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    Hey everybody! I admit, I hit a wall as of late with these and this one might have a biiiiiiit more wank than ideal. But I've just been kind of enraptured with this figure, seeing as she is - despite her youth as a Heroic Spirit - probably one of Russia's greatest historical figures, so...

    Here we go, I guess?

    “I ask you, are you the one who has summoned me forth? [...] Oh, wonderful. Truly WONDERFUL. Oh, thank you so, I could kiss you, I am sooooo- ohoho, you are aware my eyes are up HERE, yes? [...] Oh, you are just too precious, love. Ocharovatel'no, hehehe. Oh! Introductions, ofcourse. My name is Catherine II of Russia! But you may also call me ‘Vsadnikr. Alternatively, you may call me… any time~”


    True Name: Catherine the Great (Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst)
    Class: Rider
    Gender: Female
    Other Qualifying Classes: Saber, Caster, Ruler
    Title: Empress of Love; The Star of the North
    Armament: A saber.
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Country of Origin: Russia
    Source: Historical Record (1728-1796)
    Likes: Love, Russia, Chinese pottery, intellectualism
    Dislikes: Rumours of her death, dissent
    Talents: Championing the arts, reform
    Natural Enemies: Her mother, Peter III of Russia, Caesar Augustus
    CV: [EN] Carrie Keranen (Satsuki Kiryūin, Kill la Kill)
    [JP] Ryoka Yuzuki (Yamanaka Ino, Naruto Shippuden)

    • Strength: D
    • Endurance: B
    • Agility: C
    • Mana: C
    • Luck: B
    • Noble Phantasm: A

    Class Skills

    Magic Resistance
    Grants protection against magical effects. Differing from the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether.
    • D+: Cancels Single-Action spells. Magic Resistance of the same degree of an amulet that rejects magical energy. Ranks Up against ice and snow-related spells and abilities.

    A Class Skill of Rider and Saber class Servants, denoting the ability to ride mounts and vehicles. Rider-class Servants will typically possess a high rank. It is said that dragon type mounts are an exception, requiring a different ability other than Riding.
    • (A) A+: All vehicles and all creatures up to the level of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast can be used as mounts. However, that does not apply to members of the Dragon Kind. Ranked Up due to her Imperial Privilege.

    Personal Skills

    Charisma of Absolute Freeze
    A composite Skill consisting of a person's charm as well as the natural talent to command or unify an army or country. Increases the ability of allies during group battles. A special Charisma that circulates only among those of Tsar blood.; it is through this that the power of Matushka Rossiya can be accessed by a Heroic Spirit.
    • A: Can be said to have achieved the greatest level of popularity as a Tsar of Russia. Her ability to channel and be a conduit for Matushka Rossiya is so great it has crystallised into a Noble Phantasm of an equivalent Rank.

    Golden Rule (Wealth & Body)
    A rare Skill that combines two kinds of Golden Rule: the measurement of one’s fortune to acquire wealth; and possession of a natural and perfect goddess-like body, preserving beauty.
    • B: It was under Catherine's tsardom of Russia that it went from a backwater nation to achieve the great dream Peter the Great had envisioned, as a rich and influential powerhouse in art, culture and military scope. Catherine was also famed for her incredible beauty, and the rigorous care she took of her body in her prime. The Empress of Love could not be any less than both beautiful and resilient, after all.

    Imperial Privilege
    An ability that, due to the insistence of the owner, Skills that are essentially impossible to possess can be obtained for a short period of time. In cases when the Rank is А or above, even the "burden to the body" can be acquired (such as Divinity)
    • B: For Catherine, these skills include swordsmanship, Intrigue, Incitement, Persuasive Orator, Eye for Art, Natural Born Genius, Workshop Creation and more.

    Knowledge about modern Thaumaturgy.
    • C: While a largely self-educated mage, is adept in Jewel Magecraft and, thanks to her Matushka Rossiya Noble Phantasm, Elemental Magecraft 9specifically combining the elements of Water and Wind to create Ice Magecraft). (In life, Rider’s innate potential to cast Magecraft was unique among her family and a secret she had to keep. Even from her lovers. The only man who ever knew was Frederick the Great, who, on that fateful meeting when she was but little Sofia, privately encouraged the pursuits of her talent.)

    Noble Phantasms
    Sovereignty of Snow
    Matushka Rossiya
    Mother Russia
    Type: Anti-Army
    Rank: A
    All great rulers of Russia, on some instinctual level, can draw upon the protection and aid from the maternal spirit of their land itself. The harsh snows, winds and ice that have halted conquering empires dead in their tracks. Often that precious and decisive weapon crucial to saving the nation from invasion. And, as perhaps one of its greatest Tsarinas, Catherine is no exception. While not Russian by birth, she has won the adoration of Russia’s people and, thus, the maternal affection of the nation herself.

    Matushka Rossiya is herself a mysterious entity whose form varies in its manifestation, depending entirely on the champion calling on her aid. In Rider’s case, her primary use of this Noble Phantasm is to manifest her mounts of choice. Her default mount tends to be a glittering, crystallike carriage of ice. This carriage is pulled by the frozen effigy of The Bronze Horseman: a replica of the statue she commissioned of Tsar Peter the Great. “Peter”, a voiceless ice statue, acts as her informal valet and attendant who can also be summoned independently of the carriage to fight alongside or for Rider on horseback. She can also create various other icy mounts such as bears, horses (although she has far less taste for them), Siberian tigers and other Russian wildlife.

    However, whereas it costs more mana to maintain, Rider’s most impressive mount is undoubtedly an ice construct of the Two-Headed Eagle, the Russian Empire’s personal coat of arms. This bird of sovereignty and imperialism is crafted entirely from crystals of ice; a brilliant silver, white and pale-blue beast on par with even Phantasmal Beasts such as the phoenix. Wherever it flies, it creates great blizzards and snowstorms in its wakes; freezing enemies without the resilience or resistances to endure such mighty frosts solid until they are but icy statues.

    Rider can also control and manipulate the frosty essence of Matushka Rossiiya herself, thanks to her talents in Magecraft. She can channel it into her jewels to charge them with its frosty essence in case hers, or her Master’s, mana proves low in a dangerous situation; her preferred uses being to create defensive walls of ice or to reinforce her limbs with a frosty armour to temporarily increase her melee capabilities. She is also able to create constructs out of it, most notable preferring to craft a saber to use as her primary melee weapon.

    Dazzling Glow of Imperial Beauty
    Velikaya Korona
    Great Crown
    Type: Support
    Rank: D
    The Imperial Royal Crown commissioned by Rider for her coronation as Empress of Russia. Inspired by the crowns of the Byzantine Empire, constructed from both silver and gold, it contains a grand total of 75 pearls and 4936 diamonds; sparkling so much that one might assume it was in fact a star Rider wears on her head rather than a crown.

    In truth, there was a pragmatic purpose for so many jewels as well, for Rider’s talents with Jewel Magecraft has made the Velikaya Korona a tertiary source of mana to draw upon, beyond her own or her Master’s. Had she been summoned as a Caster or a Ruler, expending prana from several of these jewels at a time would have allowed her to perform magical feats of High-Thaumaturgy level, and she could have spent up to 24 hours recharging the crown’s jewels. As Rider, however, she primarily draws upon the mana stored in the Velikaya Korona to maintain the mana cost of her Noble Phantasms ur to function as a temporary Mana Burst efffect to enhance her physical combat. However, the recharge time required to bring its thousands of stones back to full power is tripled from 24 hours to 72.

    Snow-White Stage of Sovereignty
    Zimnij Dvorets: Etap Lyubvi i Slavy
    Winter Palace: Stage of Love and Glory
    Type: Barrier
    Rank: A
    More so than perhaps any other Russian monarch, the Winter Palace is defined by Rider’s expansions on the site. Subsequently on any area Rider marks as her base of operations, can can cast and create this Noble Phantasm to transform its interior into a reconstruction of the Winter Palace itself. So long as Rider remains alive, the Zimnij Dvorets will exist: a comfortable slice of luxury for the Empress of Love and her most esteemed guests.

    Demonstrating the absolute authority of the Russian Tsar, while Rider and anyone she considers an ally are within its confines, their Parameters will receive a Rank Up; making a direct siege on the Zimnij Dvorets inadvisable. As the manifestation of Catherine bringing about a golden age to Russia, the Zimnij Dvorets is the epitome of that imperial luxury: filled with servants and valets who’ll attend to every whim and need, with music always filling the air.

    The crown jewels of the Zimnij Dvorets in Rider’s case, however, are in two rooms in particular. The first is the grand Hermitage Theatre. It was here that Rider’s love for the arts was tproudest on display; where concerts and plays were performed in great rooms of marble, watched over by statues of Apollo and the Muses, and some even written by Rider herself. Its sets are so elaborate and the performances and music within it so dramatic and enthralling that, on a failed Luck check or if they are lacking the suitable mental resistances outright, enemy Servants are unable to resist being enthralled by the performance. This trances causes all of their Parameters to Rank Down until they can escape the theatre.

    The second, and most secretive of all of these rooms, is Rider’s own personal bedchambers. It is here she retires to when she takes up rest as opposed to returning to spiritual form. And it is only someone who has Rider’s invitation who is allowed to enter these quarters. If the Hermitage Theatre is her Stage of Glory, then this chamber is her Stage of Love. Known for her passionate relationships, those who truly won Rider’s love were always richly rewarded in life and showered in her adoration. Thus, anyone invited into these chambers who truly earns the Empress of Love’s true and pure adoration will exit it, receiving a Rank Up to their physical Parameters and Mana for the next twenty four hours. Those who the Empress of Love refuses after entering her chamber and could never win her true affection, much like her husband Peter III, instead receive a Rank Down in Mana and Luck; the rebuking of the Empress of Love marking them with a curse that also negates any social or attraction-based Skills in their possession such as Charisma or Mystic Allure.

    Anyone who has had the privilege of speaking to Rider outside of combat will tell you that she is, above all else, a remarkably intelligent and well educated woman. She LOVES to discuss the arts, theatre, music and philosophy in great depths with any ears willing to listen; the thrill of a debate of ethics just as much a joy to her as a slow waltz on the ballroom. Catherine has a sly and mischievous side as well in stark contrast to how shy and soft-spoken she was as a child; emboldened by her changing fortunes and the escape from her mother’s and husband’s shadows.

    Rider is also a very ambitious woman, however. When she sets her mind to a goal, she will commit to it with fervour and zeal until it has succeeded. Anyone who gets in her way? She will not hesitate to use whatever force or trick at her disposal she has necessary to quell them. She is deeply proud of herself in every regard - her successes, her beauty, her Skills and her victories - but she can also be scathingly critical of herself on even the smallest of things. Such as her writing. She definitely feels like she needs someone to spice up her non-existent plot threads and the lack of intrigue in her scripts.

    While many stories about her private life were exaggerated after her death, an attempt by her political rivals to vilify and sully her image, it is not entirely untrue that Rider is as much a lover as she is (if not more so than)a fighter. She is deeply enamoured with the very concept of love itself. She is a vigorous, flirty and enthusiastic lover that many would diagnose as a “nymphomaniac”, but the term does not bother her. It is, after all, one of the strongest and most intimate ways to show someone that she adores them. And although she may flaunt her beauty and has a streak of promiscuity, she truly does adore anyone who’ll let her into their heart and vice versa; showering them in gifts, praise and doing whatever she may to make them happy. But whatever you do, do NOT bring up the rumour about her death involving a horse. You will die. And you will deserve it.

    If there was one regret from her life? It is that she relapsed in her later years from the progressive champion of liberalism and equality to the same authoritarian, stagnant beliefs as many a Russian ruler before her. In doing so, she strained her family and, in the long run, further contributed to the mindset and entitlements that led to the fall of the Romanov dynasty.

    If she could have just one wish upon the Holy Grail? It would be a chance to fix her mistakes. To go back and commit fully to the widely adored and beloved queen she had been at the start of her reign. To maybe save Russia from the bloody history she helped to write..

    Peter the Great: A deeo admiration for the great legend. If only her foolhardy manchild of a husband were more like his namesake…
    Frederick the Great: “They call me ‘the Great’. But I say where most look to Alexander? You, dyadya, are the man to whom all Greats must be compared. Blagodaryu vas… for everything.”
    Joanna Elisabeth or Elizabeth of Russia: “You… you do not control me, anymore.”
    Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova: “O-Oh… Oh my dear sweet podsnezhnik.” (sniffle, sob) “I am so sorry. I- I am so- so sorry…” (hugs tightly)
    Ivan the Terrible: “I may love Russia. But you? I could afford to live without.”
    Nicholas II: “Don’t you dare even look at me. YOU PIG IN HUMAN CLOTHING!!”
    Grigori Rasputin: “You.. just who, or what, are you? So foul, and yet so charming; so kind to my kin and yet such... darkness...”
    Cleopatra: “Sestra! Oh, delightful! How truly delightful! We were cut from the same cloth; you and I! Husband-kings, who needs them, huh?”
    Hatshepsut: Deeply admires a fellow great queen. But, uh, she’ll kindly pass on the “Oniichan” part of Egyptian royalty, thank you kindly. "Cleo had the right idea..."
    Bradamante: Both are so in love with the very idea of love that they’d be best friends on the spot.
    Iskandar: “O-...oh my… oh MY… I’m sorry, I just wasn’t expecting you to be so… so…. HUGE. [...] You know, if you’re looking for your next ‘large tracts of land to conquer’~”
    George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Marquis de Lafayette, Benjamin Franklin: Was actually a vocal supporter of American independence. Would certainly have loved the chance to meet any of these men one-to-one. Or all at once, either way was more than fine... Not Aaron Burr, however. Burr’s just kind of a jerk.
    Thutmosis III, Augustus: “ certainly are a ‘zaklinatel'’, aren’t you? Uppity little der'mo… afraid of strong women, that's what you are..."
    Napoleon Bonaparte: “How many times must you be taught this lesson? You should never pick a fight with Matushka Rossiya! LEAST OF ALL, Babushka Catherine!”
    Chiron: "I- uh- l-listen, I'm sure you are a... wonderful man but... it's not you, it's... well, no, it is you. You are part horse. Please do not take it the wrong way but... you are a horse."
    Asterios: {an incoherent mess of sputters and screams of horror at the realisation THAT dreadful rumour has ACTUAL precedence]
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    I always wanted to do a Catherine the Great Servant, but I could never quite get her Noble Phantasms in order. So seeing this, with THREE great Noble Phantasms?? I love it.

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    Babushka Catherine: Daayyummn I like her. Thats a really nice sheet. Okay she seems like a fusion of Marie and Anastasia, but her character is so well written. I have no association with her name, but your lines regarding her death and a horse. I think i heard of her, pretty sure i heard of that anecdote. On that note i suggest maybe adding a relationship quote with Asterios, because, ya know, the plot points of her end and his birth are...unique.
    And i suggest you use Charisma of Absolute Freeze , it is basically made for Russian princesses.
    And did you forget to add the description for her golden rule? I would describe the body part because she stayed fit for her sexual partners or something.
    And bonus points for her flirt with iskandar, that and the line regarding the horse made me giggle. Great work

    Edit after your Edit: Nice, Chiron in the relationship quotes fits perfectly here
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    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey View Post
    And i suggest you use Charisma of Absolute Freeze , it is basically made for Russian princesses.
    Seems kind of pointless when that Skill doesn't have any unique effects that set it apart from standard Charisma. Unless King of Braves wants to make something up I guess.

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    Hey! Thank you so much for the responses and I took your suggestions on board DelRey! Ultimately, Asterios would... not gonna lie, probably just SHATTER Catherine mentally. Just... literally, she'd shut down, take five seconds to process, and then run screaming in the opposite direction at the mere thought someone ACTUALLY did that.

    @RoydGolden: I wasn't going to ,but then I thought "Hey, maybe I could actually tie it in with that Noble Phantasm I made that's literally the spirit of Russia favouring a Tsar?" In which case, I might bump Charisma up to A, seeing how she is (besides Peter the Great) probably Russia's most popular monarch.

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    Catherine the great : "Sorry Lady you are so so ehm beautfull "

    I must say well done her personality is adorable and Fitting i must say ,also have you selected the Right choice for her , i must say you have made a good Job withh her threee Noblephantasm one Question would she have as Caster the Kremlin aws Noblephantasm and what wouldd be her Saber-class Sword Noblephantam ? i would be curious what she would think of my Deianira or my Tugarin as the love they holded were a crucial part in their live ? also have you perhaps not sawn my replies to your last servant profiles ? like what i saw in your MAcbeth profile have you seen the Gargoyle series or just heard from it because i have seen the complete series and saw your references in there ?
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    Inspired by a really great sheet I read forever ago that made a Rider Jesus based on the Infancy gospels, I've been trying to steadily make and improve on my Savior version based on Revelations.

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Male

    Spirit: Jeshua ben Joseph

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Strength: D

    Endurance: B

    Agility: B

    Mana: A

    Luck: C

    N. Phantasm: EX

    Personality: Savior is an entity whose personality changes with the perceptions of the time and place of his summoning. When summoned in the middle ages, he would become a wrathful god who crusades against non-believers, in the modern age, he is a peaceful entity who spreads a gospel of forgiveness... Most of the time.

    Appearance: A youth with snow white hair, dark skin and shining orange eyes. Seven shining lights revolve around his right hand. His palms and feet are scarred, along with a long scar in his side and a row of prick like scars under his hair. He wears a loose fitting white robe and is shoeless.

    Class Skills:

    Charisma [EX] – Charisma surpassing all others, even when compared to other Savior class servants, he is an existence beyond others when it comes to accruing follows with utmost devotion.

    Counter Hero [C] – Lacking a legend where he confronted a specific hero of his time, Savior is only capable of reducing enemy ranks by one, and loses all effectiveness against anti-heroes and monsters.

    Personal Skills:

    Revelation [EX] – A skill that allows one to “hear the voice of the heavens” and take optimum action. Savior, being both human and god, technically provides his own revelation, so even he's not quite sure what's going on.

    Item Construction [D] – While his legend included miracles of limitless food, he still needed items from which to start. All items created count as minor divine constructs, improving their performance above ordinary values, but he never makes anything extraordinary so only objects such as 'a particularly tasty loaf of bread' can be achieved.

    Noble Phantasm:

    Arma Christi: Relics of Pain

    Rank: EX

    Type: Anti-Evil

    Multiple relics used during the Passion of Christ. These items are used as weapons by Savior including the nails as knives, hammer, thorns, the cross itself and so on. While none but the cross possess any unique attributes, they all count as divine relics and as such are strong enough to stand against top ranked Noble Phantasms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kabalisto Koga View Post
    Catherine the great : "Sorry Lady you are so so ehm beautfull "

    I must say well done her personality is adorable and Fitting i must say ,also have you selected the Right choice for her , i must say you have made a good Job withh her threee Noblephantasm one Question would she have as Caster the Kremlin aws Noblephantasm and what wouldd be her Saber-class Sword Noblephantam ? i would be curious what she would think of my Deianira or my Tugarin as the love they holded were a crucial part in their live ? also have you perhaps not sawn my replies to your last servant profiles ? like what i saw in your MAcbeth profile have you seen the Gargoyle series or just heard from it because i have seen the complete series and saw your references in there ?
    Thank you! And I admit, I haven't had the full read through of 'em yet. Partially due to a lack of familiarity with the figures themselves and admittedly a struggle to read on my first attempt. But I will try and give them a proper scan through and some feedback. And yes, I LOVE Gargoyles. My take on Mac Bethad does too; it's... annoyingly Shakespeare-inspired still, for his taste, but nuanced with his true history, and a noble portrayal.

    ... now there is... one other sheet I've come up with that, admittedly, is also perhaps my weirdest. And the hardest I've ever tried to sheet. So... hopefully, it's decent?


    "...war. Conflict. Death. Fear. Fractioning. It seems no matter the era, my people continue to suffer. [sighs] Is there no end to this cycle? [...] Oh, my apologies, Master. I hadn't meant to reflect so vocally. [...] Of course, my apologies. Introductions. History knows me as Amestris, the queen of Persia. Children of the faith may know me better for my true name, however. [smiles] You may call me such too, Master; no need for such distance between the tow of us. I am Esther."


    True Name: Esther (Amestris)
    Class: Shielder
    Gender: Female
    Other Qualifying Classes: Saber, Ruler
    Title: Protector Queen of the Persian Jews
    Armament: A shield and a sword.
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Country of Origin: Persia
    Source: Biblical (Historical)
    Likes: Her adopted father, human rights, discourse
    Dislikes: Genocide, discrimination against her people
    Talents: Championing human rights
    Natural Enemy: Haman, Tomas de Torquemada, Adolf Hitler
    CV: [EN] Dani Chambers (Chise Hatori, The Ancient Magus' Bride)
    [JP] Ayumi Ito (Tifa Lockhart, Final Fantasy VII Remake)

    • Strength: D
    • Endurance: B+
    • Agility: C
    • Mana: B
    • Luck: A
    • Noble Phantasm: A+

    Class Skills

    Magic Resistance
    Grants protection against magical effects. Differing from the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether.
    • B: Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for them to be affected.

    Self-Field Defense
    A Class Skill of the Shielder class. A power displayed when protecting allies or an allied camp.
    • A: A celebrated protector of the Jews (especially among Iranian Jews) through to the present day, Shielder exhibits damage reduction surpassing the defensive limit value, with a wide range of effect (able to span an entire city).

    Personal Skills

    A composite Skill consisting of a person's charm as well as the natural talent to command or unify an army or country. Increases the ability of allies during group battles.
    • B: Having B Rank in this Skill is sufficient to lead a nation as its King/Queen. The morale of military forces he or she commands is extremely high.

    Golden Rule [Body]
    A Skill that denotes the possession of a natural and perfect goddess-like body, preserving beauty. Unlike the Natural Body Skill whose body shape does not change despite how much caloric intake was taken, there is no effect on the Skill owner's Strength parameter.
    • A: Renowned for being “the most beautiful woman in her era”, Shielder’s perfect form is almost supernaturally mesmerising; akin to a goddess’ form on the mortal plane.

    Persuasive Orator
    The ability to sway and manipulate targets, whether mundane, Magus or even Servant, through one's language and speech alone. As Persuasive Orator is a passive Skill, and not one focused on the use of mana, it can bypass Magic Resistance.
    • A: At this Rank, one is naturally gifted with the art of rhetoric; they can quell violence among even kings and emperors with their gift in language.

    A Skill to "hear the voice of heavens" and take optimum action; a Skill equivalent to Instinct, a sixth sense regarding battles. However, Revelation accommodates all matters related to the achievement of a goal (for instance, choosing the most suitable path while traveling).
    • B: Despite the lack of direct divine aid in Shielder's story, the miracle she achieved in saving Yahweh's children from massacre was so great that it is immortalised in its own book within the text of the Hebrew people; putting her on a level comparable to divine prophets.

    Noble Phantasms

    Celebration of My People’s Salvation
    Megillat Ester
    מגילת אסתר

    Book of Esther
    Type: Barrier
    Rank: A+

    The crystallization of Esther’s nature as a chosen Prophet of the Jews and the feat that earned her ascension to the Throne of Heroes--the salvation of her people from genocide, after becoming wife to the Persian Emperor Ahasuerus (or, as history better knows him, Xerxes I). This is also what qualifies her for the Shielder-Class; this Noble Phantasm manifesting as a large, heavy scroll, carried in a large satchel of blue and gold; the royal colours of Persia. When unfurled, this scroll reveals the text of the Book of Esther, which glows a brilliant, golden yellow when unfurled to signify its active magic.

    The unfurled scroll can be wielded as a shield that, when active, is an “anti-genocide” Noble Phantasm. Violent impulses, even those of a Servant with Mental Pollution or Mad Enhancement of an A+-Rank or lower, are quelled; rendering them far likelier to listen to Shielder’s reasonings and use of her Persuasive Orator Skill. Blessed and empowered by worship and praise by the Jewish people, Megillat Ester is particularly effective when used against Servants who in life were known for their persecution and mistreatment of her people. In their case, Megillat Ester emits a powerful aura that impedes their combat capabilities; even if they should find the will in them to fight, their Parameters are Ranked Down, leaving them vulnerable to a counter reprisal. Megillat Ester, as it is a holy scripture, can also be used as a conduit to cast protective enchantments on certain buildings or places to mark them as ‘sanctuary’ no hostile force may step foot on unless Shielder rules it.

    As the Book of Esther is widely debated by scholars and rabbis to be allegorical on human rights and racial equality - the tale of a Jewish woman becoming Empress of Persia -, this tale of salvation and the breaking down of inequalities can also be channelled through Shielder’s Self-Field Defense. Allies affected by it, however ancient or modern they may be, when faced by a “superior” enemy, will receive an empowerment to their abilities so that - if engagement becomes the only option -, they may stand on equal footing to any “superior”, whether in combat or diplomacy.

    Upheaval from an Oppressed People

    Type; Anti-Unit~Anti-City
    Rank: B++

    An acinaces closer in length to a short sword, named after Shielder’s cousin and adopted father, Mordecai. It was Mordecai’s perceived slight against Haman that drove the adviser to attempt genocide against the Jews of Persia. So it was to save him, and her people, that Shielder became motivated to fight the terrible deed before it was committed. After which, she and Mordecai drafted another bill--granting Jews the right to instead fight back and defend themselves on the day meant to be their genocide. Thus, on that day, it was the slavers and the abusers who met their ends with the blessing of Persia’s King instead. For while Shielder was pacifistic, she too was capable of an edge of sharpened steel if provoked. As strong as any king.

    Mardoḵay is Shielder’s primary offensive weapon should the situation call for it. Short enough to be wielded in one hand alongside Megillat Ester. This blade is filled with the fighting spirit and resolve of the Persian Jews to stand up to their oppressors on that fateful day and anguish those who wished to commit genocide onto them. With a blade of deep, blood red, when its name is evoked, it burns vibrantly with mana. The fury of the Jewish people so righteous and so great that it can temporarily augment itself into a semi-divine weapon, giving it special advantages against Servants or entities with a vulnerability to holy weapons and attacks. At full power, with enough mana channelled into it, it could even be used to wipe an entire city by stabbing it into the ground.

    As Shielder would rather diplomacy as her first and foremost weapon, Mardoḵay is saved typically for only the cruellest and evillest of men. When to stand and fight is the only option.


    Shielder's greatest attribute is undeniably her unwavering bravery in the face of adversity. Even when forced to play the game of politics and intrigue, with her life and that of her people on the line with one misstep, she proceeded without fear and strove to save her people by any means. Compassionate and empathetic but also able to be col and unforgiving, Shielder is often described as "beautiful Persian silk hiding the sharpest of the Hebrew's swords". She is eloquent with an inherent, natural gift for words tempered by the education her adopted father/cousin gave her; her greatest talent is not in her combat prowess, but her ability to quell a fight, and open a dialogue. She will listen to every word you have to say, but not hesitate to respond with sharp wit and scathing criticism if necessary.

    It is with this wisdom, courage and empathy, after all, that she won the heart of Xerxes.

    However, there is also a great melancholy to the Queen. Witht he knowledge of millennia of exile, persecution, death and fear among her people, her heart weighs heavy with grief. Grief for what they lost, and a sense of responsibility to do whatever she can to protect them now. Should she be faced with a Heroic Spirit famed for their ruthless persecution of the Hebrews and their descendants, the sword will be unsheathed. To protect the innocent, she will be the first to spill their blood. Her compassion and kindness has its limits. Nazis in particular grossly cross those lines.

    Her wish upon the Grail is the desire of safety for the Jews. Peaceful coexistence between the children of Yahweh. An end to the chaos.


    Xerxes I: "Ahasuerus, my darling. I... make no mistake, dear husband, I am delighted to see you again. But... there is so much work left to do. May you... lend me your hand?"
    Moses, Joshua: "O' deliverers. The honour is all mine. Never in my wildest dreams- I- [sniffs] - I never thought... I might... finally... know someone... s-someone who understands... how hard..." ]hugs] "Thank Yahweh..."
    Cyrus the Great: "My husband, Ahasuerus... he holds your example so highly. He could not have chosen a finer example to follow. Thank you for all you did for him. And for my people." [chuckles] "The Temple is almost too much, it iwas so splendid."
    Samson: "I, uh... goodness. The Mightiest Judge certainly... lives up to the famed reputation that he has garnered..."
    David: "I may be Queen of Persia, but you are King of the Jews. 'tis I who must bow to you, my King. The privilege is all mine."
    Yeshua: "You are an interesting man, son of- ... you own both your fathers' names so proudly." [smiles] "Messiah or not, the world could use some of your kindness."
    Ozymandias: " should have just let them go. Was it worth tearing your own family apart over?"
    MOST Medieval European Monarchs: "Let me show you MY Edict of Expulsion!"
    Tomas de Torquemada: "Nobody expects your inquisition, hmm?" [draws her sword] "Then you must be a fan of surprises. Here. I have one for you."
    Adolf Hitler, Reinhard Heydrich: HATRED. All of her pure, focused hatred.

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    Interesting person and cool sheet. Making Shielder Servants is hard because they are so undefined. They are in a weird Limbo that we think of them as a "protector", a role that can be in between Saver and Ruler, but much lower in scale sometimes. I have yet to find a an inspiration to make one myself. And they are rare to find inspiration from others as well. The Last I saw was Royd's Shielder in the last Contest.
    Regarding her abilities, i think her city blasting potential of Mordecai seems out of place. The story of her bills that allowed the jews to fight back seemed to more like the concept of a Counter to me.
    And is there a difference between her Persuative Orator and Caesars's Incitement skill? It is the skill that shows his remarkable oratory skills

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    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey View Post
    Interesting person and cool sheet. Making Shielder Servants is hard because they are so undefined. They are in a weird Limbo that we think of them as a "protector", a role that can be in between Saver and Ruler, but much lower in scale sometimes. I have yet to find a an inspiration to make one myself. And they are rare to find inspiration from others as well. The Last I saw was Royd's Shielder in the last Contest.
    Regarding her abilities, i think her city blasting potential of Mordecai seems out of place. The story of her bills that allowed the jews to fight back seemed to more like the concept of a Counter to me.
    And is there a difference between her Persuative Orator and Caesars's Incitement skill? It is the skill that shows his remarkable oratory skills
    To explain, the idea of its anti-city potential is something that requires, even for a Servant wit ha decent mana rank, several days to a week to charge; similarly to how iong it took Esther to actually ensure this reversal of their fates. It's the NP I am the likeliest to tweak around with, though so DEFINITELY keeping that in mind.

    As for the difference, ao, I made Persuasive Orator a few years back before Incitement was a thing. But the gist of it is Incitement is a technique used to rally the masses and common folk, as well as a mental attack. Intrigue, another Skill I use, is based off of your ability to manipulate the nobility and higher echelons of society. Persuasive Orator i a composite Skill when someone is so infamously good with their words they can do both effortlessly, and potentially a whole lot more. Someone who is just so innately gifted with words it's a talent (i.e. Odysseus). You cliuld feasibly incite the masses with the truth, quell a king's rage with eloquence, or convince someone of the most ridiculous BS imaginable if you wanted to.

    i.e., Caesar's talents were in inciting the peopleof Rome, whereas the politicians were the men who grew distrustful and eventually assassinated him. But someone like Louis XIV was MASTERFUL in how he handled and manipulated the nobility, but sowed the seeds for dissent of the lower classes (and expelled the Huguenots), so he is actually kind of terrible with the common man. Esther can engage with BOTH just as effectively.

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    Amestris: Also nice Queen , i must say good work . i must also compliment and praise you as it is really not easy to blend hthe history and the religious text Version ,also it is funny as i myself try one to make a Kyros the Great profile but it is not easy Brave ,one Question how longdo you Need to make your profiles ? and how do you find your ideas ?

    also i would recommend that you make like the others here a blog form index of your servants so that others can more easy find them . but to Comeback at Amestris how have to bbe persian or egypt women always to be so gorgerous hm , i have a Question what is her oppinion on the Zoroastrianic Religion as it were persias state Religion and how is her oppinion towards other polytheistic religions and their worshippers ? likee what would she think of this God and what would be her oppinion if she meet (my) Zarathustra as he were the Prophet after whichs Rules he great Kings of persia lived ?

    and what are you two Queens think of each other ?
    When you wake a Dragon in his Lair...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kabalisto Koga View Post
    Amestris: Also nice Queen , i must say good work . i must also compliment and praise you as it is really not easy to blend hthe history and the religious text Version ,also it is funny as i myself try one to make a Kyros the Great profile but it is not easy Brave ,one Question how longdo you Need to make your profiles ? and how do you find your ideas ?

    also i would recommend that you make like the others here a blog form index of your servants so that others can more easy find them . but to Comeback at Amestris how have to bbe persian or egypt women always to be so gorgerous hm , i have a Question what is her oppinion on the Zoroastrianic Religion as it were persias state Religion and how is her oppinion towards other polytheistic religions and their worshippers ? likee what would she think of this God and what would be her oppinion if she meet (my) Zarathustra as he were the Prophet after whichs Rules he great Kings of persia lived ?

    and what are you two Queens think of each other ?
    So my creative process is sorta two-folds. I have a small group of friends with whom I've worked on Fate concepts, among a myriad of other things, for seven/eight years now or so. So sometimes, I get Heroic Spirit concepts to toy with from them (i.e., my friend actually gave me the idea of adapting Esther). Other times, it can be as simple as a piece of media featuring that figure catches my eye (prime example, Catherine the Great was inspired by The Great) or just a fun fanfic concept that springs to mind ("what if Macbeth were forcibly summoned as his Shakespearean iteration?"). Then... about two days, maybe tree, on average, it's a case of me researching the figure, writing down concepts as to what I want them to do as a Servant, and then build the sheet from there.

    Sometimes, it's also me playing around with the class' typical inclusions. i.e., I've always wanted to make Berserkers that aren't just physical monstrosities (so I made a pop culture Disney!Frollo sheet that was closer to a Caster-styled Berserker; or, posted here, Catalina de Aragon being a frontline support Saber instead of a whirling dervish of death). But usually, in all, two days is enough for me to make a Servant I feel happy with? Can take longer though. Esther is still in-the-works as it were, and I spent, like, a week trying to figure out the Winter Palace NP for Catherine. Sometimes, it cant take even less time, though. Headless Horseman took me a day, tops, 'cause I was just enjoying the bizarre mishmash o Ichabod Crane, Bróm Bonés and á dullahan so much it wrote itself.

    I definitely intend to make a blog or master post sooner rather than later; I was just waiting 'til I felt like I'd posted enough sheets to warrant the master post.

    As for character relationship thoughts, I admit, usually? I'm not sure how to answer that. I have intended relationships and dynamics from the actual story concepts because they are my characters. I know how I'd write them in the moment. For example, Augustus would hate Catherine on the principle she reminds him of Cleopatra with her confidence, charisma and sexual reputation. If I had to guess? Zoroastrianism was the national religion of Persia but Cyrus (and Xerxes, who is considered "the real heir to Cyrus" compared to his own son, Cambyses) proved to be religiously tolerant, so I doubt she'd tak any umbrage with Zoroastrian Heroic Spirits for the most part.

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    Been really busy the past week, so I didn't get to do much in terms of this thread, so my apologies on the delay in doing some Reeves (I've been meaning to do a few more in recent days)

    Cathrine the Great : A great addition to this thread. A well made servant whose abilities mix well with her personality, I am a little uncertain regarding her jewel craft, but I suppose that it works out given the association fo the Russian monarchy with riches and fortune. Personally I don't mind that she is a more recent figure as she has a significant enough role in history and her country to compensate for it. Overall the relationships work well and here personality is fairly well made. Her noble phantasms also make sense in general, with her crown being a nice addition to her already existing skill with jewel craft and Sovereignty of Snow giving her a high degree of utility.

    Personally I would have either given her double summon due to her skill as a Caster and Rider (so if she's summoned as one she gets the abilities of the other, or reserved her Castle NP as a tool she can only use as a caster class servant [Instead of having a traditional Territory creation skill she would be able to summon her Snow-white stage of Sovereignty and anchor it to the world]). Although it is well made and a good addition adding it to her as a Rider class servant and she already had 2 very useful NP (one of which being very multifunctional) might have been a bit much. But that's just my opinion and at this point I could just be knit-picking. Either way it is a very well made servant and I enjoyed reading about her.

    Although I do have to wonder if some bits of her personality and abilities was meant to be an homage to Rin (as one of Rin's most famous bits was her pride as a magus, yet also her tendency to slip up and make mistakes which she heavily berates herself for (the bit about forgetting to turn back her clocks thus missing the timing of her summon by an hour). It's just that between her personality and jewel craft that it makes me think of her (although I could be just imagining this).
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    Saber of the Deadly Sea

    True Name: Tethra
    Epithets: King of the Fomóire, King of Mag Mell
    Class: Saber
    Origin: Ireland
    Source: Myth
    Armament: His sword, Orna
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Likes: Bloodshed, his cattle, his wife, crows (by way of his wife)
    Natural Enemy: The Tuatha Dé Danann, the Fir Bolg

    STR: A
    END: A
    AGI: B
    MGI: A
    LCK: C
    NP: A

    Tethra was one of the three Kings of the Fomorians, a mighty warrior, and an ancient sea deity. He was one of the most feared and mightiest warriors the Fomóire had to offer, a combatant on par with some of the greatest of the Tuath Dé. Coming from beneath the waves, he was an existence similar to an 'embodiment of the perils of the deep' in a mortal form. A lifeform similar to both a spirit and to a human, but not quite either, as with other Fomorians.

    Tethra lead the armies of the Fomorians against the Tuath Dé who challenged them for control of the place now called Ireland, and it is by the combined efforts of Lugh and his compatriots that he was eventually felled in battle. This death at their hands could would not end his story, however.

    In life, Tethra had fallen in love with and successfully wooed the Badb, a war goddess and one part of the Morrigan trinity. He was too proud of a warrior to allow her to aid him in battle during his life, but that did not stop her from exerting some of her influence over his death. As such, she made special preparations for him in the fabled land of Mag Mell, a place between this world and the next where only the most glorious are permitted, living or dead. Said 'preparations' were simple: he was to be king.

    Under his rule, Mag Mell was a paradise, for both the peaceful and for the incredibly violent. As nobody could die in a realm outside death, people could 'kill' each other to their hearts' content, safe in the knowledge that their opponents would survive and be able to feast and drink with them later the same evening. A utopia of violence, ruled by a man who was as calm and reasonable as he was ruthless.

    However, though he exists now outside the jurisdiction of life and death, he did still 'die' to get there. As such, his name was recorded with other dead heroes on the Throne, allowing him to be summoned as a Servant.

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: B+
    Grants protection against magical effects. Differing from the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether. Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for them to be affected. When faced with spells and magecraft of Irish origin, however, this skill increases to Rank A-- as a Formorian, a being predating the Tuatha Dé in Ireland, only Irish magic of the Tuatha Dé themselves (as they are the ones who eventually defeated him) can touch him. This extends even to magecraft simply performed by Irish individuals.

    Riding: B
    Denotes the ability to ride mounts and vehicles. Most vehicles and animals can be handled with above average skill, even vehicles that did not exist in the time period one was alive in, for they are no exception. However, cannot ride the likes of Phantasmal Species such as Monstrous Beasts. The exceptions are the Phantasmal Beasts summoned by his own Noble Phantasm, which are completely under his control.

    Personal Skills
    Divinity: B
    As a Fomorian, the king of Mag Mell, and the husband of a major goddess, Tethra has a high degree of Divinity, despite not being a 'Divine Spirit'.

    Demon of the Battlefield: B
    Tethra's savagery in battle is enough to make one confuse him for a Berserker, though he is deathly calm and has his wits about him the entire time. This icy fervor serves to both inspire and strike deep fear into his allies.

    Knowledge of Paradise (King): A
    Becoming in death the king of Mag Mell, a paradisiacal island that is neither life nor afterlife, gives Tethra a sense of inner peace and calm that he never had while alive. As such, he is free of temptation to levels rivaling a Buddha, as "no earthly decadence can compare to the universal bliss of that place".

    Noble Phantasms
    Anamnesis of the Blade

    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Orna, Tethra's blade, which is always with Tethra when he is summoned. It is said to have spoken to Ogma after Tethra's death, and 'recounted all it had done' to him when it was unsheathed. This is only partially accurate.

    When this Noble Phantasm activated, Orna 'recounts all it has done': Drawing the blade unleashes the coalescence of every single attack ever performed with the sword, even those from after Tethra's death, at the same time. Thus, to be struck by this sword is to be struck by 'every strike remembered by the sword' in the same instant, resulting in the target being struck thousands of times at once in thousands of ways.

    This is not 'one enormous combined attack', however, but thousands of overlapping single attacks. This allows it to essentially be an instant kill attack on most enemies, as countless instantly fatal wounds are inflicted at once. This blade, which has even slain monsters and gods, is capable of striking down nearly any foe if used correctly, as the 'deeds' it recalls are not simply literal. For instance, if the blade had been used in the past to "kill a dragon with a stab to the heart", that strike is remembered as a "stab to the heart that kills dragons", resulting in any dragon hit by the blade being killed instantly with a strike to the heart.

    However, hypothetically, if somebody is capable of surviving every one of the attacks remembered by Orna individually, they will survive. In the example above with the dragon, for instance, if the dragon is struck but does not have a heart to stab, they will not die (assuming that is the only strike remembered by the blade capable of killing that individual dragon, of course).

    This Noble Phantasm is not just offensive, but defensive, as the 'deeds' Orna recalls are not only attacks. Blocks, parries, etc. are also kept in its memory, allowing it to stop any attack it has stopped before. As such, all but the most unique of sword strikes and spear blows are able to be easily defended against by Tethra, and more.

    The legacy of Orna as "a sword that carried on after its owner died" manifests as well, in that it will remain even if Tethra the Servant is destroyed, and can be used by any strong enough to pay the mana cost.

    The Cattle of Tethra

    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Army
    Tethra was a being of the deep, of the more magical abyss of the Ocean past. During his life as a Fomorian king, he had control of his flock of 'cattle': Vicious, Phantasmal sharks.

    Upon the release of this Noble Phantasm, dozens of enormous sharks are called forth from the Reverse Side of the World, answering the call of their master even all these years later. They can only manifest in water, limiting the usefulness of this Noble Phantasm on land, but in their element they are deadly enough to tear apart most any foe Tethra faces.

    This Noble Phantasm's mana cost is quite low: The sharks are summoned from the Reverse Side of the World and answer Tethra's summons simply because 'he is their King', and are not manifested by Tethra himself. Thus, the only work Tethra must do is 'make right the conditions of the water', to what it was in the days of his life, so that the Each-Uisce are able to comfortably act in the mortal realm.

    Once the sharks have had their fill, they return home. As Tethra's Noble Phantasm is not manifesting them, only compelling them to come to our world, Tethra's death will not cause the sharks to leave, similar to how Orna remains after his demise. However, they may simply leave of their own accord once their master is gone, should nobody have done anything to anger them.

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    Assassin of the Hidden Door

    "My eyes can see your true worth, Master. The Path of Heaven is absolute and as such I, Assassin, will serve you with loyalty"

    Class: Assassin
    Alignment: True/Neutral
    Region: Japan
    Height: 168cm
    Weight: 56kg
    Likes: Art, tea, training
    Dislikes: Violence, ignorance, naivete
    Talent: Ninjutsu
    Armaments: Shuko(Spiked Iron band), Tetsubishi(Iron caltrops), Kyoketsu-shoge(blade and chain).
    Natural Enemy: Ushiwakamaru


    Str: D
    End: D
    Agi: A
    Mna: C
    Lck: C
    NP: C


    Class Skills

    Presence Concealment(A): Hides one's presence as a Servant. Suitable for spying. It is possible to disappear completely and become nearly impossible to be detected. The rank of Presence Concealment drops considerably when preparing to attack.

    Personal Skills

    Ninjutsu(A): The general term for the techniques, employed by ninjas. Assassin's school of Ninjutsu focuses on techniques of geography, meteorology, swimming, signaling, potion-making, fire-starting, concentration, disguise, and impersonation, as well as a small number of physical escape and evasion techniques, calledninpo taijutsu.

    Shugendo(C): The way of shugen, a highly syncretic school of magecraft that originated in Heian Japan. By using a combination of their spiritual powers and prowess in martial arts, one can strengthen their body beyond their original capabilities.At Rank C, Assassin can temporarily increase both his strength and endurance by two ranks.

    Discarded Honor(B): A Skill marking Assassin as having discarded the code of Bushido he once followed in order to survive. It increases the damage of surprise attacks, traps, and other " dishonest" tricks used by him. It also acts similar to the skill Battle Continuation, allowing him to survive potentially lethal damage, albeit less reliably.

    Noble Phantasm

    God's Heart, God's Eye
    Shin Shin Shin Gan

    Rank: Anti-Unit(self), C

    The ultimate expression of seeing, not with your eyes, but with your heart. A power that goes beyond Instinct, it is the final form of the skill Mind's Eye, honed and elevated to the level of a Noble Phantasm.

    When activate, Assassin can predict all the movements of his opponents, counter all blows that come in his direction, and hit precisely at any opening. Even if the enemy is hidden from sight or employing some sort of illusion, Assassin can see through all falsities, and it is impossible to catch him by surprise. Assassin can also catch when he is being lied to.

    A simple but powerful technique, it does take a considerable amount of effort to keep it active, and mana consumption it's not ideal.


    Near to Hiei-zan was a small village called Togakure, in the prefecture of Shinano. Here, in approximately 1161, Assassin, True Name Daisuke Nishina, was born into a Samurai family. His father was Yukihiro Nishina, who was a highly ranked samurai in the service of Lord Yoshinaka Minamoto. During his early life, Assassin studied at the Tendai monastery on Togakure Mountain (Mount Hiei-zan) near his village. These early experiences were to play an important role later when he was to establish a system of fighting, survival, and infiltration.

    Yoshinaka's family had defeated their rivals and became rulers of Japan. But they saw Yoshinaka as a threat to their leadership, and they turned on him. Yoshinaka Minamoto changed his name to Yoshinaka Kiso, taking the name of the village where he lived, which was a common practice at the time. In 1184, Yoshinaka was attacked by the army of his half-brother... sixty thousand warriors descended quickly upon Yoshinaka's army near Kyoto. The battle was called Awaza no Kassan, and Yoshinaka Kiso was killed by an arrow in his eye. On his side had fought Yukihiro Nishina of Togakure, who was also killed, and his son, who survived.

    Being on the losing side of this battle, Assassin was forced to flee into far-away Iga to escape persecution. There he fled into the remote villages, hidden in the mists of the land of high mountains and thick forests. He changed his name to Daisuke Togakure, after the village of his birth.

    While he was in Iga, Assassin was found by Kagakure Doshi. Kagakure Doshi was a shinobi, and the third soke of Hakuun Ryu, which was one of the original ninjutsu systems developed from the teachings of Ikai (Yi Gai, who brought the roots of koshijutsu from China). Assassin learned Doshi's warrior teachings and added them to his own Shugendo beliefs, and the beginnings of Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu, and the tradition of the Iga ninjas, were forged.

    However, there is a lack of information about his life, especially his later and final years, which end up causing doubts to be cast upon his existence by historians, or at least the veracity of his tale.


    Assassin is a bit pessimistic. He doesn't think too highly of himself and doesn't put a lot of faith in most other people. Perhaps that is a side effect of his war trauma, along with his distaste for unnecessary violence.

    While he has abandoned his code of honor as a samurai, he never quite got completely over it. Because of that, while he gives his blessing to the Shinobi who came after him in theory, in practice, he wouldn't get along with the majority of them, should they meet in person.

    He really dislikes when folk stories paint Shinobi as bright and colorful heroes. This kind of naivete, in general, can get into his nerves really fast. There is something else that can get on his nerves, or rather someone, but he usually tries to not think about that person.

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    here is a list of my servant sheets(new and improved format for my servant sheets)

    Come explore the White Library, and reach the bottom of this Abyss
    Fate / White Memoria

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    The Mad Man of the Eternal Party

    Class: Alter Ego
    Alternate Classes: Caster
    True Name: Mad Hatter (Frederick Liddell)
    Origin: Wonderland
    Alignment: Lawful Mad
    Armaments: Cane, Tea, Dormice
    Attribute: Earth
    Traits: Male, Servant, Liddell, Weak to Enuma Elish

    Wish for the Grail: “A nice tea party with my family.”

    Appearance: A young man (early 20’s) wearing an exaggerated Victorian suit (overcoat, tie, top hat), blue in color.

    ]Bio: Younger brother of Alice Liddle, he would go to become a member of parliament, but otherwise made little impact upon history, certainly not enough to be recorded within the throne. Due to unique circumstances his soul was mixed with the Phantom Spirit of the Mad Hatter, allowing for his manifestation as a Servant. He would latter further fortify his Saint Graph with the Phantom Spirits of the Dormouse and March Hare.


    -Strength: C
    -Endurance: B+
    -Agility: D+
    -Mana: A
    -Luck: E++
    -NP: B++

    Class Skills:

    Territory Creation B++: The ability to create special terrains being famed for his unique “Party” Alter Ego has earned this skill at its current rank. At this rank Alter Ego is easily capable of creating a Workshop, or an analogous terrain even in an open area. One unique aspect of the terrains that Alter Ego creates is that the affect time just as much, if not more so than space allowing him to alter how time works within the bounded fields and workshops he creates in relation to the outside world.

    Item Construction D: The ability to create magical tools and other similar items, having no great fame in creating magical tools or mystic codes the rank of this skill is low. Despite this Alter Ego has earned this skill if only because of his ability to create teas and snacks for the sake of his parties. Said teas and snacks can be imbued with mana turning them into edible mystic codes able to produce a myriad of effects, from altering one’s perception of reality to changing the color of their hair to even altering their parameters.

    Independent Action C+: A skill which allows a servant to maintain their exitance even without a supply of mana from their master, being a man who generally does as he pleases Alter Ego has earned this skill. While he tends to do as he pleases Alter Ego has been hindered by curses and party guests lowering the rank of this skill considerably. At this rank it is possible for Alter Ego to remain in the world for a day (give or take).

    Magic Resistance B-: A skill to resist magical effects, Alter Ego’s unique existence as a composite being and place within a world filled with Mystery on par with the age of the gods has earned him this skill. As he has no great feats resisting magic, and in fact is in part known for incurring a curse the rank of this skill is lowered to its current state. At this rank magical effects of B rank and lower have a high, but not guaranteed, chance of being canceled. Curses, especial those involving the alteration of time, have a high chance of bypassing this defense.

    Wonder Origin B++: A skill denoting both one’s origins within Wonderland, and having the mindset typical of this world, though he has fully embraced his role deep down Alter Ego is still the same resulting in a B rank of this skill. This skill is marginally increased thanks to the presence of the Dore Mouse and March Har within his Saint Graph. This skill allows Alter Ego to resist most forms of mental attack and alteration, additionally defiance of the laws of physics is possible with the application of mana. Defiance of the laws of time is easier for Alter Ego, requiring far less effort.

    Persona Skills:

    Mad Party Guests A: A skill granted to those known for keeping company with “Mad” individuals. Being as famous, if not more so, for the “Mad” party as he is for his own madness Alter Ego has this skill at a high rank. At this rank Alter Ego can manifest various “False Servants” which to aid him in battle. Additionally, he is also able to maintain and increase the manifestation of already existing servants, especially those with the Mad alignment.

    The Great Riddle A: A skill earned from one’s fame for telling great riddles, philosophical or otherwise, having once confounded many with a riddle which at first held no answer Alter Ego has this skill at a high rank. This skill allows Alter Ego to more easily confuse and distract enemies, decreasing their mental fortitude and creating opportunities to strike.

    Unbirthday B+: An unusual skill unique to Alter Ego, a blessing of sorts which only works at certain times of the year. Specifically, it increases all his parameters on all days of the year, except for a birthday. The master’s birthday to be specific, as Alter Ego’s unique circumstances leave him without one of his own which this skill recognizes.

    Noble Phantasms
    Noble Phantasms:

    Eternal Tea Party: I Whom Incurred the Wrath of Time B++:

    An unusual, bounded field, its effects on space is minimal manifesting a table set, a spread of tea pots, snakes, and other such items strewn about. The Noble Phantasms main advantage is its effect on time, the bounded field resists all effects on time, and it remains “Teatime” so long as it remains in place. While people and objects can move damage taken, wither while inside or brought in, will neither become worse nor heal, curses cannot advance, and chemical reactions (save those involving heat) cannot occur.

    Once one leaves the bounded field time resumes, including any damage taken within. One exception to this is Mad Hatter himself, who returns to the normal flow of time gradually rather than all at once. The further away from the bounded field he treads the quicker he returns to normal, and this effect can be reset by simply returning to it.

    Interactions with others:

    Alice: “Would you like some tea, dear sister?”

    Caterpillar: “Now there’s a face I’ll never forget, despite your smoke. Good thing I’ve my tea to help me through it.”

    Aion: “Hello their Time, I do hope we can make recompense. Tea? I’ve always got the party ready, just for you.”

    Queen of Hearts: “I think I could make you a majestic hat.”

    Other High Servants: “All of you have gods and divine beasts, while I’ve got a mouse and a hare. All in all, I think I got the better end of the stick.”

    Other’s interactions with him:

    Alice: “I’d love some little brother; you always made the best tea.”

    Aion: “M: “What do you say Aion? A: I could do with some tea. M: In that case, we accept your invitation.”

    Kiara: “I know how to make a wonderful type of “tea” would you like some? It will help you experience a whole new type of “party.”

    Authors Notes: This took me a stupid long time to finish, in fact its been taking a lot of my sheets done. For some reason I have come across a problem finishing sheets lately despite starting so many (too many). I was finally able to finish this thanks to some people beginning to ask about how long I was taking and getting a little worried about how few sheets I have done. Hopefully, I will be able to get a few more done, maybe finish all my Wonderland servants.

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    Hmm... It's that annoying stage of creativity again. Everything else about the current Sheet is finished except for the most important thing - the Noble Phantasm. I just can't seem to think of what it could be. Woe is me~

    "Here's a bangin lil' tune about takin' on The Man!"

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    "I have profited much from your right arm against my enemies. I shall profit from it most of all if you will kill me, and save from the danger of being led in a Roman triumph one who has been an autocrat so many years, and the ruler of so great a kingdom, but who is now unable to die by poison because, like a fool, he has fortified himself against the poison of others. Although I have kept watch and ward against all the poisons that one takes with his food, I have not provided against that domestic poison, always the most dangerous to kings, the treachery of army, children, and friends."

    The Poison King


    Class: Assassin
    True Name: Mithridates VI
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Place of Origin: Pontus (Northern Turkey)
    Source: Classical history

    Height/Weight: 199 cm/98 kg
    Gender: Male
    Likes: Greek mythology, Persian fashion, Pharmacology, Family
    Dislikes: Rome, Assassination attempts, Empathy, Decadence
    Talent: Unconventional warfare, Polyglotism, Opportunism
    Natural Enemy: Caesar, Romulus, Nero, Altera, Gilgamesh, other Assassins
    Attribute: Human
    Armament: Xiphos sword, Composite bow with barbed poison arrows, Naphtha bombs
    Catalyst: Mithridates' vial

    Mithridates VI Eupator was destined to be Pontus' greatest king when his birth in Sinope was marked by the auspice of a great glowing comet. He was one of seven children of Mithridates V Euergetes, king of Pontus, and Laodice VI, a Seleucid princess. The turmoil of Mithridates Eupator's life began early in his teenage years when his father was assassinated by poison at a great banquet. While the kingdom was left to the joint rule of Queen Laodice, Mithridates Eupator, and his brother, Mithridates Chrestus. As both brothers were underage, their mother ruled as regent. As opposed to his weak-willed brother, Mithridates Eupator was headstrong and ambitious. Fearing eventual loss of influence, Laodice plotted to get rid of her elder son, who fled to hide in the wilderness.

    While Mithridates Eupator strengthened his body and knowledge of poisons in exile, Laodice crippled the kingdom with extravagant spending and corruption, turning Pontus into a Roman client. After years in the wilderness, Mithridates Eupator triumphantly returned and, with the people's support, overthrew his mother and brother. Now Mithridates IV, he had them imprisoned and executed along with all their supporters. He married his sister, Laodice, to preserve the purity of his bloodline (She would later plot to poison Mithridates VI to cover up her affairs but was exposed and executed). Against the trend of Anatolian kingdoms submitting to Rome, Mithridates VI envisioned an empire encompassing the Black Sea and Anatolia. When the neighboring king of Bithynia was replaced with a Roman client, Mithridates VI vowed to remove all Romans from Anatolia. What followed were the three Mithridatic Wars. Mithridates VI carried out a massacre of Roman civilians and proceeded to conquer all Roman lands in the region while the Romans were preoccupied by civil war.

    Unfortunately for the king and his new empire, his opponents were the great Roman generals Sulla, Lucullus, and Pompey. Despite the disadvantages, Mithridates VI employed every trick possible. He used mad honey to poison invading armies before attacking, he used naphtha bombs and even traps with bears to terrorize enemy soldiers, and had his soldiers fight with poisoned barbed arrows. Even with this brutality, fate refused to let his dream stay intact. By the end of the third and final war and his son and subordinates rising in revolt, Mithridates VI decided to take his own life. He took poison, but it had little effect. So, the king tried to fall on his sword, though that also did not end him. Ultimately, he could only die by another's hand.


    On the surface, Assassin is a charismatic and gregarious leader. Others may be seduced by his charm, seeing him as an ally against oppressive foes. This is reflected in Assassin’s successful employment of propaganda. In his time, the people of Anatolia saw him as a liberating champion against foreign domination. However, this only masks his deep-seated insecurity caused by his father’s assassination and mother’s scheming. The poisoning of his father resulted in a life-long obsession with poison and assassination. Fearing losing his life by another’s hand, he experimented with poison to learn everything he could to develop immunities. He would see assassination around every corner.

    His most defining traits are his paranoia and ruthlessness. His motivations are based on keeping his agency safe. He sees his life as a struggle against forces, from his mother, Laodice, to Rome, trying to steal his agency from him. This worldview was solidified by Assassin’s time spent in the wilderness where he struggled against bears, vipers, and poisonous plants. In essence, life is a wilderness where one must do what they can to survive. However, while people, like poisons, are dangerous threats they can be utilized as tools to gain the upper hand in a struggle. Assassin knows how to tug at people’s ideals and sense of justice to convince or bind them into joining his cause. However, while he is adept at enchanting people, he is not able to fully empathize. During the Mithridatic Wars, he forced his people, seeing them as mere resources, into using up all their resources, choosing rebellion over fighting off the Roman invaders. Even Assassin’s family members are people he loves because he sees them as extensions of himself. He will instinctively suspect those, including his master, who contradict him or dissent from his cause of targeting him specifically to overthrow or assassinate. This is what will bring his darker paranoid side to the surface.


    In his prime, Assassin was known to be a man of exceptionally imposing strength and stature. He keeps himself in prime shape as he believes vitality gives resistance to assassination. This contributes to him having an almost superhuman appearance. Following this, Assassin gives the appearance more of a Saber or Rider. Casually, he wears an ornate Persian-style fur overcoat over a soft light shirt and pants along with fancy leather boots. He insists on this out of pride in his cultural heritage, which he sees himself as a bearer and patron of. While not necessarily anachronistic in the modern world, his outfit and physical appearance make him stand out. In essence, though, this lets him hide in plain sight since he is so unbecoming for an assassin. Nevertheless, he is capable of concealing his presence in a more incognito manner of dress since historically he was able to escape from difficult situations while disguised as a peasant. In combat, Assassin wears a scaled armor tunic, a pleated skirt, the same boots, and a Phrygian helmet. He can wear a facemask on the helmet to conceal his identity.


    STR: B+
    END: B
    AGI: C
    MGI: D
    LCK: D
    NP: A


    Presence concealment - C

    Poisonproof - EX
    Assassin invented the technique of taking small doses of poison to develop immunity to it. He regularly takes doses of every poison known, making him not just invulnerable to all poisons, but also making his very blood poisonous to others. He is said to have developed the antidote to all poisons, the Mithridate, which he can use to cure others of any poison.

    Charisma - B
    Though it led to catastrophic ruin, Assassin began a revolution and convinced his nation to take on the greatest power of the time.

    Prisoner of Fortune - B
    Assassin was famously said to have tried to kill himself by poisoning and by stabbing himself without success. This gives the skills of level B combat effectiveness. In addition, Assassin is unable to kill himself even under duress of command spell. Any attempts to do so will fail.

    Noble Phantasms

    Paryadres - Trials of the Pontic Wilderness
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Rank: B
    Assassin’s most utilized NP is a reality marble that encapsulates his worldview. It takes the form of the mountainous wilderness where Assassin survived for years in exile. Anyone, including Assassin, entering this environment faces a number of dangers including lions, bears, and dangerous plants. Since Assassin knows how to survive here, the environment is more defensive rather than offensive for him and serves as a good place to escape to when in a tight spot. However, due to the mana cost, he can go there only very rarely. The real versatility is in the numerous resources that Assassin can utilize from here. Due to his knowledge of poisons, he can use the plants to obtain any poison imaginable to use in a number of ways, including to make poisoned arrows and his universal antidote, the Mithridate. He can also find the ingredients to create his flaming naphtha bombs, which can surprise and terrorize the enemy in battle. Lastly, he can harvest “mad honey,” honey created from the rhododendron that causes hallucinations and severe nausea. Assassin harvests this as tainted mana that can be left for other servants to consume, leaving them with disabling symptoms. He can also carry it around with him so that other servants slowly develop symptoms while they are in proximity to him, though this puts him at risk of exposing himself.

    Ephesian Vespers - A Nation Bound by Atrocity
    Type: Anti-Army
    Rank: A
    The second NP is the ultimate representation of Assassin’s brutal and twisted efficiency. This appears as a familiar in the form of a basic messenger bird that Assassin would send to a member of his vast spy network. The familiar can be used for spying, though it has only human level senses and must report directly back to Assassin to deliver information. The true nature of the NP alludes to Assassin’s most heinous act, the Ephesian Vespers. Just before first declaring war on Rome, Assassin set out to purge all Romans from his lands. His spies coordinated a single strike, executed on a single day, where over 100,000 Romans were massacred across Anatolia. This was a feat of logistics that would be awe-inspiring if not so horrifying. It was this that made Assassin feared as an enemy of Rome. In this act of brilliant ruthlessness, Assassin not only shocked and terrorized the Romans into submission, but also tied his people to his cause by making them complicit in the massacre. Assassin can invoke this crime only when he knows the locations of all the remaining servants. After summoning the NP’s true form, the bird familiar will be sent out, carrying Assassin’s message to launch the attack. A soldier of Assassin will then appear in the immediate vicinity of each enemy servant and attempt to assassinate them. These soldiers are not particularly strong and can be defeated easily by a servant that expects them. The soldiers will remain until they have been killed or they have killed their target. The invocation of this NP is lengthy and draining. Once fully invoked, the NP will disappear in all forms. It can only be used one time.


    Caesar: Forgive my surprise to see that it was the Queen of Bithynia that became loathsome Rome's master.

    Nero: Sheer debauchery? This is what the hollowing of the carcass of my nation has begotten?

    Gilgamesh: You desire my treasure, the all-curing Mithridate? I shall give you the ingredients, but one worthy must discover the recipe on their own. Of course, most of the ingredients are poisons on their own.

    Hercules: Strongest of heroes, we do share in appearance, do we not?

    King Hassan: Come, share some wine with me. Would your comrades like a glass, too?

    Author's Notes: First time doing one of these, but it's hard to resist doing so! Feedback would be appreciated. This guy is a fascinating character in my opinion, for those that aren't familiar. He's not as famous as Hannibal in the west, but in the former eastern Roman empire, he's very well known as the last bane of the republic.
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    Been gone for a while, but I'm obliged to respond to a sheet on a figure I've personally done in the past.

    Mithridates: You clearly understand the mindset of a figure rarely talked about, to the point where I have to assume we read the same biography.
    I have a few critiques, or maybe just nitpicks. Prisoner of Fortune is essentially just Battle Continuation with the stipulation that he can't kill himself--which doesn't work too well considering the Mana stat you've supplied for him, in addition to being past the Age of Gods, etc.

    I think there's a case for giving Mithridates a Reality Marble if you really wanted to, but frankly it would make a lot more sense to have the Vespers NP be the Marble. The wording on both is also a little strange and clunky, but considering this is your first attempt that's obviously fine.

    This has probably sounded too mean. I do like a potential conversation between Mithridates and Gil, though.

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    Saber of Godly Devotion

    Class: Saber (Ruler, Rider)
    Alignment: Lawful / Neutral
    True name: Vladimir the Great
    Nickname(s): the most adored, the man God lusted for, God’s Chosen
    Origin: History
    Region: Slavic nations, Russia
    Catalyst: Statue of a pagan god with a cross carved into it
    Talents: Riding, Military Tactics
    Armament: multiple totems given to him by his gods
    Natural Enemy: n/a

    Stats and Deck

    STR: A
    END: B
    AGI: C
    MAG: C
    LCK: B
    Arts - Arts - Buster - Buster - Quick

    Class and Personal Skills

    Class Skills
    Riding (A): A skill that denotes a servant’s aptitude for riding mounts. At this level Rider is able to successfully mount things anywhere between automobiles and animal mounts such as horses. Due to Saber never having rode a phantasmal beast, this skill does not allow for the riding of those mounts.

    Magic Resistance (C): Cancels Spells with a chant with two or less verses. Cannot defend against mage craft and greater rituals. Due to Rider’s legend he resists magic of ice and wind elements somewhat better than others.

    Personal Skills

    Protection of Faith ~ Most Loved~ (EX): A skill given to servants in recognition of their devotion towards a higher power, whether that power is all good or all evil. Servants with this skill are blessed with a form of protection given unto them by their deity, be it mental protection or warding off of curses. This variation of the skill is bestowed upon Servants deemed the most loved by their deity, allowing for a multitude of effects depending upon the high power.

    Charisma (B):A skill given to servants in recognition of their ability to charm and command armies in battle. At this rank, the servant is able to increase it’s allies stats akin to a Commander of an army or nation. Other servants allied with Saber receive a rank up in STR and END.

    Noble Phantasms

    мої минулі роки
    moyi mynuli roky “my bygone years”
    Go on now, fight for my worship
    Anti-Unit (Self) Noble Phantasm (D-A)
    Targets: 1 (Self)
    Saber’s primary Noble Phantasm, and the sublimation of Saber’s legend prior to his conversion to Christianity. In Saber’s life time he created six totems in the city of Kiev in honor of six different pagan gods that would constantly fight for his worship. As such this Noble Phantasm takes the forms of Saber’s armaments each bestowing a unique power to saber while in use. Just as in Saber’s legend though, the longer the certain totem is in use, the stronger its abilities become, however the longer the other totems are not in use the weaker their abilities become. Due to the pagan god’s need to be loved only one totem can be activated at a time.

    Perun (A) “Strike down my Enemies”- the gift from the supreme Slavic deity, Perun. This Noble Phantasm takes the form of Perun’s favored weapon a lightning bolt shaped sword. As per Perun’s worship pact, this use of this particular Noble Phantasm allows Saber to strike his enemies with the force of thunder and as swiftly as lightning itself. The first god that lusted for Saber’s devotion. At Saber’s birth, Perun could feel the potential of his legacy. Knowing what Saber would day do, Perun first made his pact with saber amlost right after birth.

    Stribog (D) “Level with the Gods”- the Slavic god of the wind. In some legends stribog’s breath created a gust that even blew mountains apart. Stribog’s gift to Saber includes a pair of magical boots. These boots allow the wearer to fly above the ground and move at faster speeds, thus Stribog thought Saber would be more willing to worship him if the Saber was “level with him”. This Noble Phantasm however does not provide any physical improvement to the servant nor does it provide protection from magic.

    Dazhd'bog (C) “Strength from Faith”- A Slavic war god. During Saber’s training, a war god, Dazhd'bog, took notice in his potential. Dazhd'bog then offered Saber a proposition, he would gift Saber two gloves that gives it’s wearer unimaginable strength and in exchange Saber would worship Dazhd'bog.

    Mokosh (B) “Love from the Mother”- just like any loving mother, the slavic deity of nature, moskosh treats Saber as her own child in order to obtain his worship. Moskosh showed Saber her love by gifting him a suit of armor made of the strongest material found in nature. This armor can increase its density to further sure up defenses.

    Khors (C) “Weary of the Storm”- a Slavic storm god. Once while at sea, Saber’s boat almost capsized due to a storm created by khors. In an attempt to calm the storm, Saber offered his worship in exchange for the storm to stop. Khors accepted and gifted Saber a helmet that would give him courage even in the face of death as a symbol of their pact.

    Simargl (D) “Loyal Watchers”- a Slavic dog spirit. While Simargl was not a patron god of anything, he still obtained Saber’s attention and subsequent worship when he presented saber with a jewel necklace. This totem allows saber to summon forth winged dog like phantasmal beasts that can then be used as scouts and spy’s for Saber. While These phantasmal beasts may take the form similar to that of a dog, their bodies are merely spiritual and cannot be used for combat purposes. If any an enemy were to try to destroy one it would be as simple as waving away a cloud of dust.

    хрещення Києва
    khreshchennya Kyyeva “Baptism of Kiev”
    The One Most Deserving of My Devotion
    Anti-Divine Noble Phantasm (A+)
    Targets: 1
    A noble phantasm that embodies the forceful conversion of Saber’s people to Christianity. Upon Saber’s arrival back to Kiev after his own conversion to Christianity, he ordered that all pagan idols be destroyed and thrown in the dnieper River. Once this task was completed saber gave the command to his people “man or woman, rich or poor, master or slaves, present yourself at the river tomorrow or be named an enemy of the king.” The very next day thousands of his people showed up to the river willingly or forced.
    As the price of his conversion to Christianity, Saber was given the power to defy and subdue the divine, the only gift God had left to offer him. This noble phantasm takes the form of a glowing light that envelopes Saber upon activation. The light itself is the light of God, that is said to blind and prostrate all who gaze upon him lest they die due to the incomparable nature that is God. Since in this case this light is applied to saber, those Servants not of divine origin or lineage will not be affected by this noble phantasm however skills and other noble phantasm those Servants might have with a connection to the divine are negated. Simply put this noble phantasm is used to bring down the power of those who worship a different God than Saber

    Born as the youngest and last in line for the Rus throne, Saber was able to quickly rise through the ranks of his fellow brothers through the aid of both his mentor, Dobrnya and the Gods that desired his worship. From a young age Saber had begun to form pacts with various deities all promising him different gifts in exchange for his worship, due to this Saber was able to grow strong and soon became a competent soldier.
    Upon his father’s death bed, Saber was named the ruler of Novgorod however the claim of king and ruler of the capital of Kiev was given to his eldest brother. Armed with his gifts and boayers at his side, Saber quickly captured Kiev away from his brother and became the sole king of the Rus.
    Years later Saber began to grow board of his old gods and announced that he begin to worship 1 God over all the others. Naturally both those of divine and mortal origin rushed to his kingdom to seek an audience with the hopes of converting Saber to their religion and political aspirations.
    After his baptism into Christianity, Saber then went about the forceful conversion of his own people, No longer would his people worship “lesser Gods” as he would put it.

    As the man most loved by God, Vladimir the Great is a man of unrivaled ego and arrogance. Due to the constant worship of him by many pagan gods, Saber developed his own god complex through the notion if every god wanted his praise he must be a power higher than that of God. This way of thinking however, does not apply to how he views humans. While Saber still envisions himself as a human above all others he does not think of other humans as completely inferior beings. His understanding is that any human can obtain the power of the gods and therefore be worthy of his respect however there is only one that is the most adored.
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