Chariots can be pretty cool too, it's just that a bike helped him get the Kamen-Rider impression down pat. As for those relationships... he'd definitely admire Ada as a young girl traumatized by the hardship she experienced but who nevertheless managed to pull herself out of it with a (somewhat) positive attitude. I imagine he'd say something like "You truly are a strong girl to be able to endure what you've been through with a smile. Still, if you ever do need to cry my shoulder will always be available." He'd also be up for learning about native Magecraft from them.

Theophrastus he could also get along well with. Sandalphon as an angel is also sometimes considered a protector of the natural world, so he could sympathize with Theophrastus' naturalism and fury at those who'd defile the wild. He'd definitely think Theo's "kill all humans who harm nature" plan is going way too far, though he'd at least respect that children are excluded from it.

Also it'd be quite funny to imagine this big armored Power-Ranger looking dude squatting down and learning gardening.