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Thread: Create-A-Servant 3

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    I, too, agree with all 492 pages of this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by BnEl15 View Post
    I, too, agree with all 492 pages of this thread
    Well done creating a Liar's Paradox by putting this post in the only page you don't agree with. That was very clever.

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    By the way, back when I statted Charlie Chaplin as Lancer, I actually wasn't aware of (or had forgotten about) that one scene with Sigma where he lies about his Servant being Lancer Chaplin, so that was oddly convenient. Think I vaguely remember the 'King of Comedy' title though

    Also, about Chaplin and my index, I realise I put him under North America when he should be under Britain. Easy mistake to make, but an embarrassing one since it's my own Servant

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    I'm genuinely impressed that wasn't the joke.

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    Holy shit that wasn't the bit? Goddamn

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    I really like Gyges.

    I think that mechanically, the ring is a little underpowered for what it's supposed to do, but it's an awesome narrative tool and it would make for a great story, either for a protagonist or an ensemble cast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrStein View Post
    I think that mechanically, the ring is a little underpowered for what it's supposed to do, but it's an awesome narrative tool and it would make for a great story, either for a protagonist or an ensemble cast.
    Don't tempt me. I almost gave him King Crimson's power. Still, right on the money. I often make Servants with the thought of how they'd operate in a story setting, and I almost made the sheet absurdly long to tell a whole one. Just couldn't justify it to myself.
    Do you like jazz short stories? Do you want something to distract from making Servants? Do you wish the idea of Shirou Kotomine didn't immediately bring edgelords to mind? Well, I can't promise it's good, but some would disagree with me.
    Fate/Without Justice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morg van Destro View Post
    Don't tempt me. I almost gave him King Crimson's power.
    I mean, I once actually gave a Servant of mine (Franziska Kafka) King Crimson's power, though at least it was without any Epitaph counterpart

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    “Have you ever go to my realm? I'm sure you'll like it, It's a Paradise!”

    < - - < - - <<< - - <<<<< (======) >>>>> - - >>> - - > - - >

    < -- < -- <<< -- <<<<< (=====) >>>>> -- >>> -- > -- >

    < --< --<<< --<<<<< (=====) >>>>>-- >>>-- >-- >

    --< --<<< --<<<< (====) >>>>-- >>>-- >--

    This pristine land is everexisting, everlasting

    --- A R C H E R ---
    of the Arcadian Realm

    Class: Archer
    Alternate Classes: Lancer
    True Name: Arcas
    Aliases: King of Arcadia
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Origin: Greek Mythology
    Height/Weight: 160cm / 46kg
    Attribute: Earth

    ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> =====

    Likes: Hunting
    Dislikes: Devastation of Nature
    Natural Enemy: Zeus
    Armament: Bow and Arrow
    Catalyst: A Fossilized Tree Bark from Greek's Age of God

    ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> =====

    STR : C
    AGI : A+
    END : D
    MGI : A
    LCK : B
    NP : B ~ EX

    ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> =====


    Archer's true name is Arcas, the legendary King of Arcadia, he live six generation before the Argonauts and Atalanta. He was ancestor of Atalanta, and the other kings of Arcadia as well. He was the son of Zeus and a nymph Callisto, thus made him a demigod by origin. Hera was jealous of this affair so she turned Callisto into a bear when Arcas was barely three years old.


    Arcas' childhood was that of turbulent back-and-forth attempt of Zeus trying to save him from the wrath of Hera. Zeus sent him to the land of Lycia under the lordship of King Lycaon. He was sheltered into the quaint part of the Kingdom under the guardianship of Pleiades, Maia. The Pleiades was the seven companion of the Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis. Thus, Arcas also under tutelage of Maia, able to master the art of the hunt.

    Upon being a teenager, Maia sent Arcas to the court of King Lycaon. The King was not so fond of the presence of Arcas. For in his mind, a God-sent boy with divine attribute is nothing but a threat to his throne. Alas, he had no power over the gods and thus had no choice but to accept Arcas under his guardianship. He was suspicious of Arcas and the fact that Arcas seems like just any other ordinary boys, a trait he deemed surprising of an heir of a God.


    Lycaon was not a good ruler, nor that he's a demon in human form, he's simply a power-hungry man that tried to be on the top of the world. He had sired 50 sons from different women, there are many sons of his who grew up into great leaders and capable successor of the throne. Upon these Game of Thrones, he tried to carefully select his successor. The news of his daughter, Callisto, birthed a demigod son named Arcas, made his effort for a seamless transition of power to be even more rigorous.

    Lycaon was a filled with Paranoia. For him, Arcas is nothing but a threat to the throne. As thus, he oftentimes invited all of his sons and grandsons, Arcas included, to prove themselves of their worth. They were told to hunt the wildest of beast of the land, and were given three days to complete the quest. A son of his brought a giant mountain eagle, other hunted a demonic bull, and one of the mightiest warrior had conquered a giant whale. Their hunts are pale in comparison to Arcas, whom able to hunt down and even tame the infamously elusive creature, a whole, living and breathing manticore. The whole court was deeply shocked by how Arcas was able to tame such a beast. Some other sons of Lycaon swear in silence as they were bested by this young, naive lad.

    On another event, Lycaon had told all his sons to be married to a maiden, and were given only yet three days to complete the quest. Three days later brought their beautiful wives to the court, all dressed in the most sophisticated of clothes to accentuate their beauty. Some of them married to the local girls, some other to the shrine maidens of the city, and some of them even able to marry daughters of brave soldiers. And then there's Arcas, brought along with him the most esteemed of woman, a girl named Laodamia, whom deeply in love with him. Laodamia was not just some ordinary woman, she was the first daughter of King Amyclas, the king of Sparta. The whole court praise him of his success that now Lycia had better terms with Sparta. Some other fell envious of him to be able to garner such popularity.


    When Arcas was praised as the best candidate of the Throne, that even some of Lycaon's own sons to be deeply supportive of Arcas being the new king, Lycaon only grew his paranoia. So, to test him of his worthiness, Lycaon had one idea, an idea of a lunatic, based off of madness. He tried to prove Arcas and his divinity.

    So, just like any other tests he gave his heir, now this one final test is to prove is Arcas really a worthy candidate of the throne by simply inviting all of them to his court. A huge feast was made, with wine and beef. A huge hearth was placed immediate to the courtroom for the cooks to immediately serve out-of-oven beef to the table, it was the best of appetite, with the most beautiful of courtiers to serve them all and the best of bards to sang the most melodious of songs.

    Upon this huge court party that done the best of atmosphere for all the attendants, Arcas was among of those who tried the lyre, and it was proven that he's also a prodigy in musical art. The whole court was deep in tranquility as Arcas played the lyre.

    King Lycaon summoned Arcas to immediately stood in front of the throne. He delightfully obliged and kneel before the King, praised him of his greatness. Lycaon commented how he was flattered to hear such words from Arcas. But, out of everyone's surprise, Lycaon immediately throws Arcas to the burning heath immediate to the court of which the courtiers and cooks used to produce their finest beef.

    Everyone was deeply terrified of the King's deeds, of which Lycaon taunted Arcas' supporters that their praised-upon candidate of the throne has now been abandoned by his own father, the God Zeus. Some of his sons protested of their father's misdeeds, whilst others cheered in unison as their rival to the throne is now gone without even a shred of help of the gods. Inside the burning inferno, Arcas tried to taunts Zeus, is Zeus really a capable God, if so then he could make him whole again even if he was being burned to ashes.

    Zeus was enraged, so he resurrect Arcas from the ashes and made him whole again. He then put curse towards Lycaon, turning him into a dire wolf, a beast of deep instinct without thought and only feral gut had conquered him. He was then became the first werewolf, along with his sons who wronged Arcas. They were cursed to forever roam the land of which they will be hunted and become a game for the people of the land. Then and there, Arcas was hailed as the new king of the Kingdom of Lycia.


    Upon ascending to the throne, he immediately rename his dominion into the land of Arcadia, named after himself. Even Zeus had given him the best of blessing for the land, and put back the influence of the God Pan to revitalizes and reinvigorate the spirit of the land. Arcas was pleased by this decision that he's now the rightful lord of Arcadia, and that Arcadia is now an enchanted land, just like how was the God Pan had blessed the land to be.

    His consolidation to power was seamless, many of Lycaon's sons were of his supporter, and gladly swore oath to the new king and become the servant of the ruler of the land. Arcas then proved himself to be a gentle and compassionate leader, with stern vision and unwavering will. His wife had invited the royal family of Sparta to attend the coronation ceremonial of the new king, thus strengthening the relationship between Arcadia and Sparta. Under his rule, Arcadia was the zenith of power and the dominant civilization among the Greeks.


    Arcas oftentimes hunt on the wildlands to fill his free time when he had finished gave out duties to his vassals. His favorite games were deers and birds, sometimes stags and reindeers. His hunts were oftentimes given to the court cook for them to deliver the best of dishes served for him and the courtiers.

    One day when he was out hunting, he saw a huge bear that just finished ate a stag. He was careful in his step to observe the beast, until, the bear realizes his presence. The bear immediately stands in two feet as if trying to hug him. Arcas senses a danger coming from the bear and shot it on the chest, ruptured its heart.

    He was glad he was able to deter the bear's threat before it's too late, until he noticed something. The bear was crying, and upon deeply observing the bear's eye, he was taken aback from a pitiful realization. It was the eye of his own mother, an almond-shaped iris of blue array of color, a picture so nostalgic that it bore inside of him a deep sense of regret.

    Zeus noticed Arcas' and his deep sorrow, so to amuse him and to atone himself from the errors he committed, Zeus placed both Arcas and his mother to the celestial sky. His mother as the constellation Ursae Majoris, and him as the constellation Ursae Minoris, the Big Bear and the Little Bear constellation. Hera was angered by this realization so she commanded Tethys to make sure that the constellation never sinks below the horizon to receive water.

    Thus was the story of Arcas, the legendary King of Arcadia.

    ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> =====


    Independent Action --- (B)
    "Freedom is so great, Master! Free like the wind... Like they say."
    The signature skill of an Archer, an ability to fight independently without any supplier of mana backing him up. With the rank of B, Archer could fight more than 48 hours and use his Noble Phantasms even without the existence of a Master to supplant him with mana and maintain his existence in the current world.

    Magic Resistance --- (A)
    "Heee... So you guys still have magical power even to this day? Interesting."
    Archer's coming from the Age of Gods when Magecraft and Magical wonders exist as concurrent truth of the world. An age where God walk the earth among men. As thus, he's basically had himself a high level of Magic Resistance knowing the contextual origin of his life.


    Divinity --- (B)
    "To think that my father was Zeus, it's... bizarre. For some reason."
    There once was a tale when Zeus just simply neglected Archer even with him knowing that Archer is his son. As such, the previous ruler of the realm, King Lycaon, sacrificed Archer to the gods. Zeus then punish Lycaon and resurrected Archer, with a bonus trait of a demigod, and given him the right to rule the land of Arcadia, a mythical realm which the God Pan once resided. The resurrection and his overlordship over Arcadia gave him some degree of divine status, of which are common amongst the heroes of the Age of God.

    Divine Core of Nature God --- (E)
    "Arcadia... the only place where I truly belong."
    Upon given the realm of Arcadia, Zeus also granted him many abilities and potential of the God Pan for Archer so he could properly rule the land. The rank being so low simply for the fact that his current vessel is finite and limited, thus can't brought forth the utmost potential of this skill.

    Anaxarcadia --- (A)
    "Heed me! I'm the ruler of Arcadia... That's what I'd like to say, ehe."
    A variation and upgrade of Valor, Eternal Arms Mastery, and Imperial Privilege. Allows Arcas to be in perfect possession of the skill riding, swordmanship, charisma, and tactics. As the ruler of Arcadia, he has total control of his land, a magical realm that was handed to him by Zeus after dethroning Lycaon.

    Blessing of the Stars --- (B)
    "Well... to be endowed a place in the heaven, that was such a privilege."
    With Zeus granted him and his mother a place in the celestial heaven, Archer now had authority over the constellation which he was granted a place from. This skill is unique in a way that he'll receive significant boost of all his stats and skills when fighting in the starry night. When combined with his Noble Phantasm, it would gave out tremendous amount of power level boost. Thus, made Archer's combat capability to be on par with other legendary Heroic Spirit like Achilles, Cu Chulainn, Siegfried, and King Arthur.

    ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> =====

    Polaris: Ursae Minoris --- (B)
    Type: Anti-Unit
    "O Northern Star, heed my call!"

    Ursa Minor, with its brightest star, the Polaris, is the constellation that Archer is signatured upon. This Noble Phantasm is the crystallization of Archer's legend being held upon the celestial bodies by his father Zeus. If there's anything of significance of this Noble Phantasm is the fact that it's actually the manifestation of his most devastating moment of his life.

    Although most of the time he felt the need to struggle through animosity is of utmost importance than his petty past grievances, he'll never lie to himself from the fact that simply feels the hard feeling seated deep within from simply knowing he has this Noble Phantasm.

    The Noble Phantasm gives Archer ability to shoot a grand blast of enormous amount of energy, the sheer density of him charging his bow distort the air flows and all the natural elements around him. And upon releasing the shooting star, a bolt of light launched with unbelievable potential that basically rip through the air that it courses through.

    Upon landing to its target, a giant explosion of massive amount of energy bursts to ravage everything on its path. It could shatter everything organic and left a crater on its blast area the size of Rome's Collosseum. This representation of his most memorable part of the lore crystallizes itself as a great devastator.

    Septentrion --- (A)
    Type: Anti-Unit (Self)
    "Dubhe, Merak, Phecda, Megrez, Alioth, Mizar, and Alkaid... The stars are aligned, Septentrion!"

    The Seven stars of Ursae Minoris, the Seven Stars that Zeus granted to him in order to put mercy of his life. For the constellation which Archer was granted upon gave him celestial power that made him basically able to fight on equal ground with unyielding will against many of his enemies. These stars are not individual Noble Phantasm, but the Septentrion itself has seven forms.

    Dubhe: The First Star
    "Catasterismos Arcana: Alpha!"

    The Star of celestial blessing for the Cosmos King of Arcadia, Dubhe, granted him to increase his Strength stat into A++ rank.

    Merak: The Second Star
    "Catasterismos Arcana: Beta!"

    The Star of celestial blessing for the Cosmos King of Arcadia, Merak, granted him to increase his Agility stat into A++ rank.

    Phecda: The Third Star
    "Catasterismos Arcana: Gamma!"

    The Star of celestial blessing for the Cosmos King of Arcadia, Phecda, granted him to increase his Endurance stat into A++ rank.

    Megrez: The Fourth Star
    "Catasterismos Arcana: Delta!"

    The Star of celestial blessing for the Cosmos King of Arcadia, Megrez, granted him to increase his Mana stat into A++ rank.

    Alioth: The Fifth Star
    "Catasterismos Arcana: Epsilon!"

    The Star of celestial blessing for the Cosmos King of Arcadia, Alioth, granted him to increase his Luck stat into A++ rank.

    Mizar: The Sixth Star
    "Catasterismos Arcana: Zeta!"

    The Star of celestial blessing for the Cosmos King of Arcadia, Mizar, granted him to increase his Anaxarcadia skill into EX rank.

    Alkaid: The Seventh Star
    "Catasterismos Arcana: Eta!"

    The Star of celestial blessing for the Cosmos King of Arcadia, Alkaid, granted him to increase his Blessing of the Stars skill into EX rank.

    Archer could activate all of them at once under one condition; that his Master's Magic Crest and Circuit, along with blood vessel, didn't boil up to the point it combusts the master's brain. The energy input and output is exponentially expanded with each addition of the Star activation. It's a high-risk high-return Noble Phantasm which Archer could muster incredible power by each activation, but also drain tremendous amount of energy from his master and also himself. But should the activation is full of consideration and his master was given an ample recovery condition, Archer then could activate the Noble Phantasm in its most efficient manner.

    The True Meaning of King of the WildlandsThe True Meaning of King of the Wildlands

    Arcadia Apeiron --- (AEX)
    Type: Barrier, Anti Army
    "The everlasting paradise, we have touched the dreamed beauty."

    Arcadia, the enchanted land once held under the dominion of legendary nature God, Pan. Archer was granted the lordship of the land by Zeus himself, thus made him the rightful ruler of the land. This Noble Phantasm allows him to create a pocket space of which a limited scope of Arcadia was being materialized.

    It's basically a Reality Marble that gave Archer a great authority over the space. The unique thing about this Noble Phantasm is the fact that it contain the true atmosphere of Arcadia, the whole thing that it also contain the mana density of the Age of God.

    The activation of this Noble Phantasm drains Archer of his whole power, that it promptly made him into vulnerable state by the sheer amount of energy needed to activate this Noble Phantasm. But, due to the Noble Phantasm basically works in similar manner like a chain reaction.

    Due to Archer being a figure of the Age of God, he could recover the energy he used by simply immerse himself in his Noble Phantasm. Thus, with his recovered energy, he could maintain his Noble Phantasm longer. In return, he could absorb larger amount of energy by simply existing within the Reality Marble. This Reality Marble could expand beyond the mental image of Archer's, the longer he maintain this chain reaction, the more capable he is to turn everything in the real world slowly to his image of Arcadia.

    Essentially, Archer's Arcadia Aperion is the point of no return. There is only one way for everyone to stop him, it's either kill him or it's too late. Archer himself is deeply thoughtful of his decision, his guilty consciousness is what restraints him from using the Noble Phantasm, for he himself is a bit uncomfortable of his divinity.

    Thus, if he unleashed his Noble Phantasm, it would be because of the desperate situation he's in, either by he tried to combat a bigger evil, or that he was forced to activate it. It's his trump card he never used, except as a hail mary, a last ditch attempt to stomp what he perceives as a bigger threat.

    And thus, the chain reaction continuesAnd thus, the chain reaction continues

    Arcas-Pantheos --- (EX)
    Type: Anti-Unit
    "We're in the Endgame now, O devastator of lands."

    With the activation of Arcadia Aperion, given enough time, Archer could ascend himself into Godhood, merge himself with the owner of the land he inherited, the God Pan. He abandoned his humanity, for the concept of being human is foreign to himself. Now, Archer is simply an omniscient sentience being, a being similar to the God of old age.

    His origin, his saint graph, his everything now gain high divinity status. For he is now Arcas-Pantheos, a being higher than mere mortals, mightier than any heroes in existence. This form will trigger ripple effect towards too many things in the world. If Archer was left unchecked, then he'll convert the entire earth into Arcadia.

    STR : A++
    AGI : A++
    END : A++
    MGI : A++
    LCK : A++
    NP : EX

    "Folly of men shall end here, you gouged out the earth and destroy its lifeline. I am now sent unto you to as the harbinger of judgement."

    What was he doing, the great god Pan,
    Down in the reeds by the river?
    Spreading ruin and scattering ban,
    Splashing and paddling with hoofs of a goat,
    And breaking the golden lilies afloat
    With the dragon-fly on the river.

    He tore out a reed, the great god Pan,
    From the deep cool bed of the river:
    The limpid water turbidly ran,
    And the broken lilies a-dying lay,
    And the dragon-fly had fled away,
    Ere he brought it out of the river.

    Archer now has full control of the ability to expand his dominion of Arcadia, an enchanted land from the Age of Gods. The conversion of the earth into Arcadia was not a peaceful conversion, every plants would overgrown, every watery source would rampage, the barren land would turn into lush paradise. And every living human would combust into pieces by the sheer amount of magical energy present from the Age of Gods which modern humans found too dense to circulate through their body.

    If it's come to the point where Archer's able to expand his Arcadian realm, then there's no other way to stop him but to kill him. Arcas-Pantheos is an unstoppable force of nature to be reckoned with. It's possible that Alaya would throw everything on the line to stop Archer from ever expanding the Arcadia.

    "The World is now beautiful.""The World is now beautiful."

    Archer won.
    "There exist no destruction and devastation anymore. It's all flowers now, isn't it beautiful? Isn't this just like a paradise?"

    ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> =====


    ”Idealism of Idylls."
    Archer is the first king of Arcadia, the land previously named Lycia, of which the God Zeus blessed the land to return to its enchanted state just like when the God Pan ruled the land. A laid-back and carefree man he is, Archer is the definition of freedom itself, a true, natural and inherent freedom given to men by their creator. He's gentle and compassionate, and he smiles even on the direst of situation. Being a happy-go-lucky person he is, he still instill on his ideals, the very ideals that made him him. The ideals named Arcadia. he was actually quite zealous when it's coming to preserve the nature, he won't back down to protect the pristine wildlands to be left untouched and unharmed.

    This brooding idealism of nature had left him with a sense of self that's filled with careful conservation. Although seemingly dubious in nature, he's actually a deeply thoughtful lad, he has a deep conscientiousness, he's careful in his action and carefree in his words. A paradox living among men. A man of deep thought and shallow attitude, a man of zealous creed crusade and a laid-back personality. This is Archer, the King of Arcadia, with one idealism in mind, a paradise to be raised.
    "The Grail? I don't think I need it, Master. Anyways, are you fond of flowers? Aren't it beautiful how they just have their own language? I'm deeply excited to learn that rose means love, mimosa means purity, and chrysanthemum means optimism. Ah... It's too good to learn these exciting flowers. Master, what do you think a flower that suits me?"
    Archer held a strong belief that he was summoned means that the natural order of things is in shambles, or at least threatened by a force beyond the scope of human ability. There must be something looming on the horizon, a threat to the nature which many lives belongs. Only then does Archer heed the summoning of one's silent wailing voice for hope in evil darkness.

    ”The World Within.”
    Archer's Saint Graph is that of a young boy, perhaps in his mid teen. With green attire that in line with his affinity with nature. Him being so young in appearance is reminiscent of his early life when he was under the court of King Lycaon. It's still him on his early teen when he tried to prove himself to be the rightful heir to the throne. Although, Archer never consider himself to be worthy the title of King, it's just that he's excited of the challenges presented for him to prove of his worthiness.

    Even with this over-the-top prowess he had within himself, he never thought of himself highly, he never fell to the void of arrogance. In fact, even as a king, beside being a responsible ruler, he still cherish his own youthful spirit and curiosity. He held professionalism on high regard, at the same time remain fond of his free time to hunt and games.

    Not only that, his affection of flowers might deemed him as an anomaly for someone that held high status of a king. This is Archer, the elusive and paradoxical man that had clear conviction of a protector.

    "My deepest condolences, O humanity.""My deepest condolences, O humanity."

    The Price of Divinity
    "Say. If, I were the one whose mistake is irreversible, are you going to be there to stop me? Are you going to be the one to stomp me? Are you going to be the one to end me?"

    The Form of which Archer took after he unleashed his Noble Phantasm. A form that he himself is uncomfortable with. He was blessed with divinity ever since he was born, and he thought of it as a disgrace rather than pride. Bore deep within him a sense of mixed feelings, he sometimes grateful of his divinity that it allows him to have a limitless potential to actually protect the land of which he ruled. But it's also the very vile blood ran through him that made him powerful in the first place.

    "The stars are aligned, the land are recovered. Now mother nature shall serve her judgement, I am her harbinger."

    This is the the final form of Archer. He is now Arcas-Pantheos, a merge with the divinity of the God Pan, the very God that ruled Arcadia way beyond two thousand years before he ruled. He possess great compatibility with divine core due to him being a demigod in nature. This version of him had his divine side took over him, the omniscient and apathetic being beyond human comprehension.

    It's ethically unfair to call him "Arcas" in this state, the "Arcas" we know of is the one of joyous nature and playful attitude merged with deep conscious and careful thought process. And not a being so highly ascended that he left his humanity behind, and only become a mindless unstoppable force. All men whom know him dear understood well, he is not "Arcas", he is something else entirely.

    ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> =====


    “You're... My grandchild's grandchild's grandchild? Wait, am I right? That's six generation isn't it? Yes! Look at you, you're so beautiful! I'm glad Lady Artemis is fond of you, Atalanta.”

    Atalanta (Alter)
    “Pspspsps... c'mere good girl! Alright, that's my girl! Ahahahaha!”

    Jeanne d'Arc
    “Wow... I'm deeply mesmerized of your presence, holy maiden of the cross. I want you to join me sometimes to my realm, I'm sure you'll love it!”

    “Lady Artemis! How a great moment it is to witness your presence. Thank you for helping Atalanta back then, I'm indebted by this good deeds. Let's feast sometimes, My Lady!”

    Heracles (Berserker)
    “Stood proud and tall does Heracles, the warrior that shaped our culture to evolve into stronger form of itself. O wail the people doth they see thy pitiful state now.”

    “The fact that our heroism died with Troy is deeply disheartening. A brilliant civilization shaped by Cadmus, now died by Achilles. We should took care of ourselves way more carefully now, and not hailing a warlike maniac as a hero.”

    “History greatest conqueror? Ahahahaha! I'm so proud of you. But I don't think you're actually worthy to hold the title...”


    Sunan Gunung Jati
    "Ruler, thank you for your hard work!"

    Flavius Stilicho
    “It's no use, even if you're bigger and taller than me, I won't be intimidated, not even a bit. Hehehehe...”

    "Günther Lütjens"
    “Hohohoho! A big scary woman is trying to persuade me. Just so you know, I won't comply to any of your irrational demands.”

    “Heyo, Caddie! How come it's you that's credited as one of the earlier generation of Greek Heroes and not me? That seems unfair y'know. But, hey! You've done a good job.”

    ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> =====

    Full Body

    Dramatic Shot

    Symphony of the Eternal Apeiron


    ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> ===== <<<>>> =====

    Ultra Bottom Creator Note

    My most busted servant just yet. I was thinking of Arcas Servant for a very long time due to him simply being sixth-generation grandfather of our beloved catgirl Atalanta

    And it popped my mind how Venti could fit in the image of happy go lucky young lad, and it's double whammy how he had official ascended form of Barbatos, and thus, here we are

    My Servants and plans to make

    Also You wanna see my budget Servant formatting?

    thanks for the Visit!

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    Here we are, Arcas, King of Arcadia
    I actually enjoyed making this sheet due to how popular Venti really is so it's easy to find a specific FC of him

    Aaand I'm still full of vigor, I'll make another busted Archer on near future
    My Servants and plans to make

    Also You wanna see my budget Servant formatting?

    thanks for the Visit!

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    Holy shit that’s a lot of collapse text.

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    Once again, onore macbook for not showing the image.

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    Wow, what can I say? This batch has been exceptionally amazing. Andros' Arcas is immaculate (and having a Venti FC is always good) and Nails is the MVP of this month with her collection of whimsical, incredible characters. I can't wait to see more of you here please never leave again pls.
    Unfortunately I'm still reading past entries and can't comment on others but holy moly.

    © liliesfree

    servant corner

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    Assassin of Jazz - Billie Holiday

    Assassin of Jazz

    “You’ve just booked the ‘greatest singer of the century’. Yeah, frankly I don’t believe it neither.”

    (by raikoart)
    Alt. Faceclaim

    (By Bite Addict.Source is apparently here)

    True Name:
    Billie Holiday
    Alt. Classes: Caster (which would take more from 'Strange Fruit')
    Aliases: Lady Day, Eleanora Fagan
    Source: History
    Region: USA
    Catalyst: A box of gardenias.
    Armament: Microphone, burning cigarette

    Character: One of the most celebrated jazz vocalists and singer of some of the most acclaimed and influential songs of the 20th century, 'Strange Fruit' having even been rated as the song of the 20th century.

    “Odd that folks would think so highly of little ol' me, but ain’t I earned the right to be proud of myself by now?”

    She is perhaps equally known for her tragic life, being a black woman who grew up in poverty long before the Civil Rights Era, having been sent to court at age nine, and had to take up sex work for payment. Upon finally rising to fame as a jazz singer, she was exploited by a series of abusive men, and took heavily to opium and heroin out of the combined pressures of both stardom and peers. The latter got her hounded by the Bureau of Narcotics and even arrested, with it questionable if the Bureau’s reasons for pursuing were just due to drug use. She would die broke and due to heart failure.

    She is quite the gloomy soul, understandably so due to all the misfortunes she suffered, and has difficulty trusting people given her previous relationships. That said, she does somewhat resent the image of her being nothing but doom and gloom, and indeed it should be noted there are still just as many positive songs in her discography as gloomier ones, despite or perhaps in defiance of her harsh life. Even if it can take a little getting to know her, she’s quite the kind person.

    She’s also surprised at her being remembered as an anti-authority figure, as in her mind she never went out of her way to oppose authority (with her initial fears of how people would react to ‘Strange Fruit’), that was something that just naturally happened. While skeptical towards the whole idea of a Holy Grail War and feeling out of place among more ‘traditional’ Servants, she’d also say in ways it’s not that different to the gang or mob wars from back in her day.

    Attribute: Star
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Likes: Dogs, Flowers, Honesty
    Dislikes: Cops, Dependence, Superstitions


    • Black Dahlia: “Finally figure yerself out, eh kid? Hard for me ta think about, bein’ hounded even after death.”
    • Zaroff: “Treatin’ people like animals, must be a new experience for white folks.”
    • Christina: “Yeah, nothin’ like Garbo, no surprise. You didn’t get along with mommy neither, huh?”
    • Patrick Hamilton: “I don’t need no play to get the lowdown on abuse.”
    • Berlioz: “Draggin’ yer ‘lover’ to Hell, sounds like Heaven ta me.”
    • Margaret Garner: “My, finally another sister. Ain’t surprised to hear how your life was like.”
    • Luo Guanzhong: “Well, can’t make fun of ya, my interpretations are mostly how folks remember me too.”
    • Bolivar: “Even from the US of A, I’ll say you seem a step up from Washington.”
    • Sax: “Now don’t be so hung up on yer instrument, I’ve heard folks do things with your sax that you can’t never have dreamed of.”
    • Cesare: “They’re lettin’ movie characters be Heroic Spirits? Well, never imagined myself bein’ one I guess.”

    Master: Her initial instinct is immense caution around any Master, especially white and/or male, given the series of abusive relationships she went through in life. On the other hand, she’ll have much more sympathy for any Master who seems to have suffered as much as she did in life, which could be likely without a catalyst summoning.
    Natural Enemy: Harry J. Ansliger
    Wish: That people who don’t deserve it won’t suffer like she did.
    Rarity: 1/5


    • Strength: ***** E
    • Endurance: ***** E
    • Agility: ***** D
    • Magic: ***** D
    • Luck: ***** E
    • Noble Phantasm: ***** C

    Class Skills

    Presence Concealment

    The ability to mask one's presence and remain undetected.

    • Rank C: While stealth is not Assassin’s forte, having gotten quite a lot of attention in her lifetime, her associations with dark and smoky nightclubs and back alleys, along with having to evade the law, give her some ability in concealing her presence. Becomes hard to detect till she makes herself noticeable.

    Personal Skills

    Alluring Euphony

    Possession of a naturally beautiful voice that can a strong fascination effect in listeners.

    • Rank C: Assassin’s distinctive voice makes any listener feel as if they are intimately there with her inside of a smoky nightclub. In another Class like Caster, this skill would increase to Rank A, as if she were singing in front of an entire nation.


    More than an ability to adapt, this is a way of thinking that sees opportunity for creativity where others would see a mistake.

    • Rank A: One of the most renowned artists in a music genre founded on improvisation. It is difficult to stop Assassin from singing as she can easily make any interruption ‘part of the song’, and her rough and tumble life has given her experience in uncomfortable and treacherous situations.

    Item Construction (Revision)

    Skill to alter and rework items.

    • Rank C: Assassin’s ability to revise is limited to written songs. She was acclaimed an exceptional cover artist and populariser of songs.

    Rebellious Spirit

    A restlessness that brings about a defiance of leadership, yet also an inability to truly lead.

    • Rank C: Assassin has an ingrained skepticism towards authority and was in frequent trouble with the law throughout her life. Can cancel out the influence of government officials less than the head of state.

    (I also considered Pioneer of the Stars, since people have credited Strange Fruit with being the first step towards the Civil Rights movement.)

    Noble Phantasm

    Gloomy Sunday
    Hungarian Suicide Song

    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Army

    A haunting tune written by the Hungarian composer Rezso Seress, but which rose to its greatest popularity with Assassin’s version of it. Already a gloomy melody appropriate for a singer with a gloomy reputation, Gloomy Sunday would subsequently be associated with a sinister urban legend. After several suicides were reported as having this very song playing in the background, this song’s nature became warped by people believing that it held the power to drive its listeners to death.

    When an enemy hears Assassin perform this song, their vitality and mana begin to gradually whither down, until they finally die upon hearing the song all the way through. There are obvious ways to avoid this, such as to stay out of range of the song or clamp one’s ears, however they would then have to overcome the compulsion effect of Assassin’s Alluring Euphony skill. There’s also of course attacking Assassin as she begins the song, but she has her Improvisation skill to handle such disturbances.

    But there’s also the issue that Assassin is not exactly comfortable with the superstition surrounding this song, given nobody would want to have a rumoured association with a string of suicides, even if they were some people she knew in life who she wouldn’t mind inflicting this Phantasm on. On the other hand, she also has to acknowledge she doesn’t really have much of a weapon in this War otherwise, beyond maybe leaving cigarette burns or whacking people with a mic stand.

    (I did have something in mind for Strange Fruit as a Noble Phantasm, which'd show listeners a vision of the greatest atrocity their nation committed, but I thought to play it safe by sticking to a single NP for a 20th century Servant.)

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    Rider - Ozma of Oz

    Rider of Oz

    (by jessilvania. Source)

    “I want to be excited, being off on a journey again. But I’m afraid it already feels like this will be an unfortunate one…”

    True Name:
    Ozma of Oz
    Alt. Classes: Caster, Ruler, Watcher, Foreigner?
    Aliases: Queen, Princess, or Supreme Ruler of Oz Tip, Tippetarius
    Source: Fiction, Land of Oz
    Region: USA, Oz, Fairytales
    Catalyst: A pair of Ozian poppies.
    Armament: OZ Sceptre

    Character: “To think if we met somewhere else, the other Servants, even the other Masters, could’ve been my friends…”

    Ozma is the rightful ruler of the Land of Oz, a land whose existence is paradoxical to outsiders yet exists anyway, having been classified as either country-wide Marble Phantasm, very powerful Bounded Field, land on the Reverse Side of the World, or even a Wandering Sea-like pocket dimension depending on who you ask.

    When younger, or rather ‘in her past’ given how aging works or rather doesn’t in Oz, Ozma didn’t even know she was a girl, let alone a princess. She was raised as Tippetarius or ‘Tip’ by the witch Mombi, who’d trapped her in male form to keep her from being found, assisting the Wizard Oscar Diggs in his coup. Later escaping from Mombi, Tip would encounter Glinda the Sorceress of the South, who told her of her true identity and, after some trepidation, changed her back into a princess. While it has been debated whther she can be called a trans-woman, Rider herself has no issue identifying as such, even if it wasn't a term she knew of in life.

    Rider is naturally cheerful and fun-loving, but often feels pressured to adopt a more serious and proper persona as queen of Oz. Her restlessness and adventure-seeking, ingrained in her as a reaction to her childhood in captivity, means she’s frequently away from her Emerald City capital, though diplomatic missions make this adventuring easier to combine with her queenly duties. She is cautious about abusing her power though, worried about the potential for abuse her royal objects like a magic picture that sees anywhere could hold.

    However, she also has an insistence on non-violent solutions, if a not always consistent one. While she can accept fighting other Servants given they’ve already died before, no less than a Command Seal would be needed to have her directly attack a Master. Rider’s Mana and magical knowledge at least means that stalling out other Servants while their mana supply could be a worthwhile strategy for her. Given the low mortality rate within Oz, Rider has little experience with death in general, even if she entered this War knowing death would be a factor.

    Rider does not particularly like the mages of the outside world much, their isolation and coldness reminding her too much of her stepmother Mombi. When annoyed, she may even exclaim she’ll challenge the Clock Tower itself and take it over in Oz’s name. She feels much more positively about the non-magical Earth though, being excited to get to know any place outside Oz and establish good relations with it, as much as this world may’ve changed from Dorothy’s time. Not that she likes everything about it though, being uncomfortable with money which was something she abolished in the post-scarcity Oz, though fortunately interacting with banks and shopkeepers aren’t things most Servants do anyway.

    Attribute: Earth, debatably Sky
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Likes: Adventuring, diplomatic solutions, Dorothy Gale, birthdays (even if she doesn't need them)
    Dislikes: Money, marble statues, grasshopper ornaments, being called by her deadname


    • Arcas: "Your own country does seem beautiful and wondrous too. Er, ahem, though I do have a few reservations about these Spartans."
    • Kafka: “You remind me I was attacked by jackdaws I once, and my dear friends have also had rough run-ins with crows? Huh, you also seem interested in my ban on money.”
    • Catherine Morland: “You do seem quite nice, but… would you honestly prefer a world of Wicked Witches over the rule of princesses? No, you’re looking for excitement, your priorities can’t be that bad…”
    • Heinlein: “Ahem, you seem to have some… unorthodox ideas about my land. Still, you say you were able to change yourself into a girl without magical aid?”
    • Christina: “You may have lost your kingdom, but I’ll still acknowledge you as Queen. After all, you still have a Queen’s spirit.”
    • Ataturk: “Hmm, some of our policies sound similar. Like the ban on magic, though it seems like you went further and banned it for yourself too. Though I also banned money.”
    • Omegarus: “Oh my, I never could’ve known things would get that bad in the outside world. New people rarely ever need to be born in Oz, but you haven’t really adjusted to that Outside.”
    • Bolivar: “I have sat in with rebellions before, but yours seems… much more tightly run. I suppose you won’t listen to me though, since I am indeed a Queen.”
    • John Bauer: “I-I’m sorry. I’ll get in contact with Fairy Scandinavia, send you and your family home, have everything sorted out!”
    • Grainne: “Don’t feel bad, I started my own journey by running away too. Er, except Fionn didn’t try to turn you to stone, and I didn’t meet the same fate- Ah, you get what I’m saying.”
    • Elagabalus: “You also like pranks, huh? Only… when it was revealed I was really a girl, everyone accepted me. I, I’m sorry, I guess you weren’t so lucky.”
    • Goya: “I’ve seen how magic hurts people, but… does that mean taking it out on all mages?"

    Master: Rider is easy to get along with in general, but she’ll especially take to any girl close to her in age if they remind her of Dorothy, or someone older if they remind her of Glinda. However, being summoned by a more typical mage could pose a problem for her, as they’ll be likely to remind her of Mombi and other such Wicked Witches.
    Natural Enemy: Mombi, Nome King
    Wish: For the people of Earth to enjoy the same privileges as those in Oz, everlasting life, communication with animals, and post-scarcity
    Rarity: 3/5


    Strength: ***** E
    Endurance: ***** C
    Agility: ***** D
    Magic: ***** A
    Luck: ***** C
    Noble Phantasm: ***** B

    Class Skills

    Magic Resistance

    A built-up immunity to magic.

    • Rank A+: Rider, due to constant exposure to powerful magic her whole life, is virtually untouchable by the civilised world’s Magecraft. Granted a Plus due to Ozian law forbidding anyone not in authority from using magic.

    “With what Outside Mages are like, I can’t help but be reminded why I put a ban on magic…”


    Handling of mounts and vehicles

    • Rank A: Mounts up to Phantasmal Beasts can be ridden. Rider is known for skilfully handling several magical and unusual mounts not originally meant to be mounts, such as her super-speedy Sawhorse or flying Gump chimera.

    “Hah, these are no ‘unusual’ mounts by Oz standards.”

    Personal Skills

    Charisma of Triumphant Return

    The charm and leadership qualities needed to rise again as a hero.

    • Rank B+: Suitable for a returning monarch of monarchs. Born as the Princess of Oz before the usurpation of The Wizard Oscar Diggs and disguised as a boy by Mombi, years later Rider was restored to her throne and met with celebration by her people. Allows her Charisma to increase after a successful comeback.

    “Not just a royal return, but a return to the true self I never knew…”

    Clairvoyance (Art)

    Exceptional eyesight that at higher Ranks can turn into precognition and other supernatural forms of perception.

    • Rank EX C: In Rider’s case, this was gained due to her owning an enchanted picture able to show her any place or person in the world, even those outside of Oz, essentially letting her see anywhere in the present. Has been reduced in Rank as it is dependent on an item and not any inborn ability, and due to Rider herself having limited her use of it. However, it would qualify as a full Noble Phantasm in the Watcher class.

    “Even I’m scared of what I could do with this power unrestricted.”

    Fairy Monarch

    The mystical authority necessary to lead and rule over the Fairy Folk. Like a specialised Imperial Privilege, this allows temporary access to any Fairy Skill regardless of whether the Servant would otherwise possess it.

    • Rank A: Though not officially being called that, Rider in essence is a Fairy Empress, with Oz encompassing several other Fairy Kingdoms beneath it, and additionally is half-fairy herself. Any Fairy Skill, such as Fairy Eyes, Fairy Knight, Fairy Knight, even Universal Language, can be used at Rank B when in need.

    “Fairies seem to like the title ‘Princess’ over ‘Queen’, even if the latter’s what I technically am.”

    Mana Burst (Pumpkin)

    Ability to channel and infuse Pumpkin Spirits into weapons and attacks.

    • Rank C: Rider gains a moderate Rank in this Skill due to her creation and loyalty of the character Jack Pumpkinhead. With her having conceived of Jack as a prank, not knowing about the Powder of Life at the time, this Skill comes into its element when used in launching surprise attacks.

    “I couldn’t get this trick to work on Mombi, but maybe other mages will be less prepared.”

    Noble Phantasms

    Powder of Life

    From Dust You Were Made

    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Unit/Anti-Inanimation

    “This is the magic that gave me my first friends. I, I don’t want to have to think of it as a weapon…”

    A sculpted vial containing an enchanted powder able to bestow life upon the lifeless, or to grant sentience and mobility to inanimate objects. Originally owned by her wicked stepmother Mombi, Rider stole it and used the powder to bring to two powerful mounts to life: the Sawhorse, whose wooden body allowed him to achieve extreme speeds due to never tiring, and the flying chimera known as the Gump. Rider also takes credit for the creation of her companion Jack Pumpkinhead due to having assembled him, even if it was Mombi who used the Powder on him.

    This Noble Phantasm makes Rider capable of bringing any inanimate object to life, including recreating any being brought forth by the powder in her life. Of course, she only has a limited supply of powder, further limited by the fact that the powder must be sprinkled over the entirety of an object to work. A single batch of powder contains enough to bring approximately three large objects to life, so granting sentience to an entire building would be difficult to pull off. Were she in Oz or had the Item Construction skill she could resupply herself, but in the Rider Class, she’ll have to make do.

    The powder requires an incantation to finalise, being the phrase “Weaugh! Peaugh! Teaugh!” with a hand gesture for each ‘word’. A comparison can be made with Japan’s Tsukumogami, household objects come to life after usually a century, with the powder then being a way of creating Tsukumogami instantaneously. The powder can also be used to create lifeforms of one's own invention by combining animal and object parts together, though given the sheer discomfort one of Rider’s creations, the Gump, felt when she tried exactly this, Rider can be hesitant to use this function.

    Rota Panthera

    Royal Road across the Deadly Desert

    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Army/Anti-Terrain

    “Lion, Tiger, full speed over the sands! The outside world shall behold the Promenade of Oz.”

    Her personal chariot, pulled by two big cat Phantasmal Beasts. One of which is the famous King of Beasts and famed Oz resident the Cowardly Lion, the other being known as the Hungry Tiger, a creature always driven to eat people but who restrains himself because of his conscience. Either cat is more willing to attack enemies than her, though they may still need some prodding. While she can converse with them, to onlookers the lion and tiger’s voices will sound like nothing but growls. It is possible the chariot of Freya may be a Prototype of this Phantasm.

    The true effect of this vehicle Noble Phantasm comes with the green carpet that rolls out from underneath. The chariot can travel over anything this carpet covers unhindered, be it over water or uneven ground, through Bounded Fields, or over hazardous terrain like desert. Crossing over the Deadly Desert that separates Oz from outside was in fact her first ever use of this carpet, with a scorching line of desert sand being left behind after this carpet unrolls.

    Underworld Driver

    Magic Belt of the Nome King

    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Unit (Self)

    “Sorry Glinda, I know you don’t like shapeshifters, but desperate times. TRANSFORM!”

    A memento from her first journey outside of Oz, where she, her attendants, and her friends rescued the royal family of neighbouring Ev from the Nome King, ruler of the underground. It was he who this Phantasm originally belonged to, before being taken by Dorothy Gale, then gifted to Ozma for safekeeping.

    While this jewelled belt’s powers are varied, its main use appears to be to grant its wearer shapeshifting powers for the purposes of making them invincible to the current attack aimed at them. It could turn one its wearer to rubber to block electrical damage, turn them to stone to block slashing damage, give them gills to handle a water attack, give them wings to escape the crumbling earth, and so on. As its true function is invincibility, with shapeshifting being used as means to an end for that, the transformations the belt allows are situational.

    This Noble Phantasm could be compared to Avalon, even if it uses different means to accomplish a similar goal. However, it is also like Avalon in that it can be taken from its wearer and deny them its power, much like it was originally taken from the Nome King.

    Notes: I may have gotten a little carried away with this sheet, guess I can get a little zealous about book-only Oz knowledge. I was considering leaving out her belt NP altogether, but I couldn't resist having a Rider with a transforming belt. Having compared word counts, this has also been my longest Servant sheet so far

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrosTC View Post
    True Name: Arcas
    ...ah shit. And I was just retooling my sheet too. Hope you don't mind me also using that "lord of the wild" stuff.

    Guardian of humanity, we answer your call. O' Northern Star, Guide us to our Fate.

    King Arcas
    Princess Callisto

    Guardian Beasts of the Misty Mountain Kingdom
    Callisto and Arcas

    AKA: Ursa Major and Ursa Minor
    Class: Rider
    Alternate Classes: Archer, (Both) Berserker, (Callisto) Lancer (Arcas)
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Source: Greek Mythology
    Region: Greece
    Attribute: Heaven

    Strength: D+/B
    Endurance: D/B+
    Agility: A/C
    Mana: C/C+
    Luck: E/C

    Born to King Lycaon of Arcadia and a nameless nymph, Callisto always had an admiration for the outdoors. She would frequently accompany her brothers on hunting trips, eventually surpassing them in the ability to track and hunt wild animals and navigate the mountains. Gaining a reputation within Arcadia as a master huntress, Callisto set her sights on the horizon, leaving her kingdom behind. On her journey, however, she would stumble across the Huntresses of Artemis, a group of hunting women devoted to the Goddess. As someone who would frequently pray to Artemis for blessings, Callisto readily agreed to join, becoming one of the best among them.
    But just as many other Greek myths go, Zeus' eyes would find the maiden, and he would be smitten. Zeus would appear before Callisto while she was alone, introducing himself as the chief God and stating his desire to take her on as a lover. After getting over her initial shock, Callisto would dismiss Zeus' advances, invoking her vow of chastity to the Huntresses of Artemis and her disinterest in men in general. Frustrated, but undeterred, Zeus would hatch a scheme. After allowing many months to pass, during which Zeus' advance had been pushed to the back of Callisto's mind, Zeus would appear once more to Callisto while she was alone, this time in the form of his daughter, Artemis. In awe of her beauty, Callisto offered herself to the imposter. Only too late would Zeus reveal his identity, violating the horrified Huntress and leaving her pregnant. Shaken and terrified of the possible reactions of her sisters-in-arms, Callisto would attempt to conceal the pregnancy for as long as possible. Alas, after being urged to join in bathing, her secret was revealed, and Callisto was forcibly removed from the huntresses, who would invoke the power of Artemis that their paths would never cross again. In an act of pity, Artemis would silently bless Callisto with a safe childbirth.
    Broken-hearted, Callisto would stumble back to Arcadia, where in the wilderness of the mountains, she would give birth to her son, Arcas. Sensing imminent danger, Zeus would whisk the baby Arcas from a sleeping Callisto's arms, delivering him to King Lycaon to raise as the heir to Arcadia's throne. No sooner than this did a wrathful Hera appear, waking Callisto. The sudden disappearance of her child caused the mother to scream and cry in grief, ignoring Hera and further enraging her. Hera would curse Callisto to become a horrible monster of destruction, yet with the grief of losing her child burning in Callisto's mind as she changed, the desire for destruction was overwritten. In time, Callisto's mind would return, and she would wander the mountains of Arcadia helping her countrymen whenever she could.

    Arcas would be raised by Lycaon, until the King attempted to trick Zeus by feeding him the meat of his son, Nyctimus. As the enraged Zeus rose to strike, Lycaon threatened to fling the infant Arcas into the hearth. Quick action from Hestia prevented the child from being harmed while Lycaon was transformed into a beast and chased away. The duty of raising Arcas fell to the resurrected Nyctimus, who would be king until Arcas was of age.
    As soon as Arcas learned to walk, he would wander into the woods, chasing creatures of all kinds, until he learned to use a bow and spear to properly hunt. His skills quickly became that of legend, unmatched by any living man, and word of his talents traveled far beyond the mountains of Arcadia. He would grow to be a wise and kind king, if a bit young for one. He would learn the arts of baking and weaving from lands beyond the misty kingdom, so that he may share them with his people.
    Yet, on one faithful day, Arcas would depart into the woods chasing the legend of a colossal beast who stalked the mountains, hiding in the mist. Arcas would find the beast, none other than Callisto, his mother. Callisto, immediately recognizing her son, was overcome with joy and rushed to embrace him. But from Arcas' perspective, a massive bear had roared and charged straight at him. He drew his spear, intending to ram it directly down the charging beast's throat to slay it instantly. But before he could thrust it forward, Zeus intervened once again, transforming Arcas into a monster bear. Now able to communicate, Arcas and Callisto spoke, revealing their identities to each other. Though no longer human, the long-lost mother and son had been reunited at last. The two would disappear into the mountains, carrying on Callisto's duty as the guardians of Arcadia, where they would protect many an abandoned child and lost traveler, even raising their descendant, the Greek Heroine Atalanta, and eventually her son Parthenopaios.

    Class Skills
    Riding: A
    As those who bear the primordial blood of the wild within them, all manner of beasts, including phantasmal species, can be wrangled into submission and ridden as mounts.

    Magic Resistance: B
    As a Demigod of the Skyfather and a huntress of the kingdom of the wild, both mother and son can easily resist all manner of magecraft from the Age of Man. It would take as much as a Greater Ritual to even reach them at all.

    Personal Skills
    Crossing Arcadia: A
    The ability to increase travel speed and ignore obstacles that impede movement. Essentially, it's both a speed boost and a power that renders any path from point A to point B into a completely straight line, reducing travel distance to its absolute minimum. Callisto and Arcas can carry all manner of cargo and passengers while doing so, whether in beast or human form. So long as they can lift something at all, the weight or balance will not impede their movement.
    As humans, both Callisto and Arcas were the greatest hunters Arcadia had ever seen in their respective times, with Callisto even joining the huntresses devoted to the Goddess Artemis. But as a bear, Callisto became a legend, a myth, the story of a monstrous bear who was fierce yet kind, always protecting the children of Arcadia, nursing the abandoned and guiding the lost back to safety. She became the Mother-Bear of Arcadia, a protector of the kingdom, even if unseen. Arcas, meanwhile, was hailed by his people as a wise and fair king who taught the art of weaving and baking to his subject. And truly, what king does not know his kingdom like the back of his hand?

    Beast Enhancement: A-/B-
    Unlike their descendant/adopted ward Atalanta, this skill receives a penalty due to being consciously activated instead of passive, while slightly sapping rationality upon its usage. At B- rank, it still provides the two rank-ups to all parameters like an A ranked Madness Enhancement.
    However, Callisto carries this skill at rank A- due to living longer as a beast and being transformed into a monster built for destruction as opposed to Arcas who was merely transformed to reunite him with his mother. As such, activation of Beast Enhancement raises her parameters by a massive three ranks, with the granted boosts also fading much slower once the skill recedes. As the strength leaves her, she can activate the skill again, successively stacking the skill's boosts with its fading dregs to become more and more powerful, though this will begin to drain her rationality at an exponential rate unless she has an emotional anchor nearby keeping her sane.

    Stars of the Chief God: B+ >>> Polaris - O' Northern Star, Guide me to my Fate: C
    The Star of Guidance. The Star of Destiny.
    While it would be a more powerful noble phantasm if Arcas was summoned alone, when summoned together with his mother it represents something else. It represents the reunification of a family long lost, of mother and child and a dream never dreamt coming true.
    Anyone who contracts with Callisto and Arcas for the first time will be marked by the Polar Star. Starting from there, a path to reaching the "destination" they desired when gaining this mark will be opened. It does not guarantee that you will achieve it, or that the destination will have what you imagined, but it will guarantee you will get there.
    A gift of guidance from a king.
    A gift of protection from a mother.

    Noble Phantasms
    of the

    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-army (self)

    "Hear the roar of the wilderness!"/"Feel the wind of the wilderness!"
    "Feel the wrath of the wilderness!"/Hear the song of the wilderness!"
    "From the misty mountains, a beast descends!"

    The metamorphosis of the mother and son crystallized into a noble phantasm. Shedding their human forms, the pair transform into monstrous bears with pelts swimming with stars capable of dwarfing trucks and with enough might to put mythical Servants of brute strength on the back foot. Not merely bears, Callisto and Arcas transform into veritable divine beasts, existences only possible otherwise during the age of gods.
    Bears are revered creatures across the world, known for there brute strength and ferocity, but also their protective and maternal nature. Deep in the woods where the wilderness speaks, a mother and son, whose lineage stretches back to a primordial age, naturally have an affinity for the beast naturally crowned "Lord of the Wild".
    Of course, the mother and son are "Lords of the Wild" in a purely figurative sense of course.
    Arcadia is a very, very old place after all.
    There are... others, who hold that position in a more literal sense.
    And if they've been there for this long, they don't look like they'll be leaving anytime soon.
    WAH - AH - HAH - WAH - AH - LAH

    of the Mysterious Mountain


    You hear a melancholic tune whistling on the breeze

    Much in the same way as a certain murderer on a misty night, an ominous fog descends upon the area and creates a bounded field shrouded by mist. The bounded field enhances all traits of "nature" within the area, causing plants to sprout and overgrow, stones to stand up high and tall, terrain to become uneven and wild, rivers to surge and course with great power, and all the beasts and creatures to become more bold and perceptive. But despite that all, only the wind falls silent. A gentle breeze is all that can be felt, and a light dance is all that can be seen from the leaves. The wind will not blow any harder than that.
    Perhaps that is for the best. Perhaps the wilderness concealed by the mist is best left hidden. For now, at least.
    What is not best left hidden are the two colossal beasts/master hunters from the Age of Gods lurking within the wild fog, completely unhindered by the chaotic terrain and the dense mist. The suffocating aura of fog infused with mystics from beyond our era can quickly incapacitate a normal human and slowly sap the stamina of mages. Even modern servants with low mana parameters will begin to flag in strength as the hunters close in for the kill.

    To describe both Callisto and Arcas with one word would be "maternal". The drive to nurture and protect the young and weak is something that runs in the family evidently, though clearly not from Lycaon's side.
    Though a skilled warrior and peerless athlete much like many other sons of Zeus, Arcas does not have the same thirst for action and combat that his peers do. Hunting to him was more a matter of letting his quarry lead him to places he had never gone before as well as bringing food home to the table. His own youthful adventures beyond the mountains of Arcadia were spent learning and exploring, rather than seeking glory or treasure. Indeed, he of all his divine siblings was uniquely suited to being a ruler, eager to guide his subjects and share every last drop of wisdom and knowledge he gained with them. He is a nurturing parent who holds their child's hand until they are ready to walk on their own, and even still remains ready to catch them if they fall.
    Callisto is more so a warrior than her son is. The thrill of charging after the prey and leaping over rocks and under branches was the reason she joined the hunt, and still remains a favored pastime of hers. As a mother, she is fiercely protective, guarding her children with her life and teaching them to be as ferocious as herself. Every last child deserves the love she could not give to her son, and every child that goes without it is a child she has failed. It's not hard to see where Atalanta inherited her tendencies from...

    April Fools
    The Berenstain-type servants.
    A Mama bear and a Papa bear, even if the Papa is actually the son and-
    Female bears tend to be single mothers? And male bears hunt and eat cubs for no reason?
    Uhhh... well, two Mama bears it is, then.
    Callisto's ideal family unit would have two mothers anyway.

    Large breasts and fair hair/Baking, painting, weaving, and knitting

    Men ("Not you sweetie, you don't count."/"Gee, thanks mom.")/Ipads ("Just give them a book or something!")

    Natural Enemy


    An infant to be protected/A seed to be nurtured
    "Stay back master. We will handle the threat swiftly. You need only wait."/"Watch closely, okay? Keep an eye open for anything the enemy does and remember it well, for next time."

    Atalanta/Atalanta Alter
    "Oh! My darling baby girl, you're here! Give mama a hug!"/"Don't worry about your son. He had a good childhood... but he threw his adulthood away."

    As a father, he was awful. As a king, he was a tyrant. In both their opinions, he deserved far, far worse.
    "Always. Always you ignored me when I was a little girl. You didn't even notice I had run away from home. And when you're given my son... my baby boy... you treat him like a bargaining chip to be cast into the flames to spite the gods! I'm going to make this hurt!"/"Each of my awful 49 uncles who were justly smited by my father... I bet they would've grown up to become fine and righteous men if you had raised them right. Their blood is on your hands."

    Complicated. What he did to Callisto cannot be forgiven. Arcas appreciates what his father has done for him... but out of respect for his mother, he remains silent.
    "It's not complicated. He's a bastard and I hate him. Simple as that."

    Foreigner Between the Trees
    What... are you...?WAH - AH - HAH - WAH - AH - LAH

    Artemis/Super Orion
    Callisto falls to her knees in despair as she realizes what Artemis' "type" is. Arcas wanted to go chat them up to talk hunting business, but he feels awkward doing that now.
    "Why do they always pick the big dumb jocks over nice girls like me, huh? WHY?!"/"Errr... there, there."

    Child Servants
    Every last one of them is here without parental supervision. Every last one of them needs to be protected.

    "Not actually a child" Servants
    Just as they use that excuse to ward Callisto off, Arcas steps in.
    "Then clearly, that means you aren't eating well enough. Come with me."
    They are dragged off to the kitchen.

    Instead of a human being turned into a divine bear, she was a bear turned into a divine human. Funny how that works out.

    The Essence of our Bonds
    Fresh-Baked Bread
    After a long and hard day outside, you stumble in, bruised and aching all over. You can't muster the strength to do anything other than amble to your room and collapse on your bead.
    But when you opened the door, a wonderful aroma filled the air. You follow your nose to the kitchen, in spite of your tired body. Following the scent that reminds you of your childhood.
    You step in as a fresh-baked loaf of bread is placed on the counter, perfectly golden-brown and wafting the scent of seeds and spices.
    You remember your mother's smile.
    "Welcome home, dear."

    Final Notes
    Yup, this right here is the first-ever Servant sheet I've ever made. Obviously heavily redone from it's original version, but this right here is my beginning.
    I probably should've found faceclaims for their human forms, but I thought of the movie Brave and figured it would be pretty funny to use Elinor (The transformed mom) as Arcas' faceclaim and Mor'du (The huge fuckoff cave bear) as Callisto's faceclaim. You know. Irony. It's funny, trust me.

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    Why are you asking?
    I should probably tell you that the contest just started. Prompt is historical fact. Mind joining us?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cing Krimson Requiem View Post
    That's hilarious how we had the same idea concurrently. Yours are more focused on him as the Ursae Majoris/Ursae Minoris part, whilst mine focused on him as the King of Arcadia, the land where God Pan once resided

    Anyways, I've read your sheet from start to finish and I think your sheet is well-made and integrated to the myth, I'm actually impressed you could made a servant Arcas from a totally different perspective than mine but we still ended up with cohesive servant and in line to the original story, and even expanded the idea

    My advice though, you could flesh out more of Callisto-Arcas relationship and their dynamics, because them turning into bears are essentially the most devastating moment of their life
    You don't have to feel pressured by my advice, just take that as a recommendation

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by NINE-lives View Post
    I should probably tell you that the contest just started. Prompt is historical fact. Mind joining us?
    OFC! I'm already working on my sheet
    My Servants and plans to make

    Also You wanna see my budget Servant formatting?

    thanks for the Visit!

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    Bear moms are great.

    The NPs feel a little under tuned, but the sheer personality of the sheet more than makes up for it.

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    It’s alright my dear, let me handle this.
    You don’t have to be such a brute, such a thing will only diminish your grace.

    Born as Mehr-un-Nissa in Kandahar, present day Afghanistan, she was the daughter of Mirza Ghiyas Beg, an exiled Persian aristocrat that later became the Grand Vizier of the Mughal Empire. Living under the careful auspices of her father, she was arranged to marry Sher Afgan, a renowned Persian knight whose service brought many victories for the Mughals.

    However, Sher Afgan was killed in a plot by the Lord of Bengal, and the widowed Mehr-un-Nissa and her daughter were brought to the Imperial Court in Agra, entering the Mughal Harem and serving as lady-in-waiting for the current Empress Dowager. It was here that she won the affection of Jahangir, the Mughal Emperor himself. Some legends rumoured that both of them had developed a relationship since their childhood, but whatever the case, they ended up married, and Jahangir would award her with the title of Nur Jahan, the Light of the World.

    Having inherited the shrewdness of her father, Nur Jahan rapidly consolidated her position in the Mughal court, culminating in her conflict over succession against Prince Khurram, the future Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. She also foiled a coup attempt on her husband, where she managed to rescue Jahangir and raise an army against the rebels all on her own. In both campaigns, she proved to be a formidable commander, having personally led the Mughal army atop her battle elephant.

    A fierce huntress, an clever poet, an accomplished fashion designer, an ingenious architect, a capable ruler, a passionate wife, and a devoted daughter, Nur Jahan is the quintessential Indian soap opera heroine who lived a life full of drama, romance and intrigue.

    Class: Rider
    True Name: Nur Jahan
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Origin: Historical Facts and Rumours
    Attribute: Man

    The Empress of the Mughal Empire, who wielded unprecedented political power for a woman, having de facto authority over the entire Indian Subcontinent. Nur Jahan is known to have commissioned a majestic tomb in honour of her father, Itimad-ud-Daulah. It is said that this mausoleum, the Bachcha Taj, was the direct prototype and inspiration for the illustrious Taj Mahal.

    STR: B
    END: D
    AGI: A
    MGI: B
    LCK: C
    NP: B

    Class Skills:
    Riding: A
    Be it a fierce tiger, a menacing elephant, or an arrogant emperor, Rider is capable of handling all kinds of mount and vehicles up to the level of Phantasmal Species and Divine Beasts.

    Magic Resistance: C
    Can only nullify simple magecraft below two verses, cannot really defend herself against advanced Rituals and Thaumaturgy.

    Personal Skills:
    Sun of Illuminating Beauty: A+
    A legacy that Rider inherited from her parents. A Skill that encapsulates both her birth name (Mehr-un-Nisa, Sun Among Women) and the title she received from Jahangir (Nur Jahan, Light of the World). In essence, it allows her to store, transfer, and weaponize the “concept of visual beauty” through certain mediums.

    This skill enables Rider to transform objects that can be considered to be “capable of possessing beauty”, such as jewels, clothes, structures, or even the human body, into temporary Mystic Codes capable of exercising beneficial charming effects to oneself and allies. In the case of applying this Skill to her own Saint Graph, the effects are significantly magnified.

    Tiger-Slayer: C
    A vestige she learned from her first husband, Sher Afgan Khan, the Tiger Grappler. It is a combat and hunting technique that is especially effective against wild beasts, as well as enemies that rely on primal instinct and brute force. In Rider’s case, it is mostly applied to her marksmanship ability.

    Throughout the Mughal Empire, Rider’s skill as a ferocious hunter is well known, and it is said she often went out on her own to villages and forests where tiger attacks were reported.

    Imperial Privilege: B
    An authority she obtained through her second husband, the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. It allows Rider to temporarily obtain skills and abilities she normally wouldn’t have. The prerogative of an Empress who possesses everything as a matter of course.

    Due to Jahangir’s quirks and incapability as a ruler, he often relegated to Rider much of the administration and governance of the Mughal Empire, going as far as granting her the Imperial Seal, which allows Rider to issue Imperial Mandates.

    Noble Phantasms:
    Jahangir Howdah
    Rumble, My Regal and Fierce Imperial Beast
    Type: Anti-Army
    Rank: C

    Among the ranks of men, she is a tiger-slayer.
    Among the ranks of women, she is a radiant sun.

    A half-mechanical beast in the shape and size of an elephant, but possessing the speed and ferocity of a tiger. It is a Noble Phantasm that reproduces the beloved elephant that Rider often rides in her hunting trips and military campaigns. In this form however, it seems that the elephant somehow possesses an eccentric personality similar to Rider’s second husband Jahangir, and an exceptional combat ability resembling her first husband Sher Afgan.

    Jewelled Pillar that Entombs the Realm of Devotion
    Type: Anti-Unit (Self)
    Rank: A+

    On the grave of this poor stranger, let there be neither lamp nor rose.
    Let neither butterfly’s wing burn nor nightingale sing

    Bachcha Taj, a resplendent mausoleum which Rider built for her father, Mirza Ghiyas, the Lord Treasurer of the Mughal Empire. It is the prototype of the world famous Taj Mahal, built for Mumtaz Mahal, which is Mirza Ghiyas’ granddaughter as well as Rider’s own niece, daughter-in-law, and political rival.

    It is a jewel box that enshrines passion, a tomb that commemorates devotion. Those that found themselves within the enclosure of this Noble Phantasm are invited to a peaceful paradise that forever repeats their most cherished memories, forcing them to remember their true self, and cleansing them of any corruption or alteration that might have been inflicted on them.

    The territory within this Noble Phantasm also functions as a pseudo-Netherworld, where a one time miracle of resurrection is made possible as long as one’s devotion remains.

    - - - Updated - - -

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