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    Do a plague doctor if you like, there's one in the Contest thread

    Also Moll Cutpurse! One of my favourite historical figures and I think you've done her justice.
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    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.
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    Genderswaps are terrible, but I think I and other people would hate them less if Fate didn't keep ignoring actual heroines throughout history and folklore. Like, why bother turning Francis Drake into a woman when Ching Shih and Grace O'Malley exist?
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    Fate Zero is just Fate Stay Night for people who think Shirou is too girly

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    Archer - Minamoto Yorimasa / Minamoto Yorimasu


    Tarō Hama Yumi: Image Source Image Author

    Hamaya Shishiō:

    The arrow:


    Gender: Male
    Height / Weight: 168 cm, 58 kg
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Home: Japan
    Origin: Historical fact, Hama Yi myth
    Equipment: Hama Yumi, Hamaya / his sword

    Personal Information

    Attribute: Human
    Likes: Poetry, the Emperors, Whatever conviction he has currently
    Dislikes: Weak willed people, The darkness of the minamoto
    Talents: Archery
    Natural Enemy: Nue, Indra, Wu Zetian

    A man whose life was filled with turns, who holds 1 foot in the realm of myth, and the other in the books of history, Archer is undoubtedly a capable warrior and an influential figure. A mighty and long lived warrior, he served 8 different emperors, and under this position came to be known as a poet of some renown. Yet his true skill was on the battlefield, a master with a bow, and a deft hand with a sword, even though he came to scorn the fields of conflict, he was held as a skillful even by his peers. It is said that one day, the attendants of Emperor Konoe sought him the Minamoto clan’s aid, for every night the emperor was troubled by a demon which would fly over the palace, yet soon after his terrors had begun to worsen, he fell ill and no cure would work.

    An associate recalled how another of the clan Yoshiie had also solved a similar case involving a bird’s cry by shooting at a creature with an arrow, thus Yorimasa, the most skilled archer of their number was called into service. Utilizing his training and knowledge of his clan he took an arrowhead used by Minamoto no Raikou, a branch from a tree worshipped as a Yorishiro, and tail feathers of a mountain bird (which may have been a weak phantasmal species), he performed a ritual upon them and formed them into an arrow. Then borrowing Minamoto Yoshiie’s bow, he went out to slay the demon.

    In the night one of his attendants warned him of a strange sound, and he saw the creature, at first it seemed like a bird, but before his eyes it warped as if it’s form were a flowing liquid. When this occurred smoke began to billow from it, and Yorimasa shot the beast with an arrow, with a burst of sound and a shriek the creature fell. Following it, he once again came upon the wounded beast, and with nine sword slashes he ended the creature. It was then said a cuckoo cried thrice and the haze faded, and all became normal once more. The next morning the Emperor was in good health and for his efforts Yorimasa was given the blade Shishiō, the exact nature of the sword remained a mystery and later a blade of the same name was said to be given by Tokugawa Ieyasu to Yoritsugu for his service to him.

    Running in parallel to his own myth there exists a tale of how a man named Minamoto Yorimasu used a sacred bow and arrow (dubbed later Hama Yumi and Hamaya) to kill a demon that troubled and drove an emperor ill in 1103. However little evidence or reputation of this figure exists, as such he merely remains a phantom, who due to his similarities with Yorimasa (who may be the historical counterpart to his myth) attached onto his being. Minamoto Yorimasa’s life came to an end in 1180 when after joining his family at last in the Battle of Uji, his position was compromised and he would suffer defeat. In that war, it was only then that for the first time in his life, ignoring the political circumstances, he sided with the Minamoto family and its politics he once avoided so fervently. Perhaps in his eyes he saw the possible destruction of the family as of greater import than the darkness of politics and jealousy which consumed the clan and it’s existence.

    Regardless of his reasoning or situation, it was in that battle that Archer’s fortified position fell to the Taira forces, and he was faced with possibly his capture and tourture. When confronted by this reality, in what stands as the first confirmed case of Seppuku, Archer took his life, denying his enemies either his death or capture. In this way Archer came to define and shape the tradition of many warriors in days to come, of choosing their own death rather than allowing their enemies to proclaim that they slayed them in battle.

    A man who can best be described as a contradiction. Archer served as a masterful warrior and archer, fought in 3 notable large-scale conflicts, yet he despises war, and hates politics even moreso, he retired from the battlefield to take up Buddhism, yet died fighting against foes in a temple. He once opposed his family, yet then changed his opinion and led their forces in his final battle. Archer is a man best described as such as one who makes a decision and follows it fully, even if it contradicts previous judgements of his. On one day he may take up the blade, on the next he could end up condemning those who do so. Neither conviction of Archers is in any way false nor remotely hollow, yet to switch opinion is simply his way.

    One of the few constants in his life was his dedication towards what he believed in and his loyalty to the emperors. As a servant he would almost certainly care far more about a master’s conviction rather than their cause, if standing between two men, one who would wish the world’s death, and another who would seek it’s salvation, even though he would morally oppose the thought of the end of days (for no matter what at worst his beliefs are on the side of Neutral, rather than evil (as what he believes in he genuinely thinks is the best either the best way of life for people to follow and dislikes seeing others suffer)). However given if both parties held equal conviction to their beliefs he would still be forced to admit respect to both, no matter how wretched their actions.

    Yet beneath all of his indecisiveness lies a man who constantly worries, who worries over the politics and jealousy which consumed his clan, which worried for the emperors whose lives were filled with constant politics and political maneuvering, who worried of the yokai that his family fought to suppress taking advantage of the ever growing disparate nature of mankind and it’s defenders in Japan, and a man who genuinely worried for mankind’s future. In this way he drew swords and prayed not for his own sake, but for the sake of others, always seeking a path forward which would protect and save others, always walking and abandoning paths he found wanting. In this way, he could be said to be a lone warrior seeking a path not towards glory, but salvation.

    In this context, his final poem written before he took his life was just as much an act of remorse towards his own lack of decisiveness in life, but also a failure of him to guide others towards the path he hoped would give them prosperity, and also his own failure to leave anyone who would follow after him in guiding Japan towards the ruin he feared awaited it.


    Oda Nobunaga: The future ... to revolutionize Japan? Do you know of what you imply, your path is that of madness! To cast the islands into war, into turmoil, to butcher man after man in a war unending, there is no victory you could achieve here, that which remains is only death. Yet, looking at it now, although judgement lies with the Deva, but if this is where your path would end maybe...
    Spartacus: The hardest path? You know to where that path leads, don't you? I warn you, that path is not one even I would take up carelessly, if you would seek misery and hardship, then you will find enough to turn the seas dark on that way. Still, I cannot say that your way is wrong...
    Saint George: Yes, truly, those who walk the paths of blades, die by the hands of blades. Forgive me, I sought to turn them from that which consumed them, yet their ears failed to hear me, they knew only of the language of war, thus it was the only language I thought they may understand. Yet still they...
    Hijikata Toshizou: To defend the past ... I see, then you would war against time. That which passes us by, is that which we seek most, the moments of brotherhood, the ideals born in defending what one thinks right, to desire them protected is something admirable. But does it remain right to quash the future in sake of the past?
    Okita Souji: To fight for others, to fight for one’s beliefs, they remain two sides of the same coin. One who seeks to stand for the sake of loyalty, and another who stands for their own sake. Two diverging paths, each both worthy of respect.
    Paracelsus: Truly? An evoker, who would wish for the prosperity of the future over their own desires? Odd, yet I shan’t disagree, for the future’s growth, one should cast away the broken past.
    Nikola Tesla: To destroy the remnants of the tyrant divine, with the erosion of mystery. No, I understand perfectly, even our great ancestor, his acts would only cast a grim shadow over man’s future. Do as you must, elucidate the past’s myths, so that the garden flourish more spendourously for those who come after.
    Shirou Tokisada Amakusa: Such presumption, you speak of Salvation for men, yet your acts speak of a different tale. Tell me has your bitter heart truly faded away, or is it merely shifted, would the grail appear before you now, would you truly wish to save men, to remake them, or perhaps to save yourself? Your conviction, I understand, yet your cause, do even you know of it?
    Minamoto no Raikou: My ancestor, forgive me, our family, it’s branches have grown tangled, vines of other sprouts choking the life out of anything which would challenge them. Even now my voice falls upon deaf ears, the situation is beyond my power anymore.
    Ushiwakamaru: Such tragedy, I see, then my effort was for naught. Another life torn apart by the Minamoto’s darkness, perhaps I should have stayed idle back then...

    Strength – B
    Endurance – B
    Agility – B
    Mana – C
    Luck – B
    Noble Phantasm – C

    Class Skills

    Independent action [A]- Action without a master becomes possible and able to remain for a week without a master’s mana, however the usage of most noble phantasms are impossible without support.

    Magic resistance [D+]- Cancels single actions spells, through meditation, prayer, and focus Archer can negate most of the effects of spells with less than two verses spells and even temporarily resist greater rituals.

    Personal Skills

    Information Erasure (distortion) [D+]- A variation of a normal skill born from the confusion and contradictions in Archer’s myth. With this skill information about Acher isn’t deleted, however it is seriously altered, what in effect happens is that upon an attempt to recall Archer (as in it works retroactively, not actively (although even if they told their master the truth about him, that information also would be able to be distorted)), mental interference based occurs, and based on the foe’s ability to resist this, their luck parameter, and whether or not they possess a superior form of vision (clairvoyance and the like), then their memory is distorted.

    As such one may mistakenly recall, he has long black hair, or that Archer is a girl, or even mistake other details about him. However two things remain constant, 1 the foe will always notice that Archer uses a bow (although it’s appearance and even effects could be distorted), two the distorted recollection of Archer will always be recalled as Yorimasu or Minamoto no Yorimasu, three using his noble phantasm on someone under the effect break it. This power is so great, that Archer himself cannot confirm if he is or isn’t Yorimasu, partly because Minamoto Yorimasu’s last of killing the demon supposedly happened in 1103, before Archer’s birth, yet he slayed the Nue during the rule of Emperor Konoe from 1142 to 1155.

    Poetry [C]- A skill which denotes the ability to write short verses and tales in literature. In life Archer wrote two poems which became known, one to a woman he loved, and one before his own death. In effect this can have a low chance of causing minor mental inference to those who read them, but aside from that, it serves little use to Archer. In Japan where his daughter became known as one of the writers of the Senzai Wakashū this skill would become more potent.

    Clairvoyance [C+]- The ability which denotes a form of eyesight superior to normal abilities, at this rank Archer is able to see up to 4 kilometers and take aim at human sized targets, even those moving at a decent speed. However by combining it with the buddhist training he received and the divine arts handed down through his clan from their bloodline and faith to Hachiman, he is able to gain a sort of supernatural eyesight which allows him to discern the true nature of a being (thus bypassing shapeshifting or illusions as he sense what a being is at its core).

    Divine arts of the Hunter [A]- A skill which denotes a series of techniques and wisdom which drive from the abilities of a hunting/archery god. In this particular case the god in question is Hachiman, and the arts are ones obtained through the wisdom handed down through the Minamoto family, which under Archer class would without doubt allow this to manifest as a skill. However, due not only to his family’s long support of Hachiman, but his own usage of a bow and his training under Buddhism, this skill exists for Archer at a high ranking.

    This skill denotes the ability to create powerful mystic code bows and arrows and though buddhist or shinto rituals, to hold the power to resist foregin acts of magecraft and ward off or undo possession by evil spirits, and the ability to even at this rank generate arrows out of pure mana. However unlike a certain skill which denotes the ability to create a bow and arrow, the quantity and the power of such mana projectiles is much lesser than if normal arrows were made with the proper materials and then purified by rituals for their proper use.

    Uji Severance rite [A+]- A potent unique skill of Archer’s, it was said that in the face of defeat trying to defend his fortified position at Byōdō-in, rather than allow for him to either be captured or killed he took his own life. After his death it was said that a retainer cut off his head and threw it into the Uji river so that his foes would not take it for themselves. This records the first confirmed account of Seppuku, however, this act also is in many ways the precursor to Seppuku, as at this point the practice was not defined as such.

    Although the practitioners still cut the stomach to release the soul to the afterlife, as at this point the Kaishakunin (or second), (nor the last meal and perhaps not even the act of drinking a final swig of sake) whose duty it was to behead the practitioner after the cut the stomach in 1 slice was not established as part of the ritual. As such Archer was required to fall upon his own sword after cutting his stomach or stabbing himself through the throat to finish the rite. In effect this skill combines the effects of both disengage and Calm and collected into 1 form, by performing this rite,

    With this ability Archer is able sever the effects of any curse, magecraft, or even noble phantasm (except the strongest kinds) upon him, thus in return for the damage he has suffered he is effectively able to undo any negative statuses upon himself, the skill also as mentioned grants him to return with an absolute passivity (a serenity of mind) which would require very powerful mental inference to undo or overcome.

    If Archer were summoned in Japan it is very possible that due to the influence and prominence of Seppuku, this itself would become a noble phantasm, which would grant a form of an extra life, wherein upon use, archer would “die” and then gain the equivalent of presence concealment to those not his master (around the level of A or A+ rank), and would be able to cancel out any effects, injuries, or conditions which he suffered under before the use of the noble phantasm. In short it would become a temporary severance of the ailments inflicted upon him by means of disconnecting his mind and soul temporarily from his spiritual body, before returning with his spiritual body fully restored.

    Noble Phantasms

    Tarō Hama Yumi, The
    gift of Hachiman - C
    A noble phantasm in that despite existing and being recorded in Archer’s myth, He doesn’t have it from the start. Indeed this noble phantasm only dictates the right to use the Tarō Hama Yumi, and the knowledge of how to create both it and the Hamaya. Doing either of these things requires that he use, prepare, and craft the weapons with the proper materials, then do either a Shinto ritual of purification or a Buddhist ritual to purify the items (which takes a few hours of prayer to do and requires certain materials and ideally a buddhist and/or shinto temple for it to work to the fullest extent) before they qualify as usable.

    This difficulty may be because the Tarō Hama Yumi isn’t actually Archer’s own noble phantasm, and that the Hama Yumi’s legend is only debatably his own as well. The bow itself was given to him when he took upon the task to slay the beast which was troubling the emperor, when an associate remembered how the since deceased Minamoto Yoshiie drove off some sort of bird or Yokai like a bird with his bow. As a result, Minamoto Yoshiie's bow was given to him and with it Archer slayed the Nue. Due to Minamoto Yoshiie being equated to Hachiman and even earning the name Hachimantarō, this bow has become regarded as a reproduction of the divine bow of Hachiman.

    Whether this remains true or not, the noble phantasm does hold the ability to create a vortex of earth and vines which traps a foe’s legs reducing mobility and weakening skills like Instinct, Eye of the mind, or Protection from arrows. However due to the power being considered sacred in order to use it one cannot use just any arrow, they must use a Hama Yi and fire it in the midst of their foes without hitting any of them, so that it impacts either the ground. Then anything within 3 meter radius will be consumed as water and vines which spawn from the Hama Yi as they rush through the soil grasping at anyone in their range.

    However doing this will also not only destroy the Hama Yi which was but also the Tarō Hama Yumi due to the fact that Hachiman will recognize the bow as fake and the owner as not Minamoto Yoshiie. Perhaps the fact that Archer isn’t even more severely punished for using this art with a weapon which is not his, alone speaks of the bond and ties between the Minamoto clan and Hachiman.
    30 people

    Hama Shishiō, The holy
    of lions - D++
    A strange noble phantasm owned by Archer, although he cannot be summoned as Saber if he could then this sword would function normally as a blade, and it can even be used as such, albeit at the lowered rank of E+, however due to the blade being tied so deeply to his legend of slaying the Nue, where he struck it first with an arrow, then 9 times with a sword. The addition of the Legend of the Hama Yumi and Hama-Yi*, this blade seems to have merged with the existence of the Hama-Yi and the arrow used to have struck the Nue from the sky.

    The fact that this happened may be due to the fact that as a Noble phantasm Shishiō’s legend is weak with only two known instances of it being mentioned, and even then there is no clear continuity between how the sword eventually fell into the hands of Tokugawa Ieyasu who gave it to a subordinate. As such it’s legend is very malleable and fluid, which may be why it amalgamated the other aspects of legend to give it a more concrete existence.

    In effect when used it has an effect of dealing increased damage against monsters and when used as an arrow it has another effect, upon impacting the target it gives off a burst of sound which places the target under a luck check. If they fail then they suffer a movement and magic penalty where they are unable to fly and have their agility reduced by 1 rank, and all spells connected to the foe (things like bounded fields which are connected to an area or spells cast by a operate source (a family or energy stored in a jewel)) are either weakened, or if the target’s mana parameter is lower than the user’s totally dispelled. This noble phantasm can only be used as an arrow if it is fired from Tarō Hama Yumi.
    Anti-Unit, Anti-Monster
    1 person

    *which the original arrow is arguably a D+ rank item, due to the fact that the arrowhead used to make the Hamaya in Archer’s myth was an arrowhead used by Minamoto no Raikou. As such it already held mystery within it from the start as a weapon used in slaying Oni. When the Hama Yi became an item associated with slaying demons, the mystery already found a source which held tales of killing demons to store itself within and it only increased in strength more. TLDR the reason the arrow is powerful is because while the original weapon is weak, the legend of the Hama Yi/Archer’s arrow has ties to Minamoto no Raikou’s myth which made the original arrow stronger than it normally would be. However the sword, which merged with the phantasm didn’t share this fate.

    Okay first things first, my apologies on the delay, I had a bit of a busy last week. Irregardless of that, Nice work on the El-Dorado sheet the god of World-0, aside from a few minor knit picks (that his parameters may be a bit high (although given that he literally is a golden city, that could be excused) and that I think EX rank innocent monster is a little bit much (even Dracula from Fate Apocrypha only had A rank in that), I can't really note anything wrong with it not to mention he is better than around half the servants I've written in my personal time.

    As for WhiteFrenzy Nice job with the Mary Firth/Moll Cutpruse, The idea behind the servant and her abilities is
    definitely interesting and while her noble phantasm is a bit powerful, much like Enki it balances out as there are some limitations on it. Oddly it kinda reminds me of the idea I had in a possible Fanfic (which I have yet to put to publish) of mine where I explained the 4th as a self-containing mystery which was capable of doing theoretically almost anything (anything which remained as a mystery and held power as such), except that due to it's nature (think if someone were able to somehow instinctively know the answer to questions like "if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound") they literally have no understanding of how their own magic even works, or what it is fully capable of. Either way, neat concept on the noble phantasm

    As for what's next, well I have a Hassan that I could brush up and see what hits, I do have an Avenger, given circumstances I don't think it prudent to release it now (even though he is essentially done), I also could touch up my Europa sheet (massive_jojo_reference if you think you have bad luck try this, I went through the trouble of making a Caster Europa sheet, then Grand Order drops Europa Rider (although I still think my Caster sheet is essentially different enough that it could stand on it's own)). On the other side of things I have two or three Lancer sheets, I could touch up and do, or I have a certain archer who I did a while back on my time, that I think would work. Lastly I could do a version of Jason and Hogni I have lying around (or do one of my caster servants I made). I don't know at this point I have a bunch of options, personally the thought of releasing a servant under every major class (saber, archer, lancer, rider, caster, assassin, berserker, avenger, and maybe ruler) sounds good.

    Personally I'm leaning towards probably a rider I made (which I partly made because I thought he was a really cool and fairly mismanaged/underutilized character in Grand order). On a side note I do have one or two lostbelt ideas that have begun to spring up.

    Anyways this ran a bit long, TLDR, sorry on the delay, good work on the all the servants, and I have some ideas that I'm working on relating (and maybe will actually have done this week).
    May the Holy Grail War begin.

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    Creator's comments
    I humbly offer this terrible, terrible person to this thread. She's terrible, but she's my child and I have to love her anyway. (JK NO ONE SHOULD LOVE HER.)

    Anyway, thanks a lot for all the support, you guys. I seriously have no words. ;-;


    Class: Saber
    Other Classes: Assassin
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Place of Origin: England

    Height: 172 cm | 5'8''
    Weight: 60 kg | 132,2 lbs

    Natural Enemy: Boredom
    Attribute: Man
    Traits: Humanoid, Servant, Genderless, Weak to Enuma Elish




    MANA: E

    LUCK: A+


    Class Skills

    Because she is a Heroic Spirit from an age where Mystery was very thin, one can hardly expect any Magic Resistance from her. As a degree of apology, she is compensated with this Skill only due to their Class container.

    ――Oh, but she can more than compensate for this handicap with their skills, or so it is the bottom line.


    Only horses can be handled with above average skill. Because she does not have an anecdote of riding anything special or worth mentioning, she receives a low rank in this Skill for a Saber.

    “――Ah, alas! What can we do about that! Now, if I could have a skill about riding opportunities, things would be different... Oh, my! I know, right? That’s actually a great idea!? But, please, hold you applauses, Master, we have work to do.”

    Tudor London was the natural home of real-life rogues as colorful as any in Shakespeare’s plays. They were experts in an extensive range of confidence trickery that still lives on today in recognizable form. One of London’s most notorious roguish characters was Mary Frith.

    In the guise of the semi-fictional character Moll Cutpurse, she became an urban legend in every sense of the term, encapsulating much that was exhilarating and terrifying about London life in the years when the city began its mutation from medieval city into modern metropolis. To the burghers and the zealots, she was a despicable inversion of all that was good and godly; and yet, the criminal underworld cheered her, and artists and pleasure seekers immortalized her as the personification of a town where anything was possible.

    From Frith’s first appearance in the historical record, it’s clear she was trouble. In 1600, age 16, she was accused of stealing two shillings and eleven pence from a man in the Clerkenwell area of London. Two years later, she stood trial for a similar offense; in 1610, she was found not guilty of stealing ten pounds’ worth of money and jewelry in Southwark. She was then put into a ship destined to Jamestown, which in the 17th century represented the absolute opposite of London, making it the perfect place for a wayward young woman to be put back on the straight and narrow. Unsurprisingly, she escaped the ship by swimming back to the shore. The notion that Frith rejected this fate makes for a prologue to the semi-mythical figure she was about to become.

    Repeated scrapes with the law would have gained any woman a degree of notoriety. What elevated Frith to celebrity status was that she conducted her criminality in men’s clothing, blurring the lines between sexes with her androgyny and never fully being a man or a woman. In 1610, not long after she’d been cleared of burglary, she was well-known enough to be the subject of a play by John Day titled The Madde Pranckes of Mery Mall of the Bankside. The following year, Thomas Middleton and Thomas Dekker had her as the eponymous lead of their celebrated play, The Roaring Girl.

    The play seems to have been a hit; it cemented Moll Cutpurse in London’s cast of totemic characters. Loved, loathed, and constantly talked about, Frith capitalized on her notoriety by making an appearance at the end of a 1611 performance of The Roaring Girl, at the Fortune Playhouse, dressed as a man, carrying a sword, and dancing a jig. Her exhibitionism didn’t go unpunished, though, and she was arrested and sent to Bridewell Prison.

    Until 1624, when she disappeared from official records, there are several accounts about her marriage to a screenwriter (but they all agree that it was most definitely for personal gain, no more than a charade, so to counter when suits against her referred to her as a “spinster”, an unmarried woman. It also allowed her to profit off her taboo-buster fame in the theaters) and of occasionally partaking in minor felonies.

    Her finest criminal hour came when she took to the roads as a highway robber during the years of the Civil War and Commonwealth. She shot General Fairfax’s servants’ horses and robbed him of 250 gold coins. This was the crime for which she ended in Newgate Prison, from which she is said to have released herself via a very large bribe of £2,000.00!

    Somewhere around this time, she was also committed to a mental asylum, but released two years later, and though it’s unclear under what circumstances she was committed, it surely had something to do with her willful nonconformism. She died in 1659 and was (surprisingly) mourned by the people as London had just lost an unique rebellious spirit.

    Personal Skills

    A woman that made the underbellies of a growing city her own home, amidst thieves and prostitutes and other renegade characters, she is someone adept of the larcenous arts and all what is needed for that. A polished diamond that did not inherited any natural talent for the cunning arts, and rather made it blossom from hard work. Such dedication became a composite-type of Skill that combines a myriad of benefic effects for either reconnaissance or the perfect crime.

    It combines―but not necessarily is reduced to that―the effects of the following Skills: Presence Concealment (hides her presence as a Servant), Espionage (her presence, when noticed, fails to initially register as hostile, until she attacks a target), and Instinct (instantly identifies “the best personal course of action”. A staple ability for any criminal who want to steal anything).

    “’Criminal’? Bah, do not associate me with these unsophisticated rapscallions! A criminal is not the one who commits a crime, but the one that is caught. The proper word to describe yours truly is ‘artist.’ That’s what I am.”


    The ability of not letting any harmful intention to show off until right before an act. Having reached Rank A, not a single trace of emotion ever reaches her face when it comes to whatever she is scheming――be it thieving, assassination, money laundry, world domination, human trafficking, backstabbing hacking into someone’s Wi-Fi, pretending she didn’t forgot to turn off the water faucet after going to the bathroom, and so on.

    No matter what is going through her head, her overwhelmingly charismatic aura will always lead someone away from that breadcrumb trail of worrisome, but otherwise small, details…


    A Servant adorned with the temperament to never remain at one location and never embrace a lord. It is easy for her to get fed up with her acquaintances in a short period of time; such is the nature of her rebellious flame, one that will inevitably burn all the bridges.

    Furthermore, though she cannot ever find her own King, she cannot become a King herself. A wandering star doomed to an endless journey.


    “Won’t you shake a poor sinner’s hand?”

    A charismatic nature specifically tailored to further her criminal career. Rather than the charming talent to command an army, instead it attracts to her the people in her surroundings, thus making possible the capacity of building a personal network of associates.

    Those welcomed at her inner circle of confidants are attracted to her charming and eccentric personality and spare no efforts into helping her. But at this Rank, the personal and/or monetary resources and time necessary to build such network is not taken in account.

    Noble Phantasm
    “Raise the curtains, are we ready? Coming to you a-live from this beautiful stage, let us start this ever-bending performance! My, my, what a lovely audience we have here today…! I shall do my best to entertain you. ――
    Let the Show Begin
    The Roaring Girl

    Type: Anti-Unit (Self)
    Range: ??
    Max. number of targets: ??

    A tapping ability coming from the sea of imaginary numbers that brings forth a myriad of illogical feats. How such an unremarkable woman that had nothing to do with a magus family ever acquired such a power is another one of her mysteries――or, perhaps, her very nature as the embodiment of “everything that is unexpected” is the one responsible.

    A Noble Phantasm that is not used that much… Merely because Saber herself isn’t exactly sure of its limits, and is way more found of her own methods to deal with her foes. Even then, this is her ultimate trump card―the trail’s end.

    A manipulation of causality―the relationship between causes and effects―that allows Saber to decide what happens and what doesn’t, when and how. There is no need for a “why” however, as the why of something is determined by causality itself. In short, this is a Noble Phantasm that “does not need a reason to exist.” All phenomena rely on causality and because of this, the power to manipulate it naturally overrides any other power put against it. In other words, “This is where the curtains are lowered for you. Farewell.”

    Even then, the applications for this unlimited ability requires precise knowledge about the desired effects, as despite for all the illogical feats that can be achieved, Saber isn’t omnipotent.

    Furthermore, as a side note, she also does not take responsibility for any unwelcomed and/or disastrous outcome, either for her or for her Master! She did said she’d rather go for the kill in a less messy way.

    Likes: Smoking, Surprising her audience, Crime-solving shows.
    Dislikes: Normalcy, Too much intimacy, Being treated as a woman.
    Talents: Purse stealing, backstab――uhh, putting up a good show?

    Decidedly theatrical and quite dramatic, very found of grandiose gestures and a tad of flowery language. To put simply, she is a complete show-off.

    “Is the one to blame the sun for shining too brightly for a mere mortal’s eyes, I wonder?” ――See?

    She prefers holding conversation with her Master or her allies in a manner similar to how a master of ceremonies would be to her audience, or as if she is in the middle of a play. Somehow, she seems to always speak to someone else, an unseen presence in the room; and yes, the Grail did supplied her with the knowledge of this famed ‘4th wall.’

    Although she was known in life as a rogue―one who became one with the shadows, a discrete existence unbeknownst to any spotlight―in reality she does not enjoy any situation in which she cannot display her talents or garner praise and applause from those around her. This Servant thrives in the basking glory of furrowed brows, of gasps and mouths agape.

    Saber is incapable of allying with anyone for too long, but is always sticking by the chaos. As if she is a moth about to jump into fire, the exacerbated human emotions and the sheer number of possibilities that resides in complete and chaotic anarchy are concepts quite alluring to her. She is capable of changing her allegiances with the same ease one might change their clothes, and she is incapable of feeling remorse over any betrayal that might come from these tendencies. For all her grand speeches and her warm words, behind all the friendly gestures, she is incredibly selfish; perhaps even sociopathic. In reality, it seems that she is incapable of understanding “love” in the same way normal humans do. The good news, though, is that she can be bought!

    On top of all that it seems that, despite being recorded in the Throne of Heroes as a female, gender-based Skills, such as ones that charms a certain gender, mysteriously doesn't work on her...

    ――Also, incidentally, the reason why she was summoned under the Saber Class when all her kit screams ‘Assassin’ is quite simple: she is an entertainer. She aims to surprise. How else should she keep her audience guessing if she hadn’t meddled with her own summoning circumstances a little bit…?

    ... By the way, as you can see, was it already mentioned that she is also a cheater?

    Craft Essence

    The scent of Jasmine tea. Freshly baked scones.

    The sound of a silk skirt dragged in the wooden floor.

    A quiet life, embroidering a handkerchief for the one she is waiting for.

    The smile of children chiming in like distant bells.

    A quiet life, sewing a blanket for the baby while they sleep soundly in the other room.

    A perfect life, the one a woman deserves.

    A quiet life as a wife, a mother, a lady.

    One look at the window, at the bustling streets.

    The sudden pang of nostalgia…

    The burning desire of returning to where one belongs.


    “――As I was afraid, there are roles not even I am able to perform…”

    Aw, I see her NP is basically Gold Experience: Requiem. Yknow it's a good sheet when you see yourself going to Google to research who this Servant was.

    I love this roguish Theatre kid.
    Made ya look :P

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    Moll Cutpurse:

    ~~Takes a break from writing QoF to write this~~
    Moll is a very interesting person to take as a servant. The Tudor dynasty was a very interesting period in English history but given that every single one of the monarchs was Like That, other people who weren't Henry VIII, Mary I or Elizabeth I tend to unfortunately get overlooked (I myself am a victim of doing this myself) so a lesser-known-yet-still-relevant figure stands out all the more. The sheet is rather accurate to the figure and does them genuine justice with a good twist on the skills and NP. Closest thing to ""critique"" is that I'm surprised you didn't make a reference to her smoking habit she was known for - she's regarded as the 'first female smoker of England' and often depicted with a pipe.


    White Frenzy, closest thing this thread has to a cinnamon roll:

    Me, a CaS hasbeen, self proclaimed head of the quest Renascence and known clown:

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    Mary Frith: Funny thing, I first came across her while going on a Wikipedia trawl a few weeks ago and thought, "Hey, there's someone who could make for an interesting Servant." And she did. I enjoyed how you combined her rough, lawless attitude with a generous screen presence fitting of a stage actress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by massive_jojo_reference View Post
    I was thinking of doing a sheet on black death
    Didn't know we do sheets on characters that already have a canon version.

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    You can, but people rarely do. (Other than a simple Class change anyways).

    Typically people do it if they don't like the canon version for some reason or another. I know I have one or two in the pipeline for that reason.

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    tfw I like a canon version of a character, but I like mine too lol

    So, mental gymnastic and fortunate circumstance allows me to treat the character as the older version

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    Quote Originally Posted by asterism42 View Post
    Also Moll Cutpurse! One of my favourite historical figures and I think you've done her justice.
    Thank you thank you! She was amazing (and frankly, completely nuts) so I'm glad I could translate if only a bit of that in this sheet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cursed by Fortuna View Post
    As for WhiteFrenzy Nice job with the Mary Firth/Moll Cutpruse, The idea behind the servant and her abilities is definitely interesting and while her noble phantasm is a bit powerful, much like Enki it balances out as there are some limitations on it. Oddly it kinda reminds me of the idea I had in a possible Fanfic (which I have yet to put to publish) of mine where I explained the 4th as a self-containing mystery which was capable of doing theoretically almost anything (anything which remained as a mystery and held power as such), except that due to it's nature (think if someone were able to somehow instinctively know the answer to questions like "if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound") they literally have no understanding of how their own magic even works, or what it is fully capable of. Either way, neat concept on the noble phantasm
    Aww, thank you very much! Yes, I think her NP is way too much for someone like her, but as you said, the good (or bad?) side is that she has no idea what to do with her own power, which is...somewhat comforting. In the hands of a more capable Servant, that'd be bad news. She only thinks of thievery or being the main character, so that's something hahaha. I'm happy that you liked her kit and her character anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by NittyGritty View Post
    Aw, I see her NP is basically Gold Experience: Requiem. Yknow it's a good sheet when you see yourself going to Google to research who this Servant was.

    I love this roguish Theatre kid.
    Oh damn, now I know what this NP was reminding me of! You're right, she is totes ripping off Giorno here hahah. Also "theatre kid" oh my god you're spot on, she'd so be a Sharpay Evans in a normal-life AU.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bird of Hermes View Post
    Moll Cutpurse:

    ~~Takes a break from writing QoF to write this~~
    Moll is a very interesting person to take as a servant. The Tudor dynasty was a very interesting period in English history but given that every single one of the monarchs was Like That, other people who weren't Henry VIII, Mary I or Elizabeth I tend to unfortunately get overlooked (I myself am a victim of doing this myself) so a lesser-known-yet-still-relevant figure stands out all the more. The sheet is rather accurate to the figure and does them genuine justice with a good twist on the skills and NP. Closest thing to ""critique"" is that I'm surprised you didn't make a reference to her smoking habit she was known for - she's regarded as the 'first female smoker of England' and often depicted with a pipe.


    White Frenzy, closest thing this thread has to a cinnamon roll: "JK NO ONE SHOULD LOVE HER."

    Me, a CaS hasbeen, self proclaimed head of the quest Renascence and known clown:
    YES I'M A SINNER I HAVE SINNED FATHER FORGIVE ME. I had this list of things I had to touch upon in her personality section or in her lore and one of the main topics was her fame as a smoking beauty, much in a "bonnie parker" vein. Be a lesson for you kids who try to write sheets in the first hours of the day: just...don't. You'll forget about important stuff. LIKE I DID.
    But apologies aside, I'm so glad that I could do this character justice in the eyes of a Tudor fan. If you've approved of this terrible girl(boy? person?) then I think my job here is done! Thank you! (A-and what did I do to deserve such praise???? Thank you again!)

    Quote Originally Posted by DecieverSupreme View Post
    Mary Frith: Funny thing, I first came across her while going on a Wikipedia trawl a few weeks ago and thought, "Hey, there's someone who could make for an interesting Servant." And she did. I enjoyed how you combined her rough, lawless attitude with a generous screen presence fitting of a stage actress.
    Hah ikr! I read about her and HAD to make her into a Servant, she's such an interesting character... As you said, that mix of roguish traits but in a show-off'ish way, that's always a plus. Thank you very much for finding this rendition of her something worthy of praise, I was very happy to know that.
    Last edited by WhiteFrenzy; Yesterday at 09:21 PM.

    © Reiinachi
    .check out my Servant sheets if you are interested.

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    Mary Frith:A Great Sheet Howaito ! a interesting personality i would put her in the "Gentleman thief" category as she reminds me on Kaito Kid of detective Conan somehow ,i like that yousubtile hinted that behind her facade there is also more at it seems. The only "nitpick" i have that in her Noblephantasm i would wish there would be a example of "How she uses it " to better undertanding or could you tell me a example Scenario where she use it ?

    And have you seen your prompt has been already filled with their ideas (and soon also with mine he)
    When you wake a Dragon in his Lair...

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    Mary Frith: I don't care about what you said, I'm gonna love this walking box of surprises and you can't do anything to avoid it. Though Nitty compared her NP to GER, it reminds me more of Altair from Re:Creators and her Holopsicon, maybe because of the way it's described. Thankfully it's a watered down version, otherwise everyone would be screwed!

    Also, that bond CE... right in the heart.

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    Caster of Loudun
    "A question, Master. Do you think it is possible to serve the Lord with the aid of demons..? Conversely, is it possible for one to commit evils while embracing the name of the Lord..? Ah, who am I kidding. The answer should've been clear ever since that day..."


    Before you stood a holy, yet sinister man. He wishes for nothing more but to serve the Lord, no matter how many fingers pointed to him accusingly. No matter the evils he must accept... No matter the amount of demons embracing him

    Class: Caster
    Other Classes: Berserker, Avenger

    True Name: Urbain Grandier
    Alignment: Chaotic Good~Evil
    Place of Origin: France (16-17th Century)


    STR: D
    END: D
    AGI: D
    MGI: C+ (A)
    LCK: E
    NP: A

    Likes: The Lord, justice, philosophical discussions
    Dislikes: Seductive women, false accusations, politics, bad priests
    Talent: Prayers, Catholic sacraments, black magic
    Natural Enemy: Cardinal Richelieu, Kirei Kotomine, Kiara Sessyoin, Matthew Hopkins
    Armament: Spellbook, magecraft, black keys
    Catalyst: A demonic contract sealed underneath the Vatican
    Class Skills
    Territory Creation
    Rank: C

    The skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus, such as for the purpose of collecting mana. Caster is capable of creating a small "chapel" where he conducts his daily prayers. The effectiveness of his sacraments are also slightly increased if performed within this chapel.

    Item Construction
    Rank: B

    The skill to manufacture magical items, from implements of war to items for daily use. Caster mainly uses this skill to produce the materials required for church sacraments. Yet it is also possible for him to create and imbue items with black magic, allowing him to perform certain rituals.

    Personal Skills
    Innocent Monster
    Rank: B-

    An attribute possessed by Servants whose true history and existence have been distorted by the monstrous reputations and gossips they accrued across the course of their life and thereafter, without concern for the actual person's will or appearance. Caster's Saint Graph was twisted by accusations of witchcraft, satanism, and black magic. This grants him access to powers associated with the demons he supposedly made a pact with. Yet while his hatred and the effects of innocent monster should have forced him to become a vengeful Avenger or Berserker, something unexpected happened;

    Caster resisted the changes brought upon by this skill.

    It was the sole reason Caster can be summoned under this particular class; he managed to resist the demons' influences solely through his devotion towards the Lord. Even if the likes of Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Astaroth, and Asmodeus stood by his side, he refuses to be led astray, as a devoted man of God. Even as a Servant, he still conducts his daily prayers and fervently wishes for repentance for his existence. This devotion granted this skill a negative modifier, a rare case where the negative actually means a good thing. Unfortunately, even his devotion cannot protect him forever; Caster's alignment is highly unstable, and depending on his experiences, he may gradually succumb to the darkness, resorting to more brutal and extreme methods to enact his sense of justice.

    Purification Sacrament
    Rank: A-

    A skill denoting mastery in certain purification rites, similar to exorcism. By performing these rites, it is possible to cleanse the target from mental debuffs. At this rank, it is also possible for Caster to cleanse the target from other things deemed "abnormal" to the human body, such as certain poison and curses. However, due to the effects of innocent monster, Caster must routinely perform these rites on himself to cleanse his mind from his... darker impulses. Due to the pact he allegedly signed with demons, its effectiveness is gradually reduced if used in rapid succession.

    Trouble with Women (Asmodeus)
    Rank: A

    An attractive young man, it was said that many women, some of them nuns, fell for Caster's charms. Yet as a man of the cloth, Caster remains devoted to his God and rejected their advances. Then one day, one of these women came forward and accused Caster of conjuring the demon Asmodeus to seduce and defile her body. This accusation was quickly followed further accusations of witchcraft, satanism, and black magic, finally ending with Caster's death, executed by burning. While Caster himself is moderately attractive, this skill is influenced by innocent monster, allowing the spirit of Asmodeus to conjure something akin to a powerful charm spell within Caster's surroundings, greatly increasing this skill's rank. Caster normally tries to suppress this skill, yet unfortunately, he doesn't seem to have much control over it, making this skill more akin to a curse.

    Noble Phantasm(s)
    Bound in Hell, the Council of Demons
    Pacte Diabolique des Démons

    Type: Anti-City
    Rank: A
    Range: 1-500
    Max Targets: 1000

    The manifestation of the diabolical pact that Caster allegedly signed with the princes of hell. While Caster himself cannot fully manifest these demons, he is able to manifest a portion of their authorities. Using these authorities, Caster recreates the events tied to the Loudun possessions within an entire city; he could conjure a deadly plague, or instill large-scale fear and paranoia within its citizens. After either of these two conditions are invoked, Caster gains access to more advanced black magic, allowing him to manifest wraiths, curses, and mind controlling abilities (although Servants with mental fortification skills may resist this effect). As a more defensive application of this Noble Phantasm, the demons' authorities also allow Caster's body to dissolve into serpents and insects upon receiving fatal damage, allowing him to emerge unscathed from such attacks. Upon reaching this state, perhaps in a show of complete irony, Caster can only be harmed by attacks containing holy attributes or church sacraments. Despite its immense power, it goes without saying that Caster despises this Noble Phantasm. After all, if he was willing to kill hundreds or throw an entire city into chaos, who's to say he couldn't do worse? Who's to say he truly didn't commit the evils he was accused of? And what does that say to him as a holy man?

    Caster's True Name is Urbain Grandier, a French priest and executor accused of witchcraft from the town of Loudun.

    Despite the constant sinister and menacing aura around him, Caster actually conducts himself as a pious man of the cloth. He is soft-spoken, friendly towards children, and deeply sympathizes with victims of false accusations. Despite influence from the demons, he remains deeply religious and conducts daily prayers, occasionally offering to give sacraments to those who need it. His piousness partially comes from desire for repentance. He acknowledges that what happened to him in life was not his own fault, but he remains fearful of the day he might succumb to his darker impulses and go off the deep end. For that reason, he continuously prays so that he may keep the evils at bay without ever losing himself in the process.

    Due to his experiences in life, Caster despises false accusations. He cares little for politics within the church and wished only to serve God in peace. Yet even that simple wish could not be granted, as he was dragged into a conspiracy for prioritizing his people's needs and opposing his superiors. Above all else, he hates corrupt priests, those who use the name of God to further their own political agenda. After all, according to him, "If I can still devote myself to the Lord even in this godforsaken state, you have no excuse not to do the same, to serve your people in the name of the Lord". If he were to encounter such an individual, he would not hesitate to kill them, believing such actions to be the "justice" he never got in life. It cannot be determined for certain whether his more... extreme measures are a result of the demons' influence, or if Caster truly possesses those feelings deep down.

    Caster is normally reluctant to fight in a Holy Grail War, as he detests the bloodshed and believes that the war "brings out the worst in both himself and others". Yet if he were somehow able to obtain a Grail without succumbing to his darker side, he would wish to be permanently cleansed from the demons in his body. On the other hand, if he succumbed to his darker side, it is most likely that he would wish to enact vengeance against the church who condemned him to his fate, possibly by releasing the demons into the world.

    Urbain Grandier (1590-1634) was a French Catholic priest presiding over the town of Loudun. Unknown to history, he was also a skilled church executor who secretly protected Loudun from threats both mundane and supernatural. Yet in the end, what fell him was not the wrath of a powerful beast nor the machinations of a dead apostle; it was the hands of his fellow men.

    Born to a relatively well-off family in the French countryside, Grandier joined the church as a teenager, and by his early twenties, he was already a well-respected preacher, both within the church and the community. He was known as a good-looking, wealthy, and educated man. It was said that many women approached him due to his looks and status, but he rejected their advances, as he had already devoted his life to God. An eloquent and popular preacher, he incurred the envy of other local monks.

    Tragedy struck in around 1630; in its continuing efforts to consolidate and centralize power, the French Crown ordered the walls around Loudun, a town in Poitou, France, to be demolished. The populace were of two minds concerning this. The Huguenots (Protestants), for the most part, wanted to keep the walls, while the Catholics supported the monarchy. In May 1632, an outbreak of the plague in Loudun claimed many lives. Together, the events contributed to an atmosphere of anxiety and apprehension in the divided town.

    Disagreeing with the Crown's rampant desire for power, Grandier protested the wall's demolition, much to the disagreement of his peers. For the next few month's, Grandier continued his protests, amassing a relatively large group of followers...

    Then the accusations started.

    It started with one woman, a nun whose advances Grandier had rejected before. She claimed that Grandier had summoned the demon Asmodeus to seduce and defile her. Then another. And another. Due to the town's already anxious and fearful environment, many others quickly jumped on the bandwagon, each report further increasing their paranoia and hastening their judgment. Soon after, claims of other "strange" activities were also attributed to Grandier, with some people claiming they saw him conducting black masses and satanic rituals, summoning demons, and allowing these demons to possess the townspeople.

    While the accusations perhaps started from one scorned woman's attempt at revenge, the conspiracy actually ran even deeper; modern historians theorized that the initial accusations received support from the church from behind the scenes. The secret movement was led by Cardinal Richelieu, Grandier's superior who disagreed with Grandier's decision in maintaining the wall, and had possibly received bribes from the Crown to surrender the town to them. Grandier reported these accusations to the church, but of course, his words fell on deaf ears. Grandier was put on trial on May 1634.

    The trial was, for lack of a better term, chaos; a clear display of miscarriage of justice. The juries were heavily biased, the prosecution, backed by the church, brought forth questionable witnesses, and the court accepted all sorts of dubious "evidence", including vague testimonies and "demonic" appliances. Among these so-called evidence was a contract signed between Grandier and the Seven Princes of Hell; Lucifer, Mammon, Asmodeus, Leviathan, Beelzebub, Satan, and Belphegor. Of course, these documents can be easily falsified, yet for the paranoid townspeople and the church out for blood, they may as well have been the "truth".

    And so, Urbain Grandier was sentenced to death by burning. Before his execution, the church asked if he would name any accomplices in exchange for his freedom, yet Grandier, refusing to let the church condemn anyone else, remained silent. Finally, Grandier was burned at the stake. It was said that he carried his rosary with him, and uttered prayers as the flames consumed him. Soon after, believing that his goals were accomplished, Cardinal Richelieu terminated the investigations concerning the incidents at Loudun.

    Abigail Williams:
    "...I see, in the end, you were also used by adults in their schemes, under the guise of "God"... No, I cannot hate you. You have my deepest sympathies, my child. Would you like to pray together?"

    "A-Ah, no, I... I think I'll keep my distance. As much as I respect them, I believe my appearance is unbecoming to stand before them."

    Gilles de Rais (Saber):
    "You are deeply disturbed knowing the monster you could become... Yet despite your fears, you still try to walk under the grace of God. I know the feeling all too well."

    Kiara Sessyoin:
    "Gah, a promiscuous nun!? N-No, I apologize, Master, I just had an... unpleasant flashback. Um,I recommend her to keep her distance. After all, if she ever gets to close, I... I don't know what I could do, ufufu."

    Cardinal Richelieu:
    "Ah, how sinful, I shouldn't resort to murder. Such obscene, depraved thought should never cross my mind... However... Is it not also my God-given duty to dispose of blasphemers who uttered His name in vain? Ufu, ufufufu, yes, this is no senseless murder. this is... Justice."

    Creator's Notes
    We... really don't have much decent priests in the Nasuverse, do we? So far we have Kirei who is... Kirei, Sancraid Phahn who's just as shady, Amakusa and his idea of salvation, and Risei who still got himself involved in dubious deals with Tokiomi at best. So have this creepy-yet-ultimately-pure priest. I originally planned him as a rather generic Avenger who gained demonic powers through innocent monster and sought revenge against the church, but I feel like this more conflicted side of him is more interesting. All in all, he's just as friendly as he claims to be... as long as you don't push his buttons and increase his "dark"-meter too much.
    Feel free to look at my Servant sheets here (Now 100% fixed and viewable)

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    Wow, that's a really good Grandier.
    The Adventure of the Velvet Room (Sherlock Holmes/Persona) (SB, FFN, AO3)

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    Grandier :Mhm * nods* good servant BnEl15 ! Solid Concept and a nice Detail is that he is in comparison to the other servants which possess Innocent Monster is that he is Aware of the effects the skill has on him .

    please tell me how would be his personality and Noblephantasm be different in his other Classes ? and i think as he is a French priest should have a line for Jeanne and im curious how is his oppinion to non Christs ?

    i am curious what he would think of my Dante Alighieri or my Thales?

    besides:Your contest Sister servant is also quite good but man you were fast i must admit .
    When you wake a Dragon in his Lair...

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