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Thread: Create-A-Servant 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cursed by Fortuna View Post
    Huh I actually didn't know Foxtail was still releasing, either way I think at this point if it's okay with everyone, I'm going to do the sheet. I don't particularly mind if it contradicts with canon lore that may be established later, as I actually have written out the lore/biography for this guy and the direction I took is more of a mish mash of historical facts, the story of Ōtakemaru, and pieces of Nasu's lore on Suzuka Gozen and Sakanoue no Tamuramaro (so to start with the guy is more of a "what if" lostbelt or singularity esque servant (or maybe one from a parallel world where the events of Otakemaru's myth and the backgrounds of varying characters in it were different than the story we know from FGO and F:Extra).
    Feel free to do the profile , due to that there are many different ways and possibillities in the fate or nasu verse allow These oppoertunities like please think on how many Arthorias we have seen example wise . or that iam intending to make a Miyamoto Musashi profile that is different from the Canon one . like that this Musashi could be the Grand Saber.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey View Post
    Damn, what a great concept idea. Like a mix of Smash's PKMN Trainer and Byleth. Overall a really creative sheet.
    Seeing Dimitri Blaiddyd (FC for Dima I) without Lance is strange.

    While we have an Alter-Ego here, perhaps it is good time to ask something about Alter-Ego.

    "Alter Ego is an existence taken out of or separated from a certain Spirit Origin and altered"

    But this definition becomes a bit in question when looking at Douman, right? He is his original self who became like that iirc.

    This makes me realize that I am unsure if my Alter-Ego I wanna post soon can be considered one. Their story is that one person has their Saint Graph altered by a deity and another person was added to them for a special purpose. That deity seems to somehow tag along in form of a blessing that makes aspect of them stronger. They can clearly be one of the core classes, but I thought that this is enough to make them Alter-Ego. I question that now.
    Aww, thanks. I feel like Alter Ego is one of the more vague classes we have now, along with Watcher. While the Watcher-class is vague due to our lack of canon examples, in Alter Ego's case, some of the canon examples seem to contradict each other. Sure, we have the Sakura Five who are clearly derived from BB, or Alter Ego Kiara who's derived from Beast Kiara. But we also have cases like Douman and Sitonai, who has three completely unrelated deities put into them (even if you can chalk Douman's case to the Alien God altering his Spirit Origin somehow, the same can't be said for Sitonai). So to answer your question, I believe your concept can still work, go for it.
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    Alter ego of the White Moon

    "Don't trust over thirty! Mouth and hands at the ready! A flower blooming on the face of the moon! It's me! The strongest Magical girl!"

    Class: Alter ego
    Alignment: Chaotic/good
    Region: Tohno City
    Height: 167cm
    Weight: 52kg
    Likes: Food, exciting stuff, guys with glasses
    Dislikes: Garlic, little sisters, girls with glasses
    Talent: enchanting hearts with her Marble Phantasm!
    Armaments: White Moon Scepter
    Natural Enemy: Red Demon Akiha


    Str: B
    End: B
    Agi: A
    Mna: EX
    Lck: A
    NP: EX


    Class Skills

    Magic Resistance(A): Cancel spells of A-Rank or below. In practice, the Servant is untouchable to modern magi. In Alter ego's own words: "It would be pretty shameful for a Magical Girl to lose to Magic."

    Funny Vamp(B): A Skill that originally belonged to the Temptress Class. It represents Alter ego's nature as a "Predator who sucks the vitality of men" and a "Financial Crisis where electronic trading decimates an entire nation's economy". Currently, she is doing her to suppress this Skill, to mixed results.

    Personal Skills

    Ultimate One(Main Character)(B): A Skill representing Alter ego as being the champion of the earth. Her victory is ordained by
    the plot
    , so it doesn't matter how strong the enemy is, she will always achieve an even more powerful new form. "Let's go! Eclipse Mode!"

    Magical Girl Heavenly King(A): A Skill that marks Alter-ego as not only one of the Four Magical Girl Heavenly Kings, but the group's leader. As a Magical Girl above Magical girls, she has a natural type advantage against others with the said trait. Essentially, an Anti-Magical Girl skill.

    Infinite Magical Energy Supply(A): A literally infinite supply of magic energy received from the planet itself, with the only limit to it being the amount Alter ego can withstand at any given time.

    Noble Phantasm

    Magical Circuit, Full Count!
    Last Arc - Marble Phantasm

    Rank: Anti-Planet, EX

    Alter ego's signature attack. The (self-proclaimed) ultimate final attack technique that even comes with its own theme song and is sure to always end the episode.

    In truth, this Noble Phantasm doesn't actually have a fixed form and, instead, it changes to whatever Alter ego feels at any moment. Magical beams, missile barrages, a plate of Mapo Tofu, etc... It just does whatever she wants. It seems that the preferred form, for now, is that of a giant sphere of energy that she refers to as " True Ancestor Ball", but one never knows when Alter ego might feel like something else.

    While it is supposed to be a final attack, Alter ego has the habit of just unleashing it at the beginning of the fight, resulting in very anti-climatic confrontations. Furthermore, if this Noble Phantasm fails, Alter ego isn't opposed to just kicking the crap of her enemies either.


    Alter ego's real identity is that of the White Moon Princess, Phantasmoon! A cheerful airhead girl, she is the leader of a special group called the "Four Magical Girls Heavenly Kings" that have taken over Tohno city.

    Using her absurd power, Alter ego transformed the dark rainy city into a moonlit tyranny of magic but hasn't done much since it herself, leaving her fellow magical girls to deal with everything.

    She doesn't seem to have any specific reason to have conquered Tohno city other than "I was just bored". However, it does seem like she is waiting for a certain someone to appear.

    "Shiki, where are you?"


    Alter ego is a bonafide airhead. A being who lives inside their own world, by her own rules. She is someone who tends to only pay attention to things that interest her and only do things that she feels like doing.

    Although she can be problematic, at her core, there is no malice or evil. In that way, she can even be called "pure" and "child-like". Still, that doesn't mean she is not a dangerous individual and, in fact, that "purity" may be the most dangerous aspect about her.

    While her personality is cheerful, an attentive person will be able to notice a hint of loneliness behind her smile, as well ad the desire to meet a certain someone again.

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    here is a list of my servant sheets(new and improved format for my servant sheets)

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    To end this, the final resolution of the Magical Girl Heavenly King Arc.

    Tohno City

    here is a list of my servant sheets(new and improved format for my servant sheets)

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    Saber - Ōtakemaru

    "You, You dare think you can command me?! I am Ōtakemaru fool! Lord of all Yokai, King of Oni, he who is both God and Demon!!"

    (minus the extra hands) Image Source Image Author


    Titles: The Great
    demon god
    of Nippon, The King of Oni, The King of 3 swords, The Mountain god of Aso, 1 of the 3 great Monsters of Japan
    Other Qualified Classes: Berserker, Avenger, Gatekeeper
    Eligible Catalysts: His sealed corpse or head
    Gender: Male
    Height / Weight: 503 cm / 466 kg
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Home: Japan
    Origin: Kouunkikou, Tamura no Souchi, Hobutsushu, Legends about Sakanoue no Tamuramaro
    Equipment: His three swords

    Personal Information

    Attribute: Earth
    Likes: People afraid of him, People being hopeless, Fighting
    Dislikes: Boredom, Things not going his way
    Talents: Causing Havoc, killing humans
    Natural Enemy: Sakanoue no Tamuramaro


    A great oni called named a kijin (ki as in demon and jin as in god) due to his great strength he is spoken of in the legends of Suzuka Gozen and Sakanoue no Tamuramaro who dwelled in the Suzuka mountains and named as one of the 3 great monsters of Japan, however his true history and significance are shrouded in mystery. However, the truth is one of a foe of ancient times and his true name is better explained by considering his power and title as a kijin rather than that of his behavior or appearance as an oni. Kijin in the origin of the term were demon gods and sometimes were worshipped as benevolent gods (if violent and more leaning towards warriors than rulers) or vicious demons this overlaps and is indeed identical with the concept of asuras and yakshas in Buddhist, Hindu, and later Shinto myth and within this aspect, the truth of Ōtakemaru may finally begin to be unveiled. Despite being called an oni, looking like an oni, and even acting and sometimes referring to himself as an oni, Ōtakemaru is in truth both an oni and a yaksha, a class of nature spirit connected to mountains. However, Ōtakemaru’s might as an oni and yaksha is that of an elemental or divine spirit rather than a phantasmal or divine beast (and once may have been an actual god or at least fought and bested a god based on his sword and it possessing what seems to be a god’s authority).

    When one also considers that before being considered as demons connected to the Jigoku oni were originally thought of and considered beings that were deeply connected to mountains, seeming to mostly inhabit them, sometimes being incarnations of them (in the case of onis being Yakshas), and their behavior in terms Yaksha and oni have more similarities than dissimilarities (in violence and whimsy of which both oni and yaksha are prone to). Ōtakemaru in particular was the lord of mount Aso and in ancient times in fits of boredom would cause frequent earthquakes and eruptions in Japan. So great was the trouble caused by Ōtakemaru that Emperor Jimmu after having been proclaimed the 1st ruler of japan journeyed with his grandson to the site of Mount Aso on the god's advice to seal Ōtakemaru lest his actions destroy the very nation Jimmu had hoped to create.

    After ambushing the sleeping Ōtakemaru Jimmu and his grandson Takeiwatatsu-no-Mikoto with the aid of the gods managed to bypass the nigh invulnerability granted unto his flesh by divine construct Kenmyōren (a blade endowed the the ability to grant it’s user the ability to empower any 1 attribute of their being greatly to the level of a full god [In the case of Suzuka Gozen her attribute she chose was that of mind and combined with her legend having ties to buddhist traditions granted her the intellect on par with a buddha, in Otakemaru’s case his was the body raising his already durable flesh to that where no mortal weapon could ever hope to harm him]) through the sword of his uncle Sussanoō, sealing the demon inside a stone he ordered him to use his blade Shōtōren / Shoutouren, that which was granted to him by a wise god to perform mighty miracles (it much like an azoth blade acts as a catalyst allowing one to enact magecraft on the level of lesser rituals in a single count and greater rituals in only 2 or three phrases) to act as a keystone to the seal.

    After defeating the mighty god the stone was dubbed Ogmai and Jimmu charged his grandson with overseeing the seal on Ōtakemaru and maintaining the blade lest he break free and plunge Japan into chaos. And for many years he did such, but after he passed and those whose grandson passed began to perish the shrine fell into ruin, and around the year 600 AD the seal, after many years of neglect finally shattered and Ōtakemaru broke free at last. Filled with great fury Ōtakemaru destroyed the original Aso Shrine and resolved to march off with his 2 swords (having taken the sword Shōtōren / Shoutouren which sealed him as his own) and kill Jimmu for his actions against him, however discovering that neither Jimmu nor his grandson lived and the passage of many years and the decline of mystery which weakened his powers Ōtakemaru plotted his revenge against not Jimmu, but the very nation he founded and his descendants ruled. Thus Ōtakemaru vowed to destroy Japan and kill all of Jimmu’s line and marched from Mount Aso to the throne of the yokai, Mount Ibuki to be crowned as Nurarihyon, that is to say, the absolute ruler of all Yokai in Japan.

    Arriving at Mount Ibuki Ōtakemaru faced many challengers who also sought to crown themselves Nurarihyon, but before his nigh-untouchable flesh, the regeneration he now possessed using spells cast with Daitōren / Daitsuuren, and the marble phantasm of an elemental even the mightiest of the challengers fell before him, reaching the summit Ōtakemaru proclaimed himself the absolute ruler of all Yokai in Japan and proclaimed his intent to see the whole of Japan destroyed. Rallying the yokai Ōtakemaru waited until a moment when the nation’s guard was lowered when he could strike and when Emperor Tenmu had left for war with China, carrying what he thought was the blade which struck him down (although this is uncertain if this truly was the Kusanagi-no-tachi or a weapon based on it) and died he seized his moment. Leading his forces Ōtakemaru caused great eruptions, massive earthquakes, and threw the nation into chaos, for a century the country was plagued by rampaging beasts, and despite the valiant efforts of many warriors one of which even met Ōtakemaru and using a holy sword Daitōren / Daitsuuren which had been forged by a smith who had also received the wisdom of the wise god who taught Takeiwatatsu-no-Mikoto, in hopes of sealing him one more.

    However, even with a blade that multiplied into countless more, not a single one managed to pierce Ōtakemaru flesh nigh-invulnerable nor cease his regeneration, thus he killed the warrior and seized Shōtōren / Shoutouren as his own as well. Now bearing three mighty weapons and the strength of an elemental Ōtakemaru was deemed unstoppable and all feared the ruin of japan was near. Even when the Empress Jitō had sent Ōtomo no Otomaro his greatest onmyoji and Sakanoue no Tamuramaro his mightiest warrior along with an army 30000 strong all believed it a mere desperate ploy at best and a death sentence at worst. At the advice which he had received from a figure after praying to any and all the gods and buddhas after 3 years of fruitless searches and horrendous conditions inflicted by Ōtakemaru’s magecraft and marble phantasm, he sought out another mountain spirit, a tennyo known as Suzuka Gozen who inhabited the Suzuka mountains far to the north. Struck by her beauty and she struck by his bravery and valor (for daring to try and slay Ōtakemaru who even the gods seemed to dare not draw blade against and not fleeing this task) she agreed to assist him and they formulated a plan following the advice of the gods.

    To try and face Ōtakemaru in his stronghold on Mount Ibuki filled with thousands of yokai was agreed upon by all involved including the wise Ōtomo no Otomaro as certain death, this they would have to lure him out, and then use the beauty of Suzuka Gozen to trick him into relinquishing blades as the gods instructed. But to do so they would need to raise Ōtakemaru’s awareness of Suzuka Gozen’s existence and entice him to come and investigate. Thus the three planned to lure Akuji-no-Takamaru also proclaimed as King Akuji, the right hand of Ōtakemaru to face them, then defeat him and then write a false report back to Ōtakemaru informing him of the beautiful Suzuka Gozen and murmurs of an army being rallied in the North to entice him to investigate.

    Playing to Akuji-no-Takamaru’s ego, his desire for battle, and his pride as a warrior they sent a letter from Suzuka Gozen filled with praises and citing that she had found a challenger who she thought he might find entertaining and able to match even his strength inviting him to face him if he dared. Thus driven by his own desire Akuji-no-Takamaru asked for leave from his master’s side to settle a quarrel and left for the north to face Suzuka Gozen’s champion. When he arrived he was challenged by Sakanoue no Tamuramaro who with Ōtomo no Otomaro’s spells strengthening him and Suzuka Gozen causing the earth beneath Akuji-no-Takamaru’s feet he made a mighty step forward to try and cleave Sakanoue no Tamuramaro in two causing him to stumble and fall to his knees and allowing Sakanoue no Tamuramaro to swiftly strike him down and Ōtomo no Otomaro to bind the creature as his familiar and briefly use him to send a letter back to Ōtakemaru about the army in the North and the beautiful Suzuka Gozen. After which Sakanoue swiftly beheaded the mighty oni, ending his life.

    Upon arriving before Ōtakemaru he was filled with fury that the empress would still dare to try and defy him and in a stroke of anger and a desire for revenge modified his plan slightly. Struck by an idea he decided to further humiliate emperor Jimmu by not only destroying his line, and destroying japan, but building a new kingdom atop its ruins where he would rule as the new emperor of Japan. Enticed by his own brilliance and the words of Akuji-no-Takamaru he elected to meet this Suzuka Gozen, stamp out the army in the North, then make her his new empress when he destroyed Jimmu’s Japan. Certain that with his power only a god could defeat him, Ōtakemaru marched to the Suzuka mountains and met with Suzuka Gozen, and fell utterly in love, just as the gods foretold. In accordance with their plan Suzuka Gozen who was at his side and shown around the fortress he built in the Suzuka mountains with his marble phantasm (literally shaping the stone into a fortress), and that night she warned that an army moved to kill him, at the same time Ōtomo no Otomaro who using a spell and offering the fallen Akuji-no-Takamaru as an offering alongside Sakanoue no Tamuramaro beseeched the gods and buddhas to grant him the power to overcome Ōtakemaru, thus Kannon and Bishamonten granted upon Sakanoue no Tamuramaro’s blade Sohaya 2 great miraculous powers. Kannon granted his blade the ability to cleave through magic, thus allowing it to sever the enchantment Kenmyōren bestowed upon Ōtakemaru which granted him nigh invulnerability, and Bishamonten granted his sword the power to absorb and magic it cut through and convert it into cutting power, thus allowing Sohaya to strengthen itself with the magic of Kenmyōren allowing it to pierce the iron skin of Ōtakemaru.

    When Suzuka Gozen asked for a blade to defend herself Ōtakemaru freely gave Shōtōren / Shoutouren and Daitsuuren / Daitōren, which he considered lesser blades, yet kept Kenmyōren for himself, utterly certain that so long as he held that sword he could never be killed. Yet when Sakanoue no Tamuramaro arrived with the two swords Suzuka Gozen had given him that she herself had been given by Ōtakemaru, he cast great spells with his marble phantasm, yet Sakanoue no Tamuramaro aided by Ōtomo no Otomaro from the shadows with the blade Daitōren / Daitsuuren matched his great magic and canceled it out. Then when Ōtakemaru split into 1000 more oni Sakanoue no Tamuramaro nocked Shōtōren / Shoutouren on his bow and fired it as if an arrow with it instantly splitting into 1000 blades and killing the 1000 oni (who lacked any copies of the divine blade Kenmyōren to protect them). Finally when he charged at Sakanoue no Tamuramaro he swiftly swung Sohaya and beheaded him, with the earth swiftly opening beneath Ōtakemaru’s corpse and pulling him and Kenmyōren to the depths of Jigoku.

    Several years later Suzuka Gozen would fall ill and be brought before Enma Daiō for judgment, yet upon reciting her deeds in life Enma Daiō would reveal that Ōtakemaru still lived, after his body was put back together in Jigoku for judgment he took up the sword Kenmyōren once again and filled with rage towards Suzuka Gozen who betrayed him and Sakanoue no Tamuramaro who killed him he climbed out and escaped through the gateway at Mount Osore and returned to the world of the living once more, building a fortress on Mount Iwate waiting for his chance at revenge. When Sakanoue no Tamuramaro who had also arrived in the underworld learned of this he begged Enma to let Suzuka Gozen go so that they may finally defeat Ōtakemaru. He agreed but on the condition that when they do they give him the sword Kenmyōren as to keep it from ever being misused by the hands of humans or oni again.

    Thus the two returned and showing Sakanoue no Tamuramaro a secret passage she recalled in the original fortress Ōtakemaru constructed in the Suzuka mountains they entered his fortress, slaying countless oni which served Ōtakemaru they finally confronted Ōtakemaru himself, and once again he perished at the edge of Sohaya, Sakanoue no Tamuramaro taking the demon’s corpse returned to the capital and entrusting it to Ōtomo no Otomaro asked that it be sealed until his rage and hate finally subsided to prevent Ōtakemaru freeing himself from Jigoku or ever returning again thus gave it to his close ally and left the task of it’s sealing and the maintenance of that seal to him and the group of which he was part of. Suzuka Gozen would journey down through the gates at Mount Osore to Jigoku once again and give Kenmyōren to Enma Daiō as promised, who pleased at their success, her not having been tempted by its power, and the liberation of the world from Ōtakemaru and Kenmyōren declared her death null and allowed her to return to the living once again.


    A monster and a savage, one filled with an endless hatred for his foes, an overwhelming confidence in his own capability, and an unceasing desire to seek revenge against any who have wronged him. Saber speaks with such an immense amount of condescending nature towards almost anything and anyone that it almost could be called a talent in its own right, and would make one wonder how many would hope to follow him. However, within the society of Yokai, his savagery and strength are pillars of proper behavior, and even beyond his condescending tone he can show something approaching a favorable side to his most valued subordinates (not killing them over failing him) and does hold a degree of insight on leading yokai and at least enough self-awareness to wish to invite others to his cause if he believes them kindred spirits.

    However, his utter disdain for humans and lack of belief in their worth still shines through, in his mind, there are only 3 groups that matter or could ever amount to anything in this world gods, and all manner of spirits, and demons, humans are merely a footnote of weak powerless fools and anyone bearing human blood could never accomplish anything he would consider meaningful without the help of a bloodline tied to one of the other groups, a power or instrument beyond humanity, or rejecting their own humanity in pursuit of their goals. Even those who would challenge this worldview like Watanabe no Tsuna or Sakanoue no Tamuramaro are disregarded and considered as sources of anger or with causal dismissal of their achievements. It goes without saying that the thought of beings like gods or Yokai bending down to the level of helping or cooperating with humans (non-hostile yokai) fills him with rage at the thought of their existence.


    Suzuka Gozen: SUZUKAAAAAA!!!
    Akuji-no-Takamaru: You buffon, I grant you such status and you fall before such worthless humans, get out my sight and fail me no more!
    Sakanoue no Tamuramaro: {Roars in pure fury}
    Ōtomo no Otomaro: Pitiful worm, using others because you are too weak to fight yourself, you aren’t even worthy of my time. Get out of my sight!
    Emperor Jimmu: Jimmu, JIMmu, JIMMUUUUUU!!!!

    Ibaraki-douji: You fool, you do not earn fear through words, you earn it by acts. You must grind your foe's bones into dust, feats on their bleeding flesh, and crush their hopes like ceramic. You must revel in the blood and screams of men and become a pillar of strength and savagery to truly become the leader of the yokai.
    Shuten-douji: This is it? This is the great daughter of the great god of the yokai, the lord of Mount Ibuki? This is what we had worshipped? How disappointing.
    Minamoto no Raikou: And what is this supposed to be? A half breed mixed with a god’s blood, fighting for men she cannot fathom or understand? This is the leader of those dubbed the 4 heavenly kings, who would fear into the hearts of any yokai in Japan. Hmph, I could face a dozen of you with one arm tied behind my back.
    Watanabe no Tsuna: What is this, this is the great oni slayer Watanabe? A puny mortal, without an ounce of divine blood, this was what drove countless oni to run in fear, a single fool with a toothpick of a blade. Just how far my kin have fallen to fear such a pathetic warrior.
    Emperor Tenmu: A fool, using the sacred sword Kusanagi-no-tachi for a mere war? Humph, truly a fool to the bitter end, though I suppose I owe him thanks, without his idiocy my campaign may have faced an actual challenge.

    Abe-no-Seimei: You, how dare you show your face to me! A child of man and yokai, blessed with such power, siding with worthless humans?! PERISH UNDER MY BLADE!!
    Dodomeki: Traitorous Fool, Die by my blades!
    Takiyasha-hime: So you too seek their head, then join me girl, and I shall lead you to feast upon the corpse of the Imperial House and their dogs.

    Strength – A+
    Endurance – EX
    (A+ normally, not counting his regeneration)
    Agility – B
    Mana – A+
    Luck – D
    Noble Phantasm – EX

    Class Skills

    Magic resistance [A+]- As an oni whose power has grown to the level of an elemental of the planet, who hailed from an age before the retreat of many creatures to the reverse side of the world, Saber possesses an immeasurable amount of magic resistance to the level that even greater rituals and high magecraft would fail to harm him. As such it is no exaggeration to claim that no magecraft except those deemed “truly” exceptional or held as “great secrets of the gods” could ever hope to scratch him. Even then, if Kenmyōren lay within Saber’s grasp one ponders whether even those miraculous powers could be enough to harm him.

    Riding [X]- Due to Saber having no myths about riding and deeming it unnecessary, he has discarded this skill, as he found he had no use for it.

    Personal Skills

    Elemental [A-]- A skill denoting one as an elemental of the planet, in this case, due to his power and the innate connection with the land as yaksha Saber eventually developed this power countless years of life. As fitting of an elemental Saber does possess a marble phantasm, however, this isn’t truly his specialty as a servant indeed Saber himself has rather poor control of this ability. In myth, it was noted that Ōtakemaru would create great storms, cause earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, but never was it mentioned in more subtle or measured responses using this ability. This is twofold as Saber believes as much in the use of intimidation, often performing massively excessive acts not proportional to the need at the time simply to terrify his foes, additionally, Saber simply lacks the fine control of his marble phantasm through a lack of bothering to train himself to that extent (and a preference for brute force solutions anyways) to perform such displays.

    Ironically while he would be able to create a lightning storm, if you asked him to simply make a single lightning bolt and make it hit somewhere specific (or a similar task like having a localized wind cut someone to bits down to their ankles), he would find the ladder task near impossible. Perhaps telling of this lack of fine control is that while his swordsmanship generally gets slightly more predictable when enraged or bored, his control over his marble phantasm actually gets better as his boredom or anger allows him to better focus on the result he wants from a marble phantasm. However, even then most would call his use of this ability inefficient, if not outright sloppy, with his method of achieving what he wants when bored or angry being “metaphorically applying pressure and pumping more energy into the marble phantasm until it does what he says” rather than trying to envision the exact process needed to accomplish a task and then apply the amount of energy needed to do so. Aside from this, he does also recover magical energy from the planet when in contact with it (although in the case of something like Brahmastra, another anti-land noble phantasm, or a reality marble that kills the planet in a local area this would disable his magical energy recovery or his marble phantasm while in it’s an area of effect).

    Oni-Kind Demon (Kijin) [A+]- A rare combination skill denoting the fusion of natural demon, monstrous strength, charisma, and mana burst, the variant of kijin denotes the nature of a one-labeled as both god and demon, and also denotes the addition of divinity. In this particular case Saber has a high ranking in natural demon, monstrous strength, and charisma, and claims to have a B- rank in divinity, however, he seems to lack any aptitude in mana burst.

    Divine Power [C]- A power that Saber seems to have picked up at some point in time, it likely may have been a trick from whoever he obtained Kenmyōren from, or an ability he an ability possibly related to him as a mountain god (reproducing the effect of electromagnetism on metal objects). However due to its weak ranks it only really allows for Saber to lift his 3 swords and move them independently of himself in a small radius of him.

    Battle Continuation [A+]- The skill to the physical ability and mental fortitude to fighting despite mortal injury. It was cited that Ōtakemaru with flesh like that of a mountain refused to cease fighting until his head was severed by Sakanoue no Tamuramaro. However, upon his second defeat, filled with incredible anger and a fiery determination, his severed head attempted still kill Sakanoue no Tamuramaro, who was only saved as he was wearing 2 helms at the time, only the 1st of which survived the final attack by Ōtakemaru.

    Noble Phantasm

    Kenmyōren, the Splendor of the Empyrean - EX
    The first and greatest of the three holy blades, Saber possesses, even back when first faced by Jimmu he held this blade, and although it’s origins are unknown its power and age render it all but certain that it is a divine construct. In nature the blade seems to hold the ability to empower any 1 aspect of a user to the level of that of a god (raising their soul to the level of a god’s divine core, granting them the mind on par with a god, etc.). However, in Saber’s case, it is limited to one effect, due to only ever using it this way in life. In his case when used it grants its user the body of a god, raising their physical endurance to that of a god in days past, thus rendering them all but invincible, however, this doesn’t truly enhance their body and more acts as an enchantment upon it. Thus a weapon like Sohaya was able to be blessed to specifically target and destroy this enchantment.

    Even then, considering Saber’s natural durability is that of a mountain and his ability to allow himself to heal with another of his blades (combined with the impossible task of trying to damage or destroy a divine construct without another divine construct) perhaps it is only natural that he would come to be considered invincible. This weapon can be used with his other two noble phantasms however this causes an increase in the cost needed to upkeep each and considering this weapon alone is very intensive in energy use (to such an extent that even with absorbing energy from the world Saber cannot keep this effect going forever) this is something which should be carefully considered rather than recklessly done.
    1 person

    Shōtōren, the Gift of the Wise God - B
    The second of Saber’s three holy blades, originally the sword was used by Takeiwatatsu-no-Mikoto, the grandson of Emperor Jimmu, and was gifted to him by a wise god who taught him magecraft. The sword was then used to assist in maintaining the seal on Ōtakemaru before he eventually escaped and took it for his own. The blade can shorten the length amount of lines needed to cast a spell by acting as a catalyst for them, similar to another blade in the west. With this lesser rituals could be cast in one incantation and even greater rituals in a mere 3 line chant. Saber due to lacking skill in magecraft simply used the blade to cast a ritual to add a continuous healing effect to him, allowing any minor wounds he did obtain to be healed and further instilling hopelessness in his foes. However, this also could be used to empower already existing spells by channeling them through it in a more skilled user’s hands (and act as a useful master’s noble phantasm if you could get Saber to part with it).
    Anti-unit(self), Anti-Unit, Magecraft
    1 person

    Daitōren, the Shining Sword of the Myriad Cosmos - B-
    The third of Saber’s three holy blades, and the one he has the least skill or tangible use for, the blade was taken by an unknown warrior who also received insight from the wise god who taught Takeiwatatsu-no-Mikoto magecraft and guided him to create this blade. However, Saber sees little use in this weapon and merely holds it as a trophy. Even if he could bother to use the weapon at most, Saber would use it to attack an enemy at a range (a task which he sees his marble phantasm as better at) and his aim with it is far from accurate. As a result, Saber is far more likely to simply have it as a sword he uses to augment his physical combat abilities and serves as little more than a flashy paperweight in his eyes.
    1000 people

    Additional info, lore, and dev notes here

    Anyways that’s all for Ōtakemaru, fun sheet for me to write, and overall I hope you guys and gals enjoyed it. If you have any comments, critiques, etc. send me a reply or a pm and I’ll get to you as soon as I can (and also thank you for the support Koga and WhiteFrenzy, I always feel a little nervous when I go a bit off the rails regarding Nasu lore with these). ((Notes compressed into attached blog link above))
    Last edited by Cursed by Fortuna; March 17th, 2021 at 05:37 PM. Reason: New Note, details on some of the background changed to be more line line with proper dates and such

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    Otakemaru : Hometeru

    For that you were at first so wary if you should try to make a profile after i read it my rection\/


    Very good i must say though Could you tell me your Definition of a Marble phantasm ? as it got me Abit confused honestly .

    About the categorisation of his Race i have my own explanations or guideline in that the abrrahamitic faiths are reducing the Gods of other Religions to Demons due to their arrogance and superiority complexes .

    And that besides Demons are a other Being group .One which Shares similarities with the Gods and that the mightiest demons are trancend to Gods similar a old Indian myth i heard that said that Snakes that reached the 1000 life age are becoming Dragons . Where also Yakhshas alsso exist as in the oldest Indian Lores as neutral Nature Spirits with the natural span of diversity ,i mean some are benevolent some are hostile etc.

    THe differnce of Oni and the others i must admit not so detailed my Knowledge . Also i am surprised there is no comment of him towards Ibuki-douji which is origin and original of Shuten-douji.

    Also have i self made a Baal Zebul servant where it is quite obvious tha he were initially the Canaanitic God Hadad and Baal where a already before the israelitic pre jews a epithet of Hadada and Baal meant Lord .

    please look at my Baal servant and tell me how you find him and what would your Otakemaru think of him or my Dragonqueen Neferuseth ?
    When you wake a Dragon in his Lair...

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    Oh wow can't believe I forgot about BB. Yeah, I'll add that thanks
    Current FGO setup

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    This a sheet I made together with my Foreigner sheet for this months Create a Servant Contest. To better understand aspects of this sheet, I recommend reading Foreigner first.

    Curses. This unsuperable wall of ice will not budge. I cant go on. My men are tired. What should I do? No, I know what to do, but I do not want to go that route. This is my last chance…but…
    "Set sail, we return home."
    I am so sorry Jane, I failed my promise. What were all my accomplishments worth if I fail in what I truly value?
    I broke my promise to my wife to fulfill a wish of a friend, I promised to succeed and break that as well. What man am I?
    My face is red from shame like the sun in this afternoon.
    John…Francis…all other of you proud men…forgive me. I have to hope the next ones have more success. Please, hold on a little while longer.

    Alter-Ego of Exploration and Lament

    "Well, Well. Hello there young friend. Name is Sir James Clark Ross. Rider of Polar Explorations here! I am plea.."
    "James we are not a Rider, we are in an Alter-Ego container, please take attention."
    "Heh?! Wait I am not a Rider? Oh Lord do I still have my ships? Let me check…"
    "Yes James, you do have your ships, but you can only use the Erebus."
    "Ohh. Well then I don't care about such details, please call me Rider anyways, Master, much more comfortable for me hahahah"
    "Won't you finally introduce me please?"
    "Oh right! This little bird here is my friend Lady…"
    "Lady Jane Franklin. Pleased to meet you."
    "Gaahhh. She did it herself anyways…"

    James Clark Ross

    Jane Franklin

    Class: Alter-Ego
    Other Classes (If Applicable): Rider
    True Name: Sir James Clark Ross & Lady Jane Franklin
    AKA: "Master of Polar Expeditions", "Discoverer of the North Pole"
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Place of Origin: England


    STR: C
    END: C
    AGI: B
    MGI: D+
    LCK: B

    Height: 180cm
    Weight: 75kg
    Likes: his wife and friends, voyages
    Dislikes: broken promises
    Talent: discoveries, Magnetometry
    Natural Enemy: Sir John Franklin
    Attribute: Earth
    Armament: navy saber, his ship
    Catalyst: 'A Voyage of Discovery and Research in the Southern and Antarctic Regions, During the Years 1839–43'

    Class Skills

    Divinity E
    While both parts of Alter-Ego have no Divinity or are remotely related to a deity, there is something similar to a divine aura around them, a hiding presence.

    Magic Resistance D++
    Invalidates exercise of magecraft by one step (Single-Action) and sometimes chants below to verses. Magic Resistance on the level of a powerful amulet that repels magical energy. Only for effects of Inuit spells and other magic based on the aspect of wind, Magic Resistance is decently boosted.
    Granted through Blessing of the Air Goddess.

    This skill is replaced by Voyager of Discovery.

    Personal Skills

    Pioneer Of The Stars (True&False) C+

    A rare Skill afforded to heroes who became turning points in human history. Difficult voyages and challenges considered "impossible" are transformed into "events that can be realized".
    Lady Franklin never truly embarked on voyages that expanded mankind's horizons in the cold north, but she funded several expeditions, found public interest in her quest to find her husband and inspired many to embark in a journey towards the north pole. She even wrote the American President and hired American explorers for her arctic operations, leading to an age of polar explorations in the new continent as well. The Quest to conquer the geographic north pole truly started with her. Rather than doing the impossible herself she is one who inspires others to do so. While striving alongside her, allies are treated as having the true Pioneer Of The Stars Skill at the same rank.
    Sir Ross on the other hand already embarked on journeys towards the north and is credited as the discoverer of the magnetic north pole and had great successes around the South Pole as well. Both share the rank C, but due to her buffing him, he gains a plus modifier on top.

    Voyager of Discovery B

    A personalized form of Voyager of the Storm. The talent to sail vessels recognized as ships. Because the ability as a group leader is also necessary, this unique Skill also has the effects of both Charisma and Military Tactics.
    Additionally this skills grants the owner the ability to 'discover' on his ship. This skill variation was born when ships did not sail into the unknown ocean to 'conquer' it, but 'understand' it. Grants the owner skills related to his discoveries during lifetime. For Alter-Ego's case it is Astronomy, Nature Observation and a low rank in Riding, which makes it possible to befriend and tame animals that have their habitat in polar regions.
    On Ross' Erebus magnetometric, tidal, astronomical, geographical, botanical and animal observations were made. He found the Ross Ice Shelf and led to the creation of glaciology, His book 'A Voyage of Discovery and Research in the Southern and Antarctic Regions, During the Years 1839–43' is even today an important reference for south pole studies.

    Blessing of the Air Goddess A

    A blessing of the goddess Sinap Inua, the inuit deity of Air, Wind and Life.
    Grants Mana Burst (Wind), Magic Resistance D++ and benefits to their Noble Phantasms.
    The goddess chose Ross for his good and respectful relations with her people during his stay and together with them found the north pole. She tinkered with his Spirit Origin and added the Wraith of Lady Franklin to it, so she can accompany him and act as a secret weapon against Foreigner. Additionally she changed their Class Container so that he has a slight advantage against Foreigner in the Chaldea Summoning System. She also accentuated aspects of Ross' vessel to be more effective in combat and increased the effect of Lady Franklins NP with her authority over 'breath', so her words carry more 'soul'.
    Also grants both Magic Resistance equal to a very powerful amulet, the preferred Inuit method to protect from evil and magic.

    Cute Appearance (Animal) C+

    A personalized version of Beautiful Appearance skill. It is a Skill that, coupled with one's attire, one is endowed with a cuteness that makes it difficult to discern the person's gender by means of an aura (not appearance). Plus modifiers are applied to checks when negotiating with both men and women. Also, effects that target a specific gender are disregarded. Additionally an effect is added that makes people to really like to pet her. Therefore teasing and other Servants wanting to play with the talking owl are a daily occurence. The effect is even stronger on Inuit and young Servants.

    Noble Phantasms

    Lady Franklin's Lament
    Words of Love, Poem of an Era

    It was homeward bound one night on the deep
    Swinging in my hammock I fell asleep
    I dreamed a dream and I thought it true
    Concerning Franklin and his gallant crew

    With one hundred seamen he sailed away
    To the frozen ocean in the month of May
    To seek a passage around the pole
    Where we poor seamen do sometimes go

    Through cruel hardships they mainly strove
    Their ship on mountains of ice was drove
    Only the Eskimo with his skin canoe
    Was the only one that ever came through

    In Baffin's Bay where the whale fish blow
    The fate of Franklin no man may know
    The fate of Franklin no tongue can tell
    Lord Franklin along with his sailors do dwell

    And now my burden it gives me pain
    For my long lost Franklin I'd cross the main
    Ten thousand pounds I would freely give
    To say on earth that my Franklin do live

    A charismatic poetry written for Lady Franklin. It is the embodiment of her quest to find her lost husband. An unfulfilled task she pursued till the day she died and others, inspired by her love and tenacity, continued years after her last breath. Her honest wish born out of unwavering love was the fuel that led to the exploration of the north in a bigger scale than before.
    As a passive effect it grants Lady Franklin a Charisma-of-the-spoken-word-like effect, not one that allows her to command listeners, but encourage them to help her in her mission.
    Those who honestly decide to help her find themselfs receiving several boons in return.
    Those are being eligible for her Pioneer of the Stars(False) skill, a low rank in Golden Rule and Prayer for the long Journey.
    Golden Rule is born out of her substantial amount of funding she granted all expeditions and rewards to those who found evidences and relics of her husband.
    The Prayer for the Long Journey is a Revelation like skill, which is similar to Instinct, but broader in scale, as it applies to non-combat scenarios as well. This version concentrates more on those aspects, allowing to find the best 'ways to accomplish her goal', but minor combat benefits are granted too.
    Contrary to the origin of another owner of this skill, the 'voice of heaven' is not of an Abrahamic god, but of another deity.
    If she would recite the poem out loud, it usually would at maximal output have a slightly higher chance to bring more people on her side, but is strengthened through Blessing of the Air Goddess.
    Now empowered, it becomes an Anti-Unit(Sir John Franklin) and to extend an Anti-Unit(Foreigner) Noble Phantasm.
    As the embodiment of her love for him, Sir Franklin is able to temporarily escape the influence of the evil
    possessing him, granting an opportunity to attack and free him.
    Furthermore, because she is the fuel for Polar Exploration, she is the reason why humanity was able to subconsciously make the Wind-Walker retreat into the Reverse Side of the World. All the explorers basically 'attacked' his realm from multiple sides, eroding away the mystery of the eternal white, leading to a steep decline in the 'Age of Gods'. Because The Wind-Walker had too much influence on the humans in that area, so that they conflated him with the Air Goddess and named gods after his appearances, that he was partly recorded as
    an earthly god
    a part of nature
    and was therefore affected by the decline of mystery. That principle added leads to an effect that lowers the
    Existence Outside the Domain
    'otherworldly logic'
    of Foreigners, degrading their powers to 'earthly logic', which can be understood and counteracted.

    HMS Erebus
    Vessel of Warming Light and Hope

    "A stupendous volcanic mountain in a high state of activity. … All the coast one mass of dazzling beautiful peaks of snow which, when the sun approached the horizon, reflected the most brilliant tints of golden yellow and scarlet; and then to see the dark cloud of smoke, tinged with flame, rising from the volcano in a perfectly unbroken column, one side jet-black, the other giving back the colors of the sun....This was a sight so surpassing everything that can be imagined...that it really caused a feeling of awe to steal over us at the consideration of our own comparative insignificance and helplessness, and at the same time, an indescribable feeling of the greatness of the Creator in the works of His hand"

    This was how the ship's surgeon of the Erebus, Robert McCormick, described the vulcano that would be named after Ross' Vessel. Lending aspects of an active vulcano, the Erebus now became a glorious ship of Fire and the Sun. The ship is constantly emitting a pleasant amount of light and warmth, on command heat or even great flames to burn even the coldest ice. It is much as an ice breaker like Erebus' sister ship, but cuts through the pack ice like a warm knife through butter. Alter-Ego can summon one Phantasmal crew man per ally they recruited for their voyage to find Sir Franklin. Exception is the ship cat. He loves to summon her to "play" with Lady Franklin's bird form.
    Enemies who see this ship are inflicted with Awe and Fascination.
    The core of the deck is a sphere of glass that contains a mix of a compass and and a dip angle. As discoverer of the magnetic pole, Alter-Ego can decide to which 'pole' the apparatus points to. (Imagine it like a Log Pose from One Piece.) That may be someone he made contact with during his summoning, which would make it useful against enemies with Presence Concealment. Through Prayer for the Long Journey from Lady Franklin, it may point toward something that would bring them closer to their goal.
    While Erebus' normal appearance is that of a classic and graceful ship of it's time, Alter-Ego can feel a certain intent radiating from it when close to her sister ship The Terror. When in sight of it, the aura of the Erebus almost erupts and Alter-Ego has to release a True Name. After which it changes appearance to a much more infernal variation of this ship.

    "Hahaha yes, now I understand it. Even my own ship is on board of our journey."
    "We really did get the most peculiar allies on our journey, so an almost sentient ship is nothing to be surprised at."
    "Yes. To safe our friend, …"
    "To find our husband…"
    "To free our sister…"
    "And to fight the Evil of the North!"
    "We shall move even through the depths of hell, Erebus itself, to keep our promise we made to ourselves! Temporary Special True Name Release!
    Vulcanic Ship of the Voyage! HMS EREBUS!"

    The previous warmth and light is replaced by scorching heat. The glorious Ship of the Victorian Era now a hellish vessel, but to call it straight from hell would be false.
    The flames are not born of hate or from the realm of punishment, but from passion, love and determination. A kindness turned vulcanic, benevolence turned infernal.
    Around it Alter-Ego gains something scratching on the 'Authority of Magnetism'. The heat Erebus emits neutralizes all magneto-electric effects, except it's own. It warps the magnet lines around it's front like a railgun. The arrow of the spherical appratus on the ship's deck points straight towards the goal of their Voyage and is accelerated out of it's glass container and acts as the projectile. With unstoppable force it is ejected and destroys the Vessel of Ice.
    The job of the Erebus is done and the Terror found it's peace again. It will then disintegrate with it's sister. Like in their previous life, retiring from service - together.

    Craft Essence

    Regret of breaking a Promise made

    "Today I received word that the Admiralty will send out Rescue Expeditions to find John, Francis and the other gallant men of the Terror and Erebus. Jane came personally to me and requested my help to lead one of them. Her eyes...I just could not refuse. I explained it to Ann, she understood, but did not want me to go. I promised her to stay home after our marriage, I love the sea, but I love her more.
    Still, I could not refuse, something is calling me, I have to set sail once again to find my friends and fulfill my promise. I know John is a man of faith and will keep the crew together, even in the most trying times. And Crozier will keep them all in order like he did on our last voyage. I have deep trust in all of them, but still, there is this uneasy feeling in me. I feel something is wrong, devoid of reason, devoid of logic, a dread thinking about it. Was I wrong? Maybe John was too old for it. Was my act of friendship true or just false kindness? No, I have to believe in their well-being.
    Please dear god, allow those good men to return in perfect health, unattended by calamity of any kind."

    "It is not your fault, James. You did not know...We did not know."


    Sir Ross is a dashing and easy going man, who still did his best in everything he did. In his always smiling face showing unfaltering resolve and courage. Open to all, he wont hesitate to make new friends and learn from them about other cultures. Contrary to his times, he was accepting of all cultures and had friendly relations to the Inuit, with whom he traveled and reached the Magnetic Pole. He does not believe in the modern term of 'Cultural Appropriation' and calls it 'Cultural Appreciation'. His shining persona belies the regret he harbors for his one loss in life - to have failed his friends.
    He promised Lady Franklin to find her husband John Franklin, with whom he was friends with. The Expedition on which John was lost, was at first offered to him, but he promised his wife to quit exploring. Despite his calling to answer this opportunity to explore the arctic again he declined and in secret recommended Franklin. This was an act of friendship, as he knew he desired this opportunity to show the world that the Admiralty does not share the opinion of baseless slander against Franklin at that time. After several different declines the invitation to lead the exploration it was extended to Franklin and despite his old age of 59 he accepted. This is a matter of regret for him. He should not have allowed an old man like Franklin to travel to the cold once again and nothing haunts him more than the thought, that he arranged for John to sail towards his own cold grave.
    Until his death, Ross was frequently consulted as "the first authority on all matters relating to Arctic navigation".

    While mostly being remembered as a weeping widow, Lady Franklin was much more than that. Her unrelenting tenacity towards the Admiralty to send out search missions to find the missing crew made her famous across Britain and the world. She spend considerable amount of her own money to fund those expeditions, when England itself did not want to. She offered money for finds as well, inciting more people to go into the adventure of searching for her husband. Indirectly that made her one of the most important 'explorers' of her time, because through her effort much of the arctic was surveyed. It was later described as “What the nation would not do, a woman did.”
    Outside of her role in Arctic exploration, she was an experienced explorer and adventurer herself - atypical for a woman if Victorian England. She toured through Western Europe, explored North America, visited countries in Asia, together with her husband became famous and beloved in Australia and New Zealand, hiked through the Mediterranean, descended into a vulcano in Hawaii. On those journeys she traveled on all kinds of rides, from naval ships, to camels and palanquins or sedan chairs.
    Years later one explorer returned with dismal news. In a tin preserved by the permafrost they found a note that said he died a year into the expedition. Other claims state that Inuits reported that the crew ended up cannibalizing each other. She could not believe it, scorned the messenger and was openly racist towards the Inuit for such a barbarous claims, not believing those slanders from 'wilds'. Those claims of cannibalism were sadly later confirmed true.
    If her animosity towards the people of the ice come from her denial of the truth and blaming them in secret or if she had those feelings before is up to debate.
    Overall she is a strong, passionate and tenacious woman in the body of a snow owl. She often forgets the fact of her new body and is confused when people look perplexed at a talking owl. Despite that, she is sociable and uses her charisma actively to bring everyone she meets on board to help her in her search for her John.
    Her body is an anecdote of her standing at the sea, gazing into the love and 'sending her love on wings of prayer'. The goddess used that and anchored her still roaming wraith of the world into the Saint Graph of Sir Ross to accompany him once more on his search for her husband. The Inuit, the people of said goddess chose that form as well, because birds held special meaning in their belief. They are a symbol of the spring time, therefore linked to the return of the sun, the melting ice and the warming days - a metaphor for their journey.
    Because the goddess is aware of Lady Franklins racism against her people, she chose subtle punishment while she modified her Spirit Origin to fit into the Saint Graph and added the Cute Appearance skill from a certain Foreigner boy of Chaldea. Inuit children held owls as pets, because a certain species of them were so tame.
    Their dynamic together is that of brother and sister, platonic through and through. Lady Franklin described Ross once as 'the most handsomest man in the navy' and still settled for the kind, plump and balding John Franklin, who was previously married to her late friend Eleanor Porden.

    The goddess in question is Silap Inua, the Inuit goddess of Air, the sky and weather, breath and life. Like described in more detail in the Foreigner sheet, she was conflated with Ithaqua and was too passive during his active time in the arctic. Now that he made a move again, she decided to do so as well and created a 'vessel' to counteract his moves.

    Quotes and Relationships

    "Please Jane, if you will not stop nitpicking on everything I do, I will summon my ship's cat to play with you."
    "And? What is the problem? I love cats, bring her out!"
    "I am sure the cat will love your current form as well. Hehe..."
    "What?...Oh…OH. No no no nononono, James, NO. DONT!"
    "I thought you love cats? Beware, she is even faster than before. She always stole the fish we wanted to dissect! Hahahaha"

    *Lady Franklin doesnt love cats anymore*

    "The Valkyrie of Legend. Yes I know of your story. In my youth I never thought I could bring myself to kill the one I love, but...Our circumstances may differ, our reasons too, but I too am now prepared to kill my husband out of love..."

    Riders with Ships and Servants with Golden Rule:
    "Please proud Heroes of the past! I need your help to find my one true love. Like you gallant captains, he set sail into the cold north and never returned. I have to find him. He is one of you, please join my efforts. And you Servants who gained riches though their great deeds, please lend me a portion of your wealth to fund a good cause!"
    Blackbeard: "Awww you will have my ship! I will help you find..."
    "No, not from you, go away. I was warned about you."
    "Why am I always the butt of the joke in this section?

    Sir John Franklin, dying and uncorrupted:
    "Yes my friend, you do deserve punishment for what you did. You did unspeakable things to your crew, you even killed my friend Francis. Your sins are overbearing. But once you accepted your punishment and endured it with grace, we shall join together on a voyage to the wonderful whiteness I have seen, without the darkness that has befallen you. This is a promise I will be able to keep."

    Creator's Notes:
    Finished this one few days after I made Foreigner. The two create a conceptual duo that is hard to divide. When Sir Franklin is summoned, Lady Franklin is as well. When The Terror is summoned, The Erebus will be as well through another owner. When Ithaqua starts being a threat, Silap Inua will be on the side of humanity and stop him. All are interesting characters and it was fun making them.
    And I learned one thing. What is harder than finding a faceclaim? A damn pic for a Craft Essence. Couldnt find what I wanted for both of them.
    The Cute Appearance skill was a last minute addition based on the cat interaction I wrote and I think it fitted to use it again.
    The idea of making it Terror vs Erebus as well came from an actual collision between the two ships during Ross' exploration of the Antarctic. I read it here and the imagery reminded me of the finale of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and I thought a similar situation in the final fight would be cool before reaching a climactic attack with the railgun beam and a somber conclusion as Erebus wont let her sister die alone. Shipping the ships.

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    Blog Entries
    Guardian of the Dharmic Reformation
    Class: Ruler
    Alternate Classes: Lancer, Rider, Berserker
    True Name: Yama
    Gender: Male "But I wouldn't miss a girl's night for the World!"
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Source: Hindu mythology.

    da Vinci: Spirit Origin confirmed, and-- hey! We saw him in Olympus!
    Holmes: I do hope he's faring well in England.

    Large Image

    Strength: B
    Endurance: A
    Agility: B
    Mana: A+
    Luck: C
    Noble Phantasm: EX

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance A+
    A Class Skill of the Ruler Class. Through this skill, Yama can nullify magecraft up to the rank of A, rendering him a magus-killer, fitting for a freelancer who assassinates other mages. The + does not come into effect unless the spell would strike a lethal blow, in which case the rank required to penetrate his protection increases to A++.
    Truly, this body and I agree with this. He was specialized in combat magecraft, you know? Really!

    True Name Discernment C
    The Ruler's right to know the capacities of the other Servants in the War. When confronting a Servant, their True Name, Class Skills, and Parameters are revealed, but Personal Skills and Noble Phantasms will require a luck check with advantage to Ruler.

    Divine Core of the Death God B
    The form of Divine Core possessed by Divine Spirits of Death. It expresses their divine nature in the valley of Death, making it impossible to determine if they were ever alive or dead. A skill that expressed the absolute nature of the body, and encompasses Divinity and fractional components of At the Boundary. Specifically, in the case of Yama, it grants a chance of instantly killing anyone with the Evil alignment, and imparts a strong resistance to the instant imposition of Death.
    Now, now, don't get too riled up. It's really a small chance indeed; if our enemy is not an army, it's unlikely we'll ever see this come into play, ok~♡?

    da Vinci: Regardless of cause, we're glad to have you on hand, Yamarāja.
    Holmes: It does concern me, though. Yama. Might I inquire if you have any idea why the Crypters, such as the one you're inhabiting, are manifesting as Pseudo-Servants all of a sudden?
    Yamarāja: Good question, my dear. Aside from a matter of compatibility, it's also an affair of one of them crying out in his last moments to aid humanity. A British fellow, though I'm unsure of his name. I believe his words were
    Illuminate the earth, be in the sky, show the coordinates in the heavens.
    That is the light of Chaldea.
    Please do not fail in this task.
    Yamarāja: Even the foulest gods on this planet can agree to that sort of plea; humans are our source and our love. His plea just motivated a few of us to come along.
    Holmes: I see.
    da Vinci: ...

    Yama is a true Divine Spirit, a degraded God since the collapse of the Age of Gods. He was born of the observation of Mankind on the process of death, combined with the mystic understanding of the localized group within the Indian subcontinent that "there is a cycle of reincarnation". That sort of understanding meant that Yama was forced into existence by the faith of mankind.

    Thus, his lot in life was assured.

    He would eternally serve as the faithful administrator and judge of the underworld, until the end of time. That's the fate of all underworld deities. It is a thankless job, but one that must be fulfilled regardless of any misgivings. If the underworld were to cease functions, then the arbitration of souls, and the continuation of Saṃsāra, would both cease to operate properly.

    While the White Titan of Tassili n' Ajjer ravaged the outer world, Yama continued to work faithfully. Of course, even he could not ignore the degradation of his Authorities and power as a God after the White Devastation, but he worked either way.

    Even in the modern world, he could be said to still be working, but rather than a physical location, he has ascended to a higher plane, like all Divine Spirits. As a tangent, his rate of operations has increased to unprecedented levels.

    Personal Skills
    Protection of the Underworld B
    The Authority of the underworld possessed by Divinities of death. Because he has synchronized with his aspect as a Dharmapala more than his origin as a death god, the rank has decreased. With this skill, he can employ a variety of support-type magecrafts, such as evasive maneuvers, Anti-Barrier skills, and "a touch of red!". When utilizing one of his Noble Phantasms, the rank within his domain is EX.

    Mana Burst (Flame & Dharma) A
    The capacity to infuse oneself and one's armaments with magical energy. It was originally simply Mana Burst (Flame), but due to his synchronization, it evolved into both Flame and Dharma. Dharma is the existential state of oneself at birth. It refers to one's lifelong state, immutable, while Karma refers to the actions one takes during life. As a Dharmapala, Yamarāja upholds the Dharma, and scrubs clean the Dharma of individuals who pass through Yamaloka during their cycle of reincarnation. If one has poor-quality or no Dharma, then Yamarāja can percieve it as evil, and gains an attack boost against it. It also imparts a burning effect to any wound that Yama inflicts.
    It is a tangent, but it's also said that it has some similarities to a skill possessed by a celestial goddess.

    Abhijñā EX
    Six supernatural techniques obtained by being one who is close to buddhahood. As one of the Dharmapala, who ensures the dead will reincarnate closer to buddhahood than in their previous life, Yama will never achieve buddhahood, but has achieved a state of mind that could be called adjacent to the Buddha. Incidentally, those skills were also possessed by a Magus in the Age of Man. The skills involved are;
    Iddhi-vidhā: A supernatural ability in movement. It acts like a form of Mana Burst specifically designated for movement, but the efficiency is beyond any Mana Burst skill. It also allows for unimpeded travel in any environment.
    Dibba-sota: The supernatural ability of clairaudience. That is, the ear of a God, able to hear even the heartbeat of a mouse from six kilometers away.
    Ceto-pariya-ñāṇa: The capacity to observe the minds of other lifeforms and perceive their thoughts. Telepathy on the level of Clairvoyance. Yama has refined this ability beyond Scandinavia, and can quite simply see into people's minds rather than merely perceive colours.
    Pubbe-nivāsanussati: The knowledge of past lives. Of course, as a god, he has not experienced "past lives", but instead has intimate knowledge of the lives that pass through his domain.
    Dibba-cakkhu: Knowledge of karmic paths into the future. For example, knowledge of when one will die. Yama has willingly diverted some of its power over to detection of Dharma, rather than Karma, but that's a tangent.
    Asavakkhaya: Knowledge of the cycle of rebirth, the capacity to purify oneself of mental intoxication. Yama is intimately familiar with the cycle of rebirth, as it is the great cycle through which his domain aids. It's also said that it can stop immortals through combination with the other techniques, but the circumstances that would draw that sort of reaction out are rare.
    Quite useful indeed. I'll make sure to exploit them as much as possible.

    Holmes: Now, I do have one remaining question for you, Yama. If I might pick your knowledge of your vessel's past life for a moment, do you have any details in there about Siriuslight Command Spells?
    Yamarāja: Ah, well... I suppose so, yes. But unfortunately, while the still-living Scandinavia Peperoncino may know the details, they are obscured to me at this time. I believe it's to do with someone who once worked at Chaldea, or at least someone with a similar presence? Either way, my knowledge sorely lacks at this time.
    Holmes: Damnable. Oh well, I suppose that's understandable.

    Noble Phantasms
    Yamaloka Naraka
    Punishing Abode for All Ye Sinners

    Type: Fortress
    Rank: A
    Range: 30
    Maximum Number of Targets: 340

    The great temple and prison of Yamarāja. It represents the domain in which Yama processes the souls of the dead, cleansing them of their sins and returning them to the reincarnation cycle with superior dharma than when they entered. A great fortress is erected, and the domain of the Death God is established. Within this four-floor domain, even the process of death can be reversed, as the dead must cycle through Yama's judgement before they are cast through the reincarnation cycle. It would be exceptional, but with enough mana, a new body could be constructed for such a wandering soul. That's the power of the God of Death.

    Within this fortress, Yamarāja obtains a rank-up to every parameter, and negates the fame bonuses of other lifeforms. This is because the Underworld is a place of neutrality, free of any bias for or against others. In this domain, Yama's rules are absolute. Other gods have their Authorities diminished, and Servants experience a skill block, and Noble Phantasm releases are made impossible. An exceptional cheat-skill that could turn the tide of battle against anyone. Events and possibilities are culled down, and even Magic Circuits experience a pressure, reducing a magus' mana capacities by half. However, this effect cannot apply to those who have suffered death under certain circumstances. For example, those interred with lamps are granted the boon of light, and those who were charitable or who died in honourable combat suffer lessened versions of the effects. Within Yamaloka Naraka, Yamarāja gains the skill of Familiar (Yama), allowing the free summoning of Yama-dutas, Yamarāja's personal aids who distribute punishment and reward to the inhabitants of Yamaloka. Each one is equal to a low-rank Servant, though their individual power relies more on the domain of Yamaloka. Outside the fortress walls, they can only exist for 30 turns before disintegrating, but within the walls, they have power over those who Yama is cycling through the hells of Yamaloka, scaling with the existential dharmic and karmic values of those inhabitants. Against those who are "Evil" with a long history of atrocities, they gain exceptional defensive and offensive powers, while those who are "Good" with virtue and charity can dismiss the Yama-dutas easily.

    There's the special case of the few who have achieved Moksha, and escaped the cycle of reincarnation; such a person suffers no effects from this Noble Phantasm, as the domain of the Death God has no bearing on one who will not suffer reincarnation.

    In the case of a catastrophic event, Yama may initiate a palace-scale Self-Destruct, flooding the entire Noble Phantasm with water. This is because of the accounts wherein Yamarāja's domain is in the south, at the bottom of the infinite waters that rest under the universe.

    Dharma Amitābha
    Domain of Transmigration

    Type: Anti-Unit
    Rank: EX
    Range: 0
    Maximum Number of Targets: 1

    A Noble Phantasm that can only be invoked in the central chamber of Yamaloka Naraka, his secret weapon and ultimate Noble Phantasm. It compiles all human suffering into a single attack, cursing the opponent's Dharma and Karma such that Yama obtains ultimate Authorities over them. It is born of the same origin as the major Noble Phantasm of the Bodhisattva. As humans expand in population, dive deeper into suffering, and find new ways to hurt each other, the power of this Noble Phantasm increases. In the modern era, even a top-class Servant would find themselves instantly disintegrated by this sort of attack. Even in the case of a survivor of this Noble Phantasm, Yama obtains Authorities that allow him to rip them to shreds due to simply having the right to "remove the negative Karma by any means necessary.

    It firmly cements that whatever is within Yama's sightlines are still Sattva, and must continue to cycle through Saṃsāra. Of course, against those who have achieved the ultimate end, true Enlightenment, it can never have power. But against any Sattva, even a god, it is essentially a "Return to square one" power. It goes without saying that Yama would need to drain the Holy Grail dry just to use it once.
    I wouldn't count on this one too much. Unlike the Buddha, I don't have nearly enough mana to pull this sort of thing off.

    Likes: Reconciliation, Rehabilitation, Sustaining the flow of Dharma
    Dislikes: Oafish men, sinful people, Mara
    Natural enemy: Beast III

    Optimistic and easy-going. Fundamentally, Yama is friendly and casual. This is because he has little reason to feel hatred for others, baring exceptional circumstances. Because Yama did not surface from the Underworld often, he did not grow any grudges, and simply lives life as if he had no reason to be concerned about anything. Though, as a result, that attitude sticks in even situations that are fatally dire.

    all that should be tempered by the memory that Yama is also a judge.
    His impartiality is a sign that he is actively judging everyone around him, and will act upon negative judgement at a moment's notice. Of course, his judgement is restrained by the willpower of Scandinavia Peperoncino. He calms down the tense death god, like he did with those allies of his in the past. His judgement is thus "rehabilitation", except in the special circumstances, such as a particular priest, or those who resemble a particular Chaldean Master. Their crimes are severe enough that Yama's original judging parameters are maintained.

    He has also gained a somewhat effeminate flair, having no issues with referring to himself as a maiden.

    Hello dear! My True Name is Yama, the god of Death, and one of the Dharmapala. Don't worry, it looks like you have great dharma. I'll be serving as your faithful Servant henceforth, ok?

    Well, I suppose I can have a few more souls in my domain.

    Alright, girl's night. Ritsuka, be a darling and get Mash for me? I need to go convince Yu to come.

    Establishing the divine domain; soul repository, recycling centre Yamaloka, the first and highest Hell shall show here. Come forth, my homeland and domain:
    Yamaloka Naraka
    Punishing Abode for All Ye Sinners

    Now, now, Master. Don't make such an unreasonable request. I refuse to inter you until your allotted lifespan is consumed. That day isn't here. Not yet. Oh, you want to know when you'll die? I'm afraid I can't give away a maiden's secrets!

    Yamarāja: I believe that just about covers everythi-
    ???: Ha! As usual, you're a real worth-nothing individual, aren't you Peperoncino?
    Yamarāja: Oh my, it appears I forgot something important. ■■■■■ dear, why don't you come a little closer?
    ???: Perhaps another time then.
    Yamarāja: Why are you runnning? Why are you running?

    God Arjuna: Oh my, oh my. You're a troublesome individual, aren't you? You even consumed my Authorities on "that" occasion, yes? Well, I won't be letting that happen twice. Oh, you have no intention of consuming divinities now? Excellent! Then I hope for a prosperous relationship between us.

    Karna: Hm. Well, it goes without saying that I didn't inter you in life. With that armour on your skin, I doubt I'll need to now either.

    Ashwatthama: Well, we'll just leave it like that, ok?

    Ganesha: Come on out of that statue. There's no need to be hiding away like that. You're the Divine Spirit Ganesha-dono, there's nothing to be- Eh? What's with that class?

    Beni-enma: Ah yes, I am indeed that same Enma, though that would best be called a different aspect of the same spirit. I suppose I could take you under my "wing" either way. Wait, put that sword away.

    Jǫrmungandr: Ahahaha, I suppose you're the real father figure of the group now, aren't you?

    The Moirai: A girl's night! I demand it! I'll go gather the others, we'll have a great time! We're Servants, so you don't need to worry about your physique.

    Yu Mei-ren: Come on, just for me? Pretty please?

    Enki: I suppose all's well in the end, isn't it? Perhaps I can interest you to some tea to soothe the nerves?

    Balor: You're too much of a savage, you know? Good. I'm glad we've got this settled.

    Daybit: Oh my! I don't know what exactly you're hiding inside that Saint Graph of yours, but it's something else!

    Surya: I feel like calling you papa, even though it's inappropriate. Hm? Pepe and Papa? Ahahaha! I understand now.

    Author's Notes
    I apologize for the delay everyone. I struggled to gather up the inspiration for this, and then I had to move to "the big city" (melbourne), so I hit a bit of a block while getting settled in. There's also the matter of needing to get into the Indian mythology to get the juices flowing. In my opinion, it's probably one of my more lackluster sheets, but here it is anyway.
    Certainly doesn't feel like the gem of a sheet that the Moirai or Black Rider were, at least.

    But that's Pepe done! Next up, either Enki=Kirschtaria, or I could pull something else out of the repository, such as Nefertari, Hubble, or "the Beauty Industry".
    Only time will tell.
    The ending of the words is ALMSIVI
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    Ahrk fin zul, rok drey kod, nau tol morokei frod,
    Rul lot Taazokaan motaad voth kein.
    Sahrot Thu’um, med aan tuz, vey zeim hokoron pah,
    Ol fin Dovahkiin komeyt ok rein.

    [System Log: Servant Compendium]

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    The rare 3 day Servant. One would assume the extra days would denote an increase in quality, but that's not something I can really decide. Guess we'll see.

    A voice like screeching and buzzing insects lashes out from between the monster's mandibles

    Oh. It seems I'm summoned in my true form. One moment.

    Much better. Now, I believe we are meant to form a "contract". The question is, what are you prepared to offer me in return?

    Class: Foreigner
    Other Classes: Rider, Berserker
    True Name: Shinji Matou
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Place of Origin: Japan
    Height: 170 cm.
    Weight: [ERROR]
    Likes: Reading. Making deals. Himself.
    Dislikes: Indecisive people. Holy figures. Broken contracts.
    Natural Enemy: EMIYA

    STR: B
    END: A
    AGI: C
    MGI: A
    LCK: E
    NP: A

    Class Skills:
    Impiety (A):
    Centuries ago, Zolgen Makiri made a deal with Beelzebub for the knowledge to gain immortality. Beelzebub would give it to him if he performed a certain favor for him. While the details are unknown, whatever the outcome was angered the demon, leading him to give Makiri an incomplete method as punishment, one that could only be utilized through the frequent consumption of life. To his surprise and enjoyment, the magus easily accepted this method and took to it with fervor. It was due to this that Beelzebub maintained the connection. It was through this latent connection passed down through his family, though diluted by the passing generations, that Foreigner was able to form a new contract with the Prince and gain demonic aspects and power upon the formation.

    Existence Outside the Domain (B):
    Having given himself over to the Prince completely, Foreigner has become a vessel for his will. Supplementing Foreigner’s lost will with his own, the Prince gives Foreigner a reason to exist, bringing back the humanity he lost now tempered with Beelzebub’s desires. While this being is still recognizable as Shinji Matou, the Prince’s influence is undeniable.

    Magic Resistance (A):
    Cancel spells of A-Rank or below, no matter what High-Thaumaturgy it is. In practice, the Servant is untouchable to modern magi, so it would not be an exaggeration to title the Servant a "Magus Killer".

    Personal Skills:
    Demonic Possession (A):
    There were many cases when Beelzebub was noted as possessing both man and object to sow discord and draw people away from God. Foreigner is able to utilize this ability in the same way, supplementing his will and mind into another’s or manifesting himself in an object. At this rank, he is capable of not only possessing multiple objects at once, but he has full control of his own faculties as well.

    Gluttony (A):
    Rather than applying to Foreigner, this Skill denotes his influence over others, preying on their baser urges and compelling them to surrender to him. Those affected become prone to bout of gluttony, willing to do things and make deals they normally wouldn’t to sate their amplified appetites.

    Consumption (EX):
    Acting as the avatar of the Prince of Gluttony, Foreigner gained the ability to “consume” anything, able to even target specific parts of a whole and convert them into magical energy, even able to consume 'Knowledge'. Consuming knowledge requires the complete absorption of a being's body, giving him complete access to all their memories. Objects and people with magical resistance can resist the effects to a certain degree.

    Shapeshift (B):
    While it typically takes a human form, Foreigner’s body is composed of an immense swarm of insects. These insects are capable of independent action, only being directed by Foreigner if he focuses. Because of this, should his body take damage, he is capable of repairing it by replacing the lost insects with new ones.

    This also allows him to modify his form, changing both his appearance and physical traits in any way he sees fit, even capable of expanding his proportions with the addition of more insects.

    Noble Phantasm
    Ba'al Zəbûb: Storm of the Fallen God (EX)
    Before Beelzebub was immortalized as a Prince of Hell, there were many legends and forms he was perceived as in his days of divinity. One of his most famous roles was as Baal, god of storms and fertility. Due to their connection, Rider has access to the power of Baal, able to conjure lightning from his very form and easily change the weather around him as he wishes, from sheering winds to dense fog to roaring hurricanes.

    This also gives him minor control over fertility. This applies to making the earth around him into soil capable of accelerating plant growth on an impossible scale. While this power seems impractical in combat, it is still one he possesses.

    With his full devotion to Beelzebub, Foreigner has been granted even greater power and control to the point one may actually believe he himself is the wrathful god.

    Beelzebub: Lord of the Flyers (A)
    An archdemon and Prince of Hell noted as being only second in power to Lucifer, Beelzebub has immense influence over the demonic residences of Hell, and this Noble Phantasm is the result of said influence.

    In order to be utilized, several “contracts”, often in the form of Geis, must be signed to be used as anchors for a bounded field, five of which are required while additional contracts only serve to strengthen it. These contracts must be signed of the signatory’s own free will, requiring Foreigner to offer some form of incentive. These usually come in the form of him offering to grant them one desire as any self-respecting demon, or demon adjacent, would.

    After Foreigner has fulfilled their desire (or they believe he has), they will become viable as an anchor. Once all five anchors have been acquired, and Foreigner activates the Noble Phantasm, they will be drawn to an area Foreigner has designated for the summoning. The anchors will form a large circle before having their Od completely drained to form a bounded field. This field will act as a conceptual portal to Hell, allowing several demonic entities to enter the world. The greater the number of anchors, the greater number and power of the demons summoned.

    These demons will recognize Foreigner as an emissary of Beelzebub’s will and follow his orders. However, should Foreigner ever be shown to be weak in the eyes of the entities, they will begin ignoring his orders, instead choosing to run wild and do as they please.

    This was the majority of my development time. Hope it was worth it. Had to cut out quite a bit.

    The Worm. Beelzebub’s Zealot. Shinji Matou.

    A being closer to a demon than human who lived for centuries, imparting knowledge and power in exchange for innumerable different things. One who consumed those who broke their contracts or forced his seemingly endless gluttony upon them. A creature whose true motives were never understood even after the day he suddenly vanished. Perhaps the answer lies in his past?

    A Change
    After understanding what being the “Matou Family Heir” meant when one night he wandered in on his sister’s “preparations”, Shinji Matou’s life began to change. Suddenly, his life crumbled around him as his father, who viewed him as a disgrace to the family for being born with magical ability, finally stopped hiding his contempt for what Shinji represented, spending more time with Sakura.

    Though once secretly affectionate and unable to truly show it due to his pride and selfishness, Shinji began to take out his new anger and frustration on the girl who had taken his place. However, rather than silently accepting his abuse, Sakura smiled at him. Shinji, confused and angry, harmed her more. Again, it came, and again, she smiled at him. He couldn’t understand it, and it angered him even more, driving him to act even harsher. Even so, though broken by winces, her smile always returned.

    Eventually, his father passed away, and Shinji was forced to realize just how truly alone he was, seeing his sister as not only the one who stole everything from him, but also had the audacity to smile at him condescendingly even as he punished her. This thought broke Shinji, once more leading him to take it out on his sister, this time about to cross a line he had yet to. Still, even as he began forcing himself on her, she gave him that infuriating smile.

    His rage peaking, his finger wrapped around her neck, roaring at her to tell him why she just kept smiling. Her voice came out strained, even now not resisting him.

    “Because… I don’t… deserve… to be happy.”

    Momentarily taken aback, Shinji’s grip loosened, Sakura sucking in air. He looked at her, bewildered, before clasping down once more. She didn’t deserve to be happy?! He was the rightful heir, tossed aside and disgraced while his father and grandfather fawned over her, constantly letting him know he didn’t deserve their attention, and she didn’t deserve to be happy?! She had everything he wanted!

    “How are you unhappy?!” he asked, not realizing the irony of the situation.

    “I… hurt… everyone.”

    A smile, more forced than before, slowly spread on her face as she lifted a hand to cup his cheek.

    “You’re… my…”

    Her hand fell away, and he suddenly released his hold, causing her to gasp for air. He sat there atop the girl who stole everything from him yet gave herself completely to him. That smiled as he beat and berated her. The only person that had always acknowledged him.

    He stood up and left without another word.

    Though things did not return to how they once were, they were still different. No longer was there any abuse, but it was not as though he suddenly began actively affectionate towards her, as his pride simply wouldn’t allow it. Their relationship, however, did get better, or as good as his pride would allow. Still, Sakura recognized that he was trying, which was unexpected for her brother.

    The years came and went, and slowly, agonizingly slowly, Shinji began to show genuine affection for his sister, though less so publicly. He would probably never fully move past the resentment of being tossed aside, but that anger had found a different target.

    Then, Shirou Emiya entered both of their lives.

    A simple, genuine person who was too simple for his own good. Shinji couldn’t help but be amused by him. There was something charming about the red-haired boy. Needless to say, Shinji decided he was someone he would enjoy being around.

    As they grew closer, Shinji’s sister also took notice of Shirou, and Shinji began to suspect there was more to her attention than simple interest. He became more certain of her feelings for him after Shirou’s injury led her to spending time at his house, leaving him alone in a quiet mansion with the man he’d grown to hate.

    Now that she had found someone else, was she going to discard him just like they did?

    Then, the time of the Holy Grail War arrived, and Shinji saw Sakura’s reluctance to participate. An old desire, tempered but not forgotten, rushed to the surface. The thought of possessing his own magic had never lost its luster, and the chance to be granted his wish was something he couldn’t ignore.

    Sakura was unsure. Perhaps it was the glint in his eyes or the strange change in his demeanor over the last year. When she asked, though, he gave her the answer she’d been expecting.

    “Sakura, I am the true Matou Heir. What reason do I need beside showing them my superiority?”

    Still a bit put off by something, more a feeling than anything else, she managed to smile as their grandfather took a command seal, creating a book that gave over her rights as a master to Shinji.

    A Choice
    (I’d describe all the events leading up to this, but this description is already longer than I thought it would be. Even vague description would probably be around another 1,000 words, and I didn’t intend to author a story chapter with this. So…)

    The goliath roared as the building began crumbling around them. Saber’s blade slashed through the arm holding Shinji, sending him to the ground still clutched in the severed hand. Sakura called to him, reaching out as Rider rushed away, the girl held tightly in her arms. Shirou desperately pulled at the fingers, trying to free Shinji as rubble crashed down around them.

    Berserker’s ax smashed down in front of him, causing Shirou to jump away. The floors above finally collapsed, and Shinji could only watch, scared out of his mind, as his vison was filled with debris and then darkness.

    Whether by a blessing or cruel curse of Fate, Shinji survived the collapse, accidently protected from the falling building by Berserker’s body. The way had been cleared as Berserker left, ignoring the unconscious Shinji in the center of the destruction. When he woke up the next day, he wondered out to find emergency services searching through the wreckage, somehow managing to miss him until he walked out of it.

    Having only minor injuries, Shinji was able to slip away before he could be questioned on his involvement. He returned home, knowing he would need to take another command seal from Sakura before he did anything else. However, Sakura wasn’t there. Instead, his grandfather greeted him with a conniving smile, congratulating him on his success. When Shinji asks what he means, Zouken responds that his “death” and the fact that “the one she holds most dear” abandoned him to it was on the cusp of accomplishing something he’d been planning for a long time.

    Shinji, his anger rising, yelled at him to say where she was. His grandfather, ever smiling, told him to go to the church on the hill.

    Ascending to the church, he burst through the doors, demanding the two people within to show him his sister. Shirou remained silent while the priest simply smiled and directed him to a door off to the side. He stormed past them, opening the door to find Rin on her way out, her face set in a cold, strained mask.

    We don’t need to recount what he found when Rin moved out of the way.

    What kind of answer is “It had to be done”? She was going to hurt more people? What had changed from then to now to make them say that? How could they both be so calm about this? Rin left with an ominous warning to Shirou, and the red-haired boy himself just accept Shinji’s anger, eyes of steel watching him unflinchingly.

    That was how Shinji’s Grail War ended. The victor didn’t matter, because he’d lost the moment his siter left this world.

    The years after that became a blur. With his grandfather having disappeared without warning, Shinji was left to fend for himself. He drowned himself in carnal pleasures, wasting away what little fortune his family had left to try and forget his failures and loss until there was nothing left, becoming nothing more than just a vagrant.

    Then, one day, it suddenly struck him. Why was he the one wallowing in the dirt when her death wasn’t his fault? Moreover, how could that bastard Emiya be so calm about everything when he’d just let Tohsaka kill her when she obviously liked him? Who cares if it “had to be done”? The least he could do was feel ashamed for his actions. Instead, he stood there like a fucking statue while Tohsaka…!

    “Why aren’t you the one suffering?!”

    “He could be, you know. In fact, he should be.”

    Shinji found himself in an abyss, the voice smooth and echoing out around him.

    “A man who kills the one who loves him without a second thought. Sounds almost familiar, doesn’t it, Shinji?”

    The voice laughed as Shinji glanced around, unable to find a source in the darkness.

    “A traitor like that deserves to die! To be punished! Wouldn’t you agree?”

    A figured appeared before him, and Shinji was taken aback. It was him, but not the him currently wearing rags with long unkempt hair. This Shinji stood tall, his clothes of high quality with a face brimming with confidence and cunning. That Shinji smiled, a charming and menacing thing, and when the voice next spoke, it was from his mouth.

    “You want it, don’t you? You don’t just want him dead, but you want to be the one to do it. Kill him with the power you always dreamed of having, the power denied you by this world. The power you were always meant to wield.”

    The figure reached out his hand.

    “I don’t want much in return. All I want is you, Shinji. Promise me that, and everything you could ever want, anything you could ever dream, is yours. All you have to do is take my hand…”

    Shinji looked at the stylized reflection before him. This was who he always thought himself to be. The person he always wanted to be. The person he would be if he took his hand. But even more, this was the person that could do it. The person that would let him wipe Emiya from the earth. If he could do that, he knew he would finally get what he wanted.

    He took the figures hand, and it form began to shift. The figure grinned before a screeching, gurgling laugh leapt forth from its mouth. It’s form began melting, millions upon millions of insects swarming around as the broke off from the body, running up his outstretched arm, over his body, and into his mouth, eyes and ears. The laughter devolved into a buzzing cackle, as though a plague of locust had found something horrifically amusing, as Shinji flailed around helpless within the mass of insects, unable to breathe as they clawed their way inside. Before he completely faded, he heard the voice like a thousand cicada cries echo through his mind.

    “…And Consume!!!”

    An Ending
    Cities were gorged on until nothing remained and forests died as Shinji descended across Asia, his instincts driving him toward his goal. As news spread of this supernatural swarm, with the few reports that survived all noting a strange, tattered figure at every location, numerous forces were dispatched to eliminate the threat, some of which were not even associated with the magical world. None of them succeeded, and almost all of them became sustenance for the horde.

    However, it wasn’t long before his target came to him, unable to simply stand by and allow him to continue his destructive rampage. The swarm assimilated back into Shinji’s form, the man starring at his old friend for the first time in years. Taller, stronger, and bearing a darker skin-tone, Shinji still knew it was him. The force, or maybe the being, within him leaving no doubt.

    If Emiya was surprised to see he was the cause of the chaos, he didn’t show it, something that only served to further enrage Shinji. All he did was project two swords and watch him.

    The following battle destroyed everything around them, both possessing power practically unseen during the Age of Man. When the dust and insects cleared away, the only one left standing in the wasteland they’d created was Shinji, Emiya laying before him.


    Shinji stared down at the object of his ire, the rage within him having burned down to embers as he spoke…

    “It had to be done.”

    …Only to be reignited with those five words.

    He jerked Emiya up by his throat before throttling him back into the ground. He lifted the further bloodied man back to look into his eyes, his face contorting to a sneer.

    “You think I care if ‘it had to be done’! You stole my sister from me! The only thing I had left, and you destroyed it! What right did you have to steal that from me? To kill my sister! You think you’re a hero?”

    Shinji pulled him in close, his eyes blazing with hate.

    “You couldn’t save one girl.”

    Insects swarmed over Emiya, and eventually dispersed without leaving a trace.

    Shinji breathed out, but he lost true lungs long ago. He sat down on the ground, the anger driving him slowly fading away. He would’ve continued to sit there if not for the sudden bounded field materializing over him. The air became like acid, already disintegrating his body the moment it touched him. Without a thought, his body burst apart, the millions of insects spreading out and devouring the field before zooming across the area, consuming the group of spellcasters preparing to counterattack.

    When he reformed, he looked out around at what he’d done, an emptiness he’d been denying beginning to surface.

    “Congratulations are in order.”

    The reflection walked up beside him, a calm smile on his face.

    “Now, you leave me wondering what you will do next. Not that I truly care. So long as you continue to consume, I will happily supply you with anything you desire.”

    Shinji looked at the reflection, that smile burning into his mind.

    “And what if I don’t want anything?”

    The reflection raised an eyebrow, the smile dimming slightly.

    “That would be… unwise.”

    He spun around, spreading his arms out to the world in front of Shinji.

    “Do you understand what I’m offering you, Shinji? Listen to me, and nothing will be out of your reach!”

    He turned back to Shinji, extending his hand.

    “All you have to do is take my hand…”

    Shinji stared at the hand. He’d gotten what he wanted, but now there was nothing. He was back where he was before he’d gotten the offer. What else was there but this? And the power. Just now, he’d wiped those men out with barely a thought. Nothing could stand in his way. All he had to do was take his hand…

    “And consume.”

    A Beginning
    The magus didn’t know what to do. His family line was worthless in the eyes of the Clocktower. He barely had any circuits, and his Magic Crest was far too young to be able to supplement that. His family was at an end, and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it.

    “That sort of negativity won’t solve anything.”

    He whirled around, startled to find a well-dressed man lounging on his couch. He chanted a quick verse, and a gout of flame spewed toward the man. The flame, however, dissipated a foot away from him.

    “Don’t be like that. I’ve come to help you after all. It’d be a shame if you wasted this opportunity.”

    “How’d you get into my home.”

    “Does it really matter?”

    The man watched the smiling intruder closely, but he remained as relaxed as the moment he appeared.

    “You are in quite the precarious situation. One wrong move, and it’s not only the end for you, but you whole family. Believe me, it’s a situation I’m familiar with.”

    The intruder stood up taking two lazy steps toward the magus.

    “The deal is simple. What I’m offering you isn’t some garden-variety voodoo or witchcraft or magecraft. What I’m offering is a chance for you to show your true potential. The power you so rightfully deserve. The only question is…”

    I broad grin spread on his face.

    “…What will you offer for it?”

    A Servant who acts as though he is the most important person in the world, Foreigner's compatibility with other is low even when compared to beings such as Gilgamesh. A seemingly never-ending source of sardonicism, Foreigner shows nothing resembling respect to anyone who doesn't peak his interest. Despite this, he can be very charming when he desires, a silver tongue born of centuries with humans that always seems to know the right thing to say to get them to make a deal. He particularly exudes this trait when talking to women, though his success rate among the women of Chaldea is as low as his compatibility.

    With an endless confidence and self-assuredy, Foreigner is one who believes he can do no wrong, always having an argument prepared for why it was anyone's fault but his own, often times able to slip out of responsibility by simply confusing everyone else. Even when faced with beings obviously more powerful than himself, his ego simply refuses to acknowledge it, positive the time will come when they need something that shows who holds the true power.
    "Yes, I'm sure you're very powerful. Just remember that I'm always ready to make a deal when you inevitably screw up. My door is always open."

    Foreigner rarely fights, typically watching from the sidelines while using his powers to divert all attention to his allies. Many Servants struggling due to these circumstances have been offered deals by Foreigner for his aid or their empowerment, offers that are almost unanimously turned down.
    "These people wouldn't know a good deal even if it was shoved down their throats."

    However, he finds himself bored most days. The Chaldea just doesn't seem to have enough to keep him entertained. The people are boring, always able to solve their own problems or not have any to begin with, fighting monsters and saving the world is something that just isn't worth his time, and he keeps seeing familiar faces that either make his blood boil or he wanted to forget.
    "There are eight of her here, so why couldn't my world keep one!"

    One of the few things that does break the monotony of his time there is the immense collection of detective novels in the library, a pleasure he was unable to cast-off even after his centuries of life. Whenever he's not insulting people or trying to seduce them into a deal, he can often be found in the library with a giant stack of novels, an activity most other residents would prefer he do forever.


    Servants who wrote detective novels: Good job, but I figured it out halfway through. If you want, I could review your work for now on. For a small price, of course.

    Sherlock Holmes (Ruler): Remember when you died? I often wonder if that was due to your incompetence or the incompetence of your writer.

    EMIYA (Archer): *hard laughter* You made a deal with Alaya?! *further laughter* I offer far better deals than them! At least with me, you know you'll actually get what you want!

    MATOU: Is that what I looked like? And you dealt with Alaya as well? How could I ever be that stupid?

    The Worm (Berserker): And you! You're just a monster! Am I the only intelligent version of myself?

    "Mr." Zombie (Foreigner): Ah. Another... Wait. Hmmm.

    Peter Stumpp: Can you understand me, monster? If you want to make a deal, try to eat my arm. ...Well, I'll take that leg as a maybe.

    The Black Rider: How am I supposed to spread gluttony when you make excess impossible? Maybe we can come to an agreement.

    Tarrare: Now you... Really? Are there really that many beings related to gluttony?

    Charybdis: Poor, trapped monster. *listens to radio* Well, I'm sure we can arrange something.

    Sakura Servants: Sorry. I can't be associated with you for obvious reasons. ...Those reasons are mine alone!

    Rin Servants: Well, you're as annoying as ever.

    Senji Muramasa (Saber): Should I eat you too?
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    Goddamnit I had almost the exact same idea, except as an Alter-Ego instead. That'll show me it's a bad idea to procrastinate.
    The Adventure of the Velvet Room (Sherlock Holmes/Persona) (SB, FFN, AO3)

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    Shinji :Quite good profile Morg i find it quite interesting another pice of your timeline Story .

    I would be curious what he would think of my Baal Zouken or my Beast Shirou servants ?

    and How does he actually fight would ii be curious ?

    annd i still work besides on my Watcher but as it is my first Watcher i must Abit think About the skills .
    When you wake a Dragon in his Lair...

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    Class: Caster
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Source: Greek Mythology
    Region: Europe
    Armament: String

    Strength: C
    Endurance: D
    Agility: B++
    Mana: B
    Luck: D

    Class Skills:

    Territory Creation B
    A Caster-class Skill. It is the Skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus, such as for the purpose of collecting mana. A spider's web is one of her most important assets; her home, her weapon, her shield. Such a place cannot be lightly travelled through.

    Item Construction D++
    A Caster-class Skill. It is the Skill to manufacture magical items, from implements of war to items for daily use. Also, this Skill requires time to gather components and manufacture items. Caster has no true knowledge of magecraft of any kind but if it is the creation of clothing one is looking for then her ability skyrockets.

    Personal Skills

    Authority of the Weaver A+++
    A skill denoting the understanding of the many threads that exist within the world and the ability to interact with them. It is a skill that is chiefly reserved for the divine. However, Caster presents an exception as she has reached that level of skill through her own efforts.

    Shapeshift (Spider) C
    The skill denoting the ability to shift one's form into that of a spider. In Caster's case, it is less of an ability and more of a curse, one that causes her to uncontrollably transform for a time after working with threads.

    Inherent Insight A
    The ability to grasp the essence of things. Perceptive eyes for observation that will not overlook any information. She is not a detective of any sort but she isn't the sort to pass over key information about people.

    Noble Phantasm

    Arachne Records: Another Side, Another Story
    Rank: A+
    Type: Anti-Unit

    The noble phantasm that belongs to Caster. In the tale made by Ovid, it is said that in the contest between Athena and Arachne, the goddess had weaved a tapestry that celebrated the existence of the god and their reign over man. Arachne, on the hand, weaved one that envisioned the cruelty of the very same deities. Athena had become offended and Arachne was turned into a spider after hanging herself. In truth, it is not a noble phantasm meant to oppose but to complement, as if saying "this is also what you are."

    Once she has selected a target, which has to be a living being, Caster makes use of her Inherent Insight to learn about both the outer and inner nature of her chosen subject. Once done, she weaves a tapestry that displays one of the natures that her subject bears, with it often being one that the subject would normally oppose. If it is accepted, the being in question is bestowed with beneficial effects on top of a sense of fulfillment. For Servants who accept it, they would usually gain a skill or noble phantasm, beneficial or not, that they would normally have in another Class. However, if the tapestry is destroyed by the person in question then they will be subjected to an extreme mental attack that leaves them insensate for a time. In the case for Servants, they would also experience the mental attack, but to a lesser degree, with the addition of continuous strain on their Saint Graph until they either accept another tapestry from Caster or their Saint Graph rips itself apart.


    "Greetings, Master. How are you on this day?"

    Caster is a polite young woman who makes a point to stay as quiet as she possibly can. It isn't done out of rudeness but simply from awareness of her social ineptitude. If one can get her to open up, she talks about all sorts of things she's seen and heard.

    "I see so many great figures walking among us, even gods too. I wonder what type of people they are like."

    Caster is an honest person, telling very little lies. Though the tone of indifference that she speaks with often leads people to create false conclusions about, with the chief one that she is arrogant. Caster is actually quite an empathetic person, often deliberating on her words so that she can manage with the least amount of damage possible.

    "What am I good at? Well I can weave, cook with strings, clean with strings, and fight with strings. Hm? I'm overspecialized. I see."

    It is an unknown truth that Caster's dedication and potential would have made her prodigious in anything if she set her mind to it. However, due to the occupation of her father, she had come to fully embrace the indoors life of weaving. Whether she still has that innate talent or not is up to her.

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    James Clark Ross: Based as fuck sheet ngl, and a really good companion piece to your Foreigner one

    Yama: I really dig your Crypter pseudo-servant sheets and in particular, the little meta narrative that goes on with each sheet. I enjoy them a lot, particularly your Olympian sheets.

    Beelzebub (Shinji): This is some good seaweed, fam. A surprisingly really in-depth sheet I might add by the way, I enjoyed the background narrative for the sheet greatly.
    Current FGO setup

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    Pepe /Yama : really well done Justiciar i must say ,good combination of the abbillities of the host and the servant compliment . though i have a Content and thematical Question withhin Yamaloka wouldnt have Death Gods of other Pantheon also a Special resistence or immunity as their Authority is similar like Yamas own ?

    and what are the Noblephantasm in his other Classes and i would be curious what he would think of his valued Collegues Ereshkigal or my Hades ?
    When you wake a Dragon in his Lair...

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    Your latest Caster is Arachne, right Vance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NMR-3 View Post
    Goddamnit I had almost the exact same idea, except as an Alter-Ego instead. That'll show me it's a bad idea to procrastinate.
    You mean with Yama, right? Because I thought Koga was the only one to think along the same crazy lines as me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kabalisto Koga View Post
    I would be curious what he would think of my Baal Zouken or my Beast Shirou servants ?
    Something along the lines of
    Zouken: Sorry, but I just can't acknowledge you in that body.
    Shirou Emiya: And you just keep sinking lower. Beast? Please! Piss me off, and I'll show you a true beast!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kabalisto Koga View Post
    and How does he actually fight? I would be curious.
    He'd go for scorched earth. Either he'd swarm the entire area and consume everything in it or just completely ravage it with weather.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kabalisto Koga View Post
    i still work besides on my Watcher but as it is my first Watcher i must Abit think About the skills .
    Whatever you choose, I'm sure you'll do it right.

    Arachne: Classic and somehow still unexpected. Fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morg van Destro View Post
    You mean with Yama, right? Because I thought Koga was the only one to think along the same crazy lines as me.
    No, Baal/Beelzebub/Shinji. I even had a backstory where Yahweh was originally a warrior/storm god (as is thought to be the case in RL) but cast that away to become omnipotent, and that which he cast away ended up becoming Baal. Skills were different and the NP was also, but it was only like 50% done so I'm not going to post it now.

    Oh well. I'll find something similarly wacky, don't you worry.
    The Adventure of the Velvet Room (Sherlock Holmes/Persona) (SB, FFN, AO3)

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    Quote Originally Posted by NMR-3 View Post
    No, Baal/Beelzebub/Shinji. I even had a backstory where Yahweh was originally a warrior/storm god (as is thought to be the case in RL) but cast that away to become omnipotent, and that which he cast away ended up becoming Baal. Skills were different and the NP was also, but it was only like 50% done so I'm not going to post it now.

    Oh well. I'll find something similarly wacky, don't you worry.
    Don't rob me of seeing that! Just don't use the same picture I did. Do you know how hard it is to find Shinji art? I dedicated part of a day searching for this picture alone. It's like when I tried to find art of Shirou wearing his dad's clothes, only I was somehow more successful this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragolord09 View Post
    Your latest Caster is Arachne, right Vance?
    We can't even say he didn't put the name on this one because it's in the NP name.

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