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Thread: I have a couple of doubts about HF and VN in general ... good night to all the commentator

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    I have a couple of doubts about HF and VN in general ... good night to all the commentator

    I will divide the thread into 3 parts:
    1: Original Vn and Realta NUA
    2: Questions about HF
    3: Opinion on the canonical

    1: I have played the original Vn, not RN partially, but I really would like to know the changes that it has in HF especially, I tried the FATE route and the changes became interesting to me (the erogue scenes were stupid LOL) and I really liked it. ..UBW I suppose it took away a couple of things, but I am not willing to re-play in RN, the same for HF, but I want to know the changes that this route has, they say that they not only removed the sex scenes, but also some dialogues ... besides removing some kind of implication of Shinji's sexual abuse (the part that I hated most of HF) but I don't know how the route went forward without that detail ... would you please explain it to me please?

    2: Regarding HF, I have read in many forums and things like that, but I have not really had a concrete answer, about when Shinji started with sexual abuse with Sakura, it is not very clear but many point to say 3 years before of FSN, what I want to know is when they stopped ... it is generally said that when Sakura begins to frequent the EMIYA residence approximately 1 year and a half earlier, Wakeme stopped with his violations and everything relaxed with Sakura, until the day he he tries again and she kills him ... but that is not clear to me, so he stopped raping her because? ... it makes sense for the other routes however, how she forgives him in UBW and laments in FATE is understood partly if he left his garbage aside for a while to be a human being with her ... I think I remember that for Sakura the time in EMIYA's house was like a dream, so I also put myself in that position .. .but if someone has something more accurate than to say go ahead ... I also want to know if It is true that RN changes the plot and Sakura has no longer been raped by Shinji until the day she kills him for trying (I read that sometime ... but I'm not sure).

    3: What should Canon be considered? the original VN of 2004 or RN? ... in your opinion what should be taken as a canon and what should be related to a memory?

    pd: I apologize for my basic English
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