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    Hey guys, I’m currently working an a sheet for Dobrynya Nikitich and I’m having some trouble coming up with some skill effects for him. So far I have hero creation (C) due to him famously being known as the mentor to Vladimir the Great, A battle Coninuation Skill (might change up the name bc it’s more fun) and lastly the troublesome skill “Conversion(Trial?) by Fire”. The lore for this skill is that Dobrynya’s legend says that he was a proponent of early Russia switching from paganism to Christianity and would force others to convert “through fire” ultimately receiving the same treatment by those who didn’t want to convert killing him and his family in the process. I don’t want to do a simple mana burst for this but I’m having trouble thinking of what else it could be. Any help is appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Ellis. View Post
    Hey guys, I’m currently working an a sheet for Dobrynya Nikitich and I’m having some trouble coming up with some skill effects for him. So far I have hero creation (C) due to him famously being known as the mentor to Vladimir the Great, A battle Coninuation Skill (might change up the name bc it’s more fun) and lastly the troublesome skill “Conversion(Trial?) by Fire”. The lore for this skill is that Dobrynya’s legend says that he was a proponent of early Russia switching from paganism to Christianity and would force others to convert “through fire” ultimately receiving the same treatment by those who didn’t want to convert killing him and his family in the process. I don’t want to do a simple mana burst for this but I’m having trouble thinking of what else it could be. Any help is appreciated!
    Since Magecraft is often associated with heresy maybe you have him create a flame that burns the target's Magic Circuits, dealing more damage the greater they have and temporarily crippling their ability to cast Magecraft. If you want to reflect how he later suffered the same fate you could even have it so if the opponent passes some sort of check the fire is redirected back at him, albeit that might make the Skill too unreliable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstorm77 View Post
    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerEmiya View Post
    Genderswaps are terrible, but I think I and other people would hate them less if Fate didn't keep ignoring actual heroines throughout history and folklore. Like, why bother turning Francis Drake into a woman when Ching Shih and Grace O'Malley exist?
    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X View Post
    Fate Zero is just Fate Stay Night for people who think Shirou is too girly

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    lets see if i can keep the Quality

    Georg Wilhelm Steller

    "My Name is Georg Steller ,my class is Ca.. wait is Rider ...interesting .So let us both enjoy and succed this journey Master"

    Height: 181 cm
    Weight: 83~ kg
    Alignment: True Neutral ~Lawful Good
    Attributes: Man, Earth
    Weapons: a sabre and Russian musket (though he dislikes to use them)
    Other Qualifying Classes: Caster,Assassin, Avenger
    Likes: healthy nature, the grounding of the nature cultures, to travel
    Dislikes: disturbed nature, the subjugation of Indigenous People, oppressors and poachers
    Talents/Hobbies: to study life and read documentary books especially Zoological and Ethnological ones, survival and campfire cooking (to a certain degree also normal cooking)


    Strength: C
    Endurance: C
    Agility: C
    Luck : B++
    Mana: B
    NP: A+

    He is a strong built middle aged man who makes the impression of a hard boiled traveler, reflecting the harshness he endured to reach what we now know as the Aleutic Island Group. He wear a thick cloak which looks like the cross of an old Russian naval suit and the protection gear of the Kanchatka People which further accented the role he was conscious of. Namely to be the bridge between the Europe-Russeo and the Kamchatka Indio - northern range cultures. Despite that his travels and impressions have branded his face it does not show any trace of sourness. Instead his face displays a determined honesty.

    He is initially a correct and just minded person who holds a great respect towards nature as well as people of other cultures. Since he started his travel to Kamchatka and started to study and life with the Itelmen, he found their way to life interesting. Unlike his other Russi-European colleagues he started to imitate their habits like their transport vehicle of small boats or dog sledding they used. He even sent a protest letter to Moscow as reaction to the local commander who mistreated Itelmen which caused almost a treasonous act for him but fortunately Steller was appointed as ship doctor so that this part didn't make any consequences for him.

    Though he is a really pacifistic person who dislikes violence and prefers to solve matters with words and negotiations if it is possible. As such he'd rather use his Pedigree Of Science Skill if forced into combat instead of using his weapons. Although he is able to make proficient use of them and he learned some fighting moves by the spirits he sees himself still as scholar and man of knowledge. But in the case he would see injustice he feels the necessity to act and then he as he is now has the strength to help the mistreated and defeat the evildoer. Especially he dislikes oppressors as after he read what the Europeans did which followed their route he was infuriated though he could in his life not do something against that.

    He is mostly a temperate Person which observe the Occurances and Details silent and acurately without prejudices .Also has he a driving curiousity to trabel and study the world and its inhabitants be they plants ,animals or also Humen of other cultures and although he understands that Humen in poor circles or nature People have not the luxury of Chose what they eat ,as he also did it by Eating the flesh of the Sea cows or the from the Sea Otters or the also extinct Spectackled Cormorant as their circumstances forced them to do it to survive the Winter that imprisoned the surviving Members of Stellers Expedition . Does he loath the Hunting oft he modern Humen beyond their needs for Food as he sees Animals as Living and Feeling Beings an stance he aquired full heartedly after his Encounter with "Sirenia" so he unnderstand the Need for Hunting as Food Acquisiotation and that especially the Indigene People holded hour Long rituals in Appreciation for the sacrifice of the animal ,so does he see Trophy Hunters as nothing more like Murders which need to be punished harshly.

    Out of this Reason were/is he shocked to get Knowledge what the Humen did aftert hey followed his tracks with the animel and the Indigenous People .As for this abuse of both parties he didnt participated in the Expedition to enable the poachers (the Fur Hunters and Whalers) to slaughter the animals or Aleutic Peoples. So should he example wise encounter Conquistador type servants will he act more outward aggresive towards them and will engage them more direct ,though he will at first Question them out for the reasons they have for act in that brutal way then will he either forgive them or be willing to use his second Noblephantasm.

    He is in comparison sympathic with Huntersmen of the medieval or ancient times that lived in harmony with the nature as he finds their Connection with the Nature and the Animals comparable with the from the Indgenous People thus are having a other viewpoints as himself and due to that Information about Animals and Plants he may not possess so are they for him a ideal Information source. Also does he have due to his studies of the Indigenous People and the circumstances he faced aquired excellent Survival skills so that he if put again in such circumstances like a secluded Island ,dense Forest or other harsh Terrain is he quite calm and composed an attitude that apply also if he should be entrapped in the Terrain or Territory of other Servants there will he demonstrate a excellent understanding of the structures of the Environment .

    Also has he due to his Survival experience got quit good at making delicious meals on campfires so that even with only some rather meager ingredients he can make still nutrient meals that are countering deficiency Symptoms and even helping healing processess ,though strangely when put on a normal oven are his cooking skills rather mediocre in comparison to his campfire Food making and if asked why he cant name a reason.

    He is despite his rather intimidating exterrior a quite friendly man albeit he often appears firm and solemn especially if he Explorer the Environment but if asked after a solution or after help does he Shows his rather earnest and friendly attitude though despite that does he feel a great contempt to nature defilers aswell to like mentioned before opresors also has he a great deal of respect of nature Spirits as he know that beyond the known part of the world there is a great part which is unkown to the majority .He holds also a great self accusation due to that his datas gave way to the Slaughter of many innocent animals especally as the Giant Sea cow was exterminated within one-third of a human life so does he feel guilty about it.

    Sirenia: The Sea cow he meet and that told him her Story .She were in life a like her species corresponding gentle and benevolant being ,but after she witnessed the fate of her brethren after her has she turned into a vengefull and Revenge craving being that loaths the humanity ,the only exceptions are human that are fight for the nature .


    Ada Muso: "You are a Collection of the Souls of Shamaness !? interesting may you are willing to share your knowledge with this modest an ? What you have even meet the gods of the Inuit !? Unglaulich !"

    Thales: "The first Man that sought Wisdom and knowledge with his own power, interesting im curious can you tell me about the Sould of the World ?"

    Tugarin: "You are a not only a honorfull Hunter which respect the nature but also traveled through the Borders of the Continents and saw not only Beasts, Spirits but also the remnnants of the authochtonic Cultures f EAst Europe please share with me your treasure of Knowledge and Wisdom ?"

    Poseidon:"The Greek Deity of he Oceans himself !?! I mean that i am able to Encounter the Heros of tales and legends is one Thing but a complete God of the Waters ! I bin sprachlos ! Bitte *coughs* share your knowledge ?"

    Erice Utsumi: "a modern Girl of your age is interested in the stories ,im flatered good then how we meet around a campfire and tell you on a small meal my experiences"

    Kaguyahime:"Wow you are coming from the Moon !unbelievable i know that it may be hurting to ask such Questions ,but would you have something to tell me about your origin in return you can ask me anything? "

    Class Skills:

    Magic Resistance: C+
    Although he was a person who lived near modern times he travelled in areas where the tension of mystery was still rather livelier than today. As well he learnt from the indigenous people about their spirituality and was taught in the ways of Shamanism.

    Riding: A
    All vehicles and all creatures but those of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast-rank can be used as Mounts.

    As he made a pact with "Sedna" his rank was greatly elevated so that he is able to even mount certain Phantasmal Beasts as long as they fall under the category of "oceanic mammals".

    Personal Skills:

    Medical Treatments: C++
    It was at that time quite common for Biologists to work as physicians. So he was primarily appointed as medic on the ship of Bering, besides his occupation as botanist or Zoologist. The medicinal techniques he employs are a mixture between the European 18th century standard techniques as well as the traditional medicinal practices of the Itelmenic and Aleutianic people he studied which is similar in nature to spiritual surgery.

    Pedigree Of Science (Biology): B
    The fame and worship of a nature scientist in the biologic scholar community that objects or living beings are named after one.
    In Steller's case are it allows him to use the objects, animals and the plant Stellera as Mystic Codes respectively to evoke as Familiars. Basically to enable him the use of the "Magecraft of a Biologist".

    Which means that he can employ the Steller Sea /Giant Sea Eagle, the Steller's Jay respectively Eider as flying scouts (or in specially the first case also in a combat situation), the Steller Sea Lion and Sea Otter as especially aquatic familiars, the gumboot Chiton as shield or shackle, the Stellerite Mineral as base for jewel Magecraft and he can let grow the Stellera plant as poisonous vines or whips.

    Like Steller himself he can enhance them with the effects of his Voyager Of The Cold Streams Skill such that they are clad in the Mana Burst-like icy cloak. Through this the jaws or claws of his familiars become like his own sabre, cold burning blades and it enables his Sea Lions and Sea Otters to receive a mobility like they have naturally in the waters of their ancestral environment. He can use small orbs of Stellerite as magical bombs which upon detonation erupt into a burst of ice spikes and he can further boost the defensive capacities of the Chitons.

    This is his favored fighting tactic as he dislikes to use his weapons.

    Voyager Of The Cold Streams: A++

    Denotes the succeeding (and surviving) of his travels through the icy currents of the cold waters of the northern seas. It has similar effects as the Voyager Of The Storm Skill but also some distinctions as it is not a developed ability, rather a sort of "rewards" as Steller was one of the few surviving members that returned to Russia from the expeditions. That, along with how he travelled to one of the few "blind spots" of the world of his time as well as having inherited the Saint-Graph of Vitus Bering has earned him this high rank.

    This reward contains the effects of Planning equal to rank A and Battle Continuation equal to rank B. As well as the icy streams and winds are engraved in his Saint-Graph he can similar to a Mana Burst evoke them to strengthen himself. Besides emulating Mana Burst (Ice) it carries necrosis-inducing effects similar to the Frostburns some of him comrades fell victim to. Though it should be noted that in a contest with "true Ice Mana Burst" the difference will be quite visible. Besides that he possesses protection against ice or wind. Such abilities below rank C are completely negated or effectless (like example wise the Noble Phantasm of Kesagake, Shirokuma No Arashi effectively will be equal to a rank D ability, but it can only weaken categories like divine wind or ice abilities like Ice/Storm Divine Authorities or Age of God Forgeries).

    Captain Of The Northern Spheres (Bering): EX
    Due to how Steller took command after the death of Vitus Bering as well as further strengthened by the favor of the nature spirits he has incorporated the Wraith of Vitus Bering and the other members of the expedition crew into his Saint-Graph. This gives Steller access to his weapons as well as giving his physical parameters two ranks up. Additionally it has caused that he was summoned in the Rider Class. As the Phantoms of the crew members and Vitus' Wraith are incorporated in Steller he is able to draw upon their capabilities like the artillery and combat abilities from the soldiers as well as other field subjects of skills like Eye For Art, finer arts, etc...

    Noble Phantasms
    Sedna Sirenia

    : A+

    Type: Anti-Army

    The sublimation of the pinnacle of Steller's Zoological studies, the Steller Giant Sea Cow. Or in his case a particular one he found during the investigation of the Commander Islands which was noticeably older than the rest and Steller discerned the difference in aura she radiated as he studied the stranded giant. As he was alone he heard a voice that was different to one from a human, it was the sea cow itself which affirmed the man's wonder that she was the speaker. The sea cow said that she didn't have much time not because she was suffocating as she was out of water more like that she were an "extraordinary type of living fossil".

    She was a Phantasmal Beast that survived the last two thousand years after the vanishing of the Divine Beings. She told him that she was the familiar of the Inuit Goddess Sedna and that she guided her normal brethren against the dangers of the oceans like predators or human hunters. One of the reasons why the Sea Cows were so secluded around only these two islands was that it was a land that as humans didn't live there respectively scarcely the island radiated immense amounts of magical energy that allowed her to survive the waters getting over the centuries lower in Mana-density.

    Steller asked why she told him that because he was no shaman just a scholar. She answered that at least someone even if only a normal man will remember her. Steller was touched by that and held her forelimb as he said,

    "At my honor I swear that I will ensure your kin will not be forgotten!"

    She was glad to hear that and saw the earnest light in his eyes so she was glad and gave her blessings. With that act she vanished into dustlike particles.

    After that event Steller was determined to study this species as detailed as possible. In which he succeeded. But this discovery had a downside namely that whalers and fur hunters chased them as they were gentle giants that were an easy target, though Steller didn't get to hear these accounts in his life....

    Now she has followed him in his summoning as Servant. Namely as Rider she is his primary mount. She is an 11 meter long giant that demonstrates the pride and pinnacle of her kin's appearance in their golden time as the sea cow were much wider in their range than in Steller's time. She is like Steller himself and his other animal companions enhanced by his Voyager Of The Cold Streams Skill. But in her case is it a bit different as around her stream the icy foams and currents of her former homeland *cough* waters pardon, which enables her to to treat the air as if it were water. Thus she can "fly". The sighting may be a bit awkward for someone though.

    She can ram the opponent or punch with either her forelimbs or tail fins and even if her appearance invites someone to underestimate her, her parameters in Strength and Endurance are equal to Rank B+. Further her Mana Burst is "true" in comparison to Steller's as she has the blessing of Sedna the Sea Goddess which gives her further self-regeneration abilities. As well Sedna's blessings also enhances the strength of Steller's other animals when Sirenia is summoned.

    In the true name release the icy blue streams around her change their colors to darkish red and it becomes boiling hot. Then she rams the enemy and these currents are the cursing blood of the sea cows that were slaughtered by the humans during the centuries thus carrying a curse effect that possesses Anti-Human properties. The phrase "This is the grudge and anger of the hunted towards the hunter" describes it quite incisively.

    Ekspeditsiya Na Zemlyu Aniana


    Type: Anti-Humanity

    The Sublimation of the Great Northern Expedition (or also named the second Kanchatka Expedition) where Steller participated. But also through the incorporation of Vitus Bering's Saint-Graph as well as those of the other participants like Alexei Tschirikov and the assistance of the nature and water spirits as well as even from the Inuit deities further this has empowered the strength and consequences of this Noble Phantasm.

    Initially it appears as just the primary ship they used, the St. Peter. But it is far more then that. Though Steller can call and manifest it without the true release of this Noble Phantasm. The ship is an old military ship as during these ages such vessels were commonly used for northern expeditions as their hull were especially armored against cannon attacks or ram strikes. So they were the first choice for areas where ice floes and shards are to be expected. As such beside a durable hull which is now further strengthened by the blessings of the spirits St. Peter has also some cannons on its sides and rotatable ones on board. Although they were built out as preparation for the expedition to gain more store weight and room the ship has regained its former weaponry now as well the ship is naturally clad in the icy currents like its passengers.

    As long as the ship is manifested and started Steller is able to manifest his old comrades. While this ability may sound strong at first, it must be mentioned that the majority of the other expedition members are mere Phantoms which could do little more than rob the nerves of Steller's opponents as most were scholars. But there are also some soldiers included which possess the enhancing effects of Voyager Of The Cold Streams though at rank C in comparison to Steller's rank A++, and Vitus Bering possesses the power of a average third level Servant.

    Through the icy currents St. Peter is strengthened and it can fly like other Servant ships. The foams even enable it to use a form of optical and sensory (smell, temperature) camouflage, though it's only a weak magical concealment effect so that Servants with detector Skills at least rank C are able to feel it.

    But the full power will be only utilized after this Noble Phantasm's true name is released. As then it begins to glow faintly and an arctic storm is unleashed which transports the ship and everything on it respectively every person or Servant around it in a distance of fifty meters into a Reality Marble consisting of an ice floes-covered ocean tormented by frigid storms. Now starts the voyage Steller, Bering and all the others participated. Namely that now the ship sails almost instinctively guided to the northern lands.

    At the start all objects that are drawn into the Reality Marble are in the same distance and position in relation to the ship so that those which tried to flee from the grasp of it are put into a more dangerous quagmire. Namely that they are stranded on an ice floe and shards covered bitterly cold ocean without any forms of safety or protection. They are in the grasp of weather and currents as St Peter is the only point which gives safety.

    During this travel the more they approach the northern land they are drifting in a sphere of mystery and uncertainty where the initial imaginations of the crew of where they will land is made real by the power of the spirits and Inuit deities as resurgence of the Age of Gods' image of the northern Inuit lands which resembles the imagination of "Anian" or "Joao-da-Gama-Land" as giant archipelago. During this travel the icy storms get at first stronger and the currents heavier and as during his travel the opponents are fully affected by the elements as well as even to a degree the passengers of the ship with exception of Steller himself and his Master as s/he is treated as his assistant which was amongst the survivors. Then as the storms are calling and also the ocean they see the land they once hoped to reach; an archipelagic bay filled with plants and animals. But this paradise is just a little comfort for as they enter it old beasts like sea monsters and Phantasmals of the land appear and attack all opponents of Steller. So there is no safe place regardless if they stay on the coasts or enter the mysterious woods. As Steller has blessings of Sedna the mistress of the animals he and by extension his Master and the ship (this time) are safe from the beasts. But at the same time Steller has no way to influence their actions with exception of prayers to Sedna who then on her behalf may direct them in his favor.

    But he can command the Steller Sea Lion packs on the coasts and call upon the beings he can use with Pedigree Of Science. As the ship sails towards the center they reach the realm of the spirits and where the divine beings reside, whose last visitor was a certain Shamaness… Then they leave the protection of the ship and have to reach the center by foot. Now the beasts are actively hindering the travelers from reaching it.

    Upon reaching it Steller's Master is also blessed by the spirits and the Inuit Pantheon and then returns to our World as "Warrior of the Spirits". All of his or her (or other allies) abilities are strengthened respectively they acquire abilities that reflect the skills they used to solve the obstacles (or if one of the deities may find a personal liking). One ability they earn in any case is that they are able to sense, see, hear and interact with spirits.

    For the opponent to leave this Noble Phantasm there are only three options: first in he case that Steller or his Master's Mana runs out. Second if they are able to attack and destroy the ship which functions as anchor and catalyst of the Noble Phantasm with an Anti-Army or Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm of at least rank B (or a very strong Anti-Unit). Or lastly that they reach the core where there is the gateway though the gods may have something against that…

    Due to how this Noble Phantasm can't be dispelled in the actual sense he is very selective in using it respectively already with the usage of the ship to begin with and in his other Classes this Noble Phantasm may like Sedna Sirenia have other effects…

    I hope that i keeped this time some Level of Quality with my last contest profile . As i didnt find a Fitting Picture have i instead described how i imagine him i hope you can imagine him.
    This is a small break from Greek series.
    I am also glad to make Biologist servant as i am studying self the subject and i aswell as he is a Rider with a Ancient Animal as Rider (in his Case a even more unique mount admittedly)

    So are feedbacks as always welcomed
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    okay now to the other newest servants here ß/

    Autolycus: an really well done charackter his secondnoblephantasm does repressent his state as Master of Thieves really good i would say the Phrase he is so good that even your abbillities Arent safe from him!" also is the Adaption of Hades cape a interesting idea i must say ,especially as i made self a Hades with a Version of the cape alogside his Helmet were both are possessing a better Camouflage abbillity aswell that the Helmet has a mental interference abbillity . and also your Cadmus is a well made idea !

    Hödir: A quite interesting Concept must i say it ,a very interesting Concept and thats remind me on that i made a Loki servant series with Mistiltein as Assassin respectively Lancer class noblephantasm .

    A very intersting Queen i must say ist here a to bad that you dont have a actual peronality section like what her opinion is to certain servant types like other Queens or her oppinion towards Schholar or philospher type servants would i be interested to know like how she would think of my Thales would i be curious ?

    Olaf Trygvason:I must say a very good profile i made also a while ago a profile of Olaf but my were far more modest as i didnt found much out . though ist good to know now the Sources and ist also nice that an Veteran from the create a servant 1 time is here !

    Jonathan: Best Hero Sidekick i can say .

    In return have anyone some thought on my Steller ?
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