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    Quote Originally Posted by SSW View Post
    Good point, Royd. I was also considering turning the second NP from skin into armour, and a release like that would have made more sense for it, but as is I was keeping it as an uncomplicated passive defence. I have to say, I didn't know about his horse until I read your sheet because fuck Chaucer, but that opens up an interesting reclass option, perhaps using the Brave version of Roy from FEH.
    I was kinda' thinking of my Theodosius's walls NP, where it was integrated into his body like this one but could be also be projected outwards as a barrier. But the way you pulled it off is fine too. The "hero-buffing" effect is creative and fits his legend quite nicely. Makes me wonder if in a Chaldea scenario Troilus' body itself could be used as a catalyst to summon Heroic Spirits related to Troy, sort of like the Argo or Mashu's shield.

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    Class: Berserker
    Identity: Golden Horned King & Silver Horned King
    Gender: Female
    Source: Journey to the West
    Origin: China
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Height: 162 cm / 164 cm
    Weight: 50 kg / 53 kg

    Strength: C+
    Endurance: C
    Agility: C
    Mana: B
    Luck: D
    NP: B

    Class skills

    Mad Enhancement: E+
    The effects are barely noticeable at this rank, but in exchange they keep their sanity.
    If they become angry enough, they may receive a momentary power-up.
    [Increase Buster performance (3%).]

    Personal skills

    Disengage: B
    Resets battle conditions and return them to those of the first turn, allowing to lose any disadvantage and to escape. Additionally, some status ailments are forcibly expelled.
    A perfect skill for a couple of truants that always find an excuse to neglect their duties.
    [Remove own debuffs.]
    [Recover (800 – 2,000) HP.]

    Demon-Kin Blood: A
    A skill practically identical to Oni Kind Demon, differing in few aspects besides the name. It’s actually a composite skill that includes skills like Charisma, Monstrous Strength, Shapeshift, Natural Monster…, which define the traits of a demon.
    [Increase party’s attack (10 – 20%) for 3 turns.]
    [Increase own damage cut (500 – 1,000 HP) for 3 turns.]

    One-Chapter Nemesis: B++
    The mark of an enemy that has the spotlight for only one chapter in a story. A ‘bad guy of the week’ that appears only once and isn’t even mentioned again after having been defeated. A skill shared by most characters from Journey to the West.
    This skill can only be used once in a Holy Grail War. Its activation vastly improves parameters and abilities, and forces all enemies to center their attention on the user. However, the effects only last one day, weakening the user and making it easier for them to be defeated.
    [Decrease NP gauge by 100% (Demerit. Can only be used if NP gauge is 100% or higher).]
    [Give Taunt status to self (300%) for 1 turn.]
    [Increase own attack (30%) for 1 turn.]
    [Increase own defense (30%) for 1 turn.]
    [Increase own critical strength (40 – 60%) for 1 turn.]
    [Increase own debuff resist (40 – 60%) for 1 turn.]

    Noble Phantasm
    Zǐjīn Hng Hlu Yng Zhī Y Jng Png
    Purple Gold Red Gourd Suet Jade Flask

    [Deal (600 – 1,000%) damage to a single enemy.]
    [Increase own NP gain (20%) for 3 turns.]
    Overcharge: [(75 – 150%) chance to seal a single enemy's skills for 1 turn.]
    [(75 – 150%) chance to seal a single enemy's NP for 1 turn.]

    Rank: C+
    Range: 1~5
    Maximum number of targets: 1 person

    The vessels that the Golden and Silver Horned Kings stole before descending to the mortal realm. Although it could be thought that they are their Noble Phantasms, since they actually belong to Tishng Lǎojūn, the Noble Phantasm is actually the act of stealing them itself. Since there are two bottles, each one holds one of them.

    The insides of the containers are a Bounded Field comparable to a pocket dimension, and can store people within. This Bounded Field is similar in nature to the one of the Shapeless Isle, and has a strong dissolving effect that could turn even a Servant into raw mana over time. A normal human being could be liquefied in a few minutes, while someone whose reserves of mana are high enough could withstand the effects partially before succumbing after a maximum of three hours. In the case of Servants, they can survive the effects for a longer time depending on their Mana stat. A Servant with a rank of Mana of A or higher would be virtually invulnerable to them. Incidentally, the True Name of the target must be known in order to activate this Noble Phantasm.


    Originally, they may have been servants of a great sage in Heaven, but currently they are demon kings that have descended to the mortal realm. Any lesson they could have learned by their previous mentor has been forgotten and buried under a thick layer of desire and selfishness. In other words, these demons only care about their own benefit, and will only do whatever they want. They fundamentally don’t have any interest in participating in a Holy Grail War, but if they think fighting will entertain them, they will enjoy battling to the content of their hearts.

    Even if they’re not demons by birth, they exhibit the same lack of sympathy with humans as their naturally born kindred. Thus, they will harass, enslave, and torment any human they consider suitable, and will force them to satisfy their whims. That said, their minds are quite simple so they usually don’t give dangerous commands. Rather than demons, they give the impression of just being two particularly mean bullies.

    Treatment with the Master

    As the good parasitical freeloader NEETs they are, they will refuse to obey any order from the Master and reluctantly do the bare minimum to avoid being kicked out. Most of the time they’ll just be lying on the sofa, eating junk food and watching TV without cleaning their own mess, all of this while they use the Master as the errand kid.

    Dialogue examples

    Bond 1:
    “Man, this Servant thing sure looks boring as hell. Havin’ someone tellin’ us what to do all the time is like bein’ with that Tishng old man all over again. We’re tired of all this crap, y’know?”
    “Don’t waste your breath, Golden. This type of people don’t have friends or a couple, so they have to order people around to feel superior for once in their life. Ah, it’s not like we know (or care) about what type of person you really are, but I at least am positive about you being like that.”

    Bond 2: “Well, I have to admit this place isn’t that bad. There are lots of funny things we couldn’t have enjoyed back in our times. Like this so-called ‘junk food’. I can’t get enough of these hamburgers and pizzas!”
    “Yup! All this meat tastes like heaven for demons like us! No more vegetarian meals for these bellies!”

    Bond 3: “Hey, this fast-food restaurant’s slogan is really nice. ‘Have it your way’? Sounds like a good motto in life for us! Right, Silver?”
    “Great, now I want some burgers. Thank you, Golden.”
    “Now you say it, I’m startin’ to get hungry. Alright, get the phone! I’m gonna fetch Master’s credit card! Hey, Master! We’re gonna grab some food! Want something?!”

    Bond 4: “Hey, Silver! Look at what I found! Master told me this ‘vacuum machine’ could suck in even more stuff than the gourd and the flask! Say, how ‘bout we suck in the entire building and make it our secret lair?”
    “That sounds like a good idea, Golden! Okay, first of all we should tidy up our future lair a little bit, so let’s pick up all the trash before using that machine.”

    Bond 5: “Here you have. What, we just thought we should give you some money for not kickin’ us out after all this time. It’s like payin’ rent.”
    “We sold some of our Servant stuff as old relics and got us a fat stack of money. Ah, don’t worry. They’re made of ether so they’ll just disappear after some time and we won’t lose them.”
    “Hey, don’t make that face! It’s not like we’re scammers or anything! It’s the pawn shop guy’s fault for buyin’ it!”
    “That’s right! We earned this money fair and square! Though, if you don’t want it we’ll just spend it on whatever we like.”

    Likes: “Phew! There’s nothin’ better than just sittin’ on the sofa till yer ass gets flat! Why work at that furnace when you can have some booze and snacks?”
    “Agreed. Nothing beats the pleasure of procrastination. Ah, our BB Channel premium subscription just expired. Master, renew it for six more months.”

    Dislikes: “If there’s something I, Golden Horned King, hate, it’s the words ‘work hard’.”
    “If there’s something I, Silver Horned King, hate, it’s the words ‘hard work’. That means…”

    Wish for the Grail: “Did ya know? Eatin’ monk flesh can make ya immortal. How ‘bout we wish for some fresh Sanzang meat and make a nice stew with it?”
    “What the hell, Golden? Stew is for winter only. Making a pizza is obviously the best idea.”
    “I’m sick of seein’ ya put weird stuff in the pizza! We gotta treat this meat with some respect, sis! Stew is better!”
    “You can eat pizza at any time of the year! And there’s nothing weird with my pizzas! Screw you and your stew!”

    Personal data
    Historical depiction

    Two of the multiple enemies faced by Sūn Wkōng in the Journey to the West, and who sought to become immortal by eating the flesh of monk Sānzng. They appear as demon kings with a base in the Lotus Cave at Flat Peak Mountain, but their true identities are the two kids that watched over Tishng Lǎojūn’s furnaces.

    At the beginning of their story, Sānzng’s party is captured by the Silver Horned King, and Wkōng is pinned down under three mountains, but manages to escape with the help of the gods of those mountains. A couple of minions is then sent after him and given the Purple Gold Red Gourd and the Suet Jade Flask to seal him inside, but Wkōng steals the bottles from them under the shape of a Taoist deity.

    At this point, the demon kings resort to invite their godmother, the Nine Tailed Vixen, to eat the flesh of Sānzng and ask her for the Golden Cloth Rope, which she possesses. However, Wkōng kills the messengers and the vixen herself, and reaches the lair of the demons while transformed into her. Unfortunately, Zhū Bāji accidentally blows Wkōng’s cover, and the monkey is forced to fight the Silver Horned King. Though he was tied up by the magical rope that can be manipulated only with a spell known by its legitimate owners, Wkōng manages to escape the binds, just to be sealed in the Purple Gold Red Gourd. But Wkōng’s trickery knows no limits, and he manages to free himself from the gourd before being turned into monkey soup. Replacing the bottle with a counterfeit, he fights the silver demon once more, seals her inside the gourd, and releases his friends.

    In order to avenge her little sister, the Golden Horned King sends out all her demonic soldiers to kill Wkōng, but they are all killed by the Buddha. The demon king is then forced to retreat to the Dragon Suppressing Cave at the Dragon Suppressing Mountain, where the younger brother of the Nine Tailed Vixen, H Ā’qī, resides. Using the Seven Star Sword, which was said to be equal to Wkōng’s R Y Bng, they fight Wkōng, but H Ā’qī is killed by Zhū Bāji, and the Golden Horned King is sealed inside the Suet Jade Flask.

    Thus, both demons and their family were defeated, and Sānzng and her followers could continue with their journey, but before leaving the area, Tishng Lǎojūn appears to claim back what is his. He releases the demon kings from their seals and returns them to their original form, takes back the items they stole from him, and goes back to Heaven.


    Besides the Purple Gold Red Gourd and the Suet Jade Flask, Golden and Silver possess the other items they acquired during their appearance in Journey to the West. Though they may have potential to become Noble Phantasms, their effects have been severely weakened. The one that suffers the greatest demerit is the Seven Star Sword.


    Xunzng Sānzng
    – I’m callin’ dibs on those knockers if we can finally eat her!
    – Hey, that’s not fair, Golden! Just eat one and leave me the other!

    – For real?! That Zhenren old man’s pupil, Nzhā, has turned into this cute girl?! The hell happened here?!
    – Hey, Golden. They may have been as strong as that monkey or even more, but they’re weaker now. Don’t you think we have a chance to beat them now?

    – I mean, we’re not exactly oni, but they sure know how to have fun!
    – That Mount Ōoe was probably paradise. Probably much better than that Flat Peak Mountain.

    – Ah, it’s a lap dog. Wonder if we can use her for errands.
    – Maybe we should ask her owner first?
    – Naaah. Hey, little oni! Go buy us some snacks and come back in 5 minutes!
    – Don’t forget about bringing a large bottle of soda too!

    As you can see, this sheet is heavily based on Panty & Stocking. I rewatched it recently, and I thought it'd be nice to make a sheet inspired on them. These characters used to live in Heaven but they were playing around and having fun in the world of mortals during their appearance, so I decided they were a perfect match for this idea.

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    R-Rated Powerpuff Girls for the win!
    "Here's a bangin lil' tune about takin' on The Man!"

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    Padoru, this is amazing. I'd never think of using them as a template for a Servant and yet, it's like they're meant to be here. This sheet was a wild ride. And as someone who does the bare minimum to not be kicked out too, ain't that a mood.

    .check out my Servant sheets if you are interested.

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    Golden & Silver Horned Kings: This, is a really fun sheet. You gave a great feel for their personalities through the various quotes and whatnot, and I love the One-Chapter Nemesis Skill. It's so funny to me to think there's a Skill for being basically a monster-of-the week villain who shows up and acts tough for a bit before being oneshotted by the hero. I do have a question about their NP though. You say that it dissolves the target, but since it's also a container what happens if the enemy doesn't get dissolved but can't break out either? Do they just stay stuck there forever or until the duo decide to release them?

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    Throwing up a way older and totally not wanked sheet of mine, clearing off the dust and renovating it. I still consider it a "work-in-progress", though, as I'm still working on a more proper direction for his glowstick and his hero-light. Probably should have posted this sheet first as it's pretty weird I'd name myself after a good boy, but not proceed to post dog pics to introduce myself. Anyway, here's Cu Chulainn with a sword. But let's be real, it's basically Gae Bolg.

    : Cu Chulainn

    Title(s): Child of Light

    Class: Saber

    Gender: Male

    Attribute: Sky

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    The Hound of Ulster. As a Saber, he conducts himself more impulsively than his Lancer counterpart, restlessly looking for a challenge. To him, a hero's duty is to defend both his Master and his country with his entirety, no matter who his opponent may be. Even if he were to cross blades with a sworn brother, he will face them with the same ferocity as a mortal enemy. A shining beacon of light who gave his all even when the odds are stacked against him, while he fights with the ferocity of a wolf, he is as loyal as a hound to his Master and his allies. A true hero who had shined most brilliantly in the bloodied world of Celtic myth. The more shounen Cu Chulainn.

    Cu Chulainn's main weapon as a Saber is his signature sword, a hero's weapon that glows like a brightly lit torch. As a Saber, he also bears himself with heavier armor and even a shield, all lined with runes. His "hero-light" also shines brilliantly around him, burning away all opposition. Overall, he seems to have geared himself on to face off against an entire army all by himself.

    STR: A

    END: B

    AGI: B

    MGI: C

    LCK: E

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: B
    Class Skill of the Saber Class. Grants protection against magical effects, cancelling spells cast on the wielder altogether. Cancels spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High Thaumaturgy, it is difficult for this Servant to be affected. Of a higher rank than his Lancer counterpart mainly due to his class container, this can also be attributed to the divine light that covers and protects his body.

    Riding: A
    Class Skill of the Saber Class, denoting the ability to ride mounts and vehicles. All vehicles as well as all creatures aside from those of the Phantasmal and Divine rank can be used as mounts with expert proficiency. This rank is high enough to have aptitude in the Rider class.

    Personal Skills
    Rune Magic: B
    The possession and aptitude with the utilization of runes. Cu Chulainn has the capacity to use the 18 original Runes (Norse Runes), granted by his mentor Scthach from his studies with her, appropriately using them to respond in different situations. By making proper use of this, powerful and varied effects are mastered. Other than attacks, this is mainly employed for effects corresponding to the Skills Magic Resistance, Clairvoyance, for raising parameters to Rank A, etc. All of these applications are merely temporary and he cannot employ multiples of those simultaneously. Cu Chulainns aptitude as a magus is nearly first-rate, although he only uses his runes as a means of supplementing his fighting capabilities, rather than as a primary tool of offense.

    Protection From Arrows: B
    The increased awareness and defense against ranged attacks. In Cu Chulainns case, it is blessing inherent from birth. It's said that it's possible for him to avoid any long range attack if he has made visual confirmation of his opponent, tracking down ranged weapons with his eyes and defend against them. He can deal with most projectiles even in conditions where the opponent cannot be visually seen. As long as the attack is a thrown type, he can avoid even Noble Phantasms, but he can't gain the effects of this protection with respect to wide range attack types where the attack range of the weapon explodes on impact, or a direct attack by a weapon that has simply long reach.

    Knight's Tactics: A
    A method of combat where one grasps the flow of battle and instigates the opponent to make a mistake, removing the difference of strength between ones self and the opponent. Simply put, a skill that invites a check failure for the opponent. A heightened sense of observation used to obtain victory. Cu Chulainn single handedly defended Ulster from the armies of Connacht, invoking the right of single combat and successfully facing off against many of Connachts champions. Because of this, he has a naturally high rank in this skill.

    Blessed Body of the Sun God: A+
    A mutation of the Divinity skill, and a condition unique to Cu Chulainn's existence as Ireland's Child of Light, son of the Sun God Lugh, born with a myriad of blessings and destined to earn extraordinary fame and glory in battle in exchange for a short life. A "Hero's Light" surrounds Cu Chulainn and his blade, divine sunshine brought forth by his heritage and blazing against his opposition. The further the situation turns against Cu Chulainn, whether he is outnumbered against an entire army or facing off against a particularly fierce adversary, the brighter this light shines, burning with more heat against his enemies while also increasing his attack power. The gleaming light of Ulster, a mighty flame would grow its brightest before it would burn itself out. The moment Cu Chulainn would find himself at death's door such as if he were to suffer lethal damage to his spiritual core, his Hero's Light would shine as bright as the sun itself, increasing his attack power to its maximum amount as his life burns away.

    If not for the Sword of Light serving as a proper channel for his Hero's Light, the divine magical energy stemming from this skill would overflow through Cu Chulainn's half-mortal body, resulting in a similar effect that would come from a certain Noble Phantasm he would possess under the Berserker class. Normally if this extremely rare circumstance were to occur, Cu Chulainn's spiritual core would be rendered unstable as his Saint Graph is unable to stabilize this change. However...

    Noble Phantasm: Smiting Sword of the War God
    Name: Cruaidin Catutchenn

    : Blazing Sword Of Certainty

    : C+

    NP Type
    : Anti-Unit

    : 1 ~ 2

    Maximum Number of Targets
    : 1 person

    The famed sword of Cu Chulainn, said to be a flawless blade that shines brightly like a torch, further enhanced by the runes inscribed within its blade. While it isnt as famous of a weapon as Cu Chulainns Barbed Spear That Pierces With Death, it is still the blade of the Hound of Ulster used to perform many feats of strength and skill. The most famous of these feats was the splitting of the Lia Fail, one of the Four Great Treasures of the Tuatha De Danann. Sporting a passive effect not too far apart from the Gae Bolg, the blade adds a slight deviation to the World, creating a situation where the target of the Cruaidin is easier to cut. When the true name of this Noble Phantasm is invoked, however, the blade itself is engulfed by the Heros Light of Cu Chulainn, empowering its cutting power with Sunshine and granting his next strike the ability to slice through even the strongest of defenses. It is an inescapable strike that is incapable of being resisted through any means of defense, an intrinsic ability carried over by this blades "true" power mixed with the wielders heart-piercing technique.

    Noble Phantasm: Sword of Light
    Name: Claidheamh Soluis

    Title: Shining Glaive of Affirmed Triumph

    Rank: A+

    NP Type: Anti-Fortress

    Range: 1 ~ 80

    Maximum Number of Targets: 900 people

    One of the Four Great Treasures of the Tuatha De Danann, it is a Holy Sword that once belonged to the god Nuada, holding the phenomenon of a Heros Weapon as it has been cited in many tales involving the hero completing a set of trials and slaying monstrous foes in order to obtain the blade, it could be said that this sword is a representation of "the accomplishments that make a hero." Held in a similar light as the Sword of Promised Victory in Celtic myth, the Claidheamh Soluis is considered to be a symbol of Ireland, its brilliance ignited by the hearts of the whole country. The true nature of Cu Chulainns blazing sword, while the Cruaidin Catutchenn is considered to be The Claidheamh wielded by Cu Chulainn, this Noble Phantasm would be the true raw power of the Claidheamh, itself. Due to its nature as a sword that draws out heroes, it is because of this swords nature that Cu Chulainn under the Saber class container manifests his Divinity in such an obscenely flashy manner.

    When the true name of the Claidheamh Soluis is invoked, the entire sword begins to surge with a blinding flare as Cu Chulainns Heros Light is drawn into the blade. Empowered by the tales of glory and valor brought to the many heroes who have wielded the Claidheamh before and after, the intense light surrounding the blade would begin to take a more tangible shape. In the hands of Cu Chulainn, the greatest hero of the Ulster and the shining symbol of Ireland, the light would take the shape of a mighty demonic spear covered in thorns, the self-perceived crystallization of Cu Chulainns entire legend. Maintaining this Spear of Light is costly however, as it is made to be thrown at his opponent. The destructive power of this attack is high, resulting in a heat-wave of devastation comparable to a solar flare. A light that grows as bright as the sun, leaving mass destruction as it burns out.

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    Nice finally seeing a Cu sheet that acknowledges his bishie-sparkle. Silliness aside this is a quite good (if a little wanked as you've mentioned, but that's forgivable for one of the biggest-name heroes in Irish mythology) sheet. A bit funny how his second NP takes the form of a spear despite his being a Saber. But it kind of works as this big spear-shaped blast of light he launches at the enemy. Since we've had sword-beams of all kinds of shapes and varieties in canon, nothing wrong with seeing a beam-sword spear. Definitely would make for a pretty badass visual in any case.

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