (Coincidental) A
    A uniquely suited variation of Torture Technique where one's own suffering can easily be seen as the results of circumstance or accidental movements leading to little suspicion to the source.

    From dropping a beehive to setting its back on fire, Assassin played continuous 'pranks' on the hapless tanuki without it being none the wiser to the source of its misery. Synergizes well with Espionage.

    Hereditary Lunar Arts (Lagomorph) B++
    Techniques claimed, by Assassin, to be passed down by the Jade Rabbit who took residence on the moon, when it visited the earth below. It comprises the art of making medicinal products, the pounding of mochi, and the cultivated mentality that pounding things down is, at times, the best thing to do.

    Assassin makes the most out of these, creating her (peppery) poultice and dealing the final blow to the malicious tanuki, in her quest to vengeance. Furthermore, it is at its strongest at night while the full moon is out.

    Noble Phantasm

    Kachi-kachi Yama: Karmic Retribution From The Burning Mountain
    Rank: C+
    Type: Anti-Unit

    The sparks from a pair of flint stones that herald the coming of flames. A punishment that serves as a prelude to the karmic end of the mischievous raccoon dog who had done malicious actions to an innocent family. The flames, once brought into being, are invisible to those it is targeting, with said target being only aware of its existence due to the crackling sound the flames make while they spread. Additionally, these flames raise in intensity if those hit are recognized as being Evil.

    Coincidentally, while the Yama in Kachi Kachi Yama means 'mountain', it is also an alternate name of the Enma, who is known to be the "King of Hell who judges the dead." Coupling this with the mountain where this event takes place, Mt. Tenjou which means 'Divine Aid', maybe the additional effects don't seem so odd.


    Assassin is normally a good-natured person to anyone who comes across her, allowing her to easily cooperate with others. She is also, however, an awakened sadist, due to her time 'pranking' the tanuki that ruined her friend's livelihood, who occasionally passes time setting up traps for people to experience then easily recover from. Despite her inclinations, she doesn't react well to pointless cruelty, remembering what the events of her legend were. She is a firm believer in karma but will take things into her own hands if necessary.

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    Tenjo No Usagi: Pretty good sheet. A cheerful innocent yet sadistic person who doesn't hesitate to punish those she deems "evil". Her Torture Technique (Coincidental) sounds like it'd make some amusing imagery and the invisible flames NP is simple but certainly deadly. Out of curiosity, do you have any thoughts on my Ka'ahupahau and Kahi'uka sheet above?

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    Ka'ahupahau and Kahi'uka: Other than the obligatory well done on the sheet, I can easily that they are good kids. Props to using Gura as a face claim too! Also when I first saw her brother, I thought 'oh boy, this guy might make things difficult' until I read the lore and personality sections. But again, this is an overall good sheet from what I see.

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    Class: Lancer
    True Name: Tugarin
    Alignment: Lawful Evil


    “I’ll tell you right now - I’m no good at following orders.
    If you want me to fight, just start one and count me in.
    If you want something destroyed to the high heavens, I’ll do it if I feel like it.
    If you want me to save people…
    I don’t do that anymore.”

    Gender: Female
    Height: 179 cm (counting horns)
    Weight: 69 kg
    Blood Type: Abnormal
    Voice: Tamura Yukari

    Likes: Humans, food and drink, intimacy (physical and emotional)
    Dislikes: Humanity, disguises, trickery
    Forte: Acting on her desires, living in the moment
    Weakness: Grasping human motivations

    Attribute: Earth
    Origin: Russian Folklore

    STR - C
    END - C
    AGI - A
    MGI - A++
    LCK - E
    NP - A+

    A tempestuous creature of overflowing passions, Lancer’s true identity is that of the Russian zmey-bogatyr, Tugarin. In Russian legends, bogatyr were the equivalent of knight-errants, warriors of immense power and courage who traveled Russia and defended its people from danger and outside invaders. Counting household names such as Ilya Muromets and Dobrynya Nikitich, bogatyrs were men and sometimes women who were famed and loved across the country. Parents told stories of their exploits to their children and young boys and girls wished to be like them

    The dragon Tugarin understood exactly how they felt.

    Observing humanity from outside, Tugarin was one of many zmey who occupied the Russian texture. Slow to flee to the reverse side, Zmey were often the antagonists in Russian folklore, the most famous being the Chudo-Yudo, and as their age and power rose they grew into fearsome many-headed dragons. Like her brethren, Tugarin is also best known as the enemy of a famous bogatyr… but for a time before that, she was known as the Zmey-bogatyr, the dragon hero.

    Rather than protecting the earth, or living as a dragon, Tugarin wished to protect and to be like the humans she observed living their short, difficult lives. With the power of a dragon, she could do so much, she reasoned. If she stayed with them, she could protect them. If she protected them, she could stay with them. All she had to do was find a way to blend in.

    And so the dragon made herself a knight, and by degrees, gave herself the shape of a human. She traveled the country, living out her chivalrous dream and earning a reputation as a real, honest-to-goodness bogatyr! She became more human every day, as she ate and drank and loved like a human.

    That was the root of her downfall, in the end.

    For dragons are members of the greatest species - they generate magical energy simply by breathing and devour humans simply by existing as part of the planet, having no need to eat for sustenance. They were never meant to be compatible with humans, and in seeking to become one, Tugarin introduced a fatal error into herself.

    For all her admiration of humanity, Tugarin could not fully understand their vices or desires, and the closer she came to crossing the anthropic divide, the more those passions and desires overwhelmed her. The need to eat. The desire to profligate. The urge to survive, to continue at any cost.

    Her body was no longer able to support herself by breathing alone. She now needed sleep, and food, and sources of energy in ever more vast quantities. While she loved their virtues, Tugarin was unprepared for the onset of all the weaknesses and complications inherent in being human. She became a wild danger to others, destroying crops, plundering resources, and falling from a hero into yet another monster.

    And so she became an antagonist like her brethren, the enemy of the young bogatyr Aloysha Popovich. Encountering her at a banquet held by the prince Vladimir I, Tugarin was said to act boorishly, insulting the prince and consuming entire trays of food before starting a fight with Aloysha.

    In the duel that followed, Aloysha would slay the dragon through a combination of wit, disguise, and martial skill, cutting out her heart and putting an end to her menace. Even when she took to the sky on wings of flame, Aloysha’s prayers and faith brought rain to extinguish her flames, forcing them to battle on equal footing so he could overcome her.

    Stories of her own exploits would be lost and forgotten as Aloysha’s grew in fame - and why not? She was no longer the hero she dreamed of being, but the hero’s stepping stone, playing out exactly the role she belonged to all along.

    A self-centered villain rightfully stopped by the kind of hero she once admired.


    Most of all, Lancer is ravenously, violently hungry. She wants to be around people, but she hungers for blood and touch and the heat of a yielding body. She wants to eat with people, but she can not maintain her manners and devours food like a starved beast. She wants to make humans’ lives better, but she is three steps shy of becoming a curse upon their land and livelihood.

    That is Tugarin near the end of her life. No longer able to support her own existence, overwhelmed by the competing urges and contradictory desires of humanity, she is manifest near the tipping point between “Tugarin the Zmey-Bogatyr” and “Zmey Tugarin,” the monstrous enemy of Aloysha.

    She is quick to anger, acts on all of her worst impulses without a second thought, and can be likened to a Berserker when in battle, displaying a joy for battle and acts of violence!or conquest. The same is also true in bed - she is fundamentally the type to take, voicing and acting on her lusts without consideration or restraint. It is difficult for even a master she likes to reign her in, and all but impossible for one she dislikes.

    Still, she admires beauty, and noble convictions, and kindness, and does her best to respond in kind. What remains of her honor as a bogatyr will not permit her to allow cruelty or deceit by others, even if she struggles to show self-control herself. In many ways, she has a childish mentality that loves values she lacks the maturity and restraint to show herself.

    This is a digression, but it is said that when Aloysha killed the dragon Tugarin, he was approached by Prince Vladimir’s wife, the princess Apraksevna, who reproached him for taking away her “dear friend.” Given her presence at Vladimir’s court, it is said Tugarin had seduced the princess, and yet…

    If asked, Lancer considers her an old friend and the one person she would absolutely not take to bed, and she seems to consider her affection for the princess a matter beyond her passions and desires. She was someone to talk to, to dream with, and to protect…

    But even at her lowest point, that was a line she did not cross.

    Class Abilities:
    Magic Resistance
    Rank: A-
    Protection against magical effects. At this rank, due to the dragonic blood still flowing through her veins, Lancer may cancel spells of A-Rank or below, no matter what High-Thaumaturgy it is. In practice, the Servant is untouchable to modern magi, so it would not be an exaggeration to title the Servant a "Magus Killer". However, if it is water in nature...

    Personal Skills:
    Anthropic Modification
    Rank: EX
    An extreme form of Self-Modification with the intent of transforming one's body and features into another race. Rather than approaching the form of a dragon by swallowing a dragon's heart, Lancer performs the same technique in the opposite direction, seeking to become human through consumption and assimilation of human things.

    While she still retains the heart, lungs, and spiritual organs of a dragon, Lancer successfully molded her body in life to take on increasingly human attributes and vices. Thanks to her lingering dragonic attributes, she retains the blood of a dragon and a dragonic reactor core, but her body is otherwise physiologically identical to a human’s in its current form.

    Mana Burst (Flame)
    Rank: B
    A skill representing the increase in performance caused by infusing one's weapons and body with Magical Energy and instantly expelling it. Simply put, it recreates the effect of a jet burst by expending large amounts of Magical Energy. In the case of this skill, it imparts a flame effect by releasing the fiery mana from Lancer’s lungs and core. This skill may be used to wreathe her weapon in flames, coat her body or a steed in fiery materialized magical energy, manifest wings of flame, and so forth.

    As a dragon, Tugarin would have had this skill at a level far exceeding the scope of a Servant’s saint graph, and its original rank was B+++. However, as she became more and more “human”, the rank of this skill scaled down accordingly as her dragon reactor and spiritual organs became less compatible with her human body. With time, the organs grew more unstable due to defects and incompatibility with her body, causing her physical pain and a corresponding reduction in performance. Where she was once able to generate vast amounts of mana simply by breathing, the energy she now produces is unstable and uneven, emerging in violent and fiery gasps.

    As a Heroic Spirit, Lancer is manifest at a time not that far off from her encounter with Aloysha, and the blazing glow in her chest reveals the instability of the organs and power within.

    She fights liberally with this skill to vent her own energy in an attempt to stabilize its throes, but even with regular venting and periods of heavy consumption, her body is hot to the touch almost everywhere.

    Fallen Demon
    Rank: A
    A Skill given to mystical beasts and fallen ones - specifically, those of a man-made demonic nature, unattainable through natural means. Due to one’s reputation with humans, her Saint Graph is elevated beyond the limits of humanity, retaining a higher percentage of her power as a phantasmal species. In particular, it improves defense power, resistance against abnormal status, and so forth, though the ability slightly falls short to Natural Monster.

    Noble Phantasm(s):
    Tugarin-Zmeya - Great Dragon of Flame
    Type: Anti-Army
    Rank: A+
    A Noble Phantasm representing Lancer's original self and the manifestation of her full power as a Servant. Zmey were the colloquial name for dragons in Russia, with the number of their heads indicating their power and constitution. Unusual among them was Tugarin-Zmeya, the Zmey-Bogatyr, the dragon who strived to live as a knight.

    Similar to the many-headed dragon of a certain Slavic hag, Lancer's true form is that of a powerful, terrifying zmey, although in truth she may be said to be a child or teenager of the same breed compared to her elder, and she has not reached an age where her power is sufficient to manifest additional heads.

    By sealing and unwinding her Anthropic Modification skill, Lancer may regress towards her original form, a colossal dragon capable of releasing fiery dragon breath equal to her constitution. It is easy for her to match even an A-Rank Noble Phantasm in pure power output in this way, releasing a torrent of magical flame sufficient to
    set an entire city ablaze.

    However, while Lancer has conflicted feelings about abandoning her human guise, her defective internal organs can no longer maintain this form for a long period of time. Not only would the sheer power needed to invoke this Noble Phantasm drain most modern magi in an instant, it also causes severe damage to Lancer herself in order to maintain it, forcing her to run massive amounts of magical energy through the equivalent of clogged, corroded arteries.

    Thus, when using this Noble Phantasm, Lancer ordinarily limits herself to brief acts of self-modification, reverting a limb or claw, or manifesting armored scales in anticipation of an incoming attack.

    If she manifests her full form, it means only one thing:

    The end has come to her childhood farce, whether it be at the hands of another or to protect something worth ending her “human” life for.

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    Tugarin: I feel like this is the best sheet of the guy I've seen on this forum by far. You really nailed the tragedy of her character, where she desperately wanted to become a hero yet fell to the level of a monster precisely because of that admiration. The hint of a relationship with Apraksevna is fascinating story-wise (really curious how they met and how they could be fleshed out) and I love the flavor of her Mana Burst Skill with her body being constantly hot and having to discharge flames to keep her composure. Her NP is fairly straightforward compared to other Tugarin sheets I've seen (including the one I did myself), what with just transforming into her dragon form and all, but it works and you added some good flavor-text of it being an "ultimate last-resort" for her.

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    Tugarin: You have Valstrax represent her Dragon. 10/10 sheet right there.

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    @Royd: The NP is probably the weaker part, that's true... She's very high-performance in her default state given her parameters and constant Mana Burst (with the MGI and reactor to back it up), so I might have underclocked the NP a bit. It's a very large one-time burst since she can cause a huge amount of damage as a berserk dragon before she self-destructs, but fundamentally she never wants to use it.

    It's probably the less interesting part of the sheet, but given there are so few stories about her, I ended up leaning more on the concept and personal skills I guess. The NP of the other takes are definitely more imaginative, I think!

    She was intended as a one-off sheet, but one I grew rather fond of, I admit.

    Some small additional trivia:
    - The "Tugarin" name most likely isn't a name she was born with. Given the contested etymology of her name with Tugar-Khan and association as a stand-in for Steppe people, my headcanon is she got slapped with that name as a way to slander the Steppe people as monstrous by association, but she kept the name any way because she was just happy to have a "human" name given to her by humans.

    - She doesn't respect the trickery Aloysha used in their battle, but she respects/admires him for killing her all the same. It's still a grand human accomplishment and if she was pressed to admit it, she doesn't hate him for doing it - on the contrary, w-well, it was admirable and looked really cool, so... *cough*

    - This is vaguely alluded to in her NP text, but by dragon standards, she's not much older than a whelp or young teenage dragon pup. In a way, her lack of impulse control is also a result of that age as well as the incompatibility with humanity - she started off as the dragon equivalent of a kid playing dress-up as a knight, so no wonder she was unprepared for the complications of adult human life.
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    Best dragon.

    You nailed the themes, mechanics, interpretation of the character. Loved every part.


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    No fire snakes coming out of her body / 10.

    Seriously, though, that is a really good sheet, Sunny! A character interesting enough I'd want to read stories about her.
    My fanfics:
    The Gift (F/SN): The last duel between Cú Chulainn and Scáthach.
    Passion Acknowledged (F/SN): Shinji X Shirou lemon
    He Was a Good King (F/SN): Was Beowulf a good king?
    A Fairy Tale of Love and Death (F/SN): A meeting between Scáthach and King Hassan.
    Palingenetic Descension (Tsukihime): The origin of the Tohno family's hybrid nature.

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    Happy Halloween everyone. A strange year it is when running around on this day without a mask is scarier than with.

    Duo of Dissonance

    Ascension Stage 1

    Ascension Stage 2

    Ascension Stage 3


    "Hello Master, Servant class Archer. My name is Florence Foster Jenkins, the greatest opera singer the world has ever seen! I will give you the best show you can imagine, I guarantee it Master!"
    "Pleased to meet you Flor…who's there? Show yourself!"
    "How can that…I am sorry, but that is…he is my partner…we… we work together…I…"
    "Florence? Are you okay?"
    "Eh what? Oh you are the one in charge here i suppose? Let me introduce myself! I am Foreigner Lady Florence Foster Jenkins! I am sure you have heard of me, everyone by now should know the greatest singer of the 20th century! And this here is my Mas…-I mean friend Erich. He is a man of few or rather no words at all. He prefers to listen to me, who can blame him, right? Yohahahah."

    Class: Foreign Archer
    Other Classes (If Applicable): Archer, Avenger
    True Name: Florence Foster Jenkins
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Place of Origin: Historical Fact, America


    STR: E
    END: E
    AGI: E
    MGI: D
    LCK: C

    Height: 164cm
    Weight: 78kg
    Likes: her music, art, piano, bringing joy with her singing, fashion
    Dislikes: criticism, silent audience
    Talent: making people laugh, piano, "singing"
    Natural Enemy: the press
    Attribute: Earth
    Armament: a microphone, black cello
    Catalyst: tickets or articles for/about her performance in Carnegie Hall


    Happy, delirious, arrogant, lovely. There were many words that described this flamboyant lady, but "good singer" wasnt one of them. Florence is known in history books as the worst opera singer ever. Despite or because of exactly that questionable talent of not holding rhythm, pitch or tone even if her life depends on it made her famous and popular in buzzling New York City. During her musical career she performed on several private stages and kept delirious of her infamous reputation as laughing stock, blocking any criticism as simple envy of others and preventing potential critics from even visiting her shows. Her life was good, she was able to do what she loved for the last three decades since she started her musical career in her fourties. But then she gave in and agreed to perform in front of the public for all viewers to hear. Critics, newspapers, people who wanted to mock the cult figure, all flocked to her last and most magnificent performance, her magnum opus. Lady Florence, in her golden years, age 76, performed splendidly. Full of energy she sang with all her might, all her passion, all her love, all her very being. Never did she put that much heart into her act before, because she knew it would be the last time she could grace the world with her alluring voice before retirement. She left the stage exhausted, but happy, with the brighest smile as she just sang the most beautiful opera the world has ever heard.
    The Lady woke up in the next morning, excited to see the newspaper and how they would praise her last show…

    "Lady Florence indulged last night in one of the weirdest mass jokes New York has ever seen."

    "Mrs. Jenkins has a great voice. In fact, she can sing everything except notes ... Much of her singing was hopelessly lacking in a semblance of pitch, but the further a note was from its proper elevation the more the audience laughed and applauded."

    "The funniest, saddest of all concerts"

    "The blissful dowager on the platform seemed completely unaware that 3000 persons were laughing at her - not politely mind you, but uproariously and in gales"

    "The most pathetic exhibition of vanity i have ever seen""
    "...hopelessly lacking..."
    "...Audience laughed..."

    "Am I really...such a pathetic singer?"

    …something in her shattered that morning. For years she and her friends upheld the believe she was a great opera singer, a diva with a wonderful voice that brings joy to the hearts of people.
    The critical reception crushed her feelings, broke her golden heart and shattered the strong defences of her ego. The shining smile of the charismatic lady vanished from the face of our earth..and should soon be replaced by a sinister smile of something from the core of a dark dimension. The evening of October 25th 1944 would start the countdown of her final days.
    Unbeknownst to her and others, her bizarre tones, grotesque melodies, unfathomable rhythms and strange voice did not just make waves in the Carnegie Hall or in the press. Far, far from the skyline of New York, far from the shores our solar system or the coast of our galaxy, her act found an audience that should never have listened.
    For the next few days she was depressed and without joy for life or music. The only thoughts that swirled through her mind were

    "Am i truly such a terrible singer?" "Did everyone lie to me?" "Why did i embarass myself for decades?" "How can those people be so cruel?" "Was i wrong?"
    "Am i…pathetic?"

    These questions haunted her and kept her awake during the night from the 30th to 31st of October.
    To her surprise somebody answered…

    "No you are not."

    in a voice that was both beautiful and terrifying, soothing her troubled mind as if all her doubts were melting into black mud.

    From the shadows of her room an elderly man appears with large bulging eyes and long nose. Without moving his lips and with a ghastly smile he assured her

    "You have a wonderful talent. They were just not ready to hear your splendid voice. I am the only one who truly sees the wonder that is your singing. Together we can create art, which carries beyond this world and will reach the gods themselfs, so they shall adore you too!"

    His eyes start glowing and his gaze pierces her very soul. There Florence could feel how that man picked up her broken pieces and rearranged them to a much superior melody...

    "Lady Florence allowed us last night to indulge in the most breathtaking performance New York has ever seen."

    "Mrs. Jenkins has the greatest voice. In fact, she can sing everything ... All of her singing showed, that compared to her all others were hopelessly lacking in a semblance of pitch ... her proper elevation made the audience cheer and applaude."

    "The most beautiful, saddest of all concerts. Please dont let it be her last!"

    "The tremendous dowager on the platform seemed completely unaware that 3000 persons were in awe of her - not mildly mind you, but uproariously and in gales they cried at such incredible talent"

    "The most perfect exhibition of modesty i have ever seen. Lady Florence is perfect.""

    "They really do love me."

    She now understands that her work was just the earthly prelude to her cosmic sonata, that shall reach even beyond the heavens. And humanity…was just an unworthy audience.

    Those close to Lady Jenkins will report that on the last day of October she was finally able to relax.
    And her love for music returned stronger than ever. She also felt inclined to search for inspiration, as she herself wanted to create a new sonata, that is worthy only for her glorious voice. She was seen that day, on October 31st, in a New Yorker music sheet store, shopping, frantically looking through the sheets of past masters. Upon finding one particular unfinished sheet from a certain Russian composer she suffered a heart attack. Her doctor theorized it was due to the exhausting performance days prior or maybe the crushing criticism or maybe even deep in the labyrinth of her psyche she wished that her biggest greatest act should be her last legendary performance. But she seemed revitalized that morning and to have fully recovered from the cruel rendition of her divine talent. Could that really be the case? If it was just her aging body or perhaps the Counter Force itself to prevent the dark potential she acquired to fully blossom is up to debate. But in the end she wasnt able find those sheets again. For the rest of her last days after her heart attack she remained bedridden. But she did not lose her ability to sing. At night she would create her own music and sing…not many would ever hear it, but her voice sounded…even more strange than usual. She was gifted in that night by the foreign god and gained artificial magic circuits in her throat. Lady Jenkins learned to use them and it culminated in her first success. After singing the first part of her Magnum Opus, The Opera for the Dark God, on 7th November 1944, she was able to disturb the hymn of the world enough to create small rifts across the globe. Most were too small and insignificant, but there were at least two that were big enough to let foreign horrors into our world. One was an airborne monster and appeared in Serbia, which attacked Russian and American Air Forces. After the incident it was agreed by both sides to rather claim they misidentified the other for Germans instead of claiming to have fought an alien thing, in fear no one would believe them anyways.
    The other rift opened near Hokkaido, Japan and let in a handful of maritime humanoids, which attacked a submarine and led to the sinking of the USS Albacore.

    Her long time partner and manager claimed that on their last interaction she pointed to her briefcase and said to him "I am leaving everything to you.".
    That is not entirely true, she pointed into an empty corner of the room and mumbled "I leave everything to you." as the mysterious old man from that night vanished into thin air. Two days later, on November 26th 1944, Florence Foster Jenkins took her last feeble breath. On her lips a strange smile, as if she was waiting for this moment.
    After her soul left this realm and the world started to construct a wraith for her, the man gained access to it due to their shared contract and was able to bide his time with it. Manipulating her Spirit Origin enough for her to become a Heroic Spirit. After that he released her Origin back to the root and waited patiently for the day to come when she was to be summoned for the right time…

    In the end her bizarre tones, grotesque melodies and unfathomable rhythms were not made for human ears, but for ears far more sinister and far away. Her dissonant performances reached the far ends of dimensions and attracted the attentions of eldritch musicians that took a liking to her unique talent and invited her to the darkest court in all existence and beyond. Together with a mysterious musician, the mute viol player Erich Zann, they form the strange Duo of Dissonance.

    Class Skills

    Divinity D
    The level of one's aptitude as a Divine spirit. After becoming partner with the entity she met in the night to Halloween, she gained a part of their divine power, granting a low rank in it.

    Existence Outside the Domain B
    A Skill inherent to the Foreigner Class, asserting one's existence outside of time and reality. Foreigner is partially resistant to physical and mental damage, as her true self exists far beyond the reality perceivable by humans. This defense can be bypassed if the attacker themselves is connected to "something beyond man", like by possessing the Divinity Skill.
    While both entities which empower her are mighty in their own right, they are just considered "servants" of beings of greater power.

    Insanity C
    A Mental Pollution-like skill gained from contacting an evil god that can easily erode the fragile common sense and morals of humans. However, the main qualification for the Foreigner class is to defy this erosion, either by maintaining their integrity as they descend into madness, or instead of being consumed by madness, they consume the madness itself.
    Foreigner invited the madness and fueled her to keep the delusion of her talent alive.

    Independent Action -
    The ability to remain independent even when rejecting theMagical Energysupply from one's Master; the ability that allows for action even in the absence of the Master.
    This skill has been sealed or is unavailable. Servant does not react to questions regarding that.

    Magic Resistance C+
    Grants protection against magical effects. Cancel spells with a chant below two verses. Cannot defend against magecraft on the level ofHigh-ThaumaturgyandGreater Rituals. Foreigner has a remarkable resistance against music-related magic.
    If not for her own Resistance to Music Magecraft it would be denoted as Magic Resistance (False). She is neither a true magus, nor did she ever encounter magic before meeting her benefactor that one night. Her Resistance during battle comes from the protection she enjoys from Erich.

    Personal Skills

    Maddening Symphony A - A mesmerizing-kind of skill, that grants plus modifiers when exercising music related magecraft and the ability to inflict madness and chance to lower the AGI stat upon every being unfortunate enough to hear the sounds of the user. Comes with a low rank in Charisma. To avoid suffering from this skill one has to be blessed by an Outer Entity of equal or higher standing or has lost the gift of hearing. Those with high Magic Resistance may withstand the horrid tones of Foreigner.

    A frightening skill that Foreigner can use to attack and defend herself. Her singing acts as a Mental Attack against enemies and civilians. Listeners who fail the Resistance check (Magic Resistance under rank C) are driven slowly but surely to madness by the absurd sounds Foreigner produces, but still feel inclined to listen to them. Even when foes can avoid the effects of her voice on themselfs, they have to deal with the civilians she attracted with her concert, making them to dancing and laughing fools following her demands for simple tasks.
    But dont be fooled, not all of them enjoy it. While many are directly driven to euphoric madness, some resist that urge, but fall victim to the disruption of their "Musica Humana", the inner sound of humans, that keep body and soul in harmony. Her tones influence that music and let them lose control over the movements of their body, making them move like mad dancers. They are now suffering from Choreomania, the dance sickness, that was infamous, especially during the middle ages. If they didnt fall into madness from her singing, they will do when they are slaves to their own bodies. Even Servants can be affected by it to some degree. They may resist the worst case scenario of being unable to control their body, but the music can still disturb their own inner music and slow down their reaction time.
    As her benefactor plays for the court of things beyond our comprehension, her artistic talent is made for those beings. Therefore Servants with Existence Outside the Domain of rank C or higher are unaffected or even find it pleasant.

    "See them chant and frolick to my music, what a wonderful sight! You know the music is great when the audience cant stop laughing from excitement! Erich, keep up with my tempo, lets make them dance to an even finer tune!"

    "Dance little puppet! How does it feel to not be in control anymore, huh?"

    Mana Burst (Music) C
    This skill is the increase in performance by infusing ones voice or musical instrument with Magical Energy and instantly expelling it as sound. It is a variation of Mana Burst (Wind) that is limited to the voice of the owner and sound of instruments they use.

    The main way for Foreigner to attack. She imbues her voice with Mana and can emit sound waves that act as blasts of wind, able to blast holes though walls with ease or high frequency waves that are able to burst eardrums and shatter glass. Erich can attack with this skill as well, infusing his black violoncello with mana, he can create cutting blades of sound, that have enough impact to decapitate normal humans.

    "As one of the greatest opera singers of her time it is only proper to have an outstanding control over your voice. I think in your termonology you could say the audience having a BLAST listening to me incorporated as a skill YOHAHAHAHA…"

    "Come Erich, show those culture banauses that music can be a cut throat business…"

    Protection of the Music God E
    It usually makes it possible to distinguish all kinds of sounds and play a masterful music performance…
    well that is not possible for Foreigner. She may know vaguely how famous pieces of art are supposed to sound, but she is unable to replicate the intended way of performing. It is best to ignore that she has it.
    (Foreign) EX
    Denotes the owner of this skill as an exceptional performer for the "ears" of Outer Gods.
    It is so outstanding that Foreigner was granted a Blessing by her benefactor and gained artificial magic circuits in her throat that allow her the ability to exercise music magecraft.

    "What do you mean it is Rank E? E stands for Excellence, right? Of course it does, your smile tells me everything, darling."

    "Told you...Talent can be a curse sometimes."

    Noble Phantasm 1

    Dark Demonic Angel of Music
    Fleeting Echo of the Flautist of Horror, Tru'Nembra

    "Look at my adorable friend here. Isn't he cute? Dances around like a little child when I sing. It brings me the greatest joy to watch him play around. And he is so helpful as well! He is like a walking gramophone!"

    "Play his death cry again, little one…wonderful. Let's see if the next one can hit a higher note."

    A being of swirling, visible sound, permanently playing ghastly tones and dancing maddenly to an unearthly melody. It seems to consider sounds as nourishment and "feeds" on them, growing the louder the environment is. In combat it lowers the opponents ability to resist mental interferences, like that of their music, and protects her from attacks. It too has the Mana Burst (Music) skill, its full potential is unknown, but it is sure to have a higher rank than Foreigner herself. It can part into several smaller pieces.
    It has the ability to record sounds and replay them whenever it is commanded too. Some sounds it can reproduce only one time, some several times. It is not clear what the conditions are to replay it multiple times, but it is theorized echoes play a part in it. This ability can be used to replay previous performances of Foreigner when she is unable to or provide background tunes to currently unavaiable instruments. Darker uses are to let it split up and record enemy voices and replay them to lure their allies into a trap. It can even wrap itself around the foe and they are forced to listen to the vortex of tones that it harbours inside. No one dared so far to eavesdrop the inner cacaphony of that strange thing, but enemies who were victim to it had their mind broken…and their face almost ripped of.
    During combat that thing can drive itself into a frenzy, could target allies and even ignores some commands of Foreigner. When that happens the usually smiling Erich then starts to look grim, reaches for his back and takes out an instrument, something that looks undescribable and can only be akined to perhaps a drum. Playing it blares out a deep and intimidating tone, that instantly calms down the living Echo or reigns him in. Afterwards, Erich looks like always, creepy, smiling, playing his cello.
    Still, it is their favourite audience and singing partner. Foreigner seems to be one of the few mortals to appreciate it's strange performance as the vaguely humanoid figure dances around her and it is the only being that truly appreciates her voice.
    It is actually summoned by Erich and when not in combat or dancing in insane rhythms, it is housed in the body of Erich's instrument. The identity of said being is a projection of Tru'nembra, the flautist from the horrible court of the foolish god of another dimension.

    Noble Phantasm 2

    Music of the Spheres
    Final Opera for the Dark God

    "Hear the muffled maddening sound of the vile viol and the thin monotous whine of accursed flutes of my friends and listen to my otherworldly glorious voice that even the Gods adore!
    Ymg' ilyaa n'gha llll ymg' ahlloigazath ya!
    My song shall rise to the depths of the universe, oh hear you gods, this is for you!
    Music of the Spheres! Musica Inhumana! Opera for the Dark God!"

    Even the ancient greeks knew every astral object has a distinct and unique sound they make, their own special hymn, even the earth. It is usually silent to the normal ear, but it is essential to any living thing residing on that planet or star. If this sacred melody is disrupted, the nature is as well. Disrupt the humming of the world and environment is out of control. That is what the Duo of Dissonance does. They perform their strangest opera, their bizarre Magnum Opus, driving listeners to madness, cursing them and disrupting the earthly melody, causing catastrophes that act as background music to their opera of doom. The earth starts to quake and grants the performance an eery bass; the sea starts rising parallel to the tempo; the sky darkens and lightning zaps to the beat, burning the celebrating maniacs to a crisp as they cheer the end of the world; ley-lines become unstable and start leaking out to the surface, looking like the Northern Lights fell down to the ground.
    The stage is set for the Angel of Music to start his performance. Seemingly feeding upon the sounds of his masters, it grows to a tornado of lingering notes, lifting the crowd into the sky and let them fall down to the ground like the petals at the end of Foreigner's acts. During the performance a rift in the sky starts to open and invites an even bigger crowd. In pour low daemons from another realm and "dance" with the audience in blood-red pirouttes, clenched at their necks. The longer the show goes on, the bigger the rift and the more dangerous it becomes for our reality. Only the awful song of Foreigner and the screeching noises of Erichs viol are in your ears - at first, but slowly some other noises are mixed in from above. From far away you hear tones similar to drums, just much more brutal and terrifying and flutes that sound like the death cries of entire worlds. The rift that opens is a gateway to the court of the Daemon Sultan, the sinister concert hall of the true Tru'Nembra and of Skarl. Should Foreigner be allowed to sing her entire performance, the rift will be big enough to let the world hear the entire orchestra of the Evil Gods and spread the madness over the entire globe. And then, if all the crazed masses sing with her, maybe the slumberer awakes…

    That is the power of music so foul, so grotesque, so vile, that even the earth itself stops for a second and forgets to prevent calamities and foreign interferencesto occur. During the time the Music of Spheres is active, the correctional forces of the world are disrupted. Therefore the amount of magical energy Servants take from their master is reduced drastically, certain mystical events last longer and so on, making it a double edged sword as enemies can use this time period for potentially stronger attacks without the correctional forces weighing on them. Servants of the class Foreigner with Existence Outside the Domain get a rank up in all stats during the song. The higher the rank, the better the effect for them. As the target of the NP are not the foes directly, but the world itself it can be considered Anti-World.
    Even servants who are deaf are still affected by the effects following the disruption, because the holy hymn of the planet influences everyone born on it. Besides the physical consequences, the Noble Phantasm is an unavoidable Mental Interference attack with varying effect, from sheer panic to an uncomfortable feeling, the spectrum can be filled completely. Most Servants will still be able to fight on, only weak Masters may be a problem.
    If the NP is interrupted the correctional forces kick in again, the nature calms down and the rift closes rapidly. The weak daemons who couldnt flee back into the rift are then to be killed of. The Opera severely strains Foreigner's throat. If she doesnt succeed, she is likely unable to fight by herself, being even more reliant on Tru'Nembra's Echo and Erich.
    The usually smiling Erich then starts to rise and gives Foreigner a dark and disappointed gaze. From the depths of Erich's cello a dark voice, frightening, yet beautiful, can be heard saying "...Pathetic..." Foreigner then trembles in fear and starts pleading

    "Erich, please forgive me! I will become better…ouch…I promise next time I am able to handle the ritual! Please…Master Skarl…"

    For your imagination

    Little Ones's final form

    The falling petals

    Entrance of the audience


    Florence: She mostly keeps her distance and attacks with her Mana Infused voice, taking on a rather passive role as she lets her companions do the work for her.

    Avatar of Tru'Nembra: Uses wind and sounds to attack. Their gusts are effective enough to block weapons of servants. It's fighting capability is comparable to high tier Servants and is the biggest threat among the three fighters that make up Foreigner. It can part itself into three seperate, smaller beings to fight from several sites.

    Erich: He mostly sits on his stool and plays his violoncello to provide the music for Florence' ghastly tones. If needed he provides support by forming blades of compressed sound from his bow by playing his instrument. If enemies start attacking Erich, he just quickly and almost mockingly evades. His parameter are unknown, but it is at least A in Agility, because it is extremely hard to catch him. When Florence is in danger of losing or is vulnerable, Erich will finally stand up and protect her. He does not actively attack, he blocks any incoming attack with his bow or viol and body blocks hits to prevent harm from Florence. At moments like this it is revealed how high his Endurance parameter is.

    Lady Florence is...eccentric. She loud, she proud, she doesnt know what the heck she talking about. Oblivious about her infamous reputation as the worst songstress, like during life time, she compares herself to the greatest singers in her craft. Criticism is envy, mocking laughter is roaring applause and bad reviews are non-existent. She loves what she does and despite her overt pride and belittling of critics, to all others she is a caring person. Despite her not realizing why the audience is laughing, she does know they do and she uses that to bring joy to the world. Her voice was bad, but she was still loved by the public as a great entertainer and made even the most sophisticated upper class gentlemen people forget manners and roar in laughter. She sang in radio shows as well, countless tired soldiers who had seen death vistas during the war finally had a good laugh and alleviated their suffering for at least a little while. One good known line came from a young soldier "I have lost my left leg during the Battleof Quadalcanal…but Lady Florence makes me happy to be alive."
    She is a talented pianist as well, offering piano lessons before she started her singing career and even performing as a young prodigee for the president. That encourages her to teach others the art of music.
    She also had a peculiar taste in fashion. She changed her outfit several times during performances, regardless how small the audience. She is most famous for her big angel wings she donned while she was hanging from the ceiling. Her extravagant style is not for everyone, as it consists of many shiny and moving things, that make her look rather silly.She also loved to throw flowers and their petals into the audience to ornate her acts. If she had to do an encore, her partners had to collect all the flowers from the ground so she can throw them around again.
    Like with many Foreigner Servants, with increasing influence from the Existence Outside the Domain, she too changes her demeanor. For her she becomes more…selfaware in a sense. She starts to make references to her bad voice and shows a sense of bloodlust against anyone that openly shows her disdain for her music. She mentions a hate for humanity in general, as they mocked an old lady into the hands of a monster and therefore her own death. That illuminates a bit what she thinks of her situation. Her bright attitude deteriorates into a demeaning arrogance towards others.
    She then makes actively use of her "Musica Humana" attack and loves to see the victims drive themselfs mad. Her style changes too, her usually bright colors are replaced by a simple black dress. Her famous angelic wings changed to black and make her look like a Fury.

    Relationships and Quotes

    "Stare into the sun too long and you go blind. Ironic, the most beautiful thing to look at does this to you.
    No wonder people go deaf after hearing me sometimes, Yohahahaha."

    "What hidden skill? Oh you surely mean my Shapeshift (Outfit) skill? Yeah i wonder why you cant see it, but i can change my outfit any time. A woman of my standing cant allow herself to be seen in the same garment for too long!"

    "Care for an encore? You have no choice anyways."

    "Your screams are perfect background music. As thanks I shall sing on your funeral."

    Mozart: "I just performed for the greatest composer in history! Amadeus Mozart himself! My singing of Eine kleine Nachtmusik moved him to tears. Take that, you cheap haters!"
    *meanwhile in Mozarts room* "HAHAHAHAHA I CANT ANYMORE HAHAHAHA OH MY STOMACH, I JUST CANT AHAHAHAHAH" *rolling on the carpet*

    Salieri: "Oh by the way, I forgot to mention, there was that strange man secretly listening to my performance for Amadeus recently. He suddenly transformed to a red beast and wanted to charge at me while singing, but apparently the security held him back. Here, it is an autograph of mine, he shall have it, he surely wanted one, but I cant give piano lessons to all of my fans."

    Yan Guifei: "You just missed the opportunity to listen to a world premiere! Lady Florence sang for the first time in Chinese! YOHAHAHA! I did not know what I sang, but I performed it per excellence! The young Yang Guifei gave me the text, that kind girl even translated the lyrics for me and played the bee-waah to it! It was such a refreshing experience, how could I miss the chance to expand my glory to the far-east? I know the people of the east are a bit more reserved and dont cheer loudly like my fellow Americans, but I hope they show me that serene smile like she did."

    Thomas Edison: "I just had the honor of performing for the President - no all the Presidents of the United States! That is my second time performing for the president! How wonderful, a glory they couldnt enjoy during their lifetime, now they had the chance. I never sang for a great white lion, mind you. I could see how his wild mane stood up, thats a lion equivalent tp goose bumps, right?"

    Elizabeth Bathory: "Oh there you are! Here have this. You will have the best seat right at the front row! Be punctually, seee youuuu~"
    "What is this all about? Oh a flyer. HEEEEH? Concert of Florence Foster Jenkins and Elizabeth Bathory?! Did they…did they really book a whole stadium? But…how…WHY?"

    Carmilla: "This Carmilla seems to have a problem with me. Try me, I shall give you a taste of your own medicine"

    Iskandar: *Loudly laughs and applaudes during her performance*"Hahaha, splendid. So what if her singing is terrible? A good performance is not solely dependent on the voice! She brings joy in her own unique way. I heard during her life she sang for soldiers and helped them laugh again. What more does it need for her to be respected?! I would glady invite her to sing for my Ioniai Hetairoi! WAHAHA! Encore, Lady!"

    Blackbeard: *foolishly dances and claps to her music* "I am not sure if is doing this by himself or he failed the Resistance Check…"

    Li Shuwen (Old): "Master, please spare me a moment. It is about Lady Jenkins or rather about her companion. I feel great danger from that man named Erich. It seems to be like a massive amount of Yin poured over a good amount of Yang. What I mean is, he is even more mysterious than we might think."

    Yagyu Munenori: "Beware, Master. The man named Erich Zann is dangerous. You surely know that yourself. He seems older than me, but he is as agile as me. As a normal musician? And his movement are rather peculiar. As if a sword is perfectly swung, but by the wrong wielder. Please be careful around him."

    Paracelsus: "Mysterious…Ahh Master. Apologize my mumbling. I was wondering about that Elemental of Lady Jenkins and Mr. Zann. I observed them and couldnt help but wonder…if we can even say that thing is an Elemental. It at least doesnt work like any Elementals I can create and it's movements are too sharp. It is either a new category I am not aware of or they are superior to my own abilites. I am sorry Master, I have much to improve."

    So who is Erich Zann?
    Erich Zann was an elderly musician that played at a cheap orchestra in the city. As a young student found out, he played at night perfect, but unearthly music on his violoncello. The fascinated youth witnessed his nocturnal symphony, but one night he heard him scream. He then visited the elder and Erich offered to write a written explanation of the circumstances he is in. But he was interrupted by a low, but intended sound from outside the mysterious window, the student was never able to look out of. The musician then started to frantically start playing his instrument in horrific fashion, as if he tries to keep something out. Still a mocking sound echoes through the window in form of a powerful gust of wind. That unnatural, almost sentient howling wind carried the written notes out. Trying to catch them, the young men was able to finally look out of the window. Instead of the night sky and the city lights he saw a black void of infinite chaos. Panicked he wanted to safe Erich, but he just found him dead - still playing his instrument. He ran out of the room, the house, the street, the entire neighborhood…and never found it anywhere again.
    Erich was an musical magician and was one of the last strongholds against the dark forces from a foreign realm. After the student left, the entity called Skarl demanded from Tru'Nembra, the wind that attacked the two, to erase the neighborhood from the texture of the world and bring the body. He then possessed the remains of Erich Zann - the Gatekeeper of Music.
    His abilities were inherited to Skarl and added them to his. His abilities are Mana Burst (Music), Magic Resistance, Magecraft(Music) and Territory Protection, the Gatekeeper skill, but focused on protecting Florence.

    And what is Skarl?
    Years before that infamous author had his fever dreams and saw what things lurk beyong the thresholds of our reality, there were others who had the same dreams, but saw something different. One of them was a man called Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron of Dunsany or better known as Lord Dunsany. One night he saw in a dream how an ominous Drummer played to keep a master out of sight asleep. He felt how intense the music was and knew the master has to be kept asleep or else…
    Inspired he wrote the book The Gods of Pegana in 1905 and included the vision he had in his work and gave the being he saw a name: Skarl the Drummer. How fate has it the same work inspired the works of Lovecraft. When he dreamt, he saw the thing at the center of that dimension and heard the thin monotonous whine of accursed flutes and also…muffled maddening beating of vile drums..
    But one question remains. It is not what Lord Dunsany or even if he saw it. It is "When did it happen?"
    Time is something that only really exists for mortals and foolish like they are they cant comprehend when it is not working according to their imposed logic. Dunsany did not see the present, nor the future, nor the past or even more distant past. He did see something that was beyond time - before time. Whatever we theorize what the origin of our universe may be, it doesnt apply to the dimesion where the Demon Sultan resides. In fever dreams they understood that he shall not awake. But that which sleeps, had to fall asleep. What happened before that?
    Skarl may be the oldest thing in existence we know of. He was tasked with playing for Mana-Yood-Sushai, the being that eternally slept, but had to keep sleeping or else he would wipe everything clean. Be it the gods, the world, Skarl or even himself. He would then recreate everything and will start his eternal slumber yet again, until he awakes for his new creations. For long strange aeons Skarl served and sang and danced and played. But over unspoken time, even that without mind shall create one. Skarl was victim what we would describe as emotions. Long he fulfilled his duty, but without sweet release of end. He hated it and one day he stopped. A misguided attempt of suicide of a being that can not die any other way than being wiped from existence. Mana-Yood-Sushai awoke. But it wasnt his time. Still he fulfilled his duty. He erased the gods, he erased the worlds, the mortals, even himself before recreating everything. Just Skarl was left behind. As punishment for not fulfilling his oath and the audacity to awake his master himself, he was kept alive and tasked with the same mission, yet again. Knowing he could not do that again or else the hell of existence repeats itself, he had to find another way to awake the great slumberer. Contempt for everything is what would describe him the most. For even the greatest things in their plane are considered eternal and undying, but he knows, when eternity ends, they are allowed the sweet relief of death. So he decided to help mortal beings to wake his master in his stead, so they are to blame and bring the eternal end for him and them.

    Creator's Notes

    Ffs i didnt expect that my sheet is that long and that formatting it takes even longer. Sorry you had to read that. I have to shorten my sheets.
    Anyways. Florence is a "Foreign Archer". I consider Foreigner as mostly an "Overclass", a class you can slap over a more common class. Compare it to "Berserker Saber" and stuff from Singularity 1. And hey, finally a Foreigner sheet that is not completely powered by a HPL creation, great right? Right? As Dunsany's creation is a clear precursor for Azathoth and the idea to create a literary universe, i thought i make this apparent in the backstory as well.
    Oh and she really did have her heart attack on halloween, i was surprised that the timing fits so well, wasnt really mentioned in the texts i found about her.
    Thx if you even read half of this wall of text and feedback pls.
    As the cherry on the cake, listen to her beautiful voice and why she was so (in)famous:

    And thx for Royd for letting me make a reference to his Scriabin sheet.
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